What type of creativity tool to use, where to use it, by whom to use it, how to use it, when to use it and why to use it?

What type of creativity tool to use, where to use it, by whom to use it, how to use it, when to use it and why to use it?

Of importance to specify that all my creative tools, to create, to generate new ideas, insights, to create new inventions, new products and services, new arts and scientific inventions, new innovations, and all of them are useful and useful in many fields, in many areas, in different subjects, in many areas of the
Human knowledge, infinite fields of utility, all these tools that can be used and used wisely for personal, professional, business, scientific, technological, human benefits and, in short, for all society and the entire world, for good and for good of humanity,

It is worth detailing that each of my creative tools, such as a carpenter, a doctor, a dentist, or an engineer, has one or several tools for each case, for each use, for each thing, for each need, for each moment or for each homework or Process, so my tools are useful for each type of creation, for each area or field of work, for each type of creation, invention or generation of ideas, for each need, for each artistic or scientific field, for the union of science and art, for multiple and infinite cases and fields,

Some will serve for new creations, creation of new products, new services, new arts and new inventions, some will be adjusted for a case and others for other cases, some for a given moment and others for other moments or times,

Some will create new things, arts or entities and others will serve to create new ideas or insights, some will serve to solve problems and others to create them, some to enlighten us and others to generate new questions, some will help us to clarify points or things and others to give us new paths,

In short, the possibilities or alternatives are infinite and all the Potentiality of all these own tools,

What I want to highlight with this is that each of them will serve for each and different cases, for different needs, for multiple uses, for appropriate times and moments and for different, multiple and useful functions, some suitable for some fields, objectives and ends and others adapted for others,

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