Elevated The movie

Elevated The movie



⁃ Awakening to Life – The Resurrection




At the beginning of the world, man discovered fire and from there began for himself, for the human being a change and progress that has never stopped, he had an important and significant first awakening, and with fire came countless inventions. , inventions, improvements and creations, given first by this power of observation and experimentation and that capacity of all beings, some more than others; however, this progress has been for the better in some things and not much for others, man has achieved incredible goals and objectives for a long time, there have been births and rebirths, awakenings and times, some more advanced than others, man almost everything What has been imagined has been achieved, almost everything that many have written has been materialized, created and done; but the human being has not advanced in certain essential things, the human being is capable of much but at the same time capable of little, the human being is capable of experiencing many things but has not managed with all these experiences to advance to another level, to to another greater dimension, to a greater leap, to rediscover much more advanced in its own internalization, essence, we have not been able to overcome the obstacles and barriers that even led us to self-destruct in wars and calamities, we have not solved problems that seemed easy to overcome, that bury us in our own mistakes, in our own egos, in our own shortcomings and miseries, the human being resolved how to explore the universe but he has not resolved how to explore himself in depth, he has not resolved how to learn to love more, not only to others but to himself; now what would happen if the human being was born again or woke up to life again with other types of abilities, with many more senses and abilities to achieve perceptions, with many more abilities, skills and more developed, advanced and empowered abilities, which would be of the world if this could happen and if this were to happen, what would it be of the future, of our future and of current world problems, what would the horizon be like and the relationships between all of us human beings, what could all this mean for the world and for Universe, it is like having discovered fire again, it is like having achieved the human being once more and having discovered fire a second time, it is like having managed to enter a dimension never seen by previous generations, having already deeply understood many things faster, more advanced and significant, it is like having awakened to life again, or having come back to life after being asleep for a long time. mpo, is to return to life again but with better senses and capacities, to see, perceive and capture absolutely everything in a more advanced way, in a much faster way, much more tangible and understandable, much simpler, more precise and punctual, in a simplified and alive, achieve advanced perceptions, awake, sensitive, discernible, emotional, visualizable, smellable, sensitive, digestible, heard, recognizable, aware, imaginable, memorizable, comparable, commemorable, idealizable, conceptualizable, materializable, attainable, and even measurable and exalted.

Let’s imagine all this, let’s imagine all these possibilities, let’s imagine this potentiality, let’s imagine the alternatives and imagine all the possible actions, ends and results…

If man, the human being as a whole, has been able and can do great works, he was able to make great advances and inventions individually and as a whole, many more inventions, advances, inventions and creations of individual personalities, characters and individual and independent geniuses and some that others together and in the work of great teams of creation and inventiveness, high performance teams.

Now let’s imagine a job of creating great teams, super high-performance teams but with individually much more advanced potentialities, senses, perception capacity and abilities, much more awake senses, much more evolved, much more alive, let’s imagine all of them working together in unison, all working towards a common goal, towards a common end and towards an awakening beyond or a revival beyond all possibilities, let’s imagine all this and everything it would entail, all these superior abilities and together, there the result it would be impressive beyond all sense and our understanding, far beyond, much beyond, we would achieve things that our ancestors would not have understood, and for

Finally we would have achieved it again and again, for the second, I repeat for the second time, man would have invented again, reinvented or discovered fire.

There is no doubt that the renaissance that took place in the

World at various times it would happen again, but also with something additional, not a few, not just some, not a small group of people, but many in the world and in all latitudes of the entire world, many generations, many and many could enter in this new plane, in this new rebirth, in new dimensions, in this new revival and rebirth, for good, for the great good of the same being, this new rebirth would be much bigger and immense, much more fruitful and incredible than the previous ones; but why ? Because we would all enter, not just a few or in a few places and spaces, but many more people and beings, many more generations and future generations, and in many spaces, and even remote places, it would be much more beneficial for everyone as a whole, for the world. , for Heaven and for the Universe.

As well as great observers and experimenters, all those geniuses and all that power to transform observation into brilliant creations in intelligent designs that are practically a quasi-perfect imitation of nature and even in many cases perfect and perfectible, managing to transform what is observed into profitable inventions for glory. of God and of men; managing to capture many things that would be created at that same time or after the fact and in other cases would take a little longer and much longer; and on the other hand, others and many others would give with their imaginative power and in many arts that special, combinatory power, rich in grandeur and clarity, also imitating power beyond what is normally perceived, the superior, universal power, the metaphysical and much more advanced power and the power of our creator; generating combinations of elements and qualities, in multiple and beautiful ways, an ability to connect at the same time the common denominator, the collective emotional quotient with the universe, with the spiritual world, and with creation; generating new entities of all kinds, intelligent in their designs and perceptions, also intelligible and intelligent; Now what would happen if all of us, not many but almost everyone, could have that observing and experiencing power, and transform all that power into creation, and added to this, additionally have a combinatory and illuminating power, that power of clarity and simplification? . In short, not only that power to create and imitate perfect nature, but also to connect and connect all this, everything created with what people, the whole world, want, need and feel, connect with the earth and much beyond. beyond with the Universal Voice and the voice of God.

Mission number 1: The North Pole

Scene number 1: The big Park

Year 2019

Everything seemed completely calm, you could only hear the noise of the birds, it was starting to get dark and it was a normal day. That same day the three friends had stayed to find each other, always maintaining a great friendship and many good things had united them since childhood and for unexpected reasons the three had found each other and had managed to maintain their friendship with great zeal, devotion and care, something united them deeply and it was that something that they themselves understood that helped them not only to keep them together but to help many in many places, as we are going to see.

That day they were changing in the big park Kame, Cat and Ovium; Kame was slow and beautiful, very slow in her gait and walking but very quick in thinking, she was graceful and had great intellect and had several characteristics that made her special in her responses and thoughts; On the contrary, Cat was very fast, he had a lot of speed, and he always wanted to go fast. He was more serious and observant, he always liked to go before Kame and he loved to ask him questions given the great answers that Kame always gave him; Ovium was of medium size and was very white, almost albino, he had a lot of inner strength and emanated a lot of tranquility, he always spoke interesting and instructive things and was quick to understand others and their needs; that day as usual the three of them walked and talked, chatted and laughed, but it was Kame who responded the most with his very own interesting and novel answers; Cat asked about everything and although he also knew many things, he always liked to ask questions due to his great curiosity in everything and he wanted to know more and much more. On the other hand, Ovium listened first and deeply and reflected before speaking, it was as if he internalized many things first of all and it was as if he were abstracted thinking and thinking, but when he spoke he spoke precisely and very concisely with oratorical power and impressive effectiveness. In short, Kame was slow to walk, quick to think and interesting to answer, Cat was super fast to walk and talk, quick to ask questions and super curious, and Ovium was slow to walk, abstract, reflective and elegant, very effective. when speaking, what he said always fit perfectly.

At that precise moment to the north, to the far north and high above, a light was seen, a very strong flash, it was strange because although it was getting dark, that light was seen filtered through the atmosphere, pierced the clouds and everything even seemed very beautiful. , those who were in the park, surprised, all entered into an uproar and were even left in suspense and ecstasy.

Cat who with an impressive vision managed to capture the scene as if he saw everything in great amplitude and perspective, was almost enlightened and dazzled by the flash of light, as if he had seen it up close and only him, and he began to wonder and immediately asked to Kame and Ovium, this does not seem strange and at this time, it will be a meteorite, it will be a shooting star, what will it be finally? He asked.

Ovium, reflective as always, and with an amplified vision, also managed to capture the scenes and her mind formed a visionary map of that situation, and her reflective mind internalized everything and said to herself as an internal voice, it seems that this is not

Well, she had a feeling something wasn’t right.

Kame, also managed to capture the flash of light and immediately began his Mind through its own special thought system to formulate connections of absolutely all possibilities, and immediately all his senses collected all the data and information of the situation and his mind began to generate some algorithmic steps to see what they had seen and heard and what it was all about. His mind made such incredible and unimaginable connections that in no time

Tiempo achieved a result of 156 possible answers, possibilities and results of all that and that unexpected situation at that time. His ability to solve problems and generate ideas was so developed that his mind in the end raised even the Solutions of greater than

Minor, as from the Best to the Minors solutions, conclusions and answers in range of probabilities and success.

Ovium already knew what it was because of his high perceptive capacity, understanding and his ability to connect with the 4th dimension, apart from being able to also have seen and heard the Flash of light as if he were seeing it from above and in 360 degrees, with depth, height and great breadth, much more than in third dimension, much further, he said to himself and in a sad and even nostalgic way I saw it coming, it is an important sign, we have not been able to solve this for a long time, I saw it and nobody He believed me, but opening his giant eyes he said to himself with an internal voice, very strong and forceful, we must act and we must act now !!!

But it was Kame who responded first and said: something is happening in the North, precisely at the North Pole, not only does the flash come from there, but this has to do with a more acute situation at the North Pole of the World. He said not all that glitters is gold and that glitter is very strange. It is not a meteorite nor is it a shooting star. You have to go to the place where that light was seen, the signal is precisely there.

Cat, as usual, told them, let’s go quickly, I can’t wait to see what it is about and the curiosity to know what that is, I wanted to know what it is and what all this was about, but Ovium immediately responded calmly, calmly and wisely : Yes, we will go there, but first we are going to carry out a travel, research and activity plan to go there and tomorrow we will leave early, the night will clarify many things for us and in the morning we will have more clarified thoughts and thus we will take part of the clearer strategy, and we will take the Plan to be able to go and see on site what is happening and to be able to resolve what needs to be resolved.

Scene number 2: The night

That night the three of them went to bed, not as usual when they always met, but with a great matter to resolve, it seemed like a great Mission and they were all excited and expectant, Cat was more excited and curious, Ovium almost knew what he was up to. He was dealing with the matter and Kame also knew where the place of that situation was and had already understood a large part of the enigma, but what was all that? What would they find there? And how would they manage to solve everything while in the place? Even when the three of them knew what the matter was about, then they needed to show and observe absolutely everything in order to completely solve the situation.

Kame and Ovium suggested going to rest at once and Cat on the other hand couldn’t sleep completely and so fast, and she stayed vigilant for a while.

The house where they were was spacious and very clean, Kame was the sleepiest of all, she got into her shell, her big eyes closed and in an instant she began to snore, it was impressive how she, due to her tranquility, her protective spirit and her Great parsimony, she managed to fall asleep, and so deeply that she looked like a tiny baby, she was very calm and cheerful and also transmitted a palpable serenity, so much so that it made her look jovial and as if she were going to last until eternity.

Ovium fell asleep at the top of the house, she was shrinking in such a way that all her skin was velvety abundant and beautiful, she also managed to fall asleep soon but not as fast as Kame, she seemed to sleep and dream in a time, as if he were flying and going to other places and places at the same time, he slept, he dreamed and it seemed that he was flying. He liked the day and he was fascinated by the night, his charm at night was such a fascination that he liked to explore mental spaces, and how his mind could be in several places at the same time, as if he were in another dimension beyond the earthly.

Cat stayed downstairs in the house, going through the whole house first, his vigilant and restless habit made him go places extremely quickly, with his great night vision he was able to see absolutely everything, he super magnified everything and detailed it with such luxury that he enjoyed being able to see things tiny and distant at the same time, her pupils enlarged in a funny way and her eyes bulged a little out of their sockets, often being able to rotate them to emphasize an incredibly 360-degree vision, she could see up and down, backwards and towards everywhere and his vision with nocturnal power covered any space, no matter how far away, angular and remote, that night he laughed so much and so much, he laughed and he was seeing all the terminals, the insects on the ceiling and in the corners and how much animal moved throughout the house, its vision in depth was able to detect movements so fast in such a way that it could hunt a prey calculating distances, speed of the prey sa and his own speed and ability to jump, this power, the jump also made him reach any insect so quickly that he himself laughed so fast when he caught it, what’s more, after catching them he told them, how beautiful you are, but you will never beat me in speed and speed, he laughed with the insect, gave it a playful slap and let it go, and told it, another day will not be your luck, Hahahaha, and continued to play with another little animal.

Cat was like this for several hours until she got tired and finally managed to see a line of ants that were going towards the kitchen, she walked in their claws and made no noise, and stealthily she reached the line of ants and told them, they want real sugar ??, they got scared and were very afraid to see it and above all that they had not noticed it coming and it had come by surprise, and they answered no thanks, excuse me and they continued on their way, and Cat replied these without shame, aha!!!! Stop everyone, today is your big day, because we have left a big cake for you, but you will have to get it and then he laughed and left. Cat who in the day seemed very serious in the

Noche had fun and laughed not only at what he could do but at the beauties he could see at night as well.

Then, tired, he tossed and turned about 15 times in his bed and lay down and fell asleep, not only did he have fun at night, but everyone is going to see what he was capable of after falling asleep and in his dreams!!!

And so they all fell into the hands of Morpheus !!! One was snoring deeply, another was sleeping pleasantly and moving her eyes dreaming and flying and the other was also sleeping, impatiently waiting for what fascination he would find today in his deep dreams!!!

So the night began.

Where I am ? Where I am ? I was trying to scream!!! where I am ?? Who are you ? And they saw people like ancients, with beards and long hair, beautiful women and men, with serious faces and faces as if rejuvenated, illuminated and with fixed and constant gaze. They were very young people and how could they have such long and abundant hair, said Ovium in his dream, there was the

Mind and the Spirit of Ovium in several parts at once in the dream, how fast traveling and managing to observe everything also from various perspectives, I saw those people above and saw various places in the world below at the same time, and also saw himself sleeping and resting, but it was like his mind did not rest but rather traveled in time and space and managed to see, be, appear and be in various parts at once. She always asked herself if we could all improve our own perspectives and ways of seeing the world and understanding others we would all travel a lot more with our minds and physically because we could have friends wherever we wanted.

Cat, already sound asleep, begins to meow and meow and it was that in her dream she saw many little birds flying from one place to another, some happy and others not so happy, they changed homes and sang a lot, some with some notes and others with others but together they made a very nice chorus to Cat’s peculiar ear, but Cat meowed because the tones of the higher-pitched birds bothered him a little, although he was very excited, his whiskers were grown and sharp and his mouth meowed nervously and impressed to see so many birds together and so close to him and his claws, but he couldn’t catch any of them, at last he said ahhhhh true it’s my dream!!! I am dreaming !!!! But where do they fly? And one of them, the youngest of the little birds, without Cat saying anything to him, replies we flew to the Equator of the Earth, we came from the North and we were going to the South but we decided to fly to the Equator of the world, but where? Cat asked, and they all answered: Let’s see if we can see through

A hole in the center of the earth, where? On a fantastic island.

That same night, several unknowns and prerogatives would be unleashed, not only because of Cat’s visions, premonitions, perceptions of the afterlife, but also because of the super universal connection that Ovium was able to see in its time and space transportations when seeing latitudes and people from many parts and above all what they had seen that night both in their dreams and in their face-to-face trips.

Cat had seen the warning and Ovium had heard the voice of the warning. Cat saw and Ovium heard. They were people like

World but on another plane and their voices yearned for many things. Everyone’s complexion was youthful, rejuvenated, reborn, though they seemed to have been there for thousands of years.

Waking up the next day, Kame opened her beautiful eyes and had a thought at first sight, first thing in the morning, at that very moment, she thought of two words: Water and Life.

Cat woke up from Segundo and started laughing and remembering the dream and startled, he jumped so high for Joy as if

He would have won something important and that was how he had resolved his vision and perception of the afterlife that night, eureka eureka!!! those who fly from the north and were going to the south but decided to go to the center, are looking for a better center of gravity !!! Eureka hallelujah!!!

And Ovium wakes up and sees the other two friends and says: we have a starting point and an end to go to: many must be rejuvenated, many must be awakened !!! It is enough and necessary to do it !!! It is a prevailing necessity !!! Nobody can stop us !!! It’s a life mission and it’s just the beginning!!!

Ovium says: for this Mission you Kame and Cat will go together, I will monitor from here, from my transporter room and let’s communicate with our other friends to tell them what happened, Ovium immediately connected with the

Others and he had all 11 and along with him, all 12 in direct and bidirectional conference: there were Ovium, Kame, Cat, Perro, Shumbiao, Perroquet, Hisan, Meerschweinchen, Pavao, Canarino, Krolik and Massakhara Machhalee.

Hello everyone says Pavao and everyone happy to see each other says hello dear friends, what a pleasure to see everyone, they all unintentionally said at the same time.

It is a pleasure for all of us to communicate with everyone, it is a pleasure to have all of you and that we are all connected today, said Ovium, there is a situation that is occurring in the north of the world, I already saw it coming, but I am afraid that it is growing more and more, more and more we have several signs from the Universe and from nature, we have already seen it and we have hated it too. We cannot sit idly by, it is necessary to act now and quickly and also be precise. Although Ovium understood more deeply what was happening and what was happening in his thoughts, he did not fully let everyone know the situation, he was cautious and wanted to ascertain the situation with a broader spectrum.

And he told everyone, we all know and understand our capabilities and abilities of each one separately, we are all leaders and each one of us knows what he is capable of doing and why? of its potentialities. But she had always been like the organizer of the planning of everything, although the executors were always each in their area.

Ovium highlighted: this Mission is very strong and complex, I suggest that Kame and Cat go and make sure of the situation there at the North Pole, it is essential that we all be alert if we need to reinforce them, I will monitor the trip and the activities. As always The planning will consist of two parts, first of all a strategy to raise all

The Information there, we will maintain a defensive strategy of the place and a punctual strategy if it is

Necessary more offensive and dynamic and achieve the objective and the

Goal of resolving the situation or what needs to be resolved; Second, to execute it, it is necessary: precise tactical activities, each necessary activity will contain precise and effective steps, which will lead to very positive actions, the activities will be observation, capturing how the place is, perception of everything and gathering information, other activities will come extensive detection and fixes, and third, closed activities are necessary to achieve the goal, which is to permanently resolve the situation or problem as much as possible and avoid damage or greater situations in the future.

Kame will go for his swimming power both deep and on the surface, for his swimming speed and possibility of being in deep and icy waters, as well as for the strength of his shell for his vision and superior hearing, as well as for his abilities algorithms in solving and preventing situations and problems; Cat who, as we all know, is a Himalayan Siamese of extreme abilities will also go for his Top View ability, his jumping, running and walking abilities, also his swimming abilities and especially for his impressive agility in hunting, fishing and all his premonitory abilities.

It is possible that if they need additional help due to some extreme ability in another area or a sense, or due to some intensity of the situation, one of you will have to go to the place and help with that ability that is needed there.

Everyone listened carefully to Ovium’s recommendations and plan, they understood everything that had been said at the time, but they began to ask many questions internally and with each other, some seemed intrigued, others suspicious, others interested, others alert, others a little surprised and others completely restless; Ovium had never been so direct in saying things and the plan seemed great, the situation really deserved concern and occupation on the part of everyone, especially execution and action, which was what they were used to and also liked.

Scene number 3: The journey and the place

Kame and Cat began the trip to the North Pole, Kame was swimming strongly and happily, with his special swim his four legs pushed strongly he surfed the waves with great joy, Cat was on top of his shell moving his tail from side to side seeing the entire horizon with perfect amplitude, Kame was going with his eyes closed, he really didn’t need to see first because Cat guided her with her super vision and Second because of Kame he had an extreme sense of spectacular echolocation, he emitted a very light sound that echoed and would prevent him from ever tripping, bumping into or collide with an obstacle and Animal in the sea, this sense allowed it to have a more accurate course without having to stop, it only deviated when with the echo it felt something that was going to come or meet.

Cat was enjoying a world above Kame’s shell, she did jumps and pirouettes and then she fell back into the shell, she moved her tail from side to side, this was almost magical, it managed to give her a sense of balance and equilibrium, as well as controlling by means of linear and angular acceleration from its whisker sensors, even allowing it in many cases to control gravity and understand the direction of the wind.

He would also have a sense, sensor and mental detector that coordinated both sides of his brain and body, as well as control his entire nervous system, managing to position his body and muscles as he wanted, as his sensor and regulator needed.

Cat could see all the fish under the water where she passed, that was her dream and she was achieving it, her super augmented vision was able to see almost to the bottom of the sea from Kame’s shell and when she jumped high from above she could see the horizon and the islands, from above he looked down and saw how a map all the

Giant ocean and all the marine species and its ecosystem, he laughed a lot and asked him and Kame asked him questions about the types of fish, shellfish and mollusks, and Kame answered him correctly, sometimes Cat told him

He made Kame riddles and Kame thought quickly and with his situation analysis system he gave him multiple answers, in total he gave 156 possible solutions, always hitting the solution of the riddle that Cat gave him.

Yupiiiiiiiii said Cat this is a wonderful trip, our friends don’t know how amazing it is to be here.

The two were surfing the waves and having fun, Kame swam very quickly, suddenly they saw a big blue giant whale and many dolphins swimming with it, Kame passed under the whale and she was surprised at how fast Kame was going, Kame opened his giant eyes under the water and he saw her and smiled at her, his bionic eyes saw the complete skeleton of the whale and his great intellect analyzed each part of his body as well, while Kame went below Cat was in the air spinning and the dolphins they all stood on her fin as if in deep surprise, reverence and devotion and greeted Cat, they saw the turns that Cat was doing in the air, all the dolphins made a sound as if in amazement that Cat could hear but was not very amused by what sharp notes.

When Kame pierced the blue whale, Cat fell into his Shell, boasting of his great feat and dismissing the dolphins, to continue his journey.

After having traveled a long way, Cat had an alert signal that she detected with her advanced alert sense in her beautiful whiskers, capturing a giant object miles away, this alert sense allowed her to detect speed, acceleration, mass and position of the object, and alerting Kame who with his super-increased echolocator sense would detect it closer and who with his super taste for perceiving long distances would discover that it was a Scottish ship loaded with tuna, this super sense of taste was so advanced that She herself knew where dead fish and bad tastes were in the ocean, and she was also able to detect even the possible ingredients of food and drinks that people threw from ships into the ocean and even managed to find out where the ingredients came from.

Likewise, Cat took the orbit out of his eyes and, managing to see miles ahead with his super vision, he brought his gaze closer and achieved the Focus and saw that it was a great ship.

When they got close to the ship, they turned it over and continued on their way via the North Pole, both Kame and Cat already knew that they had little to go and began to prepare all their thoughts to carry out all the assigned activities and fulfill the assigned mission.

Kame became thoughtful and Cat very restless, although Cat was playful and serious at the same time, she was so prudent, that with her warning abilities and advanced alert sense, she expected anything to come and was a little anxious, Kame calmer, her great strength of his shell and unwavering faith and positivism, he hoped to arrive soon, so that with his illuminating and creative power, he would also fulfill the mission.

Finally they reached the North Pole, a priori everything seemed fine, the day was perfect, the sun was radiant and the glaciers looked impressive, practically all the terrain was ice and glaciers that had existed for thousands and thousands of years, the view was beautiful and no animal nature could be seen.

Kame began to quickly go around and circle all the glaciers and Cat jumped abruptly and with her super gigantic jump she reached land rather than ice and began through the ice to cover the entire North Pole.

The two began their perceptual activities to investigate absolutely everything around, Kame had a special locator sense of possible pains and pleasures not only within her but also in others, which also made her calculate temperatures inside and outside her, and she began to use it to measure the same in all the extension of the glaciers, and with its great strength of carapace it collided with many glaciers on purpose to feel them and perceive the tenacity in them.

Cat jumped very high to see the surroundings of the great glacier and took her eyes out of orbit and walked all her eye vision 360 degrees tracking the entire area where she was going, it was her best radar detector.

Cat managed to see some polar bears but very few, but there were no bear cubs, they had no cubs. These were not many and Cat was already capturing part of what was happening, remembering the thousands of birds that went south and deviated to the center of the earth’s equator.

What Cat saw could not believe it when her eyes turned 360 degrees, she had practically seen something amazing in the entire northernmost point of the entire earth at the North Pole.

His eyes were amazed and although his thinking was quick and prudent at the same time, his countenance was not very encouraging, he was not amused by the scene and he could not contain his annoyance in general, but he analyzed the scene and sent a mental warning to Kame who he immediately got it.

Kame followed his latitudinal signs and quickly swam and after a long jump he passed to the frozen surface terrain of the great glacier changing in search of his friend. Its super thermal sensors began to detect places that were colder than others and glaciers with different temperatures at the same time… nothing was clear, it was strange so much dissimilarity in temperatures and also so much dissonance further inside the giant glacier, how beautiful it looked from outside and miles inside it seemed not so much.

Cat had a priori detected a lack of animal life and Kame had definitely captured lower temperatures in some areas, not rational to the

Normal temperatures of other glaciers and of the area.

But what was it that these two friends would really find? What had made Cat feel so upset? His entire mouth had inflated as if with air and his annoyance could not go unnoticed and Kame, seeing him, knew that it was not a good thing.

Scene number 4: The meeting and the resolution

Before taking action, Cat tells Kame, dear friend, you are seeing the same thing that I am, of course you are, Kame with his illuminating power managed to calm Cat down so that between the two of them they would think and then they would take action. Cat says these two look where we found them and look what they intend to do, he says it with a nervous voice, Kame answers: they are not going to get away with it, but this is more serious than we think Cat, we have to be careful and let’s go to communicate with Ovium, because in this situation it is most likely that they do not have a separate plan but rather, they have a macabre plan to harm people; Look what they do says Cat…

Hundo and Mad Meduzo were in the center of the Pole

North, in the northernmost point of the world, right at the Pole plus North Pole, Hundo was with his paws and with his destructive power digging and damaging the glacier, Hundo was known for being a bad antihero, his power of evil lay in being disorienting, discouraging people and they liked to make many sad, he was very cunning and his destructive power went beyond limits and he wanted to harm people, his demotivation he wanted to pass it on to others, nothing more and nothing less than he was damaging the earth , we were damaging the Great Glacier, it was damaging the beginning and the source of life of the world and of the people, it was damaging the land and the water. And Mad Meduzo is another antihero, very evil known for her toxic power, she was carnivorous and predatory, she had a lethal poison with neurotic, cytotoxic and cardiotoxic power, she was a beautiful species, but it hurts that her beauty was to confuse, despair and make evil to people.

And in this case it was beyond, they were really looting and damaging the glacier and beyond that they wanted to end the world and its strength and source of life, water.

Kame analyzes the situation completely and tells Cat, Cat I have carried out a complete analysis and I have 156 answers and results, this has several edges and is more complex than we think, this is not only here but in various latitudes, they are not alone and also my algorithm tells me that not only is this the beginning but that the problem is beyond, the situation is systemic and deserves everyone in any way; they want to end the human species and everything created by the architect of Nature; they want to exterminate people, and Cat tells him if exactly they are destroying and looting the North Pole, the largest glacier, they are making a huge giant hole, and Kame answers it is more than that Cat this hole is just part of a big problem, the problem it is systemic, the problem requires multiple, constant and radical solutions, it requires several things at once and the worst is attacking life expectancy, the hope of the people, the hope of the

Ecosystem and all its components of animal and plant life are giving a crush to the heart of hope for future generations and their evil has no limits, we have to act.

Let’s tell our friends first…

And immediately they manage to communicate with Ovium, via bidirectional, Ovium who had the hunches and the

Ideas of what was happening, he speaks first and tells them as if he already knew the total situation, he says: it’s worse than we imagined right? The problem is more systemic and it is not specific, Cat replied Waooo well it is so, Kame says: if Ovium the problem is not only at the North Pole where Hundo and Mad Meduzo are preying on the environment and the glacier, the problem is deep, but they still want to put an end to human hope, to people’s hope and they don’t want to leave anything for anyone or for themselves and they don’t realize it.

Their mental power is evil and they want to transfer it to others, to people, they are destroying the sources of life, Water and the earth itself, they want to end planet earth and its species, and it is through people.

We have to act and that’s it, and what’s more, there are problems in other parts of the world, it’s a systemic and bigger problem and other latitudes are under attack.

Ovium remains pensive and closes his eyes, begins to enter another dimension and communicates with his other friends…

In seconds he manages to enter into direct and two-way communication with everyone and all the 12 friends and leaders meet together, through a completely communicational and two-way dimension, dear all, says Ovium, we are following and monitoring Kame and Cat who are in the pole

North the situation is worse than we imagined, there are situations in other latitudes and we have to think together and since the problem is systemic we will have to solve it in a systemic way too, we are all in tune says Ovium !!!

Dog responds: we are in tune, always count on me, we are always here to save everyone, always ready for action, all this is worrying but we will manage to solve it, we will be able to defeat evil, who was in a secret latitude in South America; Shumbiao responds: of course super super in tune with everyone, we will complete whatever missions they are and that touch us, who was at a latitude in Asia; Perroquet responds: you know that they always count on me, all with my power of flight, there is nothing and no one that we cannot defeat by

Good for all people, the world and the universe; Hisan responds: you know that I can foresee evil and I was also restless these days, but no one can, not even with each one of us, less with all of us together, he was in a beautiful place in the Middle East; then Meerschweinnchen replies: of course I’m in tune with everyone, I sniff out difficult things but my positive circularity will help save people, who were in a resting place meditating and mastering their mind, a spacious and beautiful place in Nordic Europe; then Pavao answers, who was on a beautiful beach far below in South America, hahaha of course friends, I see a better future, I see and I see and I feel a much better future, much better, look at my power feathers and I have the certainty that we will come out of this better and grown, what is more, I see a much clearer and more advanced horizon; Canarino answers: with his beautiful singing voice, of course, always in tune and with my power of voice, of singing and of taste, there is nothing and no one that can defeat the power of us and our divine power, but we have to put hands to work, she was in a beautiful square of beautiful world stories, earthly and heroic, in a place in southern Europe; Krolik answers: here I am, dear companions and companions, all friends, I am for the impossible and to accomplish whatever the mission is, my super ears and power of suspension will manage to defeat the anti-values and those and all the anti-heroes, he was in a asian nordic latitude of europe in a beautiful cottage; then Massakhara Machhalee responds: it is a pleasure for me to get back into action, my inner strength is unbreakable, my mind and mental power is capable of renewing many, nothing will stop us, much less all of us in full synergy of action, the I was swimming in a hot and thermal river in South Asia; and finally Ovium closes and says I know that I could count on everyone, and I know much more that we need to increase our alerts and our actions. The plan continues and the strategy must be refined. What’s more, the strategies and actions will become more authentic and systemic. We will have our intuition as a whole and our group wisdom as well. We must transform the bad into Good and we must defeat them, it is essential. that we are all in connection while Kame and Cat perform; and all 12 of us are in bidirectional mental, physical and earthly communication; any ideas for Kame and Cat will be welcome; Kame and Cat jumped for joy and say thank you guys, we’ll be going into Action soon.

And Canarino says: Kame and Cat, and everyone: “the spirit of the Creator goes before us, making our way easy, safe and triumphant, we go with all faith and confidence because we have divine protection”…

Up at the very highest point of the North Pole, Hundo and Mad Meduzo realize that our friends are there, Hundo with his evil gaze looked at us from top to bottom as if belittling what was in front of him and Mad Meduzo with his gaze penetrating, she being a beautiful and seductive species, but deviated in evil, she looked at us amazed and with evil seductive intentions.

Kame tells Cat, Calm Cat, I have measured her strengths and weaknesses, Hundo’s weakness is in her sight and in her gaze, and Mad Meduzo’s weakness is in her false ego, her speed is not as she thinks, she is deceiving in many things and makes you believe that you have agility, but you have to be careful, both have very bad intentions and we should not let ourselves be beaten or defeated, both are cunning in anti-values and have evil persuasive powers, they are negative and demotivating and it seems that they do not they like others to be happy and feel good, they have little reasoning power, their own strengths lie in their defects and their weaknesses and our opportunity to defeat them lie in their falsehood.

Great says Cat, this is my favorite part, the action and the fun hahahahaha.

Cat had not finished speaking when she sees Kame closing her beautiful and gigantic eyes, and begins to internalize a modern techno song very dear to her, her mind becomes soaring with thoughts, imaginations and invigorating and motivating melodies, at first some guitars begin to play in fabulous scales and little by little some rumbling drums enter as if it were an entire orchestra and all a great march, as the music begins to intensify Kame begins to internalize it more and more, his whole body begins to follow the rhythm of the music, the tones and melodies and musical beats as they intensify intensify the

Kame’s mind, body and spirit, she strengthens her shell more and more and her legs begin to give the

Same rhythm of the drums, his

Mind follows the whole melody and its actions are included in the same melodic rhythm; His spirit strengthens and his legs begin to stomp and stomp harder and harder to the rhythm of the drums: boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boommmmmmmmmmm, the ones in front and the ones behind and so on, more and more strongly like marching and to the beat dancing, his whole body is extremized and creates a circle of superior energy incapable of being penetrated and super capable of eliminating any obstacle, his entire body capable of defeating any obstacle. Her legs growing more and more to the rhythm of the drums and her mind to the rhythm of the guitars, almost all her energy expands and it is as if she is floating not so high but with a higher energy than she normally has.

Cat who was on top of his shell feels the incredible energy that Kame was transmitting and also begins to feel that same rhythm and all his strength and is enveloped and impregnated with that energy, suddenly he takes a giant leap and screams yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. uuuujjjjjaaaaaaa, roooooockkkkk and rooooolllllll!!!

And Cat jumps out of Kame’s shell and begins to go round and round around the anti-heroes that were making the giant hole and preying on the glacier, they go around running and running showing all their power and energy, they ran and ran making a circle in the opposite direction clockwise, unbelievably around the two anti-hero characters, creating more and more entropic force to such an extent and with such speed that their legs barely touched the frozen ground, and with their vast super-augmented and super-capable vision at all , created an impression in the center at the point of the central and Nordic North Pole of energy that was closing the hole that the bad guys had made, and it had created a fear because they could not even see it from the entropic Speed created by Cat, and all This energy was achieving two things: bending the mind of the enemy and closing and sealing the hole in the Pole.

North made by them; Kame, as he saw what Cat was doing, his walk intensified more and his blow by blow with his legs against the frozen ground, and as he got closer, he opened his eyes looking intensely at the antiheroes in the Eyes, creating a great hypnosis that He made them paralyzed, the two energies created by the two heroes, he had defeated that enemy and had created a mental paralysis in them and had taken away their strength and their evil forces, their evil sense had been paralyzed, weak, defeated and exposed to what our heroes will catch them, teach them and apprehend them.

They had defeated the enemy and anti-heroes in situ, they had temporarily defeated the Systemic enemy in that place, it was a great start, but more was needed, there was still a lot to do and they still had to defeat the main axis of evil.

They had defeated the hopeless, the demotivating, and they were creating a hope and spring of Life and Hope for the

Life, the source of

Life was being saved, not only the highest point of the earth and of Life, the one that the water provides, but one of the highest points of being, the hope and the motivating force, the internal motivation and the internal energy, the perfect connection between internal and external energy was saved.

If we save the hope of one we will save the hope of many.

Life had to be guaranteed. And preserve the source of life and planetary energy: Water.

Water is the strength of all nature, of the entire microcosm and therefore of the macrocosm. Where there is water there is life.

Hopelessness was defeated…

It would be necessary to corroborate it… The world began another course, a rebirth…

Kame and Cat upon defeating the anti-heroes were exhausted and Cat apprehended them and immediately asked them, where else their evil allies are acting, Mad Meduzo looked seductively and answered nowhere and Kame said my algorithm says you are lying; and Hundo said with fear: in a very sunny place find out, guess the


Cat remembered the birds went to the south and they did not go to the equator of the earth, it is also in the south of the earth, you have to analyze various points and places on the planet.

Kame said to himself: Sunny places and high temperatures and temperature changes here.

There is a general and systemic climatic problem on the entire planet earth. They are generating many and many.

How by magic a polar bear and her cubs appeared, it was like

A divine sign, they had been hidden, and there were not many left at the North Pole, the Hope of the people had been saved, the people, the entire Ecosystem, the polar bears and the Planet.

There was a rebirth, there was hope and many, many more hopes…

Ovium said: who

He was listening and monitoring everything, Attention everyone!, communicate everything

Learned, coached and achieved through all

In the world and everywhere on planet earth, at all latitudes

That in all latitudes through all of us, and wherever we are, all our friends and heroes, through us all know it and in all parts of the planet earth, that they know the hope we have and that we defeat hopelessness.

Hallelujah !!!

Let it be known throughout the world that we have been reborn!!!

So it was !!!

All our heroes proclaimed it everywhere and the hubbub was felt everywhere, the rebirth, the Joy and the joy had been corroborated!!!

The whole world felt hope, they had hopes of life and of many other things and they felt the rebirth !!!

With the bidirectionality of our communication system, all our heroes would be able to communicate to everyone in the world and reconfirm how the

People in all latitudes and most remote places in the world felt. Hope had been reborn and people had been reborn!!!

Each one of our heroes raised their finger to give a positive sign and in each latitude it felt the same, in each part of the planet earth the mission was being achieved.

Scene number 5: What has been achieved

Every Life is a hope, every hope of Life is worth the

Life is worth it and life is worth it, if one is saved if one saves their hope saves others, all hopes, all Lives are worth it, we are all worth it and we are worth a hope, no one can be left behind or without hope, yes one saves one life saves many, if one saves many lives it saves many more hopes. Everyone, each one of the people in this world and beyond, each thing, entity, of the natural world, whatever it may be, in short, everything created by God is worthy of being taken into account, it is worthy of being preserved, it is worthy of Being motivated, loved and hopeful, is worthy of being cared for and glorified, is worthy of being loved by everyone, and each one of us who are on this planet, not only for preserving, loving and loving one another and preserving our essence and preserving ourselves. one another, but beyond for the Glory of man itself, of everything created by God and for the Glory of God and the Universe.

The fact of having defeated hopelessness and the hopeless, this fact leads us to having awakened hope and therefore having awakened life itself, having awakened people to hope and hope of Life, awakening those who were as if asleep without hope for anything, because there is no better evidence than when people realize that if there are hopes and hopes for many things, for life, for a better life, for improving and growing and loving, people are motivated and seek all those objectives and seeks and yearns for how to do it, how to achieve them, seeks how to improve and how to grow. Nobody sees with their eyes closed, nobody can see in the dark, in the dark, unless they have the skills to do it like our heroes, nobody gives what they don’t have, and if people don’t have hope they can’t give, provide, give away , generate hope.

Eyes that do not see a heart that does not feel and eyes that do see a heart that does feel, when people wake up every day and open their eyes that day and those to come are transformed into hopes of life and of living, in Life itself. When people see beyond, they feel more and their hearts feel more, on the contrary, when people cannot see beyond their own ego, it is as if they were asleep.

The awakening that this mission had achieved was very important because it would have awakened those who were asleep and did not have or saw hope, and hope should never be lost because it buries all other virtues, the first step that makes people continue with the other virtues is hope, it is the first reason, motivation, the first mental movement, for People to achieve strength and courage they need a reason and they need a special reason to live, they need a sense of life and living and this it is given by hope, then from there strength, fortitude and courage are formed.

Hope and Courage are tied to each other, Hope goes a little earlier, goes first.

Especially in this world, as it is full of problems, pessimism, selfishness and lack of motivation and meaning to live, hope and hope of life and living is necessary.

And that is what we have achieved first, to have created hope in people, hope for life and preservation of life and of what was created by the architect of the world and of nature, of everything created by God, we have managed to awaken the life to many and that is the best start.

Kame and Cat felt very satisfied for having accomplished the Mission.

Cat told Kame, and Ovium had already warned, there are other situations to solve. Kame remembers what the anti-heroes told him, and thinks about the riddle again, and also with Cat’s premonitions, it occurs to him and he thinks out loud: friends we are all there online, go ahead says Ovium, let’s check the sunny places, let’s check each where we are the temperatures in the sunniest places, Ovium reaffirms, if the problem is systemic and of temperatures and beyond the environment and of all the ecosystems in the whole

World, we must remain alert, the problem is against life, we have made a lot of progress but there are still things to do, the antiheroes are working in other terrestrial areas, it is necessary to find the bottom of the matter and everything.

Suddenly Hisan, who was in the Middle East, says, friends, I have alarms for too high temperatures in Africa, in the desert, the sun is hotter than it should be, it is too unbearably hot, the surrounding countries are complaining, there is no flora or fauna that can withstand that, the inclement sun lashes the place.

Ovium responds all alert tonight, all abilities alert, we will start investigating as soon as possible.

Kame and Cat finally after completing their mission, had managed to see and caress the polar bears and their cubs, they had marveled at such beauty; and they swam back to where Ovium was.

Cat was on top of Kame’s Shell and was very satisfied, their whiskers were relaxed and their mouths were happy, Kame begins to swim strongly back home, and Cat asks him: how did all my speed and speed seem to you? and Kame laughs and says marvelous, wonderful dear friend, and you were great, Kame tells Cat, and as the sun falls, Cat tells Kame, you know, dear friend, you know what? You know I love you very, very much, you’re great and you’re the best and she gives Kame a big hug and gives her a big kiss on the cheek, Kame got really relaxed and got a little blushed she turned around and started swimming on her back , and kept swimming with her big eyes closed, suddenly she opened her big eyes and stared at Cat and Cat was surprised by her eyes and gaze so Big and Beautiful, they reflected an unimaginable purity, a kind Heart, a great and long experience of life and an irreplaceable Oracle power, it was like seeing his very soul in his gaze, but Kame quickly closed his eyes and gave Cat a big hug and said thank you dear friend, I don’t like you flattering me, I don’t like that you idolize me, but never, never, never stop doing it!!!!

Hahahahaha and they both laughed, out loud, hahahahaha

And Kame told him I adore you too, silly, you’re super super fast and you’re a great friend not only to me but to everyone and everyone. And hugs him tightly again. And he tells him, you know what a dear friend: I love you, I love you as much as the earth loves the sun, the moon and the stars.

And then Cat jumps up and screams yiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaa hurrrrrraaaaaaa

And the two of them swim back home.

And in the middle of the ocean Cat asks him: Kame and why the stars too, and Kame reminds him, the stars light up at night, they light up the earth, nature and people. All the stars are all interconnected.

Ummmmmmmm says Cat, how poetic!!!!

And they both laugh again!!!!

hahaha hahahahaha

The hope that had embraced the people again, had embraced them all together, to the Earth, to the whole world.

Natural world and all living things; I was embracing everyone in a common denominator: Life.

People had been reborn, there would be more life expectancy, more years and possibilities of life, great hopes of curing the most difficult illnesses, achieving more beauty in everything, fewer existential gaps, more meaning in life, possibilities of loving each other more, of sharing more and to make utopias a reality.

A renaissance had begun, not for a few but for many…

Deep down we were Resuscitating Life.

⁃ Reunion with life itself – Returning to Life

Mission number 2: Sahara Desert

Scene number 6: Unbearable Latitude

Kame and Cat finally arrived where Ovium was, it was in a North American latitude, Ovium, who was very serious and organized, always had Order, Harmony and Discipline as his north, but at the same time he was super jovial and had at home Facing the sea, its organization and connection room had all the possible games and connection and information screens, an environment that any young person would like to have, a comfortable environment, a modern and innovative design, entertainment and even hobbies, games of all kinds, even mental, swimming pool and the sea nearby, a spectacular kitchen with all its seasonings and culinary specialties, in short, one where she liked to observe and see thousands of particular and different things in several languages, she was very educated and particular and learned from At a very young age, he was fluent in several languages, spoke, wrote and read perfectly: Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Celtic languages and ancient Anglo-Saxon.

Kate and Cat would stay at their house for a while. Ovium received them with great enthusiasm and that same night they would all decide the next step to follow.

Rather, the night would help them decide everything…

The night progressed, Kame, Ovium and Cat a little tired by him decide to go to sleep and the night would help them and better tomorrow with mental clarity they would decide the next plan.

Kame and Ovium closed their eyes and immediately fell asleep and Cat who always played before sleeping this time had a hard time falling asleep but he fell completely exhausted, and he slept with placidity and all his sleeping face showed his satisfaction for his feat and for his mission accomplished.

The next day would arrive very quickly, and the three of them got up at the same time, without saying anything to each other, when they saw each other in the morning when they got up, they only looked at each other.

Faces, there was a mysterious silence among everyone, no one spoke, each one waiting for someone to speak, and suddenly all three spoke at the same time and said three words at the same time: Cleansing of the Soul!!!

The three of them had come up with that idea in their dreams in the


Ovium capable of connecting with a greater dimension thinks and says: The sun rises for everyone!!! And scream Mercy!!!!

Cat says there it is!!! What is God and what is not man a priori and Kame highlights: yes Mercy

Kame with his oracle power complements: we need an intrapersonal intelligence.

Ovium replies: there is no doubt that Perro must go to

This Mission, but Perro is in South America and Pavao is too, very good. Excellent that Pavao takes him flying.

Dog must go and has to go to North Africa where unbearable heat temperatures have been detected and must detect where it is and what the problem is.

Dog has impressive skills with the

Smell and also has great social and emotional skills, has great running and jumping power, a super jump with Quick movements, a sense of movement: mental sensor that controls jumping, body and balance, controls gravity and acceleration linear and angular; and it has a thermoceptive sense and detector: with its olfactory sensor it perceives heat, cold, wind and water thousands of miles away.

He is in charge of going there and Pavao will take him on a flight, they will travel across the ocean until they reach North Africa, he will leave him there and wait for him, and he will be very attentive in case he does.

Needs. This is a Land Mission. You need a lot of sense of smell and technique and a lot of social and emotional intelligence.

He must go alone and go unnoticed, he needs a lot of intelligence and management of different cultures and personalities, he needs to go alone, nobody can detect him. He will go through many dangers and alerts but he will know how to detect and handle them on time and at the right time. He is prepared for that and much more.

He will detect heat, steam and where the most unbearable temperatures are.

Ovium said to everyone: friends all leaders, we will start another mission, it is in North Africa, we do not have the exact place, but Perro will take care of this Mission, he will have to track and find the place, we know that it is in North Africa and you will have to know what is happening there and solve what is happening, Pavao will take you to

Flight, this Mission is important because it will give us the other clues to get to the bottom of the matter to the axis of evil. Perro must go alone and must not be detected and Pavao will wait for him in a suitable place and relatively close to the mission in case he needs his flight; Pavao is trained for long-range flights, with its powerful feathers it has a long flight range and has the ability to fly in different ways: as a glider, with high speed, as a helicopter and free fall, low flight, frontal and vertical flight of a Once, it can become a balloon type if it wants, and it can also shrink to go through narrower places, its powerful feathers when expanded manage to intimidate anyone and when it flies its power is Multiplied. Pavao will wait for you in a secret place as well and will wait if there is any need for his skills.

And all the rest of us be alert for any unexpected situation or to be ready to help in any area, activity, task or connection.

We are in tune, Barking Dog: I was waiting for a mission, my mission, I will go, I will see and I will win. Count me in. Pavao said: that’s right, I’ll take him and bring him back safe and sound. And all the others answered: hooray!!!, go ahead friends count on all of us from wherever we are.

That same day Perro ran further into South America and arrived where Pavao was in a

Beautiful beach; and Pavao immediately answered him without letting him speak, at your command my dear friend, we will leave at night!!!!

You command captain said Perro to Pavao!!!

That same night they flew across the ocean to get from South America to North Africa.

In the middle of the journey they encountered some storms and very heavy rains. Dog was on top of Pavao’s back and Pavao with his beautiful wings pierced the entire storm with an indescribable strength. His wings were as strong as titanium and they were also malleable to transform into Whatever type or manner of flight, they both got wet but Pavao’s speed plus the type of dog’s fur, which managed to adapt to any temperature, getting wet and drying as needed, allowed them to dry very quickly.

Finally our friends arrived after a long flight to North Africa to a very crowded port, Perro said waoooooo how many people and how much trade, there were people of many nationalities and people everywhere, there were merchants everywhere and they sold everything, Perro He left Pavao and I said thank you dear friend, I can do it by myself, Pavao replied: take care of yourself, take care of yourself!!!! I will be very close to you, I will be with you in mind, body and spirit, I will be very very close to you!!! Remember that!!!

Dog barked at him friendly and got into the crowd, he was happy and very happy singing and whistling without fear.

Here his adventure and his mission would really begin, when night fell in that port, Perro would find his first stone, his first obstacle and danger.

The night of the enchanted ladies:

Perro whenever he visited a new place and wanted to find answers, perceptions of the place and its environment, he went to crowded places and large restaurants with bars and lots of people. He got into a

Big tent Night restaurant and bar called “the enchanted ladies” actually had semi-dressed ladies dancers from the Middle East – they did belly dancing – very pretty and spectacular outfits; there in that Restaurant Perro would begin to ask many people, how they felt about the place and the

Country, and very stealthily got into the middle of a lot of people, managed to socialize a lot and with different personalities and discovered that there were problems regarding trade from countries to others and that there were environmental problems, many people complained about the heat of the date and all the places, they had never felt so hot there and in their surroundings and they also complained of a lot of pollution and environmental problems, it was very rare that year, the heat was intense and suffocating; He also managed to discover that further in, the heat was worse and even a dancing lady told him, there are problems crossing the desert, which desert did he say? Dog asked, she answered the Sahara Desert, the heat there is of such magnitude that nobody is crossing it and the connection between all parts there has been lost, the

Commerce has been lost for a year, nobody wants to go there.

That same lady, seeing that Perro was a foreigner, and that he was not from that area, wanted to set up a seductive trap for Perro, but he was very unshakable and with an inner strength, he did not let himself be defeated, he had a greater mission to fulfill, it was necessary to fulfill the Seamless mission.

The Merchants and their cobras:

The next day Dog continued on his way, he had already sniffed and understood that the problem was in the Sahara Desert, but how to go to a place so inhospitable and dangerous and so hot. That day he met a group of merchants that everything they sold was better than anything and they persuaded people, Dog with his social skills made friends with them and everyone around and told them stories and jokes and they all they made friends with him, the merchants had a lot of intelligence and persuasion but they wanted to put riches in people’s minds that were not true, Dog sniffed everything and knew how unscrupulous they were, he told them without consideration, do not sell what you really do not they have value, sell what is useful to the people, some left terrified and others accepted the lesson.

They would take advantage of this opportunity so that some merchants

They said that trade was very bad and that they had to do something, agree because the weather and market conditions in the area and from one place to another in the desert had changed and it was ruining everything.

Magic food, magic knives:

At night Perro went to eat at a place where they sold special banquets from the medium

Oriente, the With his good taste he went to eat there and he loved it, the only bad thing was the characteristics of the place and Dog warned of dangers in the

Zone, a part of the food was in good condition and another was not, those who served in the

Place they had everyone

Cheerful world eating everything all day and night at low cost, and eater people went there deceived, they didn’t know that much of that food was bad.

Dog going unnoticed managed to enter among all the

Present and made them reflect and think, it is more achievement that the administrators of the place improved that.

There they told him that all this had to do with the heat and the high temperatures that were happening there, there were energy problems and the kitchens, and everything related to gas and energy were having problems, the weather was hitting them.

Dog immediately thought and connected with all the friends and repeated to them what everyone by connection had already known and was aware of, friends the problem is in the Sahara Desert, there are weather problems and this has to do with what we partially solved in the North Pole.

There are energy and climate problems…

I’m running there…

Copied everything, said Ovium and everyone replied: copied everything!!!

We will be very attentive !!! We will be in tune with you!!!!

And so Perro undertook the journey towards the Sahara Desert, it was essential to be there and see what was happening and why was all this happening?

Scene number 7: Mercy

Perro would then begin from west to east to enter and enter the desert, the first thing he noticed were winds and sandstorms in the distance, they were not water, and he immediately perceived the unbearable heat.

Sun, Sun, Sun was what I know

He looked everywhere, Dog began to walk interspersed 10 slow and 10 fast steps so as not to get too tired, 10 and 10 and then he

I would trade with 5 minutes fast and 5 minutes slow; so he could move forward and enter the desert and sniff out any irregular situation.

The inclement sun saw him and felt up and down and everywhere, he only saw himself, he saw the reflection of himself everywhere in all the desert sand, in the whole desert, there was no one there, still He didn’t sniff anything, not a soul felt yet, but He would have to find out what was going on there at any cost.

His great sense of smell was going to help him, the first thing he was interested in finding was water. And observe and witness the whole place to draw better conclusions.

Little was Dog warming up and it was really hot and sweltering !!!!!

Uffffff Uffffff Mercy Mercy sir Mercy sir!!!! Am I starting to see visions or what is this??

Dog was seeing whirlwinds that preceded and preceded him and they wanted to catch him, they were whirlwinds of sand that went from top to bottom!

Are they for real or was it just his imagination?

They were real!!!

In the midst of all this, he saw towards the horizon a camel carrying a merchant on top as if half wounded, Dog goes quickly to their aid, the camel out of breath said: there is no salvation, there is no one left in this desert, everything is lost, lost the desert there is pure fire fire inside !!! The temperatures are unbearable!

inclement sun !!!! Mercy sir!!!

Dog asked what causes all this? Who forms these whirlwinds?

Ovium and Kame, who were online, respond: sand whirlwinds are normal there, but if there are a lot of them, that’s not normal.

Dog tells everyone: there are too many and the heat is uncontainable!!! I will have to help the camel and the merchant to get out of here, they can’t take it anymore, and then I continue, I spot and smell an oasis of little water several miles away, with the oasis I will be able to continue later.

Suddenly, like lightning fast, Pavao landed, who had been following Perro from the port and had followed him without him knowing anything from the air from the sky and saw his immediate need and urgency and flew to help him and landing like

Sent by God, like a helicopter – Like a harrier plane clearing the ground, the camel seeing her and seeing her wings was surprised at her unconcealable beauty, Pavao spread her wings and lifted them all up and took them out like a jet plane immediately, He

Sol made it impossible to see up but they finally managed to get out and fly to and out of the place to take the camel and the merchant to a nearby town, just in time.

Mercy had arrived !!! The camaraderie had triumphed and the outstanding skills had succeeded in saving the camel and the merchant.

Then Dog continued and re-entered the desert and with his olfactory, hunting and tracking skills he went in search of the Oasis. He said: by finding the Oasis I will be able to move forward and understand in depth what is happening. He

Oasis is in the middle of the desert, it is imminent to get there.

Dog began to use his super jump and sense of extreme movement, he jumped so high that he could see the whirlwinds from above and looked for a puzzle to shorten distances by seeing his jumps and from above reaching and avoiding the sand whirlwinds. Also with his superior thermoceptive sense of smell, he was able to perceive where the water was and the best temperatures to go to. When calculating the temperatures, he realized that he was almost arriving at a place that was almost impossible to inhabit, it was almost hell itself because of how hot it was. was.

He asked himself ? Who or who wanted to live on earth and be at such high temperatures? Why is this happening?

Ovium answered him immediately: don’t worry, many don’t want this, what happens is that others don’t realize the damage they are doing and others don’t understand, a small group knows and does it out of malice, and others don’t know or understand or care. nothing matters, but this is going to change!!!

We are doing well and we are finding the root of the problem. You have to defeat the underlying problem, not just temporarily or just save the

Places that we are going and that we must go. You have to keep saving the entire system.

The creator gave us the first sign of mercy now !!!

Scene number 8: Cleaning and Refreshing the Body

Dog had sweated profusely throughout this journey, it’s as if his body had been rejuvenated. All this journey he sweated a lot and his skin’s ability to control internal water, to get wet and dry when needed helped him a lot, but all this abnormal sweating had rejuvenated his body. It is as if this Mission and all its magnitude had cleansed his body and soul.

Dog was inadvertently upgrading his body.

And it needed much more !!!

Road to the Oasis:

After a great journey he managed to find the Oasis in the

Oasis had a very peculiar water source, it had been Grande and it was very small, there was very little water left and even nearby I had seen remains of camel bones, as if several camels had not managed to get there soon to recharge water.

The Oasis made it possible to reassure that there were serious problems of high temperatures, of water, the environment had completely changed, the heat was unbearable and no one could bear to go through there, even camels, trade had gone down and the

Merchants did not go through there, on the other side there were problems with energy and everything related, in short, various problems stated and much more. The warming of the earth was increasing, the glaciers were melting and we already knew that and a part of the great problem had been solved, but the warming that was melting Glaciers was stirring the fire like bonfires in many places and here was the center of the agitation.

It would be necessary to continue to the center of the warm-up there and understand there more thoroughly the

Problem not only in this place but in other parts of the earth, all over the planet earth.

Could it be that we had to update our body each and every one of the members of planet earth or just some?

Many ancient stories and anecdotes said that when people sweat a lot and a lot more AND more for some reason or another, it is like losing physical and mental toxins, whatever their body and soul were healing or updating.

Perro continued with determination and great strength towards the center of the desert where some of the most vile acts were being conspired against the land and the people and towns near the desert in the

Middle East, and all over the planet.

The heat as strong as the fire itself was going to burn us all. But Dog and all our heroes were there to prevent it and to save the people.

Turkey to Dog!!!! Pavao calling Dog!!!

Pavao said: Dog in my flight I can see that in the center of the desert there are many whirlwinds of sand, there is someone raising the whirlwinds of sand.

Dog begins to take gigantic leaps and spots them in the distance.

Be careful Perro tells him Pavao be very careful whoever is there can withstand the hot sands of the desert a lot.

Dog gains strength, gets a little wet throughout the body, activates and activates with great enthusiasm and a lot of positivism and its characteristics of being always cheerful, friendly and positive are activated much more with more determination and without hesitating towards that center of fire , forming a race show as if that were going to determine definitively when arriving there the Best motive and the

Best achievement and Reach for him and for this world.

I had never run so hard before because of how difficult it was to run in hot sand and so fast.

Finally he reached the center of one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, the whirlwinds almost prevented him from seeing, but his sense of smell acted as eyes and for all the senses.

Nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful mare with beautiful arabesque colors, it was Cevalina, she was called like that and she was running from side to side and neighed without stopping, shouting I don’t want anyone to get in my way, I don’t want anyone to come in. more in my desert,

In your desert Perro tells him it will be in the desert of all and of all the towns here and of all.

She neighed and neighed: No one will come in here anymore, all this is mine alone, while with her paws she damaged the Center of the desert and nothing mattered to her but only her. He did not realize what his egoism was doing, his egoism was such that he could not see beyond what he was doing and he could not see beyond the damage he was doing to the world.

Place and people.

He had blinded his eyes with his evil, his self-centeredness and selfishness.

Perro had to defeat her and much more… defeat selfishness. By defeating selfishness, which was one of the roots of the problem, Charity won.

By winning Charity, Friendship won a lot, won love for the world and people, defeated greed, the extreme interest of anti-heroes, defeated the extreme egocentrism of those who wanted the Air and the earth for themselves without any embarrassment without any measure.

He defeated much more than that…

And how was Dog going to do it?

With a lot of audacity, with God, with his friends and a lot of audacity.

He thought I must have a lot of intelligence and audacity to face this evil, which seems simple but is a greater and very strong evil.

In principle I must understand that to Live we must Die first, the evil within us has to die, we have to defeat our internal enemy to defeat the external one.

I have to give myself in Life and for Life… I have to give myself everything…

And Dog had how to do it with his personal skills and extreme senses, he knew how to do it, but he had to start putting: “Hands to Work”

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, I had to rediscover life itself and I had to make others rediscover life, there was the Key!!!


Forward my brave!!!!

Scene number 9: The Melee Fight – Who will win?

The first thing that Perro would do when facing Cevalina was to measure her forces, analyze her strategy and that of the axis of Evil.

Every cloud has a silver lining !!!:

As Perro got closer to Cevalina, he saw how she was getting, she whinnied desperately and Perro caught it and said to himself: anger is killing her, her weakness is anger and her central point is herself, rage makes her do that, she has no peace with herself, it will take a lot of patience, tranquility, calm and cunning to defeat her, I have to focus on her inner point that makes her do all this, it is as if she were out of her mind.

As Dog got closer to her she became more spirited, nervous and irascible; she did not contain herself.

Dog surrounded her and one of the most impressive and mystical scenes of the mission began.

What are you doing here ? Dog asked her, and she got more furious, what makes you do this? Why do you damage the desert? Don’t you realize that you hurt people? Do you hurt yourself?

Who are you, she asks? Can’t you see that all this is mine, only mine? I don’t want you here, you have no will for anything!!! you are nobody, you will not be able to take me away from here!!!

As Dog talked to her and he asked questions she got angrier and angrier, Dog unbalanced her, and she jumped and kicked more and more, she was totally out yeah.

Perro continued and told him get away from your evil, bring out that evil that is in you, your essence is good, you have good attributes and bring out the bad, leave the best of you…

Cevalina was furious and more and more furious…

Dog with his patience, perseverance, inner peace and all his cunning, he was breaking her, the battle was melee, mind to mind.

Dog kept asking him, where is your inner strength? Why do you keep mistreating and mistreating yourself? What do you feel ? Bring out the good what’s in you!!! Bring out your true strength!!! Bring out your goodness what’s in you!!!

Get away, Cevalina said, get away from me!!! You don’t know what I’m capable of!!! You have no idea what I really am?

Dog told him if you’ve hurt yourself a lot and you have to heal all that!!!! You have to let your true essence back in!!! Appease your spirit!!! Calm your mind and your body!!!

You are beautiful and your spirit is too!!!

Let out your good and true power what’s in you!!!

Take out the bad!!!

It got to such a point that Cevalina began to get tired and exhausted, she suddenly fell before Perro, her legs bowed and she gave a fantastic and melodious neigh, under her head and all her mane looked shiny !!!!

He raised his head and then looked with

Good eyes to Dog, and Dog saw her goodness, the goodness that shone in her eyes, her true spirit, her true essence, her true beauty.

Perro had won the battle and Cevalina too…

Above, the sun shone as always but less intense than before the battle, the sun was radiant and illuminating…

The heat was still on but the sandstorms stopped, the desert looked so much better and brighter and the

Oasis had flourished again.

Our hero friends who heard the horrifying scene, seeing the end of that fight, clapped their hands incessantly and cheered!!!

Love, kindness and charity had triumphed!!!

Everything was returning to its own being, nature was returning to its own being.

Pavao circled around the sun that seemed to smile.

You could already see everyone’s shadows in that sunny desert.

The Sun now if it came out for everyone!!!

Scene number 10:

Sun + Mercy + Creativity = ?

Dog returned happy how

He was always friendly and happy, he managed to cross the Sahara desert and told the merchants on the other side the sun is still inclement but you can now cross the desert you can take what you have to take to the other side, take your precautions but it has already moved away who did not let others pass.

The oasis will help them get to the other side.

The camels were content and could start their tours again.

Dog on the other side of the desert, almost arriving, he met a Golden Kitten, it was his welcome, the perfect sign, the Golden Cat that had stopped shining in the desert had revived.

Then Dog was received by many children who greeted him and they liked him very much, the children did not know what had happened but they approached him caressing his beautiful fur and Dog played with each and every one of them sticking out his long tongue and making them laugh. laughter.

Cat, who was in line with everyone and with Dog and whose curiosity always generated new and unusual things,

I ask Dog, And how did you finally realize that you could break the beautiful lady?

Perro told her: I never judged her before or after, I never criticized her head on, I only asked her questions that led her to answer herself and to bring out what was wrong with her, I always tried to understand her, I always tried to help, I did not look only for her defects but also for her best and I highlighted it to her; I taught him that he can treat others better, I let his tongue come out so that he could take out all the bad things in it, I was slower in judging and faster in giving; I made a reflection of herself; I highlighted what it was like to live in brotherhood.

Cat said: waoooo Dog that’s great, deep down you made her talk to herself and understand her interior.

Exactly said Dog

The sun rises better but it remains to find a better balance between the Sun, the atmosphere and the Earth.

There is still a way to go!!!

The merchants thanked Perro and Ovium had immediately said: let us communicate in all latitudes what has been achieved and how, so that everyone in all places knows that the Sun rises for everyone and that the Mercy of the creator is among us.

They all agreed and communicated what they had achieved. In feedback the entire earth was happier and calmer, kindness and charity had won.

There would be work to continue between the countries in the area and they were solving their energy problems more clearly, Perro had persuaded them for the better, Perro had achieved a greater brotherhood.

There was more Hope and there was more Kindness and Charity in the area, in the planet and in the people; it had been resolved unexpectedly: greater family cohesion, much more happiness in the Middle East and in many parts, problems of poverty in the area were being resolved; better benefits would be created, in short, the impossible was being made more possible.

The Sun plus Mercy plus creativity = Infinite Higher Enlightenment

Pavao Pavao barked Dog take me back to the beach!!!!

Of course, beautiful friend, get on my back and we’ll head towards the sun!!!!

Great great said Ovium and everyone listened, there are still things to be resolved and Cat remembers and says Cat we have to see what they are up to in the South, let’s remember that the little birds flew there and they didn’t want to go.

Ovium said: Glacier, earth, Sun and fire.

Kame replied: Land of fire

The South Pole !!! Our next mission is to the South Pole.

Let’s go south!!!

⁃ Open Your Eyes- The battle between seeing and not seeing – the Battle between two worlds

Mission number 3: The South Pole

Scene number 11: A fantastic trip – Trip to Coto de Luna – El Cotopaxi- and Trip to the Island of the half-fire dragons

Friends friends !!! You have to take a trip to the south of America, to the South Pole, said Kame, Ovium and Kame analyzed the possibilities of the trip and the

Needs to achieve the objectives; Kame says: according to my situational, futuristic and possibilities analysis, it is necessary for this Mission to be carried out by two heroes, you have to make a long trip and in parts, the objective is land of fire and the South Pole, to reach the Pole South you have to stop in several parts.

Ovium connects with the most advanced dissension and certain much more refined ideas emerge: wonder where there is heat and where is there fire? And who can give us clues about how the situation in Tierra del Fuego and the South Pole is? She answers: in the volcanoes of South America and on the Galapagos island.

There we will obtain more effective and reliable information, fresh information and even more about the future of this region, America and the world.

We will analyze the history, the present and what we can of the future of these regions.

It is going to be a fantastic trip that deserves two things: intrepid and diligent flight, increased super vision, night and depth; very quickly and we need someone with linguistic skills and with the power to convince because there are many nationalities together that must be understood first, then speak to them and make them understand, and there are many languages and perspectives that must be unified, there are several cultures that must be tried to unite, in addition to having a lot of strength and super taste as a super sense, it is necessary to know the hot spots of the South, to know how nature and inner strength are there, what food they have and how the problems of the North Pole and the Desert have affected these zones and go calculating everything related to the terrain, climate, provisions, cultures, times and Spaces, the relationships of quantities depending on the Region. And the Indicator of happiness of the region, current state and desired state. All this will give us the important signals of how people feel in each part and what they lack, what they long for and what they want; What is climate change, what are the changes they want, the economic and social perspectives, what has happened in those regions and what do they think. And how we can help them from every point of view.

Ovium tells the group and already knowing who it was, friends who has the power to convince? Persuasive, pleasant, excellent oratory, and a super sense of refined taste to know and detect the culinary arts of the regions and know and detect the meal components and whether the components are in good condition and there are no contamination issues. If there are toxins, toxic foods, incidence in nature and all its flora and fauna, and in all agricultural products, detect problems in water, air, land. And the main objective is to see what is happening at the South Pole, why do the birds not want to go there?

So friends who do you think can do this Mission? : and they all answered out loud and in one fell swoop: Perroquet Perroquet!!!

Kame said I suggest that Cat also go because of her visual skills and her speed, in addition Cat was an expert in icy and inhospitable places.

Everyone screamed and laughed Hahahaha Hahahaha!!! What are Cat and Perroquet going to do together? on this fascinating journey!!!!

Everyone laughed a lot hahahahaha

Even Cat and Perroquet laughed incessantly!!!!

Perroquet had an endless number of flying abilities of all kinds, he had a super sense of taste power in his beak: everything he tasted he detected, he detected his chemical components and he made a complete clue of everything, of each food, of each meal. He had the power to read minds and what’s more when he tasted something he could know what was happening in the environment, in the place and with the People who cooked the dish and all the diners.

His mind reading power was from a distance, he also tasted from a distance and was able to distinguish 360 different things with his beak. It could create good and fascinating illusions and it had a unique sense of movement, its sensor in its beak and taste controlled gravity, full flight, accelerations and it had a special sense and sensor and detector in its beak to regulate direction and range of motion, windage, body space ratio, adaptively managing body position, balance, and muscle positions.

Cat was in a place in North America and Perroquet flew to America and met him in a North American key and there would begin a trip between the two of them for the beauty of the landscape, the flight by air, sea and land , and for the stops they would have to make to collect information and for the mission because they had to get to the South Pole and see what was happening there? They also had no idea of all the surprises and adventures that were to come.

Thus they began their day flight to South America.

Avío-Lera, avío lera, avio lera, ok ok ok Perroquet said!!!

Cat said what are you saying girl!!!! Plane calling Earth!!! plane calling ground and ground says ok ok ok

Hahahaha Perroquet laughed!!!

And all the friends laughed too hahaha

Ovium answers and says that it is not necessary, we are connected and we see, hear and feel them !!!

We are in tune with everything they do!!!

Perroquet says I seeeeee was playing!!!!

The journey was long and they would see any number of islands from north to south.

The coloring of Perroquet’s feathers was majestic and magnanimous, it was all a work of art, a work of God.

His beauty plus his power to convince made him a special and unique specimen, just as each and every one of us is, whether a little or a lot, we are the image and work of the creator.

Perroquet’s colors and Cat’s fur matched perfectly!!!

Our friends would have one of the most fruitful adventures for America! Find what was and was happening at the South Pole, solve the problem and further unify languages and peoples, not an easy thing!!!

Perroquet would have the

Linguistic skills and knew many languages, cultures and languages, native and indigenous dialects and languages from around the world, and all the dialects and languages of the natural world and more natural still.

First stop: the Ecuador of the World – El Cotopaxi:

Cat saw from top to bottom from the flight, her super vision managed to see absolutely everything, she detailed and observed all the flora and fauna, all of nature. Upon entering the lands of South America, Cat was surprised by the diversity of birds and plants, the animals moved everywhere, there was a great fauna, exotic and diverse.

Cat was able to see from above even the smallest ants in the South American tropical forests, she had a lot of fun and told Perroquet, I know you can’t see everything I see but I’m going to narrate everything in great detail, and so on. it was, and the two amused themselves talking about each species of fauna and flora.

Cat soon spotted a beautiful volcano, Kame told them in connection: you are entering the most central point of the earth, the planet’s equator, welcome to the center of history, the central axis of the earth, welcome and blessed, take advantage of the Majesty of the works of the creator of the architect of nature, of the kingdom that came and the kingdom to come.

Enjoy friends!!! And walk us perceptively through those beautiful landscapes too!!!

Perroquet said: we are going to see that beautiful Cat volcano, we will get closer and we will see it up close. Perroquet was surrounded by nothing more and nothing less than one of the most prodigious volcanoes on earth, from Ecuador. She was flying in circles above the mouth of the volcano, and Cat looked down completely stupefied by the natural beauty, Cat said the volcano is still active but it hasn’t spewed lava for years, precisely on a day like today, June 26, it’s been 132 years since Although the volcano was active, it was calm and had not spewed out more lava.

It is marvelous to see the volcano from above the two friends said, Cat was able to see every point of the volcano, Perroquet with his fabulous taste managed to perceive tiny touches of the flavor of lava and ashes, it was incredible how he drew conclusions and determined its chemical components , determined dates, years, a complete history of the volcano, its components, history, materials, the entire geology of the volcano.

Cat said let’s go to that area where there are some aborigines let’s go there let’s see who they are and establish friendship with them, they will tell us more about the volcano, the place and all their needs.

Perroquet went down to a native settlement in the forest, there the

He made a majestic landing entering the Forest that seemed impenetrable, in a heroic and very particular way, a feat

Which only Perroquet could do with his special flying abilities.

Upon entering the native settlement, the aborigines were not scared but smiled at them and said welcome to the highest central points on the planet. In fact, they spoke very well in several aboriginal languages and dialects that Perroquet knew very well, and they established pleasant and friendly conversations with our friends, ate and drank natural delicacies and manna with a native sense of that area. Perroquet and Cat were delighted.

Actually, one of the native guide leaders tells him, we were waiting for them, we knew they were coming, don’t be afraid, they are in the central zone of the world and higher up we have two wonderful volcanoes, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, the Cotopaxi where they come from is majestic. In our dialect it means Coto de Luna, it is a fascinating story and Chimborazo is the highest volcano here and the highest place on planet earth, by the diameter of the equator and measured from here the peak of Chimborazo is the highest point of the

Earth Measured from the earth’s equator, Chimborazo is the closest point to heaven on earth.

Cat and Perroquet were ecstatic !!!

Several aborigines became friends with them and many young women and men told them the story between El Chimborazo and El Cotopaxi.

Perroquet, with his linguistic skills, managed to be a translator from side to side and even among themselves, since many of them spoke different dialects, he managed to be an intermediary, and he was the one who asked and cross-examined, telling Cat everything he heard and organizing the conversation completely.

The aborigines began to tell the story between the two volcanoes in various dialects in an original way, as was the story and with their Linguistic, phonetic, and even histrionic emphases, very particular to them, to themselves, and very, very autochthonous, being themselves Deep down, they were truly heirs of the true America, their roots were truly from those lands and they were the ones who could feel better than anyone else the mandate of nature, which was the mandate of their creator, our God.

And that story between the two volcanoes was like this:

Legend has it that long ago the

Cotopaxi Volcano and Chimborazo Volcano fell in love with a beautiful woman, some said it was a woman and others said it was their own mother, in short it was a woman, Chimborazo won the fight and kept the woman and then he was very calm, he became tall and gigantic and rested forever, his anger subsided and for more than 1400 years he had not thrown lava, he fell asleep and happy; On the other hand, the Cotopaxi that lost the fight and finishing second was still furious and sad, it became smaller and it is the second highest volcano, a Coto type of Luna was formed for crying a lot to the moon, and sometimes it is still sad That is why it seems that the volcano is still active and furious within itself, however the Coto gives it majesty and beauty, something that many do not understand, once upon a time there was a grandmother, a great-grandmother named Celestina whose inner beauty was such that although she also had a Coto, all his love and all his generosity and industriousness he transformed into his passion to give many inhabitants of the place where he lived food and meals when they needed it, the lady the great-grandmother was very elegant and loved by all and all her fortune that she left her Her husband, her great-grandfather, and El Coto made her the most beautiful woman in the place, she simply focused on the truth of life and that it is very short and that we all have. She focused on working for her children and for others, making them all her children. Thus, Cotopaxi Coto de Luna has to completely heal what remains within it, that anger and sadness has to heal completely and thus be able to have peace and tranquility and forgive a lot or a little or something if it has to do it to Chimborazo and thus remain in peace and quiet the two giant volcanoes and fall asleep forever. And so continue to sprout all its splendor.

Cat and Perroquet were left sensitive, nostalgic and tearful from such a beautiful and beautiful story.

The natives shouted cheers and saw the moon that was half hidden they saw it fully bloom.

Ovium who had been aware of the whole story said: your weaknesses can become your best opportunity and strength for good! If someone sees something ugly about you in your face or, as in the case of your great-grandmother, in your neck, your Preserve, that can be the beginning of your best tool to love and give love, and to see your depth more in splendor than your own exteriority. The reason for your strength and beauty lies, originates and truly comes out in your depth, and it is up to you and each one of us to discover all that, your true reason and internal beauty, your metaphysical beauty, beyond what you touch and what you are materially.

Kame: he sighed and sobbed, he remembered his ancestors!!!

Of his Bella…

Perroquet said Cat: let’s fly to see Cotopaxi let’s tell him how beautiful it is, let him feel us, let him feel our presence, let’s encourage him to never be sad again!!!

And so did our friends !!!

Cotopaxi Cotopaxi beauty of the

Nature, son of God, strength of men, you and him, the Chimborazo brothers of earth and heart, strengthen your brotherhood so that there is never any doubt about the love that exists between you, the love between natural brothers and the one that you They give to this land and to the universe, your first highest and you second most

Low, the two majestic and inseparable unite their ties between their fortresses so that nothing and no one is left to say, one more and the other less, but rather that the two say together and united, as one, you with beauties and you who transformed your sadness in love, two in one, let’s reach the

Heaven together and let us be a model of inspiration and illumination for all the other generations to come, just as the two of them were for those who fought for ideals beyond their borders, beyond this earth, beyond this love, Love.

And the Cotopaxi sighed and was happy and they felt it, the Cotopaxi had implored that to the Creator and he had granted it.

Our hero friends had been called to this without knowing it and this had happened like this and in that way and form, neither more nor less.

A trip to the Isle of Half-Fire Dragons:

Goodbye Cotopaxi Goodbye Chimborazo Goodbye children of nature, all children of these southern lands, Perroquet and Cat said to the natives.

And they continued towards a mysterious and interesting place, The Island of Dragons.

Ovium and Kame: speaking, we have a lot of information about the needs of the people in the area and in this part of the South, dear friends, we must continue to achieve brotherhood in these towns and seek more happiness, the natives are very happy and nature It is, but you have to be aware and follow the path, you have to get to the bottom of the matter at the South Pole, with the information that we have gathered throughout this trip, the natives told us something important “We were waiting for you”, there are more needs to cover and improve, we must take care of the Earth and the Southern environment and of the entire Planet.

There they are, there they are! Cat yelled, Perroquet obviously couldn’t see anything, it was far away, there is the island and I see the dragons, his super vision could see in depth and from far away.

There were many dragons around the island, the dragons were near the beach and they wanted to get off the island, Cat was watching the scene and said how strange they are all adults, there are no young of them, it seems that they are not reproducing, Perroquet accelerated the flight and did a beautiful acrobatics to land like a jet on the beaches of the Island very close to the dragons.

Perroquet managed to see the dragons and he saw that they were very pretty, they were medium sized and they were both curious to know if they managed to emanate fire.

The dragons came closer and saw them but they moved away as if wanting to flee, Cat said: something very slimy comes out of their mouths, they seem to be sick, Perroquet with its large beak and super sense of taste managed to taste the humidity of the environment and at once recognized that there were toxins or something toxic in the humidity of the island, therefore the water near the beach was contaminated, it was not very alarming but they were echoing the dragons, it was making them sick, the dragons were more delicate than we thought, they had been very strong in the past, but no longer, and the worst thing they were going to become extinct they are not procreating, the toxins were weakening them.

Perroquet managed to make a diagnosis of the water and various vegetables that the dragons ate and detected toxins in the waters that came from the Pacific Ocean, the problems were also created from the Pacific and they had to see what happened there later.

Perroquet told you dear friends and ancient beauty, unparalleled beauty of these islands, beauties studied and that give reason to continue living, beauties that give us evidence of history and the history of life, that give us evidence of the evolution of life, do not be afraid, imprudence will not be able to extinguish you or anyone else, it is so written.

It is necessary that you temporarily do not drink from these waters on these sides but from the other side where the water is more alive, has more life and more virtue, is healthier and will even heal you.

Do not eat these fruits, and make an effort to eat these other types of vegetables that managed to inhibit the toxins, so that slime and the half fire that emanates from your mouth will change and your fire will be completely reestablished and you will be able to have babies in A near future.

Do this temporarily while we will take care of larger and more complete solutions, we will travel to the South to see the situation there more completely.

If they listen, they will be saved, otherwise they will be destined to have drool for life, not to have full fire and to die, and they will not be able to have descendants that bear witness and victory of what happened and what will happen. Their ancestors will never forgive them.

And so they did, the dragons listened to Perroquet and they would be saved.

Bravo Bravo Perroquet said Cat, what an encouragement, how did you manage to speak to them so well!

Congratulations! What a beauty you have!

hahahahahaha and they both laughed and laughed

Kame online said: friends, there are several needs to cover in the area, there is much to do, people and the natural world are crying out for more prudence, less recklessness in ecological matters, pollution and toxins are killing Life, which is water They are killing species and people.

We must be careful and see what happens in the Pacific, we will not be defeated by despair and further damage must be prevented, the damage must be reversed.

And so Cat and Perroquet continued their journey towards the true Land of Fire.

Yiiiiiiiiijjjaaaaaaaa now we will get to the South, said Cat, Perroquet took off strongly and undressed Cat from the power of his wings, but then he liked the wind and saw that the wind was funny and his face blurred from the force and speed that they carried, and more and more Perroquet accelerated, more and more, until reaching a degree of acceleration and speed such that he saw colored lights on the sides, they saw a white barrier as if they had crossed into another dimension and then Perroquet slowed down and entered a some clouds and when he saw Cat, he gave him a big laugh, Cat had all her hair standing up as if electricity had entered her body, and that’s how it was!

Cat and Perroquet both laughed hahahahahahaha

And Perroquet told him, dear friend in the south, I want to see you in Action.

Yesssss said Cat

Let’s go ahead, let’s go ahead, dear friend, in the south life is tastier.


Scene number 12: Tierra del Fuego – the wonderful South Pole – wonderful frozen land and at the same time the most inhospitable area of the planet

Perroquet how good it is to fly with you, our friends continued via the south, they were traveling through the skies and descended through the coasts of South America via Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, upon entering Chilean lands after paying the costs of Peru Cat managed see a train, the great sight of Cat drawing and graphing in her mind, she made the whole plan in her mind of the whole Train track to the south and she thought, and said: Perroquet we are going to take that train via the south that goes in route all direct to the south, let’s rest for a while and go on board the train, you’ll see that it will be fabulous, there we will see and feel the whole southern atmosphere more closely. And it will fascinate you, you’ll see, I have an idea !!!

They did so and Perroquet went down like a rocket to the train and the two friends were finally on top of the train heading south.

Cat said let’s sit down and see all of Nature from side to side from east to west, let’s see everything from here.

Choo choo choo !!!!

I’m not going by plane, I’m going by train, I don’t need anyone, anyone, only God!

I’m not going by plane, I’m going by train, I don’t need anyone, anyone, only God!

And where did you get that song Perroquet? cat said

I took it from the Muses of the south, answered Perroquet!!!!

And they laughed

Two hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Close your eyes Perroquet and I’m going to close them too, ok

See with the eyes of all your perceptions and perceive all the air and perceive the nature around you and what we feel on this train up!!! Feel the harmony to which this train takes us, feel everything, try to see the shape and everything from side to side from left to right with the eyes of your perceptions with the eyes of your soul!!!!

See everything that has passed through these roads in years and years, feel nature, feel all the history that has gone through here, all our ancestors. Perceive the air and everything natural.

And Perroquet and Cat felt and perceived a lot and many, it is as if they had seen a great part of history there, and as the train went by and it was like that!!!

Said Perroquet Now let’s both begin to see our own history, try to see yourself since you were little and very little and with your parents, grandparents, relatives, siblings, friends: let’s try to see all our history, let’s try to remember and see this train as the train of our life and here traveling let’s see, the train since we were very little, and then we grow and grow and then children and then young people until we reach adults.

Let’s see our own history and our own train of the


And so they did, they began to see wonderful things!!!

Try to see and remember all your positive aspects, your whole positive life, your best anecdotes, achievements, your jokes, laughs, your goals achieved however small they may be, all the good things about your family and friends, those who have been your family since then, those who helped you grow and learn, let’s just see all the positive, happy, good, outstanding aspects.

See with the eyes of the mind, let us see with the eyes of the mind all the good things that happened to us as children, with pride to our ancestors, where we came from and those who helped us to be here, those who helped us grow and be alive, let us proudly see our achievements as children, all the goals achieved for us and for our parents, relatives and siblings, let us remember our best friends, let us remember when we passed years and our achievements, our best games and amusements; When my mom or dad or grandfather or grandmother, uncle or aunt, or any relative or friend played with us, let us see with our mind’s eyes the beauty of having been born, of having had our family, the one that touched us and the one that it was and is, let’s see all the beautiful and good things that have happened to us from childhood to reaching youth and adults, let’s remember with pride where we came from, with pride who we are, let’s feel proud to be alive and where we come from and proud of having passed for this train of life and to be able to see it now, let’s erase the bad things that happened to us and make bigger the good things that happened to us as children, let’s magnify the good that we achieved, let’s make our pride of being, being and being bigger if it had been; bigger and bigger let’s put the good and positive things that we achieved and it happened to us when we were children, bigger and bigger so Big that we see with pride, Joy, and a lot of love for everything, let’s see when we win that sports medal or manage to do our best dance, when we achieve that goal that seemed difficult to achieve, let’s see the faces of those around us and they cheer us and cheer us on and applaud us.

Above and above, let us see the best of us with good pride and with great joy and let us see with great love those who were with us to achieve it and to see us.

Let us be proud of our ancestors and the life that we had to live because for some reason it happened to us in this way and for the mission that we had or will have to fulfill.

Up the pride of your life up the pride of yours of those who were and are!!!!

Let’s feel proud of ourselves and of being and being able to be!!!

Let us be proud of our own train of life, with all its ups and downs and all its stops and stops.

up you!!! you are yourself you are yourself !!!’

You are a perfect being and of God!!!

Be proud to be a child of nature, to be a child of God!!!

And so Perroquet and Cat saw themselves, they opened the eyes of their minds, they saw the whole train of their lives, from when they were little and they saw each other as they grew older, they saw their family and friends since they were little, they saw their achievements and goals of children, young people and even reaching adults, magnified their positive points and all their goals achieved since then each one; Cat and Perroquet each felt nostalgic for their entire lifestyle up to now, they felt proud of their roots, they felt proud of their relatives and ancestors and their achievements, they even reduced negative points and gave importance to their goals achieved, to Their experiences experienced, their lives lived, everything they sang and danced, everything they experienced and all the opportunities they had, highlighted each of the good things in their own way of life.

Nostalgia passed to Joy and enthusiasm, and from enthusiasm it passed to gratitude to the creator, and from gratitude it passed to the applause of each one for himself, for being so interesting, motivating, experiential, lived, and for all those who touched them. live live each with their own train and mission of life.

In this way, each one of our friends had fallen down and they all remained pensive and calm; even all the other friends who were online and connected including Ovium and Kame, who had heard the whole scene and who each had deeply internalized and remembered their own very own and unique, with their very unique and own personal stamp their train of life.

So Cat and Perroquet opened their eyes and saw all the nature and splendor side by side and the train went on Chu Chu Chu Chu Chu.

And they saw the beauty of the landscape and they said to themselves, how lucky we are to be able to see and to be able to see with our minds.

How lucky we are to be alive!!!!

Thus the train was arriving in Patagonia and our friends flew off the train, and Perroquet returned to the air with Cat Above and his colored wings opened and were reflected in the sea and also in small islands of Snow, they had arrived in the land of fire. In those lands The ice burned almost like fire itself, but the air was fabulous.

Ovium said: keep going !!! Soon they will be at the South Pole

Cat began to see the aquatic fauna of Tierra del Fuego and was surprised, she saw the depths of the southern sea from above, she managed to see the Nautilus in depth, some species that have managed to survive millions of years ago and she said to herself, how much, how much, has passed through this world and this planet and how much there is to achieve and save and let them remain.

Scene number 13: The Way to Follow – The path traveled

Arriving at the South Pole!!! reaching the South Pole!!! says cat

All pending says Ovium !!!

Everyone waiting!!!

Kame points out: Cat and Perroquet need to do an analysis of the trip and an analysis of everything traveled, its people and all the natural world observed and perceived.

We are going to analyze your past, see your present and see your rational expectations or not of your future.

Perroquet begins and says: all my feminine intuition and all my perceptions collected from the trip point to a very interesting history of the south from very top to bottom; They have been young lands, very young places and a genuine nature, their history denotes a high indicator of happiness, an enjoyment of nature and a palpable ingenuity. Their present denotes a lower level of happiness that could be better and their expectations for the future are promising, there is a multiculturalism and they have to agree much more.

Their past was stormy but they were happy, their present is good and they live in the present with Joy but they want to improve their future, they have high rational expectations.

Kame points out: the south must move forward, it is almost 100 years behind other areas of the earth, it must preserve the happiness it has and must improve them in other aspects, it must increase its expected indicators of happiness.

Cat asked: Kame what is the ideal happiness algorithm? I ask intensely and with great curiosity.

Kame said it all depends on your customs, the area and integration.

The most ideal thing should be for people to analyze and see their past with gratitude and see their experiences with gratitude, learning and growth, live their present to the fullest with joy, devotion and enthusiasm and expect a future of life and Living with very good hope and very good life expectancy.

The Ideal should look like this.

Waoooooo said Cat.

The path traveled by our friends were giving this, analyzing their trip, they remembered the past with gratitude and gratitude and a lot of learning, the present was Vivian to the fullest and with great enthusiasm and they had good hope for the future, they were optimistic and they were going to solve many things.

He had already achieved everything, everyone, in a short time they had made great strides.

There was a way to go!!!

The South Pole was very cold and dry, there were unbearable winds, Cat said I explore on land and ice and you in the air.

You have to see how the environment is here, you have to see why the birds did not come here if they came from the north very happy.

The Pacific brought problems to the coasts and to the Dragon Island,

You have to watch very carefully!

Perroquet told Cat a lot of caution Cat, you are an expert in that, take care dear friend, I love you, remember that, I will be where you are!!!

Thanks friend !!! I’ll be with you too, I love you too, I’ll let you know what I perceive down here.

Scene number 14: The best economy – The best prevention

Cat had managed to enter the South Pole very deep, the winds were very strong, cold and hurricanes of cold and ice, Cat’s strength and thermal abilities made him a unique species in being able to explore these areas very calmly and without setbacks , he got into the ice and frozen water and in a short time his fur and skin made his body dry and grab internal heat.

Perroquet to Cat, Perroquet to Cat that you can see inside, wish up above you can see pure ice and strong winds, it is difficult to detail the area, Cat told him I will continue faster, and he began to run faster and even skated having fun.

Cat was able to see with her 360 degree vision power at superior depth, she was able to see the emperor penguins were few and there were no little penguins. These were adults and large, they were waiting and when they saw Cat they hid who knows where, but Cat managed to see some hiding places under the snow, some holes like cellars that they made there. And he thought something is wrong with all of them.

On the horizon where there was a blizzard, Cat saw two characters talking non-stop, one was shouting and the other was answering annoyed.

Waooooo said Cat again Mad Meduzo, here’s how he managed to escape, and he met another anti-hero Kapro, who was the one who was shouting and shouting thoughtlessly and how reckless, the two were recklessly and indiscreetly contaminating the water of the penguins and Mad Meduzo was leaving toxins and wanted to kill and eat the penguins; Kapro shouted and said everything he thought and polluted non-stop and had alienated settlers and researchers from various parts of the world who had come in peace to investigate nature and the planet earth, had had a great research center and even to explore the rest planets and galaxies but Kapro and Mad Meduzo had repelled them, also the penguins were scared, there was nothing diligent about these anti-heroes.

Cat told Perroquet, friend, I found the prophets of disaster, their irresponsibility is such that they scared everyone

World here, humans and fauna.

The worst and how we have been seeing his policy is totally against life, against nature, against beautiful nature, this evil strategy is toxic, and to end life and marine life here.

Ovium said: all those irresponsible activities are related to each other. And Kame highlighted: the water and the air are threatened.

Cat said go into Action soon, your ability will make them give in and leave.

Repel them now!!!!

Cat began to gain momentum and mentally prepare to repel them, she made several mental armies of positive preparation and successful anchoring.

And I meowed loudly with a very high musical note: miaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

This was heard everywhere but it destabilized the anti-heroes, and he began to run towards them, running and jumping, running and jumping, running and jumping, until he got close to them: Meduzo and Kapro, Kapro yelled at him, get out of here, this is what Let’s finish as soon as possible, he shouted nonsense things at her, thoughtlessly, we don’t want anything if we want everything, nothing and everything, everything and nothing, the one who doesn’t drown drowns, the one who drowns nothing!!!

Peqrroquet from above told her: be careful, Cat, they are out of their minds, they do not see, they do not distinguish, they do not think, they do without thinking, they are dangerous, very dangerous now.

Cat said I am going to surround them in circles and circles around her to dominate and tire them, to torment them and dominate their minds and then she reached the center in an entropic way and managed to grab them.

And so he did, yiiiiiiiiijajjajajjaj he began to surround them going round and round and more round, and when he was going to get to the center where they were, Kapro started kicking and kicking like crazy and back and back and Mad Meduzo threw a toxin over his eyes from Cat, Cat spun around and couldn’t see for a moment he was blinded and for the first time he felt a little afraid, his Strategy had failed.

Perroquet got scared and flew closer and said friend friend his voice had broken, his beautiful voice, what happened? What happened ?

Kame said: they studied the strategy, he had already done it at the North Pole, they have also studied us, they know how to repel Cat, everyone is alert!!!!

They are acting more reckless!!!

Let’s not close our eyes to reality, but let’s be optimistic and act differently!!!!

Discretion before these evil! Discretion in the face of Kapro’s humiliation!!!

Cat and Perroquet don’t lose spirit, we act for super natural reasons and our result will always be victory.

Kame said: Cat, this failure is not a failure, it is a new experience, you never fail, what you acquire is experience!

Put everything in the hands of the creator, your success is guaranteed!

Much more prudence is necessary, we need better tactics.

Perroquet said: discretion and sacrifice are worked from within, Ovium highlighted: do not let them disturb your peace of mind, the prudent works with divine madness!!!!

Kame said: there it is friends !!! Friends !!! I have the perfect and adequate strategy and tactics for this case !!!! The strategy of chance and the tactics of the 7 at random !!!!

It is necessary Perroquet that you direct Cat, I will ask you a question and you will give me a random answer and we will channel that with Cat to Act !!!

ok everyone

Yesssss of course yesssss

Let’s start, every time a tactic is acted quickly ok ready Cat, yes Cat said everything !!!!

Kame said, Perroquet tell me a random number? Perroquet said: 8, Kame said: Cat circles 8 times making them think that you are going to do the same and when 8 turns around Perroquet appears and gives them a great scream and fright!

Now: Cat did so, began to circle around them and on the 8th he turned, Perroquet appeared and above them he opened his long wings and fell like a rocket on top of them; the antiheroes were stunned!!!

Kame a Perroquet, tell me a random animal, she said Toro, well Cat to play the mounted bull with them.

And so they did, Cat and Perroquet flew over them and when they got close, Cat would fall on purpose near them and scare them by meowing loudly.

They were crazy!!!

Kame Perroquet, tell me a random color, red said Perroquet, emotion, infect them with strong and weak emotions and so on…

This is how our friends did and they wrapped them in feelings

Found !!!!

Kame said, a random flower, Perroquet replied: orchid!!!!

Orchid, creativity, emotion,

Direct flights, flying, in a rocket, gliding, in a tailspin, whirlwind, balloon in all forms and Cat by land direct jumps to them you hit them on the back and continue !!!!

So they did it!!!!

They were sold out!!! They were exhausting the enemy

Kame, a random word Perroquet?: tedious

That’s right, what is tedious to your ears? To meow and yell at them near them, they run, fly and go out and continue!!! And so they became deaf!!!!

Kame, tell me a random fruit, Perroquet said: whisker, that’s it, Perroquet will fly and Cat will go on top of it, Cat will fall near them like a whisker and throw a lot of ice near them, as if dropping whiskers from the sky.

Hahahaha hahaha all our friends laughed

This is how the ice antiheroes that Cat made them fall from above were left white !!!!

Finally Kame said: a random work activity, Perroquet said: driller, hahahahaha end and end, fly up and down and down Cat will jump and drill with a lot of noise and Perroquet will catch them.

And that’s how our friends did it!!!’

The strategy of chance and the 7 tactics had worked.

Prudence had won, prudence and prevention, joint skills had won, good tactics and prevention had achieved the goal. Learn to channel the youthful impetuosity of our friends, youthful recklessness into providential prudence.

Listening to Kame had saved everyone.

Simplicity had been achieved through discretion and prudence.

And the discretion in acting with the strategies in secret and quickly, this secret cunning had achieved its objective.

They had transformed the failed experience into learning and into Victoria!!!

The haphazard strategy and tactics had confused the evil one, hadn’t left him thinking, period.

win!!!! win!!! win!!!

All our friends screamed.

And Perroquet raised his

Left arm to Cat, hahahahaha Cat laughed, it was thanks to everyone!

And Perroquet gave Cat a big kiss, and they didn’t talk anymore!!!!

Everyone was silent and suddenly everyone laughed out loud !!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

Scene number 15: Hollywood Studios fell short – Pingue Pingue little star

Cat and Perroquet were able to blow up all the South Pole from end to end and Cat said you’ll see how soon the penguins will come out, and so it happened, the emperor penguins came out of the hole in the basement that they had made to keep themselves safe, and when they saw penguins began to come out little ones, there were many, they came out and many came out.

They were happy and counted, a total of 154 beautiful and colorful little penguins came out and each one formed a team of 7 large emperor penguins, it was as if the little ones were leading the big ones in a comical way, each of the 154 little penguins formed their team of big ones and each group got to work like performing plays, the little ones directed the scenes and the big ones listened, letting themselves be guided by the Imagination and by comic, happy, fun and entertaining scenes.

In total they were achieving beautiful scenes everywhere, throughout the South Pole, they were in the background taking out all their Joy for everything they had achieved.

154 works that were translated into many and many scenes, our friends closely followed each of the works in total and the groups were going to be precedents for the South of many lessons and experiences.

It is better, the experiences were going to reveal them to many more, much more quickly.

They made works of their past, present and future to come.

Giving endless lessons to the world of histrionic possibilities, and natural, human, scientific and exploratory documentaries.

Kame said: what a great opportunity to integrate the whole

World, to all races, to all cultures, to all latitudes.

The 154 represent the 154 countries that cooperate with the South Pole, investigate and want to improve the environment and ecosystem.

There are 40 more to make all the flags of the earth, of the planet earth, to complete all the latitudes.

And all the flags of the whole world- the flags of all parts of the world- the flag of everyone and of the world as a whole rose with a loud voice.

The little penguins had managed to do some admiration, they had raised the spirits of the great and old! They had made the grown-ups smile more and the older ones all return to the innocence and joy of childhood without any distinction.

The eyes of the

World, again but for many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In reality, many advances had been achieved with this mission, by opening our eyes to the world of many realities, by gaining prudence, several problems were being solved at the same time, the value of discretion, teamwork, prudence when listening to the wisest, his eyes had been opened to wisdom and logical reasons, and through this fulfillment of the Mission it had also been achieved to learn to use the brain more, the two sides of the brain, to fully recognize that ecological problems and environmental conditions require great care and dedication, they require a prompt response and they deserve that all latitudes of the world get to work in this regard, take concrete actions, together, and it is necessary to all work towards the common goal of saving the planet, the natural world and save people, and more world happiness is possible by giving all this meaning, working with Joy, harmony and bringing Joy and happiness to all corners of the planet .

A lot of work awaited us to do and all our friends were watching and alert in the cases to come.

Ovium said to everyone: bidirectionally we are all going to communicate the Joy achieved and to communicate so Beautiful works of the penguin directors.

And so they did and throughout the

Mundo de knew what happened and more Joy was achieved in many more latitudes.

Cat remembered the little birds that were going to an island and managed to determine by capturing Kapro and getting information from him, and with her premonitory power she understood that she was going to start another Nordic mission in Iceland.

Kame said: let’s see what happens with the Goddess of dawn with the Aurora Borealis.

⁃ The Rebirth of the Soul – Opening the eyes of the soul

Mission number 4: The Northern Lights

Ovium immediately connected to a larger dimension and said that we must bring a hero who senses Evil in situ and who has the ability to self-heal, who can hear from a distance and perceive chemical, mechanical, thermal changes, who can control the will, pain and pleasure, all this to repel evil.

The envoy would be: Hisan, who would have innate intrapersonal intelligence and kinesthetic body intelligence, he has super hearing, has the ability to hear at long distances, hears and distinguishes good from evil, hears thoughts but does not repeat them, has super speed and super jump and a super sense of the central nervous system to measure chemical and thermal changes and also has a self-healing power, self-healing legs.

You will have to go to the Northern Lights in Iceland and Kame will take you and drop you there.

The trip to Iceland: the trip was made by Kame swimming and on top of that was Hisan, the journey was long, Kame looked for Hisan in North Africa and then they followed the

Travel to Europe from there they began to feel the cold and cold Nordic seas, they passed through Sweden, Norway and Finland until they reached Iceland.

Hisan could hear with perfect

detail all the sound of the sea and all the surrounding seas, his hearing was keen and sensitive, it was a super sense that heard everything in the sea, up, deep sea and distant sea. I could hear everything, everything

Sound of the waves from miles away, the sound of each marine animal, he especially liked the sounds emitted by whales and dolphins, he had heard the siren’s song in the past, not anymore, his acute hearing could three impressive things: hearing miles above, below, to the left and to the right, with depth, height and as wide as possible; hearing thoughts of others and transforming sounds, what he heard he copied and transformed with his neighing.

Thus Hisan was going to be able to repel evil and transform sounds, and his self-healing power was going to set precedents as power, generation and transformer of a unique energy capable of healing or self-healing not only him but many.

His super hearing capacity made him a hero of capturing and retaining multiple thoughts, of hearing many in many places, including secret conversations, sometimes he felt sorry for what he heard from others and what they spoke and how badly people spoke, and how badly they spoke of others, without any embarrassment, without any misgivings, without any balance and many did it without thinking first. That’s how he listened and listened to what many were talking about, even without thinking about what they were going to say.

On this trip Kame sang and Hisan neighed, everything that Kame sang, Hisan would manage to transform and improve it, he transformed those melodies by combining songs with each other, he took concepts and ideas, some with melodies and notes from different songs, to get a song final, a result of various combinations, something, an entity, a third song, or music completely new and different from the previous ones.

This is how the sea voyage passed and Hisan managed to transform the

Songs and also hear all the sounds of the sea, the waves and all the marine species.

He liked the sounds of the dolphins, but when they were too loud, he disliked them.

Finally reaching land, Kame managed to swim and reach Iceland, this great island was very beautiful, the coast was rocky and inland there were forests with cold temperatures, the trees were very close to each other, as if they were sheltering and sheltering. gave heat, there were thousands of pines, firs and diversities of plants. The smell of everything natural was fascinating, towards the sides you began to see lakes and rivers that flowed from the coasts and smoke with a thermal smell came out of the lakes, many of them were like hot springs that together with the cold of the island, the cold that was there combined high and low temperatures.

They looked like virgin lands and they were, but what was happening there? What was the mystery that was happening there? What awaited them? Hisan? On this mission?

Why had Ovium suggested Hisan for this mission? To repel evil? What would Ovium sense and had seen?

What did the Aurora Borealis have to do with it? What was to be achieved there?

Kame said: friends the Aurora Borealis is a luminous formation of colors that is seen in various parts of Iceland and other similar ones in other places towards the North Pole, colors are formed by passing light, light rays and combining with the wind and Water. All this together creates a special energy, a special energy synergy.

Water- Air- Sunlight – Colors

This was what our friends should take care of and see what happened.

So Hisan arrived and jumped ashore and said goodbye to Kame, sang a little song to him, neighed to him and Kame said Waooooo this is the product of thousands of combinations of many songs, what have you heard Hisan, Hisan’s fur was peculiar and his very long long hair. The song had reached the Soul.

Scene number 16: The perfect Sunrise

The perfect dawn arrives when the sun begins to rise and creates one or several illuminations or glows, and this or these are translated into flashes of colors that, when passing through the air and water, form several visual and perceptive layers to the being, which the being achieves. see, and finally perceive more vividly, more palpably, more sensitively, which communicate what the soul, having been in a quasi state of rest, as if it had been in other dimensions, in another space and in a broader time but more quickly – more universal, it opens its eyes in this new day and brings out what the same soul had seen but that had not yet been transformed into colors in sight to real perception – earthly, sensitive, this same soul having been before more active and then at rest less conscious and perceptible, and then again more active, much more active but with a new dawn, with new colors, in other forms, in another state, with new illuminations, new sparkles of new lights to human perception.

This is how Hisan would arrive at dawn, and towards a large side and near a river he saw the Aurora Borealis, they were colorful and looked bright, luminescent and very very pretty, but it seemed somewhat strange. It seemed static, history had told us that the Aurora Borealis changed over time and renewed itself and looked more beautiful.

That was not happening, it had remained there in time without any change.

How frozen in time, as if absent, as if afraid, as if in a comfort zone without any change, left in the same dawn, without changes in colors, or shapes, or background, or progress in time, much less in time. space, wherever we saw it.

That sunrise that Hisan saw seemed perfect but it wasn’t, it would have to be much better, prettier, more renewed, more impressive, more surprising, with sharper and more luminescent colors, brighter, with more brilliance, more palpable and sensitive to light. perceptions, much more than impresses the senses, all the senses; that has a new dominant pattern, that leaves a new model pattern, that manages to impress the outer senses – exterior and the inner ones, the most internal, that positively affects the Soul, that achieves a new impression on the Soul, and even that renews the soul.

So how do you achieve the perfect sunrise? How to improve that?

How to improve the Northern Lights? Who had left it there in time? How was it possible that something so beautiful, this natural phenomenon, which supposedly renewed itself, which had a peculiar and

Intense, how was that possible?

Who or what had taken the energy?

Who had taken away the energy to renew?

Deep down, what had happened to his natural Soul?

Scene number 17: The Colors of Time

Hisan after seeing the Aurora, began to hear everything that was around, he heard the complete nature, he heard the birds of all Iceland, the melodies of the little birds and of all the birds, they made a special and unique concert, the sound of the nature echoed, the running of the river waters, the sound of the lake and its fish, the animals of Iceland, all those sounds were a super special concert, none were out of tune, none were missing and none were superfluous, all of them were necessary for the concert , for the complete work, nature and its sounds were perfect, perfect, Hisan was hearing all its splendor, what he always dreamed of, was coming true, his wish had been granted, a concert for himself alone and on behalf of all that material and immaterial nature, of all complete nature. Every time there was a sound, a note, a combination of different, surprising, dissimilar, intriguing, new, innovative notes, a very high or a very low note, Hisan copied these in his head, as if forming and collecting all these novelties in his memory, and then he himself would sound them again, play them, neigh, playing with them, playing useful games and mental games with them, and creating new things, transforming those new notes into completely new combinations.

In this way Hisan would be able to hear thousands of notes, melodies and compositions of the same nature and all its components, all its living beings, and he would also be able to see the very rich color of the area, not only of the Aurora but of all the combinations that were made. and they were formed among the Games of lights, of sunlight, wind, water, the colors of animals, plants and all the earth, rocks, trees, rivers and lakes; In short, a special energy was felt in all that environment between hearing and seeing, between hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, perceiving, everything that inhabited that Island, in that area.

Hisan began to hear certain thoughts that had stayed there, like in the air, that came and went, had stayed in time.

Those thoughts advocated for a better beauty, for better colors, for a better succession of things, for better relations between the here, the now and the future to come; even when thoughts wanted the best for mother nature, they wanted everything to be improved and also remain to give it as a gift to future generations, its splendor had remained there, delayed, without progress, without being able to advance in time, without being able to better wrap and develop in time and forward, towards the future, towards a better progressive, beautiful, harmonious, aesthetic, highlighting and beneficial future for the Island, for the Aurora, for the world, for its people and for the Universe itself , that is, for Time.

How to maximize, improve, how to innovate, how to make better use, how to move forward in time, to do more

That time is beneficial, to use it better, to transform it Into more usefulness and without harming nature, to give time better colors, more colored time, more colorful in time and more colorful times, a more advanced time that is more useful, and more Universal and more in accordance with the advanced dimensions in the Universe.

Time had come and gone there, time had passed if true, time continued true, time passed, but as time passed it seemed that on that Island in the Aurora Borealis, despite all its beauties, something was happening. with time, it is as if one had not been the protagonist of that passage of time, as if one had not been an actor, executor, principal, but only the spectator left, one saw only how time passed without having integrated into that passing , without having been the one who made time pass, without having been the one who triggered and acted so that time passed more quickly, relatively faster than the beauty of having taken advantage of it so much, as if we did our trades and daily activities in time Such a way of not only having seen time go by, but of having been the main protagonists of that passing of those successions of moments and instants, in such a way that we are in full play, in full emotion, in full enjoyment of what has happened. We knew, because of what we enjoyed doing, that in the blink of an eye we saw time go by quickly, time went by, time went by quickly, why? Because we were enjoying it, because we were taking advantage of it, because we were becoming eternal in time.

But that was not the case there, it seemed that it was better at one time than another, but something had changed but not for the better, something had remained static, something had to change, improve or mutate.

Something had to be renewed.

Hisan should solve this riddle or a large part of this riddle, since his mission had begun and it would have to do with everything that our friends had already advanced in other latitudes, with the missions accomplished, and it would have to do with everything that had been done. already resolved, seek a better horizon for the earth’s environment, for the entire ecology, for the entire system of the natural and human world, seek harmony between the natural and human and spiritual worlds, and defeat the axis of evil, which had tried to wreak havoc where our friends defeated them and beyond they defeated the bottom of every bad intention and defeated the anti-values and anti-heroes, but there were still places to save and much to learn and improve and now more than ever much to advance and even more much to innovate and renew in a more profound way, open more the eyes of the Soul, renew and renew the Soul for good.

But not just one Soul, but to open the eyes of the Soul to the whole

World, to all the people, to the entire World, to the complete Universe, and consonant and in agreement with the Universe.

Scene number 18: The Universe and Time

A new zone – How to leave the comfort zone- How to move forward in time

Listening to the Universe – The Game of Colors:

Hisan told the team, friends, the thoughts here have to be collected, classified, cleaned, polished, clarified, classified, ranked from best to least and then used.

They need to help me understand what they want and how to channel all of this, Kame said we are going to play a game called the color game and then we prioritize it by sorting ideas and inflammation, okay.

We must all participate, each one will give their idea and activity to carry out, we are all in tune:

A loud siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii was heard!!!

The game consists of trying to hear the voice of the Universe, what the universe wants, asks for, desires or needs, the universal voice. Several native people from the area of the Island where Hisan is will choose and pick a color at random and then some of us will start and depending on the color that they get, they will respond and give an idea, solution or information, or structure a sentence, each one will participate and all must respond, as a color comes out that color will be eliminated so that the others always advance in different colors, if the colors run out, the one whose turn it is will have the possibility of choosing at random of all colors again.

To make it more authentic, more in line with the needs of the people of the Island and the universal voice, you can also have the heroes ask the person on the Island who randomly drew the color, ask for the Need or ask for the Universe for him in that area, or place, clearly referring to the instruction of the color, and then the hero who got it, better arranges the information, idea, need also according to the color that he got, that the person gave him of the native of the Zone.

The colors are these and each one, each player will attend to an instruction, which the player must necessarily relate:

.Red: what emotions does the voice of the Universe tell us or ask for example: the universe asks us to be happy!!!!

.Orange: what positive emotions does the Voice of the Universe ask for?

.Yellow: what positive activity is requested by the Voice of the Universe

.Green: what creative aspects, humor, Esperanza asks for the Voice of the Universe

.Cian: what directed, organized information the Universe asks us for

.Indigo: what kind of direction or organization does the Voice of the Universe ask of us?

.Violet: planning and strategy requested by the Voice of the Universe

.Blanco: what information or data does the Voice of the Universe ask for or need?

.Black: constructive criticism or risks or negative aspects that the Voice of the Universe asks of us

At the end of having twelve 12 solutions or phrases or ideas, from all the participants, we will classify them among all in degrees of priority from the best to the least priority, from highest priority to lowest priority and finally will be the first, second and third, 1 -2-3, logically the first 1 is the winner and the one who said that answer or solution or Idea is the one who won.

Thus, our hero friends played the game with the native people of the place, and they managed to make and have 12, the 12 needs, or what the voice of the Universe said and requested there, and then they had and drew 12 solutions, conclusions, phrases or ideas. , which in essence helped to have great ideas to improve people, the world and the universe.

In conclusion, three great ideas taken from the Voice of the Universe from Iceland were achieved. Third Idea: Achieve more unity and cohesion; Second Idea: achieve Modernity; empiricism and authenticity in people and the World and the winning Idea or Solution was: The internal Renewal of being and external of everything, not only change the World but even better change oneself, renew oneself. Renew yourself to be able to Renew the World and the Universe.

Scene number 19: Opening the eyes of the Soul

Hisan in all this game and upon entering these lands of the Aurora Borealis had heard many things, with his hearing power, he secretly heard everything and everyone who was near and far, with the juice they had found to decipher part of the riddle, he had discontent in the place and there were needs that had to undergo renovation, there were changes to be made and there was an urgent need to open the soul towards a higher spectrum, the needs and what the voices of the universe were asking for in that place, they were making a match perfect with what Hisan had secretly heard in many places, and near the Aurora Borealis, one of the things rather than who he had to defeat was what the natives of that latitude were complaining about, there was a harmful character who was nearby from the coasts and went frequently where the Aurora Borealis was found, according to the natives of the island, it was arbitrary, it made a lot of noise, it polluted the air and made noise at all hours, irresponsibly , abusive, he did not leave anyone in peace and many times the noise made all the living beings on the Island lose their inner peace, his irresponsibility was such that he sang day and night and did not let them sleep, it seemed that he himself did not have peace interior, the noisy and air pollution that he was causing on the Island, had harmed the energy of the Aurora Borealis, had made him lose time, his renewal time, and had also affected the energetic paralysis of all living beings on that latitude, a chain of energy losses had been gestated in all of them.

Hisan decided to take action and very resolutely he began to hear where that being was, with his super powerful hearing, he was taking steps and steps, making his own way, and he closed his eyes and heard everything perfectly and began to hear this character that It seemed hateful and unreasonable, finally his ear found the place where he was, and he began to run and make giant leaps in search of this hateful and harmful being.

I’ve finally seen you, said Hisan, ahhhhhh you’re Koko, you’re polluting the air and all this environment, you’re taking away everyone’s internal power, why are you doing it?

And Koko, who was out of his mind, totally crazy, without inner peace, impartially began to throw sandeses at Hisan, judging him and speaking to him in an irresponsible and completely irrational manner.

He yelled and yelled at him and tried to hurt him with what he said and with his behavior, he wanted to torment him just like he had the whole island.

Hisan began to step back and said his power is very strong but we can defeat him, his evil strength lies in his noises in his lack of inner peace, and he wants to reflect that on others and wants to transmit that and end the Air and the Environment, he wants to take away the strength and force that is the Air from everyone, and if he achieves his mission he will extend all this to other parts, taking away the air from the world is taking away its own Life, its own capacity for renewal.

Hisan thought and said friends I have an idea, I need one of you to help me generate sound with songs, tones and melodies that help me fight this enemy, his evil, his irresponsibility.

Ovoum said, there we all have it, Canarino, help him, he flies high and comes quickly to help our friend. Canarino had the power to sing and give melodies that would help Hisan in his strategy to fight Koko, his strategy would be that Hisan’s beautiful singing would give him much more strength than he had, and he would transform those beautiful melodies and songs into combat and transformations of noises and sounds that would fight and make Koko yield, and would restore peace to the place and to all the beings of the Island, and would return time and the energy of the Aurora could be renewed.

This is how Canarino arrived and began to sing melodies, Canarino had a singing power that persuaded anyone, he was super convincing and convincing with his singing, his singing dominated the mind, with his voice he could dominate the mind and could persuade and even fall in love, in this Hisan case would transform Canarino’s melodies a little to be able to together and forming an endless number of combatant songs defeat the enemy.

Koko continued to torment Canarino and told him, you are unfair, irresponsible, get out of here, stay away, I am doing my homework and I am very upset, I have the power to do what I want and I do not have to explain myself to anyone, I do whatever I want with this environment, I am who I am, nobody limits me, I do what I want with this Air.

Canarino understood and being far from Koko but close to Hisan and close in heart and mind, he began to give some beautiful melodies of tranquility that Hisan also transformed, and began to neigh that melody,

Koko heard her and said, do you think that song will calm me down, noooooo, well nooooo,

And Koko began to flap her wings, more and more and polluted the air and was very negative, to the point that she turned very red, as if the blood had risen to her head.

Canarino sang three medolías later and Hisan transformed them into a song like a glorious and fighting hymn, this did make Koko go back:

The Song was something like this:

Never evade your task, your responsibility,

You think you’re fair but you’re not

How many crimes have been committed in the name of Justice,

How can you disturb your air and your life and that of others

How can you damage your world and want to harm the Universe?

This makes no sense,

Just as you don’t have to sell weapons without need and senseless

Would you sell him a weapon if you know that with that weapon you would kill the person most loved by you?

Your irresponsible weapon, that of polluting the air, is killing even your most loved one.

and yourself,

what false humility you have, you think they are doing your homework, but it is pure laziness,

that task is not good or effective,

Nooooooo sir,

Why do you act badly towards your Lord your God, who made you, who gave you this nature of yours and of all,

Why do you act badly towards his people and towards yourself?

If you’re upset, let the storm pass, take things easy, let time pass,

and see personal things and so on, without that unhealthy passion, and see things later

with a better perspective, in a more calm and serene way, and you will see, and you will see,

something different in its right proportion and place¡¡¡¡¡¡

So if you will be yourself and not just part of the circumstances and the torment of others, of the torment of this world,

You will be yourself

You will be yourself

and you will think and reflect yourself

Koko had been completely paralyzed, completely calm, his feathers had gone numb,

All its feathers, which had been completely wild for a long time, had returned to their normal state, to their natural place,

It is as if Koko had returned to her own being, something of those melodies had reached her heart, her hard heart

His torment was over

That hymn, that glorious song, that combatant song had defeated, calmed, irresponsibility, irrationality, impartiality, neglect, abuse, hatred, arbitrariness,

and everything that all these meanings of Injustice entail.

Koko was calmer, but one day he would have to reverse the damage he had done, Justice had won, and each person would have to be given what would correspond to them according to their actions.

Scene number 20: The Rebirth of the Soul

And Koko sang and sang three times, all this time, many voices had been tormenting and disturbing him, his Soul was calmer and at peace, it was renewing itself, all that noise that his Soul emitted, that noise polluting the air and the world I was renewing it by transforming it into a song, a new song, his natural song but renewed.

Now if Koko sang like a real rooster, kikirikiiiiiiiii

And those songs, those melodies could be heard throughout the entire

Island, inland and outland, were natural melodies like the song of nature, it was perfect, nothing had to be removed or added to it. So it was good and perfect. And all of nature and the beings of the natural world of the Aurora Borealis recognized and appreciated it.

Everyone was once again returning to the tranquility, to that peace that existed before, to that calm very much of the natural world, in that coming and going of time, in that normal and proper interaction of Light, Air and Water, which made us see that Aurora Borealis again, to shine and see its flashes of light and colors but now more and more brilliant, more impressive and how in a new time in a new era or dimension, there was the renewed Aurora Borealis.

Hisan had achieved something great with his super hearing, transforming the

Songs and melodies by Canarino in a reassuring super hymn and he had found Justice again, fairness, the natural rearrangement of the place, the readjustment and even more he had achieved the renewal of the Soul of Koko and the other beings of the place, this precedent would spread throughout the world.

This mission of bringing the unfair, the irresponsible, the insensitive, the abusive to good sense, justice, tranquility, and

Better vision of how with a whole in favor of all, being completely universal, having fulfilled not only the wishes of all and many but also having been more universal and having also helped all the lands of the planet to have peace of mind in this mission, it is as if it had also managed to be closer to God the creator of everything.

It had managed to conquer and renew that disturbed soul, the love and greatness of Hisan and Canarino and all our hero friends, was great because all that greatness and love had not been for just the Island but here was a lesson learned in all the Nations, in all the Lands, in all the people, in all the Souls.

The great heart and open mind for being Universal and for God, opened the horizon that seemed impenetrable but that Hisan managed to make his way, because it was the horizon of there and of the whole world, there were no open doors but he built them himself, the He himself managed to transfer them, with Unity, Variety, Intelligence, Universality for the world, for the natural world and for God.

Hisan raised his eyes, and said to the birds of the sky and to everyone. Do not look down, do not see only the small things but also the big ones, enlarge your heart until it is Universal, do not fly low, when you can fly fly high, very high, up to infinity very very high as eagles do.

And Canarino opened his beautiful wings and beautiful plumage and flew high too. And he sang and he came out singing all the melodies that he had already sung and finally he sang the

Anthem that Hisan had made.

Conquer an empire but first conquer yourself, light that fire of your Soul. Conquer and renew your own Soul, without any fear but being with that divine tranquility of having done everything, everything for your holy reason.

Hisan had renewed his legs and could run and jump better.

You yourself, I, you, him, we, everyone, have the ability to self-heal, self-heal, self-renew, self-transcendence.

Your best psychologist, who knows you best is yourself.

You have the power and authority to make whatever you want from heaven to hell or from Hell to heaven.

The Universe, time, intelligence and justice had returned to their being and all beings had also possessed and integrated these 4 again.

We had all become beings with renewed souls and more spiritual beings. more advanced beings.

Ovium for the first time sighed and took a deep breath, he was calm and happy.

The Icelandic Fin Whale was circling near Hisan which was on one of the Coasts, the Whale was happy because everyone could hear it after feeling calm and after the environmental and auditory pollution and loud noises had ended.

Suddenly, the Icelandic Fin Whale squirted a great stream of water down its back, through its nostril through which it breathes-called a blowhole, and wet Hisan, this one with his long mane, thanked for the bath, they both laughed and the Whale winked at him flirting with Hisan the great Arabian horse.

And Kame said there is no need to say anything else, everyone to their places and in their latitudes, tell the world that Justice won and that Hisan and Canarino with their greatness helped Koko open her eyes, reopen the Eyes of the Soul, to renew your Soul and to open the eyes of the Soul of all, to renew the Soul of the entire World.

Everyone had managed to sleep well that night… and the noise, the bad noise had dissipated!!!!

And Cat said online to everyone, now Perroquet and I can sleep together and in Peace!!!

Hahahaha hahahahaha and all our friends laughed out loud hahahahahahaha

Everyone had remained calm, including The Voice of the Universe that had been felt and heard in Iceland was the same that all the heroes had heard in many latitudes.

Many more adventures and emotions would come for our heroes, there was still a lot of cloth to cut and put together the whole puzzle, and fundamentally attack the root of the axis of evil.

⁃ Open Sesame – Open your mind – Open your mind’s eyes

Mission number 5: Boston and Cape Cod- Massachusetts

The following night Ovium held a dinner where everyone was going to have dinner from their homes and places where they were and everyone was going to talk, chat and share.

They would see each other virtually and emotionally connected, each one would prepare their own dinner and taste like that.

Hisan had returned with Kame and this had taken him to North Africa.

Each one would return to their favorite place in the world and from each place they would connect to establish an emotional bond and talk about various important points.

That night Cat cooked hamburger-flavored vegetables; Dog I cook potatoes with cheese; Shumbiao I cook rice with oriental vegetables; Perroquet I cook onion soup with Parmesan cheese; Hisan cooked caper tobacco; Meerssch Weichen I cook sour cabbage; Kame cooked seaweed salad; Pavao I cook soup from Rio de Janeiro; Canarino cooks pasticho lasagna with red and green vegetables; Krolik cooked vegetable stew with a touch of Vodka; Massakhara Machhalee cooked vegetables in coconut and spices; and Ovium I cook vegetable creams from the Greek islands.

So everyone got their own dinner and communicated that night.

Ovium said, Dear friends and leaders from all latitudes of this world, today we are gathered here and through this two-way connection to tell you that we have come a long way, we have completed 4 missions, and we have a lot of valuable information about the world and the universe. There are tasks to follow and fulfill. There is still to do, to discover and to enjoy as well.

The missions that come will be more complex, the Voice of the Greater Dimensions tells me, but we will achieve them and we will also enjoy doing and fulfilling them.

Kame commented: the water that melted at the poles is creating floods in various parts of the planet, let’s see a place of knowledge and investigate there. We must go investigate history and the present. Where there is and there was a lot of history of knowledge and there is a lot of research.

We must investigate, where?

In Boston-Massachusetts

We need a hero with a kinesthetic body sense with healing abilities:

I am here I am the order of the day, afternoon and night 7 to 24, said Shumbiao was a beautiful female with a super sense of touch, super fast, she feels before she touches and has telepathic powers; It also has a special interoceptive power and super sense, a tactile sensor that perceives alarms from all its internal organs and from others, from each organ of the body, sensor and detector for the heart: pressure, temperature, acidity, oxygenation, narrowing, swelling, chemical agents; so for other organs such as his head, for the stomach; liver; kidneys; pancreas; nervous system; in short, for all the organs of his own body and with the ability to detect all this in other people as well.

With his unique super tactile sense, he is able to feel before he touches, attracts objects by touch, can touch several things at once, has the ability to touch 360 degrees, touch the highest, touch the longest, touch deep. , touches the volume of things, touches the entire area, ability to play in an angular way, ability to rotate and move things, can touch the most microscopic and macro as well, collects impressions and information by touch.

Shumbiao said Ovium this Mission will bring us and will begin to enter and understand more deeply everything that is happening on the planet, we will also do a deep and advanced research work, you will have to know many places in the state and obtain the best accurate information, be careful because this State is fundamental in research there are many private interests.

Kame highlighted: research in all areas is very important in this area and latitude, there is a lot of advanced research in health, medicine, patents, the study of everything, diseases, education and programs, technologies and super technologies, in artificial intelligence, in absolutely everything. You will enrich yourself much more but you have to open yourself up to obtain as much information as possible.

You must go alone and make yourself almost imperceptible with your speed and super speed you will be able to go everywhere quickly, and with your telepathy you will be able to persuade and communicate your intentions and thus discover more and more what happens there, and in all investigative areas.

That’s how I’ll do it, friends, said Shumbiao.

Perroquet you must bring Shumbiao to America, you must look for Shumbiao in China and fly him to America, it will be a strong flight, and Cat will also go to Boston, Cat will stay incognito in some secret place in the state, so this mission is Shumbiao but will have Cat and Perroquet as well.

Everyone in tune, yesssss Let’s get to work!

and Perroquet went in search of Shumbiao, and Cat jumped out and ran via Boston.

They all managed to travel and in several days the three of them were in Boston, Ma, Perroquet was exhausted, but happy, Shumbiao had traveled all this time on top of Perroquet, he had felt the entire trip, his tactile ability even when he was asleep on the trip had allowed to feel everything, completely the entire trip with his body, legs and sensors, all his tactile sensors had collected information on temperature, pressure, oxygenation, chemical agents from all the places they traveled on the trip, their alert senses kept them awake throughout time but he felt calm because he was flying with Perroquet and Perroquet’s senses for flight are absolutely reliable and unheard of.

Scene number 21: Along the Swan Trail in Charles River

This is how Perroquet and Shumbiao arrived in Boston, Cat was waiting for them in a super secret place.

Look at Perroquet, look at what a beautiful river, look at the swans around, look at all the students passing by, look at the boats and the bridge, what a historic place, all the bridges join internal and external, there are passageways everywhere, it’s as if they were several islands linked by canals and bridges, what an architectural work can be seen everywhere, people walk, exercise, old and new places are seen together, the bay towards the sea is calm and serene, it seems that millions of people have passed through This place gives that feeling.

We are going to land Perroquet said Shumbiao, leave me on one side of the river, I am going to start investigating the area, let me start this river, it was the Charles River.

As Perroquet was about to land, Shumbiao did a somersault, flipped twice in the air, and landed on the tip of a single finger of his front left paw, it was an interesting acrobatics and then fell and landed with a single finger while maintaining perfect balance. , a perfect fall, worthy of an Olympic gold medal, Perroquet saw that jump and when his legs touched the ground he again gave an incredible flight, he did something like a push on a springboard, jumping and flying again, his wings opened bigger and She said to Shumbiao, take care of yourself, friend, balance and natural harmony be with you, I’ll be in these skies, flying through these skies in case you need me and to fly to you. Shumbiao said thank you dear friend, your Idem, Idem, Idem.

The Shumbiao fortress was incredible, it had an incredible interior and exterior fortress.

Shumbiao told herself, let’s start the investigation.

I am going to do 4 ways and forms of research in several important places, I will go first where the business research centers of marketing and technology are.

I’ll start with these, and that’s how I managed to cross the Charles River and get to where there were a lot of professors and researchers, she was incognito and no one saw her.

With her speed and her gifted sense of movement, she managed to go from one place to another, she managed to go quickly everywhere, her linear and angular acceleration made her move with wonderful artistic, rhythmic, sporty, gymnastic and unique movements; and get where you want without being detected.

She was unique in managing to completely scratch her back for her kinesthetic flexibility.

In the first research center, he talked to many people, he was able to extract valuable information with his telepathy and ask mental questions that they would answer him later, he was able to perceive internally and externally everything that was there, he opened his mind to see and perceive everything, he focused on His goal was to obtain as much information as possible, he was never distracted, he talked to a lot of people, not only teachers, but also students, managers, researchers, workers, artists, publicists, writers, politicians, technicians, engineers, vendors, marketers, in short, a lot a lot. people; He did not allow any kind of frustration, but rather, he obtained and with joy and even enjoying it all kinds of information and he classified it in his short, medium and long term memory; his research tried to be and go against his own brain, to go against the normal patterns of the people there, he wanted at all costs and everything to find the truth of what was happening in the world, so he used a system Complex to go against normal brain patterns, use of paradoxes and inverses, and as a result I get information and ideas that I would later decant better.

He said I have advanced, the investigation is fresh and no one has seen me well, they do not know who I am or what my objective is, my universal and beneficial objective is above all else.

Then he went to where the financial centers and commercial, market, social places, restaurants and hotels were, and he began to visit all these places in this fascinating metropolis, he used his imagination a lot to connect many things, now his research was more towards measure and test, his research consisted of seeing absolutely the entire city, poles, billboards, advertisements, people’s faces, faces in restaurants, heard stories, jokes, watched television in the area, saw native and local films, He attended night shows, he saw what people saw on TV in the place and what the children also saw, he attended concerts and visited shops and shopping malls; the secret was to learn a lot and many things, from many areas; and then he began to generate connections and combinations of ideas one and the other, he began to generate concepts, to find good ideas, for what purpose in order to approach people and understand people and see what people wanted, what was what people really wanted, apart from having fun, he was able to get to know the needs of the people, of the place, in depth, and to know the truth of everything. I use a model of Analogy, Metaphor, Experience and Knowledge to transform information into useful Ideas and Useful Results. Finally, all these ideas with this process were combined and juxtaposed again to have three great ideas that would be useful to her, our friends and the World.

Then Shumbiao visited natural places, sea, land, rivers, lakes, and all the aid research centers, foundations and absolutely everything that had to do with the environment, with ecology, with the environment, with the planet, with the natural world and living beings, he obtained information there and constantly and perseveringly work to get a lot of information and data, also together with all the above ideas make a list of various ideas, and Finally work all the collected ideas hard, as you did? this time: he threw each idea on a wall, then he combined different disciplines randomly and sometimes not, with these ideas and different areas, he used trial and error and then heuristics, to finally generate possible solutions to what he found in these natural centers , to the problems he found in these natural centers.

It was already clearer to me what was happening in many areas of the planet earth, what was the bottom of the matter, why? the anti-heroes had attacked the poles, and many hot spots in the relationship EARTH-WATER-AIR-FIRE, of the world and of the Universe, it was a mental matter, it was a matter of bad customs and bad habits, it was a matter of ignorance, it was a matter of not understanding, it was a matter of bad public and business policies, it was a matter of values, lack of values, it was a matter of induced malice, it was a matter of unhealthy interests, it was a matter of lack of knowledge, of not opening one’s eyes, it was a matter of Selfishness, it was a matter of lack of love for the planet, of lack for the world, for living beings and for its people, it was a matter and lack of loving oneself and not loving future generations.

Scene number 22: In search of lost time

Shumbiao after finding a lot of information and generating great ideas, he found something that seemed interesting to him, the search for the last tricolor bat, in a natural center, they told him that the tiny tricolor bat had become extinct, but that there was a place called Salem where there was only one left, Shumbiao, he said I have to look for it and we have to save it to study and analyze this unique specimen of nature, which God gave us, bequeathed to us and we have let it lose.

This type of bat was tricolor, it was tiny and it had a unique echolocation system in the world, not only with its echo it was able to detect matter, matter and places to avoid colliding, but with its echo it was able to detect matter and even immaterial things, they said that when they were in an uproar the storms and thunder came and the squalls came.

So Shumbiao went out like lightning in search of the tiny Tricolor Bat. It was not only necessary to find him, but very necessary to study him and find the way to make a model, as naturally as possible, an imitation and intelligent design of his beauty and splendor and of his beauty and unique utility for the world.

Shumbiao ran towards the train that went from Boston to Salem. It was a big and spacious high train, he was on top of the train and he was seeing everything he could, the route was short but the environment was very beautiful.

Finally he arrived in Salem and the first thing he thought of was going to a very visited place in this town, and he thought: that’s it, I’m going to go to the town’s main museum, there I’ll understand where to look for him.

That’s how Shumbiao went to the museum, when the train left they had told him the address of the museum, but when he got to the main museum of the town, he realized something, it was the museum of the Salem witches, waooooooo he said nothing more and nothing less I’m in the iconic place of Salem.

And she, with her power to ask and cross-question and her telepathic power, managed to discover fascinating things about the history of the State of Massachusetts, an icon state of the independence of America and an icon state of mental freedom, of the superior independence of knowledge and education, where so many wise men from America and the world had passed and where was the land that had motivated so many men and women to be wise, educated, great, magnanimous, great influential leaders of this land and the world, was the cradle of such great people that he had managed to explore space and reach the moon.

It was and is the cradle of many heroes, and Shumbiao was there seeing and feeling all that history.

Upon entering the museum he managed to see the clearest portrait of the first president of America, George Washington, and had the

Mouth closed and smiling, and he said to himself, how many more heroes do we need like him, for these lands and this world, how many people are needed like the ancestors who left even the marrow and their teeth for us, for the well-being of the new generations, and we are us doing the same?

Shumbiao would see the entire museum with emotion, he would observe in great detail the cases of the first settlers in the area and the cases of the witches and their stories and anecdotes.

Finally he managed to see a painting that gave him the key where the tiny tricolor bat was, it was nearby in a cave.

Shumbiao with his power of feeling, at that moment he was able to feel people passing through the museum from one side to another, they were like ancient inhabitants of the area, dressed in simple clothing, very beautiful from past centuries, he felt people go by and go by and horses and animals, as if he had gone back in time, the time of the first settlers of America. God bless America.

Likewise, Shumbiao managed to connect and feel exactly where the cave was, the cave where he should go to see the last tiny tricolor bat in America and the world. He felt exactly the coordinates of the place and so he immediately went out to that cavern.

In search of the tricolor bat:

The cavern was near Salem and the Mystery of being in these areas made it more peculiar. Shumbiao, upon reaching the entrance of the cave, quickly walked through the entrance and circled the arch of the entrance to the cave. His body flexibility achieved any body position worthy of study and worthy of applause.

The cavern was very dark, large and small stalagmites and stalactites were visible; You could see a small ray of light at the end and Shumbiao advanced without having covered almost the entire cave, when he reached the ray of light a great shadow appeared where the shadow of the bat could be seen but the shadow was gigantic.

The tricolor bat was there, and shouted with a loud voice: who are you? I have detected you from the entrance. Why did you come ?

Shumbiao responded but making a voice that was not hers, but a thick voice with a strong and intoned accent, she said: I am a small being but great in spirit, I come from eastern lands, who comes to see you and get you out of here, that He comes to talk to you and to help you.

The bat was nervous and scared and said: I don’t know who you are? I don’t trust anyone How did you find me? I can not get out from here !!!’ I’m a useless little

Shumbiao answered with a thicker and more determined voice: if you can get out of here, I know and feel that you are afraid, you should not be afraid, I have come to help you, I have come to show you the world again, I have come to save you, my instincts found you.

You look big because of your shadow, said Shumbiao.

He didn’t answer anything.

The bat spoke again: he did not trust you !!! How do I know you’re not going to hurt me? How the others who did a lot of damage to many of mine?

Suddenly Shumbiao approached the bat, where the shadow came from, and discovered it, saw that it was tiny and was afraid, only its shadow was big, Shumbiao bowed, lowered his head and elegantly told him, already with her own female voice:

Oh lord blessed of this nature

Accept my forgiveness for everything bad that has happened to you

Accept my forgiveness for the generations that hurt you, yours and all of nature!!!!

Accept my pleas and let me get close to you

You are a wonderful being of this world, worthy of admiration and worthy of kindness!!!

You are small but very big at heart

You are unique in this world!!!!

Your value in immeasurable!!!

Let me take you out of this cavern where Enlightenment shines for you better and for all.

Where Enlightenment shines for everyone!!!!

Where the light gives us reasons to shine on others

Where the splendor is greater than this little lightning!

Do not be afraid !!! The world is there for you and to see you

Do not be afraid I have come to help me for better intentions for this world!!!!

Come with me out of the dark!!!

Oh small but beautiful unique species of the Universe!!!

The bat was stupefied, surprised, even happy, all this was being told by a small but also beautiful lady.

Their faces and eyes met and they both shone with happiness, one of them had found the kind that would illuminate and he had found the motivation, he had found a reason to get out of there and see the

World again, had found the voice as of God, had lost the fear of coming out of the dark.

She had seen the bat and immediately realized how valuable it was, felt its power at once, saw its beauty and saw its full potential for this world.

The tricolor bat breathed in and smiled and remained speechless.

His eyes looked straight into the eyes of the beautiful Shumbiao lady, he said with this innocence, kindness and heart I must never be afraid.

After a while he spoke and he said: it’s okay we’ll get out of here, but on one condition,

whatever you want my lord!!!

We are going in search of my lady bat, she is in another place, we got lost and the

Fear separated us and we could not find each other, I want to find her, we are for each other, the

Fear drove us away thinking that they were going to hunt us down. But I think I know where it is.

At your command my brave knight, if you go for a lady, your lady, go ahead my brave

Shumbiao said we are going as fast as we can and we are going by plane.

By plane said the bat yes she said, you can’t fly now you’ll make it later and super high, while you recover we’ll fly with a superhero my friend Perroquet,

Perroquet heard Shumbiao and immediately flew to the place of the cave.

Shumbiao asked the little bat, where will we go my lord? The tricolor bat replied: we are going to a place where she stayed in the past, hopefully she is still alive, my instinct tells me yes and she needs our help.

Shumbiao told him whatever I will help you,

Let’s go, let’s go to the beaches of these lands, where the Sun shines and where the Illumination is day and night.

And then he said we better go out when it gets dark, my little eyes can stand the light but not that much.

And Shumbiao said of course yes my lord. This is how it will be done, this is how it will be and we will see your lady again, my sensory ability will help you in everything.

Never stop believing, never stop believing, never stop dreaming!!!!

We will go as fast as possible!!!

Scene number 23: Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard

There go our friends, Perroquet carrying Shumbiao and the Tricolor Bat on his back!!!!

Do not stop believing !!! Do not stop dreaming!!! Perroquet and Shumbiao sang and even the Tricolor Bat began to hum the song.

The tricolor bat kept its eyes closed and was activating its sense of echolocation more and more, when they were arriving in Boston, passing through the Bostonian sky, the tricolor bat began to say strange words and memories of times, it began to tell everything what had happened there, part of American history, who had passed through there and everything they had fought for and achieved. The tricolor bat recounted it as realistically as he himself had been there, as if he himself had been able to live since then, as if he had gone through all those times.

The stories were very interesting, the tricolor bat was confident with our friends, they had inspired him with great confidence and credibility, it was more like they had been friends for a long time.

The tricolor bat told them there where you can see the bright sun falling and sunset over there we will go that way, it was towards the Cape Cod road.

And they began to see the final sunset, and it was beginning to get dark and they finally reached Cape Cod.

On Cape Cod they landed on a large beach in the main bay and managed to see the horizon of the sea that faces the great Europe.

The tricolor bat said my echo locator sense tells me that there is a cave there must be my beloved, they flew to that coast and saw the cave, the bat launched and flew quickly and saw that the cave was covered and said ohhhhjjj no it can’t be, the cavern is covered.

Shumbiao said, calm down, I am going to enter, through this small crevice I will be able to enter and thus see what is inside and see if your Beloved is there.

Shumbiao, with his power of bodily flexibility, entered the cave and yelled, there it is, there it is, and said: don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we’ve come to look for you, we’ve come to save you, the little tricolor bat is sick and couldn’t even speak, Shumbiao with its sensors and interoceptive senses, he analyzed her body and her vital organs and quickly determined exhaustion, infections and pain. He had been there for a long time without going out after the cavern collapsed. She had been alone for months and exhausted.

Shumbiao told him we come with your lord your beloved husband. I will get you out of here and you will live, you will live long and long.

They are not coincidences but it is a decision of providence who has put me here.

Shumbiao took the little tricolor bat out of there and put her on his back and told her you are going to see light again, you are going to see the moon and stars again.

You will breathe the fresh air and the cool breeze of the beach and above all you will be with your love.

When they were leaving the cave, the tricolor bat was there and he lifted her up in his arms, they looked at each other, both of their eyes widened, their minds remembered everything they had lived, been and traveled together, their minds read each other. to each other, the gleam in their eyes was such that they reflected their spirits towards each other, they linked their minds and their spirits to each other, they merged into one again, they were one unit, the two kissed, cried and then they smiled at each other

Shumbiao said she is sick, we have to take her to a safe place, since it is night we have to leave now, we have to go to a nearby island, here the crowds will affect her, the noises and we have to take her where there are not many people, a quieter place .

And they flew to an island called Mathas’s Vineyard!!!!

They flew there that same night. And they arrived at a house that was uninhabited but very comfortable.

Shumbiao said, everyone get away, we are going to put your beloved Bella in this bed and I am going to cure her, Shumbiao had special healing powers, not only did he have his interoceptive sensors developed, and he was able to know where the pain or internal problem was, but he knew also determine what was the health problem in others, feeling their organs and even with some mental power.

She prepared some magical potions and hydrated her a lot. His body was covered with warm blankets with calming, nourishing and revitalizing aromas. He gave her those magical potions to drink. And put her to sleep. In order to put her to sleep due to how exhausted and weak she was, she began to say a number of oriental phrases and sentences and in the Mandarin language, things that they did not understand, only a little Perroquet.

Each time he advanced deeper and deeper sentences, he could see and notice and feel the tranquility in the environment that everyone also fell asleep.

The new day arrived, and the little Tricolor Bat was completely healed and repowered, she thanked Shumbiao for his intelligence, impetuosity and promptness to save her, for his knowledge of Health and his great kindness, and Shumbiao told her: do not thank me only for my fate to the one who put me in your path, to your beloved lord and the lord almighty; and they all went out to see the island, the two of them

Bats also went to tour the island but

They went with their eyes closed, the light irritated them a lot.

The island was very classic, it was all American beauty. They enjoyed local delicacies and met people.

Once upon a time this island had the best of the best American wines.

But something was about to start, they had arrived on this island but not just by coincidence, something had brought them all there.

That night some completely abnormal and strong storms and rains began, they were storms with lightning and thunder; electrical storms, and these would enrage the sea, to such an extent that they made a call to avoid going out by boat from that night on to the inhabitants of the island.

The island and its surroundings were characterized by having heavy rains in some seasons, but this was not that season and those rains were not the same, they were different, something else was happening, something else was about to happen.

To come, to happen and to discover.

The minds of the Tricolor Bats had opened again, their eyes had once again seen the beauties of the World, but their eyes would also see the reality or realities of this world, they would see the true evil that caused those heavy rains and also with something additional, as we will see next…

Scene number 24: Open Sesame: when you are aware of it and when you want to do it – by being aware of it and executing it, you achieve it

Rain, rain and rain, storms, storms, storms!!!!!

It was what was seen around.

For several days it rained and rained with lightning and thunder.

Soon there was an alert call, there was a ship nearby in trouble in the middle of heavy rain and thunder, I couldn’t get out of there, people on the ship had to be saved, but how to find a ship on the high seas, how to find a needle in a haystack, how to see something from above with that thunder and lightning and rain, something impossible.

Cat was the only one with a night vision, wide, deep and sharp, with a super microscopic vision, and certain that he could see this ship from above and at night in such an immense sea and Perroquet would be his aviator his plane, the problem was that they had to fly very high, they were going to need the knowledge of the three of them and some of our hero friends, in this feat.

They needed super vision, super taste, super touch, to detect many things with all their senses and a lot of knowledge.

Shumbiao said, friends, let’s all communicate online with all our friends, we need to see everyone’s perspective, Ovium said: we are all here to help you, yes, all the superheroes answered, Kame review: what you have discovered is true Heavy rains but not very normal, they seem like rains with polluting components, they come from the sea of the ocean, the first priority to do is save that ship, its people and then we will see where the rains come from and what they are, and why ? of this season, you have to detect where the boat is.

Perroquet look for Cat in Boston and head towards the sea near Martha’s Vineyard Island, Kame said, Shumbiao said: I stay with the pair of tricolor bats my mind tells me that they are going to help us with their vision system mentally to detect where the rains are, the storms and I have to do an exercise to detect them, Kame, Shumbiao said, we are going to give you key information and with your knowledge and your resolution algorithm you will give us clues, access routes , aids, conclusions and results; and all the others attentive in case we need your knowledge.

Yesssss, go ahead everyone! Everyone in Action¡¡¡¡

And Perroquet went to look for Cat in Boston, he was all this time in a secret place, waiting for his opportunity to cooperate and help in the mission, come on Cat said Perroquet, we are flying to assault a ship, and they left immediately with the flight Perroquet’s jet type, meanwhile, Shumbiao was with the pair of tricolor bats, the three went to a coast of Marthas’s Vineyard Island, and Shumbiao began to do a mental exercise of the eastern areas for the bats to treat to see with their biological and mental systems where the rains were, these bats in the past predicted heavy rains and storms and were very useful to the peasants, but this couple seemed to have closed their minds and Shumbiao would try to help them and to help Perroquet and Cat to find the exact place, the exact coordinates where the rains and the ship were.

Sumbiao told them let’s go to the coast to the beach, close your eyes and pay attention to what I am going to tell you, relax and make your minds blank, close your eyes, close your eyes.

And Shumbiao continued, and said:

Lord of the Heavens, Lord owner of the Universe, Lord owner of perceptions and of everything

You who made us, you who gave us each and every one of us who are here,

To all part of your creation, that you gave us this great opportunity to be part

of this World of this Universe,

Lord, open our eyes, Lord, help us to open our minds and our eyes of the mind.

Open our minds so that knowledge can enter the true Knowledge!

So that the truth enters So that we can see things more clearly, with illumination and Brilliance!

so that with our knowledge we can help ourselves, ours and everyone around the world

So that these open eyes can reach the bottom of the truth

of your Truth and your Glory,

Open our eyes, Lord, open our eyes, Lord, of your mercy and justice.

Lord, open the eyes and the eyes of the mind of these two tricolor bats, the fruit of your perfect creation.

who have been blinded by irresponsibility, who have been blinded by fear and malice,

evil that is not from being perfect like you but from immaterial bad things,

part the clouds so these little ones can see, open their eyes, open their mind’s eye

Open to them the knowledge of the Truth

Open sesame, open sesame

Open sesame, open sesame

Open sesame, open sesame

and chazzzzzzzzzzzz, and he told them open your little eyes, open your eyes with confidence, open your eyes to the world again, for the good of all and the bats opened their eyes and managed to see,

Their eyes shone and shone, and their minds were open, they could again feel and perceive the rains and storms, and where they came from, and both said at the same time where the toxic rains were, the couple said and gave: the Coordinates, Latitude, and they gave the exact point where the rains and the ship were,

Hurrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shout out to you all, Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Perroquet said we are flying close, Cat can see something, and Cat with her night vision was able to see the ship in the distance, more to the west, said Cat, a little more, go down, go down more and said there it is completely, come on friends.

Kame pointed out: Perroquet I want you to give me information about the chemical components of those rains from those places, and Perroquet with his super sense of taste, tasted the rains a bit, and did the chemical decomposition and transmitted it to Kame, Kame said no I have the slightest doubt, they are acid rains, they come from Europe, we are in the presence of contamination in the seas a greater irresponsibility and recklessness.

Perroquet went in search of the Ship and the ship was sinking, Perroquet said I want to calculate how long that ship can take to sink, to see my rescue tactic, Kame said I think 10 minutes, and Pavao with his knowledge of flying and calling and Futuristic knowledge, he said, remove a percentage of error just in case, more or less 8 minutes, come on, cat, said Perroquet,

And Cat jumped into the boat and told the whole family that was there, get ready everyone, we will take you out in 7 minutes, put on these ropes that my friend and I will take you up, and so in less than 5 minutes Cat tied to a rope and tied everyone to his body, he threw the rope towards Perroquet, who was in helicopter mode and took them all up with a single shot, his ability to fly was unheard of, in a short time everyone was safe and the ship sank. fled after they were up.

Shumbiao was telling the tricolor bats everything that was happening, and they squealed with joy.

Everyone had opened their eyes, everyone had collaborated in this scene of salvation.

The union of various knowledge had successfully completed the salvation of this family. It was the achievement of a synergy of knowledge. They were coming to the knowledge of the truth, to the knowledge of the truth of everything.

Kame said: friends, friends, you have to go back to where the rains are, you have to get to the epicenter of these ships that pass there, I detect fishing boats there.

Cat said Perroquet let’s leave the family on the island and continue together to see the epicenter of the rains.

Let’s go on an adventure again, Let’s go Let’s go Let’s unravel and dismantle that strategy of contamination with the seas. Go ahead my beautiful lady Perroquet!

There they are said Cat, Cat with her super vision and with her 360 degree super vision she saw several boats around and these boats that looked like fishing boats were dumping toxic elements, chemicals and even nuclear waste.

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, how is this possible, this new Kapro, that evil one, that reckless, irresponsible one, in a fishing boat and they carry all those toxic and polluting residues, they’re out of it, they’re going to create a polluting climate in Boston and its areas, throughout the East Coast, what’s more, these rains are toxins and acids, they are the product of pollution, and they can flood the eastern coasts.

Perroquet said we have to surround the boats, but we need another friend, we will bring Shumbiao. Kame said the three will achieve the mission, there are many ships we need the three fortresses, Perroquet will surround the low-flying boats, Cat will capture Kapro and Shumbiao with her telepathy, with her telepathic power she will have to go from ship to ship to stop the minds of these rogue captains. His telepathic power and mental and physical strength will stop the minds of these unscrupulous, irresponsible and anti-everything captains. Shumbiao you are prepared to fight hand to hand if necessary due to your physical strength, but with your mental strength you will be able to make them surrender.

Perroquet and Cat went in search of Shumbiao on the Island, and the three of them were flying, Perroquet, Cat and Shumbiao, three inseparable friends, three species, three abilities, three innate super senses, to fulfill a complex mission.

Kame told them as they flew towards the storms towards the acid rains, superheroes we are going to think for a while and see the knowledge, what we really know about Them and they about us, what we have about Them, the bad guys, to see who we we face, we are going to become aware of who they are and to see what strategy we use, to see what tactics we will use, let us become aware of their pros and cons, in this way we will plan the strategy and achieve this mission more effectively, let’s see, what do we know us about Them, that They have not realized what we know

those things?: certain weaknesses of theirs, that they work without values, they work very badly as a team, that their goal is to go against life, several of our friends said; Very well, Kame said, now, what do we know about Them, that They have realized that we know these things?: their location where they are, we also know certain abilities of them, we have discovered the latitudes and places of the planet who want to harm, we have discovered their ultimate goal; very good; now, what do they know about us, that we have realized that they know these things?: some of our strengths, they know that we work for the good of humanity and the world, and they already know that we work in teams effective and knowledgeable, very good; And that they could know about us, that we have not realized what they could know?: they know of our inner strength, of our courage to the Maximum even to give our lives fighting for the world and for people, By God, excellent friends. super excellent.

Here in this analysis there are several keys that we can use: let’s bring their boats closer, let them see us fight as if it were our end and a lot of mental strength, do not be persuaded and intimidated by the evil that they carry inside, remember that they are also creations of the architect of Nature, only that they are confused, mistaken, deviated from the good and from the Love of their neighbor and themselves; they are in the error of evil; you have to fight them from the inside out, fight them with spiritual, mental and then physical strength.

They already had the plan and the tactics outlined would never fail. They couldn’t fail.

All the other friendly heroes would transmit thoughts and ideas of spiritual and mental strength to them.

And finally they reached the place where the polluting ships were, and there was Kapro the irresponsible.

Cat told Shumbiao, you go for Kapro, let’s change tactics, he already knows me and he will be surprised when he sees you, he will belittle you thinking that you are weak for being small, we will surprise him and I will go from ship to ship fighting The captains; then you will help me with your telepathic power.

And Perroquet will encircle the ships and with his strong wings he will flap in such a way as to move them and move them to stun them and scare them, they will be afraid because they do not have, nor are they in search of, the truth, the truth of good, let’s move them and move them until they sink.

And the action begins!!!!

Shumbiao took a triple jump and fell into the boat where Kapro was going, he was surprised; she was moving so fast that Kapro couldn’t see her; her flexibility in her body made her pass close to Kapro and him. He was wrapping himself in his mental and telepathic power, he mastered it in minutes.

Cat jumped and fell into a polluting ship, began to meow and squeal and run and jump in such a way that it became unpredictable. This is how it went from Ship to Ship, making all the crew members of each ship dizzy and scared of the movements.

Perroquet flapped more strongly going around and around each of the boats, on each and every one of the boats, and created a climate of instability for all the captains and crews, to the point that many jumped over the rails.

The scenes were hot, the defeat of the bad guys, the irresponsible, the selfish, the foolish was imminent, the strategy and tactics were effective, neat and fast. There was no waste or any losses. The operation was completely clean.

The success was consummated.

Knowledge, intelligence, truth, inner strength, good sense and good teamwork by three friends with super abilities, well carried out and together they had won.

The Earnings and Results had been more fruitful than they seemed and what the three friends thought.

Nothing more and nothing less, what our friends had managed to become aware of, what they had become aware of, by knowing, understanding and becoming aware in depth of the knowledge and potentialities about themselves and also about the opposite, and basically by raising awareness and grounding everything this knowledge, to know what their purposes were and the reasons for those purposes and also to know our purposes in depth, with all this well-analyzed information, they would know how to search and understand with all this data, they would know how to choose and use the tools, tactics and adequate and well-focused techniques, to fully fulfill the mission, which was the final objective and what they really wanted.

They did it and they did it.

The opening of the eyes, the opening of the eyes of the mind, the opening of the mind to knowledge and knowing how to use it for good, had borne fruit.

And not only for the tricolor bats, not only for our hero friends, but for many more as well, for many, many more.

The results were visible…

The results were tangible…

But beyond that, the results had to be transformed, communicated, and used, Universalized.

Knowledge was a weapon that had been asleep, the mind was there, the knowledge was there, you had to open your eyes, the eyes of the mind and acquire that knowledge, as much as possible, and that it be acquired by many eyes, by many mental eyes to ultimately defeat ignorance, foolishness, lack of culture, irresponsibility, blindness and mental laziness, and thus advance, and advance each and every one of us, the whole world, to a higher level elevated, much higher than just the plane or the single earthly dimension.

No one could be left behind, no one should be left behind, each and every one of us had to open ourselves up to the Knowledge Experience!!!

To the great experience of knowledge!!!

Scene number 25: Earth – Universe – Knowledge

Perroquet said: dear all, dear friends in all parts of the world and connected with each one of them, with all the hero friends in all the latitudes where they were, Ovium said: it is important to communicate what happened and online, let’s make a direct connection between everyone and where everyone is, let’s try to communicate this great experience of knowledge, this great gain and each one of us must replicate it online, each one must communicate it in their language and in several languages if possible.

Perroquet began to fly high, he opened his wings widely, and he flew and flew up, very high, almost leaving the atmosphere, and he managed to see the world, the planet earth, the part where he was, he could already see the circular part of the planet , she was beautiful, and being in line with all her friends, she told them, dear everyone, tell the world, the universe all this that I am going to tell you, I know that there are small universes in each different part of the world, of planet earth, small or large diverse and dissimilar universes, varieties and multicultures, the world is rich and beautiful due to its diversity, it is big, very big, but in reality we are a single Universe and we must all integrate, we must integrate all the ties that unite us in all the places, these small Universes everywhere, basically it is one, like a single Universe, and he said:

Brothers all from all nations:

I dream of a day when all the children of the world can communicate in all parts of the world.

That we can all communicate with everyone, with each other

and strengthen bonds of brotherhood

I dream that all children open their eyes and minds to the experience of knowledge

May all children and absolutely everyone on the planet be able to leave ignorance behind,

that we all become educated, that we all achieve knowledge of many things, that we all educate ourselves, and acquire culture,

No one can be left behind, not a single person, not a single child,

That children learn many techniques, procedures and knowledge of all kinds, and for good and for the good of the world,

Knowledge of everything is possible, knowledge of things, of all areas, of all subjects, of all topics, of all sciences, of all languages is possible.

I dream of a day when all the children of this land of this universe know how to speak several languages, many languages, that they can communicate in several languages,

and that we all manage to communicate with everyone in a single moment, that a speech, a good movie, a series, a good book can be communicated online and in direct connection to all the children of the planet,

and that everyone can communicate, receive and understand it, that communication be such that all the inhabitants of the planet can advance in a new era of communication, technology and knowledge,

That educational systems be simple, simplified, entertaining, perceptible, vivid, sensitive, understandable, adequate, with values and many techniques,

That all the children of the world have access to these, and in all and many languages,

That children who are sick in this world can have joy by communicating great, entertaining, fun, educational things to them through simple and easy communication systems for them, and

That they never stop learning, that no one ever stops learning

That the elderly and elderly people have access to an educational system according to their age, simple and simplified for them,

It is never too late to learn and to educate yourself and to acquire knowledge

That no one is left without education, without knowledge, without good information, that no one is left behind, that we can all learn from everyone,

That I learn from your cultures and your languages, from your good customs, from your techniques, from your way of thinking and being and acting, and from your values and you learn from mine,

May we all learn from each and every one on this planet,

That we make constant and technological knowledge, that learning is always constant,

May there always be and there is something to learn,

That we make Universal knowledge

So that one day we can say in unison, all of us, we are not small or medium or large universes in various parts of the planet

Rather, we are a single Planet, like a single Universe.

May knowledge unite us all in many experiences, May knowledge be the union of each and every one,

That the universe that is in each of our heads, in our minds we also open it to others,

And let’s share these mental universes so that we make a great and unique giant and great mental Universe,

Let us unite our ties of brotherhood, unite our ties of our minds, unite our minds in one single objective, in a single common objective, the good of all,

so big that we advance to another plane, as I am almost seeing this planet outside, great and glorious,

and we can achieve for the Glory of God and for the Glory of all, understand each other and hold each other together,

regardless of where we are, where we find ourselves, holding hands and our mental bonds, our minds,

And sing together a hymn of praise,

Thank you Lord for giving us all the beauties: the Earth, the Universe and Knowledge, the knowledge that unites us, that united us.

Only a deep silence was heard in all…

What Perroquet had said was simply majestic and best of all it was obvious, obvious in the sense that this was what had to be done and that was what many had been waiting for for a long time.

Perroquet with his linguistic skills, his linguistic intelligence and his profound power and all his knowledge in public speaking, was communicating to the world, to the universe, what had happened, what had been achieved and what was happening in the world.

But all this should be put into practice!!!

Clearly it was necessary to communicate, deepen and execute, carry out, materialize, do… put all this into practice.

Make these dreams come true!

And all of our hero friends across the globe did so. And these communicated to many, and these many to many more, and thus all the information was multiplied exponentially throughout the planet earth.

The ultimate goal is:

To reach wisdom, to reach extreme and sublime wisdom, to seek wisdom, to seek and obtain universal wisdom, and to achieve it.

Have all the Universal Wisdom.

elevated… follow


⁃ Get up and walk – It’s more get up and run !!!- Opening the eyes of the body

Mission number 6: Madagascar

Scene number 26: A test trip

All our heroes had gone to their respective places, and Cat that night on her way home, in one of her dreams she had a premonition, a perception of the afterlife, in the dream she saw ferocious animals and screaming, she saw elephant ivories and lots of dirt , a lot of water, he saw many torments and trials, he dreamed of a very mysterious land where some of the most exotic flowers and plants on the planet grow and flourish.

The next day Cat told what happened and Kame said: torments and wild animals, ferocious and ivory, it must be in Africa. We don’t know where it is but we must start investigating it must be in Africa, Ovium said: elephant ivory is illegally traded in Africa, there is a famous site in Africa that currently maintains trade with ivory, the Ivory Coast; Ovium said: Africa is tough, two Forts and abilities of strength and total control have to go, Shumbiao will go for her strengths and Meersch Weinchen will accompany her for her speed, her wisdom and self-control, for her super Temperance and her Super sense of Smell, he has the ability to sniff from a distance, he sniffs and sees with his mind, he can transform all odors into chemical formulas and assigns them a mathematical function, with this super sense of smell he detects risks and dangers and transforms the negative into a positive, he has a special thermoceptive sense: sensors to know and control: heat, cold and wind direction, internally controls when it is cold outside and it gets hot inside, and so on.

The two of them will be able to investigate and see where this mission really is, they should go to Ivory Coast Africa and figure out where there are problems with ferocious and polluting animals and especially Life problems, to maintain terrestrial Life, all kinds of Life.

Pavao will fly you to the Ivory Coast. And it will wait for you there, and you two, small in body but great in spirit, will have to pass some tests that will make this trip and your spirits much stronger and will leave a mark wherever you go.

The two being in line lowered their heads and nodded humbly, and said that way they will become great friends.

Our will is unbreakable and we will achieve whatever the Mission is.

Pavao looked for Shumbiao in America and then looked for Meersch Weinchen in Europe, Lugo all flew to Africa and arrived in the Ivory Coast, where the Portuguese Vasco Da Gama had left his mark.

Pavao left our friends there and the two little ones jumped and fell each with their style of speed and fall; each one gave their own turns and somersaults and greeted him by saying goodbye to Pavao; see you soon dear friend, it’s nothing more than a see you later it’s nothing more than a simple goodbye, very soon by the fire the fire will reunite us

Strength and Love.

And so that adventure began in two little ones who were going to explore nothing more and nothing less inside Africa in search of the Place of another mission.

One hero with super sense of touch and another hero with super sense of smell.

First Test- Without Ivories there is no Paradise:

Our friends started touring the Ivory Coast and found the places where they were trading ivory illegally.

There Shumbiao managed with his super sense of touch to feel the deaths of many elephants not only in those areas but also inland. And our friend Meersch Weinchen with his great sense of smell sniffed and smelled the ivory collected and hoarded there, and he detected the date of the Death of the elephants, he detected the chemical composition of all the

Ivories and his own tracks, he detected each fingerprint of each dead animal, with his nose. It detected the places where they had died, year, day, date and time, and even traces of the scent of who they had been.

Very soon they would find themselves face to face with those who were responsible for this great damage they did to the world and to the species.

Ivory for sale, ivory for sale !!! Said a street vendor in an open place, Shumbiao told him why do you sell something that is worth more than its price? Why do you sell something for the value of one very equal to you? Why are you doing this?

The seller answered join us you will find easy and very easy money, come you foreigners join us and sell all this ivory, what’s more you want to go to the place where all the ivories of the

World and there they hunt elephants, come it will be fun!!!

Don’t be silly, follow us and follow in our footsteps, look how well we earn here!!!

Shumbiao opened his eyes with anger and Meersch Weinchen said, calm down little lady, appease your anger and your spirit, let’s not let ourselves be tempted or provoked in any way by these fools, let’s get away from here, and he told her let’s count to 100 so that The rage passes you and let’s see everything better clearly. And so they did, they did this Mental discipline exercise and then they both meditated.

Their mental strengths had been put to the test but their mental exercises served to appease their earthly passions and their humanity.

They had exchanged restlessness for tranquility, they had been mentally strong so as not to be tempted, they had been honored for not being carried away by the ease of things, they had not believed in the false ego and a false cordiality that

It invited to fall into a precipice, and many fewer were going to honor The death of many animals and a beautiful and admirable species, only for a passing ambition, an ambition for nothing, a treacherous ambition.

Shumbiao said: we are going to combat all this trade, let’s end it, but Meersch Weinchen limited: we are going to look for the great mission, the bottom of the matter to defeat it, let’s focus on the great mission, and this will fall under its own weight, once we achieve the

Great missions, this too will end.

Ovium told them: very well, follow the clues and go where these animals are killed, and there they will give you other clues to see where the epicenter of all this is.

And they found that they should go to the Congo, there they would pass another stronger test.

Second Test- Not all that Glitters is Diamond:

And our friends followed a hard physical test to get from the Ivory Coast to the Congo, they would walk day and night, the physical tests would be extreme, Meersch Weinchen proposed that we are going to walk 100 steps and run 100 and thus we will alternate this technique, tension and relaxation, tension and relaxation, tension and relaxation, we will alternate strong and soft, strong and soft and thus we will never stop, we will rest 4 or 5 hours at night and we will continue the course.

And they do it like that…

Upon arriving in the Congo, they were surprised at how beautiful the country and its people were, everything was very interesting and beautiful, but like everything in life, there were bad people, people who seemed good and really weren’t, who looked like diamonds and they really weren’t.

There our friends asked and asked where they should go to see the giant elephants and through their mental powers they managed to understand the next place and with their senses with their super senses, especially Meersch Weinchen, they sniffed out some kind of tangle, they sniffed out evil nearby, he sniffed out a problem where they wanted them and were going to involve them, without any guilt or sense.

And the smell of our friend saved them both, and they did without much thought, run and run from this place, from this beautiful country and they followed the route below, running and running without ceasing, testing their physical discipline and managing to take physical strength to the extreme so that they could not reach them, so that ignominy and wickedness, the plot, the Lie would not reach them or follow them.

They left only the dust of so much that they ran,

Shumbiao said: Hahahahaha we left them biting the

Dust, hahahahaha, I didn’t even know he was running so fast and he laughed hahahaha.

But Meersch Weinchen was so serious that he didn’t laugh, he just said Ha!

And so the two continued to Mozambique!!!

Third test- Where is the place where there is no hope of Life?

Our friends would arrive in Mozambique, another beautiful and extremely interesting place in Africa, on the planet, there they both realized two important things, one that the country was improving its economy, they heard it and perceived it and two that even when the The country was improving economically, there was incomplete growth, it was an unfair economic growth, as it was neither integrated nor comprehensive, why? Because our friends had realized that there in this beautiful land people were not completely happy and worst of all that people died very young, children died and worst of all people had asked for Hope for Life, the Hope for Living, life was under attack, so what kind of economy was that?? What kind of economic growth was that? And where there are no expectations for life, for a better life, where there is no hope of life,

No sir, that was not compatible, no sir, all of that was incongruous, all of that was unsustainable.

That didn’t make sense

We had to watch over the Life of all those people for the Life of the children and of everyone.

Shumbiao acted there and said we have to teach all these people and make them change their pattern, that they have better life expectancies, that they change their life patterns, that they change their way of seeing life, that they see the

life more proactively, to improve their living standards, to improve their quality of life, to improve their way of seeing life, that life is worth living, that life is worth living, that people are worth living , that it is worthwhile for people to live longer, that it is worthwhile for each Child to live and survive and that we are all worth it, that we all have the right to

Life and live with quality of life,

We all have the right to live and be happy

Each Child that is born must grow up and have a dignified life or the most dignified,

So we have to encourage hope by living here,

You have to take care of all those children and those to come,

We must find a way for these beautiful lands to continue to grow economically but for their people to live, to grow more integral with more health and more life.

Live life !!!! Long live my friends!!!

And so our friends did it, in a short time they taught many people there the Discipline for health, emotional discipline, discipline for life!!!

They taught emotional strength!!! And emotional control so as not to be defeated by hopelessness and unhealthy health, carelessness in health, and carelessness towards childhood and children.

They taught the Hope of Life, to have hope of Life!!! And to have a life of hope!!! To improve life and life expectancy!!!

had to assess the

Future and the future were their children

And that’s how they learned it!!!

Long live the

Children!!! Long live all the children of Mozambique, Africa and the Planet.

Fourth test – Who is capable of giving his life for someone?

Our friends were applauded for everything they achieved in Mozambique and there all the children sang a farewell hymn for them and made them feel a little nostalgic, the children gave our friends lots of clothing and more authentic local products and many toys made by themselves, and they were told to go beyond this sea and there you will find a little animal that will tell you many secrets, the innocence and the spirit of children for some reason or another had given our friends the place of the great mission, and our friends said goodbye and left and then they looked back and there were all the children smiling at them and they all said at once: Thank you hero friends and Go for the Madagascar Seal!!!

And our friends said waoooooooo, they answered us before asking them, that was what we were going to ask and where are we going? and they answered us before asking them, as if they had read our minds, what’s up !!!!

Let’s go to Madagascar!!!

And they reached the coast of Mozambique and there a person whose face could not be seen told them: they will pass the greatest test of their lives, they must go to Madagascar they must go through the Mozambique channel, but they must make a raft with the materials natural here, swimming is impossible.

Thanks said our friends !!! And suddenly the person who told them that disappeared!!!

And our friends made the big raft, it was a boat for two!

It was a boat for two!

And they left and set sail for Madagascar !!! And they began to cross the Mozambique Channel.

The boat was quickly made with natural materials from the Mozambique coast, the boat was very adjusted to them, it was well made and had a very high post to see anything and land in sight in the distance.

Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen Mounted on the Pole of the boat high up, they were seeing everything, they had high morale, they went with authority and enthusiasm, seeing a future, seeing a better future, seeing and with great hopes of achieving not only the mission but much further with an entrepreneurial mind of new things and lead many towards that path, to more comprehensively resolve the situations that had occurred in various places and completely resolve everything together, so that they went to Madagascar in search of only from the Madagascar Trench.

In the middle of the Mozambique channel, rain and lightning began, the waves began to grow and grow, and the boat of our friends that seemed untouchable, infallible and indestructible, began to sound, to wobble, to plunge, the waves were so big that They began to get wet as a result not only of the rains but also of the waves that began to cover them and cover the boat more and more.

Shumbiao was beginning to get scared but Meersch Weinchen was unscathed, stoically.

The waves began to grow meters and meters above and suddenly it sounded in one fell swoop zaaaaaaazzzzzzzzz, cruuuuuukkkkkkk, what seemed like titanium was fine wood at that moment, and the boat broke into several pieces!!!!

Our friends fell into the water, Meersch Weinchen got entangled in pieces of the boat and Shumbiao didn’t see him for a moment, in the midst of all this entanglement he couldn’t get out and his head was hit hard by the pole and he began to sink, with no chance of any salvation.

Shumbiao, who had much more physical dexterity and with his extreme sports skills, managed to stay afloat and avoid these entanglements of the pieces of the boat,

Everything they carried, all the gifts they had been given by the

Mozambique’s children had been lost, but were about to lose their lives.

Shumbiao began to swim and face the waves of meters and meters and thought: I can stay afloat and save myself but how to find

Meersch Weinchen, where he was, and zaaaaaazzzzz he saw several afloat ropes that hit the knots, sticks, poles, and logs, which had been sinking and had sunk Meersch Weinchen, and he said either I’ll save myself or I’ll try to save him.

The alternatives were few and the decision would have to be quick, there was no time to think and our friend was drowning, and she said, Shumbiao I am going to try to reach the bottom and I will swim hard to reach him and try to bring him up, if we die we both die , not the only one.

The sacrifice was unheard of, the decision was unheard of, the moment was a yes or no.

There was no turning back and she – Shumbiao began to recite a powerful prayer, Lord give me the extreme strength to save my friend, let it be done, fulfilled, be praised and eternally exalted the most just and kind divine will above all things, Lord give me the strength Mentally, give me extreme bodily physical strength, give me emotional strength and give me extreme spiritual strength, to save my friend, no matter what happens to me,

I will give everything for everything

The extreme Sacrifice, or both or nobody !!!

And the sky opened up a little and he saw a light and the light illuminated the way to swim down and zaaaassss he dove with great strength and swam and swam down, focusing and guiding by the light and by his intuition and instinct, and he swam and he swam farther and farther, until he managed to catch hold of

Meersch Weinchen, with his bodily dexterity and his teeth, untied them and gave him a kiss of oxygen, and began to carry him up and up, the surface seemed unattainable and far away, from below you could see the waves and their extreme heights, you could see all dark, but the light was still there guiding them and Shumbiao continued swimming towards the light and swam strongly upwards, until exhausting her last drop of oxygen, she was already exhausted and dizzy, and suddenly zaaaassssss reached the surface and took a deep breath, with this same force gave breaths of oxygen to our friend, and he did not react, and Shumbiao looked at the sky where the light was, the light had gone, and she became sad but when she looked at our friend’s eyes, he told her he was looking and smiling like a child, as if he had been waking up from a long sleep, as if he had had a long, deep sleep.

The look of the two was touching.

The sacrifice had paid off!!!

The two or no one and it was like that !!!

The two had been saved, rather Shumbiao had completely risked his life, he gave his life for his friend!

It is as if he had given his life for all humanity!

And Shumbiao, grabbing Meersch Weinchen, grabbed some logs from the destroyed boat and let himself be carried away by the logs, until they approached the coast of Madagascar, from there they swam to the beach, they were already in Madagascar, closer to the Pit.

Scene number 27: The total detox

4 tests and 4 strengths had been achieved by our heroes.

In total and with all these tests our friends had lost weight, for all this trip and all the sweat they had

Thrown away, they had thrown out many toxins from their bodies, the journey by land, water and sea had left them exhausted, they had lost weight but they had gained Life, they had gained Health.

These two little friends would begin a great exotic experience of plants, flowers, trees and shrubs of all kinds.

It would be something fun and interesting for Meersch Weinchen because of his super sense of smell, imagine you and all of us, someone with a high olfactory and aroma transforming power, being exposed to thousands and thousands and thousands of

Combinations of floral, fruity and natural aromas, from all that range of plant varieties and the plant and animal world of that mysterious Island.

There, upon entering the area inside Madagascar, Meersch Weinchen, would smell thousands of plants and flowers, thousands of fruits from the Island, and would be able to break down many flowers, plants and fruits, their entire chemical composition and thus also assign mathematical formulas to each chemical composition as a way of game, but in the sense of achieving interesting and useful olfactory patterns for the cure of many diseases.

Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen were experts in healing and health, helping people with medical, health and quality of life issues.

They knew about potions and treatments of all kinds.

They knew how to detox anyone, they had undergone a detox process themselves on the whole trip,

They experienced a physical, mental and spiritual detoxification.

And they now knew how to help people more with this process.

Now they would learn much more about the combinations of plants, flowers, trees, fruits and the whole natural world, all those smells and their combinations. They would give new formulas for new and natural treatments, that is, to give quality of life and to cure many diseases, to to give Life and to detoxify many.

These new olfactory combinations would give me not only new perfumes but also new essences for life, to generate life, to heal the body and mind.

Mind, to give quality of Life.

To Live and let be happy.

To live and to be happy.

To be happy and make others happy.

For life!!!

But the total detoxification had already begun by going through the 4 strengths but it was necessary to give proof to these through perseverance, dedication and perseverance, that is, through the 4 disciplines:

The mental discipline in doing things, in doing things on time and constantly, the discipline in mental detoxification, managing to transform the negative into a positive, achieving positive and positive thoughts and mental aptitudes; then constantly work on activities these positive thoughts, achieve body discipline, do constant and disciplined activities, disciplined bodily actions and activities for body detoxification – physically, daily exercises, constant daily work activities, daily sports and interesting and detoxifying physical actions ; then carry out mental and emotional actions to control and discipline emotions, it consists of emotional discipline, that is, actions and activities with discipline to control emotions, rather to give another perspective to emotions and with discipline with a sense in which you you control them and they don’t control you; and finally, have spiritual discipline, have perseverance and dedication to activities and encounters with oneself and with the creator, metaphysical activities with a transcendent, evolutionary character, active between here and the hereafter, with God, do prayer activities, meditation and activities acetic, to rest the body, mind, heart and spirit, to rest all this in a whole in God.

So integrate the 4 strengths to the 4 disciplines, not only have strengths but practice and improve them, through exercises and practices.

Scene number 28: Mind Control – Character – The Power within You

In this scene Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen entered the Madagascar forest once they had passed the flowers, plants and fruits of Madagascar, they entered deep to look for the Madagascar Trench, and entered a Madagascar tropical forest, it had 13 doors that they they should pass to get to see the Pit, at the entrance to the forest there was an announcement that said, You can enter here, and you can leave here, but Great is the one who enters through the great door and leaves through the great Door, which meant All this?; and a voice also said, which the two friends heard, you must enter each door and there reflect on each door a saying, phrase or question that the same door asks you, the challenge is that at each door they must reflect and think deeply about this phrase or question and you must think and analyze each door to teach according to your experiences and thoughts 3 actions, activities or practices related to the phrase of each door, you have experience and your own life experiences, that these 3 actions that you teach have to do with what they lived in the past, what they live in the present and what they will live and achieve in the future, and so on for each door; no one will win or lose, they will only learn, they just have to reflect and think, reach the end and meet the Madagascar Trench, she will tell them something additional and important.

And so our friends began to enter the forest and go door to door;

First Gate: “Be Useful, Shine with Light”

Shumbiao said start your Meersch Weinchen, the two friends analyzed the sentence and internalized and thought deeply, and he said:

My 3 actions, activities and practices must be:

-Be useful to the world with faith and with your love for the world

-Be useful in your work, add value to your work, that they see you useful, add value in your family that they see you as necessary and useful, do activities at home, and add and give value in your society, contribute ideas to improve communication among everyone in society

-Be Useful to yourself Practice being useful, doing a new activity that gives you new learning, that makes you happy, that with this activity you feel useful to yourself

and they went to gate two,

Second Gate: “May your maturity and behavior reflect your inner peace and order”

Shumbiao said it’s my turn, and they both thought and reflected but Shumbiao answered, it was his turn, my 3 actions are:

-Learn to say no, when they want to persuade you of something bad, or when you are busy, or when your mind and soul are disturbed

⁃ Think before acting and saying, think first what is going to be said

⁃ Do not get irritated frequently, when you feel angry think clearly first

and then they went to gate three,

Third Gate: “Ignore the Evil One”

The two thought about the phrase and it was Meersch Weinchen’s turn, and he replied:

My 3 actions in that sentence are:

⁃ Do actions and acts of charity when the evil one whispers in your ear, this drives away evil

⁃ Think positive when the evil one whispers in your ear, and act on something positive immediately

⁃ When the evil one whispers in your ear, say glorious, instructive and reassuring phrases and prayers or hymns.

and then the two friends continued to gate 4,

Cuenta Puerta: “Be Universal and don’t fly down, fly up like the Eagles”

The two thought and reflected and Shumbiao replied:

The 3 actions for this phrase are:

-Set a very high goal in your life, become President or Manager of a large company, for example, become the Leader of a large Organization.

-See everyone in a Universal way, leave no one out, see everything from above like a great eagle, see the whole stage like Vision, from Top to Bottom, with the soul of an eagle and from far above.

-Be the best in your profession in your area in your trade, and be recognized for that, get to perfect your profession or trade, that you feel very good about it.

and the friends followed to Gate 5,

and it will say:

Fifth Gate: “May the Obstacles make you Great”

The two friends thought a lot and had a lot of experience in this sentence, they had experienced and won many battles with strength,

Meersch Weinchen, he replied, my 3 actions are:

-When you have a strong obstacle in your life, think about when you started to achieve your end, and see your end of life, your end to achieve.

-When you see a strong obstacle in your life, think about what God wants from me in all this. What does humanity want from me in all this?

-Practice controlling frustration, frustration will always come no matter what, when frustration comes, practice three things: serenity, see alternatives and possibilities and see the end or the end to come, and see the final reward.

and they continued to Gate 6 of the forest:

Sixth Gate: “What needs to be done is done”

Hahahaha, says Shumbiao, my favorite, and she answers her 3 actions once thought:

-Action, do not leave for tomorrow what you should do today

-Practice positive thinking, Positive Aptitude and then Positive Actions so that you see the positive results, all in a positive way.

-Diligence and Proactivity, practice it, do not stop being diligent, if you have to take care of yourself, do it, if you have to study, do it promptly, if you have to work, do your homework, if you have to help others, do not hesitate, do it soon and do not tell others nobody.

and the two continued to gate 7,

Seventh Gate: “Do not waste energy on useless things”

It was Meersch Weinchen’s turn, he was a time teacher, to improve and manage time well,

He said, my 3 actions are:

-Make priorities and manage your priorities, for your own good and for the good of your loved ones and of God

-You have good lists of things to do and schemes and try to comply with your schemes and list of things to do, you must always work 8 hours, study and/or read 2, fun 2, 2 between meals and over months and 2 decision to the family, and 8 hours to sleep, more or less is this.

-Don’t let them waste your time and don’t waste the time of others. Focus on your daily activities. focus.

and they continued to gate 8,

Eighth Gate: “You are born to be a Leader”

the two thought intensely and Shumbiado responded, my 3 actions are:

-Prepare and educate yourself with subjects to be a Leader.

-Read the Bible or Spiritual and religious books and focus on their leader and apostle readings.

-Being a leader is not being authoritarian. You have to know how to say no. But being a leader is also preparing followers, that people follow you for your good actions.

and followed them to the next gate,

Ninth Gate: “Do not have excuses for Good”

the two thought and Meersch Weinchen said,

-Always be strong, that your work activities favor everyone, that is the key.

-Don’t think about excuses, do your job and well done and for good, stop excuses when they come your way.

-Good ahead, think about the good for others, yourself and everyone, work with the spirit of good and the creator ahead, always keep this in mind.

and then they went to gate 10,

Tenth Gate: “Don’t be selfish”

Shumbiao thought and then gave his 3 activities:

-when you finish your work, help someone at random to finish theirs a bit

-To your wife or husband, family member or son or daughter, always help them once a day in their daily tasks, in helping them with something.

-Think about how to help improve the world, just think, and act by giving tithes or take things you don’t need out of your house and donate them, and if it hurts you to donate things, even better, your pride is acting there and you are defeating selfishness.

and then the friends continued to door number 11:

A Tenth Gate: “Don’t be so emotional”

the two thought and laughed and Meersch Weinchen said:

My 3 activities with this phrase are:

-When you feel very emotional, see things from another perspective, we all have emotions and this is good, but sometimes emotions exaggerate the note,

-If you are an adult, you are an adult and if you remember things from the past, remember that this is over, that you are an adult and the page is already turned.

-If people offend you, think about how you have offended others? In some case, and you have not also offended God or the creator, think about that, that is your main activity.

and continued to gate 12,

Twelfth Gate: “When you judge someone, first judge yourself”

and the two thought deeply but it was Shumbiao’s turn and she said:

-When you go to judge someone, first think about the mistakes you have made yourself

-Think that we all have, soul and body, why do you judge? Think about this, when you see someone sad or a failure, think about your failures and how you overcame them, didn’t the creator help you? perhaps the creator cannot help that one or that one to overcome everything.

-Charity activities help not to judge, give food to the hungry, console the sad, help the needy, educate those who don’t know. And Period, don’t judge but help and everything you can and without putting that in face.

and finally the friends went to door number 13,

Thirteenth Gate: which said nothing more and nothing less like this: “Do not fear the Truth”

they both thought a lot it was a bit abstract and difficult, but Meersch Weinchen gave their 3 activities,

⁃ Practice telling the truth even if it costs you, if you tell a lie correct it

⁃ perform trustworthy actions with people, feel useful and tell the truth

⁃ Tell people the truth, what you believe, if you have to tell the truth to someone with something important or correct them, let it be privately and with care and love.

and added: Let’s seek the Truth, and the Truth is Life, so if the Truth is Life, why not want this as a priority? Why not everyone want to seek it?

And in this door at the end they found a small grave from Madagascar, the small grave had small wounds due to vitamin deficiency or lack, Meersch Weinchen said with his super olfactory power, but with his same power of positivism he said we are going to change this, and Shumbiao made a medical analysis with its tactile sensors carried out an analysis of each organ of the body of the pit, detected and perceived all the parts of the body of the pit, the pressure, temperature, oxygenation, narrowing, swelling and chemical agents, of all the organs from the Madagascar trench, between the two of them they concluded that there was a lack of oxygenation in the trench, that the plants, vegetables and fruits that the trench was feeding on lacked adequate oxygenation, and the water was more polluted and the water contaminated the entire plant system , the entire plant world of the island.

The pit told them that they had to go near the rivers and coasts because the other pits were already dying out, and that they had to manage to reverse the contamination of water and land.

But water and land, Shumbiao says? If water and land, she said, what can we do? Shumbiao said, she said, they must detect the main contaminants. I think they are in those rivers there, near those small rocky protrusions near those springs.

He also told them to keep the Water-Earth-Air relationship, there is no way to save ourselves if those elements do not improve that relationship, whoever dominates the elements dominates time and space and whoever deteriorates those elements deteriorates time and space as well.

What wisdom said Meersch Weinchen !!! Let’s go Shumbiao let’s go to those springs.

Scene number 29: Earth – Air

Even though the flowers and the plants and the fruits and everything vegetal in Madagascar seemed beautiful, beautiful, intact, this was not completely true, the external beauty did not match the internal, the plant world was sick inside, they were contaminated, the polluted water and air had polluted the lands and animals were feeding on this diseased and polluted plant world, the fossas were getting sick and very few were left, what seemed strong on the outside was not very strong on the inside, the biochemistry of the world vegetable was weak.

What happened there then?

The springs of Madagascar :

Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen said, with my tactile power and your olfactory power, we have to find and reverse this process!!!

It is important to think first and then act, said Meersch Weinchen.

Upon reaching the springs they saw Ribelis who was an anti-hero, anti-value and anti-everything, he looked dejected, debased and weak, he was contaminating the water and professed false and negative prerogatives, his misery was such that he damaged the spring and drank from that same water Likewise, that water that went to the rains was contaminating the air and its negativity contaminated not only the physical environment but also the spiritual environment of the Island.

Shumbiao said we have to grab it and get it out of here, Meersch Weinchen, replied: be careful, let’s first smell it completely and do an internal analysis of it, because we can get contaminated from it, we can get sick if we don’t do things right.

Ribelis said: I know who you are, you don’t know my strength, nor will they be able to take you away from here, he said, he was reading our friends’ minds, and Meersch Weinchen said: Shumbiao we can’t say anything because what he hears he knows how to use at his for and against us. Use information very well.

And Ribelis began a string of nonsense and rudeness and impertinent negativities, against our friends, rudeness was harmful, harmful and malignant; These disturbed Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen told her: friend, don’t hear it, don’t hear it, cover your ears, zero mind!!! Zero mind with those rude words, don’t pay attention to it, don’t

Put mind, don’t listen to him!!! The evil one is cunning!!!

We must build a shield against that negativity, against those miseries, against all that rottenness that is on top of him that is in his head and spirit, we must take care of that despondency that is basically a field of restlessness and weakness He is suffering a lot, but he attacks us by telling us all this, he wants to take over our inner being, he wants to disturb our spirit. He wants to mistreat our internal goodness, he wants to reflect what he feels, he wants to damage everything around him, he wants to take away and rob us of our internal strength.

Meersch Weinchen, an expert in all this, covered himself with a cloak as if making a field of anti-negativity, anti-weakness, anti-everything that Ribelis ranted about, and that field also covered Shumbiao, the fortress field was so strong that rudeness, disturbances and nonsense that Ribelis said, bounced back to himself, our friends were defending themselves in an intelligent way, with positive strength, aptitudes and positive actions; but how were they to defeat the evil one?

Now came the attack !!!

Strategy Connection among all, the external ones also help:

Ribelis started throwing poison darts at our friends, there if our heroes started the Action.

Shumbiao began to jump from tree to tree doing pirouettes and doing incredible gymnastic and juggling exercises, all the animals and everything that existed there saw the majesty of their movements, Ribelis was surprised and became more and more enraged.

Meersch Weinchen with its olfactory power, detected the

best plants and

better potions and smells from the plants that were nearby and told Shumbiao to give them

He will send a telepathic message to exactly those plants so that they will throw that smell that numbing perfume directly at Ribelis in such a way that in a short time, Shumbiao could grab him and imprison him.

The plants began to receive Shumbiao’s message and all of them in connection began to emit that drowsy smell that was coming directly to Ribelis.

Ribelis perceived that smell and did not know where it came from, it came from many places and it was an intense, strange and tasty smell, a very strong and very rich smell, very tasty, so much so that he himself began to smell it more and more and he did not realize it. He realizes that this was going to put him to sleep quickly, and it did!!!!

Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen had defeated Ribelis, they had defeated evil and negativity.

But while Ribelis was asleep, our friends did additional work, Shumbiao we are going to penetrate the mind of this being and we are going to change that Negativity chip for positivism.

From evil to goodness!!!

We are going to help him, we are going to reassure this spirit!!!

And Meersch Weinchen made a field of polarity and positive circularity that covered everyone, and Shumbiao with his telepathy transmitted to this disturbed being, he transmitted everything positive, changing the

Negative to positive in all aspects.

They reassured Ribelis’s heart, they made Ribelis’s heart rest more on the creator, on his own architect than on himself.

“You did not make for yourself and our hearts will be restless as long as they do not rest in You”

said Shumbiao to the

Mind and spirit of Ribelis.

So Ribelis asleep was changing that chip of

Negativity, of misery, of weakness and despondency by healthy Positivism, Tranquility Positivism, Action Positivism, Understanding Positivism, Positivism to the


The air was being decontaminated, the water was being contaminated, and the earth was soon going to be better, much more fertile and more nutritious for all the trees and plants, for the entire plant world and for everyone in general.

The connection and the chain of favors between all the vegetable beings had helped to fight the evil one and they were also helping to improve the relations Water-Air and Earth.

The connections and externalities, that connection that had been agreed to share the negativity, that same connection would serve to communicate everything positive, to change the System and the relationships of the entire ecological environment, to reverse the bad that had been done , and to change that bad for good.

To improve Water, Air and Earth.

We had exchanged weaknesses for strengths and for strengths of good.

We had exchanged hearts, hearts of despondency for hearts of enthusiasm and kindness.

We had not only returned Joy to the Madagascar Trench, but also

We had restored Joy to the entire Island, everyone smiled because deep down we had restored the water and air to the earth, to planet Earth, to all its beings and to the entire Universe.

Scene number 30: A Body and a Divine Superior Eye

Meersch Weinchen said that many things had actually been achieved on this great journey but what had been achieved the most was opening the eyes of the body!!!

The body of a living being is material and is nourished by matter and immaterial things, but to survive in the world it must be nourished by matter, that is to say, by other living beings, by water, by air, by fire – the Sun and by the earth, the system is perfect and we all feed on each other.

Those days it was possible to see in Madagascar a divine eye in the sky that cares for everything on earth, that is, all the bodies of the animal, vegetable and human world.

The eye cares and watches over the body, mind and spirit of all.

What Shumbaio and Meersch Weinchen learned, or rather what they already knew, which was in their minds but they had not removed it, was to open the eyes of the body, get up and walk, get up and run, open the eyes of the body and thus understand what we must take care of the body, which is what the Creator bequeathed to us, together with the spirit, but that body while it is alive must be taken care of and must be maintained, no more than the spirit and that the

Mind, but enough because it supports everything, I support many on this earth.

Apart from everything you have to strengthen it and give it health and quality of life.

It is as if the divine eye had guided them to cure and heal the bodies and all living beings on the island and therefore in the world.

The divine eye and all the experience of the trip had given them several magic formulas for Life, first of all reminding them that tranquility and taking everything calmly and without stress and with more calmness help health and help everything, help to avoid not only the

Disturbance of the body, but even more of the Mind and spirit.

Second, the same living beings and the same nature have the

Keys to cure and heal.

The magic formulas are in nature itself and in the nature of things.

Biochemistry and natural components and all of nature are essential, they are necessary and sufficient, the rest is a meaningless addition.

The rest is superficial. And it’s redundant and unnecessary.

The magic formulas for life are found in the natural world and its laudable and successful combinations. There is another key to hit that.

The natural world serves to numb and calm but it also serves to excite and cheer, to exalt.

The natural world is perfect and everything that is added to it without meaning and disturbing its balance, damages it and harms us all.

The divine eye will be aware of the balance, sooner or later it helps us, but why wait for its alerts, because not pay attention before the imbalances occur.

excesses and defects in the

Nature and its combinations are compensated, they can be compensated, but that is the need for early, correct, preventive, intelligent intervention, to achieve the natural balance of things or return again to a moderate balance.

The balance of the body is given by the moderation in which it is nourished, but so is the moderation in thinking and doing, it is given by mental and spiritual peace.

By opening the eyes of the body we are saving the body and the spirit, we are generating life, we are extending life, not only ours but everyone’s, we are gaining more life and life possibilities.

We are healing ourselves and we are healing others because for one reason or another the body and matter, all matter is a temple of the creator, a temple of the spirit.

Why damage something that is perfect and created by God.

If God wants our happiness and created us for Love.

Let’s return that love by taking care of what he gave us, what he lent us for a short time.

In order to be able to say one day to him and to nature itself, here I return to you more than what you gave me for love.

Because I’ll go to another plane.

Because you made us for yourself and our hearts will be restless as long as they don’t rest in you.

Ovium said online with everyone: let’s tell the World and let’s all communicate from where we are, what we have learned here, the

Goals achieved, the strength and discipline learned and relearned, the damage we have reversed, nature and its World that we have saved, let’s tell the world everything we have achieved and its results.

And learning that the body does not have to be given everything it asks for, strength must be used to give the best of the body, mind and spirit, and discipline to correct, retain, moderate, and control and retain the body. The body must be disciplined and controlled just as the mind must be controlled. The body must be tired and moderated, not always consenting to what it asks for, otherwise we make it sick and we get sick.

If we give the body everything it asks for, we become slaves to it, slaves to the body.

And that the world, in a bidirectional way, also give us their point of view on what they have learned and also give us feedback with their ideas from wherever they are.

And so all the heroes and all our friends communicated what they had achieved.

Kame came up with several of these ideas, with his algorithm of thought, 156 possible natural formulas and combinations to care for the body and to nourish the body in all aspects, improve the nutrition of all living beings and feed back and nourish each other accordingly. the

Best possible way without destroying the natural balance.

Shumbiao then said: with my mental and telepathic power, I managed to capture that the nature of Madagascar was restless and that the Madagascar Trench had heard from nature that somewhere in South America, the bedrock was dark, what would all this mean? ? Our friends asked themselves?, the Trench told them to go to a mystical place in South America where the sun was shining a lot but now not so much, the place is dark and very mystical, they must recover it, they must help him. I know that they must travel to Peru, to Cuzco, South America, there they will find a path and through there they will arrive at the sacred place.

This mission is very mystical, but be prepared because you will find something important to solve. Find the most precious place for the South American ancestors, the place where the Sun, the Moon and the Stars are found, and they shine on the earth, they are reflected in their own land.

Ovium said: Meersch Weinchen should go for his meekness and his innate inner power, also for his speed and superior nose for clues and places.

This is a mystical and interesting place and you have to see it that way and have respect for it.

Pavao will take him flying and they will go to Cuzco, Pavao with his flight will be able to help him in case of need.

Pavao you must look for Meersch Weinchen in Madagascar and fly him to South America to Cuzco.

There is no time to lose !!!

Let’s do it !!!

And so he did. Pavao flew to Madagascar and looked for our friend of great inner strength and flew him to South America to Cuzco, Peru.

⁃ The Power of Higher Intelligence – opening the Spirit – The Inner Artist

Mission number 7: Machu-Pichu

Scene number 31: Entering Cuzco through the Puerta Grande

Pavao and Meersch Weinchen flew all of Cuzco first and they saw the Valley, they saw the entire Valley of the Incas, the Valley was very interesting because there were many mountains around it and in almost all the mountains there were cultivated terraces, they were carved terraces between the mountains, a unique architectural work for two things not to erode the mountain, the earth and two to be able to grow potatoes and tubers essential foods of the area and of the Inca ancestors, they finally arrived in Cuzco and entered through a very Large Gate, the gate It was made of rock after rock, as if they had been perfectly aligned with each other, without any glue, but with each other they fit perfectly, a unique gigantic work of admiration for its architectural and technical splendor, and much more carried out more than 500 years ago. and the best was perfectly preserved.

Tons of rocks one on top of the other fit perfectly at the entrance of an icon city of the Incas more than 700 years ago, a city that belonged to the Inca Empire, and which achieved an American renaissance of that time by integrating architectural, hydrological, mathematical, engineering, new medical and agricultural techniques, many sciences and many arts fully integrated into nature, absolutely aligned to Nature and its balances; integrating the divine, the talents that God bequeathed us with the earthly, astrology with all sciences.

Entering through the large door, our two friends visualized in depth the central square and the rock walls perfectly built in squares, making other walls perfect circles and in other cases rectangles, the interesting thing about the central square, called by the Incas, plaza de Sun, all the rock walls were inlaid with processed gold, like gold mirrors all over, and when the sun was shining perfectly at noon, the plaza that was also perfectly designed in North to South and East to West coordinates, perfectly for the who will enter if he sees the north and could see the Sun both at sunrise and at perfect sunset, a unique work of View and of course when the Sun at noon had to shine all the walls one to the other, achieving a play of lights and natural lighting and forming an impressive central energy.

In the center of the square there was an inscription that said in Quechua: “whoever enters here and stays here for a while when the lights of the sun are all reflected and all converge and diverge by the Sun at noon, can see

Such clarity, you can see everything so bright and illuminating as if you were closer to God “

“So you can make this earth a Heaven and be closer to the Creator”

Our friends saw all this spectacle and what is more, this would be the beginning of an adventure that would manage to elucidate several myths of the Inca ancestor, of our true inhabitants of South and Central America.

From one of the true and indigenous Americans.

One of the happiest scenes our friends had was the Encounter with the Llamas and the Alpacas, the Llamas liked to play funny games and they watched intensely as if they were angry but

In reality they were always thoughtful, Thinking and playing.

They liked to play a game called take it or leave it, this consisted of offering gifts to guests and visitors, they were increasing the bets to see who was the most greedy and wanted to keep all the gifts and so they played until they lost who wanted to keep everything, in reality they were playing and analyzing who or who and what kind of behavior the People had and where they came from, it was like entertaining themselves and analyzing who was the most greedy personality and who was not, who retired early and who wanted to win more, a way of always seeing and guessing who was going with little and who was going to lose everything, practically they had become fortune tellers and they hit on the greedy characteristic of people or not, just by seeing the faces of the enter the game, and the Flames had experience in understanding the behavior of the

Visitors and according to the place where they came too.

When visiting the central cathedral, the only symbol of Jesuit evangelization in the city, our friends realized the

Masterpieces, sculptural, pictorial, unique gold and silver crafts from the priests who spent years there.

The delight of our friends with the natural delicacies of the

Cuzco were immeasurable.

Meersch Weinchen everywhere he went, with his super sense of smell, he determined the exact dates of many works, of their architecture and dates, of the

Components and the quality of their components, in a short time he was able to determine all the pictorial works and their components to have made them, of all the gold and silver crafts, the quality and purity of all their components; In short, he was delighting knowing and feeling the purity of gold and silver and other ancient minerals, the purity of many precious stones, and many works of art, both

Made by the priests and religious who evangelized the area as well as by the Inca inhabitants themselves, technicians, warriors and priests

of the Inca Empire.

Throughout the City of Cuzco, winds of peace, winds of tranquility and spiritual harmony were breathed, despite the fact that Cuzco and the Inca Empire had gone through atrocities of ancient history, not very worth telling.

Our friends would have an interesting conversation with someone in a monastery, who would tell them certain steps and tips not only to be able to enter further into the Inca Trail and its difficulties, but also certain keys and tricks on how the Incas managed to build many things, at such a height. , with such beauty and with such perfection.

Pavao and Meersch Weinchen found an Interesting Monastery in front of the central square, Pavao said, let’s go inside to see it and they entered the Monastery, it was built in the 16th century, it was restored but

It preserved its original architecture, there they met a humble servant of the Monastery, he was from indigenous factions, he was a descendant of the Incas, our friends began to talk with him and the heroes began to ask interesting questions to learn more about the Incas and to be able to Reaching the Inca road and going all that way, the questions became interesting and Meersch Weinchen asked and asked questions more towards the mystical and technological aspects of the city at the time. Pavao was more interested in the sciences and the arts managed by the Incas, Mr. Inca answered them and Meersch Weinchen asked him an interesting question: what had been the key, the way to build all those cities and all that architecture in that special, holistic, beautiful and perfect way?

He answered from the

Following way:

Dear friends who visit us, dear and welcome and blessed to be in our lands, your lands too, I feel and we all feel a great joy that many visit our mother earth and more of you treating yourself, I see, for the quality, depth and curiosity of your questions for

Our people and our spaces, the path of the Incas will take you to the famous modern city of the Incas of modern times, the Incas built within their empire a city dedicated to research and the study of sciences and arts, there is where the rock was sculpted, they asked permission from The Architect of Nature, the creator, God, mother earth to sculpt the rock, to make this city of life and research and to preserve its characters more useful to the society, the women, the wise old men and the children who were preparing them to be more advanced; there where the earth cannot be seen and where everything that shines is natural, no one had been able to enter in those times and in many times because life was being preserved, the most advanced of us and our ancestors were being preserved, there is no trick or key or ruse in our architecture and constructions of our temples and our sacred cities and our great advanced modern city for that time, the great mystery has always been and was, to integrate all of nature, to build adapted to the

Nature, not taking anything from nature, that nothing is left over and that nothing is missing, all architecture has been created based on nature and its needs, in harmony with nature, its precepts, its principles and its needs, based on their own balance, the Incas asked mother earth, mother nature for permission to sculpt that modern Inca city there, everything they took from mother nature was recovered from another side, if someone was nourished or needed something natural For his benefit and that of all, equally, in another way or way, he recovered it, returned it or gave it to him again.

Use what God gave us, and use it intelligently, with intelligent design, with a healthy intention and in favor of life and the life of nature and man.

The great mystery was that they used the very beauty of nature, of everything that God – the architect of nature created and created everything perfect and for Love, with all its precepts to create this beautiful modern city, as they did to make a city in the middle of a greatness?, in the middle of a lot of nature, at such a height in such a perimeter, are questions that many ask us?, how did they do it?

They used nature itself and all of its physics and chemistry, all of its principles, characteristics, qualities, laws and axioms of physics and chemistry, of all the natural sciences, that’s what the Incas were based on, preserving the natural balance and also knowing how to use nature itself, its times and spaces to achieve majesty, the modern city was built little by little step by step according to the seasons and according to the relationship between the stars; in accordance with the times and their needs and their powers and their own stages, nothing was left to chance, everything was built in relation to nature itself, in significance to nature itself, in significance to Life itself, to natural Life and to preserve the life of everything, to preserve the marrow, the philosophy and essence of life,

God gave the Incas talent and inspired them to build in this way, God allowed them to love nature itself, God allowed them to investigate and learn, integrate science and arts, and take advantage of nature for their subsistence but with balance, equilibrium , with order, with perfect harmony, with regularity, with simplicity, with clarity, with regularity and measure, with moderation, with proportion, with symmetry, behold the perfect that all these principles contain them the same

Nature and all these principles were preserved, with these same principles and precepts it was built, elaborated, exculpated, these modern cities would be achieved, that modern city was achieved and inadvertently it was for the very glory of God and to preserve life, the same Life that God gave to all of us, both in the animal, vegetable and human world, to all, to all of the natural world.

That was the great mystery, building an intelligent design modeling nature itself, building and sculpting inside and outside and in itself in nature itself and with nature.

Neither more nor less, go according to the beauty of nature itself, preserve its own beauty and exalt it.

And the Inca trail will give you those steps, the same Inca trail will show you its own paths, it will show you every beauty and every risk, every beauty and every thorn, every rose and its beauty, and every thorn and its own sacrifice for wanting to reach and have the Rose.

All that sacrifice and all that work to achieve that modern city, God knew how to compensate, how?, with his own realization, with his own culmination, with his own preservation.

Exalting, exalting everything that man can do, God allowed it, because man is the image and likeness of God and God created him perfect in his image and likeness, and God said there you have all nature for your good and benefit, so that you can live and work it and with sacrifice but not to harm it, not to destroy it and not to destroy yourself.

But for Life!!!

For Life itself!!! And generate? life !!!

The path of the Incas will lead them to the modern city, no one can enter that path alone, and they can only pass one by one, who walks the path and lets himself be carried away by it and runs through all its risks and manages to solve the riddles that she herself is putting you, that she is putting you on her own path, she will be able to reach this destination, she will be able to reach the modern city, and much more, she will be able to open up much more to the

Intelligence, to higher intelligence.

Two things I advise you, a lot of intelligence and a lot of humility,

You will have to think and do, as you go along the path you will encounter risks, difficulties and riddles, you will have to think the riddle and solve it, solve it and then work to solve it, I recommend you think and then act, think and then do, learn doing.

Those who let themselves be guided by their own path will learn by doing!

Learning by doing said Pavao?

Wow, great!!!

Ovium said: he will go along the Meersch Weinchen road, he can only go one by one, and Pavao will wait for him in Cuzco, when he arrives in the city, he will give Pavao the coordinates and tell him what he has learned so that the two can achieve the mission in the modern Inca city.

Pavao alert for any need of Meersch Weinchen, and your strong friend, stoic friend and intelligent friend of this world, be very careful, take care of yourself, we fully trust you, we know that you will be able to elucidate and solve all the riddles and make your way until you reach the city modern Inca, a lot of wisdom and a lot of humility for everything, how do you know how to be, may the spirit of the Lord take you well and enlighten you and all our hearts, minds and spirits of all of us, will be on your side so that you achieve the goal .

Forward our humble brave and servant!!!

Forward !!!!

Forward !!!

Forward !!!

You came and you came here, you saw it all, you beat them all!!!

Your best weapon is humility!!!

Humility of heart and this will give you the inner wisdom to see the light at the end of the road!!!

Go ahead dear friend!!!

Forward my brave !!!

Scene number 32: On the Inca trails

Meersch Weinchen began the entrance to the Inca trail that was at the exit of Cuzco, there he entered the Inca trail and there was a sign at the entrance that said: “You enter through this door and when you exit it will not be the same, whoever enters through here it will not be able to be returned, some will enter through here and will acquire new skills when leaving; Others will enter here and polish their skills much more when they leave and others will enter here and will not learn much but will be able to work with those who have acquired or polished new skills.”

Our hero began by

Camino and this was attached to the mountain, it had been completely built on the edge, in the mountain gorge, bordering the mountain that went to the modern Inca City, it had been built of strong wood, sand and rocks, in many parts it was narrower than in others, in many parts of the road only two people could fit, one going and one coming; and from there you could see the entire valley of Cuzco and the entire valley towards the great city.

The Inca trail was dangerous and risky in many parts, especially when the rains came, it became slippery and it was necessary to endure intense cold many times, snowfall, rain, thunder, rocky falls, narrow passes and gorges, risks of altitude sickness, bad of Páramo and of height, in short, many things that the one who wanted to go there and reach the City should be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared.

And also to be able to think, do and solve the riddles that he himself was putting to those who went along the way.

Place, to be able to learn by doing to go through and advance and reach the other side.

The risks were high and the rewards were greater.

So our heroes began to walk the Inca road, not much time had passed and he saw the entire Valley, it was beautiful and perfect, everything was seen clearly, the agricultural terraces and all the green vegetation and many styles and colors were seen of flowers, everything seemed perfect, after an hour on the way, our friend saw many obstacles on the road, that part of the road was blocked and very dirty and he thought what is happening here, what is happening in all this, the change was going well and now these obstacles and the very dirty road on this road, and rethinking and it was agreed, oh really the same road is giving me riddles and as the Inca man said, you must think and do, and Meersch Weinchen began to think and think and then he stopped He said to himself, I have to clean the path to be able to pass, remove these obstacles and clean the path, there it is, Cleanliness, Purity, yes Purity, there was the thought of Purity, you have to completely clean the path and leave it completely neat, in its state of Purity, and He did so, when he crossed the already clean road, he saw that everything was fine and the road was still quite clean from there, he had achieved Purity, our hero followed the Inca trail and said to himself, that’s it, he must hit each riddle and test that puts me on the same path, I must weigh and do, and learn from this, from its significance, learn a moral: “Purity finds everything clean around it and makes you follow your path without Obstacles”, “Seek the Purity of your Heart”.

And so our hero continued, he followed the path and continued in a time measured by the movement of the sun, our friend found many animals wanting to go through the path, some coming and others going, the path was wider and some wanted to come and others go at the same time, all at once, our friend thought how crazy, what a disproportion all this, everyone wants to happen at the same time, no sir, this cannot be, and he thought and thought, and said to himself, this You have to balance it and give it proportion so that some pass first and others later, or one by one, and He himself went to where all the animals were and guided them, led them and said: a moment please, so that I can pass They must pass one by one, one coming first and the other going, and we are going to do it that way, we are going to achieve a better proportion on this side of the road, and they were able to guide the passage of the road and they began to pass one by one , one coming and one going, and they did so until they all managed to pass in a balanced way along the road. no and with good proportionality, and he said to himself, ahhhhh there it is: Proportion, “To Achieve the proper Proportion of things you must balance and balance, proportionality of the parts”; and our hero had already achieved 2 riddles; and he continued like this without resting much, when it was about noon, he came across a broken part of the road, and he couldn’t pass through there, and he said everything was complicated for me, this is very complex, I can go through a boundary but It’s very dangerous, it’s a failure, this is super complicated, and he thought, thought and thought and couldn’t come up with any solutions, and suddenly he said I need to make a bridge, let’s uncomplicate this, let’s simplify the step, and I’m looking for your side of the road and a tree that was down and I put it from side to side and zassssss I simplified everything, the difficulties had been simplified, and Simplicity was said to himself, “When there is something complex to understand, look for Simplify everything, look for the Simplicity of the things”; and he continued very happy along the Inca trail,

And so our friend was warming up and warming up, after two hours when there was a lot of light, suddenly he found that the path in a nearby part had become dark as if full of bushes up the path between several rocks and sticks there were many bushes and many branches and it made it impossible to see the other side of the road and there was no light on the other side, and he thought and thought to himself, I must find a way to clarify all this, I must remove all these branches and bushes up here on the road and on the sides and in front and he must see what is behind the other side of the road, and he said to himself that is where he is looking for Clarity, and he himself removed everything that made the road dark and cleared the road and the view, everything became clear and he saw light at On the other side of the road, he saw Clarity, and said “Clarity” “Seek to clarify everything, seek the quality of Clarity, seek the clear path and clarify the Path”; Our friend already had 4 riddles and tests to think and do in a short time;

And so he kept walking and walking and jogging sometimes to speed up his pace, in about 2 hours and after having visualized and enjoyed the architectural beauty of two types of houses and Inca shelters that surely had been made to shelter from rain, snow and thunder of seasons of the year; He found himself with a wide part and a super narrow part of the road, and he said to himself, and he thought and he thought and the first thing he said is dangerous, all this, I must accommodate this part of the road, I must fix it not only for me to pass here but for many to pass without any danger, for the new generations to pass without danger, and he saw that the road was asymmetrical, he had to look for the Symmetry of it and he fixed it, he left it very well, the same width on the coming side than the one going, and he saw that it had been Symmetrical, very well done, and he said to himself: “The Symmetry of the Path makes it easier for you and me to go and come back along the same path, at the same time, together, you going and I going. back and so on”;

Now it was our friend’s turn to rest and he saw a place where he sat, and crossed his legs and rested and began to meditate, there he meditated for half an hour and rested in the middle of his meditation he was seeing many things that he had already resolved and they fit together and they meshed with each other and he began to realize everything he had managed to learn and relearn, he was almost halfway there and had achieved a lot; When he got up from meditating, he saw the sky and looked at the clouds, they were very beautiful and some went after each other, there was no equality between them, that is, they were not all the same and of the same sizes, but some of one size. and shape and others of hours, all were unequal, but as a whole the whole sky and all of them made the whole very beautiful, the whole, the sky above, and he continued the path and found a part of the path that he had to pass through some logs of different sizes, the logs were arranged unevenly and many people couldn’t easily pass through there, he could but bypassing them, but why not fix the logs in a better way, make them more equal so that everyone could pass , so that people and everyone could have a better time, and he placed the logs in an equal balance and everything looked better, and he said Equibalance, that is the concept, “Place and Manage everything with Equibalance and you will do better”;

He was already halfway there and our friend had solved 6 riddles; The afternoon was already beginning to fall, but he continued advancing with much happier and clearer steps, each time clearer, and suddenly he found that the path had a passage to go from one side to the other like a small tunnel, but it was full of things and nature along the path of the tunnel, on the sides, there was garbage and he had to improve it, without thinking much he began to collect everything that was on the sides and picked up the nature that was on the floor of the tunnel, he I clean everything and I even put flowers on the sides, many flowers coming and going, and he said improve it, perfect it, make it happy, and he said “Perfection” there the key, “If you can improve and Perfect everything, do it” ” Do not leave for tomorrow what you can improve and Perfect today”; it was riddle number 7;

The sun was already going down and our friend continued and said I am going to eat something to give me energy, and he ate some energetic vegetables, and visualized some large birds that were going to where the Inca trail should end, these birds were Condors of the Andes, so called, they were very large and beautiful birds with gigantic wings, very large and they could see when the strength of flight flew, the grandeur of their flights, and he said: they go where I am going, and they know that I am going there too , and then he came to the end of the path without meaning, he saw that the path ended there, all this was irregular, he reviewed the path, he reviewed it from side to side and said to himself that I miss all this, but the birds go there, the road should follow its normal route, what happened then?, and suddenly he realized that the road did continue but went further, but that part was blocked with stones and sand, people passed the road along a boundary but it was totally risky, and he said, I’m going to remove all this sand and stones, and it’s going to take me a while but I’m going to make it, I’m going to completely unblock the path, and he did it like that in about 2 hours, he unblocked everything and it was said to regularize everything, he put the irregular things Regular, “ Regularity above all, when you see something Irregular try to give it its normal and natural regularity”; The night had already begun, our hero had 8 riddles and achieved steps;

At nightfall he found a lot of people on the way and some were discussing some things and others and others, and he went in there to hear what they were saying, it was already dark, and some said: we can’t go on today and others said if we can , come on, some said today it will rain and others said let’s stay here until tomorrow, there was no uniformity of criteria, some spoke and others wanted to speak louder, we had to see what was happening, our friend, I ask them?, let’s see, let’s see see, who are from these areas and who are not; and two answered if we are from here, ok, said Meersch Weinchen, let them talk, they said we know the time and the place here tonight we better not go there, let’s not follow the path, today there will be thunder, and the animals get very nervous and lightning can hurt someone, let’s get comfortable in these shelters and we’ll spend the night there tomorrow when the sun rises we’ll leave calmly, and they did so, our friend had achieved Uniformity of criteria, but when the who knew the place and its time, they gave them that advice, great, our friend said, great, we achieved Uniformity, and he thought “So let’s be, different, Let’s seek Uniformity to achieve a good common goal”; And so everything happened and so they did, they rested the night and in the morning they continued on the road; He already had 9 riddles accomplished;

Then our friend followed the path and continued like this and further on he met some Llama shepherds and several llamas carrying tubers and potatoes on their sides, but the Llamas were slow and had more weight on some sides than on others, so the He said, these do not have a measure, the Llamas had more weight on one side than on the other, they made them slow, he stopped them and fixed the weight and gave them a good measure of the weight of the Llamas, he accommodated the measures of the weight from one side to the other and This is how he gave it the same measurement on one side as on the other and he made the Llamas have more speed, the Llamas were happier and our friend achieved the perfect Measurement, “with the same rod that you measure you will be Measured” “Achieve the Measurement in everything , have Measure and in everything and you will achieve very Good things”, our friend had achieved the “Measure” a quality of Beauty,

Our friend continued like this, it was already a little late, and he continued walking, and he found a very beautiful waterfall, everything seemed in harmony, the waterfall was perfect, the sky was still clear and he refreshed himself in the waterfall and bathed there, the little birds sang and there was a very beautiful choir among all, suddenly some people showed up who wanted to be in the waterfall, and they began to try to hunt one of the birds that counted the most, which sang very loudly, it was a small bird, the whistler , our friend told them, don’t do that, don’t take away that harmonious voice from that choir, it’s as if you took away the best singer-songwriter from a musical group, leave those little birds alone that give the perfect harmony to this ecosystem and step are the loudest voices of all these singers of nature, and they left the Place, and the place remained in Perfect Harmony, He Said, “Harmony” There it is, “Achieve perfect Harmony in everything”, “We all have something to help in the ecosystem, everything in nature it is Harmonic and it was realized in perfect Divine Harmony”.

and our hero friend had already completed 11 riddles, he said to himself, I have already advanced a lot and I think I am about to arrive, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Suddenly he saw the perfect place and there the Condor of the Andes was circling the skies, and he said I have arrived, and suddenly he found the end of the Inca trail, and a sign that said, “You have arrived at Machu-Picchu”


You have reached Machu-Pichu

The Place in Perfect Order with Nature and God the Creator

The perfect Order between everything created by God, God, Nature and Man,

The Perfect Order, and our friend had managed to reach the end of the Inca trail, he had managed to reach Order, the Perfect Order

He had achieved riddle number 12: “The Order”

His eyes were looking at the Majesty of Machu-Picchu

God had allowed the talent of man to create all this in perfect order, in perfect order between nature created by God, and the perfect man created by God – the creator, in his Perfect image and likeness.

The place was the perfect Order, between Everything allowed by God, the nature created by God and Man.

Scene number 33: Looking for the Inner Child- Looking for the Inner Inca

Our friend was completely impressed by what his eyes saw, the Condor was above him, circling Machu-Picchu, the Condor told him, and I ask him: What do your eyes see?

He told him: I see the modern city perfectly,

The Condor told him: look up, what time?

He told her, I see you and the sky is completely blue, that’s right, said the Condor.

I don’t see clouds, said our friend, how well the Condor said while he was flying.

The Condor told him, let’s go step by step, I’m going to show you the city from the entrance, okay? Let me show you the whole city, our friend said: great!

Hey, look up, open your eyes, said the Condor, look up, you realize how good Heaven looks, he said, Yes, our hero answered.

Open your eyes wide, open your inner eyes, open your mind and your spirit, don’t you realize that whoever brought you here wanted you to be here at this very moment and at this time,

You do not realize that you are predestined to fulfill this mission, that you are predestined by your Meekness and your Humility to a very important mission, that I guided you here by Order of someone superior to us, by someone much higher than us,

By someone with infinite Power, who created you and me, who created everything you see above, that Blue Sky, and brought you here so that you can hone your skills, so that you have a chance beyond and with your good habits, good wishes and potentialities achieve something great for the Glory of Him and ours,

See yourself, hear yourself, feel yourself,

Open up your superior intelligence that God the Creator gave you, open up to the Superior Intelligence, open up!

Open your superior mind well

Without fear and we are going to see that everything that God allows is perfect, that everything that God created is perfect.

We will enter through the Great Gate of the City, what do you see?

Meersch Weinchen said: the Gate is perfectly aligned, the rocks are polished and one on top of the other in perfect rectangles and perfect squares make the perfect alignment, this was created by the Inca man, but everything seems to be natural, perfect conjugation of natural geometry ,

And what do you feel more and what do you see more? said the Condor,

Our friend said: I see and feel many people who passed through here, happy and with very good faces, smiling and happy, hard-working and educated,

The Condor said, I want you to see each part of the city and imagine with your inner child, I want it to reach your imagination, you are capable, repel your adult ego, defeat your ego, repel your ego and unload your ego , look for your inner child, return to your inner child, to your primary, naive, pure and humble thought, search within yourself, and imagine every time we find something in this place, imagine it as if you were a child again, naturally pure , pure of heart, of feelings, of senses, perceive with all your senses, and much more with more sensory acuity,

Open your imagination, Open your inner child imagination,

Go back to your child and imagine that you are going through this whole city as a child!

Feel everything you see, with a lot of sense, try to see everything with all your senses, feel, touch the flowers and nature, feel the rocks, hear the whistle of the city wind, hear its animals go by, smell the perfumes of the flowers, from the earth, from the air, from nature and from the mother rock, savor the fruits of the city and the surrounding forests, observe widely, see and detail each thing, each place in this city, each integration between the here and Heaven, between this Earth and the blue of Heaven, observe everything with superior intelligence,

Let’s continue, said the Condor, that you see below on the sides of the City, he said, our hero, answered: I see an aqueduct, I feel the water, and I see the water that goes throughout the city, the aqueduct is external, it covers the entire city , I see it and it reaches everywhere, the aqueduct takes advantage of two things: the rains and several waterfalls that come out of the mountain, it is perfectly designed, it is perfect to reach the whole city to all the houses and the water seems to be recycled, it comes out and enter, the Incas made a perfect aqueduct for them and for the agricultural terraces and for the investigative terraces,

Here the Water is not wasted, but is used to the maximum, I feel the Water as if I felt my own veins and my own blood running through my body, I feel the water flow, and it smells tasty, the water is pure from the spring,

The water flows and runs through the entire city, gives drink to each and every one of the living beings in the city¡¡¡¡

It is a source of life

Now to the left near those terraces that you see, said the Condor?, our friend was down,

Let’s see, open your imagination and see yourself right here, and what can you see there?

What does your inner child see, your superior intelligence, what do you see?

I see children running, yes, and I see how an Elevator, the Elevator leads to the terraces and leads to the lower part of the city like a central square, the Condor said well, yes of course you are seeing it,

Our friend tried to see the Condor’s face but he wouldn’t let it, he looked up,

And he said, the Elevator is great, it is pulled by ropes and has sand and wood counterweights, it is perfect, surely it was the one destined to lower weights and very heavy loads and its design is very good, incredible what the Incas achieved, it is He said, the Elevator would also manage to raise the Elderly and the sick towards the axis and the left street of the City and to raise weights of food and provisions,

He felt how the Elevator moved up and down and up.

I felt like I was going up and down according to the needs of the city.

and they continued walking and our friend said there is a sundial there, yes, said the Condor, what else do you see,

I see the perfect alignment between this stone clock made by the hand of the Incas, perfectly accommodated with the city and the stars, incredible but true, it also gives us the seasons of the year and guides us in relation to them and the phases of the stars , perfect relationship Sun-Moon and Earth

Open your imagination more, open your superior intelligence more, said the Condor, and our friend imagined and imagined more when he was a child and how being in this place, and he opened his mind more and said to himself and to the Condor: all creation It is perfect, God made it, one God, now why did God allow him to do all this, this watch so perfect, and how did they do it?

Think and imagine, said the Condor, think, think and imagine,

After a while our friend said, God was allowing the Incas to imagine and do this too, for their benefit, for their Living, for their study, and research, so that they could advance as well,

Exactly said the Condor and what else, what else???

God opened their minds too, exactly, what mind did he open them? the mind of imagination

Albricias said the Condor exactly

And for what ? asked the Condor:

For the human being to dominate everything created by God, for his good and that of the entire Universe, and have a very good relation of the times and take advantage of the times and time, so that in a certain way he could advance in time, understand the mysteries of time and times,

And to be more advanced, be closer to who? said the Condor?

Of God, The Creator, said Meersch Weinchen,

And then they continued walking through the city, rather, he walking and the Condor flying over him,

And the Condor kept asking him and what do you see? What else do you see? and towards the end of the city he saw something spectacular, he saw a sports field, and he felt many children playing with their imagination, the children were playing and competing, the game was like a combination of basketball with soccer, they counted the goals and baskets and they had a lot of fun, they made a lot of noise and voices were heard everywhere, but they were trained with great strength and sagacity, you could tell they had discipline to achieve everything in the game,

Our friend felt, observed and heard the entire game, and they smelled some torches that were towards the sides of the court, in a loud voice, Vivo Fuego, extolling the children, their game and their sport.

Then our friends would continue towards the center of the City, and the Condor asked him?

What do you see there, and what is its purpose?

Our Hero said: it is a flowery plaza, with insignia in the Center, I am imagining that people would gather there, people would talk there, it is the Central Plaza

I smell the flowers and gardens of the Plaza, I smell their fruits but they are exposed there, that’s right,

There they exchanged fruits, tubers and tips of potatoes,

And what else ? and what else? said the Condor,

ahhhh I know, ideas were exchanged there, the best ideas of those who were arriving, those who were arriving said their best ideas there to the advanced ones, healers and doctors, to everyone

They achieved an exchange of ideas, of the best ideas, and from there everyone learned and knew how the outside world was,

They took advantage of the ideas and anecdotes of those who came to the city!

Great said the Condor

Now we are on the side bordering the terraces, what do you see, said the Condor?

I see the House of the Nobles, waooooo with two floors and it also had an Elevator, they lived upstairs, Nobles, Elders and Women, the children aside,

and below they had the provisions, and the Flames came there,

I can also see to the other side the Houses of Advanced and Healers, which the Condor said well!

There lived the researchers, advanced, mathematicians and doctors, they felt and heard speaking in dialect, they looked up and had special tools to count, measure, number and calculations

Their clothing was peculiar and some of them were elderly,

All these houses were very clean and prepared for all seasons, they had bathrooms and elevators, windows and the perfect roofs aligned and designed for Life,

Then the Condor asked our friend, what is that Rock there and that Rock cavern?

our hero, peered into his mind and saw and saw, and thought and imagined,

and the Condor told him, go in there, what’s up? what do you feel?

He told her: I feel cold, very cold here, there is a flat stone in the center of here, like a stone to put something or someone down here, and it is very cold, very cold in here, it is very cold here, and the flat stone is very cold. cold too,

and he imagined and said, I know, I know, it’s like a Surgical Operations Room, that’s right, said the Condor

It’s called the Trepanation Room.

That?????? said our friend, imagine what that is, said the Condor and for what? Search with your imagination

It seems that it is for Healing and was used in Research, to open the brain, to cure and heal, and extract ideas,

Exactly said the Condor,

At first you could hear the noises of those who were healing, but they perfected the technique and then no one made any more noise or cried anymore,

And when Meersch Weinchen left there, he saw on the other side some small, medium and giant Terraces, they were the Research and Supply Terraces of the City,

He smelled the tubers, he smelled each tuber with his super nose, he smelled each and every one of the tubers, the different types of potatoes and the aqueduct fed them perfectly with water, they had an impressive risk system, and then the water went down the drain. some coves and fell to the rock as if returning the water to where it should go, downstream,

The system was completely great and perfect, small terraces above, then the medium ones and the large ones below,

They had flowers around them and they were made of wood, rocks and earth, different types of earth,

The terraces were made flush with the earth and the bedrock, they were as if superimposed on it, as if molding the same earth and rock.

and our friend had seen the whole and completely of the city, and he saw the exit of the City through a more natural and extensive door, but before leaving through there, the Condor told him,

I want you to see the entire City from here, and something is missing that I want you to see in your imagination,

Imagine and see the whole city from up here almost when you leave and all its grandeur, what do you imagine, what do you see?

Come on, think, imagine, intuit, if this was the city that shone with the sun, what can you imagine what you see?

What made the city shine if the Sun shone, what could make the city shine if the Sun was shining, Brilliant, Illuminated,

He said like some mirrors

That’s how it is

But what kind of mirrors? How and for what?

that the Incas sculpted, that the Incas used a lot, that the Incas worked a lot,

What materials did you use a lot?

Minerals, yesssss, said Meersch Weinchen, Silver, Gold, Bronze, and Coal and many more.

Exactly said the Condor, now imagine, Imagine, already with your inner child alive, imagine the City,

and He said yessssss, it is true the whole city saw it shining and illuminated, now with his superior intelligence he saw more and more, and he saw the entire Central Plaza, the walls as if with gold paintings, as if completely painted in gold, many places to the side. North, South, East and West of the City with trays, artifacts, gold paintings, and the whole City when the Sun rose until it set, the whole city when the sun was shining made the city shine much more illuminating the entire city, as if it had more natural light, and when the sun was high up in the middle, the city shone so bright that each and every one of its inhabitants was also illuminated, it was a kind of mental and spiritual feedback , and 4 times a year they gave a shout and jubilation giving thanks to the Creator, giving thanks to the one who provided them with all that Gold and Minerals, to the one who gave them all those natural beauties, to the one who gave them Life and Light.

and both the Condor and Meersch Weinchen managed to see the modern City fully illuminated by day and they also imagined it illuminated at night less than proportionally than by day, but also when the full moon was at its maximum splendor!

and finally said the Condor, he said go out there, with greatness friend, because you have managed to see the City as it really was,

You managed to return to your inner child, you managed to imagine and see what the Creator allowed, and without knowing it

As a whole, in the whole City where you enter and saw the perfect Order, the whole City as a whole is and was built with: Purity, Proportion, Simplicity, Clarity, Symmetry, Equilibrium, Perfection, Regularity, Uniformity, Measure, Harmony and Order, in every way.

What you went through on the Inca Trail, all the riddles and tests, you are seeing here as a whole, in One, throughout the City, in all the splendor of the City, it is the City, it is Machu-Picchu.

What your mind saw and what your imagination achieved as a child, purity, clarity and simplicity as a child, that is what it really was.

Your Meekness, your Humility and your Superior Intelligence have made you see it. Your Humility and Meekness have Triumphed.

You have seen the perfect intelligent design modeled to nature, to the perfect nature made by God, the Only God!

the God of all, the God of the Universe

Ovium said: there are no words that can describe all this, there are no words gentlemen, there simply are not,

How big is the imagination?

And all our hero friends from where they were applauded Meersch Weinchen and the Condor of the Andes.

Scene number 34: Saving the Bedrock

In this scene, the Condor told our friend: now we are warming up, we are entering the pure and naive child, we are entering the primary process, now we must help the Mother Rock much more, which is felt, is dark and does not have the illumination of before,

we must give it splendor, more splendor, down towards the Mother Rock is a character that must be defeated and we have to repel him, this intemperate, intemperate and intransigent man is preying on and damaging the Mother Rock, he takes away light from the city and its people and has it obscured, he wants to prey on and damage the Earth, the Mother Rock, and we will not let him do that, he wants to damage the positive axis and the essence of nature, the Mother Rock,

Think and keep imagining friend, just think what we can do and how we can defeat it, repel it,

Our friend said, I know we are going to go step by step from the beginning, and we are also going to think and imagine how to defeat him, but we have to defeat his bad essence, his bad ego,

Let’s go thinking and imagining and take our thinking and imagination to the maximum, let’s squeeze our imagination,

Let’s start

He wants to damage our essence, our enlightenment, our Mother Rock,

The Condor told him: if the city is dark, it must be embellished, if the bedrock is being damaged, it must be fixed, improved, perfected and beautified again,

Go fixing each thing, each part of the city, each place you see, fix it and beautify it with your Child’s eyes, with your inspired mind, with all your tangible and sensitive senses to the Maximum, with your creative spirit that God has bequeathed to you, that God has enabled you, that God has unleashed you in this instant, with all your superior artistic intelligence, with all its splendor, with all your being,

Go ahead, enlarge your creative spirit that God is giving you at this moment, feel it and expand it, feel it, imagine it and bring it out, bring out the best of you, your artistic part, of your Soul,

And so he began to feel, imagine and create!!!!

It is as if you were drawing, creating a picture to improve the city, creating the picture of the modern city, but much, much better, as if you gave light to the city, as if you illuminated it more, you embellished it as

It was before and even much better, as if you modernized it, embellished it, and updated it with more light, lighting, color, clarity, depth, splendor.

And said:

We are going to decant and study this, analyzing, thinking and imagining, creating and beautifying, and he said to himself: How to prevent them from damaging our Mother Rock-Our Earth, this is going to be the root of everything, the root of improving the city , the root from which the creation, illumination and deep modernization of the Inca city starts, let’s imagine that this is going to be the root of a great flower, we are going to turn the city into a great flower surrounded by a lot of nature and a complete ecosystem,

Let’s see, let’s see, let’s think and imagine: let’s see some points to analyze and study:

⁃ The Mother Rock

⁃ Predating and damaging

⁃ Why does he do it?

⁃ What is its purpose?

⁃ What should we ultimately defeat?

⁃ The whole and the parts

This part, this step is going to be like the petals of a large flower, many petals, do you see them? Yes, he said, yes, I see them, very good.

very well said the Condor:

Meersch Weinchen said, I am inspired and I must see it step by step, we are entering the City again and we are turning it into a great flower with its entire ecosystem, illuminating it and reviving it more and more and we are seeing that we must help it,

He thought what is the positive point, which is like the stem of the flower, the stem that supports the great flower, of all this:

and it was said:

⁃ we know who is harmful

⁃ we are in time to help the Mother Rock

⁃ We have the Creator in our Favor

⁃ all this imagination, all This helped us to think and create better

Great said the Condor,

and what are the negative points of this situation, like the thorns of this great flower, as if it were a great rose, our hero said to himself,

⁃ They have the city darkened

⁃ All this is rude, it doesn’t make sense

⁃ The damage is not only to us but to everyone and to himself

⁃ By damaging the Mother Rock, the Earth, the flowers do not bloom well and it may be one of the causes of not achieving more types of tubers and different types of potatoes.

Let’s go well said the Condor,

And what are the interesting and useful points and aspects of all this, what is the useful pollen of this great flower, of this great rose, our friends said to themselves:

⁃ Let’s try to understand the Incas again

⁃ We discover certain secrets of them

⁃ We understand the intelligent design of nature and its world

⁃ We can understand the integration of Man to Nature and the designs of God

Super said the Condor,

Now we are going to imagine ourselves and we are going to continue creating, we will ask ourselves: what are the philosophical aspects, what we will call the earth, the essentials and the values that are needed to avoid damaging the Bedrock, to improve and Illuminate the Bedrock?:

⁃ he answered himself: good habits of environmental conservation are needed

⁃ Deep values of love for Nature are needed

⁃ They need love for oneself and for others

⁃ Professional Ethics is needed in all senses

⁃ Moral bases and morale held high

This is going to be the entire base, the entire land and beyond, where this great Flower is planted, this great Rose,

Very well said the Condor,

Keep going, he told him in Condor,

And our friend continued: now we are going to imagine and connect with those who are temporarily needed to resolve this whole situation, what do we need temporarily?: he said to himself: we need fresh water, fresh water to flow, life to flow again here, we need develop the ecological spirit here, we need to improve the aqueduct, give it the water source it had in the past and improve it even more today; we need to repel those who damage and want to damage the bedrock; we need to fertilize the Terrazas land more, start generating the various tubers and different types of potatoes again, do more research again on grafting types of potatoes,

Great said the Condor,

And our friend said all this is like the Water that surrounds our great flower, that gives life to the great flower,

And he also said we need many more permanent things, like the air that surrounds our atmosphere, the permanent needs are: to give the city shine again, to return or put back El Oro that made the city shine and illuminate more; we need to eradicate those who want to damage the bedrock, remove them completely, we need to plant more trees and flowers throughout the City, modernize and update it; more air more nature, we need to fix the damage that was caused to the parent rock, cover up the damage, and he said: all this is how the air that gives life to the Rose that we are imagining and drawing, and gives life to everything the planet,

And he also said we need creativity, Sun, Illumination, it is needed: make new Inca artifacts of gold, silver and bronze, much more creative than the old ones, and place them throughout the city that gives it much more splendor, place them in the north, south, east and west of the city; we need various trees throughout the City and decorate them, we need to improve the trepanation room so that it becomes a very nice museum of ideas and research, and we need to turn the central square into the center of generation and exchange of ideas, and we seek to study the past to learn the good of the old city, not to make the mistakes made in the past; seek the conformity of the present, and the non-conformity of the future: that we look for new alternatives and possibilities to improve and innovate our future, that of the big city, its entire ecosystem and that of all its people,

Well this is how the sun that shines in the whole city,

And our friend said: it already had the complete flower: the root, the stem, the petals, the thorns, the earth where it is planted, the water and the air that give it life and the Sun that gives it life and light,

There is our big Rose in the middle of the City!!!

But some things are missing, said the Condor, yes, of course, our friend said,

If now we are going to imagine Heaven, the space of the Rose, of this great Flower, let us imagine and draw Heaven, a completely blue Sky and bluer than how it is, the spaces are wide and dimensional, all the spaces are clean and neat , the environment is simplified and harmonious; all the spaces are connected and nothing is left unnoticed and random, all the spaces imitate nature and its forms, there are more circular spaces, others more rectangular, other squares and others triangular, some combined with others and intertwine perfectly and as if was designed just like nature; space m- Heaven is perfect and interconnected, there are no caves or passageways, everything is transparent, it is as if the whole

World, all the people, you could see,

And we already drew the sky, now draw us and let’s put time on it, analyze time for us, it’s like drawing the Universe, draw us the past time, the present and draw us the future as we want it for ourselves and for the big city, let’s give life and good weather to the Rose, and the entire ecosystem that we imagine and draw, let’s give it eternity and a lot of time, let’s give universality to the great city; let us give it eternal life, fruitful life and new life, let us give it the perfect time, the divine time,

And so it was that the great Rose and the great city had Heaven and Universe, Space and Time,

Our hero continued: we are going to complete the landscape and we are going to put flowers around it and a rainbow too; the flowers will be like an internal analysis – analysis of the environment inwards and the rainbow the external analysis – relations with the environment outside;

Let’s draw flowers, many tulips, they will mean the internal relations of the big city, the environment, I must improve the relations between everyone in the ecosystem of the big city to avoid damaging the bedrock, I must integrate everyone based on the objective of helping the ecosystem, I must work more on the inner strength so that they never depredate the earth again;

And the rainbow means the external environment, what emotions should I induce in the big city to improve it, what positive emotions will innovate in the big city for the future, what external strategies should I consider to attract greener people to the big city, how to improve my relationships and communications of the great city with the outside world, that the evil ones can go to other similar places to despoil the earth; What plans and strategies related to other places, with the exterior I have to save the bedrock; use a policy and organizational direction that aligns the objectives here with the objectives in other latitudes, that is, congruence between the same objectives, alignment between my people and the people abroad.

And we already put flowers and rainbows to the ecosystem of the great Rose,

Now we are going to put an Ocean there not too far away but that feeds back the ecosystem, that feeds back the Rose, this Ocean will give depth to the Drawing, which we can remove to improve the Mother Rock: we can remove the contamination from the adjacencies; that we can include you to improve the city: we will include more environmental safety; that we can remove to improve the city: remove whoever is going to harm, remove stressors and harmful noises; that can be mixed or combined to improve: planting of new trees, mezcal of trees from the area with others that were there in ancient times or that help to favor the ecosystem and the big city, and so our friend imagined and drew the Ocean nearby ;

Now we are going to put a Lake nearby that will give it Altitude and a River that will give it fluidity; the Lake will be the possibilities of combinations and ideas that help to innovate the city: how to have choirs and musicals in the City; use the field for new sports and create an ancient sport similar to that of the Incas, resistance sport and entertainment between soccer and basketball; combine the trepanation room for fun, Game, Education, research, Information, Culture,

And the River will give the City more Fluidity, it will mean that each person who passes by, chooses something at random from the city and from there forms a sentence with it to improve the city and not depredate the environment, and they put it in a mailbox and at the end of each month, the best idea will win a prize and will be used in favor of the city,

So we put an Ocean, a Lake and a River to the ecosystem, to the great Rose, and from there several temporary and permanent conclusions and results will be generated:

⁃ Temporary: this ecosystem requires filling the gaps that were generated or generated by the harmful ones; it is necessary to defeat and search down there who or who preyed and tried to damage the bedrock, communicate to the outside world the successes in what has been achieved

⁃ The Permanent: you have to sow the future, you have to plant trees and flowers in abundance there, you have to put back the gold, silver and even bronze artifacts to beautify and illuminate the City; the conservationist spirit and mystique must be developed, we must create, design and build more like the Incas did, intelligent design of nature, imitating the design of nature.

Super advanced said the Condor,

And look at this final thing, our friend said, in his primary thought and with superior and artistic intelligence:

We must manage to redesign the city with a natural Purity, looking at the Purity of Nature, with better Proportionality and Simplicity in the intelligent design, with Measurement and Equilibrium among all the Golden artifacts so that the Light of the Sun and the Moon give the Greater Clarity to the new City, seeking the best Symmetry between the sides, shapes and figures, the best Uniformity among all the criteria of its Universal people, that the City achieves Perfection, the Harmony of all parts of the City in all the senses, the Harmony is felt in seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, sniffing and super feeling every new city, and the perfect Order embedded and integrated in the same nature made by the Creator.

Here is your embellished city, embellished with your vision of a pure Child, with your artistic eyes, with all the possibilities that the Creator opened up for you now, He made it possible for you to imagine, create, illuminate and paint this most advanced and modern City, much more current, He who has given you everything, gave you your talents, these artistic talents, this superior intelligence and opened them to the World for the Wealth and abundance of this City, its people and the World,

There is the Integral Holistic Rose in all its splendor, shining wide with all its perfect ecosystem: Earth, Water, Air and Sun; the Rose with its stem, petals, thorns and pollen naturally, in its land, with its air, water and the shining sun, with its tulips and the rainbow, in its perfect space and time, in the background the ocean, lake and river , with much more pollen, a whole perfect ecosystem, a perfect intelligent design of nature.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing more to say!!!

The artistic spirit had been opened and God had allowed it, God through the talents that he had given Meersch Weinchen had enabled him the power of creation as well and with this he had managed to beautify, illuminate more and modernize the Inca city, El Machu Pichu was much more than in its splendor past, it was in a prominent and brilliant future.

Ovium and Kame said: let’s communicate and replicate the exercise and creativity learned throughout the world, and we must eradicate whoever is behind all this, we must go below Machu Pichu to see who is there.

Scene number 35: Sky- Space – Earth

Meersch Weinchen said: okay, and called Pavao and told him, Pavao, come to Machu Pichu, meet me in these latitudes and we will find who is damaging the Mother Rock,

And Pavao managed to fly there and saw the Inca city, he flew around and saw its beauties, all its parts, the central plaza, the sundial, the court, the houses, the terraces at ground level, the rock mother, she saw everything, and she said to Meersch Weinchen, I’m coming for you so you can see the whole great city from the air, from Heaven,

And our friends flew from the very blue sky, and they managed to see the whole city from high above, the city looked very illuminated, and Pavao said waooooooo what a beauty the whole city looks like, and Meersch Weinchen saw everything he had imagined. now from above from the heavens,

Then our friends went down to the part near the river, since Machu Picchu was embedded in the mountain above and below was the river, between the river and the city everything was mountain, earth, it was bedrock, there in the bedrock in the middle they saw some holes inward as if drilled by someone, they had looted and excavated the bedrock, our friends went there and saw a huge hole that they made like a hiding place, Meersch Weinchen told Pavao, leave me here, I’ll investigate until where does all this come from, and he got into that hiding place and began to smell something very strong and nauseating, with his super sense of smell, he said I know who it is, and he ran and ran to the end of the hiding place and he got Skunk, and he gave him He said uh I know you were behind all this, you are the one who is damaging the earth, the mother rock of the modern city, Skunk was totally scared, and he said I give up, I give up !!!, and our hero said: perhaps you don’t know that what is above is below and l or what is below is above, Heaven was always seeing you intemperate, immoderate, intemperate; because ? You detach your bedrock, why? Do you dirty and muddy the city and its mother rock? Don’t you know that we have already imagined a Better City, and that’s how it is and that’s how it will be!!!!

Skunk told him: I am very scared and I give up, it is very ugly ice and my skin is full of bad odors and I was doing a lot of harm by damaging the bedrock, but when I saw and heard everything that you imagined and created and converted the city, in the most modern and up-to-date possible, my jaw dropped, and I gave up, and said I can’t against this, it’s someone superior to me,

And our hero friend said, I knew, we won this battle with our superior intelligence, with all my Art, our art, there was no need to fight hand-to-hand, what’s more, we won the battle without throwing a single blow, without hitting anyone , we have won this battle before everything, before we start it, we win and completely subdue the enemy, subduing his ego, we defeat him on his own ground, the ground of evil, and we leave him with his mouth open,

Art and all its splendor destroyed the intentions of the enemy, what Heaven gave us we apply here on earth, we unite Heaven to Earth, through superior intelligence, superior artistic intelligence,

Heaven inspired us and we turned that piece of land, the city, we turned it into part of Heaven, into divine inspiration, we became creators and quasi-creatives, we also became part of that Heaven, we made this earth a heaven, we made this earth and the Creator allowed something very similar to what was created by God, to his intelligent design, to something as splendid as if we had been partly, partly in Heaven itself,

And who can against that, that’s why Skunk, seeing all that, seeing and hearing all that, completely surrendered,

And our friend said: make us a Heaven out of the bad and not the other way around, let’s transform the bad, the improper, the excessive, into something good, into something kind and part of Heaven,

May our intelligence work for that, to become superior intelligence and become the artistic intelligence that manages to convert everything on earth into part of Heaven,

May art reach all corners not only of this earth but of the entire planet earth,

And may the Superior intelligence prevail over the lack of good, over evil,

Total Heaven will always be waiting for us!!!

Heaven is the infinite space that will be waiting for us!!!

And then Pavao after that looked for our friend in the bedrock, they fixed all the bedrock, covered the holes and let Skunk go, our friends had high morale and Skunk had low morale but he had learned his lesson,

Our friends left bedrock better than it was and flew high

And they flew doing a number 8 upside down, they saw the

City from above high above, and the number 8 upside down meant “infinity”, Heaven can wait for You”

The sky is the limit of imagination !!!

Totally infinite!!!!


Colorin Colorado !!!!

All our friends were able to communicate what they had learned in all latitudes of the world and applied the exercise of imagination to the creation and improvement of the city, and the exercise was applied in all parts of the world, and the artistic part of many people and children flourished in many places that made many cities and places that had been abandoned and received an incredible improvement and update to believe, but that’s how it was!!!

That night they all went to sleep peacefully and fell asleep soundly, only Cat stayed awake playing and fiddling, and that same night when Cat was asleep he had a premonition, and in this dream

He saw a place in Asia, a paradisiacal and very beautiful island, which was being tormented by unscrupulous people, in the dream the island was full of water and both small and large trees were drowning and were asking for help, the island was full of very old people, old wise and very old, and everyone was asking for help because the water was drowning them all, the water was up to their necks,

Cat told this dream to our friends, to all the heroes, and Kame said without hesitation: this is my island, where longevity reigns but may be fading, the place where people last the longest, where the great become small and the small become big, the most giant trees in the world and the smallest, these are all important for Life, the place where the Sun makes everyone long-lived, and where parsimony and tranquility make people’s bodies remain Lozano , and where the mind and the movement of the body take care of the same island, my Okinawa Island,

We have to go there, he said, we cannot let them take away our longevity and Life, and we have to give back what they have taken from the Island, we have to give it back life,

Ovium said the two of us will go, you and me Kame, this mission is important because it practically deserves a deep virtuous transformation, it deserves a return to life, this mission is one of the most important because it will decide how to be long-lived, and how manage to maintain this and its techniques to be, we are going to discover its causes and effects and we are going to save Life and the possibility of prolonging life, not only there but to learn and relearn how to achieve it and how to achieve it in other parts of the world that so much need,

And so Ovium and Kame went from the west coast of America swimming to Okinawa, Ovium was on top of Kame, they were very happy especially Kame because it was part of their homeland and all their childhood memories were from there.

⁃ The Inner Transformation – An unknown world

Mission number 8: Okinawa

Scene number 36: Transforming the

virtuous human being

Thus, in this scene, Ovium and Kame arrive in Okinawa, the island of the most gigantic trees on the planet and of the smallest, where the giant and the tiny coexist in harmony, and where the giant and the tiny manage to see the best of themselves, bring out the best of themselves, they manage to bring out their best beauty, and where the giant becomes small and the tiny becomes giant metaphorically speaking, when talking about good habits and good virtues.

Ovium and Kame’s visit to Okinawa occurred at a time of heavy rains, it seemed that the rains were flooding the island, actually the Island was a bit flooded and the torrential rains were wreaking havoc, and they would not stop, it was as if the The universal deluge was once again starting there, it was not clear what was happening and water was seen everywhere, the vegetation, trees and plants moved and moved and the water was covering a lot of vegetation.

Ovium said: Kame we must wait a few days to see what happens, and we are going to see what really happens on the island and what is really happening and the main cause.

The super senses of the two were indispensable in this mission, Ovium for his power of understanding, his Visual Spatial intelligence, his Linguistic and Naturalistic intelligence, his power to hear the voice of the Creator, his power to be in several parts at once, to see the beyond and the beyond of things and connection with the 4th dimension, in addition to super Vision and super Hearing; and Kame for his innate longevity, for his great intellect, wisdom, his illuminating power and for his super senses of Sight and Taste, also for the power of problem solving and his creative algorithm; both seemed that they were going to have a very important Mission, a mission of life, a mission beyond life.

Such a beautiful island was being flooded, on such a special and historic island, Life was stopping.

What could our two friends do for such a mission? First, they should explore the island and Second, look for corrective measures; it would be necessary to see the needs of both the natural and the human and beyond the spiritual, according to Kame the island had always had many spiritual resources for a long time, it had a very particular history, it had won many battles and had been fought by several empires, but the worst thing could not lose the battle of losing something unique on the planet, longevity, they could not lose the life they had gained.

How to rescue this again, how to achieve the longevity of the world again, how to return and improve even more this past longevity, that had to be defeated, that had to be won, that had to be improved, that had to be stopped, that had to be developed and multiply, when, how, where, why, for what purpose, for what, to whom and for whom?

Ovium said we will use the 4th dimension and the Voice of the Universe and the creator to know what happened here in history in the past and what happens now, and we will use logic to understand the causes and effects of what has happened here and how to solve everything, and we will use Kame’s algorithm that will give us the earthly, spiritual and mystical solutions, and how the alternative solutions and possibilities to improve the future of the island and its inhabitants, and create a precedent for the world, whatever it takes improve and even more innovate incrementally and disruptively,

So Ovium and Kame entered the Island much more, and they decided to start even with the rains to visit places to go in each place to visualize what happened and to listen when entering the 4th dimension, to listen to the voice of the Creator, decanting what what had happened,

Ovium and Kame first arrived at a school where there were crops nearby, Ovium entered the 4th dimension and concentrated perfectly and Kame waited there patiently to see what Ovium said to him, Ovium began to see and hear how that school had been a field of study of work and techniques, in the past students were trained there to till the land and grow vegetables, algae and cereals without any type of chemical additive, there it was possible to produce and the students went there first and then applied the techniques learned there and the They take them to the whole island, they learn there to grow the best cereals, vegetables and seaweed and then they send them all over the island so that the whole island has all the products and of the best quality and everything is absolutely natural, the water was natural, the natural lands, the seeds completely natural, the hand and intelligence of man was what helped with the techniques to improve irrigation and the fields of crops were very sophisticated, the Irrigation came from lagoons that were fed by the same rains, rivers and sea water was also desalinated and also used, all the techniques were ancient but effective, everything was used and everything was natural, that is why the food and vegetables produced they were absolutely natural, there came part of the longevity of his people from his island,

Ovium said: Kame these techniques have been lost, the techniques have deteriorated and are not very neat or very natural, the water is a bit contaminated, the seeds are unnatural, the land has fertilizers with highly prepared chemicals and the hand of man is not the same, they lack better habits and more virtues,

Ovium said: Kame, with your problem creation and resolution algorithm, you are going to generate the 12 temporary and permanent solutions and possibilities, for each place we go and in the end you will give us in conclusion all the alternatives, conclusions, solutions and possibilities in summary and together to innovate in each place and each part of the Island, to improve everything, absolutely everything,

So Kame was doing with all the information that Ovium gave him to see and hear the 4th dimension and the voice of the Creator, he was generating running, feeding all that information, developing his algorithm and finally generating solutions, possibilities and alternatives,

Then our heroes came to a place where there was a flower field and many water ponds and lagoons where they grew lotus flowers and other flowers, Ovium saw that everything was very beautiful, but the rains were damaging the lotus flowers, the ponds cultivated the flowers but the excessive water was damaging them, Ovium concentrated and saw that in the past the ponds were pure and more natural lagoons, that the colors of the flowers were more brilliant and that in the ponds there were many amphibians that helped to that the flowers did not have insects or anything that would damage them, that was not happening at present,

Kame was developing his algorithm in everything, and he said it is necessary to return many things to the techniques of the past, the good of the past, recreate many things here, recompose and also reinvent the same but in a better way and adapted to the present and looking to the future,

And so our friends continued, then the next day it rained less and they reached some coasts of the island, on the other side of the Island, there they saw how in some natural ponds there were fish and algae, different types of fish were cultivated there and algae of various types, Ovium saw how the techniques of the past were completely natural, the inhabitants of the island and even the animals ate many types of algae, and these had special nutrients from the sea that enriched the life of everyone on the island, this was one of the keys to longevity on the Island, the algae and their nutrients, also Ovium saw how the fish multiplied and multiplied a lot in the past, there was not much need for the hand of man, just the ingenuity to help the natural ponds that they were on the coasts, there was so much abundance in the past that there were enough fish to feed the entire island and much more to feed all the living beings on the island, there was a white fish that had special nutrients and its oil was used as medicine for almost everything,

The diet was so perfect that almost no one got sick, said Ovium, Kame answered that’s how it is in the diet is the basis of everything, they did not mix many carbohydrates with proteins, but ate separately and vegetables and algae were a priority, plus the types of algae that returned the complexion of people fresh and clean, the algae were eaten and also used as a cleanser for the body, skin, hair, faces and absolutely everything in the human being,

Then they continued the tour of the Island, they arrived where there were inhabitants talking and conversing, and Ovium saw that they did it very well, but upon entering the 4th dimension, he realized that in the past the inhabitants were happier, had better customs and spoke always about good positive things, they talked and exchanged ideas about better habits, they always talked about proactivity and diligence and about working hard but also taking the necessary breaks, they talked and laughed a lot, they were like children laughing and laughing and sometimes small things made them they were very excited, they liked the rain, they liked the sunrise, when the birds came in the afternoon they were happy, when they found a new type of fish they were excited, and everyone wanted to see it, they had many habits of tranquility and patience, towards a sport or exercise that combined movements of the hands and feet and the whole body, relaxed them and they learned to do it perfectly, they took a type of tea of exquisite herbs and they shared many things, there was such an abundance that everyone shared many things, they slept early and got up early, they all learned to read and write and the cleanliness of their clothes was unusual, all the children, men and women all their clothes and clothing was very pretty and very neat,

Kame was left speechless with all those good habits and good customs, and said if all these people we see today are happy but you are seeing that they were happier in the past, with their customs and habits from the past, what did they do to him like that? ,

Ovium said let’s go to that house in that little meadow, they went in there and found a family, they began to talk with the relatives, the husbands and the grandparents, they were all very cordial and friendly, and Ovium said Kame, you stay talking with them that I’m coming, I’m going outside to see their past,

and Ovium saw that all the families of the place in the past had many family ties, they helped each other, the families cared for each other not only among their members but also with other families, the order of the day was responsibility and care among one another, children and the elderly came first, the elderly were highly respected for their experience and wisdom, and everyone always recommended good things to others, forgiveness was important, the spouses had to communicate at night and tell each other what they had done well for their children that day and for the family and for the community, they said their positive things to each other and if there was something negative to say, they said it tactfully, without hurting, and transforming the negative into a positive, like saying one to the other. another is better to do this that is more positive, and already, the spouses knew, with wisdom and also by study, spiritual and mystical studies, that if someone made a mistake, made a mistake or for something bad, there was no It had not been the intention of the other, but it had been the evil one, who had to correct it in time and not be carried away by evil spirits, listen to your husband or wife and with humility you had to see the bad and change it, you had to defeat your pride and your ego , for this, sports and body movements helped a lot, also the elderly help the young a lot with their own experiences and advice,

Ovium then told Kame everything he saw and Kame was drawing conclusions and possibilities for improvement,

Finally the two friends went to a place where the whole island was organized, where people went to buy and exchange things, it was like the center of the island, which had several markets, like exchange stores and public offices, and there they saw people of all kinds, everyone was happy but running a lot, people bought and sold many things, and Ovium saw that in the past people had an exclusive habit that everyone spoke well of everything, they exchanged ideas about each other good things about everyone, no one spoke ill of anyone, whoever spoke ill of someone the other changed the conversation and began to talk about the other their good things, and everyone was spiritually friendly, no one excluded anyone and whoever committed a An error was corrected in private, an extremely interesting habit that Ovium saw was that when people spoke in the past they would look the other in the face, as a sign of respect and admiration and paying attention to what the other said, I am interested in what you say and you are interested in what I say, it is my spirit who speaks, who speaks to you and it is your spirit who speaks to me, who needs something, so everyone took everyone else into account, others The habit was that people arrived on time for their appointments and did not waste time on others, and everyone in the past looked happier, everyone greeted everyone, thanked the creator for the kindness and the kindness of others, and the clothes They were suitable for every occasion, so for work they were some, for the house another, for schools others, for holidays others, to go to the center others more elegant and for sports and exercises some great, like this but they were all extremely neat and clean, you could smell and see everyone’s happy and friendly spirit,

Kame, hearing all this, was also surprised and said that all habits are intertwined with each other, good personal habits lead to good family habits, and everyone leads to good social habits, and all these lead to good virtues, everything is connects with everything a good habit leads to a good virtue and vice versa, so the practice of the good habits of the present were good but the practices of the good habits of the past had been much better, the man, the human being was more virtuous In the past on that Island, that was what made the longest-living human being, with more life, with more future Life, with more joy of living, with great enthusiasm for living,

Good habits made being more virtuous, with many virtues and these virtues translated into what?, into LIFE

Scene number 37: Returning to the habits and virtues of before

Ovium after everything he had seen and heard from the past in all these places on the Island and with all his people and his ancestors, he realized that the habits and virtues of before, even when they existed now, had to be encouraged again. , to motivate, to highlight and to practice, the people of before on that Island were grateful, they lived more joyfully, with greater enthusiasm and they greeted each other more, they interacted more,

But why were people before more cheerful, more enthusiastic, calmer and calmer there on the Island, why? what was the reason

Kame said: there are three bastions that I have analyzed with all the information collected, analyzed, transformed, with all the creative algorithm, I have drawn three important conclusions or bastions in all the people of the Island in the Past and for the better in the present and future ,

First the Bastion of Personal Spirituality and Mysticism

According to the Bastion of Family Spirituality and Mysticism

and Third, the Bastion of Spirituality and Social Mysticism

What made people happier, happier, more enthusiastic and with more life, more long-lived, that is,

The interconnection of the three bastions,

Kame told Ovium, we are going to do a creative-imaginative exercise, we already have everything that happened in the past, how people lived here, what they crowded, what they ate, how they behaved, how they interacted, how they related, how they lived , everything, everything, and we see what is happening in the present on the Island,

We are going to go first, said Kame, to where the people are on that hill, we are going to talk to them and we are going to tell them that we imagine what their ancestors were like and we are going to tell them the habits and virtues and then we will ask them what they think of their ancestors,

And so the two friends went to the Hill and found some people from the Island who were there, none of whom were familiar but acquaintances, and

Kame told them, all friends, please pay close attention, we are here in your lands to help you, we come in peace and harmony, thank you for listening to us and for taking care of us,

Please, we want to tell you that we know how your ancestors were in these lands, you have been very happy and cheerful all the time, you still are,

But we want to tell you how they were and how they lived,

And they agreed and said of course that yes, we want to know about ours, our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents, how they lived!

And Kame told them please close your eyes everyone, and all the characters there closed their eyes,

Kame told them:

Dear friends, your relatives of yesteryear, your roots, your strongholds and all your origins were and were beautiful, calm, slow-moving, hard-working and happy people,

This is where you come from, where your children come from, where your customs come from, and where your ways of life come from.

Their ancestors had very good personal habits, they were diligent, friendly, hardworking, very honest, they went to bed early and got up early, they tilled the land with care and dedication,

They learned unique agriculture and fish farming techniques in the world, they fed only what nature gave them and they only transformed, their production and feeding techniques were also healthy and natural, they did not waste anything, they learned to be so productive that they did not care. they lacked nothing and they exchanged everything, their charity was always ahead, they achieved a lot of abundance because they were not in a hurry in many things, but gave themselves to everything, they had no vices, but they had a lot of fun, they had the virtue of conformity but they wanted to great things, achieve great things for their Island, everyone pushed the Island in the same direction, the sense of production and tranquility, they were calm because everything when they went to sleep they fell asleep, it was as if everyone’s inner peace was the inner peace of the Island, there was no excessive ambition, their ancestors every night recounted what good they had done to someone that day, they avoided excesses in everything , they were clean and neat in their dress, and in their personal cleanliness, no one spoke ill of anyone, they corrected each other in private, only positive things were said, and everyone learned to read and write at least, everyone knew all the agri-food techniques, learning was passed on to others, no one was left behind, the cooperation between everyone was incredible and their physical exercises and movements were like spiritual exercises and they did them every day,

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear all, how do you think your ancestors lived, dear, how do you think your ancestors were, dear all, how do you think you are now and that you need your ancestors, dear all, how do you think your ancestors lived? ancestors, please answer, please answer, please answer?

and all answered


That’s right, said Kame: that was the Bastion of Spirituality and Personal Mysticism, the personal habits and good habits of everyone was such that among all they had a Personal Mysticism of good habits and Virtues,

And Kame then asked them again, note that Kame never answered, but they were themselves,

Kame asked them again: And what do you think you should do to achieve that happiness, be happier, or how your ancestors were,

And they all answered, we must return to those good habits that we had before, the ones we have now maximize them and remove the bad ones, convert the old habits, return to those good habits and old virtues, and improve them today, and how to do it by putting them in practice, that everyone on the Island know this and make them aware and put it into practice,

That’s right, said Ovium.

and then Kame said to Ovium, let’s go to that place where those farms and those families and there we will talk with them,

And they arrived at the farms and they opened the door for them, it was a big family, parents, brothers, grandparents, uncles, they were all there.

And Kame told them: Dear all present here, thank you for opening the doors for us, thank you for listening to us, we are here to talk to you for a while and tell you the following:

We know how your ancestors and their families lived, how they lived as a family and what they achieved, we know and we want to tell you how their ancestors and their family roots were, their family habits,

they want to hear us, they want to know what their family roots were like and their habits and virtues of their families in the past,

And they all answered that Yesssss

and Kame told them: your family roots are great, your origins come from the practice of family virtue, as a family together, your Island has never had an army or weapons, you with your family roots, that has been with great strength, your great achievements, their relatives cared for everyone and no one was neglected, bridges were always intertwined between relatives, they took care of each other, everyone was aware of everyone, everyone always educated, the older ones to the younger ones, the older ones They talked to the little ones about how to avoid evil and bad habits, work and study were incentives for everyone, virtue and family virtues were encouraged: responsibility, cooperation, strength, prudence, friendship, honesty, forgiveness, care for the sick, compensation for damages when something bad happens, joy and motivation always, giving without expecting anything in return, Love, great and kind LOVE, respect, fidelity and union.

Now friends all in this house, friends of the Soul, friends of that Island, friends forever, how do you think these families lived, their families, their ancestors, how do you think they managed to establish good families, productive and abundant, in prosperity, Why do you think they achieved great things and built and developed this beautiful island, how did they achieve longevity, how did they manage to make their grandparents and many and many achieve such longevity, how were their ancestor families, how were they, please answer?, please answer, there is no one who wants to answer please, please, please,

and everyone in the House answered: they were HAPPY, happier than we are now!

That’s right, Kame said: that was his Bastion of Family Spirituality and Mysticism, personal habits transferred them to good family habits and they were transferred from generation to generation!

And what do you think you should do to return to those roots to improve what you have now in the present?

And many answered, we must return to good and virtuous family practices, we must return to true LOVE, respect, fidelity and union, we must return again to all good family habits and move on to virtue, so that they remain family virtues.

and Kame applauded and greeted everyone, then our friends from all the families said goodbye and left there,

and Kame said: finally we will go to the center of the Island we will talk with people of public offices and passers-by from there,

and Ovium and Kame went towards her, and they met with many types of personalities and public offices and servants and merchants and buyers and sellers,

And Kame told them, dear everyone, attention please, everyone worthy of this Island, personalities from all over this Island, people who in one way or another contribute to this Island, all friends.

My friend and I are here to talk to you for a while and we want to let you know that we know what your ancestors were like and their social dealings, their good social habits and their dealings with others,

We heard and saw how they were in their habits and social virtues, do you want to know how they were in past society, how they were, how they lived in society, do you want? want?

Yes, many answered

and Kame told them: their society has been one of the most advanced in the world, their longevity and their joy denote it, their ancestors were very cheerful, their social habits were based on polite communication, on looking at each other and listening to the other, their needs, in being happy, and always greeting, in the social order and social harmony, the cooperation between person-man-family and society, in having a pleasant treatment of others, in treating everyone well and not excluding anyone, not to speak ill of others, never, never, to always use time very well, and to behave in society, with a social culture, to dress appropriately and to thank each other, kindness and sanity, the key to maintaining strong society its bastion was to avoid vice and evil at all costs,

Now friends, all of you from different places on this island, of different personalities and public servants, what do you think your ancestors were like and their social treatment, what were their social habits and social virtues like, how did they live in society, how were they socially, how? as?,

and all in unison said: they were socially HAPPY!

That’s true, said Kame,

That Bastion of Spirituality and Social Mysticism, personal habits and good personal virtues, transferred them to families and family virtues and then all this to the Society to treatment and good social treatment, and all of that they turned into social virtues, virtues of all,

and then he highlighted and asked: and what should you do to look like them socially? What should they do?

and many answered to look for those good social habits and practice them again, highlight those good habits and those virtues, and make our society much happier socially as our ancestors were, return to good social treatment, smile more at each other,

So these three bastions: that of Personal, Family and Social Spirituality and Mysticism must return to this Island,

You yourselves have answered what you had inside yourself, what your ancestors are telling you to do and to improve

So do it and improve it, put all this into practice and let’s take it to the entire Island, and even more so, you public aviators have the responsibility to do it,

Ovium said: Morale and Lights are the priorities!

Forward friends of the Island, forward my servants, forward the future of the World!

Scene number 38: Habits and good old virtues in new technologies

Ovium and Kame were happy and they decided to take a tour of the Island again, to the places where Ovium had seen the past, in such a way that there, in each part or place of the Island that he had already been, they had the idea of con the current techniques that were there, with the methodologies that they had there in each part of the island, with the new technologies that had already been applied, in the School of the Island, in Los Cembradios and Costas, in Fish Farming, in Family Farms , in the Center of the Island, in each place with the technologies that they already had they were going to apply or adapt the good habits and ancient virtues that they should and believed to improve,

In other words, basically what they were going to do was improve and innovate with good habits and virtues and apply them to the technologies used in each place,

For this Kame said: it is necessary in each place to gather the inhabitants of each place and let them know how to apply the three spirits and mystics,

For example:

The Spirit and Mystique of good personal habits and Virtues will be applied in the School and Work Sites, with the communication technologies that they have there,

The Spirit and Mystique of Family Habits and good Virtues will be applied in the Family Farms with the techniques, applications, devices, utensils that they currently have.

and The Spirit and Mystique of Social Habits and Virtues will be applied in the Center of the Island, in social places and public servants, also on the Coasts, Crops and Fish Farming, in applications, tools and work devices, utensils, communication devices , networks, in short in everything.

So Ovium and Kame went first to the School and there they gathered all the children and teachers, and Ovium began a speech and told them:

Dear Students and teachers of this great School that has trained for millennia all the people who have led this island forward in terms of learning everything related to agribusiness, fish farming, techniques and everything educational to lead children and adolescents to be good men and leaders of the future and of this Island,

All the communication systems that we have here, all the devices, tools, utensils, technologies, communication systems can and should be adapted with the good habits and virtues that their ancestors had,

Ohhhhhhhhhh they all said

But how are we going to go back in time?

No that is not so, we are going to make new things better, nothing new but in a new way – We are going to perform a NON NOVA SED NOVE, nothing new but in a new minor way, that is, we are going to use happiness in the application of the good habits and virtues of their ancestors and we will apply it with what we currently have, we will mix the new with the old, we will use the good habits with the technologies we already have, with the new technologies,

AHHHHHHHH, they all said,

The main Bastions to use as a Spirit and Mystic of Good Habits and Personal Virtues in the new technologies of the School should be: Use agendas to arrive on time for everything, appointments, classes, courses and others; Encourage online Study and reading with new technologies, Have clear and precise Schemes in all technologies Have Order with all tools and technological devices; Use new technologies with productivity and Diligence; Know how to use the techniques and technologies of the School enjoying them healthily and not damaging anything; Keep tools and technologies clean and desks clean; Use new techniques and technologies in favor of health and outline good personal habits and ancient virtues, so that everyone knows it; that new technologies deploy a communication network to avoid vices, excesses, avoid evil or do evil, and good eating and health habits.

And so Ovium had given the first lesson to all the students and teachers!

Then our friends went to the Farms where the Families were, and they gathered all the Families there, it was afternoon and it was cool,

and Ovium spoke and said, Dear Families, dear family members, Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Uncles and Aunts, Cousins and Cousins, relatives, compadres and friends all,

We have brought all of you relatives together because you and your ancestors have achieved the production and productivity of this Island, you have made this Island a historic Island, and you have multiplied and multiplied and your blood is in all of this Island and beyond, your ancestors left their mark and their spirits of Familiarity and Peace remain alive,

All the communication systems and new technologies that you have in your homes must be used, all the devices, tools, utensils, technologies, communication systems can and must be adapted with the good habits and virtues that your ancestors had, with all the family virtues,

The Bastions and the Spirit and Mystic of Family Habits and good Virtues will be applied in all their Families with the techniques, applications, devices, utensils that currently possess them, they must apply the old virtues and habits such as: responsibility, knowing how to use all tools and appliances, encourage family savings and family investment, not waste anything, not waste water, electricity, food, materials, equipment, or anything; Use everything for the benefit of the elderly and children; Meeting the needs of all family members; that the tools and devices help us build bridges between all members and do not separate us, technological devices cannot be used at meals, at the table, or when we are talking, there is time for everything, and children are owed supervise when and how they use technologies and what they see, at bedtime it is sleep, and lunchtime is eating, and when studying is studying, and when it is time to have fun it is fun, and when it is time to take care of the You have to take care of your health, and when it’s time to rest you have to rest, new technologies can be used in each one and everything mentioned above, but with due respect for the other member or members of the family, knowing how to respect the listener and speaker and do not interrupt with technological devices and new technologies, do not interrupt communications; and know and be clear about priorities; give priority to the needs of the people and not to new technologies, people come first and technologies second.

And Ovium then gave the second lesson to all the Families!

And finally our friends went to the Center of the Island, and gathered all the public servants, merchants, merchants, and everyone who was there at that time,

And Ovium spoke to them and said:

Compañeros and Compañeras of this Island, Compañeros all, Friends All,

I come to tell you and bring you good news about your past and your ancestors, we have investigated and found out that your ancestors were very happy, we already know that, we also know that your ancestors managed to make this island unique and exclusive, unique in the world, where life is enjoyed but it was enjoyed more to its fullest and this made it what? they smiled and smiled at others; they always had a friendly spirit, mistakes were quickly forgiven and forgotten; they did not exclude anyone, and they corrected privately and wisely; They did not speak ill of anyone and spoke positively; They wore appropriate clothing for each occasion, people looked at each other’s faces when communicating and greeted each other happily, happiness reigned, everyone was friendly and cordial, and no one wasted anyone’s time, so dear everyone,

Above all Public servants, you have the great Mission and with your leadership you must instill and put into practice these bastions of ancient happiness, which by the way still have a lot of it, but you should increase it more, maximize it more, the Bastions of Spirituality and Mystique of Social Habits and good Social Virtues, the techniques, methodologies and devices, tools and communication systems must be used positively and with good habits and social virtues, when it is necessary to be together or work as a team, concentrate on the meeting and in the team and not with new gadgets and technologies; have direct communication power, listen to the speaker and listen to his needs and try to help him and meet his needs, not waste the time of others but productively and productively use the devices and tools, and all communication systems, that communications connect us everyone faster and so we can take advantage of the time better; that we take advantage of all these new technologies to communicate better with others and make them happy, that we give joy and have fun with new technologies in a healthy way, that we take advantage so that all the members of the Island are interconnected for everyone’s safety and to communicate temperatures, weather, winds, rains and thus improve the environment too, when we see something unusual we communicate it, that there is security on the Island from every point of view, that there is a climate of peace and that we also use the communication systems to give music and songs of joy, tranquility , and that they be heard throughout the Island when warranted.

And so Ovium gave his third and last lesson,

Scene number 39: The Giant Trees and The Bonsai

After these lessons, our heroes went to the shores of the island for a while to see and visit them, but

Those days it started to rain a lot again,

Our friends used to go to the coasts to see the bonsai that were on the cliffs on the rocks of the coasts, it was known that the bonsai were planted by the ancestors and they took care of them on the cliffs, where the sea water will not reach and the birds will not reach them. they will harm, and the giant trees were further inland from the coasts, in a kind of forest that was fed by underground water, incredibly, these trees were unique on the planet, so the bonsai were the most beautiful because of their designs, which people liked It did, they were small but they had strong roots and the giant trees were very tall and wide, their wood was unique and super useful, in addition to all the resources and raw materials that could be obtained from them such as rubber and oils,

Legends and history said that the Bonsai were the small tree that each person had to take care of and had to make their roots stronger and bigger, each person had to make the bonsai or whoever had many of the bonsai, they should make their branches and leaves, very beautiful and pruning them better and better and that they look in a unique and elegant design; and its roots getting bigger and stronger, the root meant internal strength, well standing on the ground and with the feet well placed, the roots were the virtues and morality metaphorically speaking and the branches and leaves of the bonsai meant the inner beauty and exterior, order and La Paz, so each person who will take care of a bonsai cared for it to make it strong from the roots and sculpturally splendid on the outside; that meant how the person took care of himself and was with himself,

Another story said that there were some disciples, students of movements and inner care, of meditation that they had to take a bonsai from below the coast to the top of a cliff, at a certain time perhaps years, they had to climb the bonsai seven steps about seven floors, from bottom to top until reaching the top of the cliff, which was the end where the bonsai would be completely strong and safe; but the person should plant the bonsai on each floor on each step of the cliff and nourish it and take care of it periodically, and then when he sees it stronger, dig it up and take it to the next higher floor, as a sign of movement and learning, as a sign of growth interior, and acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, so the end of the cliff meant wisdom and deep knowledge of things,

People could not make a mistake if they saw that their bonsai was not ready, they should not continue up, nor should they dig it up and should nurture it and take care of it more there on that step and let it grow stronger and more glamorous, because a mistake in planting and digging up the bonsai could make it die or get sick and it should then go back to the previous rung of the cliff, further back or start again,

In this way, everyone, each student of meditation and prayer, should start taking care of their own bonsai as if they were taking care of their own mind, body and spirit, and take the bonsai that was given to them when they were little until it became bigger, stronger. and glamorous and take it in years to the top, to the end of the cliff and there he would graduate from what?: wisdom and deep knowledge of life and the world, of things and of the truth, especially when the bonsai climbs high up in the cliff, no one and nothing could harm it or harm it since its roots had become extremely strong,

And regarding the giant trees, the story said that they had become bigger and bigger because of the groundwater that fed them, that is, because of the good nutrients and good groundwater that fed them, that meant that they had achieved long life and strength of life, being big and strong, the giant trees due to their evolution in feedback, due to their good nutrition, those lands and subterranean waters were also nourished by good sources of life, from a sea and coasts full of riches in algae and marine species, unique and thus they managed to be tall and long-lived as well as their inhabitants, what happened to the giant trees would also happen to their people,

Since it was raining a lot, some inhabitants of the Coasts told our friends that the climate is changing on the Island and in its vicinity, and something was happening with the climatic environment and the ecosystem was not the same, the water from the coasts was more polluting and they had to help see what was happening on the coasts of the Island, a diner from the Island told them, there is a very rare specimen near this coast what happens near these coasts and where it passes it leaves a dark trail and where happens there sometimes some fish die, and the algae wither, turn dark,

Our heroes hunted it down to see what was happening and what it was about and who it was, and they went to a place where there were some dead fish and saw the wake later on and realized that Mad Meduzo was there, contaminating the sea and the island shores,

Ovium told him: we know that you are in your evil, get away from this Island, do not harm it anymore, get away from here,

He replied: no one will be able to get me out of here and my intentions, I am making it rain so that the bonsai and the giant trees drown, and I have complete power over this Island,

Ovium told him: this does not make sense, it does not make sense, you are a small animal that can only prey on the coasts a little and with your toxins kill a few little fish, you do not have the power to make it rain in any way and to drown the bonsai that remain and the giant trees that remain, you do not have that power, you are a liar,

Mad Meduzo said: hahahahaha, you don’t know that I can make it rain until it floods the entire island, I’m going to flood until the water reaches the highest cliff and kills the highest bonsai on the cliff, of the wisest wise man who has passed on this Island , who with his power achieved that all the

Mundo will meditate and pray on this Island until once it achieves the spiritual energy that led the island to the greatest integration, and prosperity, to the best scale of health and happiness on the Island,

I am going to put an end to all this and to that Bonsai that is there, on that Risco,

Ovium replied: your lies and your persuasion do not convince me, you are only trying to intimidate me and everyone on this Island, you lie, you do not have that power and you have no power over us, over our minds and over our spirits, even less over our will. and over our decisions, you have no power over this Island, no sir,

You don’t know that there is someone superior to you, superior to your own understanding, superior to all of us, who made you, so small, but you have turned your will against him, ours and this Island, you don’t know that he made you to you and everyone and everyone on this Island and this Island, don’t you know that he made the animals stronger than you, like the hippopotamus and the crocodile that swim in the water and walk on the land and are so strong that they can break anyone and you can’t do that

Your words have no logic, we are going to defeat your lies, your manipulations have no footing in our minds and in our spirits, you make us believe that you are strong and you are not, you make us believe that you are stronger than your own creator and you are not, nor do you have power over nature, over this earth, you have no power over the Universe,

I am going to save the highest Bonsai and you cannot prevent that, you cannot avoid it, you cannot against me, much less against the Creator of the Earth and the Universe, you have nothing, power or strength to avoid it and to continue harming us,

And so Ovium went and began little by little to climb the cliff, and he was trying and climbing,

And it kept raining and raining and Mad Meduzo told him, I’m making it rain more and more, I’m making it rain on you and rocks fall on you and you slip down there on that cliff,

Liar, evil, that is impossible, it rains for other reasons, due to climate change in the generalized world and not because of your terrible evil, that does not make sense and I will continue to the top,

And so Ovium went on and on up,

Mad Meduzo began to tell them insane, inappropriate, insulting things and to tell him that if he continued he was going to order a rock to fall on his head.

Ovium ignored him, ignored him and stopped listening to him, thinking about what the evil one was saying, and telling him and answering him, as if completely ignoring it, and said what I think I will keep for myself and for my Father , the creator, and I will continue forward until I reach the highest part of the cliff, and he said: Lord my creator, give me the strength to continue forward and remove this creature that is confused with earthly and evil powers, remove it from me and moreover convert it and help me to convert it with your power and with my modeling, with my good works and virtues, with my good behavior,

And Ovium continued non-stop and very concentrated until he reached where the oldest bonsai was and that history gave as the best, and he managed to see the bonsai, and when he saw it he said: praise the lord who has put you here, blessed is he who managed to bring you here and give you this life and blessed are those who have seen you here for years and years, because you are a model and you are an example of life and eternal life, an example of longevity and virtue, if someone put you here and managed to do it and achieved wisdom and superior knowledge, others and many ask to do it too, achieve longevity and Life,

And Ovium gave a cry of strength, Joy, joy and merriment that was heard throughout the Island and beyond,

And the whole Island understood, all its inhabitants understood what it was about,

Mad Meduzo had been defeated, he was left talking to himself, and he did not have the power that he said,

Kame said: virtue has triumphed over lies over evil powers,

Ovium had managed to reach the oldest bonsai in the

World and that still remained, he had managed to see the work of being wise in depth, he had managed to defeat the designs against knowledge and wisdom,

The rains were the product of climate change that our friends had been working on in previous missions and here it was confirmed that the water on the coasts was contaminated and that the melting of the poles and the perforation of the ozone layer were also creating extreme rains and floods in several islands of the world

Ovium and Kame said: we defeated evil and we must work to find the balance of the ozone layer again and avoid these floods and extreme rains in the world, there are many Islands and coasts in the world that can be flooded,

We have to preserve the bonsai of the world, we have to preserve the giant trees that remain in the world and that more appear, that they are planted, that they appear again and many more, and preserve the longevity here and worldwide, and we have to return to practice to take care of each one of their own bonsai and take it to the top of the highest in the sky,

Evil was small and had been defeated but it was not to be underestimated, virtue, wisdom and knowledge had triumphed once again!

All our online hero friends said:

long live the bonsai,

long live the giant trees, long live Ovium and Kame,

and a great Long Live for the creator of all of us, including those who created Los Angeles who rebelled against their own creator and against good and truth,

Long live the creator of Everything!!!

Vivaaaaaaa they all shouted!!!!


Scene number 40: Earth – Heaven – Wisdom – Knowledge

Ovium and Kame toured the entire Island again and it had stopped raining, they recounted everything they had learned, the learning achieved, all the knowledge obtained as well, although they had a lot of knowledge, understanding of the world and of all things, at the same time. To count everything, they classified the knowledge obtained and applied into 4 fundamental pillars:

During the tour they made a summary of 4 fundamental pillars of knowledge:

⁃ The Illumination of knowledge: when the idea or light came to him about what they should know more deeply, call it knowing the good habits of the ancestors of the Island, understanding their ancestral behaviors, and understanding and discerning what had made them be happier than now

Thus Ovium and Kame remembered all the previous good habits and the virtues that should be rescued, for greater happiness,

The second fundamental pillar of knowledge was:

⁃ It is the deep understanding of why these good habits and good virtues were necessary to once again achieve longevity, the good life, improve the life of the Island and its inhabitants, and achieve improved happiness, or total and updated happiness of the inhabitants and the entire Island, and that the inner human being had to be transformed into a better and new man, a new man of good and updated in this world, nothing new but in a new way,

Thus Ovium and Kame remembered the necessary habits for longevity, to preserve the natural life of the Island and of the world, to even update all the areas, zones, and places of the Island with better habits and virtues, and even more to update and improve the new technologies with these good habits and virtues that made the past of the Island and its people a better and happier life,

The third fundamental pillar that our friends would recognize was:

-The understanding and deep understanding of the relationship between saving the bonsai and the giant trees of the Island, and why saving them, would lead to the search for the causes of Life and longevity, would lead to the understanding of the practice of many essential virtues and extreme wisdom,

And therefore Ovium and Kame remembered how they repelled Evil with virtue, with many virtues and with Audacity, with the understanding and comprehension of the real facts, with the use of logic, advanced logic and reasoning from the facts. and the application of the knowledge that they had already acquired before and with what they have learned now, with the search for reason, and the application of strategies and tactics of that reasoning to achieve what?, the truth and achieve happiness,

And finally the fourth fundamental pillar of knowledge:

⁃ the deep understanding that virtue ultimately leads and entails, to a better life, to tranquility and parsimony, to longevity and life, to the sources of life, to the sources of eternal life, this virtue leads to knowledge and understanding deep and this leads to wisdom that is the application of knowledge, extrapolated to the mind, body and spirit,

And our heroes absolutely remembered how they managed to reach the cliff at the Peak of the cliff and see the oldest bonsai carried by a wiser known being, who managed to plant it there,

And they said this was truly the correct Path, we came to the Truth, to know the truth and this truth led us to Life,

Way, Truth and Life,

The path begins with light, illumination, then the light gives me ideas and knowledge, knowledge leads me to the truth and the application of this leads me to wisdom, that is to say to Life,

Ovium and Kame: they were completely calm,

They had found Life,

Ovium and Kame suddenly saw the coasts far away, they finally managed to see the Gato Iriomonte, which according to the native inhabitants of the Island had been lost,

They managed to see it and it looked radiant,

Ovium with his wisdom said: with this Mission and if all his knowledge is applied throughout the World, people will be able to Increase the capacity and use of their brain; Think more and learn to think, know how to apply logical reasoning and sufficient reason for things; Everyone learn from everyone and have fun; Learn to Solve Problems and become higher beings.

Ovium told all our heroes that they were in a direct line and that they were in other latitudes, he told them: we have finished this great Mission, it is necessary to draw attention throughout the World and warn that environmental contamination and deterioration of the layer ozone is causing havoc, extreme rainfall in the world and the melting of glaciers and the poles is causing more heat and high temperatures as we saw in the North Pole and South Pole, and is causing flooding in the Islands and some coasts of the planet earth, alert everyone,

Communicate what you have learned here, and alert everyone

Pavao, who was in South America, said: alert everyone too, there is a place in South America in the North of South America, where the lungs of the World are in the Amazon, the Earth, the Water and the Air are being contaminated, we must see that happens with the Lung of the World,

Ovium said: it is necessary that you go and see what is happening Pavao, you who have roots from there in South America, you can better understand everything, you with your Futuristic and super Touch skills, as a super flyer you can enter these forests and find out what It happens, and also Canarino will accompany you, with his Super Voice and Super Taste, in addition to his persuasive and Convincing power, between the two of them they will be able to see what is happening there and solve what is needed, we must preserve the Lungs of the entire World.

⁃ Saving our Natural Interior – The Inner Nature of the Human Being

Mission number 9: Angel Falls Mission and the Tepuis

So Canarino flew from Europe to South America and Pavao waited for him in the north of South America in Venezuela, there the two met and undertook a fantastic journey through the lands and skies and seas of South America.

Scene number 41: A perfect trip through Venezuela, the Land of Bolivar

Our two hero friends began the flight through some Venezuelan islets and archipelagos called Los Roques,

Kame told them online: friends, this is going to be an experimental and knowledge trip, both things, you will really enjoy the whole trip through the lands of Libertador Bolivar and you will experience and obtain data on various things: climate of each place, ecosystems, ecological environment, purity of the air, purity of the waters, they will determine the purity of chlorophyll of plants, flowers and trees, oxygenation of plants, trees and complete animal queen, purity and components of the earth, rocks and sand, in short they will determine how the 4 physical components are of matter in all the animal and vegetable kingdoms: earth, water, air and fire; and in each place that they visit this will give them an idea of how the climate, temperatures and the ecological system and complete ecosystem are behaving in each place in Venezuela and the lungs of the earth, it is important to know how everything is currently in relation to to now and to the past, to have a point of comparison, to see if there are corrective measures to be made, where and how,

Thus they began to travel through the Roques archipelago, and all its small islands and islets, and they were experimenting in each part their physical components and their compositions and were keeping all the data,

And they enjoyed all the Sea and the blue of the waters, the paradisiacal sand and all the archipelagos and their marine ecosystems,

From there they flew to the Medanos de Coro where they visited all the hot sands of Falcón and also visited several Salinas, they went to the highest latitude point in Venezuela where there is a lighthouse,

From there they flew to Maracaibo where they blew up the bridge over the lake and saw all the magnificence of the bridge and the lake, and the entire city facing the shores of the lake,

Then they flew away and went to see the oil wells on the lake, the oldest points and wells in the country and on the continent; there they took and collected good data,

Then our friends went to the Venezuelan Andes to the Sierra Nevada de Merida, to the Andean peaks and saw the peaks called the five white eagles: Toro, Leon, Humboldt, Bondpland and Bolivar, there they flew all the peaks and saw how several glaciers they are less and less with snow and they are melting,

They managed to make the comparison and enjoyed the fauna and flora of the high mountains, they saw many lagoons near these peaks and they saw the Lagoon of the legend of the Indian who buried the morocotas, near the highest town in Venezuela, called Los Nevados,

Then our heroes traveled to Tachira State, to the city of La Grita where the Santo Cristo de la Grita is located and where the Liberator Bolivar passed through, there they violated the paramo of La

Negra and then passed through San Juan de Colon and many people managed to see them and greeted our friends from this friendly land,

Then they flew to plain lands where they saw many beautiful rivers such as the Sarare and Apure, they continued through the plains and saw many savannahs, they enjoyed the Air and Water, the radiant Sun and very warm Lands, there they also enjoyed fauna and flora plain; then they flew to see the Morros de San Juan de los Morros, and then went to San Mateo, where Bolivar lived and where he had his two loves, his lactating mother Negra Matea and his wife María Teres del Toro, place where he took his only wife and who died there, many lands and sugar cane fields and many other things were blown up there,

Then they headed towards the east of the country, they flew over the Paria peninsula, they saw its possibilities and natural beauties, its salt flats and its gas fields; they flew and flew until they reached the beautiful Isla de Margarita that my girls Isa and Christel and my beloved Maylet love so much; there they also saw the Isla de Coche and Cubagua;

From there they flew along the eastern coasts and its beautiful beaches and islets where they realized that one still resembled a cat and the other a mouse, from Mochima Park,

Then they went to the Orinoco Delta, they saw how the Orinoco River flows into the Sea and they were delighted with the Toninas of the Orinoco,

And from there they went to the Bolivar State, where it became part of the Venezuelan Republic and was an icon of independence,

There our heroes headed towards the Gran Sabana, they saw the beauty of the hydrography and the savannahs and continued to see the Tepuyes and flew over the oldest mountainous formations in the world, Los Tepuyes, world reserve of fossils and minerals, reserves of fauna and exotic and ancient flora, world spiritual reserve,

They also flew through the Sari Sariñama, which is a Tepuy with a unique geological formation in the world, it is a hole and chasms with an interesting formation, wide and deep, it is a unique geological mystery in the world, with exotic flora around its circularity, something only one in the world,

From there they flew to Angel Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the world and is located in the Auyantepuy, a very particular Tepuy and is the largest in Venezuela and the world.

From there and flying Canarino gave a speech from high above, high above looking at the imposing Auyantepuy and the Great Angel Falls,

And he said with his singing voice, with his prodigious voice and told all his hero friends everywhere and to the whole world:

Here is the Great Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on Planet Earth, in this world and the oldest as well, which comes out and springs from the famous Auyantepui, which is the mountain, the largest Tepuy in Venezuela and the World, so This water springs from the oldest mountain and the largest Tepuy in its typology on this planet,

This Work done by God highlights his Magnanimity in his Strength and Mercy, his Greatness,

The Creator our God has done wonders,

This Water has been falling from the Highest for years and years,

Praised be Lord, you have given us this source of Life, this Water, which falls from the Highest, making us see that your Greatness has no limits, that from the Highest you provide us with Goodness, Life, a source of Living Water,

These works made with detail and care, both the Tepuy – Auyantepuy mountain, and its waterfall, Angel Falls, must amaze us with your Power, these two Natural Works that are alive and that an incredible natural ecosystem sprouts from them. done by you, all this that has been there for a long time, many years ago and that still remain, and through which generations and generations have passed, and where the 4 physical elements of matter come together: Earth-Air-Water and Fire, where we can demonstrate the Infinite Power of the Creator our Lord, through what our senses and super senses perceive being here, being from up here and down there, not only my View, our View can see all this nature and greatness made By God, if not we can Smell it all, we can Hear all its charms, We can feel all its climate and all its splendor, we can taste the innate fruits, we can further capture all its essence with all our to be, with all our spirit, and that our understanding often questions and asks itself, and cannot fully discern, and asks itself, how is such beauty possible, my God, how could you do all this, so Great, what is the reason for all this, yeah

Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand

And we can say to ourselves and to the whole world, it is that God loves us very much, it is that God has no limits with anything or anyone, it is that the Creator gave himself everything, he gave us everything, he gave us everything for Love, that the Creator is Strength and Infinite Mercy, he is what man is not,

He was established and will be established forever,

Look and from above I sing to you, See with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, smell with your own nose and smell, taste with your own tongue and taste, feel with your touch, with all your skin, with all your Soul,

Hear this new Song:

Oh Majestic Angel Falls

That you come out of Giant Auyantepui,

let me drink of your water

Living Water Source,

Let your water fall on my skin,

What is it for? Water heal my wounds,

Just as You, O Great Lord, healed the blind man and healed Lazarus,

Wrap me Oh Lord with your

Mercy and Kindness

May these two great Angel Falls and Auyantepuy remain forever,

So that many generations can see them and feel them like me,

So that many can know and demonstrate all your strength and all your goodness,

Oh Lord owner of everything,

Thank you for Being, Being, Giving and Staying,

Damage Future Lord, give us your Future Lord

Keep giving us your love,

Your big love,

And that the Water, Air, Earth and Fire-Sun that we see in these places,

Reborn and Strengthen, each time more and more,

So that Life may always sprout forever,

So that always and forever there is Life here and there and in the hereafter,

So be it!!!

Canarino finally breathed and swallowed, he sighed and Pavao did too,

Our friends were a little speechless,

As if they had eaten a great banquet,

In fact they did, but it was a banquet of Virtues, as we will see later, a great banquet of prodigious things,

Canarino flew from above and reached Salgo Ángel below, drank water there and got quite wet and Pavao did too and they both bathed and played there, getting wet with the highest fall in the world, then they went down to where the water falls and there they continued to play and let themselves be drenched by the Most Ancient Water, and there they laughed like

Children, singing and laughing, and having fun enjoying all the work of God,

God in the past had said, all that I have done, for you for the healthy enjoyment of the

Man, for your Life and your enjoyment, dominate it and enjoy it for your good and that of the whole


The Lord has done Wonders in you!!!


That night our heroes Canarino and Pavao met a group of Pemon Indians in a settlement near Angel Falls, there they ate and were delighted with the entire Pemona Tribe, sang indigenous songs with them and had a lot of fun, listened to anecdotes and stories from these groups autochthonous, some fantastic stories and others real, an older and wise man told them a lot about those lands and the power of Air and Fire-the Sun; the Air generated in them when they were adults a lot of strength and the Sun gave them a lot of Joy and Initiative, it gave them Ideas, all this was anecdotal and metaphorical but deep down it was the Strength and Mercy that our God our Creator gave them naturally .

This wise man told them to go ahead and that these days, they would have the opportunity in 7 days to find the Tree of Life, which was in a deep place, the antithesis of the Tepuis, that they will decipher this, and that they would have 7 days to find this Tree of Life, and the same Tree upon finding it would give them and generate the most significant aspects of the background of Life, its essence and many more secrets,

That few had found it and many had searched for it, but they had not found it because they had not been able to find where it truly was, was or was,

The wise Indian told them, you are here to find that Tree that will give you everything you are looking for and much more, and this Tree also bears a fruit of Life and this Tree and the Fruit will bear a Flower of Life,

Some have found one thing but not another, that is, some have found the Tree of Life, but they found neither the Fruit nor the Flower of Life,

Very few very few have found all three, although the Tree gives the Fruit and the Fruit gives the Flower of Life, the three are interconnected but very few have found all three since some can decipher one thing and others another, but it is difficult to decipher all three because of the depth of their essence and all three at the same time much more,

Those who seek the Tree of Life need to have a clean heart, have a clear and bright mind, and have a vocation of service and giving of themselves to the most

Needy to the World and above all have no doubt; Those who continue and seek the Fruit of Life need to have a lot of Courage and Valor, and this will reward them with many things in Abundance like a Boomerang, it will multiply many things, goodness and benefits, and even prosperity can become exponential; and above all believe in the future; Those who continue to search and find the Flower of Life will need to perfect many skills and competencies, and must have a great willingness and capacity to give to others and to give themselves, an altruistic capacity for Love of neighbor, Love of others and Love of itself, they will have the ability to perfect everything they touch, and everything they think and materialize,

What I can tell you is that it seems to me that you will be able to find all three, the key is to find the Tree and it will lead you to the others, Fruit and Flower of Life,

Those who find these three fundamental things of Life, will not need anything else, they will be able to rise to a point that they themselves would not understand a priori but if a posteriori, they will know the root and reason of Life, of Life itself,

You did not come here by chance, you have been chosen to achieve something.


Go tomorrow and begin, search in the depths in the antithesis of the Tepuis, that God our creator is with us and with you,

And the next day our friends Canarino and Pavao went in search of the Tree of Life,

Scene number 42: The Tree of Life

Think, Think, Think, Analyze, Deduce, Induce, Use analogies and metaphors, Think Creatively, Structure your thinking, think parallel, think fluidly, think intuitively, think generatively, Think, Think!!!! Pavao said and told Canarino,

What does the Antithesis of the Tepuis mean?

Let’s see, said Canarino, Antithesis means the opposite, that is, the opposite of the Tepuyes, the Tepuyes are Altos and tall formations, they are old and rocky, they have waterfalls,

If Pavao said, the opposite of all these are: the opposite of High is Low, the opposite of High formations are Low formations, the opposite of Old is New, and the opposite of Rocky is without Rocks, the opposite of having falls of water is without waterfalls,

And Canarino said and the Indian said that we had 7 days to look for him,

Thus our heroes began to search and search throughout the place and its surroundings, several days passed and they kept thinking and nothing, they thought and thought in different ways and forms and nothing,

until on the sixth day the idea came to Canarino or as a divine inspiration, he said let’s see, let’s see, let’s look in a deep place in deep spaces, and the two Canarino and Pavao flew high and from above very high near The Tepuis saw that there were some deep formations like Tepuis upside down, some circular and deep geological formations and Kame told them from where he was and in line: this is the Sarisariñama and they, Canarino and Pavao, went down and saw it more closely and said If it is true, it may be that it is about this, on the trip we passed through there, we must investigate there, in these formations, but how is the Tree of Life there, and why is it there?, How?

and the two of them went down towards this mysterious geological formation called Sarisariñama, and they went down the entire geological formation, they saw all the flora and all the vegetation there, it was very exotic and incredible, if it was the opposite of the Tepuis because it did not have Height but it did Depth towards below, there were not few but a lot of flora, there were no waterfalls, the water was internal, it had an internal water source, its water was innate, it was almost the antithesis of the Tepuis, and precisely of the Auytantepuy,

But they traveled all over the Sarisariñana and found many trees but they did not see anything special, they were looking for a giant and leafy tree and they did not find it, they looked for a special tree and they did not find it, they searched and searched and nothing, they continued searching and nothing and they spent the night there, they only had one day left to find the Tree of Life, they were against time, after the seventh day they had to return,

So that night, Pavao, had several dreams and saw a very beautiful and promising future, very abundant, there was much prosperity and abundance and best of all, all the people in the dream dressed in white and had many virtues, the dream was like having traveled to the ancient Greece, and then as having gone to the virtuous Roman times, and then to the time when Jerusalem was in its greatest splendor,

All this dream brought to mind many virtues and many virtuous people,

So he started running on the seventh day and Canarino said let’s see let’s go to the edge of Sarisariñama, and all our online friends were watching and they told our friends Believe that you can, believe that you can see it, believe that you can find it, You have to believe, you have to believe, have no doubt, have no doubt and Ovium told them, friends believe deeply that you can find it, believe and you will, believe that you can and you will, and Canarino and Pavavo concentrated and began to believe more and more and they did not stop believing that if they were going to find it and suddenly Canarino saw a very simple medium tree, it seemed simple and simple but very beautiful it had twelve branches and the Sun began to rise and Pavao said Canarino fly High Fly High, look how This Tree gives a giant Shadow when the Sun reflects it, how incredible and Canarino began to fly High and High and was seeing how this Tree gave a perfect, beautiful shadow, a giant shadow that came out of the geological Formation and saw that it was This one was illuminated and that the twelve branches looked clear and precise, all illuminated, and Pavao told him that more time, more time, because there must be something else for my dream, and he said I see like phrases in each branch or they are just my visions, I’m not clear, but something I see is in a different language than ours, and Canarino saw well and said, if each branch has an inscription and it’s in the Hebrew language, Pavao said, Ovium helped you who knows perfect Hebrew, and the He closed his eyes, and Canarino began to tell him what he saw, the inscriptions on each of the twelve branches,

And Ovium began to translate each inscription on each Branch and said

In the first branch he saw the word Share, in the second Branch: Caring for the Brothers, in the third: Teaching Healthy Fun, in the Fourth: Teaching Responsibility, in the fifth branch: Taking care of nature; in the sixth branch: Teaching to Love the Homeland; in the seventh: Teaching Love to Study, in the eighth branch: Cultivate and Good use of Technology; in the ninth branch: Courage for Friendship; in the tenth branch: Temperance; in the eleventh: Teaching Frugality; and the twelfth: Teaching Savings and Investment,

But what did all this mean, and Kame said: clear, very clear, the Virtues and Values to Cultivate, Encourage, for Life, to Live and to give and generate Life, more Life, this is the Tree of Life, but Ovium said it is missing Something, and what our hero friends said, much clearer everything that is the Antithesis of Auyantepuy, let’s remember that Auyantepuy in Pemón means the Devil’s Mountain, the oldest mountain in the World, and something is missing there, the antithesis of Ancient is New, and the Antithesis of Devil’s Mountain is God’s Mountain, but of course not a rooster crows, he said,

There it is friends and dear all, the twelve branches are the values and Virtues to develop for Life, and the center is the First of all the Virtues and Values to teach to Love God, and our fellow men, our Parents and Grandparents,

God in the Center is the first Virtue and then the other virtues branch out, the 12 virtues, for a total of 13 virtues,

As something so simple and simple, so small and that it seemed insignificant when our friends began to believe and believe and did not stop believing, it had become a Tree, Giant and leafy and with similar inscriptions, nothing more and nothing less than 13 virtues and God in the center the first virtue and twelve ramifications,

Our friends had managed to have Faith and managed to see the Tree of Life,

and Kame said something else is missing, friends, something else is missing, which is: each virtue means 1 Apostle, that is, there are the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and in the middle is Christ, of course Clear and precise,

According to the personality, office, characterology and abilities of each Apostle, each one is reflected there,

In the first branch where the word Sharing was seen, it was related to Santiago the Less, in the second Branch: Caring for the Brothers was related to Juan, in the third: Teaching, Healthy Fun was related to Bartholomew, in the Fourth: Teaching Responsibility it was related to it is related to the Apostle Peter, in the fifth branch: Caring for nature is related to the Apostle, Thomas; in the sixth branch: Teaching to Love the Homeland is related to the Apostle Simon; in the seventh: Teaching Love to Study with the Apostle Judas Tadeo, in the eighth branch: Cultivating and Good Use of Technology with the Apostle Felipe; in the ninth branch: Courage for Friendship is related to the Apostle Andrés; in the tenth branch: Temperance with Santiago the Greater; in the eleventh: Teaching Frugality with Judas; and the twelfth: Teaching Savings and Investment with the Apostle Matthew,

And Canarino said look, also look, from Above it was coming from the sides of the giant and leafy Tree like two columns and Ovium said if one says Boaz, which means Strength – Air-Fortress and the other says Jaquin, which means Sun- it is the Mercy, Ovium said all this means the two columns of the Temple of Jerusalem, and Kame said if they also mean two things, rather two people, one was Paul, the Apostle Paul which means Strength-Courage and was also an Apostle and the other is Mattias the Apostle , which happened to Judas, and represents the Mercy of God, the Sun that God gives us and illuminates us, and Kame also said that Space represents Heaven and Time there, the moment represents the Universe,

The complete Tree of Life said all our friends,

And Canarino saw how the Tree with the Sun became more and more gigantic and beautiful and its twelve branches totally illuminated, the two complete Columns were seen: Strength and Mercy and the Space-Heaven was reflected there, that everything there is made by God: Heaven and Earth; and the Time that was seen was the Sun and the Present moment and towards the Future,

Our friends with a lot of faith and because they believed they had found the Tree of Life,

Yes, sirs, the Tree of Life and it is Illumination, the Light that the Creator gives us for Life,

Illumination and Light daily

Now, Canarino said, all these virtues must be practiced in real time and space, now and always, and must be increasingly improved throughout the world’s population, these must be taught and practiced 12 by 12, a leading shepherd and 12 apprentice sheep. and so on, when the 12 sheep are ready they will become leaders and teach and make 12 more learn and practice the 13 complete virtues, there will be feedback between the 12 and their leaders, a two-way learning, contributions, ideas, continuous improvement , teaching and practice, and so on until reaching many and many people around the world, almost the entire student population of all kinds if possible, 1/3 of the population first and the rest later.

Let no one be left without learning all these 13 virtues and values,

These are the keys to Life, to improve life from many aspects, to have Life and improve the quality of Life, that is Universal for all and with a great touch of spirituality, of Heaven here on earth, that people fill with strength and mercy of the Creator and that these virtues multiply to the Maximum,

Ovium said: Exactly and excellently, go around the world, hero friends, and from wherever you are, begin to teach the virtues and practice them, let the People practice them,

And so our friends who were in other places began to teach and practice those virtues and values,

Pavao and Canarino had already found the Tree of Life but they still had to find the

Fruit of Life and Flower of Life,

Canarino said: let’s go Pavao let’s fly to see all those waterfalls and tour these beautiful lands, let’s enjoy the air and the sun and all those waters,

And so they flew and enjoyed the landscape of these Venezuelan lands and the Amazon,

Then Pavao said that they would return to see the Pemon Indian to tell him that they had found the Tree of Life and to give them clues about the fruit of Life,

And after flying high and seeing the waterfalls, our friends returned to see the Pemon Indian near Angel Falls,

There they spoke with the Pemón Indian and he blessed them and applauded them and told them that he knew they would find the Tree of Life, and also without them saying much, he outlined: if you have already found the Tree of Life, this will take you to the Fruit of Life, focus on the place where the Tree of Life is located and see and observe it in its 5 perspectives, see and analyze the 5 perspectives and analyze the 4 elements of the world, the 4 elements of The matter,

There you will find the Fruit of Life, it is not easy but it is not impossible either,

Make the impossible possible!!!

And how was this our heroes wondered?

How to make the impossible possible?

Thus our friends flew to the Sarisariñama where it was and had seen the Tree of Life,

There they began to think about seeing and observing the Tree of Life with respect to its 5 perspectives and regarding the 4 elements of matter.

Scene number 43: The Fruit of Life

Kame reminded Pavao and Canarino that the elements of matter were: Earth, Air, Water and Fire; and that they see the Tree of Life in 5 perspectives, and there in all these tangible and intangible relationships and connections they should find the Fruit of Life,

Canarino and Pavao flew high and went to Sarisariñama and waited for the next day for the Sun to illuminate and for the Tree of Life to light up,

What would be the 5 perspectives?, said Pavao, I only know 4: front perspective, rear perspective, left perspective and right perspective,

What relationships and connections does all this have to find the Fruit of Life,

Where will the Fruit of Life be? How will it be? And what would it mean?

And the next day came and Canarino flew Alto very high and saw again the Tree of Life and its well-illuminated ramifications and illuminating him too, and Canarino said to Pavao, let’s go between the two of us to see the Tree of Life in all their perspectives, and they both began to Fly and they saw the Tree of Life from the frontal perspective, it is as if they saw it from the inside from the front and in the background the earth and the rock were illuminated; then they saw it from the rear perspective and there was the

Internal water that flowed internally in the Tree of Life; then they saw it from the left perspective and managed to see its oxygenation and the air that flowed in it and the air around the Tree; then they saw it from the right perspective and managed to see the fire, the light, the reflections of the Sun allegorically, the photosynthetic system of the Tree, but they said that there were 5 perspectives, we are missing one, which one will it be?, said Pavao,

And Canarino flew high and very high again and saw the Tree of Life from far above and not only

He saw the Tree of Life, but he also saw complete Sarisariñama and its surroundings, in all its splendor, complete nature and also saw other Tepuis that surrounded the Tree of Life.

This was the visionary perspective, a complete perspective of the map where the complete Tree of Life was and with all its adjacencies and minions, like a complete vision where he was, a helicopter vision of the complete territory map.

This is how you could see the north, south, east and west of the Tree of Life and from above you could join all points, from above a complete pyramid was made and from above from that helicopter view you could see a perfect pyramid, the tree of life. Life, and from this apex with the eye of complete, integral, exhaustive and holistic vision, the large tree was seen shaded and illuminated, and in the middle at the opposite apex at its midpoint of the shaded Tree of Life, at its point You could half see something, that something was nothing more and nothing less than the Fruit that the tree gave, the Tree of Life, it was its fruit, the Fruit of Life.

And Canarino screamed Pavao Pavao!!! We have found the Fruit of Life, we have found the Fruit of the Tree of Life!!!

The Fruit of Life!!!!

And Pavao flew high where Canarino was and they both saw the Fruit of Life, and then they went to see it up close, since they were anxious to see such an entity that represented prosperity and abundance, from Life the Fruit was generated its Fruit and this represented prosperity, abundance and fertility.

But what would all this represent, the Fruit of Life and how to understand it, what did it completely mean, what did it mean? And how could we take advantage of it? How could we understand in depth for our good and the good of ours? Could it be that we had found integral abundance? Could it be that we have found the missing link of abundance and prosperity?, our heroes wondered?

The current fact is that they had found the Fruit of Life!!!

Now absolutely everything had to be corroborated, corroborated that it was the Fruit of Life and that it was all about,

Well, in fact, the Pemón Indian had told them that if they found the Tree of Life they would find the Fruit of Life, that the Tree of Life gave the Fruit of Life, the Tree of Life corresponded to the 13 virtues and Faith , and that the Tree of Life generated the Fruit of Life, and the Tree of Life represented abundance and prosperity, and fertility, our friends had found it from the Tree of Life and generated from the Tree of Life. Life, the pyramid from the Tree of Life given exactly in the midpoint of the Fruit of Life, there was no doubt,

And from close up our heroes saw how the Fruit of Life was, it unfolded in this 7 layers, then 7 subdivisions or parts of the Fruit and in each of the 7 subdivisions there were 7 more parts in each and every one of those 7, there were 7 more subdivisions; for a total of 28 subdivisions;

What would all these 28 mean, 7 layers, 7 parts, 7 subdivisions and 7 more subdivisions,

Ovium spoke and told all our friends, not only Canarino and Pavao but all our heroes in all parts of the world, he told them: dear friends and all, dear heroes and heroines, this is one of the most critical points in to understand, to think and to discern, this mission is very important and this point of understanding and understanding the Fruit of Life with wisdom is extremely important since abundance and prosperity are derived from here and throughout the world and everywhere the world, from here derives the abundance of the world, fertility and prosperity, integral prosperity, we need all of you, we need each one of you, your abilities, skills, super senses, experiences, your thoughts and your your ideas to be able to understand in depth the Fruit of Life, welcome and blessed all your knowledge, your thoughts and your ideas, all your brain and each one of our brain sides we must put them all to work s and think in terms of this point, this point is critical and abstract and denotes the understanding of many intangible cognitive aspects; it denotes the deep understanding of things beyond even our earthly understanding; let us all focus on discovering and deciphering the Fruit of Life and in a simple way and as little complicated as possible,

Kame said: we already know that the Tree of Life derives and the Fruit of Life comes out, simple, let’s see all this in a simple and clear way: If from the Tree of Life

Life is born the Fruit of Life, from the 13 virtues generated in the Tree of Life the Fruit of Life will be derived from its practice, so simply from the practice of the 13 Virtues the Fruit of Life will be derived, will be generated, the good result, very good results will be created, they will be derived, they will result.

And Canarino also pointed out: if it is so and also the Fruit of Life has 7 layers, 7 areas or subdivisions and then in these 7 more and after these 7 more,

So you have to practice the 13 virtues and in connection, in agreement, in relation to these layers and subdivisions, but what do these layers and subdivisions want to tell us?

What does the number 7 mean?

Ovium said let us remember that the one who gives the talents who gives and generates the first talents and abilities in every person in the whole world is the Creator our God, who has created everything in the world and in the universe, who gives us life and not He takes away, who absolutely created everything, all of nature since the beginning of time, the alpha and the omega, and he gives and he takes away, but when he gives, he gives generously with everything, fully, exhaustively,

Pavao and Cat asked: but how does God give, how much talent, in what way? How, and we also have to do with the

Abundance and prosperity or only God? When and how much does he give and how? What part of abundance does he give and how? Who has to do with this process of prosperity?

Good questions said Ovium and Kame, very good questions,

Ovium said: since the beginning of time God our creator gives talents and we must develop those talents, we must put them at the service of others, ourselves and the whole world, we are destined to multiply those talents given by God, here It is key, because we should not remain with the talents asleep and do nothing, because for some reason God’s purpose was to have given us those talents, for some reason God gave us, gave us, lent us those talents for a while, he had and it has its reasons, its purposes, and for this reason we must not remain lazy and we must develop those talents given more and more and better, we must polish them and use them for our good and for the world and for the glory of God,

Whoever does not take advantage of their own talents given by God will miss out on the abundance and prosperity that they themselves can generate, therein lies the key,

Practically God gives the talents and each one must develop them, take advantage of them and multiply them,

Now Ovium said how God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Infinitely Magnanimous, Infinitely Just and Infinitely Merciful, he can give wisdom, abundance and prosperity whenever he wants and according to his intentions, designs, purposes and according to his dictates, according to his mysteries, intentions and purposes for each one of us and for the world,

So God our Creator, he gives abundance and prosperity is a function of the following: 50% God can give it according to his desires, purposes, intentions and divine designs + and 50% by giving ourselves the talents that we must develop and multiply (our talents, abilities and competences given by God and polished and advanced by ourselves and our own experiences and empirical evidence in the trades and activities that we like and that we are competent in)

The abundance of 50% that we must generate ourselves depends on = summation (hope): application, development, multiplication and wisdom of application of our talents, abilities and competences and sow these in each virtue (my 12 virtues + plus 1 God ) total 13 and emphasis on number 12 (13 habits Financially intelligent people and applying 13 virtues of mine in each Financial habit too),

So 50% of abundance and prosperity depend on the direct purposes and designs of God, on his mercy and infinite Justice, and the other 50% depend on ourselves, on how we develop, use and multiply our talents, abilities and skills.

In short, 50% depends on God and 50% on ourselves, since he gives us freedom to make our own decisions in total freedom, and we also influence our own abundance and prosperity, according to the wise or not decisions that we also make during our life,

And the number 7, the numbers, layers and subdivisions of 7 by 7, what do they mean? What does the total 28 mean?:

Meersch Weinchen Said The 7 layers mean:

– The 7 planes of physical states of matter that are:

1.- Earth

2-. Water

3.- Air

4.- Fire- Sun (Light) first day

5.- Ether (space -place- heaven)

6.- Self-existent matter (God) (God rested and saw that everything was good) 7th day

7.- Primordial or supreme matter (Universe)

Here it includes the 4 states of matter: Earth- is Moral; Air is Strength; Water is Fluidity and Fire-Sun is Creativity.

Then Dog Said:

The other 7 Subdivisions mean the 7 colors of the rainbow:

They are the 7 strategies and tactics of the colors of the rainbow:

.Red: activities that help emotions

.Orange: positive emotions and activities

.Yellow: I must put positivity to everything

.Green: all the arts and creativity I must put in favor

.Cyan: inform well targeted

.Indigo: organize and direct all this with joy and enthusiasm

.Violet: plan and apply a positive strategy

Then Cat and Kame said: the other 7 underlying Subdivisions mean:

The 7 columns of the temple of Jerusalem:

– (Sun-mercy), open your eyes

-(Wisdom-Logical Reasons), opens the eyes of the Soul

-(Intelligence and Justice) opens your mind’s eyes


-(Prudence- Sensibility), of the body

-(Air-Strength-Discipline) and of the spirit

-(Humility, Temperance, Meekness)

And finally the other subdivisions said Canarino mean the 7 types of roles and characters:

7 days a week and every day with a role, character and competence:

Sunday – Sun – Leader

Monday- Moon- Protector

Tuesday- Mars- Guerrero


Thursday- Jupiter- Guide

Friday- Venus- Seductive

Saturday- Saturn – Boss

Very well said Ovium there is what the number 7 means and the 4 areas, subdivisions or layers, for a total of 28,

But how is all this applied, how is it related to the Tree of Life and the 13 virtues, how are the 13 virtues applied with these layers or subdivisions and their meanings and their statements? asked Cat;

Shumbiao and Perroquet very practical said:

The 13 virtues are applied and practiced every day of Life, they must be applied every day, 365 days a year, emphasis must be placed from Monday to Saturday and also on Sundays but taking a rest dune, that is, although It is also a day of rest to practice the 13 virtues;

In each month of the year, emphasis should be placed on virtue 1, teaching and loving God, parents and grandparents, and their ancestors, and emphasizing another virtue, that is, all virtues will be practiced each month, but each month must be put more emphasis on virtue love God plus another virtue,

Example: month January emphasis will be placed on virtue 1 loving God more emphasis on practicing plus virtue number 2,

In the month of February, emphasis will be placed on practicing virtue 1, loving God, more emphasis on practicing virtue 3, and so on until reaching…

December emphasize virtue 1 love God more emphasis on practicing virtue 13 teach saving and investing..

This does not mean that the other virtues are not practiced each month, if the other virtues should be practiced, but each month emphasize virtue number 1 and another one, and so on, always each month the

Virtue 1 plus another,

The virtues must all be practiced in all the physical planes of matter and all its relationships,

They must be practiced in the 7 physical planes of matter, which are and mean:

Land under the moral tracks

the Air under the modalities of Strength

In the Water under Fluency and Wisdom

In the Ether-plane or place related to space-Heaven

In self-existent matter with God

And in Time, Universally, for the whole world

All the virtues must be practiced with positive strategies, tactics and activities with the relationships of the 7 colors of the rainbow, as a gift from God, that is to say 7 different strategies, activities and tactics for each virtue in each week and in each month, and be practiced positively

And each virtue must be practiced with the 7 estates and relationships of the 7 meanings of the temple of Solomon of the temple of Jerusalem, each virtue must be given emphasis in the 7 estates that establish the 7 columns of the temple,

And finally, each day of the week the virtues will be practiced according to the day and their meaning, emphasizing the Virtues and their relationships and their roles and competencies for each day,

As an example, on Sunday the virtues in Leadership will be emphasized, all the virtues focused on leadership and on Monday emphasizing the role of protector and so on…

Here are all the Virtues, the 13 virtues and their practical application the 12 months of the year, the seven 7 days of the week, the 365 days of the year, applied in the 7 physical planes of matter, with the 7 strategies and tactics in positive and with the sections of the 7 columns of the temple of Jerusalem,

Ovium finally said: whoever practices the 13 virtues in this way, 7 days a week under their different roles and competencies,

The 12 months of the year, the 365 days of the year, in the 7 physical planes of matter, applying the 7 different strategies and tactics of the 7 colors of the rainbow and under the 7 precepts and statements of the 7 columns of the temple of Jerusalem, and practice all these virtues under these ways and within their trade, applying their talents, in their professions and jobs, in their daily tasks and applying all this with intelligence, wisdom and tenacity; you will get much prosperity and abundance by far, in excess,

And there is an additional maximizer here, exponential, with a tendency to maximize abundance and prosperity much more, which is Virtue number 13, which is Teach and practice Savings and investment, apply and practice its 13 steps in all its splendor, in all your efforts, put your heart and study and wisdom, to these 13 steps apply the complete 13 virtues, that is to say, at each step integrate activities, practices and real models and learn by doing, connecting and relating it to each of the 13 virtues,

And what are these 13 steps and habits, these are:




Money does not make you happy, what money does is buy time to do what you like and pay others to do what you don’t like to do.


Start studying about Assets, Liabilities, Income, How to generate income, How to learn to transform Savings into Investment

The main causes of financial difficulties are the fear of ignorance. Self-inflicted fears and ignorance keep people trapped.



You must learn how to build your own business, that you love to work, that you are passionate about doing, that creates a steady cash flow.

You can start and invest in other assets.

Your business should revolve around your asset column and not your income column.


Creativity is generating new ideas, products and services. Innovation is putting everything on the market and the market accepts it and buys it.

There is nothing more damaging than someone who keeps thinking about old ideas.

If you want to have abundance and wealth, you need to have an open mind, a flexible reality.

And have the skills to turn new ideas into real and profitable companies.


That this product generates constant cash flow.

And then create more products like this in this way.

You have to learn how to market your product and how to sell it and how to sell it every day.



People who are at risk change the world.

Few people become rich without taking risks.

Winners are not afraid of losing.

Failure is part of the success process. People who avoid failure also avoid success.



By learning to invest to create cash flow one can become financially free.

One becomes what one studies.


An asset is something that puts money in your pocket.

A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.

If you want to be rich, spend your life building property. And assets are becoming more productive.


Learn to invest: It is the science of how money makes money.

Nor is it how much you earn, but how much you keep and how much you multiply.

We must learn to transform assets into liabilities; and Learn to transform non-productive assets into productive or more productive assets.



The expectation of financial security that was the responsibility of corporations and governments belongs to the industrial age. No more.

Now financial security depends on you, your assets that generate income and not expenses, your investments and your financial intelligence.

You must learn how to sell your products in the digital age, digital marketing and advertising, in the new communication and distribution channels and in social networks.

You must learn the new business models in the digital age and artificial intelligence.


A person who is prepared will prosper no matter which direction the economy goes or when it changes.

The ability to sell is the basis of personal success.

True learning requires energy, passion, a burning desire.

Passion is the combination of anger and love. These two things combined if you know how to use them make a lot of rewards and profits.


Learn how to plan your payments and your tax payments.



Your brain can be your most powerful asset or it can be your most powerful liability.

Financial intelligence is linked to Emotional Intelligence, most people suffer financially because their emotions control their thoughts.

By not controlling emotions, spending is not controlled, and impulsivity in spending, impulsivity in bad investments, and impulsivity in spending time, space, and money are not controlled.

By controlling emotions, although you can never completely control them, but you try everything you can, economic and financial decisions will be controlled.

In the case of children, adolescents and young people, all this can be taught, absolutely everything, of course with logic for each age, and everything according to each age.

And to each habit apply and add the 13 virtues seen, apply them carefully, these virtues are:

1.- Teach to Love God, Parents and Grandparents

2.- Teach the value of learning to share

3.- Take care of the Brothers

4.- Teach to have fun

5.- Teach Responsibility

6.- Take care of nature

7.- Teach to Love the Homeland or the homeland where you are

8.- Teach Love to Study

9.- Cultivate and Good Use of Technology

10.- Courage for Friendship

11.- Temperance

12.- Teach Frugality

13.-Teach Savings and Investment

It will depend on you to apply all this procedure and techniques for your own benefit, that of yours and the

World, of the entire Universe,

You have in your hands to learn to multiply your talents and even exponentially, to multiply the little and take it to a lot.

Make the impossible possible

In their hands is their abundance and prosperity, and in the hands of fully practicing the virtue 1 of love for God and his loved ones,

Do not stop remembering that if God wants and if you accept it, he will give you abundance and integral prosperity as Job gave it to you, and if in some time and space you do not manage to have that abundance and prosperity, do not stop believing and hold on to the 13 virtues, and practice them because it is Faith and it is Hope that sooner or later will give you the

Abundance and prosperity by far,

It depends on God in 50 but it also depends on you in 50,

Hope in the background is what will give you abundance and integral prosperity: in mind-wisdom, in good emotions, in Love, in body

And Health, in physical things, in spirit spirituality, in absolutely everything, in a holistic and integral way,

How abundance and prosperity is sometimes misinterpreted is not only physical or in one area, or in some things and not in others, the

Abundance and prosperity is related in everything and with everything, in mind, leather and spirit, it is integral,

Remember God gives a lot and enough and does not skimp when when it comes to giving he gives us everything,

In fact, he has already given us his son and the spirit that keeps us alive and with hope.

Hope and Positive Action are very necessary to achieve abundance and Integral prosperity

All this Ovium told him,

Although the intellectual and spiritual work was a great team effort, nothing more and nothing less than all our heroes and friends, who gave the data first was God, the first Creator,

All our friends remained in complete silence, in meditation and prayer,

All of them had found the link of Integral Abundance and Prosperity,

They had fully understood the Fruit of the Tree of Life

The Fruit of Life!!!

Pavao and Canarino flew high again and were happy and satisfied, they had found Faith and Hope,

And the two friends flew to see the Pemón Indian to tell them what had happened,

The Indian Pemon was waiting for them and when they came to see him, he told them: blessed are you and blessed are those who Believe and those who have Hope, you have Believed and have had Hope and you have achieved it, you only lack something, which is derived of the same Fruit of Life, seek and find the Flower of Life,

Remember that I told you that the entire capacity to Give is born from the Fruit of Life, Giving,

It is important to know that the Flower of Life is small but gigantic in power, it is excellent in Beauty and perfection,

So seek perfection, seek majesty,

Seek the height, the depth, the breadth in its greatest splendor and there will be the Flower of Life,

Ovium also told them, everything that they have found in the Tree of Life plus its Fruit of Life is the Flower of Life plus the divine touch, plus its perfection, understand that, seek and achieve that,

What did the Indian Pemon and Ovium mean?

Our friends went to sleep that night but tomorrow they would continue in search of the final essence,

From the Flower of Life,

Scene number 44: The Flower of Life

The next day Cat told our friends to Pavao and Canarino, last night I had several dreams, those dreams alerted me and reminded me of what we managed to see in Machu Pichu, the perfection that was achieved by modernizing and updating the city of Machu Pichu, remember everything that the Sun and Illumination achieved in that city: Clarity, Proportion, Equality, Simplicity, Equilibrium, Symmetry, Equity, Order, Harmony,

If Kame said: they are the principles of Beauty Aesthetics; take it into account and my algorithm tells me that the depth, height and breadth, give these principles, give perfection, but how to use them to find the Flower of Life,

Pavao said it is true, if the Flower of Life will be found from the Tree of Life and the Fruit of Life

Obviously we are going to follow the route and connect the dots all, we go back and forth and see everything from above and below, from Heaven to Earth,

Let us fly again to see the Tree of Life and the Fruit of Life,

And they do it like that!!!

They both flew and saw again the Tree of Life and the Fruit of Life,

Ovium told them to put deep thought, height and breadth, there is key

Canarino flew high and from Above sang a song:

Oh lord owner of all things, owner of

World, Heaven and Earth,

Help us to find perfection and truth, all without distinction.

Open our thoughts and our minds, with depth, height, length and breadth

To see divine perfection,

Show us the Flower of Life,

That in something small you show us your perfection

Do not stop giving us the way and the guide so that by showing us the perfection and the truth

We learn these steps and procedures to apply it for the good of this World and the Universe,

And thus understand what we lack and put it at your service and that of others,

Teach us Lord with humility your perfection divine perfection

Glory to Heaven and Earth


And from above Canarino saw the Tree of Life again and from the triangular apex of the pyramid and counting on the midpoint of the pyramid he saw the Fruit of Life,

Pavao told him, go with Clarity and simplicity Canarino, go with Height, Depth and Breadth,

And Kame told him, obvious Canarino Obvious, where do the flowers settle? Where?, where are the flowers born?

Cat said from where she was: elemental elemental in our case in the branches, look at the branches of the Tree of Life there is the essence and derives from the Fruit of Life, derives what is generated, the Fruits help the Flowers to be generated greatly, and in the branches we must seek,

And he saw how from the Tree of Life, in its twelve branches, but when he saw it higher, with depth in each branch and with breadth in each branch, he also saw connecting all the points and all the branches, he saw the Flower of Life , In the center was the main flower number 1, and it had 19 petals, but all this would have to be deciphered, and on each branch there were small flowers of Life as well, there were 13 flowers in total, 1 giant connecting all the branches and another 12 in each branch,

There were 13 Flowers in total, the big Flower had 19 petals and contained and joined all the points of the Tree of Life and the Fruit of Life, it was necessary to see better and give perfection to everything to decipher the Flower of Life,

They had already connected all the dots and found the Flower of the

Life, it was the largest when connecting all the points, it was number 1 and it was the largest, but to see it better or in a more perfect way, to see perfection, they would have to see it with more depth, height and breadth, and from there as our friends said, the final beauty and perfection, aesthetics, aspects of aesthetics, beauty and perfection, would be generated.

In order for you to see in better detail, said Ovium, more clearly you must become small, you must make yourself small, you must see from the smallest of a Flower, you must see the World, Life and the Universe, you must see the whole

Macrocosm from a flower the microcosm,

That we could see said Pavao,

Canarino said let’s see your entire system in a simple way, let’s simplify everything, join the dots and leave us much more space and time for the


All the virtues of the Tree of Life, plus all the aspects studied in the Fruit of Life, seeing them and giving them greater depth, height and breadth, there was the key,

They had already seen the Flower of Life, but they would have to see the perfection in it,

How would they do it?

Kame said we are going to do an innovative exercise, we are going to restructure the following aspect, if we are talking about the Tree of Life having 12 branches and 1 more central one for a total of 13 and that each branch means a virtue and value to teach and apply, let us give it depth, height, length and breadth to maximize these virtues,

Kame told Canarino and Pavao and the three of them did the analysis and channeled creative and innovative thinking:

⁃ Let’s see if we give depth to the virtues we must do the following:

4 things:

What we should increase to improve the virtues in ourselves and in others: we must increase the disposition and purpose to be virtuous

What you should decrease: decrease negativity, decrease bad habits

What you should remove or divide:

Divide the good things from the bad, remove the bad and leave the good, remove what does not maximize our virtues

What should you mix: mix good habits with good virtues, mix good habits with good activities, mix intentions with goodness, make good intentions come true, materialize them,

⁃ To give it height:

See what we should combine and how: let’s combine the application of the

Virtues with technology, use education and educational systems and technology to increase and encourage virtues in people; combine art and morals and ethics and technology to bring more to people with virtues,

To make the Virtues and Values more digestible, visualizable, understandable and comprehensible and assimilable,

-To give it fluidity and length:

See what I randomly include to restructure the variable and innovate:

If I randomly grab an animal: Leon

I say: to maximize the

Virtues virtue and values must be the kings, the Maximum

If I randomly grab a color: like white

I say the

Virtues should resemble white, as white as the

snow or how


With all this information Canarino and Pavao from high above and flying high

They concluded:

We see the Flower of Life, we are seeing it with more Clarity and splendor, we denote its Symmetry and Equilibrium; we see all its parts with Equality and Proportionality; we see its simplicity and with simplicity we see its greatest expression of seeing the entire universe in beauty and all its parts in this Flower, we see the macro from the micro; we see the excellence and perfection of and in all its parts nothing is left over and nothing is missing; the Flower is in Order and Harmony with the world and for the World and for the Universe, all the Flower of Life integrates the perfect Order of nature and engages the Harmony generated by the Creator our God,

Canarino said all the points from the beginning to the end from the Alpha to the Omega lead us to see, and even feel the Flower of Life; from the Tree of Life and from the Fruit of Life the Flower of Life is born and detached; and by giving and putting thought, attitude, tangible and intangible, depth, height, breadth and length they lead us to the Flower of Life to see it completely with Clarity and Simplicity,

The Flower of Life generates Life, gives Life, gives potentiality and movement, creates in time and Space, generates possibilities and alternatives; see what is obvious and could not be seen; go and manage to make the impossible possible; save the interior of the person, save your natural interior,

We had to become tiny and humble to be able to see and understand the Flower of Life and all its majesty,

The Flower of Life represents the complete giving of oneself when I give life I give myself completely, when I give, I provide, gender, I create life is the best characteristic of giving and maximum charity,

Dear ladies and gentlemen, the Flower of Life means Charity is the third theological virtue, we have found what we lacked, dear heroes and heroines, dear all,

We have Faith, Hope and we have achieved Charity, everything meshes perfectly, we managed to reach the true Truth

The Virtues of the Virtues the 3 Faith, Hope and Charity,

The Tree of Life is Faith, it is perfect Illumination, the Fruit of Life is Hope, it is strength, abundance and prosperity to the Maximum, and the Flower of Life is Charity, it is Perfection and Integral Beauty,

With the three Virtues it is possible to safeguard the inner nature of everything,

We see it, said Canarino, we all see it, said Canarino,

If our friends answered in all parts of the world where they were,

Blessed is he who believes, hopes and gives with heart,

Blessed is he who sees, waits and gives with the eyes of the Soul because he puts all his mind, body and soul so that others can see all this too!!!

Canarino said: the Lord is our shepherd, we are his sheep, we will never lack anything, but if we believe and have faith, even more if we have hope and much more if we give ourselves to the world in Life, in Body and Soul, the Lord repays the kind and humble heart in abundance, the Lord’s tests are for us to say this over and over again, the Lord is my shepherd and we will lack nothing!!!!!

Scene number 45: Earth- Water- Air- Sun

Pavao told Canarino let’s go Canarino we are going to see the Pemón Indian to tell him what we have seen, found and learned, we are going to tell him everything, and if they went to the Pemón man near Angel Falls, and there he received them and told them now yes, dear friends, now if you have found the three things that integrate into each other,

They have found Wholeness, Enlightenment, Strength and Beauty,

the three things that some need in others and all are included in one, the same mystery that integrates everything in one,

They have found the Vision of the Future, with these three virtues the Vision of the Future is practiced, and the Vision of the Group,

Future Life is found, Faith is the Possibility of seeing and going to the future, Hope is the potentiality of having abundance and prosperity in the future and Charity is the maximum of giving that finds us in the alternatives and possibilities of movements mental, physical and spiritual in the future, to seek a better future and to give a future to others, the three integrated and practiced are and form the integration of the four physical aspects of matter,

Deep down, whoever masters and practices these three virtues is practicing the 13 virtues of the Tree of Life, and in doing so generates Life,

and whoever dominates the virtues also dominates the 4 physical aspects of matter: Earth-Air-Water and Fire

Earth is Morality, Air is Strength and Courage; Water is Fluidity and Life; and Fire is the Sun, Creativity and Mercy,

All this practice gives us the vision of the future that many have had and practiced,

that many on Earth have had to achieve high Universal goals,

High performances, because they integrated The Tree of Life, The Fruit of Life and the Flower of Life,

Faith, Hope and Charity,

The Pemón Indian also told them there is something that needs to be done, there are some individuals who are trying to unbalance the natural ecosystem of Angel Falls and the Tepuis, they are trying to harm the Amazon,

Go find them and get them out of here since you have the three virtues and all your potential,

go and conquer, go and return the necessary balance, avoid the imbalance of the natural balance,

And so our friends went looking to see what was happening and who was trying to unbalance the natural balance of the Amazon,

and they flew to where the trees were deep in the Amazon near the Tepuis,

suddenly Canarino saw smoke coming out of a lush tropical forest and said look Pavao let’s see what happens, you who fly anyway and have that ability to fly, go quickly and try to enter stealthily and enter by helicopter flight , surprise to see what happens there and why? there is smoke in that forest,

and Pavao with super senses and his super flight, he went down in a stormy way and managed to enter the forest where smoke was coming out and saw two anti-hero beings, Kato and Cevalino, they were burning the trees, their eyes were red with rage and envy of the beauty of the forests and their unique ecosystem in the world and they tried to burn the forest, they were making fire in many parts of the forest,

Pavao told them stay there, stay still, stop burning the forest, and Kato replied hahahahahahahaha don’t meddle in our business, we’re going to unbalance matter through Fire,

what what said Pavao,

and Pavao flew like a rocket and went to tell Canarino and establish a strategy to put out the Fire and repel these evil and envious,

Canarino told Pavao, we are going to carry out an exercise and Pavao military strategy game,

I sing an anthem of persuasion and intimidation to scare and stun and deprive them, so they know the Universe is watching and reminding them what not to do, and you will fly at them and throw sand bombs at them and so it falls on them. yourself and fall to the fire zones to put them out, and those sand bombs will always be thrown in different ways and you will always reach them by different routes, choose your flight form randomly, okay, they want to damage the earth, the air, water with fire and we will appease the fire, we will return the natural balance, the fire will become sun, creativity, we will transform the fire into Sun and Balance,

and Pavao said okay, and so Canarino began his hymn of praise to God and his hymn of Strategy 3 in 1:

Earth Air Water and Fire elements of nature lord

Elements that you gave us with love

Teach us to take advantage of and use the elements wisely

To heal our mind body and spirit

To make others praise you too

Help those who are in contempt and diverted from your love

Fill them with your mercy and justice

And take us all by your side

attract those who are far from you, attract them to your love,

fill them with joy and wisdom

and thus all enter the circle of your deep love

and to know how to understand the mysteries of the Earth that you gave us and dwells in us, of the Air that oxygenates us, of the Water that flows through us and of the Fire that Illuminates us and makes us Shine,

Integrate everything to all of us and to You, we help to integrate Faith, Hope and Charity

Praise You,

and with this Song that was heard by all to the most remote point of the distant and near nature of the Tepuis and Angel Falls,

Pavao and Canarino defeated Kato and Cevalino,

Pavao and Canarino defeated them with the Strategies of Intelligence, of the Spirit and Earthly Strategies and Tactics, where the earth put out the evil fire and where the brain and benign intelligence defeated selfishness and evil,

The physical elements of matter Earth-Air-Water and Fire were used by the 4 to counteract anti-values, bad habits and anti-virtues,

They practically turned the bad into good,

Canarino sang again the song and hymn 3 in 1 integrating Faith, Hope and Charity,

and Pavao heard the complete silence of all nature that heard this new song,

The silence was interesting as if everyone agreed with this great Glory, with this great success,

There was nothing else to do or say,

The bad guys left there, they are defeated, the ignominy had been defeated

I win the maximum Virtue, the 4 elements were integrated into the 3 great virtues,

point and end,

Pavao and Canarino finally managed to see the Venezuelan Jaguar, on the horizon near Angel Falls

Ovium said: we have saved our nature, we have saved our inner nature,

We have achieved world prosperity, Live more, more world happiness and we have managed to improve many diseases, we have managed to care for nature,

We have managed to become beings higher up, beings of the world and closer to heaven,

and all our hero friends sang for joy,

Ovium said: Praised you are the owner of nature, impact and communicate everything, everything learned, dear everyone,

and so it was done

Raised…go on 2

⁃ Common Sense and the 5 Senses – How to Find It and How to Rediscover Them


Mission number 10: Caribbean Islands


In those days there were a lot of rains, hurricanes and cyclones in the Caribbean, in such a way that our friends had to meet online and in that meeting they detected especially Kame, with his algorithm he detected a lot of heavy rains not only near Venezuela but also going up, they were not normal and all the detection was unusual, this meant that someone had to find out what was happening in the Caribbean and what they could do and help, apart from everything there was already a lot of evidence and evidence that the changes in the world’s natural ecosystem, in the environment, the temperatures in all parts of the world were changing and wreaking havoc in many latitudes of the world, causing natural disasters and not only the antiheroes were influencing all this in every part where they were, and in every mission but it was a completely systemic problem, it was a problem that involved the entire planet and the effects and causes were often the product of a lack of common sense in many political leaders ethical and many rulers of the world, that is, world policies were not serving the natural system, but were not helping to preserve it, what is more, the problems were not being attacked in their real, original and fundamental causes, not much was being done to preserve natural life, ecosystems, the environment and all natural life, and therefore human life was also at risk, it seemed that it was not clear that the entire system of Life on Earth was at risk,

So Kame on this day proposed that this Mission had an accurate component to try to improve and complete, that this mission needed a lot of wisdom and logical knowledge, since even though God the Creator influences his decisions, with all his mystery and with all his Love, and with all his infinite intelligence and wisdom about nature and its behavior, man, the human being with his good or bad decisions, some for his wickedness or his omissions and others for his ambitions and his selfishness, and for egocentrism without thinking about future generations, it was also influencing and damaging the environment as we had seen in previous missions with all the harmful antiheroes, it was harming the world, the natural world, life and itself, and as it was being seen in many parts of the world, and the trips and missions of our hero friends had made, achieved and accomplished,

Thus, Kame proposed that it was important to see what was happening in the Caribbean with these torrential rains, hurricanes and cyclones and determine precisely and in order to avoid further damage and hit the bottom of the issue of the global ecosystem, of global environmental changes,

Kame told Ovium that he should go, and that also, since they were Islands and sea, Massakhara Machhalee should go, due to his ability to swim extreme, his body and inner strength, his mental strength, his fast swimming and his interpersonal and interpersonal intelligence. Kinesthetic body, by changing colors his humor becomes convincing, he has total faith, and his extreme intuition creates a strength and humorous surprise, he also reads minds and can change people, also when he sees someone he knows what they are thinking and he knows his weak point and makes him laugh, he has super taste like a super sense, his pans can change the ph of food and detect and recognize whatever he wants, and he has an almost supernatural ability to renew himself and almost resurrect himself when he is dying,

Ovium went because this mission needed his evolutionary superconnection, his great Universal Guide, his power of connection with a higher Dimension, and his super senses of sight and hearing, apart from his linguistic abilities due to the multiculturalism of languages throughout the world. Caribbean,

So Ovium would travel to the Caribbean, Kame would take him in his shell swimming where he should be and Massakhara Machhalee would go swimming quickly to each part to investigate, and they went from where they were.

The first place where they would go would be the ABC Islands, there were a lot of rains and a lot of flooding, which could get worse in the future and it was what was not wanted,

Thus our friends traveled to their first point, the ABC Islands,

Scene number 46: ABC Islands

Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, was the arrival point of Ovium and Kame, and Massakhara Machhalee were also circling each island so quickly that it went from one place to another as if it were a swimming pool,

There Ovium was able to see and hear and even feel history in a higher dimension and how the ancestors and those who had discovered this new world had arrived, how they had passed through all these islands and reached the lands of South America, these Islands later they had been colonized by the Dutch and their natural beauties were incalculable now, imagine 500 years ago what their potential and natural wealth would have been like if they were immensely beautiful now,

Ovium dedicated himself to remembering history, to analyzing the past of these Islands and proposed to Massakhara Machhalee that they talk to their inhabitants Island by Island so that?, to understand their present, past and see how to help them in the future, to know their people and their environments, to better understand their customs and behaviors,

So they started in Aruba, they started talking to the people of Aruba, there they talked to many people and talked about their past and their present,

Every time Massakhara Machhalee saw someone, he already knew their emotional state and knew how they were, this seemed interesting and it was so and true, and when he saw someone a little sad or nostalgic, he understood its causes through his mental power, and he did not He began to analyze it a lot, but his Faith and power to cheer up the other, or any being that was presented to him, began to communicate a lot of humor to cheer him up or cheer up the environment, and to such an extent and so convincing that he made that person or the environment so intubated and pleasant that the person changed to such an extent that from that day on he saw life with much more optimism, naturalness, with much more positivism and joy, with much more passion and even with much more joy in living and giving, his main point it was that we were here on this earth to be happy and joyful, regardless of our condition, and that God our creator wanted this, he did not want to see us sad or distressed, and that the best of all is that we should see l to Life in a more transcendental way and more with a Vision of the Future not only on this Earth but beyond this Earth,

Ovium when Massakhara Machhalee made people laugh, they also laughed and became much happier too, and affirmed everything with joyful and enthusiastic sounds,

Such was the joyful attraction of Massakhara Machhalee that people flocked to him and gathered around him, and his power of conviction was not temporary but very, very permanent, in fact it changed many,

After Aruba they went to Bonaire where they saw spectacular corals and marine species on its coasts and in the marine world. Bonaire is a marine world paradise to be explored and enjoy its beaches and marine ecosystem and our friends enjoyed it, and then they went to Curaçao, there they met very happy people, but there was someone who had immense sadness and did not smile, to such an extent that it worried Massakhara Machhalee,

and he told him,

Rejoice my brother, our brother,

rejoice, you are sad because you have not seen beyond, the power of joy,

Only you can change, no one can do it for you,

Only you can smile, no one can do it for you

Leave your sorrows to the Creator, he already knows them,

If there is something to forgive, forgiven and leave it behind, do not ruminate on these matters that make you lose your joy and your peace,

You are a being worthy of joy and enthusiasm,

Enjoy the beautiful things that today the Lord has given you and your lives and that you live today,

Look at these natural beauties, they are not worthy of smiling and loving them too,

look around you is not all this worth smiling and enjoying, having fun,

Look at yourself, perhaps you are not made in the image of the creator and you are not worthy of joy, and of smiling, if others can, you can too.

look at yourself, at your flesh, at your body, at your mind and at your spirit,

Think about how you would make someone you love and esteem laugh, what would you say to them yourself? how could you do it

leave negativity and bad thoughts behind and laugh at yourself, laugh at the world, laugh out loud,

Laugh more laugh more, and more and more hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

don’t you see that everything happens and that the rains pass and then the sun rises, don’t you see that every day is a new day, that every day brings new things

and Massakhara Machhalee began to smile and laugh out loud and said look at me the clown that I am look at me how I laugh

and the laughter that I give,

and he kept laughing and laughing to such an extent that he made this person laugh too and it infected him,

and by infecting him, he made this friend aware of all his sorrow a little more, and put it aside,

and he laughed at himself and at the world and laughed more and more and changed his attitude,

the objective had been achieved, awareness and action, the final act of smiling and laughing and of its power of emotion and even its logical reason had been consummated,

Ovium said: although we are here we are going to make all of these and this world happier, more enthusiastic, since we will be here for a short time, let’s smile and laugh, for better and for the better,

with a common objective the happiness and joy of all, and of each inhabitant, and this does not mean that we leave aside other things or virtues, even better that virtues are practiced and all in a joyful way,

work with joy, study with joy and humor, teach with joy and humor, pray with joy and humor,

that good things be undertaken and achieved with joy and humor, with great enthusiasm and positivism,

Let’s infect everyone with the joy that Massakhara Machhalee provides us, don’t you see that you are missing out on the best in this world if you don’t, you are missing out on being happier if you don’t,

don’t get bitter for no reason, don’t be negative for no reason, and if you have reasons to do so, there are many more reasons to change and be happier and more positive, there are infinite more reasons

to rejoice and be happy,

there are many more reasons to smile and laugh,

There are many more reasons for life

and to live

And you can see them, find them and enjoy them,

The joyful good smile comes from Good, it comes from God,

bitterness comes from resentments and bad thoughts, it comes from the evil one,

Put everything in the Lord’s hand, even the strongest, he knows everything and sees everything, nothing escapes him,

Do not let yourself be taken away from Joy by anyone or anything,

Joy pleases God

Live, Live, Rejoice, Rejoice

Don’t you see that the Lord has good things for you today and in the future,

You do not feel that when you make an effort to smile and make the other person smile, you are giving them Love,

every time you make the other laugh and smile and you give love, you are giving love to yourself,

You are giving Love to the World, to the Universe and to God,

and all our friends started laughing online a million,


they were all infected and

Cat said I laughed so much that a small flatulence came out, better outside than inside said Pavao, hahahahahahaha,

And everyone laughed out loud hahahahahahahahahaha

All of this is human and to smile, to laugh at all



And our hero friends kept laughing.

Then our hero friends, Massakhara Machhalee and Ovium learned that hurricanes and heavy rains were going up further north and they got news that Saint Maarteen Island could be hit by these heavy rains and sadness, they said let’s go there to help and to see what we can do and continue the investigation of what is happening in the Caribbean,

Kame took Ovium in his shell and they were seeing all the marine beauties and the Caribbean Sea, all its islands, islets and isthmuses, all its splendid Caribbean Sea,

and Massakhara Machhalee went to nothing fast with his super swimming power and his super taste was tasting algae, sea vegetables, and many species that he liked and also that he had never seen or tasted before, absolutely new species that he was tasting and it is more transforming with their super taste in better and varied different Ph’s giving themselves an unimaginable taste,

When we got to the Isle of Saint Martin, our friends saw that it was not raining, the heavy rains had not yet arrived there, and they said, we are going to prepare all its inhabitants before anything else, we are going to prepare them physically and emotionally for when the strong times come and difficult with these rains, these rains are of care and what’s more they can flood the islands and do a lot of damage, we have to prepare them all, our intuition and telepathies will help us and adding to this logic will tell us what to do and what to tell them so that they are fully prepared before the coming of any misfortune and it is more to help prevent them as much as possible and if it is not possible to be well prepared, everyone must do their bit, everyone must be prepared, know how to help, understand where these natural disasters come from, knowing their causes in depth and being prepared, ex ante – before it happens, at the moment it can happen – and ex post – afterwards, what to do er after this one passes,

Scene number 47: San Maarteen and the encounter with Inner Peace

Fall in love with taste:

In Saint Maarten Massakhara Machhalee he saw many happy people but he also saw many people not that they were sad but like life was happening to them and not them going through life, not living fully, not living life to the full, as if having a life nonsense, and he thought and came up with a great idea, we are going to teach everyone, everyone through a process of learning and learning by doing, through a process of alchemical transformation, we are going to teach everyone and through from practice how they can transform something for the better, improve it and likewise they can also do it with many things in Life and with their own lives, help themselves and help others

Massakhara Machhalee told Ovium that it was important to gather everyone, all people and all beings on the biggest beach, the biggest ocean beach where everyone was going to see something incredible, and so Ovium communicated with the highest dimension. and he began to communicate through his mind to all the leaders of the Island to meet on this beach, and he also began to publicize this great event that would take place on this beach, he physically toured the entire island and communicated this great event and this great meeting, advertising as the great transformational event where that day everyone would learn to transform something for the better and to transform themselves,

ohhhhhhhhh many of the Island said, is this possible?, what would all this mean,

Bahhhhhhh many of the same said, but they were definitely intrigued, and Ovium was able to capture in his mind that everyone would ultimately go because of the curiosity of the people and the novelty of this on the Island,

It’s like a big concert that had never been, never been there, it was something they had never seen or heard of, and they were all intrigued,

and Massakhara Machhalee through her telepathic power began to communicate in the subconscious of the people also this great event and the transformational ideas so that the people of the Island would attend, so that everyone would be excited, a superior enthusiasm was created so that in addition to word of mouth the whole world will talk about this event, that no one will be left without knowing about it,

so this mental and physical advertising work helped to gather absolutely all the inhabitants of the Island on this Ocean Beach from end to end, there was not room for a soul there, front and back the island was completely full and until the end back there were people, there were people even mounted on the coconut trees in front of the island waiting for this great event to start,

Not only had the publicity had an effect, but the great product “knowing how to transform and how to transform yourself for the better” had already won over 90% of people, why? because simply and simply everyone has something to improve, something to transform for the better, everyone is looking for something better, and everyone wants to give their lives a better meaning, even if they don’t see it a priori, even if they don’t know how to do it Deep down, in the subconscious, everyone is good, and everyone wants to give meaning or a better meaning to their lives, but they don’t know how to do it.

and Massakhara Machhalee had devised a great event that he himself had conceptualized, and that would have many surprises, because through a physical transformation he was also going to transform many minds and many spirits,

Ovium understood what he was going to do and was very happy and he himself prepared the entire stage and all the necessary materials and equipment for the event to be completely successful.

Now with everyone on the beach,

Massakhara Machhalee began to speak to everyone, his voice was heard clearly, precisely, and everywhere he did not need a lot of volume because he spoke with his physical voice and with his telepathic mental voice and everyone could hear him clearly,

his power of connection began to work and he began to clearly express to them what this event was about, this great event,

Friends, ladies and gentlemen, dear all the inhabitants of this Island, I want to thank you for your presence and I want first to express my deepest sense of friendship and cordiality,

Today we are going to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste in depth,

We are going to transform and carry out an organic transformation process with a variety of elements, species, foods, substances and culinary materials, and from there you will see how a transformation process will become a process of further transmutation, and transformation for the better. of your inner self,

We are going to internalize what we are going to do physically in our minds, we are going to become aware of it for our own good, we are going to transform these foods and substances, they are going to go through an alchemical process and each one of us is going to internalize this process to transform ourselves for the better, what we are going to do physically with the culinary transformation we are going to transmit to our minds, we are going to model it in our minds, for our improvement and the improvement of all, we are going to make it similar and in a way analogous we are going to use it,

So let’s all start working, I’m going to guide you and we’re going to start, use all your senses so that no one is left without looking, hearing, smelling, feeling and then we will taste the final product,

As I go through the culinary transformation, we are going to create and cook various final food products that are healthy, enriching, tasty and nutritious that will leave us speechless, that will make our hearts happy and that will furthermore give us a model to follow how to fall in love through taste and how to transmute ourselves to a higher state,

Let’s start everyone, first I want everyone to close their eyes and then I’ll tell them when to open them, okay?

We are going to carry out the 7 steps of the alchemical process, by which many in ancient times could transform substances and improve them, create substances into precious stones, and even more metaphorically speaking, transform bad into good, and achieve the process of the so-called philosopher’s stone, and these 7 steps will describe the transmutation and transformation processes,

This process has 2 blocks, the first is to break down food and the second is to create from there a new one, a new or several new foods or culinary products, allegorically if I break down a food or several foods, I could say that I with myself , I myself must Decompose my Being, and second, if from decomposing a food I must Create a new one, then from decomposing my being, from there I must allegorically Create a new Being, that is to say, I decompose my being and create a new being,

What I am going to do with food I am going to do with myself with my Life, for what? to improve for good,

and told them start to open your eyes,

Then it will start with the first Block:


everyone was quiet, not a sound was heard, except that of the sea and the birds that flew on the beach,

here we begin with the First step of the alchemical process: the so-called Calcination: here we are going to calcinate various culinary and food species of the Island, and so he began to do it and everyone saw and heard, and began with the true process,

and he said and this allegorically means that each and every one of us must break down our self to become stronger, it means change for the better,

and so Massakhara Machhalee, was telling them wholesome and enthusiastic anecdotes and jokes, with every allegory and every metaphor, and everyone was having fun while they were learning,

Then we go with the second alchemical process, the so-called Dissolution, what we have already calcined we will dissolve, it consists of transforming solids into liquids, dissolving ashes in water,

and so he did with the food that he had calcined, which were food from the sea and delicious marine species but that he was transforming into culinary art,

and allegorically he told them, this means for everyone, transform hardness of heart into fluidity of good and for good, transform solid into liquid, into water of Life, into Life,

and he told them and the third step of decomposing the being or the entity is:

the separation process: which consists of isolating the individual components and removing the basic materials, filtering the dissolution results,

and so he did with the food after dissolving it, transforming the solid into liquid, he separated the components as much as possible and filtered the results,

by separating the individual components and eliminating the bad materials he was able to see better results, he filtered what was best, he filtered and passed the best of the best,

metaphorically in their minds and in their spirits you must leave the best of you, your essence, isolate individuality and eliminate the bad, and filter everything so that it remains, that the best of you remains,

and screamed to infinity

we have already decomposed the entity, the Being and our Being,

Everyone had seen, heard this entire first part of the process, was smelling how all the culinary art was turning out, how everything was going, they even felt a more unusual, harmonious, pleasant and at the same time peaceful atmosphere, and people were becoming aware little by little , and at the same time about the whole process, and in a simple and simple way how to improve oneself and how to transform oneself for the better, and many said, since they had not thought about it before, so logical and so obvious that all this is,

and our friend continued giving anecdotes and every time he did a process he told jokes and made people laugh, so that they internalized through examples and joyful practices everything that was happening and everything they were learning,

and went on and shouted to infinity:

Now we will continue and we will create: this is the second block: We are going to Create a new Entity, a new Being, a new ME,

waoooooooooo, all the inhabitants of the island shouted,

and our hero said:

The fourth process is the process called Conjunction, carrying out the Conjunction, that is to say: putting together the elements that you have kept in the separation, the best that was filtered, that was left, and convert them into something new and different,

Also combine conscious and unconscious part, conscious and unconscious elements,

and thus he began to carry out the conjunction of the foods and the species that had been left and he began to combine them, the best of the best was remaining,

and he told them to be careful with this part, please pay close attention,

Combine the best of you, what was left when you broke down your being and brought out the worst in you, and combine the best of you, put together the best elements, your best elements and maximize them,

And everyone on the beach, all the inhabitants of the Island, deep down were happy and others were more and much more happy, why? Simple: because they were discovering their good things, because they were revealing their positive things, because they were seeing their best elements and characteristics in others, because they were seeing that the best of themselves could also be changed to improve it much more, and

best of all, they could already see how to help others, through all these processes,

Then our friend continued and said:

The fifth process of this Block is:

The Fermentation,

waooooo they said we are going to become beers,

hahahahaha they all laughed

Fermentation consists of altering the substance in a chemical way using microorganisms with bacteria and fungi,

And so our friend did and everyone began to smell more and more and the taste buds began to work for everyone on the beach, they began to feel hungry and a certain culinary pleasure,

the final art was already approaching, the final culinary art, the final product is about to appear,

In such a way he told everyone, what you combined and put together before, the best of you, now you must ferment it, add something to it as if you were altering the substance, the best of you, with something allegorical to a microorganism, something that affects in the best of you, to maximize it, to provoke a better reaction, everyone thinks that it can be, I

I am going to tell you various anecdotes and cases to open your mind, to give you ideas,

and he began to tell jokes and say humorous things, provoking emotional reactions, joy, passion, mischief, healthy jokes, and so people said,

you have to put seasoning, spicy, more spices, more zest for living, you have to put emotion, all the emotions,

and each one drew their own conclusions and managed to add emotions and more positive emotions to the best of themselves, to their best combined elements of themselves,

And then incredibly the beach and all the Island had been infected by the positive collective subconscious and the collective consciousness, the universal soul of the Island is in complete positivism, joy and even inner peace,

And almost finally he said now dear and dear all,

We will carry out the sixth process, which is the Distillation process, which is to heat the substance until it becomes vapor, then cool the vapor and collect it, turning it into a liquid, this is called purification.

Diooooooossssss they all exclaimed

now if we are going to transmute,

And so our friend heated the food that had been fermented, which had already gone through the alchemical fermentation process, and turned it into a vapor, and then this was turned into a liquid to pass it through a purification process, to purify it,

and everyone smelled and felt the steam, they gently smelled all the steam and then it turned into liquid reaching purification,

and he told them: in your minds, bodies and spirits, you owe the best of yourself, your best elements, values and characteristics that had given you seasoning and more emotion, you must pass it through a distillation, purification process, as you can do a mental process of action and reaction, of tension and relaxation, of warming up the whole body, mind and spirit and then leaving it alone to cool down, to calm down, and to feel inner peace at the end, to flow like water, like liquid,

and now if finally,

the last step, the last process of this whole alchemical process,

The seventh step is Coagulation, the so-called Rejuvenation, it is said that the gas and liquid after rest return to their solid state, to be stronger and stronger,

So our friend, after distilling the food and turning it into a vapor and liquid, let it rest and coagulated it, and now the final product is there to eat it, the final culinary art to be able to taste,

and everyone on the beach now yes, they saw and smelled the final product, and Massakhara Machhalee told them now they can taste everything from this great culinary dish and gave a little to each and everyone on the beach managed to eat, no one was left without eating and there was a lot left over too

Everyone tasted so much and no one spoke and nothing was heard,

Now if everyone had seen, heard, smelled, felt, and worn what had been transformed through the alchemy process,

and our friend told them other anecdotes and jokes, and told them to internalize all this, become aware of it and after having purified yourself, to the best of yourselves, having transformed and purified it, now strengthen it to the maximum, harden it,

Give them your best sense of trust and continue to exist,

Give it the best sense, your best Sense of Higher Existence,

Now if the entire beach was in existential and spiritual ecstasy, not only because they had tasted something extraordinary, but because everyone had seen how this transformation had been done, this transmutation, everyone, each one on the beach and on that Island, had properly felt their own change of improvement, each one had experienced firsthand their own transformational improvement,

No one had told him, no sir, no one had told him no sir, each one in his own life had experienced it,

Each had experienced their own Rejuvenation,

You felt an inner peace on the beach and on the island, why? because each and every one had inner peace,

Everyone now if he was prepared for everything, both for the good and for the bad,

They were all as if in love, and in truth they were, in love with life and the future life,

They were really rejuvenated,

Waooooooooo, they all exclaimed, the whole world, the whole Island,

In the end our friends and all the people on the beach had given their best,


Scene number 48: The least common Sense of all

As always in success stories and in every good story and film there is always someone who wants to put the effort into power, all the effort to the good guys, on the other side of the Island, a character had arrived who wanted to spoil it. the great effort not only of our heroes but of the whole world, and so-and-so Kapro had arrived, who with his selfishness and envy, wanted to depredate that part of the Island, but there was also Koko, who was also irresponsible, negligent and thoughtless , the two anti-heroes wanted to contaminate the land and water of the island, to spoil what everyone on the Island had achieved, so the two began to burn the coconut trees in that part of the Island, to tell people that they were not careful of the rains when they came, they began to create unrest, to confuse people, to create despair in them and instill in them not to be prudent, and so they continued to burn coconut trees,

Our friends went to the place, they appeared and found them, they confronted them and told the hero friends,

How can we help you, we are from this Island too and we want to help,

Liars how they want to help by burning the coconut palms, what they have told the inhabitants of this part of this Island,

the bad guys said nothing, nothing

we burn the coconut trees because we are going to build better things there,

ahhhhh yes our friends said,

Ovium told them to stay there, and seized them both,

and he took them to a house and an idea occurred to him,

Ovium separated them and placed them in different rooms and imprisoned them in different rooms, and told each one separately and if they could communicate, if you tell me the truth I will release you, but if you do not tell me the truth and If your partner tells me, if he tells me the truth that I already know, you will stay here the rest of your life imprisoned and your friend will go free in 1 year, and Ovium knew but did not tell them this: what if the two hit it right and tell me the truth, both will leave in 1 free year, but if both of them do not tell me the truth and I know they are lying, they will both stay here for the rest of their lives, period.

Ovium questioned them both separately and they both told the truth, if they were predatory and polluting the environment they had a lot of resentment and negativity, they accepted their guilt, their irresponsibility and irrationality, and they were envious of the island’s inhabitants, they were selfish and reckless, the two accepted and told the truth that they wanted to make the others reckless, and that they were damaging the natural ecosystem of the island,

So Ovium forgave them but told them they must stay here for a year and repair the wrong they have done, they have cooperated with us, and with justice, they have cooperated with the truth, common sense had won, cooperation had won

the bad guys for the first time had common sense,

And so they did, once again the truth and values had won, and something important had been seen repentance in the bad and the good was flourishing in the bad, their goodness, the bad guys weren’t so bad, they were wrong , deviated towards evil and even misled, but by whom?

Then our heroes heard that the torrential rains would arrive in the Islands further up to the North and they had to continue towards it to warn their people,

And so they went to the Bahamas Islands, where they would see any number of islands and islets with the clearest water in the world, after Los Roques in Venezuela,

Scene number 49: The Bahamas and the 5 Senses

When our friends arrived in the Bahamas, cyclones and hurricanes had already passed through there, the Island had been left in a very bad state, many islets had been flooded, and many areas very affected by the fury of nature, and that man had to see in this, rather the unconscious man, and all the inhabitants of the islands belonging to the Bahamas were very sad, upset, they had suffered human, personal, natural, physical, economic, and emotional losses, in short, a total disaster, they were all hopeless ,

But our friends did not give up on all this, as they could and should encourage all its inhabitants, all its natural inhabitants, of the animal and plant kingdom, as they could,

what was your role there?

Massakhara Machhalee said: it is necessary to change the perceptions of all these people, of the entire Island, and of all these Islands, it is necessary to encourage and help them, it is imperative to communicate incentives to Live, for Life,

And it occurred to him: he told Ovium we are going to carry out a guided Imagination exercise with all his people, with this exercise we will be able to change their perceptions and influence their present and future thinking and we will be able to give them encouragement, joy and desire to move forward and to move forward, so that they recover their Islands, their spaces, so that they recover time and space, so that they rebuild their islands, spaces and places, to rebuild their lives,

and he told Ovium, Ovium it is important that you convey to them in their minds the best thing that I am going to do, I will communicate directly online, I will talk to them and they will feel with their 5 senses and you help me to communicate to them mentally,

They will feel physically with their 5 senses and mentally and spiritually too, it is important that no one is left out of this exercise, everyone on this Island must feel everything that I am going to do, show and say,

Ovium told him: when you are talking and doing the imagination exercise, I will also replicate it in their minds, so they will feel in body, mind and spirit,

I’ll help you,

Thus Massakhara Machhalee and Ovium began to communicate physically, by means, by communication channels and mentally with all the inhabitants of the Island, and all the islets, and even the smallest islands, communicated and told them that they were going to carry out a guided imagination exercise that they were on the largest island today and that everyone was willing and attentive because this exercise was going to help them in this time to recover their hope and their desire to live and to recover all the spaces and even the time of the Complete Bahamas, that they were not afraid that they were going to be communicated physically and mentally and that they would have to see, hear, smell, feel, taste and much more, feel with or without soul reasons, internalize all this exercise that they should see and that it would be carried out in online communication on the main island and that many should meet there in the great central square to see and feel this exercise with their 5 senses and more, and that Those who could not see it would see it through online communication media and online mental media as well, but no one should be left without feeling and doing all the exercise,

For this, our friends told everyone that they should all have on hand that day: something to eat, something they would like to drink, like a good wine or something like that, a food they liked, like chocolate and good fruits if they had them. at hand, that they carry or have at hand a flower, or a flower that they like or a bush or some leaves of some tree or bush that they like, some species of the vegetable kingdom that they like, and that they carry or have at hand hand sea stones, sea sand, sea shells, that everyone try to carry all this and have it at hand wherever they are,

So that day in the afternoon our friend had a large number of people gathered in the main square of the largest island of the Bahamas, and they all brought what he had told them to bring or have, and our friends had all their communication technology systems to replicate it to all the inhabitants of the Island and Islets and Ovium would also help to a large extent to communicate to them in another dimension mentally,

And our friend told them, dear and dear, we are all going to carry out a guided imagination exercise, I know that you have gone through extremely difficult days, from here and from above, very high where you imagine and even do not imagine, you know what you are going through and believe me, everything can be seen from another perspective, everything can be seen from a better perspective, from a better angle, don’t get impatient, because the best is yet to come, let’s think now about what could be and what could be in the future, let’s live the day to day and build the future, a better future,

We are all going to close our eyes and begin to imagine ourselves, we are going to see all our spaces and places where we have been in the Islands, in each part of the Island, we are going to see them with good colors, the sea is very blue and the sky is very blue, the very white and playful clouds, and the radiant and shining sun, we see the houses and and all the spaces and places with shining and beautiful colors, what’s more, we are going to see all the places with better colors, better paintings and paintings, with works of giant arts everywhere and in all its surroundings, we are going to see new cultures in the parks and squares, each one of us helps and will help to make this possible, let’s see with our physical eyes, of the mind and of the soul, let’s see the perspectives, the breadth of all the islands, let’s see its angles, points, colors, let’s all see its splendor, let’s see its contours, its spaces, let’s see there, farther, far, far away, and let’s see the closest too the tiny, its beauties, dots and colors res, all its perspectives and angles,

Let’s imagine and see, how the streets and highways and all the public and private places are with better colors, better infrastructures and better and many more spaces, all decorated in a natural and very oceanic way, very sea with many starfish and with lots of marine nature, even all our homes have been rebuilt and made much better, with better and more refined and even better technological disposition to attract many more people and many more tourists in the not too distant future,

Now open your eyes and our friend began to show you images on giant screens of all parts of your Island of its Islets and of all the Bahamas, all more beautiful and shiny and with better colors, with many more colors and with recovered spaces and rebuilt, everything came and they exclaimed because of how beautiful everything looked they saw the shining sun and the blue sky and the clear and transparent blue sea,

Then our friend told them, they heard all this that is coming, imagine and listen to everything that I am going to tell you and bring you now, close your eyes again and listen with your ears of the body, mind and spirit, and he began and brought many birds of the island and the birds began to sing and to whistle and to flutter, and this was already prepared and all the birds sang and others saved and others even queens were many birds and birds of the areas and all these island, animals worthy of the nature and God, created for the enjoyment of the world and goodness of the creator, and all the inhabitants heard and internalized noises, sounds, highs and lows, heard melodies and harmonies, heard songs and interpreted songs, heard the birds and birds as if you were sometimes out of tune and sometimes not, very clear many times you could hear very sharp and fine tones, and so he told them,

open their eyes and they saw many birds and little birds around them, far and near where they are and they saw them all and heard them and kept hearing and felt them, felt their wonders, their songs and their flights,

They saw their flights, they saw how they flew and heard their melodies and songs in many ways and forms,

Then our friends told them: now that they see and hear, I want them to smell, look for the flower, the sand, and everything they have at hand, and I want them to close their eyes again and smell the flower that they have from their houses and gardens ,

that they smell them, little by little and that they smell the smell of sea sand and of the bushes or leaves and of the marine shells, they all smell, and they smell everything,

feel the smell of the flowers, their aroma, what an aroma it has, smell the smell of the sea, of the sky, the smell of its islands, smell all of nature, smell all the things around you, smell all the marine nature and everything around you ,

open your eyes and now see, hear and smell, feel everyone, everything in depth,

Now close your eyes again and feel and touch these flowers, this sand, these leaves and bushes, these starfish or sea shells, touch everything with your hands and senses of the soul,

Feel and touch and feel the textures, shapes, the soft or rocky, feel the softness of the flower of your pedaling and its leaves, feel the texture of the sand and everything from the sea and marine, feel and feel,

and so everyone did and felt the textures and shapes of everything they had at hand,

and our friends told them now open your eyes,

and everyone opened their eyes and they had already seen, heard, smelled and felt, they saw its seas and skies and its houses and all its islands better much better they heard all the splendor of its birds and the sound of the sea and the wind, they smelled all of nature at its best, and they felt and touched all of nature and everything absolutely everything with merriment,

and he told them; Now we are going to close our eyes again and we are going to taste the fruit or the wine, or the food of your choice, as naturally as possible, the chocolate or fruit that it has, let’s taste it, feel it, taste it, what a good taste, feel it, smell it and taste it little by little, and so everyone tasted fruits, chocolates and liquors and wines from the Island, and they felt pleasant and grateful,

and our friends told them to open their eyes, and continue feeling the flavors, and associating with something, associating it with you with your family, associate it for good and for good, feel the good and sublime pleasure that God has allowed you yesterday, and today and will allow them in the future

and so they all did, and they tasted different flavors, sweet, bitter, vinegary, dry, salty, in short many different ones,

and so everyone had already seen, heard, smelled, felt, touched and tasted,

and everything online was seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting everything and the entire Island and its components, they were extrapolating these senses further and felt with their minds and spirits, they felt much and beyond,

and suddenly our friend told them: attention each and every one of us, attention all of you,

Pay attention everyone

Please think now what are the wonders of the world, think now what are the wonders for each one of you, think well and travel the world and through your minds and places, but think well

and each one of them and all of them began to think about places, places, historical cities and exotic places and even nearby places on the continent and on other continents and they said things and places and each one believed they were right,

and our friend let them speak and many talked and argued among themselves and among themselves and each one believed they were right and they said places in other lands in other continents, ancient places and sites like Egypt and so on,

And he told them and those who are right, and many said I know the many wonders of the world are such and such,

and our friend Ovium told them please close your eyes again, and now feel again what you saw with your imagination, hear again what you heard and also with your imagination smell again and feel what you touched and taste what you tasted please concentrate everyone and feel with your 5 senses and beyond, with your body, mind and soul,

Feel again everything and absolutely everything,

Because the wonders of the world are and will always be: SEE; HEAR; SMELL; FEEL AND TASTE, and you are a wonder of the world because you can do all this, because you are here Alive, today, because you feel and can see and feel everything around you and far beyond, you can perceive with your mind and with your spirit, and if someone, someone who cannot perceive something due to a disability can perceive it with another sense or in another way but is Alive, you are Alive, you can perceive the whole world, its nature and everything that God gave you,

You are Alive and you can perceive everything, and you can even learn to perceive things better, in a better way and with better perception, as we have done today, and give thanks for being Alive and for Perceiving,

and Thank God our Creator for allowing him to live and perceive,

You are a miracle and a wonder in the likeness of God,

and everyone remained silent, nothing could be heard, nothing on the Island, only the birds that flew and the air and noise of the sea,

And everyone at the end everyone on the Island applauded our friends, and they applauded loudly, and louder

And they applauded themselves, and loudly


Because each of us are unique beings and we are a marvel of God,

perceptions had changed and people were going to improve the Bahamas, their Island, and thus the entire world, and also themselves, much more.

point and end of this scene,

Scene number 50: Earth-Water and Logical Reasons

Our friends then toured the entire

Caribbean Sea, Ovium with Kame and Massakhara Machhalee did it alone, but everyone was enjoying the trip throughout the Caribbean Sea, what some saw different and interesting was communicated by sharing it with others and so Kame and Ovium went to one side of the Caribbean Sea and Massakhara Machhalee went the other way, the three of them enjoyed every trip,

The Caribbean Sea had a lot to see and enjoy, and they were enjoying a lot, and after having accomplished so much for many throughout the Caribbean Sea, in various parts and islands of the Caribbean Sea,

Kame remembered and said, the 5 senses have won and common sense has been integrated,

What the senses perceived and beyond, throughout this journey, common sense with its logical reasoning and with its judgment and making a judgment of what the senses have perceived, has internalized all thought, has made aware of what is possible through logical reasoning. , the senses have given have perceived and imagined the future and the possible future possibilities and logical reasoning, the judgment has given the guidelines where to begin to create this future, everything possible and the impossible to work on it more and look for the signatures and ways of Do the possible,

Imagination is stronger than knowledge but it is necessary to put into practice what one imagines, it is necessary to materialize what was imagined and give it guidelines, execute, give it beginnings and monetize it, land what is imagined and give it knowledge to put it into practice,

And so what is imagined one day will become knowledge and cognitive aspects, and then you have to re-imagine to recreate and re-create more knowledge,

Imagination creates knowledge once what is imagined materializes, and it will always be necessary to imagine in order to create, whether it is something completely new or something improved, well, completely new, not because that is only given by God, but something new and great, or something super improved and from the first data given by God,

A disruptive innovation or a linear innovation,

But something cool

Something little seen and felt,

And the reason then gives this, because it is the judgment at the end that says:

Ahhhhh but this is great, this is obvious, this is super obvious, but if this is what I need, and this is what I was looking for,

So our three friends toured the Caribbean Sea and it occurred to Kane that they do a heuristic exercise and make a list of all the islands traveled in such a way as to make a graphic analysis like a giant mental map, which in the center would have the Caribbean Sea and disaggregate this with all its islands from the largest to the smallest and generate a large mental map for all the islands and places traveled, highlighting the largest islands, with more land and internal water, call it rivers and fresh water,

And create a gigantic map of the islands from largest to smallest with respect to geographic size of land and fresh water, thus also determining how these islands are maintained geographically or have decreased from the point of land, call it part of land and also part of water, for Some reason,

In this way, determine land and water changes, changes in the ecosystems of the islands of the Caribbean Sea, in addition to carrying out a detailed count of all the islands and their environmental, natural news, their current animal and plant species and all their ecosystems,

If we allegorically say that the Earth refers to the moral and philosophical bases and the water to fluidity, and knowing that the water is really the generator of life on earth, that water is needed to generate life and the earth so that the water flows, then we could also, determine in each island its moral bases, its life and its fluidity, in each one and as a whole,

And so our friends in each Island that they went determined the land and water, their measurements and dimensions, they determined everything from the natural, geographical and hydrological point of view; and from the metaphorical and allegorical, scientific, human, artistic, philosophical and creative points of view,

Thus, the three of them, while they were touring the entire Caribbean Sea, were collecting information and were making the great mental map of the entire Caribbean Sea,

Earth and water are needed to exist, but more than water needs earth and for life, to give life, there can be land and not water, and in this way there is no life or very little, but when there is an abundance of water , there is a lot of life there, so the

Moral foundations and fluency complement each other, they are needed, they are sufficient and both are necessary,

So Earth and water have their logical reasons for existing

What our friends had achieved in this mission to the Caribbean Sea, to the Caribbean Islands, was to defeat imprudence and selfishness, defeat hopelessness and fan the

Prudence and Prevention,

And prudence and prevention are absolutely linked to logical reasons, the ex ante perception of something can determine, what do I prevent?, but it is logic that tells me, why do it? how to do it?, where?, and the steps to follow, according to the principles of identity, and third party excluded from logic,

This mission had accomplished many great things:

In the Bahamas the hopeful reason to live had been found, also after having regained joy the Little Pig of the Bahamas was seen again,

In the ABC islands and in Saint Marteen, Joy and enthusiasm had also been recovered and they had learned deep down to love their neighbor,

In all the Caribbean Islands and throughout this mission, great solutions beyond our senses were achieved: family cohesion, improvements in human dysfunctions, becoming more advanced beings, learning from everything, learning to solve problems of hunger and poverty, learning to think more, the utopian to become reality, and the impossible to become possible,

How important was the human, human humor, human love, and the human touch to achieve things so important that they seemed very scientific and impossible to achieve or access or change or create, but with a single human touch like Joy , humor and love, could change everything, change everything, see everything from another perspective,

And even make a Heaven of evil, a Heaven of hell,


Because the human is a wonderful touch of God,

Deep down, what is human and what I do with a human being, with my neighbor, my neighbor, as a human being and with myself, I am doing it transmitting in the same way to God,

Cat yelled and replied: come here a hug and a kiss for everyone



⁃ The number 13- G13: 1 Intuition, 5 Senses and 7 Super Senses

Mission number 11: Mission Everest

Our friends all the heroes were very happy for this past mission and for the progress made in the Caribbean Islands, Cat had a dream that night where she saw many avalanches and saw a place as high as Heaven, but on Earth, it was crumbling the place from top to bottom and when he got a good look, he saw that they were avalanches of snow, the snow was crumbling and the snow fell like water downwards and it was then a very high mountain and when the snow fell you could see its structure inside, It was even comical because it was like the mountain took off its veil or its dress and you could see its interior, its structure inside was seen as half-naked, the mountain is losing its corpulence and its clothing and even its strength,

Cat visualized all this in a dream and the next day she told everyone about the dream and many said: it must be the highest mountain in the world: it is Mount Everest,

We must go there, we must send someone to investigate what is happening there,

Kame suggested that they be Pavao and Perroquet, both because of their ability to fly and because of their super senses in Sight, Taste and Touch, and above all because of their super powers of seeing the future, their great intuitive power and ability to anticipate,

So Perroquet and Pavao accepted the mission and flew to Nepal, to the base of Mount Everest,

Scene number 51: Those who can run without having walked

Perroquet calling Pavao, Perroquet said to play a bit while flying at the base of Nepal, the Mount Everest Base, there the two friends played a bit doing skimming flights and played with the snow at the base of Mount Everest, doing flying flights free fall and then went up again, the two boasted of their power of flight and their bodily and kinesthetic capacities of Flight,

After playing for a while, the two of them met some aborigines from the area who were called Sherpas, who were the aborigines who accompanied the hikers and who knew perfectly well the place, its ends and everything related to going up to the Highest peak in the world, its benefits and adversities, the customs of the local people, the whims of the mountains in the area, and absolutely all the knowledge and experience to live there and survive there,

The Sherpas told them that the highest mountain in the world had been experiencing strange and strange changes for a long time, not only in temperature but also in geology, such as losing snow and losing strength, as if the mountain was sad,

This is how questions were generated in our two hero friends Pavao and Perroquet,

Ovium told them: with your great power of flight and your intuitive power you will be able to see what is happening there, you will have to investigate in the area and higher up, with your anticipatory power you will be able to see and feel before any danger, since in the area incredible climate changes and snowfalls are happening, and these changes and melting of snow are removing more and more of the Himalayan Tar,

and they will have to look high up for these little animals that are certainly in danger of extinction and they will have to save as many as they can and bring them down to the base of the Himalayas,

So you will need your intuitive power so that in these adverse climatic environments and adverse times you can find the Himalayan Tar and you can also survive and save them,

Surviving is the word and looking for the way, given the adversity and the times and moments of danger, adversity and the catastrophes to which you and all of Mount Everest and the Himalayas are exposed,

They should start from the bottom and try to get as high as possible to be able to look for the Himalayan Tar and thus also know what is happening and take possible corrective measures or as much as possible, helping and helping each other is the task,

Thus our hero friends began the flight from below and saw that the mountain was excessively imposing and high, the cold was extreme and although towards the Sun, the Sherpas told them that the weather conditions always changed rapidly and to be very careful,

That they should not rush and not be very slow either, although they would fly, be careful with landslides and snow melting, and should look for the Himalayan Tar in the rocks and hidden places where this specimen with the lion’s mane liked to walk and the higher up the better, due to its power to climb and walk on snow and rocks, its great power to climb mountains,

Here the experience was essential but nobody wanted to go up to look for the Himalayan Tar given the dangers to which they were exposed those days, there had already been many human losses due to landslides and snowfalls, so our hero friends were indicated by their super powers and for their ability to respond, and intuition was necessary at this time to not only have the ability to understand ex ante what was happening in time and space, but also to have anticipatory capacity and have the ability to avoid dangers and achieve goals in precise and fast moments,

there would be times when they would not have time to think a lot and they would have to make very, very fast decisions and what intuition and instinct dictated to them too,

They would have more intuition and instinct, and even had super senses not only their own but also those of other heroes and friends,

In such a way that they began this trip flying up Mount Everest, and they began very happy and with great enthusiasm prepared for all the good and also as much as for adversity,

First stop: The anticipatory smell

There our friends managed to sniff and perceive with their great taste the places and even what they were eating and where the Tares of the Himalayas were going and heading, they managed to trace their steps, and sniffed that they were actually going up the mountain , very high, if they were going very high,

The intuition of our friends was telling them little by little how to find the Himalayan Tar and even how to save them, the same intuition would tell them things that reason did not understand, about the tastes and customs of the Himalayan Tar, and they were seeing with their minds , the spaces that these animals inhabited and where they lived and the times and moments that they had been in those places, the relationships of time and space were only seen by intuition, it was like seeing before things happened, and many times imagine where things happened, where these little animals went and what they did and where they were going to go, how to anticipate good and bad events and events, situations and behaviors, our friends were beginning to anticipate to the behavior of these little animals to the Tares of the Himalayas, for what?

To be able to understand and save them, to be able to prevent them from greater evils to which they were exposed, to be able to take them to the base of the Himalayas before the snow covered them and the landslides buried them,

Although these little animals were very strong and would have experience in these areas, they cannot see beyond a few miles, super visions and super senses were needed to see beyond and super intuition to understand what happens and would happen in these times and more. there in the future, and to be able to avoid greater evils and thus have a knowledge and overview of everything that happened there and above all to know the main causes and their effects, to be able to apply corrective measures to the main cause that generated all these disasters , and go to the bottom of the matter,

Thus one would have to run without having walked, without knowing how to walk, many say, and this is possible with mental flight, with the power of intuition, and anticipatory capacity,

Second stop: The night of the first landslides,

That first night, Pavao and Perroquet would experience the first landslides very close to them. Perroquet’s intuition made them see and understand a priori that they should leave the second stop, the place where they were camping, before the snow and landslides covered them. buried them, and they both managed to get out of there before that snowfall happened, before it reached them and covered them, they managed to catch flight to the east of the mountain, their intuition also told them that the Tares of the Himalayas they sought shelter in the caves and caverns, and in this way they would be saving themselves a bit too,

so they should go looking for these little animals in the caves and caverns too, and save themselves there too when they deserve it,

Third stop: Either I run or I climb

The next day our friends flew high and followed the path that led much higher to almost half of Mount Everest, and there they found two openings in the eastern part of the mountain to pass and continue higher, which of the two openings, which of the two paths to take and why?, in such a way that the two friends would not have much time to decide where to go, where to fly, there was no time to lose, especially since the weather was getting rarer, there would be rains and more snowfalls and this would bring more landslides and snow slides, melting snow, the weather and temperatures were crazy, changing, and nothing was even precise and the most constant was uncertainty,

the joint instinct and intuition of both would have decided to go along the path on the left side, because this would take them deeper and faster upwards, they said, they did not know the place but it was what their super senses saw and what their super smells They even managed to capture where the Tares of the Himalayas would go from,

this had become a positive search, track, trace and reach of the Himalayan Tar but only to save them, not to hunt them, but to find them and take them down, to save their existence, and that very existence and all this traveling and expedition would tell us part of the causes of these landslides

It was no longer just instinct and intuition but learning about the area that told our friends that in a few days worse times and landslides would come on Everest,

And so it was when passing by the left path of that part of the mountain, Pavao and Perroquet saw how the mountain opened up, how the imposing and majesty of Mount Everest rose up,

Their intuition was winning, and so they flew through that part of the mountain and continued up the mountain and saw how some hikers were going up the peak, they would find them later and they would pay attention to the risks that could happen if they continued further,

Fourth stop: The encounter with the Tares of the Himalayas

Our friends continued to fly up that path of Mount Everest and beyond the middle they managed to see a cave and they went there and there were some Tares from the Himalayas, they entered the cave and saw them, the Tares from the Himalayas stared at them to them, pensive and with him a million instincts,

Pavao and Perroquet stared into the eyes of the Himalayan Tares, there were males and females, they were beautiful specimens, strong and deep-eyed, they seemed pensive all the time and had a lion-like mane of fur on their necks,

They stared at them and the Tares also stared at them, instinct against instinct was sniffed, the Tares had not seen specimens like our friends and they were nervous, afraid because they had found them,

The Tares in the background were fleeing from the snow and the thaw and the storms, their animal instinct had led them to take shelter there,

And they had made it and now someone had seen them and they knew where they were,

Our heroes were very happy to see such beautiful specimens from the Himalayas and the world, there were some left in the world and these were some of them,

The instinct and intuition of our friends had led them there and the intuitive sense of smell had led them to these beautiful animals,

The fixed, serious and constant look of the Tares of the Himalayas confused our friends a bit,

They wondered, are they not as good as we think they are? Because they look at us so much like that, how serious!!!

They had told us that they were very good and here they seemed serious, even with evil or bad eyes, they smiled little, and were very nervous,

And our friends started to get a little scared,

To be a little afraid of them, and they did not speak and the Tares did not speak to them either,

That moment had been left in suspense,

The two groups were suspicious of each other,

Instinct and intuition told many things but some were real and others were not.

Our friends smiled at them but they didn’t at them,

They thought and intuited a little, it will be that they are bad or they want us to leave here,

That was there in the thoughts of our friends, but only for a while and in that space,

Scene number 52: The star sense but be careful and it crashes

Kame said beginning this scene, and said reminding all of our friends and our heroines of this mission, and reminded everyone by saying:

All hero and heroine friends, I remind you that intuition is the star sense, that intuition is the star perception in time and space to recognize and understand in depth what happens in that time and in that space, combine the two relationships and integrates them, to understand ex ante what happens or happens, it is true, instinct comes first because it comes from the

Animal nature of every human and animal being, so instinct smells, feels and perceives first and then comes intuition, which is the one who clarifies a little and understands the given situation more, intuition is the human creative weapon, why? Because it is the one that imagines what is happening or could happen, and the imagination is creative, it is a producer, a generator, that is to say, it is the one that creates an entity, art, thing, an application or a system, something, an entity or a thing. , but it is someone or some who in their imagination great all this or something, and it is the mind that imagines, but then this will have to materialize, land, become a reality, become physical, materialize and/or monetize,

If this is not done, it only remains in the Imagination, so the imagination is vague, imprecise, abstract, it is real but at the same time unreal, the imagination is creative more than anything and it is needed to create but it takes a bit to ground it and see a bit of the logic of the needs of the world and of the people to make it real, as well as the authority that provides the world, the people, the economic agents,

So how imagination comes from intuition to a large extent, and both are creative, both can often be imprecise, vague and abstract, in fact they can be unreal, and precisely this quality makes them creative, with possibility, potentiality, with great possibility of generating something new, and new alternatives,

So intuition perceives and does it better When it is more alive or more tangible or perceptible, and it understands a situation a lot and sees the real and the unreal, but in human things it can be wrong if it makes a mistake.

Judgment a priori, until a logical analysis of the matter is made, it will not be better understood,

So, you have to be careful with your intuition. Intuition can tell me vague and imprecise things, it can give me an alert that can happen but is not happening in time and space, in that now, or intuition can tell me something that later on will not be useful to me because human affairs and situations are changing, they change, so once intuition and imagination create, then they will have to be given a logical process in space and time and land them and execute, activate what created or thought, above all combine them with the needs and usefulness for whom? For people, for humans, for the world, for the universe,

Because that is what it is about imagining something good and good to improve the


Intuition will tell us if there is something good or bad in a situation and it will make us alert or enthusiastic and happy, but since intuition is imprecise and often vague, and it occurs in the mind and imagination, it can also be wrong if we believe that she is the complete and absolute solution, or if this is something completely like that, since intuition is full of emotion and mixed and varied emotions, and can be skewed towards something we like, and how there is a lot of emotion and it is widely perceived and deep down, this can make you believe something quite unreal with the world, or very deterministic, radical and imprecise, or very extreme, because you can make assumptions that are real or not, imaginary or not, like seeing something white or black, intuition then it necessarily and sufficiently needs part of the landing of logic, so that logic gives it the touch of power of realization and materialization,

Imagination creates in

Mind and logic help to finish the work materializing it, but the process takes a lot of imagination in each part, that is true and it has to be so because the one that really creates is the mind of the human being and then it must materialize this imagined,

Thus intuition is very human and so human that the mind does this process and then imagines, intuition captures and perceives and then imagines, then this imagined must be executed if one wants to put the world at service in some way or another.

And the more sensitive intuition is, the more it imagines and captures and can even capture the universal voice as a collective quotient or collective consciousness, but it is there and must be digested or handled quickly, because deep down God is the owner of perceptions and this you can change them whenever you want and there are many variables at stake, what I mean is that practically the first intuition is given or can be given by the creator, our God, and if God gives it to us, we must take advantage of it for good and know how to use it and with this do and create wonderful things, as many have done and did throughout history from artists, creators, writers and painters, politicians and inventors and leaders and many in history and throughout history, had intuition and imagination and these helped them , but they had to necessarily materialize, monetize, make, execute and activate what was imagined for the benefit of the world and the universe and even for the glory of God, not leaving it alone in the mind and, in the imagined, in the intuited,

After this explanation our friends and the heroines of this mission better understood and remembered what they were exposed to,

In this scene, after Pavao and Perroquet saw the Himalayan Tares in the caves, suddenly the Tares took flight and ran away almost pushing our friends, and they left the cave with great force, they saw our friends as if they were brave and with their strength in their legs and head they left the cave abruptly,

Our friends got a little scared and said how abrupt and mean they are going to push us like that, how are they going to do such a thing, they almost hurt us, they almost attack us,

But our friends with their flight and their instinct and intuition managed to fly before and avoided the onslaught that the Tares could have given them and they let the Tares of the Himalayas out,

But they thought these animals are clumsy and even bad, look what they have done with us,

And the Tares ran higher up and walked up many rocks and saw our furious friends out of the corner of their eyes and with brave and mean faces, but they stayed up many meters above and stared at Pavao and Perroquet,

And they said but what do they want these,

And the Tares of the Himalayas shook their heads and stared at our friends and kept climbing the mountain higher and they looked sideways at our heroines, as if saying follow us, catch us if you can, as if challenging our friends,

Our friends both thought out loud, that these are shameless and they don’t know that we live them to seek to protect, ungrateful and shameless, bad,

Let’s follow them to catch them and save them, no matter how bad they are, you have to help them and save them,

And so the Himalayan Tares went on walking and running and jumping from rock to rock higher and carrying our friends to dangerous coves and ridges and so they went on and on and on and on and on they leered at our friends, more and more and our friends They flew towards them but they were very strong and faster than our friends in that rocky and snowy space,

Then they took them to steps where there were risks of free falls and snow falls, but our friends flew with their power and with their super power of flight and they managed to pass those dangerous places, and they thought what is happening to these, they are bad, they are bad for us. they want to lead to the worst, to death, let’s be careful,

But we will continue until we manage to catch them and save them,

And then the Tares of the Himalayas took them to a much darker place because of the rocky and the falls, landslides and impossibility of seeing given the snow, rain, snowfall, strong air, strong winds and even lack of oxygen, due to the height already reached,

And our heroines said by God what happens to these, they are so bad and they risk themselves and us,

But we must continue and achieve the goal of saving them,

Until the Tares of the Himalayas reached a high summit point of the mountain, a little high and there they stood still and our friends reached them and they told them stay still there, we must return, they are in danger and their lives are at risk,

The Tares shook their heads telling them to come closer, come closer, and with their head movements they told them in a bodily sense, calm down, come closer, don’t be afraid,

Our friends were stunned, insightful and thoughtful, they said: they put us in a trap and they are going to kill us,

But they also carefully approached the Tares of the Himalayas,

And the Tares, being at the peak, showed them an opening that was there, and our friends saw over there and there were some humans, some people trapped there, they were the people that our friends had warned about the dangers and risks of the mountain and those days. , and these people had not listened and had been trapped in a cave and due to a landslide,

The Himalayan Tares stared at our friends and smiled kindly at them and they understood and smiled at them too,

The evil faces of the Tares of the Himalayas were not such of evil, but of strategy and seriousness for what they had to solve, their bad faces were transformed into good, happy and kind faces,

His seriousness continued but with Joy, it was noticeable on his cheeks and cheekbones,

And they Pavao and Perroquet told them thank you for bringing them there to be able to save these people, you have a very big heart, there is no evil that does not come for good,

You risked your lives to get here and you brought us here and you knew what was happening to these people, you are heroes.

Now we have to get these people out of here and save them

Our friends talked to the trapped people, they were fine, it was a couple, some husbands, who ignored them and continued upstairs, they got there and they were trapped there,

The spouses were fine and safe but they did not have much time to get them out of there, they were exhausted and hungry and lacking in oxygen,

They had to save them soon, no one would bear so much cold in a short time, and over there through that little hole they could only talk to their husbands and they were well deep inside, almost more than 500 meters and over there they couldn’t save them,

Another way would have to be found, another place to dig or another cave that would reach there to get them out of there,

The Tares were happy and smiled a lot for having led our friends with their nobility, strength and integrity to find the lost and trapped couple,

The ones that looked bad were better than eating with your own hands, hahahahaha

Those who seemed bad had risked their lives and were great strategists of good,

Our friends understood, smiled and blushed with them as if to tell them ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you you tricked us into thinking you were bad to bring us here and save these people.

A thousand thanks beautiful specimens of God, of nature,

Now we had to get those people out of there, we had to save them,

We would have to find a way, a way to get these people out of there, to save them,

There is a saying that says “Saving one or a few save the world”

Scene number 53: The 5 senses and the 7 super senses = 12

Ovium after seeing this scene and all this, a great idea occurred to him, due to its power of connection with another dimension, he internalized, thought and said:

We are going to take advantage of this, what is happening to make this event of salvation a great world event, we have to save these spouses at all costs,

It is essential to communicate what is happening worldwide and that the whole world finds out. In all the missions that we have carried out on Earth in the world, we have communication agents that must replicate worldwide from north to south and from east to west. what is happening and how we are going to save these people, we must communicate to more than 7,000,000,000 people on the entire planet Earth, that we must save these people, and the whole world must know why this is happening?, why is there landslides, melting glaciers, snowmelt and climate changes on Mount Everest ? and throughout Planet Earth, everyone must bury themselves as we are going to save these spouses and as we are going to do it, everyone must know why it happened, what happened, how to save these people and the purpose of everything this and they must also know how to avoid and help so that these things do not happen, do not happen again and how to contribute to help in all these world problems that are happening,

Moreover, this event must be replicated and communicated online to all the most possible inhabitants of the planet earth, and many problems will be solved, political and business solutions will be achieved, and a technological system never seen before will be created, a dynamic system with application and technological help, which will help solve health, human, and world problems, and will be done through teamwork never seen before,

This same event will be unique, unique in salvation and we must do it now,

This event and the successful ending must be communicated, fully publicized through all possible channels, what’s more, the entire process must be communicated and how it will be carried out and how it will be carried out, all its execution and the end will give us successful results in solving many world problems that seem impossible to solve, and this we must also publicize,

For this, all of you friends, we must all appear in person at the place, all 12 of us must come and we are going to carry out a unique teamwork, a super high performance teamwork, where each one will use their senses, super senses and all their abilities innate and proper in due time, each and every one of us will work his own abilities and super sense in the search for the salvation of these people from these spouses, and together we will carry out this search and salvation,

Let’s all of us 12 s from all over the world, let’s all help Pavao and Perroquet, and let’s manage to save these trapped spouses, saving them we’ll save the world and you’ll see we’ll solve many things at once,

and so they did, they all began to make their trips each and every one towards the Himalayas,

Ovium said we will meet at the base of Mount Everest and we will all meet there, travel by sea, air and land and see you all there and as soon as possible,

Thus all the heroes and heroines arrived at the base of Mount Everest, there the twelve friends and friends met,

Ovium said with a louder voice than normal and began to speak: dear all friends of the planet, of this World of Planet Earth, I spoke first to all the friends they had met and who were in direct communication with them in all parts and missions that they had already carried out, in the North, North Pole, in the South Pole, in North America, in the Caribbean Sea, in South America, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, in short, in all parts of the world that they had already been, from North to South and from East to West of the planet earth, first he was communicating to many friends in all these parts and who had seen successfully how our friends had achieved the previous missions, and he told them it is necessary that they understand that we are on a key Mission, and we want you to communicate everything that we are going to tell you step by step,

You who have already seen how we have achieved so much and much, that we have managed to advance and successfully solve many things in all parts of the planet, you must replicate and communicate what we are going to tell you and what yourselves through our two-way communication they are going to see and hear, because this Mission will solve many things and worlds at once,

First of all, know and understand that this Mission began knowing that on Mount Everest there have been recent thaws and heavy rains, that the glaciers are melting and this is not new, just as we have seen at the North and South Poles. the world’s glaciers of our planet are melting,

We are corroborating it once again here on Mount Everest, we sent two of our heroines to corroborate everything and they managed to see what was happening here, to do an in-depth investigation and they have come and noticed the melting and melting of the glaciers , but due to misfortune, neglect, clumsiness and human foolishness, two people have been trapped in some caves up on Mount Everest, some spouses have been trapped more than 500 meters away in a cave as a result of of their own foolishness, they did not pay attention, due to their clumsiness and negligence, but also due to natural causes, of nature and due to the melting of the glaciers that have caused all these natural disasters here in many parts,

but all this is basically, lack and deficiencies of world policies, neglect of world policies, product of not understanding what is happening on our planet, climate changes and changes in ecosystems, there are politicians and countries who have not wanted to hear, see, or act, there are people who do not want to see beyond their lives, their selfishness, their egocentrism, their laziness, their own interests, and they are not seeing what is happening in the world and its climatic changes, the warming of the ozone layer, global warming, they do not see further,

We must warn the entire world that these people trapped here are also the product of all this negligence in many people and leaders who have not done anything to reverse this process of destruction of our seas, lands, air and fire, we are destroying the planet and we we are destroying ourselves, we are destroying what God left us and bequeathed to us, and what we are going to leave to our next generations,

It is true that God acts and decides and has his purposes, but perhaps God gave us nature and all of it, the animal and plant world and the entire natural world so that we could destroy, or so that we could live happily and benefit from this, for good and good of all in Harmony with the Universe and for the Glory of God himself and of us, but perhaps he bequeathed all this to us to destroy him only for our pleasure while we are alive and for us to enjoy only us and not those who come, future generations Let them be struck by lightning

Well, let everyone know them everywhere in the world, these are the bad policies of many world leaders, of many politicians, of many who have responsibilities in this world and in many countries, in companies and corporations, and even many of the inhabitants of the planet, who they have had some bad visions, some policies, they have made unhealthy, selfish decisions,

Basically it is selfishness, laziness, recklessness, wickedness, lack of prevention, negativity, hardened hearts, hopelessness, discouragement, greed, self-centeredness, irresponsibility, negligence, thoughtlessness, unreasonableness. , hatred, abuse, excessive greed, arbitrariness, being harmful, intransigence, intemperance, intemperance, lack of charity, faith and hope, injustice, weakness, and wickedness by use, abuse or omission, and all the anti-values that are stalking the world to its people,

All this is what is destroying our world and it is destroying us all the inhabitants of this beautiful planet,

We have two people trapped in a cave, they were told not to go higher than the thaw and natural disasters were everyday in that area, they were told that there were snow avalanches and that there were snow melts, they were told , they were warned, our hero friends Pavao and Perroquet warned them and these people did not pay attention, they did not think about the risks, they did not see the risks that were coming, they were clumsy and foolish, and look what is happening to them,

But what do we do? We leave them there, let them die of cold and hunger, what do we do?

Just as these people can die trapped there and that is the product of an exalting work by the Tares of the Himalayas, and they took our friends to where these people are trapped, and they managed to get there, we have found them and they are alive, they are trapped but they are alive

Do not all of you who listen to us believe that actions must be taken to save these trapped spouses and that we must begin to take deep corrective actions to avoid continuing to destroy our planet, our glaciers, our environment where we live,

that we must take actions with awareness and depth and at a global level, to revert these antivirtues and antivadores, that by the way many world leaders know about this and are turning a blind eye, it seems that they do not care to leave anything to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren or relatives or friends or someone in this world, it seems that they do not care about leaving a better world and they win elections saying we want a better world, Lies, which better world???

Why have they not taken comprehensive actions from the point of view, ecological, human, universal policies, inclusion, brotherhood, confraternity, healthy and harmonious comprehensive economic growth with nature, global, comprehensive global economic growth, for all? , eradicate problems head-on,

And because they insist on destroying our environment, our nature, our lungs and forests, our waters and seas, our animals,

Why don’t they reverse global warming and help in one way or another to reverse the melting of glaciers and the massive destruction of our roads and plants and of human beings, hear from our brothers human beings,

We don’t see this clearly, don’t we see all this?

We are destroying ourselves, as if we were putting a branch against ourselves or a relative, we don’t see it, we don’t feel it, we don’t hate it, we don’t smell it,

God warned us a long time ago and is warning us, enjoy healthy what he has left you for thousands of years, and to multiply and work and be happy, not so that you destroy yourself, not so that you self-destruct,

So these people trapped on Mount Everest it’s as if we were each one of us there, trapped, as we were there in place, it’s the best way to see, by God, this must be avoided, this each and every one on this planet we must help him to reverse it, so that no one is trapped once again as a result of their own negligence and global negligence, of the negligence and selfishness of many in this world, of the wickedness of many in this world,

Listen well people from all parts of the planet, listen well and see,

Let this event be replicated and heard, warned, proclaimed and publicized in all parts of the planet, because by saving these spouses we will give reasons to save ourselves and save the planet, give a better planet to the coming gelations, alas future generations,

We cannot leave this like this, we cannot allow the glaciers to continue melting, the forests to be burned and destroyed, and the waters to be polluted,

No sir,

We can’t leave these people trapped there,

we must save them and become aware of everything that all this entails and is related and interrelated,

see the connections of all this and everything that has happened, see the history, how many people have gone through this Monet Everest, how many?

How many people have passed through this Planet Earth?

So begin to communicate all this that I have told you and we must communicate in a more direct and bidirectional line, everything that will happen in this salvation process, the Salvation of these people is the beginning of the process of Salvation of Planet Earth, of ourselves and all the inhabitants of this world, and to guarantee a future for our sons and daughters, for the people to come,

And so all this that Ovium said began to be heard from North to South and from East to West, throughout Planet Earth, people everywhere began to expect the Salvation of the spouses and the results of everything. this,

Then Ovium with all our hero and heroine friends who were all there at the base of Mount Everest said, let’s introduce all 12 of us so that the whole world sees us and hears us and feels us,

And he said: all twelve of us are going to save these spouses, all twelve of us are going to work as a high performance team of super senses and united to save the spouses as quickly as possible and we will do it under a dynamic work system, with technical applications and technology to save them, and give multiple solutions to many things as we will see shortly,

So everyone online began to present themselves to the World and everyone began to get much more excited and to see what was happening and how they were going to achieve this salvation and what result they were going to have,

everything was uncertain and unknowns and in many places people wondered, waaaaaoooooo look at this, what happens there, and how did this happen?, and they managed to save them?, and you look at everything that is happening on our planet earth, and you Do you realize? Do you realize that our leaders here don’t talk about that? They don’t say anything about these environmental problems? You realize that here they cut down forests and pollute the rivers and nobody says anything, and so on all over the planet earth they began to talk about the salvation of these spouses on Mount Everest and also about world problems, especially environmental pollution problems , global warming and damage to the ecosystem and so on,

Thus, the whole world and in many places were super interested in everything that our friends were talking about and were going to do with the salvation of these people and with the super reflection and awareness of what not only happens on Mount Everest but also all over planet earth,

And so our friends, who would save the spouses, began to present themselves one by one, before the whole world:

1.- I am Cat: cat, male, English language, I have visual-spatial intelligence, I have a super sense of night vision, augmented and 360 degrees, I can see tiny and giant things and at long distances, sense of alertness and special mental sensors I perceive and I control gravity, balance and control linear and angular acceleration, premonitory abilities, perception of the afterlife, I see dreams, ability to warn, special sense of proprioception I widely coordinate my body position and alert level of the nervous system, jump expanded, I run and swim super well. (Virtue of Prudence)

2.- I am a Dog: Dog, male, Spanish language, I have interpersonal intelligence, I have a super sense of smell, 360 degree sense of smell at long distances I perceive, I detect risks by smell, super friend, social and emotional skills, extreme hunter, guardian winger and giant tongue, super charitable, super fast moves, super jump and super runner, extended alertness sense, sense of movement and when jumping from above go far, control gravity and linear and angular acceleration, have thermoceptive sense: Olfactory sensor perceives cold, heat, wind and water. (Virtue Charity)

3.- I am Shumbiao: Mouse, female, Mandarin language, I have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, I have a super sense of Touch, I feel before I touch, I attract objects with touch, I can touch several things at once, I touch 360 degrees, it is touched her back and she can scratch her back, super speeds, telepathy, super fast, super cunning and a friend of cats; sense of alert: tactile sensor perceives risks and dangers, feels what is going to happen; interoceptive sense: tactile sensor that perceives alarms from her internal organs and from others, from the organs of the body: – sensor and detector for the Heart: measures pressure, temperature, oxygenation, narrowing, swelling, chemical agents, and so on with other organs of the body: the Head, Stomach, Liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, nervous system; and I have increased sense of movement I regulate balance perfectly, linear and angular acceleration. (Virtue Strength)

4.- I am Perroquet. Parrot, female, French language, I have Linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, I have a super sense of taste and vision, I taste and know what happens in each situation, taste from a distance, taste and read the mind, distinguish 360 different things and classify them , super flyer, it can fly like a plane, almost like a helicopter, like a rocket, a glider, and a balloon, it depends on what it wants to be and what it needs, I have a sense of alert, sensor in the beak to read the mind and create illusions, see risks and dangers; sense of movement in the beak, taste, which controls flight, gravity and accelerations; I have a proprioceptive sense: detector and sensor to manage my body position, balance, muscle position, regulate direction and movement, regulate the body-space relationship. (Virtue Strength)

5.- I am Hisan: Horse, male, Arabic language, I have intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, Super sense of hearing, 360 degree hearing, I hear at long distances, hears even bacteria and insects, hears and distinguishes good from evil , hears thoughts but does not repeat them or tell anyone, super fast, super jump, senses evil, has the power to self-heal its legs; has an advanced alert sense of hearing risks at a distance; sense of movement: sensor that regulates and controls balance, linear and angular accelerations, controls gravity and balance, allows jumping high and long distances; Advanced Nociceptive sense: sensor that perceives and measures in the central nervous system: chemical, mechanical and thermal changes, controls pain and pleasure at will. (Virtue Justice)

6.- I am Meersch Weinchen: Guinea pig, male, German language, I have intrapersonal intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence, super sense of smell and vision, I smell from a distance, sniff and see with my mind, I smell at 360 degrees, all smells are it transforms into chemical formulas, and you know their components, and assigns them a mathematical function; super stoic, wisdom and mastery of the soul and passions, super temperance; long hair and has positive circularity, he thinks of everything positively, runs fast and sees with his mind; advanced alertness; it transforms the risks and the negative transforms it into a positive; advanced sense of movement, controls speed and accelerations, balance and gravity; it makes thermoceptive sense: sensors to know the Heat, Cold and Wind, it controls when it is cold outside and it gets hot and vice versa. (Virtue Temperance)

7.- I am Kame: Turtle, female, Japanese language, I have interpersonal, intrapersonal and linguistic intelligence; I have super senses: Super Sight and Super Taste, I see 360 degrees through my eyes and my shell, the ability to see with an angular sense almost to the other side of the world, with taste it knows everything it eats and gives it clues and where does that come from; longevity, she is wise, oracle, great intellect, knowing how to think creatively: she has the ability through an algorithm to generate 156 possible solutions and alternatives to a problem in minutes, this gives her the power to illuminate and generate ideas; sees the problem ex ante and avoids and solves them before they happen; super swimmer, strong on land and water, swims fast; has advanced alertness; sense of echolocation: tool emits sounds and echoes to know places and know where to go before colliding or bumping into something; and has Advanced Nociception Sense: Advanced sensor perceives pain and pleasure and controls them at will. (Virtues Faith and Hope)

8.- I am Pavao: Peacock, female, Portuguese language, I have Visual-Spatial intelligence and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence; Super sense of Touch, feathers and claws of power, super strong, everything he touches sees the future, feathers can transform the ego of someone who is unmotivated, moves objects with his mind; super futuristic, clairvoyant, abilities to see seconds before the future, what is going to happen, super flyer, flight like a helicopter, precognitive abilities, incalculable beauty, telekinesis, super friend to everyone, indestructible ego and super self-confidence; Advanced super alert sense: claws and feathers to perceive risks and dangers; direction of movement: sensor controls balance, acceleration and speed; Proprioceptive Sense: sensor that controls body-space; balance and sensor that controls muscle position. (virtue faith)

9.- I am a Canarian: Canary, female, Italian language, I have Linguistic – musical intelligence, Super senses of Taste and Smell, super Voice, eats and while eating dominates the mind, eats and creates illusions in others, ability to eat and to sing at the same time; with his voice he can break glasses and glasses and shake, and shake the minds of others, with his voice he can fall in love and convince; dominates minds with voice; it has an advanced sense of alert, with its sensor in its throat it perceives dangers and risks, the bell is a sensor; has a sense of movement, the colors of its body and feathers are angular and linear motion sensors, it transforms colors, it can change color when it accelerates; makes sense Proprioceptive: sensor that affects emotional development and behavior of oneself and others, and these affect others: launches hopeful ideas and hopeful thoughts, positively affects others for the better. (Virtue Hope)

10.- I am Krolik: Rabbit, male, Russian language, I have linguistic, musical and Visual-Spatial intelligence; he also speaks almost all the languages of the area and all its surroundings and minions; Super Hearing, hears 360 degrees, when he flies he hears better from above, he hears problems and has charity; it transmutes when people need something; understands and hears almost all the languages of the world, super linguist, polyglot and multicultural, listens to others and understands everything fully, understands at once without asking again; ears that hear everything from above, ears that fly, total tenderness, transmutes and levitates, suspension in space; has advanced alertness in the ears; Interoceptive sense: to heal and wants to heal everyone; especially children; it has sensors in all its organs: in its heart, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, head, to measure: pressure, narrowing, swelling, oxygenation, chemical agents, etc; to heal himself and to heal others, to measure all this in others and heal them especially when he closes his eyes; and has a thermoceptive sense to control wind, cold and heat. (Virtue Charity)

11.- I am Massakhara Machhalee: Clown Fish, male, Hindi language, I have interpersonal intelligence and Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence; Super sense of taste and Vision; increased taste buds, turns salty into sweet, decreases the Ph’s of flavor when he wants, recognizes all the flavors there are, great cook; extreme telepathy, reads minds and changes people, mental strength, extreme intuition and creator of humorous surprises; seeing only people knows know their weak point and humor and makes them laugh; super ability to resurrect and renew himself; extreme alertness, with the gills and mouth it has alert recognition sensors; can emit telepathies that transmit positive thoughts; sense of movement: sensors that give balance and acceleration of the body, he is hyperkinetic and denotes strength, he is always happy and his body says so, he demonstrates mental and physical strength; It has a proprioceptive sense: a sensor that generates and makes the body position strong and upright and when it is about to become unmotivated, it becomes strong in mind and body. ( Virtue Strength)

And the last one and who was first to speak:

12.- I am Ovium. Sheep, male, languages: Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, Latin, Sanskrit, ancient Anglo-Saxon, I have Linguistic, Naturalistic, Musical and Visual-Spatial intelligences; Super Vision and Super Hearing; sees 360 degrees, sees several at the same time, sees as in maps from above, has Vision of the Future and Vision of the Set, connects maps and manages to see alternative routes, possibilities of entrances, exits and solutions; sees people’s needs and understands them; listen and listen carefully, listen to everyone at once, listen patiently; can hear the voice of God, hear the voice of the Archangels; connect with a higher dimension, evolutionary superconnection; great Universal guide; Sense of alertness: it is the same, it is patient, it does not fight, it repels evil with its own wool, it is not afraid of evil, it calms people who are agitated and stressed; Others look for him to ask them questions, he has a Wikipedia in his head, sometimes he has the gift of mental omnipresence; everything he sees he transforms into music and what he hears musically he transforms into movies and real and fictitious writings, and well; He has heightened super senses. (Virtue Faith and Temperance)

So everyone finished presenting themselves to the world, and the whole world whispered


We want to see this salvation, these friends with these senses and super senses were going to achieve this and beyond,

The whole world was waiting

so that Ovium said: here we are all available to save these people and for the service of the whole world, all 12 of us are here, at the service of the whole world,

We must start as soon as possible and achieve this salvation,

and Ovium said I will guide you from here below and I will be giving you the guidelines and certain guidelines under my intuition and Kame will help me to give you understanding, creativity, logic and wisdom, I will give you guidelines with my intuition and Kame with his understanding, and we will do three groups, the first group is Kame and me,

a second group called the Group of the senses and values will go to see, hear, feel, smell and taste if necessary, completely locate this married couple, we already know where they are but they will not be able to get out there, we must find another place for where they can come out, this first group of senses will be made up of: Massakhara Machhalee, Krolik, Canarino, Perroquet and Pavao, Iran Krolik, Canarino, Perroquet and Pavao, and Massakhara Machhalee will stay near here in a river and will guide them with their mind and vision, all the others will go uphill, walking and flying, and will begin to search with their senses, abilities and values for a place where these husbands can exit, Pavao and Perroquet know where they are, so they have to go there and go first where the spouses are trapped and look for the place and give them encouragement, talk to them and be as close to them as possible; and go looking for another place where these trapped people can come out,

and a third group called the super senses and the virtues will go behind to later deviate and once found the exact place where the spouses are, find alternatives, possibilities of routes, entrances, exits and solutions and all the possible ways that have been and have been. , for the result of this salvation event to be absolutely and completely successful, to save the trapped spouses, for a more effective, effective and efficient place to save them in the best and most efficient way, this second group will go: Cat , Hisan, Perro, Shumbiao and Meersch Weinchen, this second group will walk and go behind the first group, in such a way as to be the super support team,

So we are 12, and we have made 3 groups:

The First Group are:

Kame and I Ovium, I will represent and I will use my skills of Intuition and will represent FAITH

and Kame will represent and Use his abilities of Understanding, Creativity and Logical Processes and will represent HOPE

The Second Group are:

Massakhara Machhalee will represent and Use her Vision skills and will represent Human values and Humor

Krolik will represent and Use his Hearing sense abilities and will represent understand and Transmute values

Canarino will represent and Use his sense of Taste and Smell abilities and will represent Persuasion values

Perroquet will represent and use his Sense of Taste skills and will represent Positivism and Positive Illusions

Pavao will represent and Use his Sense of Touch skills and will represent Futuristic values and senses and see the good and promising Future

And the Third Group will be:

Dog will represent and use his abilities of his Super Sense of Smell and will represent CHARITY

Cat will represent and use his abilities of his Super Sense of Vision and will represent PRUDENCE

Hisan will represent and use his abilities of his Super Sense of Hearing and will represent JUSTICE

Shumbiao will represent and use his abilities of his Super Sense of Touch and will represent STRENGTH

Meersch Weinchen will represent and use his abilities of his Super Sense of Taste and will represent TEMPERANCE

In the background the 12 represented; three of them the 3 theological virtues, four of them the 4 cardinal virtues and the other five, the 5 main values, all added for a total of 12 characters, the group of 12,

So each one will use their innate and special abilities to achieve the main objective, save the trapped spouses,

In addition to this, in each step and process, in all stages, each and every one of us will also do research, collection and compilation of data, analysis, classification, induction and deduction, of all the information, of everything perceived, observed, heard, felt and perceived for an analysis not only of this moment in situ, but also for posteriori, to also achieve other possible solutions, given the entire situation and everything observed here and in other previous missions, so that together it is achieved not only the salvation of the spouses but the salvation of the whole world, the whole planet,

Each one will focus on their own abilities and in conjunction and integration with each other abilities, by integrating and integrating each one with others and with all of them, we will make a work team never seen before with many abilities of senses and super senses, and we will go working step by step, integrating some skills with others to achieve the final goal,

At the same time that Ovium spoke and formed the groups, everyone online and in all parts of the Earth, saw and heard and felt everything that Ovium said and did, and the formation of the Groups and what each one should use , their own abilities and what each represented,

It was something incredible

the entire world was at the foot of the Himalayas, the entire world was at the foot of the 12, of the group of twelve,

the strategy and tactics of this great event were working, more and more people joined to see this event of salvation, salvation was imminent,

but would it be possible to do?

Time was running out and the spouses were at risk,

So Ovium said let’s start, the group two go ahead we are walking and flying go ahead and reach the place where the spouses are, and they began to climb Mount Everest,

My intuition tells me that the two groups speed up because rains of strong winds and drastic changes with thaw are coming, and Kame said and my algorithm tells me that there may be unexpected situations with the spouses so be alert everyone,

The group called two began to climb, this group was perceiving everything about Everest, they were seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing and tasting everything on Everest, its aromas, its views, its places, the snow, the rocks, the flavors of the plants and fruits, they saw the sky, the earth, the snow, the water, the rocks, all the geological formations, they felt the strong wind and smelled the mountainous air,

This group, called by the senses and values, was found already being much higher up with many bodies, skeletons of people who had wanted to climb Mount Everest but for some reason or another or due to the whims of Everest itself, they had not been able to arrive and they They had stayed there, burying their bodies on Everest and burying it in the snow, their bodies petrified like cold rocks, and many had been left there without oxygen and petrified by the cold, and the water made ice, and had been buried by fate, but these bodies that had never been seen, now their skeletons appeared and their faces aching from the intense cold, the dead that were left there and now their bodies reappeared, given the melting of the snow and the glacier, when this snow and part of it melted. From this glacier, many bodies reappeared that had not been seen for years, now the whole world could see them again, including their relatives who could never bury them. wow, now our friends from the second group are there seeing them and sighted, they not only saw, smelled, heard even the sound of the wind how it got there in a dark way, but they felt everything as they had been years ago in those deadly scenes, and they were reminiscing about them, and the whole world saw online how the melting and melting of the glacier showed the funeral bodies of many who tried to exceed the designs of nature, and could not,

The next group, group three, the one with the super senses and virtues, was behind, and was enjoying a world because they, with their super senses, were enjoying step by step the benefits of nature and all the wonders and beauties of the nature of Mount Everest, in the same way they were collecting and collecting data and doing analysis of it, and everything, but they were mostly enjoying their abilities and super senses there,

So Dog with his Super Sense of Smell enjoyed the natural smells of plants, aromas, rocks, air, even in depth, in height and length of all the aromas of Everest, he managed to smell even the smallest corner,

Cat with his Super Sense of Vision was able to see Mount Everest 360 degrees and was able to see internal termites, critters embedded in caves and rocky places, and was even able to see petrified bodies and fossils everywhere with his super amplified Vision,

Hisan with his Super Sense of Hearing, managed to hear the whistles of the air and wind and all the musical notes formed in 360 degrees of Everest, and heard the sound of bears and large animals as well as all the birds that surrounded the great mountain, and He especially heard the Tares of the Himalayas how they gnawed at the herbs that remained there,

Shumbiao with his Super Sense of Touch enjoyed a world jumping and turning in the snow, he felt the air that reached his face and all over his body, he felt the rocks and the snowy earth get between his fingers, he played a world and he jumped and twirled in the air and landed on a single finger, an inexplicable feat,

Meersch Weinchen with his Super Sense of Taste tasted the grass and perceived the fruits from a distance with his taste buds, and perceiving everything that was cooked there and by all the people living on Mount Everest, by the Sherpas who were higher up, there was no Doubts that these flavors would have natural and formidable components necessary to preserve themselves from the cold and be alert to any eventuality of energy need,

The road was already traveled, salvation was in process

The twelve were all there, some for some things and others for others, some to cooperate with some skills and others with others,

The mission seemed easy, the entire world was closely following everything, the entire world and more and more, already 1/3 of the entire world population was aware and was closely following what was happening on Mount Everest and cheered the 12 to our friends and friends,

Up, Up, Forward friends to save the spouses, and even others cheered and also save the planet, many were already understanding, but there were many more who understood the matter in depth,

Scene number 54: Number 13- G13- The impossible mission

As the groups progressed, they were collecting and analyzing the information and everything perceived, and Ovium was guiding them and Kame gave them ideas and sent them information and the necessary knowledge to move forward, our friends and groups always asked Ovium and to Kame about things, places, situations, everything they asked and they delighted in the knowledge of both, they were actually living encyclopedias,

And Ovium and Kame asked them what they perceived and what they saw, felt and heard and smelled and they delighted in these perceptions as if they were feeling them themselves.

the feedback between the twelve, between everyone in the groups, by groups, and the entire group, the 12, was our bread that day, it was constant and loud,

Finally the group called two reached where the trapped spouses were, there they talked with them and the spouses felt happy, they had not been abandoned,

The whole world shouted with joy and pride, the spouses had been found again and they were alive,

Hurrrraaaaaaaaa, the whole world screamed,

Up our friends, our heroes and heroines,

Everyone in this group talked to the spouses, motivated them, made them laugh, calmed them down, filled them with positivity, gave them strength and willpower, made them see a better and promising future, they were going to be saved,

and they also sent them food and drinks through a small opening, and the spouses were much better, more motivated and much happier, although still at risk,

But wanting to live, to revive, faced with such an unexpected situation,

But it seemed that life itself, the savior and the saviors would give them another chance,

When everything seemed resolved, in healthy peace, in tranquility and with great hope, suddenly it began to snow heavily and

Suddenly the opening through which the trapped spouses were talking with our friends was completely covered and there was a strong movement that ended up burying the trapped spouses.

our friends had lost communication with their spouses, they did not know if they had been covered with snow inside and they did not know what had happened,

in total uncertainty again, was to start almost from the beginning,

But our friends didn’t give up

The whole world screamed, my God, what happened?, now they are lost,

Already 2/3 of the entire world was watching this Salvation process, in all parts of the world they were talking about it, in all parts of the world they were waiting,

Almost the entire world, almost the entire planet earth was aware of what would happen on Mount Everest,

Ovium said, calm down, calm down, let’s not lose perspective of things, tranquility and a positive mind, let’s not lose synderesis,

Ovium raised his voice to heaven and said a Prayer Lord, Lord, enlighten me and enlighten everyone, give me the guidelines, give me your vision, give me your first data, let your will be done, and give us your light and wisdom to save these people there trapped,

Oh Lord, owner of this mountain, owner of everything, owner of all, appease us all, your sheep, your flock,

And Kame visualized Ovium in full prayer and he saw him almost blank as if a light came from above, and what Ovium was perceiving seemed like Kame too,

Ovium said, the voice from the sky of our lord tells me that group three called 3 must go to the back 5 miles below where group 2 was and act there,

To use all your super senses, you have to find a way out for these people, and they are fine, said Ovium, Kame analyzed everything and also said, they have enough oxygen, and the snow didn’t fall on them, the snow didn’t catch them, but you have to act and quickly, they have about 2 hours left to save them,

the whole world said ohhhhhhhhhhhh

Now almost the whole world, almost 7,000,000,000 inhabitants of this planet, men, women. adolescents, boys, girls, the elderly, almost the entire Planet Earth now they were watching this scene, this scene of salvation, at all times, through different channels, through online and direct channels, in all parts of the world they were almost The entire Planet Earth was already waiting for what was going to happen,

if they succeeded?, they wondered?, some said yes and others no,

then without further ado the third group called 3, of the super senses and virtues, managed to quickly reach 5 miles below our group 2 friends,

And there they met an anti-hero and anti-valor character named Kato, who was setting fire to the ice, to further thaw everything, and was causing the movement of the ice, and was also digging, removing snow and rocks in a pernicious way, and was sabotaging salvation of all our friends,

He shouted hopeless phrases, bad, malignant phrases,

But our friend Cat managed to capture him quickly, this was not a great reason nor did he do much damage, and he made little resistance, his evil made him weak-minded and Cat knew it and managed to defeat him, but he had to be neutralized, and that’s how it was, Cat took care of that,

Now the problem was finding a hole, an exit to get the trapped spouses out and there was little time left according to Kame,

and the whole world is in suspense, pending all this, all this salvation,

So our friends with the super senses began to work together and actually began the final process,

Dog with his power of Charity, and thinking not only about saving the spouses but also about saving the entire world, sniffed where the spouses were and by sniffing internal animals, he managed to know the exact direction and longitude where they were and where they could make a hole to reach them, Cat with her extreme Prudence managed to see the exact geology to make and know together with Dog where they would make and start making the hole to reach the spouses without moving the snow anymore and that they would not all collapse anymore and end up cover the spouses, Hisan with his super ear calculated where the spouses were, and he heard them fully, and with his super paws he began to dig the hole, Shumbiao continued digging the hole but smaller, with a lot of tact so as not to cause landslides or more landslides, and with his super strength he got ice inside and dug and dug where everyone was telling him with the other super senses and managed to reach the spouses, Meersch Weinchen with his temperance was always there It was positive and filled the environment with positivity and he and Shumbiao calculated the nutritional values and detected bodily failures in the spouses and failures in the organs of the spouses to know how they were, and what they could do and how to help them from a medical point of view. , and they calmed them down and gave them favorable encouragement, and they detected that the spouses were delicate but would survive,

Our friends had managed to get to where the husbands were, and then Shumbiao took them out one by one,

the hurray did not wait,

the whole world shouted the biggest hurray in all world history,

the spouses had been saved,

our 5 hero and heroine friends were outside the cave with their husbands,

and then they would lower them immediately and as quickly as possible, Hisan would take care of this with his strength and strong legs,

Then everyone would go down to the Base of Mount Everest,

All 12 were found there, even Massakhara Machhalee would be close mentally there, and Hisan had lowered the spouses, the spouses were being attended by doctors who were there,

The twelve were there, they all looked at each other, acknowledging each other’s efforts, each other, smiling at each other, praising each other for their skills and for their work together,

the whole world was cheering for them, the whole world was watching that stage, that moment, everyone raised their arms up,

They all bowed upwards, raised their eyes and their gazes to the sky, made a circle and raised their arms up, and a light appeared above, in the middle of the sky,

That light said Ovium, that light above, that light is number 13, it is the first number and the end, it is the alpha and omega,

Actually we are not 12 we are 13,

The number 1 guides us and the twelve of us, the 12 of us continue forward, in total we are 13, intuition and ideas for rescue is the Voice of God, the Voice of the Creator, the Voice of the savior,

12 + 1= 13 rather 1 + 12= 13

Force Group 13 had made history, they were making history

The G-13 had achieved salvation,

An impossible mission to achieve was accomplished, the impossible had been made possible with the joint work of one another, with the joint work of all and with God’s guidance,

The team had accomplished a feat, rather the super high performance team had accomplished the impossible

and the whole world had seen it, had experienced it and seen it with their own eyes, and lived online almost as if it were their own flesh,

Scene number 55: God- Heaven- Universe

Perroquet taking advantage of the fact that they were online and that at that moment, and taking advantage of that very moment, that they had more than 7,000,000,000 viewers who had seen the scene of salvation and who were there online cheering them, who felt firsthand the success of this salvation,

He seized the moment and gave a speech, and said:

Whole world, living Planet Earth, dear men and women, ladies and gentlemen, young people, adults, senior citizens, boys and girls, friends of all, people of good will, Whole world,

We have all seen how we have managed to save these spouses who were trapped in this Monet Everest, in a cave, when they were climbing the mountain and also assumed an incalculable risk and made the mistake of moving forward and as a result of the sliding and melting of the glaciers, a misfortune and landslide made them reach these caverns and then they were covered with ice and snow, remaining trapped,

We have saved them, we have saved the 12 of them, our group, but with the Guidance and Help of Almighty God

And with good thoughts and positive vibes from all of you,

we have all accomplished this feat,

I take this opportunity to highlight that all this was achieved, thanks to a dynamic system created by interrelated work, where all the abilities of each one of us were combined, 12 abilities plus 1, 1 the voice of God, the Guide of God, to a total of 13,

This dynamic system functioned as a technical and technological system, where the functions of living beings of the 5 senses and even more of these 5 increased and advanced internal senses in living beings, were united and conjugated with intuition, creativity, wisdom, logic and deep understanding to achieve the goal of salvation, to achieve that we are all here still in line,

With Strategy and Tactics and in conjunction with all our senses and advanced senses and even more, what some of us lacked, other of our friends were giving us, Super Vision, Super Hearing, Super Smell, Super Touch gathered. , Super Taste, Intuition and deep understanding, creativity and logic, total and full wisdom,

The technical system worked because at the same time you could have several functions of the senses and values and the super senses and virtues, that is, we had all the 12 abilities at the same time, we had the 12 super sense abilities plus God’s Guide , we were 13 plowing and rowing in one direction, in one direction,

The system is dynamic because we are all part of it, because we were all there, and we were all able to communicate with everyone, in a two-way way, see each other and hear each other and feel each other, and what’s more, this event created expectations for all of you to see it for yourself. unsubs themselves, and that’s why they’re here,

The system in a dynamic and very human way, used the senses and super senses, and the other abilities of each one and beyond, to live this experience of salvation and generate a unique precedent, from many points of view,

Our hero and heroine friends and friends used their expanded powers and abilities in some cases and in others, but all the abilities and abilities were available at the moment and there, in case they were needed, it functioned as a great dynamic and human apparatus, which together and 12 + 1, 12 great skills led by the hand and the guide of Intuition, and the Universal Voice, the voice of God, Vox Populi is Vox Dei, was doing what deep down the human being can do, feel and perceive through all your senses and beyond your soul, uniting mind, body, heart and soul,

Knowing how to use this for good and for the good of humanity,

what the super senses have given us is the extreme possibility of solving and filling some gaps that come from the past, that have been present and we had not seen them,

It is to give increased possibilities for those who cannot see, see through others, for those who cannot hear, hear through others, for those who cannot feel, feel through others, for those who cannot taste, taste through others, for those who cannot smell, smell through others, and further increase these senses that many living beings have advanced and increased and together we use them together with intuition, understanding, creativity and logic, total wisdom, let’s use all these together, 12 super abilities plus 1 God’s help, and put them at the service of the whole world, put them at the service of God,

And through the collection of data and its analysis, of the living, living perception, this dynamic system, the 12 working together, perceiving absolutely everything at the same time and in an extreme and increased way, together what was achieved with this salvation, not only saving the spouses, but the experience of creating this dynamic system and working together with that dynamic and human system,

It was possible for all of us to see, experiment and demonstrate that work with awareness, with advanced technique and as a team is worth it, that the creation of this work team of 12 plus 1 God’s help, the 13 in total, was worth the worth it and it was worth the effort, that each ability was necessary, that each one of us is and was necessary, that we are all necessary, and that all of us together are necessary and sufficient,

That the system did not have anything left over or lacked, that all the abilities, senses and super senses were there, that they come from nature, that they are natural and imitators of the natural, models of the natural, there are and they come from God, God created them

And that all these must be at the service of the world and of God, thus at the service of the People,

Our body has innate senses and super senses, logically in some more than others, and our mind has the ability to intuit, understand, create, be logical and wise, we can all have all of this together, some more than others and we are all in the ability to integrate all this,

And in another way we see the possibility of integrating the super senses as we have done, 12 super abilities, senses and super senses, in such a way as to achieve a super intelligent comprehensive system, of intelligence design and with design intelligence.

Our body has senses or super senses and sensors in each of its organs: to detect and measure: oxygenation, swelling, temperature, chemical agents, pressure, narrowing, among others, this must be used to be able to heal, to be able to self-heal, as well as It has been achieved in many of our missions to cure and detect diseases and weaknesses in the organs we were saving, through the advanced senses or super senses of many of our stinks and heroines, each organ can detect and measure problems and even provide solutions.

This must be taken advantage of to create a complete system that detects diseases a priori, I know that progress has been made in this, but it is necessary to advance more with technique and technology, and include this dynamic and human system, of super extreme senses of well, where we can see more, hear more, smell more, taste more and feel more, and where we can measure, sense and detect many things, and where we integrate all these super senses for the good, for the good of humanity,

Let’s imagine that we can detect and we can do it ourselves, measure and detect if we have a small health problem and that we can detect it, where the problem is and what to do; and that we can all do this, that we all have the possibility of this, let’s imagine the possibilities and all that we could become and do, now let’s imagine if we can also avoid ex ante these small health problems,

Well, this is possible, and we have seen it here and today,

We can all come to perceive more and much more in this same world, where we are, and each one of us can be better and be happier, and make each one of this world better.

Almost the entire world that was hearing and seeing this, hearing and seeing Perroquet was ecstatic, they were speechless,

The whole world was silent

and Perroquet continued, indeed he said:

Incurable diseases can be cured, Cancer for example can and should be cured, avoided, detected, avoided ex ante,

I take advantage of the fact that we are all here to tell you,

This dynamic and human system, just as we have experienced it with all the abilities of the 12 of us and the entire system that we created for human salvation, must be used for the salvation of the world.

Because with all these abilities, senses and super senses, values and virtues, many illnesses can be avoided, each and every one of us who are here can start working together, and in all latitudes of this world, without no one is left out, everyone in this world so that we start working to change our way of thinking, our unhealthy ways of life, we do not wait for an incurable disease like cancer to be detected, we can avoid it sooner, and how much before, let’s change our way of eating and our way of living for the better, improve our standards of living and quality of life, avoid stress and stressors, and eat more healthily, and now we can count on your dynamic and human system that also helps us helps detect health problems and avoid them,

and cure them promptly ex ante and when we detect them,

All this is possible, and we all have to put our grain of sand,

We all have to make him aware of all this and help him carry it out,

As we said at the beginning, we are destroying ourselves, we are contaminating the world, its nature, its natural products, we are destroying what is natural, which is what we eat and we are eating contaminated food, we are self-destructing, we are contaminating and destroying our sources of life, the water, air, and land,

We are feeding ourselves and living an evil artificial superficial way of life, with contamination and destruction of our natural ecosystems everywhere,

May techniques and technologies help reverse this process,

That the techniques and the dynamic and human systems that we have used here serve as an example to the world, serve as a model to the world, for the better,

And each and every one of us must take actions and letters in the matter to help eradicate the bad in this world, eradicate diseases that can be eradicated, so that we think better and be more evolved, happy and thinking beings.

So that not only politicians and leaders tell us: I will take you or I will make this world better for you, but each one of you and each one of us can say, and we can say, not only our leaders, but we can all make ourselves better beings and this world better, we can all say if I can make myself a better being and I can also make this world better,

So, people everywhere, from all latitudes, from the North Pole to the South Pole, from East to West, on all lands and in all seas, let us be aware of all this, let us be aware of what we have done today and what we are raising awareness today,

Leaders and Politicians from all over the world become aware and help us to carry out good deeds of all that we are saying today,

Let’s become aware and take action for everything we have seen, said and evidenced today,

It was not a single and isolated salvation process, but let’s look at the whole process as a whole, how was it done?, who did it? Why did we do it? Why did we do it? what super abilities were they made with? What was done?, what was achieved?, how was it achieved? What is left of all this? What can we do to prevent these things from happening again? What can we do to improve ourselves? What can we do to improve our natural and human world? What can we do for our world? What can we do ourselves to better the world? What can we do to be better beings, more thoughtful, more evolved?

There are all these ideas, all these phrases, all these evidences, everything that we have evidenced and experienced today, there are all the senses and super senses to improve ourselves and the world,

Here is our goodwill,

Here is our good heart,

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and friends all worthy of a Better Living, worthy of future generations having a better living, a better Life,

Thank you so much,

It seemed that the planet earth was going to move, Dioooossssss, the applause was so masterful and majestic that it could be heard everywhere,

The earth rumbled, it was heard to infinity

The results:

Ovium said: dear everyone finally, we have achieved something never seen before, we have achieved many things in one go, some will be able to see them for themselves and others must be told, and we will tell them right now,

From the political point of view:

It has been achieved once and for all, it has been possible to shame those who do not want to become aware, those who say and do not do, those who want a better world but do nothing, cut down the better world they want, destroy it, burn it the forests, and they exploit mining indiscriminately, there are leaders of this very world, of many countries who are paper leaders, who are leaders with little heart, they are confused, they are led by evil, they are totally wrong, there are good leaders in this world yes and many but there are others and many also who do not want to see what is actually happening on planet earth, there are many people with responsibilities who must help, who must become aware and not only aware but actions, and concrete and precise actions and the sooner the better

People see it and feel it and people need these changes and improve, and improve the world, and the voice of the people is the voice of God,

People are asking for it

politics should be used to improve the health, education, well-being and humanity of the world,

The best political result, through the effort of intelligent work and together, is to have all of you here, is that you listen to us and that you also make an effort to make decisions and concrete actions for your own good, for your families, for your communities and for their countries and the entire world, in Harmony and for the good of all creation,

You yourselves have seen what has happened on Mount Everest, what is happening with the melting of the glaciers, what has happened, and the salvation process that was achieved

We can all save the world and save ourselves, we can all save our future sons and daughters,

From the Human Point of View:

The process of salvation, I hint that the senses and super senses are very human, and that the integration of each and every one of these super senses, is the integration in the background values and virtues,

each sense and super sense and perceived by a character, by a person, by a character, by each hero or heroine is something very human and is linked to certain values and human and spiritual virtues, each of our friends has abilities and characteristic virtues that The same, has values and virtues but there is one or some that stand out more in each one, and these together lead and led to 12 + 1 essential and necessary virtues to improve ourselves and improve all of us, to make the integration of all of them a system only human with super senses, super exhaustive values and virtues, something truly holistic,

And they were all used in the salvation process: Faith was used as an example, many, many times, Hope was used throughout the process, and Charity almost always, Fortitude was necessary to always move forward, Prudence to not to make mistakes, Justice was always used when time and space and people were administered, Temperance to be able to control the will and avoid the evil one when he appeared to try to bend us, distract us, make us wrong; Multiple values were used: positive thinking, humor, enthusiasm, friendship, cooperation, kindness, good persuasion, great love with a capital A, always seeing the positive side of everything, seeing a future that would be better and good, see a better future, and many more values,

Each person and each of our friends has their own abilities and linked to their innate values and virtues,

and they were all used together and there is the value of it, there is the value of the use also of these values and virtues used together for good, for what this salvation of these spouses was, and for what salvation is of the world,

The world needs a lot and a lot of humanity, deep down the world needs to be taken into account, from the human point of view, which is what we are, “Humans” “Human Beings” “Human Thinking Beings”

People need to be loved, loved, understood, taken into account, helped to develop,

The people and the world need the miracle, the miracle of humanity, to be treated as humans that we are,

Just as we saved these spouses and risked even our lives, this is an example of Love, of eternal salvation as well,

let us not forget this,

Good news,

From the technological point of view:

A unique dynamic and human integral system was created, where abilities, senses and super senses were integrated, this system is the best example and model of joint work, of integral systemic work,

that was created for this occasion but that can be used to create a systemic device, an application or a technological system that integrates all these senses, super senses, values and all these capacities and possibilities, that integrates all the skills and that is can be used in unison, once, in parts, that can be developed and is fully applicable, to be used on a daily basis in all parts of the world, that with the potentialities and capacity of the super senses are used to measure, detect, control many things, many variables that had not been taken into account before, many physical and chemical variables that seem uncontrollable, it can be controlled and shaped to what we want, many qualities of matter, and as we have seen much further, detect, measure, sensory, control potentialities of diseases and human health situations and of all living beings, the super senses are there, we have them, we must in integrate them and bring them to light, we must put them for the well-being of the world, at the service of the world of global health,

And in another case we can also, just as we have done now, we can use 12 personalities and characters with these super senses, values and virtues and make them work in the same way that we experience in an integrated, holistic team and achieve excellent results not only not in health, but in fields such as research, cybernetics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, mass communications, marketing and advertising, in short, in many scientific areas,

From the Business and Economic Point of View:

There is no doubt that the business world is realizing and we also show with this mission and also from previous missions that the world needs values and virtues, that values are being lost in the world, and that anti-values are on the rise. day by day, that it is necessary to highlight the virtues, instill them, reteach them once again, that a new virtuous man is necessary, that we can make mistakes but that it is necessary to change our minds for the better,

And the business world knows it and shouts it everywhere, the economy is taking setbacks and the world is on the verge of a recession,

Actions must be taken, to make the world economy grow in a sustainable, humane way and in harmony with what is created, family ties must be encouraged and economic development must be comprehensive that includes the human, education, management and today in technology and innovation day,

Everything is interconnected with everything, the lack of virtues and values affects unhealthy and wrong decision-making, in everything environmental, the natural world, the climate, natural ecosystems, in absolutely everything, we are realizing that we must change and start now, we are realizing that a small but bad decision has a negative impact on the world, now let’s imagine many bad decisions at the same time, what happens then in the world, what is happening in the world,

But we must reverse this, now let’s imagine small decisions that are better and better, positive, healthy, each one changing and improving, a better modus vivendi, more and better values and good habits in the world in my little world, but all added together, added at the same time and we add more and more,

There is the key, all in teams adding better things, and more and more, adding better habits and values, multiplying the virtues,

And something very good from the point of view of Marketing and Advertising, this event was gaining followers, almost 7,000,000,000 are here online, why?

The product was very good, call it the created product, there was a need and it was very human, a salvation of people and the integral and dynamic system of abilities, senses and super senses was created with heroes and heroines, living beings, and every one with their own abilities, senses, super senses and values, and the presentation of each of them was a great idea, and the integration of all is the product itself, who themselves would achieve the ultimate goal, success and what It was achieved, and little by little the event was published, it was persuaded positively and for the better, through covering and covering human, mental and spiritual needs, intrinsic to the human being, little by little, the publicity of word of mouth, and it was possible to create a necessary and very positive expectation to be able to achieve all this, everything that was achieved and all these good results,

In addition, the work before in other missions from the north pole to the south pole, from east to west, all over the world, created relationships, connections, friends and precedents that helped us to communicate this great event and these results, helped us to communicate the process of the event, the end and its results, what we are doing,

In short, the results of this event have been and are positively incalculable,

In our hands and in each and every one of us is materializing all this more and more, more positively and joyfully,

that these lessons, results, evidence, experiences and everything lived here, now, because we are beings of life and light, that we make all this more aware and take it to our homes and put it into practice,

If we don’t do it sooner or later the same world, the same nature, the very same creator, the same destiny will charge us,

So get to work, my dear and dear brave men and women of this planet Earth,

There is no going back, but let us look forward, let us look at the promising and Beautiful Future, with Light, Strength and Beauty,

and let us give future generations reason and hope to see the World thus Enlightened, Strengthened and Beautiful,

With this experience we have become slightly higher beings because knowledge, possibilities and alternatives were created, the future was created,

Let us interfere and integrate ourselves in this process of becoming higher beings, more spiritual beings, more influential in the world, in our world, more advanced beings and more creators of beauty in the world.

So be it, so be it,

In this mission we have been Universal by including everyone, all the inhabitants of the planet, we have seen part of Heaven by seeing the integration of 3 theological virtues and 4 cardinal virtues, by integrating space into time, we have been guided by God, who does not must be missing in all our projects, and who never fails us nor will ever fail us, he will guide us and give us the first data, the first intuition,

and it is up to us to let ourselves be guided by Him, and use the values, the virtues and use all our senses and super senses for the good and good of all,

God and Federation,

⁃ How to Come Back to Life – Evolution

Mission number 12: Hawaii

After this super success achieved by all our friends in the Everest Mission, and having transmitted online practically to the entire planet earth,

and having achieved truly moving, futuristic and incredible results for the common good and the good of the World and the Universe,

There was a final feedback from one of the inhabitants of Hawaii who had seen and fully lived the entire salvation process, and who told our friends that an irregular climate situation was also occurring in Hawaii and that the volcanoes were heating up. and the beaches were very warlike,

Our friends paying attention to this call and well that they were all online, they gave them the resounding yes, to go immediately and see what was happening there,

Kame suggested that they be: Krolik, Perroquet and Massakhara Machhalee, Perroquet would take Krolik flying and Massakhara Machhalee would swim a million, it was needed according to Kame and his algorithm resolution, he needed a Linguist and Persuasion for this Krolik and Perroquet would go and also they needed a lot of creativity, and the three of them were experts in Linguistics, Persuasion and Creativity,

So the three of them went and they traveled towards those Islands, and the Islands of the wonderful Volcanoes, the Islands and Lands of the Famous and Humble, of Great and Universal Hearts, arrived in Hawaii,

Scene number 56: Hawaii- Volcanoes and Beaches

Krolik was on top of Perroquet, and they were enjoying a world seeing the famous beaches, world famous beaches and where also the volcanoes, they looked like they were resting, taking millennial naps,

What impressed our friends the most when they were flying were the big waves on some beaches that rose meters and meters, and where characters came from, they suffered the waves, in such an artistic way,

that they were worthy of making paintings and sculptures, but it was the cameras that shined their lights, taking photos and photos, they looked like surfing competitions, and in reality it was, it was a great world competition and which Krolik said he loved participate but in another way,

He proposed to Perroquet that they go to the other side where the waves were higher and bigger and he would do an exercise there that only our friends would see, but a levitation exercise as if he were surfing the waves.

and there they would have fun for a while but not only this, but also from there he would make an allegory of human behavior, he would draw a conclusion that he himself would have up his sleeve, we’ll see what all this consisted of, and what it could be for us beneficial,

Krolik ke said to Perroquet, take me there to these Waves,

and Perroquet, of course, my brave friend, have fun and we will have fun together, and all our friends saw us online,

And perroquet carrying Krolik on top of her, when she was near the crest of a big wave on a big island in Hawaii, she saw how Krolik took a great leap and entered the Wave just at the tip of the crest, as if I was surfing it without the surfboard, what I was actually there was like avoiding but very close to the Wave, from the tip of the Wave’s crest, and I followed the steps and movements that the Wave was giving, in short, I continued and he kept surfing the wave and his ears helped him fly a little, to levitate and he made strange but interesting and beautiful sounds, happy and happy with what he was doing and how he was having fun,

Perroquet followed him flying close to him, waiting for him to tell him to pick him up at any time, to pick him up, either when he couldn’t take it anymore or when he needed it,

And from time to time Krolik told him, take me up in flight, and Perroquet did it, and they both laughed, and laughed,

They did this exercise many times, so many times and laughed so much that they were ecstatic with joy and drenched from head to toe by the waves and the water, but this suited them well given how hot it was at the time,

Krolik at one point when he was on Perroquet’s back said to infinity:

This is how we must surf Life, with joy and the heart of children, we must surf what we have to surf, the waves are life with its comings and goings,

The waves show us the height of the difficulties but they will go down one day, the sun will shine during the day and not always, but every day there will always be sun, you just have to wait for a new day,

Let’s learn to surf the waves as well as life, even if the waves come high, let’s get on top of them, let’s surf them, let’s get on top of the difficulties,

And when it’s down, let’s get wet with emotion and joyful and content, let’s enjoy the living water,

Let’s laugh at everything and ourselves if necessary,

Let’s remember sometimes we will also be up but not always, and sometimes we will also be down but not always,

Each one in their own way, but up or down let’s enjoy life with joy, emotion and the heart of children, and let’s tell others how beautiful it is to see life from above or below because each part has its reason for being and enjoyment, because each side of life has its emotion and why?

Let’s give thanks for the two sides and parts that we saw of the Wave and of Life, because this is what Life is about,

Perroquet told him, waooooo friend I didn’t know you were so deep, what a beautiful message for everyone,

Then the two went down to the beach and Krolik began to talk to an aborigine from the area since he knew many languages and he managed to understand that something was happening in a volcano on the east side, because the birds were selling the animals from there. he had been frightened,

and so they flew them towards the volcano on the east side,

Scene number 57: The Fire

Meanwhile, Massakhara Machhalee circled and swam all over the Islands, he visited many marine areas, he enjoyed them and he also realized that the beaches were growing a bit and he said to himself, of course, the rains from beyond make the current towards here, this has to do with everything, here too the tide rises a little as a result of global climate problems,

The last fight:

Perroquet and Krolik, went to the Volcano, to the mouth of the volcano, this was impressive, if it emitted a little noise, and they realized that there was nothing there, but at the base there was someone and when they went down there was Ribelis an evil and antihero so negative and destroyer, who was setting fire to the base of the Volcano,

Alli Perroquet and Krolik laughed at him and told him that you are going to set the Volcano on fire and make the Volcano erupt, hahahahahahahahaha

For God’s sake, what a fool you are doing, Krolik told him, you don’t see that you can’t achieve this, but you are damaging part of the surroundings of the Volcano and that is why the little birds have left here,

Negative and harmful Ribelis told them, they do not realize that the Volcano is going to catch life soon and the fire will reach the beaches, something never seen,

Krolik was not told it is possible one day, we are not ruling it out, but right now that will not be, and I think that is a long time away,

And Perroquet told Krolik we are going to fly high Krolik, I have several ideas, and they both flew high and Krolik told him first, this harmful Ribelis, this fool doesn’t know what he’s doing, let’s teach him a lesson, from his own medicine,

and then we will convince him to leave here,

And Krolik told Perroquet to lower me down to where that fool is, and he did so and when he was going down, Krolik levitated with his ears, placed himself on top of Ribelis and hit him with his ears as if playing with him, as Perroquet flew in various ways, She he flew in different ways at random so that Ribelis would not see him and not realize when he arrived and was close to him, and they did so many times, until Ribelis was tired and exhausted,

and then gave up

and Krolik told him: stop setting fire there, don’t be useless, you must understand that you are scaring away the native birds of these volcanoes and near them,

I am going to show you something that you have never seen, and he told Perroquet, mount this one on your back and take him to the beaches and Perroquet did so,

And when they were on the beach, Perroquet and Ribelis, without knowing how, or when, or where, Krolik appeared levitating the crest of a Wave,

And Ribelis told him, you see me, yes, He said, look, you must learn this too, you must learn that water is Life and that you can be on top of a Wave too if you set your mind to it, there is an infinite world for you too,

Whether you are above or below the Wave, you must learn to surf it and so you must learn to lead your own life. When you are up, learn to see beauty and when you are down with humility, learn to see beauty too.

But never ever stop surfing the wave and living the beauty that Life gives you,

Leave the negativity and the harmful aside and change it for positivism, for the beauty of Life,

And so Ribelis suddenly smiled and had changed

Krolik and Perroquet had changed it

The beauty of the sea and the Waves had also changed him, and for the good of himself and of Humanity,

Scene number 58: Rediscovering Fire

The power of love:

Krolik said if we change to one we can

change many,

The idea is not just to change Ribelis or just to have changed him, but we have to change all of them, all the antiheroes that we have defeated in all the missions, there is no use changing just one, we have to change all of them and wherever they are,

I have a great idea:

I’m going to mentally transmute and I’m going to appear to each of the bad anti-heroes that we’ve already defeated in all the missions and I’m going to show them like it’s a movie, like

Playing them a movie again of how we changed Ribelis and then showing them how we all had fun on all the very same missions and how we enjoyed the

Whole World, the trips and places we met, and the learning we had all this time, and at the end we show you the salvation of Mount Everest and all the results of all the missions,

We have to change them all for the good and we will have achieved the super peak of success, one alone is not right

We must change all of them,

We must change negativity for positivism

negligence by diligence

Recklessness for prevention and prudence

the bad for the good

The harmful for the beneficial

The harmful for the strengthening

The irresponsible for the responsible

Evil for charity for Love

And so Krolik would invent a way to go into the conscious minds and dreams of these anti-hero characters, in such a way as not only to persuade them that they must change for the better, but to convince them, make them understand and feel the total conviction that they must change evil. , the error, the mistake, the negligence, for the good, for the goodness, for the good habits and for the virtues,

So that night Krolik transmuted to where each of these characters of bad and failed ideas were, he went to the

Mind of each one of them, appeared to them and showed them the film of all the achievements and all the good results in all the missions including Everest and the change of Ribelis,

And then each one of these anti-value characters began to doubt the power of evil, they began to see the power of goodness from another point of view, and to see themselves portrayed in a possible change, in enthusiasm and joy,

Seeing yourself better than how they were, and also learning to enjoy the world that we had to live in, the goodness of the world,

That night everyone in their dreams had sweet dreams, but at 3 am everyone had those kind of sobering nightmares that combine the past with the present, in which people see themselves as falling and empty and then they get up again, and almost all of them, like 3:10 am they woke up scared and each one said where they were and the latitude where they were and almost at the same time, noooooooo boy,

Of what we are missing for fools, of the best of this world, of the true Truth, of enjoying the best of this world, and of leaving bitterness for another side,

And at that precise moment, all these characters and out of their own conviction, decided to change and they did so, because the next day, when the sun came up, their faces were brighter, they wore an impeccable smile and even infected those who were next to them. about what ? good, joy and kindness,

Thus the bad guys who were not totally or absolutely bad, but were in error, realized the power of the 12 + 1 of the 13

Deep down was the power of Love, of God’s Love,

Our hero and heroine friends, with their good conduct and together, with their great work together and with all these mission successes, and even more so with having managed to change the bad for good, the error for good, would have rediscovered fire again in the world,

The integrated and holistic work of our friends all, with their senses, values, virtues and super senses, all this unique system of work, and the dynamic and human system of work that they had created, and their love to improve everyone and each one in this world without any exclusion, including all the inhabitants of the planet, without any distinction, not even those who had tried to do evil and harm the world, had borne fruit,

And true fruits, and for the second time in history fire was being rediscovered,

Scene number 59: Sun – Mercy- Air – Strength

What Jesus Christ is that the Man is not:

The Sun in Hawaii was shining the next day and the Air was very cool, and Massakhara Machhalee who was touring all the Hawaiian Islands had managed to talk to many people from all those Islands, As he always liked to do, and he spoke saying, we need two important things to do something really great, what did the ? mean, what did the ? mean, with all this,

And this he communicated after touring the Islands and communicated with all the other hero friends,

He further said, truly reflecting on all that we have accomplished on this mission and all missions, divine guidance has given us Sun and Air, in extreme,

The Sun is infinite divine Mercy and the Air is Strength under divine Justice,

Both things are necessary and we have been given, the Sun is Creativity and Strength is Wisdom, and this is Innovation, because it is the combination of Creativity + strategy + market

I propose to transform all the procedures and processes of all the missions and all the solutions and results found and achieved, to transform them into the twelve Languages of each one of us, into the different types of alphabets, and thus disseminate it throughout the world.


That children and adolescents from many parts of the world learn other languages, other alphabets different from their own, that they learn in different languages everything learned here and in all the missions, that they learn about the cultures through which

Those of us who traveled and went to achieve the missions, learn from each one of us, from our customs and from our ways of seeing the world.

World, that all children can learn from all our virtues, values, senses, super senses and abilities and from all together, that they learn in the twelve different languages, and from the different alphabets,

Thus, they will internalize new ways of seeing the world, new words, new forms, new spaces, new ways and perspectives under different alphabets,

So that we all learn from everyone, so that many learn from many, so that everyone travels imaginarily to many places, and learns what the world is really like, its riches and its differences,

so that all the

Mundo manages to understand the other different from himself but equal at the same time,

And that is how what was learned and achieved in the missions was done and transformed into the 12 different languages and different alphabets when it came to it,

And it was transmitted to many parts and places on planet earth,

The Sun and the Air, the creativity and innovation, that the creator had given us, had been transferred to the boys and girls of the World,

We were all communicating with everyone,

And the boys and girls were doing it first, they were setting the tone, the example to follow,

Scene number 60: The Total Evolution

All our 3 friends Massakhara Machhalee, Perroquet and Krolik decided to rest for a while and reflect on everything they had learned in this Mission, and Canarino, who was online watching them, suddenly said:

All friends, it is necessary that we all go to Hawaii to the main beach of the largest island, we are all going to accompany our friends there, let’s take a little vacation and go there,

Let’s meet there, there are certain things we should know and we should say but when we’re all together,

So they all agreed and even more after having accomplished 12 missions, so they all traveled to the largest island of Hawaii and arrived the next day,

The next day, there they were all:

1.- Cat: cat, male, English language, I have visual-spatial intelligence, I have a super sense of night vision, increased and 360 degrees, I can see tiny and giant things and at long distances, alertness and special mental sensors perceive and controls gravity, balance and controls linear and angular acceleration, premonitory abilities, perception of the afterlife, I see dreams, ability to warn, special sense of proprioception I widely coordinate my body position and alert level of the nervous system, expanded jump I run and swim very well. (Virtue of Prudence)

2.- Dog: Dog, male, Spanish language, I have interpersonal intelligence, I have a super sense of smell, 360 degree sense of smell at long distances I perceive, I detect risks by smell, super friend, social and emotional skills, extreme hunter, extreme guardian and giant tongue, super charitable, super fast moves, super jump and super runner, extended alert sense, sense of movement and when jumping from above go far, control gravity and linear and angular acceleration, have thermoceptive sense: sensor Olfactory perceives cold, heat, wind and water. (Virtue Charity)

3.- Shumbiao: Mouse, female, Mandarin language, I have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, I have a super sense of Touch, I feel before I touch, I attract objects with touch, I can touch several things at once, I touch 360 degrees, touch the back and can scratch his back, super speeds, telepathy, super fast, super cunning and friend of cats; sense of alert: tactile sensor perceives risks and dangers, feels what is going to happen; interoceptive sense: tactile sensor that perceives alarms from her internal organs and from others, from the organs of the body: – sensor and detector for the Heart: measures pressure, temperature, oxygenation, narrowing, swelling, chemical agents, and so on with other organs of the body: the Head, Stomach, Liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, nervous system; and I have increased sense of movement I regulate balance perfectly, linear and angular acceleration. (Virtue Strength)

4.- Perroquet: Parrot, female, French language, I have Linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, I have a super sense of taste and vision, I taste and know what happens in each situation, taste from a distance, taste and read the mind, distinguish 360 different things and classifies them, super flyer, it can fly like a plane, almost like a helicopter, like a rocket, a glider, and like a balloon, it depends on what it wants to be and what it needs, I have a sense of alert, sensor in the beak to read the mind and create illusions, see risks and dangers; sense of movement in the beak, taste, which controls flight, gravity and accelerations; I have a proprioceptive sense: detector and sensor to manage my body position, balance, muscle position, regulate direction and movement, regulate the body-space relationship. (Virtue Strength)

5.- Hisan: Horse, male, Arabic language, I have intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, Super sense of hearing, 360 degree hearing, I hear at long distances, hears even bacteria and insects, hears and distinguishes good from evil, hears thoughts but does not repeat them or tell anyone, super fast, super jump, senses evil, has the power to self-heal its legs; has an advanced alert sense of hearing risks at a distance; sense of movement: sensor that regulates and controls balance, linear and angular accelerations, controls gravity and balance, allows jumping high and long distances; Advanced Nociceptive sense: sensor that perceives and measures in the central nervous system: chemical, mechanical and thermal changes, controls pain and pleasure at will. (Virtue Justice)

6.- Meersch Weinchen: Guinea pig, male, German language, I have intrapersonal intelligence and Logical-Mathematical intelligence, super sense of smell and vision, I smell from a distance, sniff and see with my mind, I smell at 360 degrees, all smells are transformed in chemical formulas, and you know their components, and assign them a mathematical function; super stoic, wisdom and mastery of the soul and passions, super temperance; long hair and has positive circularity, he thinks of everything positively, runs fast and sees with his mind; advanced alertness; it transforms the risks and the negative transforms it into a positive; advanced sense of movement, controls speed and accelerations, balance and gravity; it makes thermoceptive sense: sensors to know the Heat, Cold and Wind, it controls when it is cold outside and it gets hot and vice versa. (Virtue Temperance)

7.- Kame: Turtle, female, Japanese language, I have interpersonal, intrapersonal and linguistic intelligence; I have super senses: Super Sight and Super Taste, I see 360 degrees through my eyes and my shell, the ability to see with an angular sense almost to the other side of the world, with taste it knows everything it eats and gives it clues and where does that come from; longevity, she is wise, oracle, great intellect, knowing how to think creatively: she has the ability through an algorithm to generate 156 possible solutions and alternatives to a problem in minutes, this gives her the power to illuminate and generate ideas; sees the problem ex ante and avoids and solves them before they happen; super swimmer, strong on land and water, swims fast; has advanced alertness; sense of echolocation: tool emits sounds and echoes to know places and know where to go before colliding or bumping into something; and has Advanced Nociception Sense: Advanced sensor perceives pain and pleasure and controls them at will. (Virtues Faith and Hope)

8.- Pavao: Peacock, female, Portuguese language, I have Visual-Spatial intelligence and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence; Super sense of Touch, feathers and claws of power, super strong, everything he touches sees the future, feathers can transform the ego of someone who is unmotivated, moves objects with his mind; super futuristic, clairvoyant, abilities to see seconds before the future, what is going to happen, super flyer, flight like a helicopter, precognitive abilities, incalculable beauty, telekinesis, super friend to everyone, indestructible ego and super self-confidence; Advanced super alert sense: claws and feathers to perceive risks and dangers; direction of movement: sensor controls balance, acceleration and speed; Proprioceptive Sense: sensor that controls body-space; balance and sensor that controls muscle position. (virtue faith)

9.- Canary: Canary, female, Italian language, I have Linguistic intelligence and Musical Intelligence, Super senses of Taste and Smell, super Voice, eats and while eating dominates the mind, eats and creates illusions in others, ability to eat and to sing at the same time; with his voice he can break glasses and glasses and shake, and shake the minds of others, with his voice he can fall in love and convince; dominates minds with voice; it has an advanced sense of alert, with its sensor in its throat it perceives dangers and risks, the bell is a sensor; has a sense of movement, the colors of its body and feathers are angular and linear motion sensors, it transforms colors, it can change color when it accelerates; makes sense Proprioceptive: sensor that affects emotional development and behavior of oneself and others, and these affect others: launches hopeful ideas and hopeful thoughts, positively affects others for the better. (Virtue Hope)

10.- Krolik: Rabbit, male, Russian language, I have Linguistic, Musical and Visual-Spatial intelligence; he also speaks almost all the languages of the area and all its surroundings and minions; Super Hearing, hears 360 degrees, when he flies he hears better from above, he hears problems and has charity; it transmutes when people need something; understands and hears almost all the languages of the world, super linguist, polyglot and multicultural, listens to others and understands everything fully, understands at once without asking again; ears that hear everything from above, ears that fly, total tenderness, transmutes and levitates, suspension in space; has advanced alertness in the ears; Interoceptive sense: to heal and wants to heal everyone; especially children; it has sensors in all its organs: in its heart, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, head, to measure: pressure, narrowing, swelling, oxygenation, chemical agents, etc; to heal himself and to heal others, to measure all this in others and heal them especially when he closes his eyes; and has a thermoceptive sense to control wind, cold and heat. (Virtue Charity)

11.- Massakhara Machhalee: Clown Fish, male, Hindi language, I have interpersonal intelligence and Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence; Super sense of Taste and Vision; increased taste buds, turns salty into sweet, decreases the Ph’s of flavor when he wants, recognizes all the flavors there are, great cook; extreme telepathy, reads minds and changes people, mental strength, extreme intuition and creator of humorous surprises; seeing only people knows know their weak point and humor and makes them laugh; super ability to resurrect and renew itself; extreme alertness, with the gills and mouth it has alert recognition sensors; can emit telepathies that transmit positive thoughts; sense of movement: sensors that give balance and acceleration of the body, he is hyperkinetic and denotes strength, he is always happy and his body says so, he demonstrates mental and physical strength; It has a proprioceptive sense: a sensor that generates and makes the body position strong and upright and when it is about to become unmotivated, it becomes strong in mind and body. ( Virtue Strength)

12.- Ovium. Sheep, male, languages: Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, Latin, Sanskrit, ancient Anglo-Saxon, I have Linguistic, Naturalistic, Musical and Visual-Spatial intelligences; Super Vision and Super Hearing; sees 360 degrees, sees several at the same time, sees as in maps from above, has Vision of the Future and Vision of the Set, connects maps and manages to see alternative routes, possibilities of entrances, exits and solutions; sees people’s needs and understands them; listen and listen carefully, listen to everyone at once, listen patiently; can hear the voice of God, hear the voice of the Archangels; connect with a higher dimension, evolutionary superconnection; great Universal guide; Sense of alertness: it is the same, it is patient, it does not fight, it repels evil with its own wool, it is not afraid of evil, it calms people who are agitated and stressed; Others look for him to ask them questions, he has a Wikipedia in his head, sometimes he has the gift of mental omnipresence; everything he sees he transforms into music and what he hears musically he transforms into movies and real and fictitious writings, and well; He has heightened super senses. (Virtue Faith and Temperance)

There were all 12 with their abilities, senses, super senses, values and virtues,

While everyone was gathered on the largest beach on the largest island of Hawaii, Ovium told them: dear friends, all of us, let’s make a circle and hold hands,

And Canarino raised his voice to Heaven and made a Song:

Ohhhh so happy, happy, happy

Today I feel


Today I feel


After doing,

After doing,

a great action

a good deed

I will follow, follow, follow

to whom do good

to whom do good

I will defend, and I will heal

to all in good

to all in good

Ohhhh so happy, happy, happy

Today I feel


Today I feel


After doing,

After doing,

a great action

a good deed

I will comply, comply, comply

With the Earth and God

With the Earth and God

And I will care and I will care

To the Poor and to the King

To the Poor and to the King

ohhhhhh rami sami sami

ohhhhhh rami sami sami

Guly guly guly guly guly guly rami samisami

ohhhhhh raaaami

ohhhhhh raaaami

Guly guly guly guly guly guly rami samisami

and everyone was in a trance

Ovium said: let’s all close our eyes and concentrate all deeply all in deep meditation and concentration,

We are going to feel under our senses, super senses and our own abilities, we are going to concentrate more with our super senses and intelligence that each one of us has,

let’s try to relive for all what we have gone through in these 12 missions and where our senses, super senses, abilities and intelligence, and where we have used them, let’s relive those moments, let’s relive it to the fullest, let’s give them more vividness, let’s feel more with our super senses, the one that each one has more, let us give them more clarity, more lucidity, let us feel more with them, let us give them more meaning, more emotion, more merriment, let us see them and feel more palpably, more elevated, let us have much more alive the emotion and the perception and the senses , all the alert senses more vivid, more palpable, all our abilities more perceptible and more vivid, more awake all our senses and many more super senses and all our intelligence, more sensitive, much more livable, sensitive and perceptible and let’s associate ourselves with the emotions we felt when we were accomplishing the 12 missions,

We are going to reach out and take all these emotions, thoughts and perceptions, all this what we perceived to our primary state of thought, when we were children and we had these more naive, more absorbing perceptions, when our curiosity was innate, when we explored everything, and we felt vividly. everything with our senses and super senses,

Let’s live more fully all our senses, super senses, abilities and intelligence and take us to when we were children

Let’s get to the primary thought process, to our primary thought process,

And so each and every one managed to reach the primary thought process, which is the thought of their inner child, and with all these abilities and type of intelligence of each one,

By putting more vividly, more sensibly and more perceptibly all his senses and super senses each one arrived at the primary thought process,

And their intelligences and types of intelligences as well, that is, their entire being, each one in his being returned to his own and innate primary process of thought.

To your inner child to your primal thought,

So each one at that time was more advanced, felt more evolved, why? because the soul felt much more, it captured much better and much more, it understood much more and more quickly,

It was like becoming an artist at that moment and each one of them had become an artist in their intelligence, in their abilities with their super senses,

they had become super artists, given their super senses and super abilities,

So we had 12 Super artist at the time,

And with all the intelligences, each one in his own: Intelligence






Body Kinesthetic


Mathematical logic


each of his intelligences and abilities were more perceptible and higher,

each of them, of the 12, was an artist or more of an artist in each of their areas of intelligence,

With this exercise Ovium wanted to make it clear that the 12 were going to feel and super feel much more,

So with all their abilities and intelligence, of each one of them, but each one much more and much more perceptible, sensitive,

towards a super team much more advanced than even now, than the previous one,

Because at this moment everyone felt and perceived 100 times more, and together and with all the skills together they made a very advanced team,

By achieving this they could meet their needs and that of others much more, and be more useful to themselves and to others, to the whole world,

be much more useful

Understand and comprehend everything better,

Not being asleep when others are, but more awake much more awake and the mind, their minds and their souls understand much more, and better

Use their brains and their two sides of the brain much more, more in a higher percentage, something never seen

Capture more and understand more quickly,

deep down it would be a more evolved Soul, and that was what they had managed to be, and now much more, that had been achieved,

It was as if each one of them was and had become a great Artist like a Da Vinci or a Mozart, or a Shakespeare, or a Martin Luther King, or an Einstein, or a Mother Teresa of Calculta, or a Disney, or a Jobs,

Someone more advanced, more evolved,

Each one of the 12 of our friends were much higher beings and Souls, higher Artists, they had become Artists and higher and with all their innate and own abilities and all their super senses,

each of the 12 but each in his own intelligence and with his own abilities and talents,

Now what would happen if those 12 were integrated and worked more together, much more as a team, already more advanced and elevated, more being super artists, in a super team of super high and artistic high performance,

It would be created just like Mission Everest, but the team as a whole was much higher, much, much more advanced and more artistic,

This team would go from being in the Group of 12- G-12

To be the Group of 13 = the 12 + 1 the Guide of God,

the Power of the G-13,

And all 12 of our friends, heroes and heroines, and holding hands, being completely in a trance and all together, on this beautiful island and on this beautiful beach,

It was almost afternoon, and Ovium said open your minds, open the eyes of your minds and your spirits, open all your senses and super senses, more and more, and suddenly everyone looked up and there was a Great Shepherd, a Great Shepherd of Sheep, and he was their Shepherd, he was the shepherd of the 12, the number 1, the alpha and the omega, the infinite,

And all those present formed a Synergy never seen before, they formed the Synergy called the Power of the Synergy of the Evolved Soul,

The Power of the G-13,

and The 12 achieved at that moment, Levitate and Transmute, all together,

All as Evolved Souls,

all together,

They Found and Formed the 13th Power, the G-13 Power

Super Albricias

The Characters of the Movie:

And we know the 12 + 1 = the 13 of this movie and many more movies,

And Los Malos de la Partida: they all speak Esperanto

⁃ Kato: the cat, is incredulous, Negative, without Faith, distrustful, suspicious, has a hardened Heart; He did NOT believe what was happening with the environment, claws that set fire, he liked to set fire, destructive power with fire; smart for evil but not as smart as for our friends.

⁃ Hundo: the bad dog, demotivating hopeless; it threw a lot of garbage, it dirty the Earth, destructive power with its paws.

⁃ Cevalina: the Mare, selfish, Interested, hoarding, self-centered, greedy, she wanted everything for herself, she smoked and polluted everything and others, she wanted only good air for herself and polluted air for others.

⁃ Kapro: Reckless, irresponsible, indiscreet, negligent, thoughtless, reckless goat, said everything without thinking, did without thinking, polluted everything, polluted water and rivers.

⁃ Koko: the rooster, impartial, unfair, leonine, unreasonable, arbitrary, abusive, hateful, sang incessantly, and made a lot of noise, polluting the air and the environment.

⁃ Ribelis: Rabipelado, negative, harmful, harmful, malignant, despondent and weak, polluted the water, debased.

⁃ Skunk: Skunk, intemperate, intemperate, intransigent, intemperate, immoderate, ate and dirty everything, preyed on the land.

⁃ Mad Meduzo: blue jellyfish, hopeless, neurotoxic, predatory carnivore, dangerous and painful sting, cytotoxic and cardotoxic.

Dedicated to all the people who have died of Cancer, especially to my Father, to my Uncles: José and Rodrigo and Aunts: Consuelo and Gladys, to many more and all those who died of Cancer and those who sacrificed and stressed to leave this better world and gave their lives for this world, many of them Artists, Greats, Inventors and Leaders like Steve Jobs, and especially all the

Women who have died of Cancer, always in their screening and prevention month,

“Some of the best ways to prevent and counter cancer ex ante is by:

Positive energy creation

Positive power generation

Positive energy development

Positive energy imposition

Positive energy boost

Positive energy transmission

Transmute Positive energy

Positive energy transmutation

Raise the energy of people in Positive”

Marcel Arellano

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