Maintenance algorithm for everything- Infinity maintenance loop for everything

How to maintain, keep preserving anything to prevent it from being degraded, worn out, damaged over time – it is good for everything in life

Maintenance algorithm for everything- Infinity maintenance loop for everything

Proactive- anticipatory- case in situ and extra situ


A.- Lighting – Clarity- Energy – Understanding

See, perceive and feel with all the senses – 5 senses and beyond with the alert and kinesthetic senses:

-See – view: I see surroundings, shapes and forms of things, delineate and distinguish the shapes of things.

-Touch- I feel- touch: I perceive temperatures- cold-heat, I perceive textures. Direction of the wind.

-Sniff- smell: I perceive good or bad smells, or strange.

-Savor – taste: I perceive if any food is good or in poor condition, dry or wet.

-Hear- auditory: I perceive extreme noises or device noises or hear when a device sounds bad, I hear alarms or hear strange sounds to the normality of everything.

1.- Checking – Counting:

Check: perceive and check everything.

Counting- story – of counting and knowing what there is and what there is not – I compare and measure.

Checklist of everything:

– Places and spaces: inside and outside and surrounding and interconnected places

– Air: everything that has to do with air and air devices.

– Water: everything related to water, pipes, swimming pools, bathtubs, aqueducts, laundries, kitchens, etc.

– Land: everything related to the land, nature, gardening, buildings, communication routes, bridges and walkers.

– Sun – Light: related to lighting, electricity, energy, light bulbs, appliances and machines. Also with places open to the light, plants, parks, land, everything open to daylight.

– Apparatus and machinery.

– Technological: computers, networks, internet, cable, communications.

– Time- temperatures: thermostats, boilers and water heaters.

2.- Test and test the devices, connections and interconnections and that everything works:

– I classify what serves and what does not work and how much time is left for what it serves.

B.- Force – corrective – hardness – behavior – resistance

3.- Application of corrections, improvements and repairs:

Know how to use each tool for each case.

Pret at porte for each case with each tool.

4.- Maintenance of processes, procedures, data, information, lists, checks, rules and procedures. Safety and Health, of my internal and external people, internal and external clients, to maintain emergencies and emergency cases in excellent condition – Kaizen – quality and excellence.

– Maintenance of good signage

– Maintenance of health and safety equipment and everything

– Maintenance updated labor charges

– Updated maintenance of standards and procedures

5.- Appliances, machines, equipment and other devices when they look old we replace them proactively and anticipatoryly see them, check them and analyze them ex ante that they do not serve any more.

Proactive cycle – dynamic systems – MIT.

6.- Give priority and preserve savings of electricity and water, natural environments and uncontaminated air.

Apply proactive, anticipatory corrections of water bottles, waste, drains, dissavings, expenses and light and energy damage.

Avoid and correct: Leaks and leaks of:



-Air conditioners,



-Flammable chemicals and substances

-Bad smells


C. – Beauty and aesthetics – Search for: simplicity – symmetry equalization – equality clarity – perfection – order and harmony in everything.

7.- Proactive maintenance of places, forms, environments and spaces: maintain paintings, textures, finishes, connections and visualizations in Good condition – Holistic Beauty of the Place – of all places and spaces.

8.- Cleanliness and ex ante order of everything- in good condition and Beautiful to the 5 senses of all environment

Emphasis on waste and waste – improve everything.

Good waste management and classification of waste and by item and for recycling.

– Keep in order and excellently classified spare parts, machinery and equipment for repair, construction and repairs, raw materials and absolutely everything.

– Maintenance of interior design, architectural, paintings and finishes, all in good condition, harmonious colors, plausible.

– Maintenance of natural environments in good condition and in harmony with the being.

– Maintenance of harmonious and ecological work and work environments.

Application of the Cleaning and Improvement Cycle, Correct all places, spaces, equipment, dishes, clothing, cleaning equipment, sheets and towels and other place, processes and systems, data and information, everything related to water and the electricity and energies.

9.- Finally look for the Perfection: Application and check of the 9 managerial zeros:

Try to achieve these axioms of quality and excellence in the administration of everything – absolutely everything:

1 Zero Waste in everything

2 Zero Reworks

3 Zero Inventories- just in time

4 Zero Inputs flaws

5 Zero Delays

6 Zero Product defects

7 Zero Hidden papers

8 Zero Environmental pollution

9 Zero Staff turnover

Infinite cycle repeats itself always

Back to point 1.-

Good News !!!

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