Qualities Combination Tool from my book Creativity Tools

Qualities Combination Tool from my book Creativity Tools


a.-Combination of Qualities in order to Create an Object or New Product It refers to creating an object by combining different qualities, giving them different possibilities when combining different types of qualities.

Possibility of Qualities:

Qualities combination:

– Qualities – Aptitude: what the entity is for.

– Quality – System: Rules or systems to which the entity adjusts itself.

-Qualities– Sensitive elements (Colors, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste).

-Qualities – Figure (external shape of the body); Position (Posture, Position, Placement); Covering (with what the entity is covered).

-Quality – Beauty:

Purity (Quality of Pure, Correct, Exact);

Proportion (Equality of two reasons, correspondence due to the parts with the whole);

Simple (That has no artifice or composition; it lacks ostentation and embellishment);

Clarity (Intelligible, easy to understand; Transparent and fluent; evident; distinction with which we perceive ideas);

Symmetry (exact correspondence of all the parts in regards to its core);

Perfection (Greater Ideal o Final Success, Highest Achievement);


(Constant variations in regards to its average); Uniformity (only one shape, Defined, Same, Similar);

Measure (Standardization of a physical magnitude);

Harmony (Balance of proportions: of the parts like a whole); Order.

-Quality – Quantity: Number of things; Size of things.

– Quality – Time: Present, Past, Future; Speed.

– Quality – Space: Place; where is it?.

Example: Create an object with the following combination of qualities: That is has Mass (solid), regular shape, with bright colors, texture, that has covering, of symmetrical proportions, standard measurement, medium sized and weight of 1 kilogram, of current times, modern and Latin American culture. We could be talking about a Lady’s Handbag for example.

b.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Tool.

Example: A Different Hammer

c.-Combination of Qualities to Create a lady’s Handbag.

d.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Landscape.

e.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Painting.

f.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Game.

g.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Toy.

h.-Combination of Qualities to Create Poetry.

i.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Story.

j.-Combination of Qualities to Create Commercial Art.

k.-Combination of Qualities to Create a Model.

Example: Aerodynamic Model; Model Toy; Musical Model.

-Combination of Qualities to Create a Musical Piece.

Exercises: Learn to Transform and the Creative Possibilities:

Placing, working or Designing Things:

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