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Advanced Education:

What do you have to do to achieve an Advanced Education?

-Decrease the gap between trial and error (Newton)


-Increase, energize, maximize, make the learning curve faster and more effective in people – from all over the world (Cavendish)


-Development of Creativity, Metacognition, Intuition and Innovation (for more advanced) (Einstein)

Why should I do it and how should I do it or how am I going to do it to achieve Advanced Education?:

How do I narrow the trial and error gap; and as an increment, I make it faster and increase the learning curve ?:

By means of which I can achieve it: to acquire good information, constant and updated training and new, updated, modern knowledge, adapted to the times and constant, since they are becoming obsolete, acquire and improve virtues and values, further development of skills and techniques, new techniques, good habits, new skills, the pursuit of truth and wisdom, and further development of sciences and rediscovery of sciences and new sciences)

Reflection: how do I do in today’s world to achieve all this? So that an educational improvement is achieved, an advanced education?, so that many people and from many parts of the world, many children and young people are able to obtain, have an advanced education?, so that people acquire knowledge in the best way, faster, more effectively and efficiently as possible, given that in the world, people and many people do not even want to read sometimes or a newspaper, do not want to read books and many people do not want to study, or are discouraged by the study or does not have the means or access, or opportunity to acquire education and knowledge,

How do I make it more direct, accessible and accessible to everyone, in an entertaining, entertaining, useful way, that they like to study what they want, that they like to read what they want, that they are informed and know form ?

How do I encourage the educational spirit, knowledge, learning, the spirit and motivation to read and write, to the world of knowledge, of all knowledge and skills, of all sciences and arts, of new knowledge and techniques, new sciences and arts,

And my idea of ​​taking people out from below, of raising those who are below – my transmutation levitation project,

How do I materialize all this:

. First of all, it is necessary to find that each one and in each one, it is necessary to find their capacities, tastes, abilities and innate talents and potentialities. That everyone feels comfortable with the job she chose, with something that he likes, that he wants to develop, that he feels comfortable and that he wants to develop more and learn more and wants to work with it,

.Second and key that with each trade, profession, trade found by each one, it becomes like entertainment, a higher taste, that people like it so much that they work and acquire knowledge about this trade and never feel disgusted with it. or that you feel like you are working, but on the contrary that you feel like you are having fun.

.Third, we must help people to acquire knowledge as well, improving the teaching systems, more adapted, more digital and adapted to the new times and the new generations, and if it is physical and face-to-face, make them more enjoyable and entertaining, like learning making, more practical and digestible in all its aspects, senses and be entertaining. Use of my ideas of technologies and value number 9.

.Fourth, with audiovisual media many people learn more, with movies, videos, documentaries, mental video games, entertainment, you have to look for what people like now and how currently people don’t like to read physical newspapers, make them more enjoyable, better channels like YouTube and streaming and others to facilitate people’s learning.

.Fifth, books and magazines should be made with more and better designs and images, people can learn more like this, change the design of the books, and the Systems do allow people to read a lot but with better designs and more images, models, algorithms and steps, make everything easier for them. More direct, easy, useful, simple and simple to understand, digest and use everything.

More ease and practicality for everything and for learning.

.Sixth, let’s imagine that People could acquire knowledge, know processes, acquire training and information through a system of education-and entertainment-fusion between education-technology and entertainment.

As ?:

Simple: make content like the entertainment of Avatar in Animal Kingdom, likewise and that people in this way acquire techniques and knowledge. Let this be the learning process, a new guide where people mount and include themselves in a device and see and feel and experience a coach or tutor or Mentor -an Avatar, who transports and takes them through a place or mental space and visually physical learning new things and new techniques and new procedures.- my project MOUBATCAT- Vitruvius capsule

Use virtual reality for Learning and beyond.

.Seventh, on the one hand we simplify and entertain the

Apprentice and learning and on the other the Content with techniques and procedures- steps and simplified logic, more reasoning and more intelligent thinking, intelligent design, thinking design and design thinking. We make the content and the content more effective and efficient, better and quickly understandable and digestible for the student.

. Eighth, although some people are visual and others are more auditory or kinesthetic, we must also create new simplified study dynamic systems that stimulate all the senses and the super senses- we’ll talk about these later.

And that people also learn through and through all the senses, from music, the Sense of Taste, the perception of everything, the Sense of Smell, and touch, perceptions and kinesthetic and multiple learning, from all the senses.

And all the super senses too.

And that people learn by doing- Learning by doing in situ.

.Ninth: with images people can learn more, with images, summaries, graphics and applications such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Meta platform and Instagram, and new media among others. YouTube is a great teaching channel.

Summaries and graphics of everything, conceptualizations and connection of ideas; steps and procedures of techniques in one page and summarized images; lists of things and ideas, summaries, activities, practices, techniques, procedures and lists of ways and forms of doing, thinking, memorizing, achieving objectives, doing and executing with much greater effectiveness and efficiency in all fields of action .

The philosophical and the logical put it, make it, simplify it and ground it, make it more artistic, more visual, catchable, more understandable, more palpable and digestible to people, to everyone and all ages,

Tenth: Using the steps of The High Characters of the story to achieve high goals and high impact achievements:

A) Effective, effective and efficient use of Cognition and metacognition

B) Effective use of memory, information, knowledge and good use of associations – mnemonic strategies and associations

C) Ultra dedication and focus on what you want to achieve

D) Use of deliberate practice

-respect to nature -earth

Practice of ecological and conservationist education and advanced ecological education, conservation of the environment and current and very worrying environmental problems

-Regarding work – labor

Practice of education and training of positions, job positions and workers and advanced education to achieve labor effectiveness and efficiency and that employees and workers train and obtain good and new knowledge

-regarding finances – capital

Practice of financial education and advanced financial education with new players, and new currencies and financial assets

-with respect to the same education

Education practice for educators and advanced education for all teachers, professors, and all persons involved in the education of children, youth, adults, and professionals.

-Regarding technology and new technologies

Practice of education on new technologies and with new technologies and all their functions and application, practice of advanced education

-Regarding the organization or organizations

Educational practice on organization, organizations and systems, organization and method, and advanced education towards these areas, both public and private organizations

-Regarding human capital – HR

Deliberate practice of education and towards the purpose of improving the Human Capital and intellectual capital of organizations and of all and in order to practice advanced education to achieve advancement in HR,

-Regarding administration and management

.of things

Education practice to better manage things and advanced education to improve administrations and management of things

.from the people

Practice of education and educate people and advanced education in order to improve people management (my idea of ​​RBT as, user leaders and apply it in all schools, teachers are the user leaders of education in the US)


Practice of education and manage time well, adequately and efficiently and advanced education to manage time – ideas secret management of time and the education of the manager – executive

.of spaces

Practice of education and use of spaces, architecture and structures and advanced education to better manage spaces and energy and cost savings of all kinds

-respect to oneself

.of the mind

Practice of education and improvement of the mind and thoughts and mental health, advanced education to elevate the thought and the mental part of the human being

.of the body

Health and body education and improvement practice and advanced education to achieve advanced health and body improvements and also obtain achievements of greater impact sports and activities of body and kinesthetic intelligence

.of the heart – emotions

Practice of education of emotions and advanced education to achieve greater advances in emotional intelligence

.of the spirit

Practice of spiritual education and advanced education to achieve improvements and further advances in spiritual intelligence and body, mind and spirit relationships,

E) Perfection of the entity to achieve to materialize

Some Ideas to materialize the entire process of advanced education:

-Have deep and elevated thought adapted to the new times -my levitation project -transmutation

-Learn to think creatively and innovatively. Learn to free the imagination; knowledge is very important but imagination is more (for what? To achieve what?: to generate ideas and create; to generate new entities and things; to generate innovations and inventions; to avoid problems and failures, to solve problems, to solve world and people’s problems; try to keep up with the acceleration of the rate of change that society as a whole is leading and is demanding, given that learning continues to be slow, uneven and inadequate; seek that the learning of the agree with the acceleration of the rate of change in society, with the new global demands and requirements of a changing world)

Utilization of all of my creative tools, methods, methodologies, and techniques, and many more,

-Advance the learning curve and have anticipatory capacity (to anticipate or try to anticipate the future, create the future, anticipate what is coming and generate alternative ideas and actions).

-Learn to research-advanced research (to be more effective, effective and even efficient in seeking the correct knowledge and what we want for the purpose of study, of the new times, of constant and continuous learning, and to achieve our human, professional objectives , of the Society and of the whole world) – my 5 creative steps,

On-site and off-site research, in traditional media and new media, social and digital media, behavior and consumption research, advanced research,

Investigate today how things are done? What can I contribute? What new techniques and procedures are there? What can be changed and what can be improved? the new professions and the current demands of the world and about new techniques, innovations and new technological situations and circumstances of the moment and to improve the future and the future of the people.

Where?: in many latitudes of the world, in places where they have learned to work under risk and uncertainty, with dissimilar, difficult, different experiences and evidence, in change and in chaos; as well as information and training on new, self-adjusting and self-feeding applications and systems such as dictionaries, digital applications, Google, Wikipedia and others, digital translators, millions of Apple applications, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

-Culturize and have fun (Understand other cultures, other languages, other lexicons and with other characters and other ways of seeing the world, learn from other cultures, enrich the mind, know much more and learn Techniques for everything)

-Learn and have knowledge of modern areas and new professional careers- study:

a) Modern Education of learning four (4) types of different alphabets and different languages:

Preferably that you have different roots and alphabets, such as:



















Any completely different African Language


What is achieved with this?, is achieved: Knowledge of different languages, knowledge of other cultures, knowledge of other ways of thinking and feeling, other ways of seeing the world, knowing other perspectives and new ways of saying things, Knowing how they think and feel in many parts of the world, knowledge of the world and society, different societies and broad capacities of labor, business and negotiation skills and competencies, breadth of thought, discernment and mentality,

b) Financial algebra. Business algebra, financial mathematics, applied statistics, calculus and statistical inference.

Financial intelligence: assets, liabilities, cash flow, treasury, investments, corporate finance

With this, the capacity for analysis, calculation, logic, deduction, induction and synthesis is developed. Numerical, accounting, calculation, business, entrepreneurship and negotiation skills are developed.

c) Internet, Internet of things, Internet business, e-commerce, social networks and entrepreneurship, business, sales, marketing and digital advertising and social networks. Careers associated with the digital world – my ideas digitization or technological interaction – digitization and various professions and careers,

With this, new research skills, knowledge, to obtain quick information and knowledge, to sell in this new era, to know new media and to sell to the whole world are achieved.

d) Negotiation

With this, strategic, managerial, social, business and understanding skills are achieved.

e) Social relations, public relations, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences, human behavior and consumer behavior, teamwork, high performance teams.

With this, modern managerial skills and business entrepreneurship and new things are achieved.

-Release the mind (with education and knowledge, thought is released, information and the ability to respond and make decisions are increased to understand more and better situations, problems, and circumstances, in a more expeditious and free; as with books, writings, new systems and audiovisuals – and if these are good, have good information, data and are accurate much more – one escapes from reality and frees imagination, creativity and thought; extrapolates thought; the more information, the greater the possibility of understanding and connections, the greater association and relationship; what I call more similarity is achieved, creating analogies and metaphorical associations that lead us more quickly to generate ideas and release more effectively and wisely).

-Release the repressed (everyone has something repressed or could have an existential vacuum or noogenous neurosis, knowledge and education and beyond continuous and deep training and beyond wisdom, release the repressed or rather contribute to being human being to find its reason for being and existing, to fill those existential gaps and to release in some cases those neuroses of existential emptiness and to unleash in the Human Being their potentials and possibilities for good, their encounters with their innate capacities and to develop them better and continuously.

-Learn to analyze the past and learn from it, live the present with intensity and look forward to the future with joy, enthusiasm and hope. (Why: because if there is something that education and knowledge unravel, it is learning to analyze the past with wisdom and to live the present with intensity and harmony, to wait and see the future with Joy, hope, enthusiasm and motivation)

Within this, it is very important to learn for Success and to cope with failure and frustration as well.

-Learn emotional and social intelligence, resilience, synergy, teamwork, multiculturalism, and to be human (to love, to love, to understand, to stop and rest, to cope with bad things and tribulations too, to forgive and forgive ourselves, etc. ).

Especially learning to Cope with Frustration in a healthy way, seeing the positive aspects, minimizing the negative ones, learning from mistakes, being able to cope with frustration and learning from it, and being able to wait.

-My methodology of multiple intelligences and activities and strategy for each type of intelligence

and even people who manage to write these same processes through books, techniques, writings, monographs, summaries, or whatever the ways of capturing what has been internally resolved or is about to be resolved, in order to create thought designs or thoughts of designs or far beyond thought designs, when the Process or creation is similar or perfect to nature or what is created by God, that is, it is something or some process or entity that is very similar, very similar, very similar or very connected in some way. or another form to something created by God, call me the natural or human world, that is to say, everything material and immaterial created by God-intelligent design; designed by a superior intelligence – called the architect of all creation, that is, God; look for,

-Learn and develop pedagogy, rhetoric, dialectic, mayeutics. (Education is practically the career of careers, it is the profession of professions, everyone has had teachers and teachers, one day everyone has been a student and then a teacher, or a teacher and then a student, or both at at the same time; all the professions have needed to be developed by Professors and teachers, whatever the Name that is put, the Educator is the Profession of the professions; it has its techniques and its materials that help the process and the essential and most important the vocation of teaching and the love that is put into both the study and the teaching process, how the Students learn and then become teachers of what they were taught, or at least they can practice it in an exemplary way.

So that many techniques must be studied by the Master to achieve these goals both for himself and for the students and for the entire society and the entire world; use of these techniques and even more to learn by doing; all careers and professions apply the practice, implementation, experimentation and empirical evidence of what is being learned, apply measurements and comparisons, apply all the subjects studied in the real world, learn by doing, apply the models or new models of study, of thought, mental and all designs to real life, to real processes, to new business models and business architecture, to daily life, to current reality, to the world, to current societies with their changes and movements and new times, to the current demands of the people, of societies and the world; This will also help me to generate exponentially and incredibly what dynamic systems tell me about the limitations of people and organizations due to limitations in time, bureaucracies, spaces, mental limitations and slow and erroneous decision-making. All this will lead me to be the people who are themselves in all professions, who are themselves the user leaders and with their tools in each profession (tools of all kinds: physical, machinery and equipment, procedures, tools and procedures, new techniques, tools and new mental designs and new Mental models, psychological and philosophical tools, tools of all kinds I emphasize) they themselves who experience the day to day, who demonstrate the day to day,

In short, it is to free and elevate the human mind and become a superior being, beyond what we currently see and incredibly in a time not so far, an incredibly short time.

Super cheers!!! My brothers my brothers all !!!!!!!!!!!!

-Learn Logic- logic becomes the tool or tools to pass and be rational, for rationality to have thought and logical reasoning, for everyone; who does not have much logic and has a lot of intuition and then learns logic, is learning what they did not need much to live but to complete or complement themselves in life; integrate the study of logic to the new study systems; to study and understand Logic is to learn mental structures in breadth, it is to know in depth human thought and its thought structure, it is to understand how I can structure Language, writing and its forms of oratory, writing and structured thought through techniques and steps , so that the other understands me, understands me and beyond attends to me and much further away comes to my side, is integrated into my objectives and works. One can create with the combination of illogical and logic but people buy and understand through logic. Spot

And with the study and application of logic and advanced logic, we improve the limitations of rationality in the human being, in people, which leads to a better rational use and rational thinking on that side, and for everything, what the economists of the limitations to the rationality of people, who create many things such as: errors, omissions, slow and inappropriate decision-making, delays, erroneous inference, use of erroneous data, use of inadequate models for decision-making; in such a way to understand, interact and decide better and more effectively, given that dynamic systems today are complex, in complex, changing societies, under uncertainty and in chaos, which would make people more thinking and more Accurate, in complex and non-complex systems therefore.

-Learn 4 languages ​​and different characters each- several studies of mine, as an example:





-For advanced and higher levels: learn about topics and things that we don’t like or don’t like, for example: if we don’t like finances -learn about finances, if we don’t like reading- make an effort to read; if we don’t like something, learn from it something that is trend or fashion and that is useful in the world or in this new era, in the educational world and in General, and use deliberate practice and a lot of effort in this,

-Learn Topical (for higher thoughts)

-Achieve self-actualization, self-sufficiency, self-control and self-transcendence

-Reduce the complexities to the dynamic systems of society and everything, to make it easier for people to learn, to learn quickly, to learn effectively, and to learn and apply that knowledge.

-Education for life – to live -Education to learn to live, live well, for good and do good

-Learn Topology: for futuristic, innovative and elevated thoughts:

Relationships of space and time and improvement in measurements,

Finally, in all this process, in all these processes and all the methodologies applied to them: positive thinking, positive attitude, positive actions and in order to obtain positive results.

positive cognitive functions

Cognitive functions of positive thinking

Have a mental and physical attitude for each of the positive actions

Achieve all Actions and activities in positive

What are the actions: the actions and activity are all the algorithms, methodologies and steps, both the rational logical ones and all the creative ones possible, all of these in a positive and positive way

I do all this in order to achieve positive results: which are obtained through experimentation, measurement and comparison of what has been obtained, of the achievements and objectives achieved, when all the objectives are not fully achieved or partially achieved. , what needs to be corrected must be corrected and re-measured and compared in time and space, until perfection and the maximum objective are achieved – and regarding everything we are talking about education and advanced education, to achieve greatness with meaning of transcendence,

-In the background: My project Levitation – Transmutation

Topology (from the Greek τόπος, ‘place’, and λόγος, ‘study’) is the branch of mathematics dedicated to the study of those properties of geometric fields that remain unchanged by continuous transformations. It is a discipline that studies the properties of topological spaces and continuous functions . Topology is interested in concepts such as proximity, number of holes, the type of consistency (or texture) that an object presents, comparing objects and classifying multiple attributes where connectivity, compactness, metricity or metrizability stand out , among others .

Mathematicians use the word topology in two senses: informally it is the sense specified above, and formally it is the reference to a certain family of subsets of a given set , a family that fulfills some rules about union and intersection —this second sense can be seen developed in the article topological space —.

Intuitive Idea:

Topology is colloquially referred to as the “geometry of the gum page.” This refers to the fact that, in Euclidean geometry , two objects will be equivalent as long as we can transform one into the other through isometries ( rotations , translations , reflections , etc.), that is, through transformations that preserve the measures of angle , area , length , volumeand others.

In topology, two objects are equivalent in a much broader sense. They must have the same number of pieces, gaps, intersections, etc. In topology it is allowed to bend, stretch, shrink, twist, etc., objects, but as long as it is done without breaking or separating what was joined, or gluing what was separated. For example, a triangle is topologically the same as a circle, since we can transform one into the other continuously, without breaking or gluing. But a circle is not the same as a segment, since it would have to be divided (or glued) at some point.

This is why it is called the “rubber page geometry”, because it is as if we were studying geometry on a rubber paper that could contract, stretch, etc.


“Each and every one of us in this world is important” Everyone counts!!!


Ramon Marcel Arellano Baez

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