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Ramon Marcel Arellano Baez

Summary Work, Management and Entrepreneurship Experience:

  Ramon Marcel Arellano @marcelarellano is founder, partner and CEO of Cmprof Training and Development and the Center for Professional Development Studies-CEAPROF, Companies that develop training and educational programs and events in all areas of human knowledge for national, international and international organizations. multinationals, companies, professionals, technicians, workers, students and entrepreneurs from all over the world, through seminars, congresses, conferences, courses, face-to-face as well as online training programs, as well as development of products, services, books and electronic books related to topics in all sciences, creativity, innovation, management, finance, economics, game theory and engineering. As such, he is responsible for the general management, administration and execution of the strategy, application of creativity and all administration, management and marketing plans of the company, including the implementation of all integrated marketing campaigns in support of initiatives Business development through the use of marketing strategies and tactics as well as relationship marketing, research, brand management, website, social networks, public relations and distribution and Marketing.


Before founding and managing the companies Cmprof and CEAPROF, Ramon Marcel Arellano worked and had experience in banking and finance until reaching management levels (experience of more than 10 years). He worked in marketing and launching products and services in these areas.


Academic studies:


Ramon Marcel obtained a degree in Economics at the Catholic University of Andres Bello- UCAB- Caracas, Venezuela- 1995, also a specialization in Business Administration-UCAB-Caracas- 1997 and Master’s Studies in Business Administration- Ucab-Caracas, Venezuela . . .


Ramon Marcel Arellano also obtained an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation at the Sloan School of Management-Mit-2009, Cambridge, MA, USA; and an Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management at the Sloan School of Management – MIT – 2011, Cambridge, MA, USA.


Ramon Marcel Arellano is an RBT, Registered Behavioral Technician, he received the RBT certificate by taking all courses, completing all requirements, and by passing the State of Florida test to obtain the RBT certificate from the BACB board. He currently manages clients from various agencies in the State of Florida, USA in this area and is a Medicaid provider.


Experience as a Member of Philanthropic Organizations:

Ramon Marcel has been Second Vice President and member of the Venezuelan Anticancer Society of Venezuela, collaborating in the application of the strategies, creativity and innovation of all the plans and activities of the entire organization. He currently continues to collaborate Ad Honorem with the Anticancer Society.


Experience in Application of Talent, Creation and Creativity:

Creation of Training, Development and Education Programs:


Ramon Marcel Arellano has created more than 360 training programs since 2002, in all fields and areas of human knowledge such as technology, engineering, marketing, management, creativity, innovation, digital marketing, science, law and law, economics, finance, game theory, leadership and motivation programs, helping, exalting and improving the education, academic training and training of more than 60,000 professionals, technicians and workers in Venezuela, Latin America, the United States and The World. .


Own and original creation of various systems, algorithms and creative tools:

Ramon Marcel has also created the insolvency algorithm, liquidity or bankruptcy prediction algorithm and its solutions; He also created The tool to generate creativity, the 5s of creativity and the solution for the generation of new products, applying all these tools of the 5s of creativity throughout the CEAPROF organization and all its areas. He also created the advanced integral rose algorithm and tool for problem solving, analyzing a problem and determining solutions and generating new entities, applying his own creative tools from his own book; he also created the analysis tool for a company financially and complete management business indicators; system of management, management and finance indicators on the web, and in iPhone applications; The application of the application for finances for iPhone: point of bankruptcy of Ceaprof. .


Experience as a Professor, Speaker and Lecturer and applying creative talent and own creative tools:

He is a professor, lecturer, orator and speaker in the areas of finance, management, marketing, strategy, game theory, creativity and innovation, participating as a lecturer and speaker since 2002, exposing especially his creativity tools, applying creativity in his creativity conferences, motivation, emotional intelligence, management, game theory, strategy, creative thinking and innovation. Conferences, workshops and congresses that were held at the Central University of Venezuela, Andres Bello Catholic University, Casa Rómulo Gallegos, Centro Latvia Foro XXII, Hotel Tamanaco and Hotel Renaisscence, in addition to carrying out in-company Courses and Workshops in public and private companies national and multinational.


Original literary works produced and fields of application:

Author of the book Creativity Tools, Authorship in Spanish and English, applying all his tools from his own book not only in the same CEAPROF organization since 2002, through teaching, training and training, and also applying to new products and services, advising other organizations and companies in Venezuela, Latin America and the US Book that has been sold physically and digitally in English and Spanish in Venezuela, Colombia, Latin America, the US and other parts of the world, through the Tecniciencias bookstores, and the Own online platforms such as our own web site, as well as on the Amazon platform, a book that has been purchased and applied by professionals, public and private companies in Venezuela, Latin America, the United States and many parts of the world.


Book containing creativity tools, which can be used to generate new ideas, combinations, new concepts, renew ideas, different ways to reach, connect and sell people, create new processes, procedures and methods, modeling, practices and more effective research, better techniques, schemes, business architectures and entrepreneurs, learning to solve problems, making new connections, devising new techniques and procedures, better designs, new inventions, new products, entities, services, in all sciences and arts (film and related, music, literature, painting, architecture, entertainment), in advertising, marketing, business, professions, in sports, on a personal and professional level, in Public, in education, technology, in general in all sciences, in medicine and the like, for all companies and everything that has to do with entrepreneurship and creation.


Own and original creativity tools that have contributed to scientific and academic research in the creative and innovation fields, to be applied and achieve new entities, products and services in many economic, social and business areas.


In addition, the book contains processes, methodologies and tools to create, where attributes, skills, techniques, values, virtues and emotionality are important when creating. The tools can be logical or illogical, rational or irrational, but they make the new entity or entity, the new product or service necessarily be admired, used or bought. Six transforming, creative, innovative, current and modern ideas tools were specially developed, in many cases processed, used and tested by me. They have served to generate new ideas when you have been stuck or short on thinking, and when you have the need to combine and connect qualities to achieve creativity. Eventually it contains graphics, sketches and exercises that complemented these tools by offering ideas to break the ego and develop the muscles of the imagination. To conclude, once the idea or ideas with the option of being effective are found (noble, current, modern, impressive, surprising ideas and for the good of society) for each particular case, they will be tested in the market or market niche. , to reduce the possibility of loss, reduce the gap between trial and error, and finally achieve an entity, entity, art, product or service that is admired, used, acquired or purchased by individuals or by society.


Own and unique creation of website, fields of application and unique writings:

Creator of his own website ( where he continues to write about creativity, innovation, management, game theory and many more topics, carrying out practices, exercises and applying creativity and innovation to everyone. Website and blog that contains more than 200 of the author’s own writings through stories, films, narratives, series, tales, practices, creative exercises, business case studies, motivational and leadership writings, writings about new and innovative products, all writings that are seen, have been read, commented on and have been followed by more than 50,000 professionals, technicians, workers and businessmen from more than 150 countries around the world.

Where they stand out, Works, Writings on Innovative Products and Stories and Writings on:

-Model -Complete and comprehensive A1 program for effective, efficient and efficient management and leadership to be more productive and with less stress in these new times, which of course includes integration and digital transformation, automation and management and leadership tools for all workers, managers, businessmen, professionals and students of this American soil, for all Americans and new Americans, in all public and private spaces

-How did these great characters and executors of history such as: Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Simón Bolívar, Benjamin Franklin and Walt Disney achieve extraordinary, high-impact achievements and materialize them forever?

-Signals and questions that cause alarms in your company, business and finances

-New ways to improve your products and services, increase your production, productivities and sales

-Project Levitation-Transmutation project -Design of the Central System – Medullary and its subsystems- The perfect Memory- The Perfect Brain- levitation and transmutation project-assembly and connection of all the algorithms, methodologies, steps and procedures of the entire system-

-Project Moubatcat – the autonomous car of the future

Themes of Movies and Stories:

-Movie: Love between two worlds

-Movie: Elevated

-How to go from mediocrity to greatness and with a sense of transcendence



Ramón Marcel Arellano likes basketball, he was a basketball player in the Venezuelan National Youth League for two seasons, highlighting his participation as one of the best players for his home state -Tachira and he was also a Boyscout of the Baden Powell Don Bosco group , reaching one of the highest insignia the Knight Scout.


Business consultant and financial adviser.


International Awards and Recognitions:


Award for Educational Quality and Excellence from Organization to the America for Educational Excellence- Odaee-Lima, Peru, June 2008- Recognition of his magnificent contribution to the development of science, arts and letters in Ibero-American countries.

Isabella (17)  and Christel (13)  are the two beautiful daughters of Marcel. 

My MIT Sloan Executive Education Experience

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MIT Executive Education and Bio


My experience At MIT Sloan Executive Education, was amazing, they are focused on bridging the energy, engagement, and idea flow of physical in-person teaching and learning into experiences. They aim to positively modify individual and collective behaviors that we participants will take back to our teams and propagate throughout ours organizations.
I attended Building, Leading, and Sustaining the Innovative Organization Program
My Testimonial is that It was an Amazing classes. It has directly helped me build an innovation ecosystem in my company. It taught me Highly useful tools and clear ideas on how to use this right away to increase value in my company.”
Also all the course in innovation was enlightening, and entertaining. The visiting speakers were equally as engaging, with practical knowledge and ideas on how to build for innovation.

About the Course: Creating High Velocity Organizations

It was a “Great program. Well structured. The material is applicable to all organizations and in all industries!”
“Then, it taught me that organizations may be capable of generating and sustaining high-velocity, unparalleled, relentless improvement and innovation, and that the fundamental principles by which such acceleration occurs can be applied and translated to our own work”.

Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems Program:

Very relevant program!! I appreciated the approach and the strategies throughout this program…amazingly fun and informative!! Absolutely would recommend this program!!

This program introduced me to MIT’s unique, powerful, and integrative system dynamics approach to assess problems that will not go away and to produce the results they want. Through exercises and simulation models we experienced the long-term side effects and impacts of decisions and understand the ways in which performance is tied to structures and policies. Powerful new tools. Great course!”  Marcel Arellano

Marketing Innovation Course:
“Incredible content and research material example. Class and great learning experience. I especially enjoyed the simulations provided.This program provided me a deep technical or functional experience with a thorough review of key marketing concepts as they relate to new innovations and new products. This course also showed me new digital techniques and the evolution of marketing as a data-driven science.” Marcel Arellano

Business Dynamics: MIT’s Approach to Diagnosing and Solving Complex Business Problems:
This course gave me an intensive, hands-on introduction to system dynamics, a unique framework for understanding and managing complex businesses and organizations, developed at MIT by the very faculty teaching this program. We were introduced to a variety of tools, including mapping techniques, simulation models, and MIT’s “management flight simulators” to help them understand the sources of persistent problems and how business decisions may result in complicated cause-and-effect loops.

“Though I took this course two years ago, its constructs resonate with me, as what I learned continues to have a significant impact on how I structure my approach in any analysis and problem solving situation”

About Developing and Managing a Successful Technology Strategy Program:

This intensive program details a unique and powerful approach to integrating business and technology strategy and to developing profitable ventures and technologies. Participants are introduced to a set of tools to change organizational capabilities to reflect evolving markets and technological dynamics.

“This course was very engaging and presented a wide range of critical information related to not only product and technical strategy, but overall business strategies.