The Power of Creativity and Multiple Intelligences

The Power of Creativity and Multiple Intelligences

The intelligences and types of intelligences that God gave us are:

-visual spatial intelligence

-linguistic intelligence

-naturalistic intelligence

-musical intelligence

-mathematical logical intelligence

-emotional intelligence

-Interpersonal intelligence

-Intrapersonal intelligence

-body-kinesthetic intelligence

We know that God gave us these intelligences, to some and others, to some he gave us a more preponderant intelligence than the others, we can have various intelligences but one of them is the one that stands out the most in each one of us, and in knowing Using it is the key for every human being. Therein lies the abilities and competence of every human being. We must try to focus activities, tasks, and professions, each one on our own intelligence and talent that God gave us in particular, as well each one must focus on his ability, talent and intelligence that God gave him and must polish it more and more, learn to improve it,

Let’s also note that depending on the intelligence that God gave us, one also focuses on working on certain values and virtues inherent to them, that is, for example, the naturalist will focus on the

Values and virtues of caring for nature and the natural world, the mathematical logician will focus on frugality or

World of numbers and business, the emotionally intelligent will focus on the virtues of caring for others and helping others, the musically intelligent will focus on values and virtues linked to the artistic, the interpersonally intelligent will be linked to values and the human virtues and caring for others, the intelligent spatial visual will be linked to the virtues of architecture, design, and visionary values; the intelligent intrapersonal person will be more linked to spiritual and cardinal values and virtues; the intelligent body will be linked to the values and virtues related to sports and art, and thus each one has their intelligence, their predominant intelligence and where they focus;

This does not mean that we should all focus and improve on all the virtues and values, but rather that some skills will focus much more on some than on others,

A brilliant and simple creativity tool is the one used by the Greeks and by many learned from the logic and illogicality of things, the exercises are simple, it consists of taking things or an entity (we will call everything, all or anything, information, problem, call it data, situation, anything) in the following ways and means:

1.- From major to minor

2.- From minor to major

3.- apply partition

4.- apply paradox to them

In this order of ideas, in each intelligence we will carry out this exercise, through the creation or transformation of some entity or thing and according to the type of intelligence: create an entity or something or transform it from greater to lesser, from lesser to Greater, apply partition or apply paradox to it,

That is to say:

Today we are going to do the exercise and we are going to start with one of the intelligences:

Exercise 1:

⁃ Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Then each one must do the exercise and create or transform an entity or something visual-spatial:

Let’s create a roller coaster in the shape of a sea serpent:

Visual particularities:

⁃ Every time the roller coaster goes through a place and having cameras on the sides, it captures images of where it is going and shows them to the people inside the roller coaster, in an entertaining way and with videos and music – ideas for iPhone – pay attention to me: there are applications such as musical ones and others that with the particularities of gps- they can capture where the person is going, in what place and space they are, when the application is open or the person has it open, it is with the help of gps captures the businesses (banks, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.) and brands around where the person is, then this enables an advertising sales opportunity, as a connection between where people are going and where they are going and there, being using the music application as an example or other applications, it connects with commercial places and brands and shows them to people on the iPhone via commercial advertising or not, then this possibility is sold to businesses and businesses, to sell millions, pana if they do that they will revolutionize online advertising,

1.- From largest to smallest, we are going to create a roller coaster that starts out giant and with strong movements and then gradually becomes smaller. The peculiarity of the roller coaster is that the

Movements go according to the music inside

2.- From smallest to largest, then we are going to create a roller coaster. It goes from small to bigger and bigger and bigger, and those who go inside see images of the surroundings on a bigger and bigger screen,

3.- apply partition to them, then we are going to create a roller coaster that divides or, for example, goes together and then divides one part upwards and the other part downwards or that, for example, the snake divides into two or three, imaginarily speaking or from the snake is expelled a capsule

4.- apply paradox to them, now let’s think about creating the opposite or the paradox of a roller coaster in the shape of a snake, for

Example like a straight train that goes straight up or down and is not a snake but another different animal and contrary to the snake, like a turtle or a morrocoy, here for example another idea for iPhone and the subject of advertising, if we had said that the gps connected to the

People where they were and some applications were showing the

Brands and advertising businesses on the iPhone, another way is not to show them but to say them as if it were a radio, for hearing people; as people go through a place, the iPhone application tells them, you are going through such a part and to your right you have McDonald’s that has these offers and such… and to your left such a Bank and remember their offers and products, and so on with many businesses and brands…..

There is the eureka !!! And that’s what the exercises are for.

Sometimes what one is not looking for appears something else!!!!

What one is looking for does not appear or appears, as one wants or not so well,

But something much better different appears !!! That we had not seen before !!!



-We continue with the intelligence exercises, today we will do the linguistic intelligence exercise

Exercise 2.- Linguistic intelligence: we are each going to create a writing, letter or poem, or something that we are going to say as a dissertation or a speech, simple and simple:

Linguistic Particularities:

That it be understandable, easy on the ear, pleasant, simple, one page only, that rhymes, that it be as universal as possible, that it connects with audiences, that it directs attention, that it has an impact on the content, that it be something like news

And we are going to use the Dialectic a bit: that is to say the Yes and the No, the affirmatives and the

Negatives, the if buts, the no buts, that is to say the power of the Dialectic,

Give free rein to the imagination and add emotion to the writing, a lot of emotion too,

An important point, one and each one writes what they want to hear, and that is good, the more educated, the more they have read, the more information they have and the more knowledge each and every one of us will write, the better, more universal, with better content, and vocabulary, more impressive and forceful, and even more persuasive and/or inspiring – motivating,

Then we are going to create a writing or speech:

1.- From major to minor, beginning with a major premise and ending little by little, beginning with a maxim of great impact and then decreasing the intensity of the writing

2.- From minor to major, that begins with less intensity and ends and ends shocking, explosive, intense and exciting,

3.- apply partition: that the writing has two parts, that one be divided for some groups and another for other groups, for example,

4.- apply paradox to them: that the writing says what

Contrary to what we should or want to say, that has many contrary, conflicting ideas, that has a lot of Dialectic, that has contradictions and mysterious ideas,

Today we are going to do another intelligence exercise,

3.- Naturalist Intelligence Exercise: we are all going to create a space for environmental conservation in a place near our houses, it can be planting a bush, a small plant or tree near our home,


That they serve as feedback from the natural environment of the place, that they also serve to care for the animals in the area, that they serve the entire neighborhood, that it be pleasant to the

Vista, that the place looks orderly and harmoniously, decorated for this season, try to do it with family and/or friends, together as a family group, first design what we are going to do and then do it, my ideas G-13 plant a little tree all on the same day at the same time, if 1,000,000,000 people plant a tree on the same day at the same time, we help the earth and ourselves a lot, my ideas on how to use the Power of Cavendish and Einstein, 100,000,000 people in 150 countries, each induce 10 more, connectivity ideas, sustainable development, online coaching, good conservative environmental action,


1.- From highest to lowest, 1,000,000,000 smart phones, computers, online devices directing and being directed online, in the sowing of a tree or plant, at a single moment, one special day a year

2.- From minor to major, ideas of an application- applicability of the 9 zeros- effectiveness- efficiency and effectiveness to the part to preserve the environment and ecologist – relationships from minor to major: person-company-society-World

3.- apply partition to them, each country of the 150, has to plant trees and plants one day a year in their country and all the rest of the countries, of the whole world will be able to see what they do that day, then National Geographic will travel to a different country every day to cover this ecological event, there the whole world will talk about the natural benefits of that particular country and its geography and natural environments, and it will talk about and cover the event so that the whole world see it, and at the end of the year it will be chosen which country did the best, people will vote online for the country that did their best tree planting, and the country that wins, will win an award,

4.- apply paradox to them; here we can talk about other things instead of planting trees, talk about energy savings: energy savings from various angles, water savings, energy savings, gasoline savings, electricity savings, fuel savings, wood savings, mineral savings , saving fertilizers and others, saving everything,

“If you can’t plant a tree, help us and help yourself save all possible renewable and non-renewable energy on your planet”

Kaizen ideas and

Continuous improvement applied to environmental and animal and plant conservation.

Ideas of connections – Technology – nanotechnology – the microcosm and the macrocosm – relationships of conservation of the environment and ecology here on planet earth and the transpolation of conservation on other planets

We continue talking about intelligence and creativity exercises,

Today we are going to talk about musical intelligence,

4.- Exercise of creativity and musical intelligence, everyone must create a musical piece, a song and with its music (lyrics and music) or just a musical piece,

Particularities: the piece of music or the

Song must have Harmony and Order; emotional connections (the ones you want but

Preferably Joy, emotion, joy, enthusiasm, fun), connect with the current moment and be modern, connect with youth (their motivations, encourage and inspire them to values and Virtues of entrepreneurship and value generation, have high goals and hopes), should have amazing lyric aspects or rhythms, should be as original as possible, should have ideas of grandeur, splendor, spirit of greatness, and impressive achievements, such as that high achievements are going to be achieved, and these will help everyone and the society to grow and be better (own ideas and Edward De Bono’s on Creation and generation of monetary and non-monetary-social-impacting Value), what I want is to help, motivate and inspire those who read me to broaden their thinking towards innovation, Towards innovative thinking, towards the future, towards a better future, with a spirit of greatness and generosity with us and with the world, with the new generations, ideas of current moments (as a song for all of us to fight COVID, how to help each other In these moments of COVID, and young people who have never seen a pandemic before, what can be learned from this moment, and how to inspire towards the future, where is the world going??,

I remind you something:

Innovation = Strategy + creativity (of the entity, product- in this case musical entity) + Market – society (in this case as if we were going to connect and/or connect -sell to young people)

1.- From Major to minor, working on the musical entity from the general to the particular, for example my idea is to make a song among all the current artists, like how We are the world was made, but this time this song is the Let all the current artists and sing to the young people of the whole world to inspire them with these ideas of entrepreneurship and values and virtues to creation, to the art to undertake new, good things, social entrepreneurship, new businesses, new projects, to generate value; the song for the whole world and to be heard even in the most remote places

2.- From minor to major, work the musical entity from the particular to the general, idea of the song of each one to undertake and thus thousands and millions undertake in multiple areas-large projects-little by little and form a chain of youth ventures all over the world, to follow many from the smallest to the whole world and form something great

3.- apply partition, that the song has several parts: that you remember when you were a child, then a young person, then a student and then an adult, highlight the

Best achievements, from children to adults,

4.- apply paradox to them, the idea of a song that unleashes creative thought through music itself, a more universal idea, that music be used as such, the same music to help generate creative thought, creative thought, creative spirit, the procedure of creating and generating new things, the generation of art, inspiration, explaining the benefits and benefits of music for the mind-mental tranquility, the

Body-corporeal healing and the spirit of the human being-tranquility and spiritual calm, let this be said in song or through musical groups,

Use of technology: universal projection. Ideas of technical facilities for young people in creation, and in the connection of clusters and musical groups among them, the idea of Consilience on the Island where thousands of artists and creatives met once a year and there they shared great creations and ideas; create through technology how to share creations and ideas regarding the arts and music with each other, a bit of musical globalization: in other parts of the world you give me the best of you and in this part of the world we give you the best of us and thus from one to another and from another to one in other parts, like what happened in the 80s, some artists and musicians fed back from each other, some from one side and others from others, creativity was generated in all the arts ,

Idea for media and television media and also video channels like youtube and apple

TV and video: make a great world event of Christmas greetings and hope for the COVID, many artists and singers from all countries participating and the countries are named and online it is shown by

Video the singer, in his own language, that more than 150 countries and artists and singers from each of the countries participate, and due to the pandemic, the entire event is on TV, online and by

Videos, Pay attention to me dear gentlemen, whoever makes this idea will sell publicity and commercials tremendously and magnanimously, it would mean connecting and illuminating the whole world with hope with art and music, and how we can cooperate with each other, all the arts would work (dance, theater, music, singer-songwriters sung poems, and from many regions)

The end of the song and its music must contain sudden changes in tempos, rhythms and tones, they will be combined for the end, first from the highest to the lowest tones, then come low tones and we return to Los Altos; then

There is a rhythmic scale, first going up and then going down in tones, ending explosively with extreme combinations of very high tones and then low tones; This is Mozart’s musical intelligence, that’s his secret, mathematical combinations and that comes from the Greeks! This is more or less the end of Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, his last symphony!!!

For today there is nothing more to say,

-Today we are going to talk about another intelligence

5,- exercise of creativity and mathematical logical intelligence, we are going to create an entity or carry out mathematical exercises, which contain mathematical logic and we will link it a little with imagination and practical applications to current situations,

Particularities: we are going to carry out mental exercises and practices with and of logic and mathematics, we will include what I call the logic of God in all things and in everything created, we are also going to include the Power of the Gravitational Constant G- of Cavendish – all that power in logic and exact mathematics and its simple and logical practical applications and many current things (how to help lower credits and credit amounts to students in the US; how to help students even by forgiving these debts and how this helps society- the mathematical logic of it all)

The logic of God and mathematics, everything

Created by God is perfect, mathematics is exact and perfect, everything created by God contains, is formed, is designed and made by God with logic and exact mathematics, all things in nature have their exact measurements and proportions based on mathematics and its exactitudes and perfections, all things made by God, can clearly be visualized in geometric proportions representing the square, the

circle, rectangle,

Triangle and many more geometric representations, and all of these are perfect and exact, and these perfectly relate mathematics and everything created by God, therefore God’s logic is perfect and everything created by God is logical and perfect; It is logical then to think: if this is perfect and beautiful – the moon – the earth – the sun – the people – the animals – the plants, in short, everything created and what we see, then who created all that perfect and beautiful, well someone superior to us, simply and simply God, then God created everything absolutely everything, and everything we see and do not see is perfect, and everything was created with logic and mathematics, God is and exists and I create everything, everything was created perfect and even more so the human being, in his image and likeness; everything then has logic, it has its logic and it has its mathematics, the circle, the square, the triangle and the rectangle are in everything created by God, some contain others, some overlap and integrate with each other, all these forms they are in nature and everything

Created by God, and all this is perfect, nothing is superfluous and nothing is missing, everything is exact and perfect,

“Knowledge of all things is Possible”

Leonardo da Vinci

“Everything is connected with the whole Secret is to find the

Connections that no one has seen”

Leonardo da Vinci

1.- From Major to Minor, we are going to do this first exercise thinking about the mathematical logic of the following: what happens when you lower the credits, forgive him, forgive him, improve the

Loans to university students currently in the US, that is, from highest to lowest, to the minimum possible, in economics there is something called crowding in crowding out, what goes out on one side goes in and vice versa, what goes on one side goes through another comes out; that is a nice exchange of values, that is, I benefit the student and the government would pay that credit, and how the student and the community really benefit

Society, what happens in all this there: then we must talk about intangibles, types of intangibles and society as a whole; what are the intangibles- what is not tangible, what is not seen or touched; what are the intangibles then: thousands, many, for example: the

Knowledge, culture, people relations, human relations,

Trademarks and patents, values, information and data, the

Growth in education and technologies, learning, services to clients and to society, in short, there are many intangibles in a society and even today they are more powerful than anything tangible; when a student is released from credits and responsibilities that a rich and powerful state could cover, on the other hand, value is created, value is generated, in thousands of intangibles, there are ways that the student must finish his studies and must put them in dignified and intelligent practice at the service of society and with this and with a good dignified salary it will pay the Society through as if it were a social exchange, with good work and intelligently and the Society will earn much more than proportional in everything and all intangibles, and what happens if this multiplies and is exposed to the n power, thousands and thousands of young people more and more and millions and I give many more opportunities to millions of young people to study at very low cost, and logically where they have their skills, what it happens, it happens then making an analogy with Cavendish, the power G, this multiplies exponentially, it has a multiplying power, the benefit multiplies to the Maximum for everyone, at first it is not seen but little by little it is seen and more and more and more will be seen in a multiplied way in all the intangibles of society, the benefits and then their results will be seen exponentially increased,

2.- From minor to major, in this exercise we are going to corroborate Cavendish’s experiment, and in the following way, the power of the Constant and the

Power of the very small applied in many parts, Cavendish by analogy gives us solutions to multiple problems,

What happens if 1 person, and then another 2, and then another 3 and so they add up and add up and add up, until they reach 1,000,000,000 everywhere, what if in the end this total number of people decides and at once, At the same time or moment, they decide to smile at all the others who have other people around them, resulting in a very happy day, that day a happier world

What would happen if first 1 person and then 2 and then 3 and so on until you add and add and reach the same 1,000,000,000 people decide at the same time and at the same time to call someone who has been calling us for a long time to greet you and cheer you up, as a result you or one of the 1,000,000,000 who decided to do that would have saved many lives, would have cheered many and stop counting.

What would happen if 1 person and another 2 and another 3 and they add up and add up until they reach 1,000,000,000 people everywhere decide to contribute and do something to prevent Cancer, decide to improve something and stop eating something toxic, or do a campaign against

Cancer and cancer prevention, well, results, cancer would be better and much better prevented,

What would happen if 1 person and then another 2 and then another 3, and adding and adding and many more are added until reaching 1,000,000,000 people, and they decide to do and teach something productive, teach a specific value or virtue to others that they have around, teach the

Value of technology and learning and education, as a result, a more educated and much more educated world,

Well, in these exercises we see that the benefits to the whole world and to society could be and multiply in arithmetic progression and then in geometric progression.

We see that Cavendish and his power and his legacy when applied mathematically and humanly gives us many solutions to what could be solved before,

3.- apply partition to them, we return to the exercise of lowering or reducing the credits of university students, here we can split or divide the problem into parts: it exonerated everything for those who are doing better, more successful, for those who are not as successful as students I exonerate 90 percent and those who do very badly in the study, I exonerate 80 percent, thus encouraging the study and El Progreso

4.- apply paradox to them, for the

In the case of students and credits, the opposite or the paradox of this case would be to give them the

Power to the students and let them decide, those with the best grades will decide more, to give them an incentive for merit, those who stand out the most will also be paid, to give them an incentive for three things: effort, intelligence and cunning, and emotional intelligence.

Today we are precisely going to talk about creativity exercises and emotional intelligence

6.- Exercises on creativity and emotional intelligence

“The key in life and living is to control and manage successes and failures, if you know how to control your successes and failures, you control your life, if not life will control you” Several Authors

We are going to perform the

Exercises of creativity and emotional intelligence, we are all going to create exercises for control and emotional management of both positive and negative emotions; we will focus much more on positive emotions, we will reduce negative emotions to the maximum through refocusing and reframing techniques; And we will manage positive emotions and increase them to the maximum through contagion techniques, anchoring, putting ourselves in the other’s place, positive influence techniques and how to win friends and more friends, and rapport techniques,

1.- From major to minor,

“When you are angry and you must handle a situation, count to 10 and if you are very, very angry, count to 100”

Thomas Jefferson,

In this part of the exercise we are going to learn that when we have negative emotions (call them Fear, fear, anguish or pain) we will take them from greater intensity to lesser intensity, we know that the emotions are there, we can have them to a greater or lesser extent or degree , that we can all have them, some more than others, but they are always or could be there, in us, they are often unavoidable depending on many variables, life situations, situations that the world or people must handle on a daily basis, and these situations and the emotions that are generated or provoked must be handled appropriately; the leaders and the

Young people who want to be and managers and young people who want to be managers and everyone in General must learn to reduce, refocus and reframe negative emotions when they are present, when they come or when a situation arises,

The idea is that when these occur, and especially when these negative emotions are intense, the exercise is to reduce them by

maximum, as

We can do it, by reframing the situation, imagining how we are decreasing its intensity, mentally, by imagining how we are gradually reducing this negative emotion, as if we were to see a photo that was large and we are gradually reducing it, until take it to its minimum expression; and also

We give these negative emotions, we blur it from our mind and we give it a better refocusing, we go from the negative and less and less; we are refocusing better on more useful and positive things; we are thinking about other things, and we make a list of positive things and learning, we focus on better things and more beneficial for ourselves and for others; we take power away from

Negative and we give power to beneficial and positive things,

In the current case of the pandemic and COVID, we must all develop these tools so as not to be left behind and move forward and see the positive things,

You have to forget the past, which is a canceled check,

Just remember the good things of the past, live the present with enthusiasm and intensity and be optimistic for a future and a better future, project yourself to a better future with a lot of optimism.

2.- From minor to major, “It is much easier to win friends and positively influence others, smiling at them and giving them joy, than doing the opposite” Dale Carnegie

In this part of the exercise we are going to go from a minor premise to a major one, we are going to carry out creative and imagination exercises to infect Joy, optimism one

From one to many,

We are going to maximize positive emotions more and more and to reach many, to infect many, to bring joy more and more and much more to many,

And we are going to see several techniques:

⁃ smile and contagion technique:

This simple and simple technique will quickly improve the

Emotions of many, showing and giving an example of the

Being able to be happy despite any circumstance, here are several tools: use of laughter therapy, use of humor, use of games

⁃ technique to put ourselves in the shoes of the other:

It consists of seeing what is happening to the other or others, capturing their emotions and quickly using them to put ourselves in their place, understand them, understand them and help them in their situation, walking alongside them, is the technique used by Children of quick understanding of the other and getting involved quickly in their help,

⁃ rapport technique – pacing and winning over the other and positively influencing my cause (secure and reliable sales technique): technique that consists of copying the moment in which the other or others are in order to give confidence to the other through mimicry another and attract and involve him in a certain behavior; In the case that we must help you improve some emotion, pace you and look for the positive points to motivate and empower you, achieving an improvement in your behavior and building trust and credibility,

3.- apply partition, here in this exercise we seek to divide or divide the problem in the situation of the present emotion to seek to improve the situation, that is, in the case of increasing or passing a negative emotion of someone to a positive one,

First we divided the situation and sought to see, study and analyze two things:

What is the cause

And second, what is the Effect of all this,

First I see and analyze the Cause and then I see and analyze the Effect and according to the particular situation,

To then apply two very practical things;

Action and Reaction

I look for the actions to take (I must take corrective actions) to improve the

Emotional situation and I look for positive reactions of improvement in the other or others,

4.- apply paradox to them, in terms of the paradox for the two cases raised, an idea is to use de-reflection in each particular situation, a logo therapy tool to cure neuroses or phobias;

That is to say, for example, in the case of reducing a negative emotion, on the contrary, many patients or people with phobias, such as the case of people who cannot sleep, should be applied then that influencing the patient or the person who cannot sleep, influencing the contrary to telling him to try not to sleep and to read or watch television and to try and try on the contrary not to sleep and to tire the body and mind, and in this way finally the person falls asleep peacefully and manages to master the phobia, this It is a contrary form of mastery of the will and emotional improvement,

And in the case that we have to increase a positive emotion and increase it to the Maximum in someone or many, de-reflection can be used, with the

Contrary to what was explained above, the contrary is influenced by the contrary thinking of the other and many times the same person even reacts jokingly and manages to laugh and be happy, it is like a mental game, since deep down people are a bit foolish, yes you tell them to do this, people do the opposite, alone and many times to be contrary;

If I see that someone is crying and I start crying with him and in a humorous way, people react, or the paradoxical case of when someone is in help and is neurotic and there is a dangerous situation and the person does not react, and I talk to him and I talk to him and nothing is in shock, like him

Case in the movie, well, if I slap her a little, she says but what about God, and she reacts completely,

In short, many times the mind of human beings is paradoxical per se, and the best technique is that of humor because it has two effects in helping oneself and the other, because the person changes the behavior and changes and improves the emotion towards more positive, and people finally reflect and laugh, everyone wins,

And to finish this part, it is important to understand that in order to manage others I must first manage myself, manage myself to manage others,

Because deep down everything is emotion and everything is emotional

The leader and manager who manages and controls their emotions better and therefore helps to manage and improve the emotions of others, whoever does it better will surpass the others, the other managers and leaders – of any kind, and from that It deals with all this game of Life, and all of this is difficult, yes, but not impossible, it takes time to learn and it is very possible when you learn and practice, until the same mind captures and becomes aware of it until it is finally done in an almost how autonomous,

Like El Niño who is learning and learning little by little to ride a bicycle, until there comes a time when he does it easily and autonomously without hardly even realizing it, and his brain does it without much awareness,

There is no success if it has not been tried before, there is no success if there have been no failures, so handling both success and

Failure is mental, because it is like deciding where one is going,

Because who always knows where they are going, will always look for a How?

Success to all!!! And I forgot, excuse me, and God ahead!

Today we are going to talk about Interpersonal Intelligence and Creativity exercises;

Interpersonal intelligence is social intelligence, the intelligence of socializing and relationships with people, of socializing with people, is very similar to emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence is an important part of emotional intelligence, more linked to the socialization.

7.- Exercise of Creativity and Interpersonal Intelligence

Particularities: Great leaders of all kinds and politicians have interpersonal intelligence skills, they include: communication skills, interacting with people, understanding people, understanding their needs, leadership, attraction, knowing how to share with the other, of cooperation, they have great charisma and generosity, as an example were: Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, as well as many religious leaders and great politicians,

We are all going to carry out some creativity and idea generation exercises, continuing to work with the case of COVID and the pandemic, now how do we help communities, from the largest to the smallest, what needs do we currently see, what should we communicate to them, how socialize better with all the communities now, at this time, that we can contribute to them, let’s think that we can do more and what ideas to contribute, we are going to work on a central idea of governmental and corporate social responsibility, and how we have been doing it under the scheme of the 4 ways, Let’s all think about what ideas we can contribute, improve, new ideas to help, understand, communicate and socialize better with the communities,

This is a great opportunity for large corporations to interact and socialize with the people of the communities and help them with their current needs.

The idea is to use the skills of great leaders with this intelligence to generate new ideas:

We will then break down each process and think then:

⁃ that we must currently communicate to the communities

⁃ What needs should we and can we cover?

⁃ How we can better socialize with communities

⁃ That we can share better

⁃ What and how we should and can make them more aware

⁃ How we can cooperate and get everyone to cooperate right now

⁃ What we have lacked to do with society and to better socialize

1.- From highest to lowest, the first idea is to accurately detect in the states and where the pandemic is worst, that is being done but to detect the communities where the situation is worst; Second, use what I call a tide of heroes who go preventively to these communities and socialize with them, as is done with a tide of vendors who visit the communities, but with social heroes who will work to communicate and help these communities on the subject. of health and prevention, is the opportunity for good social work and good corporate social responsibility,

Go from big to small, clusters and large groups of people but not digital but physical, and then to smaller clusters; to communicate the issues of prevention, vaccines, how to improve, what to do and what not to do

The heroes will see a situation that is happening, what is happening there, and they will find solutions in the critical places, they will collect information perceiving and capturing how and what the lead users of the communities do.

Use of the lead user model in the case of communities critical of the pandemic,

Also use digital clusters from large to small, to communicate all these issues

2.- From minor to major, use of value chain tools, and core competitive capacity for small communities, study of the value chain and the capacity of each small community and its own strength to combat the pandemic, settle in knowing each small community what is the core competitive capacity, learning from how small countries and communities with their strengths and weaknesses with their opportunities and threats have managed to prevent high infections, do a SWOT by communities, to improve performance; And apply this to large communities, apply your own algorithm to study each situation in small communities, application of a hygiene and safety program in homes, and small urbanizations

Create a ranking of which mayor’s office and which city had the best performance in contagion prevention,

And so smaller, in each city create a ranking of which town or community had the best performance in prevention and so on with the smallest communities

3.- apply partition to them, in this part of the exercise we are going to think big and we are going to think about how to solve the spread of the pandemic and at the same time reactivate the economy, for that we are going to subdivide what we will call action points and we will carry out creative associations :

Action points:

-approaching people and distancing

-Do not wear a mask and if to wear a mask

-hygiene and more hygiene

-Touch public places and not touch merchandise or places

-pandemic in the air – vs closed pandemic

-the vaccine

Points and items of the economy to reactivate:

⁃ hotels

⁃ Aviation industry, Air travel, bus and train industry

⁃ Automotive sector

⁃ Rental cars

⁃ Construction

⁃ Tourism

⁃ Restaurants

⁃ Entertainment

⁃ Cinemas and related

⁃ Food companies

⁃ Mass consumption company

⁃ Insurance companies

⁃ Clothing and footwear companies

⁃ Raw material companies

⁃ Franchises

⁃ Technology companies

⁃ Telephone companies

⁃ Manufacturing company

⁃ Household items

⁃ Education and related sector

⁃ Oil, gas and related industry

The idea is to give it a pandemic scale score by high point of action and by economic category, for example.

0 is minor high point




4 is most important high point

And for the items of the economy:

Give them action points score and reactivate priority:

0 least priority




4 highest priority to reactivate

4.- apply paradox to them,

God told us today: “There are some who pass through life through a tunnel, they fail to realize the splendor and the safety and the warmth of the sun of Faith.”

Let us allow God to enlighten us on all this path and give us wisdom to face all these challenges and the pandemic, and increase our faith in all of us,


Today we are going to talk about Intrapersonal Intelligence

8.- Exercises on Creativity and Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence is the intelligence of Self-knowledge, it is the internal intelligence of the person, Intra-Internal – Personal – it is the intelligence, for example, of Vicktor Frankl and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, it is self-knowledge,

Self-knowledge is a difficult process, it is complex and almost nobody likes it, but it is very useful because by knowing ourselves and becoming aware of it, it helps us to improve and helps us to help others, it helps us to recognize our mistakes and also the strengths To focus on continuous self-improvement and focus on our strengths and reduce weaknesses, it helps us to understand ourselves, and to understand the other,

We are going to talk and very much in line with what we are currently experiencing with the pandemic, we are going to talk about Faith, Temperance and Frugality


We are going to generate ideas and create ideas of how to know ourselves to improve ourselves and to help others and to help ourselves and others with this pandemic, and right now,

We could start this part with the Pink Floyd song “Is there anybody out there? “

And I would say and in accordance with self-knowledge, we should ask ourselves:

Is there someone inside of me?

Who I am?

What am I on this earth for?

What is my mission here on earth and with the people?

Is there someone else inside of me or outside of me?

Know yourself to project yourself into the future – ideas new man – non nova sed nove

Make a personal SWOT (Weaknesses, Opportunities, Strengths and Threats)

So let’s all create and generate ideas with the creativity exercises on how to improve Faith, Temperance and Frugality and everything for the current time that we live in a pandemic,

We are going to do then and in a better and more organized way, and with a better structure, for each of the virtues its own exercise of the 4 transformation processes:

A.- Creative and intrapersonal intelligence exercise for FE

1.- From Major to Minor, Self-knowledge exercise – transform and make the big small; that pride becomes small; that weaknesses and threats to the Faith that are great become small,

2.- From minor to major, Self-reflection exercise – that the lack of Faith, that the small or lack of Faith become great – that the humble becomes great – that the strengths and opportunities become greater

3.- apply partition to them, exercise by putting the self in front of me – This exercise consists of doing a process of self-reflection and putting the self in front of oneself and talking to it as if it were a friend, it is like asking and cross-asking how you are regarding to that virtue or value, it is as if he were asking his conscience itself; this is not splitting of the personality or anything like that; It is an exercise in being honest with yourself and asking yourself and your own reflection, talking to yourself and referring to the virtues of this case,

4.- apply paradox to them, exercise Self-transcendence- illuminating exercise where you ask yourself, what is your purpose here on earth and what will be your purpose after you fulfill your mission or your time on this earth, how do you project yourself in the future life not on earth, what is your meaning of life and the future life,

B.- Creative exercise and Intrapersonal intelligence for Temperance (cardinal virtue that calls us to avoid excesses, to have measure, to be restrained in everything, to have patience and peace of mind, to have parsimony and temper the will, control of the will)

1.- From Major to Minor, Self-knowledge exercise – transform and make the big small; that pride becomes small; that shortcomings in temperance or weaknesses and threats that are great become small

2.- From minor to major, Self-reflection exercise – that the small becomes great – that the humble becomes great – that our points in favor of temperance and our strengths and opportunities become bigger and bigger

3.- apply partition, exercise for me in front of me

4.- apply paradox, exercise Self-transcendence

C.- Creative and intrapersonal intelligence exercise for frugality (saving, saving on everything, better management of things, zero waste, zero excess, not wasting anything)

1.- From Major to Minor, Self-knowledge exercise – transform and make the big small; that pride becomes small; frugality weaknesses and threats that are big become small

2.- From minor to major, Self-reflection exercise – that the small becomes great – that the humble becomes great – that the strengths and opportunities in our points in favor or in our abilities in relation to frugality become better and better and bigger

3.- apply partition, exercise for me in front of me

4.- apply paradox, exercise Self-transcendence

And to finish this part of intelligence, today we will talk about bodily intelligence – kinesthetic

Perfect intelligence that integrates Mind-Body-Heart and Spirit

It is the intelligence of bodily expression where mental and spiritual movements are manifested in the body or through the

body movements, with


Where mental intuition manifests itself in intuitive bodily movements, that is, fast, instinctive, intuitive movements of what goes through the mind, the mind’s quick understanding of a situation is expressed in fast bodily movements, whether alert, whether of competitive movements as in the case of sports and competitions, whether artistic such as dance and dance, theater and acting, and as in the case of jugglers, acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, the case of pampering, and the case of athletes and extreme sports,

Let’s all generate ideas and create solutions in relation to body intelligence and how

Contribute to these moments with the pandemic and the current situation, how to take care of our body, how to avoid the pandemic, how to use our body intelligence to avoid contagion and how this intelligence helps at this time, what can we do with this type of intelligence,


Create or generate an entity or

Ideas, that he has bodily intelligence, let’s remember that bodily intelligence is often tied or linked to other intelligence such as musical and linguistic, from there are born great singers and dancers like Michael Jackson, or great actors, and great athletes like Michael Jordan,

The entity or idea must contain bodily expressions

1.- From Major to minor, creation of a technological application that models and shows me how the best body expression is to improve performance and body expression in businessmen, politicians and artists, like TikTok but instead of showing me she shows me how improve my emotional expression in accordance with the same body expression, as

Improve my corporality to improve myself emotionally and anchor me better for life.

Dance, theater, give a speech, anchor myself to success in a sport,

2.- From minor to major, this application makes me practice my emotions and my corporal expressions, it helps me practice emotion by emotions, with the MARTAD model, and shows me the best expression or corporality for each emotion, it helps me with emotion in emotion to improve my corporality, and it helps me to change from negative emotions to positive ones, improving my corporality and corporal expression, it is like studying theater and cinema school, how to improve artistic skills,

3.- apply partition, exercises to learn facial and body expression as do the

Mimes, as Marcel Marceau the great mime did, first the facial expression exercises are done and then congruently those of body expression and integrated body expressions are generated and they play with that showing things, ways of doing things, games, inventing and reinventing body expressions without speaking, without any kind of linguistics,

4.- apply paradox, exercise Through videos showing people how to improve their fitness and body attitude in these times, showing models of artists and athletes telling us and showing us how to be optimistic, positive and have a positive attitude and positive body in these difficult times and of pandemic,

Ideas of coopetition and coop-marketing,

Another idea is to make a world foundation to help widows and children who have been left without parents due to COVID and the pandemic, collect money through a great world competition via videos, media and communication channels, world body expression competition, competition that includes all the possibilities of corporal expression: dance, theater, mimes, dances, acrobats, tightrope walkers, acting, ventriloquists, and combinations between all of these,

We finished this part of the intelligences and more than 36 ideas were generated – 9 intelligences x 4 ways to transform the main idea or situation!!!

Ramon Marcel Arellano

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