How to pass a negative thought to a positive one- Exercise and Practice

Creativity exercise: pass a premise from negative to positive.

Positive thinking – Positive attitude – Positive actions / activities – Positive results

The Mountain of Dreams:

The Mountain of Dreams is a Venezuelan theme park in the Venezuelan Merideños Andes, specifically in Chiguara State Merida.

It is a wonderful park that begins at the entrance with the Transformation of the Cinema, movies, videos and Venezuelan television; then it leads to a Circus and a wheel of fortune; then going through Activities and Recreations related to the Venezuelan past, its history and its stories and anecdotes referring to media and communication, such as: Venezuelan movies, old television studios, old restaurants, old Venezuelan meals, runways and modeling Venezuelan women; and multiple activities for children and adults; recreational activities of memories of sports, athletes and Venezuelan sports teams, such as baseball and soccer.

There are many more recreational activities and personal and family enjoyment in the park; One of them is a train that runs through the park and finally there is a show of model catwalk, whose characters are real and authentic visitors to the park, so your daughter can be an exemplary model that night and act and be an authentic model but only for that night.

And the night ends with a show of Venezuelan music and imagination guided and directed by all the landscapes and dances, culture, folklore and idiosyncrasy of Venezuela.

Passing through the Venezuelan Coasts, the Islands, the Plain, the East, the West, the Andes zone, the South and the Center of the country.

There is no doubt that this masterpiece of Alexis Montilla, its founder and owner, has remained in the memory and the memory of many Venezuelan and foreign visitors for its beauty, for its architecture, for its details in its realization, emotional warmth that transmits and for its authenticity.

As a matter of fact, two consecutive years I went with my daughters and with my mom and then with my girlfriend Maylet, who also had the opportunity to get to know the park and we even met its founder, excellent Venezuelan inventor and inventor Alexis Montilla.

I start with these letters because I want to abide here, that everything is possible in Life, to do something beautiful and for good it is possible, for Life and for the enjoyment of people, and if possible.

This park, all its characteristics, themes, aspects, activities, actions, games, entertainments, amusements have been built and elaborated positively – that is, in the good and for the good, both in Thoughts as in Attitudes, Actions / Activities and Results.

I explain:

The positive word means: “True” “Constant” “Positive fact” “That sticks to the experience of something in actual fact”.

The positive word in philosophy and theology is linked to Good, to something good, beneficial, to do good, to improve, to heal.

Then Good is the opposite of Evil and Evil is the lack of Good; that is to say that the positive is the opposite of the negative, the opposite to the Evil. The Good is Positive and the positive in Good is Good and is of Good.

Speaking of the park, the park was made and experienced in two things: the positive fact and the experience of something in actual fact; this evidences the positive thing that happened in History, the positive of the real experience and the positive that is experienced in situ in the park, the total and integral empirical evidence is positive.

The park was carried out under the premises:

Positive Thinking + Positive Attitude + Actions / Positive Activities + Positive Results

The founder and those who made the park had positive thinking; and they also had a Positive Attitude besides taking Positive Actions to carry it out to build it, to materialize it, to land and materialize those ideas, and then see the final, consecutive and consequent result of that realization: The Mountain of Dreams Park.

If they had only had the thought in positive and they had not taken a Positive Attitude, they do nothing. If they, as an example, if they had had the Positive Attitude but they also stay there only with the desire, only this would have remained in the memory, they smile, they feel good but they do not do anything. Nothing remains, nothing turns out, they would not have made the park.

But how they thought the park positive, they had a Positive Attitude, they did positive activities, they materialized them, they made them here on earth, then they made the park and they generated super positive results.

Call yourself:

The Result is the material and ponderable, tangible and intangible Infrastructure: “The Park” in space-place.

Also the park gives results or satisfaction effects: Mental, Corporal and Spiritual, to whom? to the visitors and workers of the park, to all.

Results or Synergies of all kinds: Economic, Social, Labor, Family, Fun, Enthusiasm and Joy.

We will perform the exercise:

Before starting to do the exercise, let us understand that:

– positive thinking: it is the ability to compare, combine and study ideas, and better still in positive and for good.

– Positive Attitude: it is the corporal posture, the mood disposition extraordinarily manifested.

– Activities or Positive Actions: it is the effect of doing, it is the exercise of a power and in positive.

– Positive results: is what results from a fact, the consequence, the conclusion, outcome, term or solution. It’s like the positive result, how to get the positive result of a multiplication.

In short, the positive word refers to the True, Constant, to the positive fact and that is attached to the experience of something in real fact.

Let’s start the Exercise:

We are going to change a negative thought for a positive one, and we will apply a methodology of bringing the negative to the positive, with all that this entails and beyond the idea is from there, have a positive attitude, positive actions and have results positive

The goal is to achieve change and transformation to obtain positive results.

The negative thought is:

“I can not be happy”

We change by the premise:

“Yes I can be happy”

We simply change the NO for the YES

So let’s walk around the transformation process:

Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude, Positive Actions / Activities and Positive Results

Look and you have to be clear, that this process means trying to achieve something better, hopeful, effective, outstanding, multiplier, a better situation, better time and space, absolutely a better situation than the current one; it means a change for good and never limited or determinative.

In other words, this process seeks to improve a situation under the hopeful path by talking about the Virtue of Hope and the virtues and values of diligence, proactivity and Action (Light, Energy, Courage and Strength).

Then Positive Thinking is:

“Yes I can be happy”

The integral procedure consists in adding: 3 tactics, 3 Activities / Actions; 3 dynamics-games and 3 Results-Connections and Relationships


For 12 in total

A) We start using 3 tactics:

1.- We will use the tactic – the Ocean procedure (depth) 🌊 – restructuring of the idea or premise – we will give it depth:

– what I delete:

To be happy I must eliminate my unhappy part

– what should I adhere to:

To be happy I must add joy, love, understanding and forgiveness

– what should I divide:

To be happy I must divide the fights and lawsuits

– what should I separate:

To be happy I should separate the good of the bad

– what should I put together:

To be happy I should put together the good things of the past with those of the present, I must gather my good experiences, like they have been.

– What should I mix?

To be happy I should mix Mischief, joys, happy ideas, cheerful games, humor, jokes and joyful dynamics.

– what should I do to decrease:

To be happy I should decrease my negative thoughts in the past and full of negativity, anger if there is anger, jealousy if there is and selfishness if there is.

– what should I reverse:

To be happy I should reverse my bad and negative habits, what hurts me and hurts others.

– what should I repeat:

To be happy I should repeat the good things, the positive thoughts of my past, my good memories of the past, try to repeat them and bring them to the present, even if it is something small, look for the good things that happened to me when I was a child, young; my acts of degree, graduation, birthdays, or of my friends or with my friends, something very positive that happened to me and to increase them and to revive them and to return them to remember in positive and more positive.

2.- Second Tactic:

The Lakes (Multiple combinations based on Mozart):

A) equal and simple combinations:

If you can be happy in my environment, where I am, with what I have now, at this moment, with my friends around, with my strengths and difficulties, with my shortcomings and understanding that others also have shortcomings.

B) Complex combinations but of the same domain:

If you can be happy seeing the other points of view of others, you can have tolerance, you can understand the other, you can love him as he is, I can see his things and positive points that everyone has.

C) Combinations of multiple domains:

If you can be happy, in many ways and multiply and look for multiple solutions; seek to be happy with other people with other groups outside; in other spaces, with other professions.

D) Combinations of different domains:

If you can be happy with different activities, with different clothes or changing rooms, with different people and friends, in different places, with different cars, dissimilar times, under different environments.

Combine study, subjects, sports, different careers, science, art, different types of arts, and connections with technology to be happy.

E) Mozart’s extreme combinations:

I can be happy with lots of money, with lots of love, a lot of understanding and a lot of interest.

I can be happy with little money, little Love, little understanding and little interest.

3.- Third Tactic:

River (Fluency) Utilization of Chance and Provocation:

– Random Word: word that we grab at random: Winds

For the winds that blow yes we can be happy

– Random photo: forum seized at random: Woman sleeping

I can take advantage of my free time and be happy and calm sleeping like a dormouse.

– Random drawing: Aggregate at random: drawing of an Indian

How natural as a native and natural person to be happy as God brought him into the world with nothing.

– Random phrase: Random grip The seduction of Marble

If you can be happy if I harden my Attitude and I’m strong like Marble

– Random animal: Random grip: the bear I am like the Bear while more ugly more beautiful and happy, The more I look like the Bear I am more beautiful

– random flower: Flower caught at random: the lily If you can be happy putting the emotion that I want, in depth and mystery and using my right and left brain.

Positive attitude:

We are going to realize, to have, to maintain a position or disposition of spirit extraordinarily.

B) Using 3 Actions and / or Activities:

1.- In a straight way I repeat: Yes I can be happy and make others happy with purity of heart

2.- My spirit and my mind maintain my disposition to be happy now and where I am, for me and for all for Equality.

3.- My attitude is towards success and my happiness, my mental and corporal availability is, I am smiling, with encouragement and positive, as simple as that, I am happy to be and be here and now.

Actions and Activities

C) Using 3 Dynamics – Games

1.- Dynamics: Fears and Hopes (I write clearly, I practice it and I share it)

Group dynamics to motivate, to understand the desires of one and the other, of hope and channel anxieties and fears. So I write, practice and share:

– What are my fears to be happy, to be happy as I am or what I have.

– I have anxieties that do not make me happy, take them to the air, say them, shout them

– What is my greatest hope or desire to be happy

2.- Game of Truth – The truth for all (Doing):

– mutual knowledge:

What makes me happy ?

What does not make me happy?

– personality release:

I must be and learn to be happy as I am symmetrically and with my own personality

– Unblock unhinings:

Lord Jesus I am happy as I am, help me to unravel my unhappiness

3.- Six hats to think:

(I do the dynamics trying to make it as best as possible, as perfect as possible and practice it)

-yellow (positivism hat) I am happy clearly in Positive Attitude

-white (hat of data and information) with the information I have, with my genetics I am and I must be happy, I must accept how I am, how God made me, I am a child of God in the image and likeness of Him

– red (hat of emotions and passion) I am happy with my emotions, I am happy with them.

– Black (questioning hat, the devil’s lawyer) if sometimes I see the black horizon at the end I see the light.

– Green (hat of lighting, humor, creativity) I look for alternatives and possibilities and ways to be happy healthy.

– Blue (hat of planning, direction, organization and order) I direct all my life and direct all my life to be happy, and make others happy, always seek to improve.

D) 3 Results – Connections and Relations

(Make aware, I release)

1.- I am happy measuring and pondering my happiness and with others, with measure, moderation and for my own good and the Universe.

2.- I am happy in Harmony with myself, with others, with nature and with the Universe.

3. My happiness is in Order with God, with my Neighbor and with everything else created by God.

Point and end

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