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Aplicación Break Point

Break Point is a Financial and Business Analysis Application that will help you see how the Financial and Economic Situation of any company is today.

-You can see and analyze how your company is from the Economic and Financial point of view, just by entering the main data of the company for the current period and several previous periods (such as: Sales, Income, Costs, Expenses, Profits , Investments, Assets, Liabilities, Debt, Capital, Equity, Profits, Working Capital, Taxes, Interest, among many more), data that the application asks about your company.

-It is to be specified that the analysis is carried out through two (2) Modules:

  • A first Analysis Module where you can see the Growth and Profitability of the Company and know where the company is currently; if the company is growing or not, if the company is being profitable or not, and the possibilities of combinations through the years;
  • And a Second Module to analyze the company in the short and medium term in relation to possibilities of Insolvency and/or Possibility of Bankruptcy; where the application, through an indicator, tells you how the company is doing in the short and medium term and suggests possible solutions. -So that you can know where your company is today, where are the problems, threats, opportunities and strengths; with the idea that you can improve and correct in time.
  • Through this application and the signals and indicators that it generates, they will help you make financial and business decisions and even analyze a company that is listed on the Stock Market, in relation to its profitability, growth and solvency, for decision making. business decisions and also for the possibility of buying or selling shares in the analyzed company.
  • The System throws up some important points, conclusions, answers, solutions and possibilities of detecting problems, opportunities and/or strengths of the analyzed companies and their financial situation. For more information and to purchase this application in the Apple Store, click on the following link:

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