The Future of Professional and Managerial Innovation (Ideas from Gary Hamel, Peter Drucker, Eric Von Hippel, Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad, and some ideas of their own- Marcel Arellano)

In the Future of Innovative Management there will not be a Manager but many Managers or Management Leaders to say it in some way.

The Large, Medium and Small Companies that will be maintained and sustained in the future and in any part of the World, are those where the Imagination and the Initiative can flourish, and where the curiosity of its members is free, to invent, to invest, where Make calculated mistakes and you can actually know where the business is and success.

Let’s begin to explain a little:

The Companies and the Professionals of the future will manage to maintain themselves, grow and be profitable if they manage to make radical experiments in innovation (Disruptive Innovation) and manage to maintain an innovative management.

Ancient theories saw the employee as a lazy being, disinterested by work and motivated only by money, the new Theories see the employee as a being who must see himself, must self-motivate, must solve problems, must resolve his own motivation and Find the meaning of your own work.


In the future, hierarchies will tend to disappear. There will be no Organizational structures, Efficient and Productive work teams will be managed, they must be self-sustaining, where there will be two goals: to make money and have a good time.

There will be only one business architecture, connecting each individual in the organization with all the others.

The communication will be direct, person to person, team with equipment.

The philosophy is to serve each individual instead of the boss only; You will avoid working through channels to collaborate with your colleagues, there will be no channels.

There will be no communication facades, there will be more direct relationships. Now and in the future we must understand the potentiality in abandoning these rigid organizational hierarchies.


In the corridors of the company the word Chief, Executive, Manager or Vice President will never be heard. Those terms will be contrary to the ideals of Effectiveness and Direct Communication. People will be freer because the same system allows and is self-adjusting. It will be a 

system of effectiveness and where each person will push in the same direction under multiple modes, as many modes as there are different personalities.


There will be Guides and Tutors that sponsor new employees, they will guide at the beginning, and employees will be selected for their skills, current competencies and their potential, both will matter.

The work teams will be free to acquire new people or not, they will be like new responsible partners of their teams, and not bosses.

There will be a mentoring style towards some of the employees, these mentors will not need to be on top of each employee, and so on, they will be mentors rather than bosses.


The essential thing in the future and managerial innovation and of all kinds, is the discretion of the time of all the people or called partners. All employees must create, have initiative, understand that everyone is free with their time, and how to handle it and do things, since the same philosophy of work and system encourages each person to work in their own way, but Interestedly towards a common goal.

Each one should be an innovator born in their area and cooperating with the other areas, will produce innovations, each one should become a contributor and collaborator.


Every person must be committed, and each one will be motivated and self-motivated to do so, given that the work and organizational environment should allow and suggest it.

In practice, each person, associate or partner, is an associate negotiator, negotiates their activities and responsibilities with their other colleagues.


The formula is simple, the more you contribute, the more highly you will be compensated and rewarded.

The system clearly differentiates between those who adhere more value and those who give less. Value will be qualified and quantified: we must add much more intellectual value, knowledge, research, experimentation and testing, technical, scientific, social, environmental, connections, monetary and non-monetary value, human value, technology, in short everything what creates value to the company, organization or country, its people and society. There is compensation for hard work and creates a sense of belonging and associated destiny.

There are annual profit sharing programs enabling employees to have company assignments in the shortest time. Surprisingly all are in the need to make the company grow.


Opportunities for personal interaction will be maximized.

You must believe in the direct communication benefits of the work teams.


The whole world should focus on the objectives and goals; In the old era divisions and departments spent much more time defining and defining the boundaries of the business center, they took a long time to understand and reach the objectives and goals, we must minimize this in the present and in the future.

We must understand how to maintain a healthy balance between the investments that extend the business and those that open the doors to new markets.


Something very realistic and we are seeing it today, the same consumer or user is becoming an innovative leader (Lead User), they are the same users of products, services, software, tools, equipment and machinery, knowledge, the students themselves, among others, those who are finding new ways, new ways, innovations and creations, in the whole market, the same people, the users who use things are the ones who find new ways to adapt them to the market and their own needs, and the most interesting of all this is that they make available to the whole world these new innovations and ways of use, through economic sources.

You have to be alert in this, because it is our people, even the most insignificant person in the company or organization that is giving me or could give me these new uses or innovations, the new guidelines, aspects that an external person would never have seen. itself.

These users are called user leaders and in some cases consumers – producers, and they are those who best understand innovation or the new use of things, because they themselves are those who manipulate, need and require equipment, machinery or the product or service.


Tenacity is another ingredient in the future of innovation.

It is necessary to minimize the unnecessary risks and this is what the people and what the people of the street and in other latitudes say, want and require (Advanced Market Research and Consumer Behavior). In addition to this, we must learn to read the intrinsic, implicit, unseen needs, the needs and what consumers do not currently have. If Steve Jobs had only heard the consumer, he would have only improved the Mac computer and not invented the Ipad. with this lesson.

Determination and perseverance come with prudent investments. Organizations and companies will never bet as in casinos, will try to solve ex-uncertainties, or minimize them.

The idea is not to bet big but to bet calculatedly and invest more frequently and often.

There will have to be eccentricity in everything, to be unique in what we do, we must have a unique system that seeks the need and business opportunities, continuous objectives and breaking the rules.

If we can understand, know, assume, practice and execute these ideas or some of these ideas in our organizations or professions, and we adapt our mentality, business or industry to the future and to innovation, there is a high probability of keeping us in time and space, grow but profitably in the future, through innovation and make our profession, company or organization as innovative as possible and belonging to the future.

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