Who are we?

Who are we ?.


What is man within nature?

Nothing with respect to infinity;

everything with respect to nothingness and an intermediate between nothingness and everything.



About us?


We are Rational beings (Aristotle):

Traditionally, when it has been wanted to catalog the human being, placing it within the different natural species, it is defined as a creature that is a rational animal. Man does not need to enter into the controversy of his origin or of his evolutionary process, to know with precision that he is self-aware, he has reason and an extraordinary imagination that breaks the balance, which characterizes animal existence. The man through that consciousness, reason and imagination realizes its limitations and foresees its own end: Death. Although he is right, he must fight against himself, until he takes over the situation in a constant imbalance.

Consequently, man can not live statically; his life is marked by the sign of progress or regression. It uses the environment and its peers to do it and also needs to satisfy its physiological and instinctive aspects, such as hunger, sexual appetite, clothing, love, well-being, knowledge, safety or insecurity, which come from both animal as well as human. Satisfied these needs, man is not enough to be happy, but must meet the needs arising from their own existence, filling what has been called existential vacuum.


Technicians (García Bacca):

For the last two thousand and three hundred years we have been saying what we said in the previous paragraph, that man is a rational animal. But that affirmation has become a queue of the inventions and decires of history; man became bored of being rational and even natural animal, and invented a new updated being, that new state is that of TECHNICAL. The modern man knows how to make artifices, artifacts and technems, already between the natural and the artificial between nature and technique; between the most intelligent natural man and the technician, a bottomless abyss is interposed.

If we walk through the cities, we see with astonishment, that there is nothing natural that is offered to us, with very rare exceptions; everything has been transformed, technified, valued by the technicians and if we observe the techniques they use, we are left speechless. Speed, safety, color, beauty, art and many things, combine to make it appear with the knowledge of technicians and the use of an unobjectionable technique, artifices, devices and technemas, which make life easier and more nice. We did not imagine our ancestors, that today we could see buildings of fifty and more floors, made with a perfect technique, or at least very good, that constitute beautiful skyscrapers, modern towers of Babel.

The technician has understood perfectly, that the world is not static, that the world is dynamic and that innovation must be constant, so that the car of history does not put it on the tail of those who do creativity, and innovate to Give everything a new form: artificial form through technique. This is new in humanity, but the technicians dare and dare venture venturing into the sea of the technical, leaving behind with their oars and schooners, the sea of the natural. Already the motorized ones seem like warriors of the galaxies and the globalized television, it presents us news of the China and the Conchinchina, at every moment, with the technique of the advanced communications, which cover the whole terrestrial globe.


Bipeds (Biology):

Man has two feet, that’s why he is called BÍPEDO. In the human bipedal walk, each leg is propelled forward alternately, while the weight is supported by the postural leg. In the bipedal step, there is a heel strike at the beginning of the postural phase and a big toe impulse at the end.

Thus the way of walking in man, is one of the most effective ways to walk on the ground, and can take long or short strides, according to need, or intention. From the evolutionary point of view, several anatomical changes have taken place, among which we can point out the following:

1.- Lengthening of the lower extremity.

2.- Shortening, widening of the pelvis.

3.- Adjustment of the hip muscles.

4.- Considerable transformation of the foot.

5.- Curvature forward of the spine in the lumbar region.

6.- Rotation forward of the iliac portion of the pelvis, so that the body weight moves directly to the acetabulum and femur.

All this has resulted, that man can hold the body and walk with his two feet alternately. He distances himself in this way from quadrupeds and quadrumens and from all living beings in general. In addition, this way of being allows locomotion, the game of football, put on shoes and in general use these limbs as a weapon in Karate-do. There are foot care techniques and perfumes, shoes, booties, boots, which make up an industry, are made or manufactured: the footwear industry, which is inspired directly by the feet of man and of course the female feet, which are more delicate

It is said that a man went barefoot to ask for some shoes and in the first house he touched, they opened a window. It was another man who attended. The beggar said to him: Sir, I come in request of some shoes, because I do not have to put on. The one in the window answered him: I’m going to give some shoes, which belong to my brother, since I have no feet to put them on and opening the door showed the beggar the truth of his saying (I had no feet).


Light of the world (Gospel):

You are the light of the world. This is what is said in Matthew, 5.14. The light is the radiance of a lamp that illuminates those who are in darkness. For the darkened world, the people of the kingdom of heaven are the light that dispels the darkness of the world. In nature, they are the healing salt and in conduct, they are the resplendent light. As such light, the people of the kingdom are like a city on a hill, which can not be hidden. This will finally have its consummation in the holy city: The New Jerusalem.

Therefore, the people of the kingdom being as it is the light of the world, should not be covered by anything, so that it can shine, because otherwise, it will go out and not shine. It must consequently, illuminate the outsiders and the insiders. Of course, this birth, which the people themselves make in the search for the kingdom of heaven, must become good works, observing behavior in accordance with the teaching of the word.


Children of women. (Logic):

We are by nature children of women. Heroes, sages, soldiers, ignorant, etc. Without a woman there would be no motherhood, no love, no virtue, no mysticism, no marriage. Without a woman, the world will be insipid; there will always be new things to say about the woman, as long as one remains on earth. Woman is everything, affirmation of free peoples. The woman is nothing, affirmation of the people who exercise slavery.

You can always say, like the sonnet in some of his verses: “It is the woman of man that is the best, it is the woman of man that is the worst”. But being, that it was not good for the man to be alone, the woman became like a suitable help. It was called varona. All women have a libertarian spirit and right to life towards their children, whether under the yoke of a despotic husband or in the role of a woman given by a patriarchal and macho society. Mother, only one.


Thinking beings (Hominid, higher):

The man is a thinking, thinking comes from thinking and thinking, means imagine, consider, discover, reflect, examine things, form mood. Thanks to these characteristics of thought, from the moment of its appearance, man has been the only animal species that has been constantly changing habit, so Life. Due to this, human nature and society, far from remaining immutable, have been constantly progressing.

This does not contradict the communities that have entered a dead end, or that followed a regressive path, nor those that went into decline, because it does not contradict animal evolution, the disappearance of dinosaurs, or the existence of parasites.

There is a law called evolutionary progress, which requires the entity to conform and submit to the criteria of biological achievements (independence and control of the environment) and that such achievements should not prevent new advances. (Must have the power to continue evolving). From the “Come out what comes out” phase characteristic of genetic variation and natural selection, to reach a much more conscious and controlled higher phase. Man, therefore, not only adapts to the environment, but can create his own environment, his own environment.

The mind of man produced Peace, but it also produced war, and as a consequence of war, slavery occurred. The slavery in spite of all its cruelty and injustice, made possible the construction, enlargement and conservation of great civilizations, like the Egyptian one, for example. The mentality of the Catholic Church, later, helped to lessen the rigors of slavery and one of the ways in which it did, was changing the word master for the word of lord. The human mind and its thinking are torn between finding out precisely the origin of man and the shocking mystery of the last end. Between the borders of this enigma will continue the human mind taking care of life and perfecting itself each person.


Intelligent primates (evolutionary theory):

intelligent primates, have been called men, from the evolutionary theory, by biologists and points out the history of the primates of primates, which starts from the proconsul, (Dryophitecus), Australophitecus, Pekin man , Neanderthal man and going through the chromagnon reaches modern man.

Of course there are intermediates in this classification, but the most important are these, in the race of both evolution and paleontological discoveries. Now, what distinguishes the superior primate, or supreme primate from the lower primates, is the intelligence, which has served the superior or supreme primate, to be called intelligent primate. What is intelligence then? The rational cognitive power of the human soul that inferior beings do not have, however large they may be. And thanks to this power, man can devote himself to science, technique, history, philosophy, art, religion, law, search for truth, can practice justice, mercy and faith. He can encrypt his thoughts in hope and In general, perform everything that leads directly to progress in order to avoid backsliding and return to overcome stages.

There is an anonymous poem called La Inteligencia that says: Roared the lion and feeling strong, proudly shaking his hair, said goodbye to his achecosa mother, wanting to cross the jungle.

The saddened mother, with arrogance and love of a beast, caressed the puppy, who always left ungrateful the quiet cave and watching him go away with the affection of the good mothers, the old lioness told him between roars of sadness: Be cautious and suspicious , that courage is not tainted caution, be bold, and your bravery will give you the most complete and true victory that in the world, is always right who has strength; despise the cowards who crawl, protect those who tremble, destroy without mercy the traitors, and extreme prudence when you find the man in your way; he flees from man, he is stronger and more fearful, than all the fearsome things on earth.

Despising motherly advice, the little lion leaped and crossing the jungle he found a gigantic elephant, that walked by hidden paths. You are the man? The puppy asked. His slave I am – The athlete replied, and as a docile slave, I am loaded with firewood, so that my lord, in the winter, in his home that is my prison, have fire. Astonished, the lion continued walking, and in the immense plain he found a gallant and noble sorrel with long mane and gentle head. Are you the man? the puppy asked. His slave I am, I serve him in his enterprises, “said the steed. The brake enslaves me, spurs push me, and, docile to my master, with him, I fight in the savage war and in blessed peace, I till the fields and I turn the steppes into verge.

Astonished, the leoncillo returned to the forest and among robust trunks and weeds heard from a whippet a strong barking. You are the man? the beast asked. I am your most faithful slave, your loyal friend, “the dog barked,” and your presence warns you, when I bark in this way. At the foot of some palm trees he saw the young lion shake a figure, very weak, very petty, very small: Do you know where there will be a man? he asked shaking his head irritated leoncillo. And that small figure answered serenely: Here you have me, man, monarch of the earth.

Prepare to die, yes you are the man, “roared the puppy.” Miserable, tremble. How you so small and so mean, you took my father’s existence ?. Calm down, the man, he took a few steps away; and when jumping the lion looking for prey, he felt his paw wounded by an iron and defeated rolled on the sand. Prisoner remained, strong ties chained him and in his narrow cage roared with regret, the young lion cried, wept for the first time. You see it already; I am the man – said the man, and the puppy wagging his hair, asked him in amazement: How do you come to be right, because I have strength? I WIN BECAUSE MY FORCE IS A FLASH EMANATED FROM GOD ……. INTELLIGENCE.


Human Being with articulated language (Linguists):

The man is characterized mainly by having an articulated language, but not any language, is an oral language, which has served as a vehicle of communication, that is, to let others know what they think , feel or want. There are other 1enguajes, such as signs, textual and symbolic. It is called semiology, the science that studies all communicative procedures that provide a semantic content, both in the animate and the inanimate world.

Now, linguistics is part of semiology, which studies the signs of articulated human language, of verbal language, which is produced by the human speech organ. The language is articulated, in the sense in which it is articulated around minimal units: The sounds, the phonemes, would form the lexemes, morphemes, larger units such as the syntagma, the sentence or the text as a global unit. The language must be systematic in order to structure interdependent and interrelated units; Thus, the paradigmatic elements are born, such as the classes of words with similar characters and the syntagmatic elements in which each element is formed with the others, as in the subject and the verb.

The language is usually complex, because the units are intermingled to form messages, to communicate. The link is made through the grammar rules. It must be simple and not tricky or vulgar. The articulated language has two planes: a biological, which is the ability to speak and another cultural, which is to speak. The articulated language can work, in addition, through levels: a) Social activity; b) creative activity; c) Technical knowledge. The first is normal, everyday communication; the second, the speech and the third, the system itself with all its complexity. The language is specified in languages (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, etc.) and each community expresses itself in its own language. From the point of view of evolution, the language is extremely progressive and at every moment words are created that must be taken to the dictionary.


Being that builds tools (Benjamin Franklin):

the man is a being who has made tools, axes lowering the stone, knives, shovels, paddles, arrows, weapons, sticks, wings, canoes, huts hides, sandals, sodres, etc. get to the most modern artefacts, artifices and technemas. Never has man remained with his arms crossed and has become, to be rational, technical, transforming everything he finds, through the molds of which he has served for transformations: a) Axiom a theorem (beginning a Started, b) Everything-elements; c) Cause to effect; d) Abstract – concrete e) naturifacto-construct.

And he has used theory, technique, ontology, phenomenology, systematism, objectivity to carry out his activity, and when these notes have sounded in the course of history, the chord he has achieved has been that of progress, without looking back. It has taken historic leaps and we can place an overwhelming example: If we take a man of the average age and place it in the center of a modern city, he would not understand anything and if we do the opposite of placing a contemporary man in the middle ages, either I would understand social, cultural, political, educational or any other kind of phenomena.

The verb to do is one of the linguistic elements most used by man and nowadays, techniques allow the technician to make millions of things that did not exist before, since everything was natural. Let’s take another sweeping example: Next to a raft we put an ocean liner. The raft is natural; the transatlantic is a technema of second, third, fourth power. The wood stove and the microwave. The distance is abysmal.


Beings with upright posture. (Contrary to semi-closed position):

Man is a being with upright posture. Not only in your body, but also in your mind. It does not crawl, neither four hands, nor four legs. His walk, his walk is upright and with his head held high. The man’s upright posture resembles the cypress metaphor: “I raise a fountain of sleep and shadow that threatens the sky with your spear” Only as a child, he crawls on all fours on the ground, but as he grows his body rises, until you can by yourself, take the stretcher and carry it. (Get up, take your stretcher and walk).

As for the erect mind, we can notice that it has given rise to pride, arrogance, tension, the feeling of artificial grandeur, but it has also given birth to rationality, love, well-being, curiosity, inspiration, creativity, innovation, and in general, to all thoughts of progress and not of retrogression. The cultivation of the mind through personal growth will cause us to get rid of the first negative feelings and develop the positive ones, for our good, that of the family and community where we live.

Being that has lithic tooling, signs of settlement and leaving skeletal remains: The man, made lithic tools, ie stone utensils, he called himself sedentary, for his settlements in family, clan, tribes or towns and cities; and of course left skeletal remains in caves, or in the sediment of rivers, before beginning to bury their dead and after this activity, in places suitable for burials and later in cemeteries. Thanks to lithic tools, settlements and skeletal remains, it has been possible to study man himself and his culture through the ages. Observe its ascent, its development, animals, plants, minerals, artifacts, paintings and in general its thought, which is coming to call it divergent, for the ingredients that it has today and that constitute the principles of current study.


The Man (Pablo Mora): THE MAN; (A chorus in the Astonishment) It comes from a crazed blast. It suggests a soft divine smile. Breathe the celestial look of your sun. Consume the agonizing sadness of the leaves. Interpret the silent hurricane of time. Cavila under the night and the storm. Bleed in the five plots of the Earth. Sail between squall, scream and dawn. Agonizes in the snow, in tears and on the plate. Ride with all the sadness of the mountains. It travels in misfortune worldly storms. Curse the brother’s horrendous tortures. Consecrate the eternal leaven of the loaves. Know the permanent steps of the shadow. Display fears, flashes and portents. It flutters in the wild fire of the sea.

It is rooted in madness in struggle with its grief. Beg the light of the drop on the wire. I would like to recover the lost cutrican. Crush the untamed beasts that harass him. Remains between the rot of the pit. It is delivered in the networks of an underwater time. Violent volcanic light of another aurora. It splinters before the old light pier of other stars. It attacks the winged childhood of roses. It deliriously lurks in ambush of another port. It tears the shining soul of the flower. He leans over the flashes of his bones. He clings to the bowels of his old bread. Drizzle over the dust of your dreams. Scrapping during the hurricane on the high seas. Tear off the indomitable jaws of the fight. It is eternally buried in the forge of war. It disappears between the blue windows.

He accuses us, he shouts at us and he demands us.


“Man is the being that can get used to anything, for better or for worse”Fiódor Dostoyevski



All of these are we, human beings.

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