Ideas about the exaltation of your daily work

If there are everyday heroes, if there can be heroes from day to day, work can be sanctified and can make us heroes and better people.

You can be your own hero.

“You have to remain vigilant, so that your professional successes or your failures – which will come! – do not make you forget, even if only momentarily, what the true purpose of your work is: the glory of God!”

San Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Forge, 704

The true efficacy of work is given by love

I like very much to repeat – because I have it well experienced – those verses of little art, but very graphic: my life is all of love / and, if in love I am comfortable, / it is by force of pain, / that there is no better lover / that one who has suffered a lot. Take care of your professional duties for Love: carry out everything for Love, I insist, and you will see – precisely because you love, even if you taste the bitterness of incomprehension, injustice, ungratefulness and even human failure – the wonders that your job. Tasty fruits, seed of eternity!

Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Friends of God, 68

Dignity of any job

Professional work – whatever it may be – becomes a candlestick that enlightens your colleagues and friends. That’s why I usually repeat those who join Opus Dei, and my affirmation is valid for all those who listen to me: what do I care if they tell me that so-and-so is my good son-a good Christian-but a bad cobbler! If he does not make an effort to learn his trade well, or to execute it with care, he can not sanctify it or offer it to the Lord; and the sanctification of ordinary work constitutes the foundation of true spirituality for those who, immersed in temporal realities, are determined to treat God.

Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Friends of God, 61

“In the simplicity of your ordinary work, in the monotonous details of each day, make discover the secret – for so many hidden ones – of greatness and novelty: Love.

San Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Groove

The spirit of sacrifice is perseverance at work, beginning when it is done with enthusiasm and when it costs up.

Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer

“A dream does not come true through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

Colin Powell

“Pray as if everything depended on God, Work as if everything depended on yourself”

San Agustin

Hard work

We were told in the scriptures that with the sweat of the forehead we would eat and the one that does not work that does not eat, because work is neither a problem nor is it created by the mind, it is something we need to subsist and dignify for the honorable. Therefore the work is known from the very beginnings of man on earth.

Certainly man has always worked, and in the so-called laws of Manu, it was contemplated that the sun establishes the division of day and night for gods and for men, night is for the dream of beings, and the day for work. In Egypt the Pharaoh intervened in the work of his subjects to establish taxes. In Greece and Rome it was classified between the free labor of small peasants, artisans and merchants, and that of slaves in the mines and large latifundia of the nobility, as well as in domestic service; almost always the State intervened in the realization of the work of the people, but to establish taxes and taxes, and as regards the slaves, these were taken as objects of appropriation, as tools of work.

One of the most beautiful signs we have seen and heard about work, is to say that it is the universal profession of man. Work constitutes the natural use of our strengths and aptitudes, consequently the wise, the ignorant, the rich, the poor work. Paid work has the characteristic of belonging to the human, because only man is capable of working; the activity to be considered as work, must be worthy, without equipping it with a commodity, but with the fulfillment of a need and an individual or social duty.

The act of working must be free, so that man does not become the instrument or means of another, all individuals can engage in the lucrative activities of their choice, action that must be associated, in view of the fact that men It is very difficult to work in isolation.

The self-employed worker is his own employer and in these conditions growth is guaranteed, due to the care he takes in the labor activity he exercises hard, that is, with intensity and we will also be one step away from reaching the kingdom of heaven, which it consists of the complete unfolding of the inner being with all its potentialities, sheds lights and harmonies.

With any kind of work we can grow if we do it with zeal and vehemence, without reluctance and with determination. It is not work, much less hard to believe in that song that said that “work was done by God as punishment”, this is a fallacy.

Let’s work hard and hard in what we are doing now, with a lot of encouragement and we exalt our daily work, always looking for constant improvement and the best for us, for those who work and for those with whom we work, never stop looking for the best of ourselves and always seek continuous improvement in our work, even when it becomes routine sometimes we always put love, strength, courage, heart and creativity in what we do, always seeking to improve everything and we look for spaces for our own growth and that of others .

If it is not now that we are doing what we like, let’s do it with love and enthusiasm and later the doors will be opened wide, until we achieve what we really want, enjoy and make us happy. Some have achieved it we can also achieve it.

Always my ideas have been to create entrepreneurs and creative workers, as independently as possible, you can be one of them or not, the important thing is always to seek to grow and seek the best in an intelligent, honest, productive, creative, responsible and innovative, It does not matter if you are on the way to it, the important thing is to follow that path until you achieve the goal as much as possible towards your own success.

“People are rarely successful at what they do, unless they enjoy what they are working on and doing”

Dale Carnegie

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