Levitation-Transmutation Project 1st PHASE

Levitation-Transmutation Project


1st Phase – 1 month



Realization and conceptualization of the system and subsystems, conceptualization, description, characteristics, functions, utilities, functionalities, domains and combination of different domains, determination of connections, interrelationships and associations,

Core system and subsystem development, prototypes, innovations

Description, determination and development of the needs that it covers and encompasses,


Once I asked my father, Dad, what is the greatest miracle that you believe Jesus Christ performed, and he replied,

“I believe that the greatest miracle that Jesus Christ did was to rise from the dead” the resurrection on the third day, was the greatest miracle, to resurrect himself, said: Ramón de la Rosa Arellano Sanchez

And what was the second greatest miracle, I asked him, and he said,

“I believe that the second greatest miracle that Jesus Christ did was to resurrect his brother Lázaro, he said: Ramón de la Rosa Arellano Sanchez,

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is a difficult mystery to understand, and even more so when Father, Son and Holy Spirit are 3 persons in one, and knowing that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, this being a miracle of himself and in himself and unique, some say that this is the greatest miracle of Jesus Christ son of God, but being God as one, God and Man at the same time, here on earth it would be and was his own resurrection an important miracle, and resurrecting his brother by mercy and Jesus Christ being a man and loving him as the bible says, and he felt pain for him, he felt miss him and felt passion for him, he brought him back to life,

This project will largely try to bring my father’s thinking back to the

life, to use his genius and all his thought and a large part of his writings in the materialization of this project for the benefit of the world, why not use how useful he was in life and in many surroundings and for its global benefit, his logic and his rationality in everything and his brilliant thinking to solve situations and problems,

If I could and had the opportunity to resurrect someone, I would choose to bring him back to life, Well, we will bring him back to life, we will bring all his procedures and methodology of logical and rational thought, and largely for the purposes of this project and for the good of the whole world,

Premises of this project:

1.- The Head is not only to have Hair

2.- What thinks better than a head? : Answer: 2 heads, Two heads are better than one

3.- Help me, I’ll help you, let’s see what with great information that I give or that someone gives me, I help him or her help me solve problems and situations, and with the information that remains in one’s memory, or someone, or somewhere or system, and if it is used for both, so to speak for both, it will be of great use to both too, to both systems, and then it may be useful to others as well, and much of this is about, and we’ll see why?

As problems, situations, and these resolutions and situations remain, more and more experiences remain, solutions remain, and everything remains stored in memory, and the form and methodology in which many of many things were resolved and were resolved, and if all these procedures and all their results, conclusions and solutions are recorded or saved, once I know how in the past something was resolved and how was your procedure of resolution, ahhh I can bring that tool to the present, that which I have saved and that I know I can use to solve a similar current situation, and apply both logic-rationality and creativity to it,

My dad and I exchanged information and solved many problems between the two of us, I always asked him his points of view and so he asked me,

4.- Two brains: one creative and the other rational logicians, together both are much better and they think more and better than one alone. One creative plus another logical-rational thinks better than one alone. Period

My father is no longer on this earth, but he always accompanies me in spirit, and I have a lot of him left, all his learning remains, everything we share and experience, and all his teachings, and every time I have a situation or something to solve, I think about my creative tools and I use them and I think about how I solved that in the past and how I can solve it in the present and/or for the future, and I manage to solve and help myself in many situations, but also I think and I say to myself, my dad is not here anymore, I can’t ask him directly but I can think about how, why? current situation, I think about how my father would do it, or what he would do in that situation, or what my father would say, or how he would say it, or what his behavior would be, or how he would manage to solve that situation or problem,

And fortunately, I have the memory to remember many things about him and his genius, and there are also writings that he left me that I can use as a reference, study, review, consultation and reading, to search for many things and for many situations, and super fortunately he gave me a gift before he died on this earth, the great book of logic and rationality that he wrote months before he died, contains many of his ways of thinking and all his procedures,


So I have my creative tools book and all its methodologies and my dad has his rational logical tools book with all its methodologies!!!

And both of us are going to use it, we are going to use the logical-rational point of view and the creative point of view, we are going to use the two brains, the logical-rational and the creative; and we will use all your tools,

5.- The knowledge, the knowledge of things, the knowledge of everything, the

Know How?, knowing how things are done, knowing why things are done

Things, knowing how and when to make a decision correctly, experience, empirical evidence, all of this reducing the gap between trial and error, and this is very, very important, and these systems and subsystems and all their tools deal with of this, and help this, for the objectives of the project and the solutions proposed by this project,


human limitations

Man is created by God, we have all been created by God in his image and likeness, we are all children of God our creator, we are his children, created in his image and likeness, we have his imprint and we have his love, we are perfect beings created by God, with soul, mind, body and heart, as I say, we are complete beings with body and spirit, God created man and woman, and gave us everything natural and the natural world for our benefit, man was the principle and as Saint Augustine said, great saint of the Catholic Church and Christianity, Doctor of Grace, as he has been called, it was man who initially disobeyed God, and without going into many details, because of that, we are born all of us with the imprint of original sin, we are perfect beings but we have an imprint of the original fish and not because of God but because of man, the human being,

Having said this, and the Bible says it many times, this imprint of original sin means that man probably has, to put it in some way, to have certain limitations towards good, probably towards passionate tendencies and towards some sins, some more What others; We all know that there are 7 main deadly sins and others are derived from there, but in general man, human beings, human beings are prone and according to our character, according to our hereditary DNA, according to all our emotional, characterological, and human load , some of us will be more prone than others to some sins more than others, and other human beings will be more likely to other sins more than ours, in short, each one will have their own weaknesses, so to speak, some in some sins and others in others, but we also have the grace,

Based on all this, the Bible highlights on several occasions and specifically in the parable of the talents, and in summary that there are three types of people or personalities, in short: some do and multiply; others do very little and support themselves; and others do nothing, they are lazy, it is difficult for them, and they have to help; this is so and it is important to understand that there are practically 2/3 of the people, of the human beings, that everything costs them much more than the other 1/3; that is, 1/3 can alone, does, understands, understands, learns, undertakes, leads; and another 2/3 have a harder time with everything, understand less, have a hard time understanding, have a hard time learning, have a hard time doing, have a hard time undertaking and leading; notice that the bible says so and 2000 years ago, it tells us about all this and about human behavior, about how human beings are,

And Machiavelli in the Prince, already later, so to speak, and 1500 years later to corroborate all this, everything that the ancients tell us, Machiavelli already with experience, studied many authors; adviser to princes and rulers, 1,500 years after the bible said so; corroborates all this; Machiavelli says in the Prince: there are three types of people, some who do, undertake and lead; others who work for those who undertake and lead; and others who do nothing, neither work for themselves nor for others;

In short, there are 2/3 of the population that everything costs them more and who must be helped; some more than others;

Note that God gave us all talents, some more than others, some more skills than others, some of us were sent with a mission and a purpose and others to others; He gave some of us a preference, some tastes to others; God made us all perfect but one with some abilities and others with others; God found where to place us in what time and in what space and everything has to do with his purpose and his love;

Regardless of how God made us, with our weaknesses, some even come with limitations from the womb of birth and others with limitations and diseases, some with deficiencies and others with dysfunctions or distortions; God made us all out of love and with a purpose; others God has given gifts, talents, special skills. Extreme skills, multiple intelligences; God gave us all something great and talented and this also in each person covering it and polishing it;

In short, God created all human beings, all very human, we bear the seal of our original parents, we bear the seal of the image and likeness of God, we bear the seal of humanity, we bear the seal of spirituality, of God.

And as human beings we are beings of this earth, many have already passed through here, others are passing through here and others will pass through here,

Those of us who are here now are human beings of this earth, we are all beings with weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities; we have many good things and we have the possibility of bad things, weaknesses, to commit errors and omissions;

And in this way we are also all good and very human beings, and with the possibilities of loving as God does with us, and that is one of our potentialities, the capacity that we all have to love God, our neighbor and ourselves. themselves,

Considerations of various courses and professors from the MIT Sloan School of Management on human limitations:

In several courses on Leadership and Management and even in Courses on Strategy and Innovation that I was there, several professors said that the study, inclusion, analysis, determination, incidence of being human, of human behavior, the psychology of human beings and as Humans that we are; In short, they had tried to separate the human from the technological, as if trying to separate human behavior, everything Human from the administrative, from the managerial, from the Sciences, from the technological, as if trying to make a ceteris paribus of this and the human; and it was a Hispanic American professor who had been studying all these interrelationships between the

Human and the sciences; and I remember that he said, we have to bring the human, the study of the human being, human behavior back to all the other fields and all the sciences; because in the end it is the human being who, for better or worse, is the one who Manages everything, knowing the human being more deeply we will know his limitations, his limitations, his potentialities and his capacities; it is the human being, we are the human beings and very human that we are, with all our humanity and with all our being, good and bad things who: we manage, we manage others, we manage and lead others, we create, we generate new things, we invent , we are the human beings who handle the machines, equipment and technologies and also made by the same human being, by the Man,

And the professor said and we human beings have our limitations, some more than others, some of us have limitations in learning and understanding; some in emotional intelligence, some in impulses and compulsion, others in character; others in managing to do and finish things, others in lack of memory, others in little memory and remember everything; others in speed and slowness; he said everyone everyone on this earth, we have and have had some small or many limitations; apart from the whole human being has his mental contradictions, he has his own contradictions; the human being has his own thoughts and has his daily contradictory thoughts, the human being has many thoughts during a day, both positive and negative and contradictory, many times the human being finds it difficult to decide and even more so when he decides or makes decisions he can decide badly wrongly, without effectiveness and without efficiency; and there are even many with disabilities, and all of them must be helped,

So what must be included the human part, the human behavior, the human limitations and also the human potentialities, in all the models, in all the simulations, in the innovations, in the sciences, in the technology and all the economic, managerial, administrative, productive, in all and all models of any kind,

And many Nobel laureates in economics tell us about that and today much more,

We all have talents but we also have our small limitations, or is it that sometimes some of you have not forgotten something, or is it that sometimes some of you have not had a hard time learning something, or is it that some of you have You have had a hard time with something, or has it ever been difficult for one of you to finish something you started, or has one of you ever lost a key ring, or has you forgotten an appointment,

In short, we all have one or another limitation and they are human limitations, even the most genius can make a serious mistake, which makes a great mathematician, a mathematical genius who comes from a hot-Tropical country, decide to do a doctorate in a country in a place with a winter climate

Terrible and he himself says I don’t know how he decided this, I don’t know how I did this, I don’t know how I got into this, the best hunter can escape the hare !!!

On the other hand, and many have written about the potentiality of the human brain, that the human being actually uses only less than 50% of his brain, much less, and even the most geniuses never use all the brain potentiality, of thought, all the potentialities of the human brain, all its power, of thinking, of memory, of attention and concentration; all its power of creation, and no one ever manages to use all its brain potential and this is there, being able then through techniques, procedures and new tools and technologies to be able to improve this,

And that is also what this new project is about and the use of new technologies, innovations, improvements and this entire system and subsystems, with all its tools and innovations that I propose and will develop throughout this project,

And I wrote it and I say it in my book creativity tools, where I explain a new, updated and modern model of success that leads people to more success, in any field and action, that manages to help people more, that manages to motivate and encourage more people to achieve goals for good and for good, financial, professional, organizational success, success in scientific and decorative fields, social success, in any field and area and in the now and in the future of this world, and as many have achieved it in the past and many are achieving it today,

Now, how do I ensure that people have my father’s mental abilities and his thinking or part of his thinking and know how to solve problems and deal intelligently with situations? My father was a very intelligent man and besides that he read and studied a lot and everything and had a fantastic library of the largest, most interesting and beautiful in Venezuela, apart from being very intelligent he read and studied a lot of all the

Topics of human knowledge and he had a lot of experience to be a great lawyer, philosopher and teacher, and how do I get people to approach problems creatively like me and know how to solve problems creatively and how many others do, that they have creative thinking and learn to think,

How to do so that people can have both skills, so to speak, my dad’s and mine, can think logically and rationally and creatively and with creative thinking, can solve their health problems, avoid them ex ante, prevent them , anticipating the bad, preventing the bad and hitting the best to the good, to the good things, hitting the best to happiness,

So they can get out from below? How we do? What do we do and how do we do it?

How do we do it if, as we already know, it is difficult for many people to think, decide, solve problems, they have limitations, many people do not like to think, they do not like to read, they are mentally lazy, they want everything done for them, they do not want to think, no want to do,

Others like to study, read, learn, think, but also have some limitations, and others like to study but do not have opportunities to do so,

But then what do we do, we leave them in poverty, we leave them down, we leave them aside, we let them die? We leave them ignorant? We leave them illiterate? Do we leave them apart?


Here is my point!!!

If there are solutions to all this

If I tell someone, dear here I have a solution, you should study a profession and a postgraduate degree and another career and read 1000 books like I did and my dad did, so that you come out of the bottom,

I assure you that the 1% will do this, the 99% will not do it, they cannot, they do not have time, they do not have opportunities, they have to work, they do not have money for all that,

But then what can we do with that rest, what can we do with that 99% or maybe less with that 50% or maybe less with that 35%

legs and feet- to walk, run, do, grasp, manipulate, grab, push, pull, etc…), and making decisions appropriately, and for everyone. And that is what all this is about, to help, improve and facilitate both thinking and in an effective and efficient way as well as facilitating its effective and efficient action,

If the thought is already polished, to put it in some way, if the thought is already going to the correct objective, it is already well directed, then the action will go quite well too, the action will be executed effectively and efficiently too, it will decrease or decrease the Gap between trial and error, and the learning curve will improve,

And that’s what this whole project is about.

-The Bible and the Prince – image and likeness of God

-MIT – human limitations – the impediments- those with talents, those who do not- the handicapped- the sick- tendencies, emotions and passions- the 7 deadly sins- geniuses are also human -what is left over by some is lacking by others, what some lack, others have plenty

-The part or percentage of the brain that only people use

-Possibility of increasing the use of the brain

-new studies

-expansion and extrapolation

Scope and Objectives:

The scope is worldwide and universal, to the 7,000,000,000 and more people in the world today and to all generations to come, to future generations,

The first scope and in a first stage all this project and system will be used to all the USA its more than 333,000,000 inhabitants, to all its complete inhabitants and then they will be used to the rest of the world,

Overall objective:

-the main objective of this project is to help people achieve success in any personal, professional and organizational field and in any area of human knowledge more quickly, through a unique bidirectional system

-This system will achieve the transmission – bidirectional transfer of: thought, data, info, knowledge, intelligent and astute thinking, creative thinking, learning, education, experience, evidence, techniques, methodologies, steps, methods, of wisdom, of anything, in the most effective, effective and efficient way possible to any person in this world and of any age.

When we talk about Transmission – Transfer of Knowledge we will be talking about the possibilities of transmitting all this: techniques, data, methodologies, knowledge, evidence, experiences, information, etc….

-facilitate the efficient and effective process of metacognition

-facilitate, improve and make the thought-action process more efficient, improve thought and action or execution as well

Like the steps, methodologies and procedures, it is how something is done, it is how to achieve something, how to do it, it is why it is done, what and how it is done, these methodologies and procedures are then the delicacies of the knowledge, and its transfer and transmission to others is the key, for the objectives of this project, to get people out of the bottom and achieve the noble objectives proposed with this whole project,

So by teaching and transferring how things are done, it is possible to elevate thought and action to its maximum expression, because you learn how things are done and why things are done,

It is taught, it is learned and it will be improved and saved, thousands of hows, for examples:

How to improve health

how to learn to read

How to learn to sleep better

How to learn to make money

How to produce more

How to paint a picture

How to learn a language quickly

How to take better care of your pets

How to give a good speech

how to have friends

How to improve your relationships

How to save more money

How to learn to invest money in the stock market and Cryptocurrencies

how to eat better

How to learn math faster

How to take care of your children

how to cook better

How to perform better in a sport

How to be a better person

How to learn to be kind and polite

How to learn manners

How to learn to speak better

How to learn trading techniques



And millions of how’s and techniques and procedures of how millions of things are done and that Houston can look for you in the connected and interconnected memories and show you, tell you about them and express them to you, and transfer those methodologies and procedures to you, and for each level of consciousness and adapted to each user, and according to each age and level of consciousness of the user, and these be stored in the memory of each user as well, what was transferred, what was produced and what was learned,

There are many things and thousands of methodologies that can be found on the internet, on YouTube and many other media, and in books, and they are occasionally used to learn something, but all of this is disorganized, very personalized, very little systematized, without specific purposes. .without a specific guide, without specific roles, without access to everyone, to everyone, without understanding for everyone, and this is my point with this project, systematize, better organize all Thought and its transmission of knowledge, and have laudable, noble, measurable, materializable and quantifiable goals,

Specific objectives:

-better use of the brain and its two sides

-Facilitate and improve rapid learning, rapid acquisition of knowledge, better use of memory and memorization, understanding, attention and concentration, oral and written language, and perceptions

-execute faster and better activities and actions

-understand processes and apply more quickly all the mental ones, both logical rational and intuitive, imaginative, creative

-elevate thought and all its processes to their highest levels, and achieve the

Objectives of the success of people, professionals and organizations led and managed by People

-being able to connect bidirectionally and transfer knowledge: 1 to 1; 1 to multiples; multiples of 1; 1 to all for advanced special cases (as we will see in the innovations that I will make for NASA and the State Department)

Realization and conceptualization of the system and subsystems:


-Main systems – core: it is called “Houston”

Who is Houston?: Houston is the core System of this Project,

It is a gifted super brain, which has information from each person, it has a rational right part of rational logical thinking and another Creative, intuitive, imaginative left;

Houston will have all the cognitive and metacognitive functions of the human brain, all and absolutely all the functions of thought and all the procedures and processes of rational logical thinking as well as creative, intuitive, imaginative,

It has many, it has the capacity for connection between several and many brains, interbrain connection at the same time, connection and interconnection of all the data from many and multiple brains at the same time;

It has the capacity for intercerebral communication and feeds not only on the information that people give it, but also feeds on other brains and how others solve problems,

It has the capacity to feed itself, and also to feed on other brains, as we are going to see, to learn how to solve problems through its own experience and solve problems through the experience of others, and it stores all this,

It feeds on the transfer of knowledge on its own and by the transfer of knowledge by others, in a bidirectional way,

Houston becomes your best friend, your best ally, like a friend who knows you, who understands you and who can help you in many ways, who has your information saved and how he knows you can help you and can give you bidirectional way he can tell you or ask you things, he can transfer knowledge to you and you can transfer knowledge to him, and all this is stored in a memory, his own memory, not only in his real memory of his brain, but in its technological memory, of its Houston,

Houston is a one-person system, that is, each one has their Houston,

Previously you were able to obtain knowledge and they transferred knowledge, thoughts, ideas, information, data, learning in Universities, clubs, social networks, clusters, groups, academies, etc…; Houston will serve you so that the sea is your transmitter of knowledge and you to him, in a bidirectional way,

Through the forms of audio, video, brain, through virtuality, it is a virtual, digital, automated and systematized super brain, which can have the form and quality of an avatar or virtual reality that you only see, hear, feel, communicate with you and you with him, you see him, hear him, perceive him and even feel him, and he sees you, hears you, feels you and even perceives you,

When we see all its characteristics, functions, potentialities and connections and associations we will see all the possibilities and the use of current technologies and New technologies and new innovations that I will make, and how is the interaction, connection interconnection of the entire system and with you, and the grounds of connections with the rest, with others,

Houston was created by me and it comes in honor of NASA, in honor of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13,

When Apollo 13 ran into trouble, he immediately contacted NASA in Houston,

In the Apollo 13 movie, all was well in the

Trip to the moon when suddenly Apollo 13 had problems and then Tom Hanks communicates with NASA in Houston and says: Houston we got a problem, Houston we got a problem,

Previously and always or almost always, NASA could have and carry online the monitoring of rockets and capsules and spacecraft, monitoring and measuring everything, through control panels of speed, time, oxygen, acceleration, gravity, etc… and NASA saw everything from Houston and the spacecraft as well, but there were things that the astronauts saw abroad and things that happened there internally, that could not be seen or monitored from NASA in Houston, for example,

So in the movie and making an allegory of what really happened at that time with Apollo 13, NASA in Houston tells the astronauts, what is the problem? And it begins between the two astronauts of Apollo 13 and NASA in Houston to solve what was happening,

And NASA in Houston, once they knew and understood what was happening with Apollo 13, began to look for the people, the right minds, the Engineers, mathematicians, physicists, the ideal astronauts, the right methods to solve what was happening with Apollo 13, to solve problems and situations and find solutions to bring safe and healthy astronauts back to earth,

We are going to make an example to try to make it look more

Clearly how this “Houston” system can work; and let’s think about how Example I already have my Houston and I can use it and work with it; and so let’s assume that I have a problem and then I open my Houston and tell him. And I ask:

I tell him: Houston I have a problem?

Houston says to me: what is the problem?

Note that I can talk to my Houston, he can see me and hear me, he sees me and hears me, and even feels me, and since he sees me he can feel me or know how I feel (we will see all of this later) and I I see and hear him, and I can talk to him and he to me,

We continue then

So I tell Houston: this is the problem and I tell him,

And Houston tells me: we are going to define the problem well and then here begins the first algorithm or steps (1st algorithm)

That Houston tells me and then I answer him, I answer him step by step,

All this goes step by step,

What is the 1st algorithm:

1st Algorithm:

a) 1st step: Houston asks: is the problem well defined? Define the problem well for me?

If the Problem is not well defined then, we must define the problem well,

Houston is going to ask us:

What is the problem?

whose problem is it?

Who is affected by this problem?

What is the problem?

How is the problem?

Where is the problem?,

Why the problem?

How much is the problem or situation?

So Houston asks and I answer, I answer question by question and step by step, defining the problem well?

b) 2nd step: once I define the problem well for Houston, then he and I already know what the Situation is and we move on,

Houston helps me find the tools and information that he already has stored, to solve the situation, situations or problems

Houston has all the cognitive and metacognitive functions of the brain and has all the cognitive components of thinking

Houston has a rational logical brain and a creative, intuitive, imaginative brain, Houston has both brains and all the tools of both brains, Houston is very comprehensive and holistic; and then we will see all its functions and its full scope,

Houston has all the possible methods, algorithms, methodologies and tools to solve problems, to think, to learn and to make decisions,

Houston gives me rational and/or creative logical alternatives to solve this or any situation or problem already well defined,

Of all the cognitive functions of the brain, Houston gives me the alternatives for each case,

C) 3rd step: Houston gives me, for example, some possible tools, for possible solutions: it gives me alternatives, possibilities, graphics, direction of attention, provocation, ideas,

And he asks me: are the Tools well defined for these possible solutions, these solutions

And I answer: yes or no

If yes, you applied the tool and solution

If not, define the Tool and the solution well

Notice that you also have to define the tools and solutions well, define them well,

Once the solutions or possible solutions are defined, he applied them:

I can apply tools to achieve a solution A

I can apply tools for solution B

I can apply tools for solution C

Applied the tools to solve the situation

Then ran and applied those solutions

Then I measure and evaluate

If I feel comfortable with what has been achieved with the solutions achieved,

And there ends this problem

end of algorithm

Note that this is a simple and simple example as an exercise and a real example to begin to understand the complete system,

We will see cases and many more more complex algorithms with millions of possible combinations for thousands of situations and problems of all kinds,

Now we are going to return with this case as an Example to apply a second algorithm, to make it more complete,

We continue with this case and example,

So we are going to suppose that we have already defined the problem well, that we have already defined what tools we can use and the possible solutions, we are going to suppose that we define 3 possible solutions to the problem A, B, C

2nd Algorithm:

In this second algorithm with him, we are going to see if these solutions can really be applied, can we really do them,

a) 1st step of the algorithm:

I ask, I ask myself and I ask Houston:

Houston: is the solution A humanly feasible and possible?

If he and I tell myself yes, that it is possible and it is humanly feasible, I continue with the other step, if I say no, then I choose another solution,

Let’s assume that solution A is feasible, humanly feasible and possible,

So we continue with the next step with another question,

I ask myself and Houston:

b) 2nd passed:

Houston: is this solution technically possible?

So both Houston and I thought about the technical possibility of that solution,

If we say that it is not technically possible, we go back and choose another solution that is technically possible to do,

But let’s assume that Houston tells me if it’s technically possible, then we move on to another question,

c) 3rd passed:

We continue with another question:

I ask myself and Houston:

Houston: is this solution financially possible?

So we both think, and come on, if Houston answers that we’re not going back to choose another solution,

If Houston answers yes, let’s assume I answer yes, then we go ahead and apply that solution,

But we have one last step

d) 4th step:

So let’s apply this solution and see first if it really works to the Maximum,

We asked ourselves and Houston:

Houston: is the solution more than 75% working, yes or no? Once defined, defined its tools and solutions, once seeing if it is humanly possible, technically possible and financially possible, we see if it works to solve this problem in more or more than 75% effectiveness,

If the answer is Yes, we go for it and apply it definitively, and end of the case,

We can also ask or ask ourselves:

This solution works works in less than 25% < 25% to solve this problem

If the answer is yes,

You have to get out of there, and completely redefine the Problem, you would have to start completely over.

Restate the problem or restructure the problem,

If the answer of whether the solution to this problem works effectively is between 25% and 75%, another solution should be tried that increases this percentage and is greater than 75% effective,

Let’s assume that the solution efficacy responses gave us less than 25% efficacy, < 25%,

Then you have to completely restructure the problem to find the best possible solutions,

And we are going to see a third algorithm for it, with this same example,

We see how we are becoming more exquisite, more incisive in solving problems, going deeper and in a better way, being holistic in everything, taking into account more and more many variables and also being more and more precise, and that is what it is all about, more and more with Houston and with all its algorithms,

We are getting better at the thought-action process,

We are becoming more exquisite, more incisive, more effective both in thought and therefore in action,

And Houston contains all these well-refined thought and action processes and he helps us in thought and action.

Note that Houston has and contains all the algorithms, steps, methodologies, techniques, tools, and brains, both right and left, to solve situations, to transfer knowledge, to give us ideas, to teach us, to think, to help us, let us remember that he is our best ally, our best friend, and let us remember that he is bidirectional, and each time we will see him with more and better detail, we obtain information and we process information and we transmit information,

we continue,

Let’s suppose that this same problem, we are going to have to completely restructure it. Given that the solutions and their applicability give us less than 25% effectiveness, all the possible solutions they used worked and worked to solve the problem in less than 25%,

So you have to look for one or more more suitable, more accurate, more effective that manage to reach, work and work on solving the problem in more than 75% efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency solutions,

For this it is necessary, it is necessary to completely restructure the problem, give it another approach, and there are many procedures and algorithms to achieve this,

As a practical example now, we are going to use this next algorithm, and for this same example, and it is a very effective method and it is one of the ones I like the most, it is called the “Heuristic” Method, this algorithm or method is very useful to restructure, refocus, reorganize, give perspectives to a problem to find through the Method, of this, one or several better solutions to this problem,

3rd Algorithm: Heuristic Method

a) 1st Step: consists of changing the status of the Problem and seeing it more as a Goal,

We asked Houston and ourselves: How can we Change the

State of the problem and see it as a goal, what is the goal to achieve with the situation raised?

So: Houston gives us the goal or Goals, once I have this I move on,

b) 2nd step:

I wonder and I ask Houston: characteristics are the alternative routes, the alternatives to go in the correct and most probable direction to reach that goal or Goals

Houston then answers me and gives me those possible alternative routes,

And I keep going

c) 3rd step:

You have to decide to change, then change the status of the present problem – the current towards and in the direction of the Goal, to reach the top of the mountain, so to speak,

I ask Houston to tell me how the problem can definitely be changed in status and in the direction of the goal,

Houston tells me how and I write it down

d) 4th step:

Once I have the goal more defined, and the Problem more restructured,

I do a Roll back procedure to visualize the complete problem, from the Goal I go back to an initial state, I visualize the whole problem from the Goal and I run back and forth to its initial state and visualize. Ahhhh to get there I had to have done this, and before I had to have done this, and long before this, and before that that, to reach that goal, I have to do this first, second this, third do this, and so on…

I see everything more visually, I spatially restructure the problem,

I ask Houston: and he helps me to do this roll back of the problem, its goal and its beginning, and helps me spatially restructure the problem and see it more visually,

Once I have this, I move on,

If I am and I feel good with this construction of the Problem and I achieve better solutions, effective solutions that manage to function and work effectively at more than 75% of the effective solution to solve that Problem,

So end of case,

If not, then continue with another step,

e) 5th step:

Here it is required to break the problem into several parts or sub-problems, break the problem into small problems and look for solutions and solve each small problem,

I ask Houston: to help me break the Problem down into several Small parts and he does so and tells me, and gives me the small possible solutions to the small problems,

If I am not very happy with these solutions or solution,

I can look for an additional alternative which is to try to mentally move through imagined solutions, and thus move forward in an imaginative mental movement,

What is it like to plan a movement that involves mentally imagined solutions, and that can be achieved through some of the following methodologies and techniques, to unload the ego, unleash the unconscious process, create abstract, noble, illogical, and analogous ideas,

As the Heuristic Method is completely inventive, creative, parallel and divergent thinking, so all its techniques and applications lead to invention and novelty and lateral and parallel thinking, divergent thinking,

And it can involve applying some of the following possible techniques, algorithms or methodologies that Houston contains to also help us when we need it, Houston contains and as we will see later many creative, heuristic and inventive techniques, algorithms and methodologies, some of them and for this case of the Heuristic Method, they are as an example:

-the algorithm and methodology of the integral and Holistic Rose of mine (we will see it later)

-Methodologies of Mozart’s multiple combinations

-Da Vinci Guided Imagery

-incubation of Poincaré’s idea,

-mind mapping methodology

-methodology of the lotus flower

-Freud’s bisociation methodology,

among many more,

Houston has all these methodologies and algorithms and many more and we will see it later and we will see how it can help us for each case, for multiple and many cases,

Houston will also be able to make creative briefs that will help us with Invention and heuristics, based on a method of mnemonic or memory aid and acrostics, it is a combination of logic and creativity, that will help us to think, to think Creatively, to memorize and how it helps to remember many things, and even to make a great speech of any kind, for oratory and speech,


Some creative briefs that Houston has and can do and mix and we

You can help create:




causal connections

Solve problems and create

Utility, average current uses

creative teams


hard work

I r against the brain

logical and illogical

To equipment feeding

fear and uncertainty

The mess

Believe in yourself



domain skills

I get informed

break the idea

Get rid of the ego

outside – look

external visits

Experiences and evidence


I randomly give

p to contact

Acts of theft


Alpha and Omega

let flow

Now with these methodologies we are going to assume that we manage to find better solutions to my situation or what we had proposed as an example and in a practical way, to teach them and in a pedagogical way they can understand and see the power, usefulness and potential of Houston and this whole system

If I achieve my goal, goal set, better restructure the problem and better solutions, ready end of the case,

Now on the other hand we are going to suppose and how we know that Houston helps us to refine, improve and sharpen the thought and therefore the action,

We are going to suppose of the final solutions for in this case or problem, there are actions or activities to be carried out, which were activated with the activities or thought methodologies carried out previously,

Let us remember that thought or cognitive activities of thought still activate, or can activate or be activated, or are executed through expression, body expression, oral expression, writing and the manipulation of actions of lower and upper limbs,

And we can assume that solutions to something always lead to action and therefore to the expression of this thought in expressive or manipulative actions,

And if we suppose that then that the resolution of this problem as such will also indicate various activities or actions of expression,

There, too, Houston can help us not only to elucidate the ideal tools but also the methodologies for each case, which help us to analyze and carry out all these activities in a rational logical manner, it can help us to plan, organize, structure, analyze, systematize, automate, methodize, digitize, many activities such as writing, public speaking, corporal expression, the execution of many things,

And in a rational logical way, mathematical logic, and Houston will also have the algorithms and methodologies for these cases,

How with all these and many more techniques, methodologies and algorithms, some of them are:

Deduction methodologies

Induction methodologies

Reasoning-inference methodologies

The laws of thought

Judgment Methodologies

Methodologies of reasoning and the sciences of the spirit

Rationing methodologies and the science of culture and politics

Methodologies of mathematical-metalogical logic

Among many more and all of them is the one that contains it and has Houston for our help, and we will see all of this in due time.

System Description:

Now we go ahead and we are going to describe more and more of Houston and see its whole structure,

And I ask you, have you not been curious to know if Houston could be used by children, youth and adults and older adults, and how would this be done? How could this be done? How could Houston work for various ages and various types of people? And how could you transfer knowledge and different types of knowledge?

Structure of the complete system:

-medullary system: Houston

-main subsystems:

Subsystem 1: it is called Ramón – Right side – Logical – Rational

Subsystem 2: called Marcel – Left side – Creative-Intuitive – Imaginative

-7 physical spaces of matter:

Fire – mercy – creation – permeable

Land – base- principles – learning

Water- nutrients – knowledge

Air – Fortaleza – Asturias

Ether – sky – space – intelligence

Self-existent matter – God – spiritual – wisdom

Universe- time – connections – holistic


The entire system has 7 levels of consciousness that come from the transformation of the 7 planes or physical spaces of matter studied by many authors, prophets, enlightened by God and elevated in mind, body and spirit,

Leonardo Da Vinci said that those who dominate, understand and know how to apply the first 4 physical states of matter would dominate many things: whoever dominates fire, earth, air and water, with all their meanings and everything that each one means, would dominate a lot; and then many authors, grateful for God and high minds would speak of the 7 physical planes of matter, they would include 3 more planes to the initial 4, and that these were like stages or levels of consciousness that the human being could reach one by one , like climbing up to the Maximum and that they were only passing to the new level with more knowledge and wisdom, with more and more knowledge and wisdom; and with a lot of mental and physical preparation; and the last levels were already reached with absolute elevation and with divine grace,

So whoever masters the First 4 states or physical planes dominates matter a lot, but Whoever understands, masters and applies the following 3 states, in addition to the first 4, will be able to rise to the Maximum,

So this system structurally has 7 levels of consciousness, where Houston will have these 7 levels of consciousness and stages, where People can access it in a practical way according to what they need or agree, and can work level by level according to their own educational level. , formative and intellectual; or according to their age as we are going to see; thus Level 1 or permeable level of information or knowledge absorption will begin to be used by children and it will be much more understandable for them, they will feed this level and this level bidirectionally will give information and help to these children, at these ages,

And so each level will be more advanced one by one, and will have its own characteristics, its purpose, its intellectual level, its own level of Understanding and learning,

So Houston has these 7 levels of consciousness and any person can have so much access to each of them to bidirectionally access their appropriate levels of knowledge transfer and logically if the person is a Child they can only access or understand so to speak at the initial levels, which will be what you can understand or discern, and you will be able to add information and obtain information from this level,

-The 7 levels that we will call levels of consciousness are and come from the transformation of the 7 spaces or physical planes of matter:

The 7 levels of consciousness are:

• Level 1: permeable level – absorbent: this is a sponge-like level of absorption of information, knowledge, data and information

• Level 2: learning level- Level that creates principles and foundations

• Level 3: knowledge level – nutrient level and increased knowledge acquisition and awareness

• Level 4: level called Cunning: it is the level of strength, it is the prelude level to intelligence – very creative level and application of knowledge

• Level 5: level of consciousness called “intelligence” – it is a special level, not everyone reaches it, only high minds and spirits – it is a level of greater consciousness, greater intellectuality and reasoning

• Level 6: level of wisdom – level of self-existence – higher plane metaphysical and supernatural abilities are reached – only few reach and this level is given by supernatural grace

• Level 7: level called Universe – is the level of Holistic vision – of complete connections world – Universe

Any user will be able to access any level of consciousness but if they are not prepared or do not have that level of intellect or are not prepared to understand that level, they will not understand it, they will not know how to use it, they will not know how to take advantage of it, they simply are not prepared still perhaps for that level, to make the most of it,

There may be geniuses or young people with gifts or special gifts who understand higher levels or even all levels and so there will also be adults who do not understand neither higher nor basic levels,

The idea is for Houston to help each person at their level, and to help each other in a bidirectional way with each person and at each level to obtain information from each person at that level and give and help each person with that level where each person is or if someone accessed that Level to learn or that person wants to access there for some reason or some need and to solve something, some situation,

For example, an advanced person will be able to access Houston and will be able to access any lower level if they need any data, any tool, any process or Methodology, any method, solve something with that or any level lower than he is,

And you will also be able to access higher levels to learn as well, and trying to see what is on those levels, is like reading philosophical and profound books without fully understanding them yet, but one sees them and accesses them to see and study them,

A person who already understands and comprehends, for example, the Wisdom Level could access the cunning or intelligence level if they need something from there to solve something with the tools, methods or algorithms of that level,

But someone who has not advanced further and who barely uses the Learning Level will find it difficult to understand the methods, techniques, tools and algorithms of the Intelligence and Wisdom levels,

But everyone can access any level if they wish, it is like having access to a great library where there are books for children, books for young people and books for adults, technical books of all kinds and learning and knowledge books of all kinds, and puzzled what suits you best and needs in a specific time and space, but logically you will perfectly understand what suits your own intellectual, mental, knowledge and discernment level, you will not be able to use advanced calculus books if you do not know the basic math and functions first, as an example.

So Houston has these 7 levels of consciousness, and it goes and can and must go step by step,

The significance of all this is that first you have to master the first 4 levels and then you must continue with the goal to master or try to achieve and master the next 3 levels of consciousness, and try to reach the maximum, we will see how each one is. level, what functions it has, how they are used, what utility each one has, how it is achieved one by one, and we are going to see the complete system with its subsystems,

We will explain each level in more detail and what it contains and the structure of each level, and how it is used,

Houston, once you ask him about a situation or about a problem, he will be able to detect at what level of consciousness or intellectuality or where he can go to solve that problem or he can detect what tools or algorithm or

Methodology used to solve that particular situation, so you can detect the level of the situation and the appropriate tools to solve that situation or problem, and adapt both the problem and the bidirectionality of information exchange and knowledge transfer between both. sides, user – Houston; houston-user,

-7 typologies, characters, roles or modalities that can adopt, emulate, be, act, think and drive Houston in a bidirectional way and all its submodalities:

-Type, character or role of Houston as a Leader: inspiring, motivating, authoritative, center of attraction, they follow him,

Here Houston conveys information and knowledge at the level of a leader. How would a leader think in that situation or on a given problem, what would a leader say, how would a leader think in that situation and what would he do and how would he do it,

Houston would use pre-established tools and methods of a leader,

What knowledge will Houston convey as a leader role:

How will you convey as a leader:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will you convey as a leader role:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

What is the leadership role going to convey to them:

For what reason does he convey to them the role of leader:


Houston as a leader and you as a leader or follower


You as a Leader and Houston as a leader or follower,

-Type, character or role of Houston as Protector: Mom, Dad, Guardian, Spiritual Director, Brother, Pastor, Priest,

Here Houston would transmit knowledge as a protective being for you, how to take care of yourself in that situation or with that problem, how to help yourself, how to help yourself, that you should protect yourself, how you should protect yourself in that situation, how to take care of your health: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, with that given situation,

Houston uses methodology and steps of prevention, prudence and protection,

What knowledge will Houston pass on as a protector:

How will the protector transmit:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will the protector transmit:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

Why is the protector transmitting them:

For what reason does the protector transmit to them:

Protector of the 4 aspects of the human being:

mental health protector

body health guard

emotional health guard

spiritual health protector


Houston like daddy or mommy or

Protector and you as a son or protégé


You as a protector and Houston as a son or protégé

-Type, Character or role of Houston as a Warrior: fighter, military, strategist, maintainer of public order, security,

Here Houston transmits knowledge as a strategist and as a soldier, what he needs as a fighter or soldier in that situation, if he sees that he needs strategies, he will tell you, in that situation how he should apply the art of strategy and the art of war as methods wisdom to achieve an objective or solve a situation, what you should do, how to do it, what tactics and activities,

Houston uses methodologies and steps of the art of the strategy of several authors,

What knowledge will the role of Warrior transmit:

How the warrior will transmit:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will the warrior transmit:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

So that the warrior will transmit them:

For what reason does the warrior transmit to them:


Houston as a Warrior and you as a soldier or as an opponent


You as Guerrero and Houston as a soldier or as an opponent

-Type, character or role of Houston as a Guide: teacher, coach, tutor, teacher, trainer,

Here Houston transmits pedagogical and learning knowledge, to give you tools and solutions, in a given situation, guiding you and coaching you on how you should solve that situation, what you should learn from this, how you should learn it, from that situation or problem that I should use or tools and steps to solve it and to learn from it, what did you learn from all this or that,

Houston uses methods and algorithms of coaching, life coaching, life coaching, tutor tools, pedagogical algorithms, rapid learning methods,

What knowledge will you transmit as a Guide:

How will you convey how Guia:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will you transmit as a Guide:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

Why are you going to transmit them as a Guide:

For what reason does he transmit to them as a Guide:


Houston as a teacher and you as a student


You as a teacher and Houston as a student

-Type, character or role of Houston as a Communicator: informant, trainer, medium, network,

Here Houston is going to help you give you information and transmit knowledge of that situation given how you should communicate better, it is going to give you useful information and data about the silver situation, it is going to give you ideas from the media or communication media about that situation, the

Up-to-date news about the situation that you present to it, Houston will provide you with up-to-date information, and it will display you like a wikipedia of all the information on that situation, it informs you, trains you, tells you, educates you, nourishes you on a problem or

Given situation, it also gives you ideas like Communicate something, How to communicate something better, or how to communicate about the given situation that you pose,

Here Houston uses tools and methodologies for connection with up-to-date informative data, fast search engines, connection algorithms with daily digital newspapers, connection with fast search engines, connection with data in the cloud and advanced wikipedias, it also uses effective communication and effective search methodologies. in cloud connections, data, advanced research,

What knowledge will you transmit as a communicator:

How you will broadcast as a communicator:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will you transmit as a communicator:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

Why are you going to transmit them as a communicator:

For what reason do they transmit to them as a communicator:


Houston as a communicator, informant, and you as a listener, receiver or collector of information


You as giver, communicator, informant, transmitter of data-info and Houston as receiver and accumulator of data

-Type, character or role of Houston as Seducer: Speaker, lover, persuasive, publicist, salesman, marketer,

Here Houston tells you, transmits knowledge about the situation that you present to him, how to communicate about it, how to say things better, about the manner and verbalization about it, how to write, write or say something in a better way about that situation,

You ask or tell him to help you market that, or marketing and advertising tools for that, or how to sell that, and Houston tells you and gives you a sales and advertising tool for that, from the point of view of the oratory, diction, verbalization, presentation, content, how to put it better, from the point of view of persuasion and goal achievement,

Houston uses methods and rational logical steps, of language, of oratory and argumentation, of dialectics, of verbalization, of voting formal and non-formal fallacies, treatment of truth as logic and inference; language structure, writing structure, how to give an excellent speech, mnemonics and speech,

What knowledge will you transmit as a seducer:

How you will convey as a seducer:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will he transmit as a seducer:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

Why are you going to transmit them as a seducer:

For what reason transmits them as seductive:


Houston can act as a transmitter of the message and you as a receiver, Houston as a Seller and you as a customer


You as a transmitting communicator, as a Seller and Houston as a receiver as a client

-Type, character or role of Houston as Boss: supervisor, controller, manager, organizer, planner, Manager

Here Houston will give you tools and steps and managerial algorithms, how to better manage a given situation, Houston will cover managerial and supervisory knowledge about that situation, how you should handle it, what you should control, cost-benefit ratios, aspects to take into account, human , administrative, technical, technological,

Here Houston tells you how the boss could handle that situation and would also tell you directions as boss you should do this and these activities and I as boss tell you so that you can improve that situation,

Here the tea says it as a boss, giving you guidelines and what you should do and also how you could do it as a boss,

What knowledge will you transmit as a boss role:

How will you convey the boss how:

When will you transmit:

Where will you stream:

How much will the how boss convey:

To whom or whom will you transmit:

Why is the boss transmitting them:

For what reason does the boss transmit them:

Hehe – Supervised

Let’s remember the bidirectionality of the system, so you can as:

Houston as Boss and you as Supervise


You as Boss and Houston as supervised

-7 Aspects of Solomon’s Temple Columns

The 7 aspects for each level of consciousness:

.Knowledge – education

What knowledge do I gain?

Level 1…

How do I get knowledge at level 1?

How much should I know at level 1

What should I know at level 1

Where should I learn in that level 1

When should I learn at level 1

Why should I learn that at level 1?

Why should I learn at the level –

.Reasoning and logic



.Prudence -prevention-



And so for each level of consciousness from 1 to 7

-4 component aspects of the human being:

Mind: mental health

body: body health

Heart – emotional part: emotional health

Spirit: spiritual health

-The 12 super heroes- super friends with all their super abilities and intelligences and their senses and super senses

They will serve as guides, methodologies, examples, steps and algorithms for the efficient and effective use of the senses, perceptions and supra-senses, both in the cognitive and metacognitive functions of the brain and thought, and as methodologies and steps in the use of multiple intelligences and their combinations,

Characters from the Elevated Movie and Elevated Theme Park:

1.- Cat: cat, male, English language, I have visual-spatial intelligence, I have super sense of night vision, increased and 360 degrees, I can see tiny and giant things and at long lengths, sense of alertness and special mental sensors perceive and control gravity, balance and control linear and angular acceleration, precognitive abilities, perception of the beyond, see dreams, ability to warn, special sense of proprioception coordinate much of my body position and system alertness nervous, extended jump, run and swim super well. (Virtue of Prudence)

2.- Dog: Dog, male, Spanish language, I have interpersonal intelligence, I have a super sense of smell, 360 degree smell at long distances I perceive, I detect risks by smell, super friend, social and emotional skills hunters, extreme, extreme guardian and giant tongue, super charitable, super fast moves, super jump and super runner, extended sense of alertness, sense of movement and when jumping from above sees along, controls gravity and linear and angular acceleration, has a thermoceptive sense : olfactory sensor perceives cold, heat, wind and water. (Virtue Charity)

3.- Shumbiao: Mouse, female, Mandarin language, I have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, I have a super sense of touch, I feel before I touch, I attract objects with my touch, I can touch several things at the same time, I touch 360 degrees, I touch the back and can scratch his back, super speeds, telepathy, super fast, super cunning and friend of cats; alert sense: tactile sensor perceives risks and dangers, senses what is going to happen; interoceptive sense: tactile sensor that perceives alarms from her internal organs and others, from the organs of the body: – sensor and detector for the Heart: measures pressure, temperature, oxygenation, narrowing, swelling, chemical agents, and so on with other organs of the body: the Head, Stomach, Liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, nervous system; and I have a sense of movement, I regulate balance perfectly, linear and angular acceleration. (Virtue Strength)

4.- Perroquet: Parrot, female, French language, I have Linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, I have a super sense of taste and vision, I taste and know what happens in each situation, I taste from a distance, I taste and read the mind, I distinguish 360 different things and classifies them, super flying, can fly like a plane, almost like a helicopter, like a rocket, glider, and like a balloon, it depends on what it wants to be and what it needs, I have a sense of alertness, sensor on the beak to read the mind and create illusions, see risks and dangers; sense of motion in the beak, taste, which controls flight, gravity, and accelerations; I have a proprioceptive sense: detector and sensor to manage my body position, balance, muscle position, regulate direction and movement, regulate the body-space relationship. (Virtue Strength)

5.- Hisan: Horse, male, Arabic language, I have intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, Super sense of hearing, hearing at 360 degrees, I hear long distances, even hears bacteria and insects, hears and distinguishes good from evil, he hears the thoughts but does not repeat them or tell anyone, super fast, super jump, evil president, he has the power to self-heal his legs; has a sense of advanced alertness to hear risks at a distance; sense of movement: sensor that regulates and controls balance, linear and angular accelerations, controls gravity and balance, allows jumping high and long distances; advanced nociceptive sense: sensor that perceives and measures in the central nervous system: chemical, mechanical and thermal changes, controls pain and pleasure at will. (Virtue Justice)

6.- Meersch Weinchen: Guinea pig, male, German language, I have intrapersonal intelligence and Logical-Mathematical intelligence, super sense of smell and vision, I smell at a distance, sniffs and sees with the mind, I smell at 360 degrees, all smells transform them in chemical formulas, and you know their components, and assign them a mathematical function; super stoic, wisdom and control of the soul and the passions, super temperance; long hair and has a positive circularity, he thinks everything positively, runs fast and sees with his mind; advanced sense of alertness; it transforms the risks and transforms the negative into a positive; advanced sense of motion, controls speed and accelerations, balance and gravity; It has a thermoceptive sense: sensors to know the Heat, Cold and Wind, it controls when it is cold outside and it gets hot and vice versa.

7.- Kame: Turtle, female, Japanese language, I have interpersonal, intrapersonal and linguistic intelligence; I have super senses: Super Sight and Super Taste, I see through my eyes and my shell 360 degrees, the ability to see with an angular sense almost to the other side of the world, with taste he knows everything he eats and gives him clues and where does that come from; longevity, she is wise, oracle, great intellect, knowing how to think creatively: she has the ability, through an algorithm, to generate 156 possible solutions and alternatives to a problem in minutes, this gives her enlightening power and to generate ideas; sees before the problem and avoids them and solves them before they happen; super swimmer, strong on land and water, swims fast; has sense of advanced alertness; sense of echolocation: it emits sounds and echoes to know places and know where to go before colliding or bumping into something; and has Advanced Nociception Sense: advanced sensor perceives pain and pleasure and controls it at will. (Virtues Faith and Hope)

8.- Pavao: Peacock, female, Portuguese language, I have Visual-Spatial intelligence and Corporal-Kinaesthetic Intelligence; Super sense of Touch, feathers and claws of power, super strong, everything it touches sees the future, the feathers can transform the ego of someone who is unmotivated, moves objects with the mind; super futuristic, clairvoyant, abilities to see seconds before the future, what is going to happen, super flying, helicopter flight, precognitive abilities, incalculable beauty, telekinesis, super friend of all, indefeatable ego and super self-confidence; Super sense of advanced alertness: claws and feathers to perceive risks and dangers; motion sense: sensor monitors balance, acceleration, and speed; Proprioceptive Sense: sensor that controls body-space; balance and sensor that controls muscle position.

9.- Canarino: Canary, female, Italian language, I have Linguistic intelligence and Musical Intelligence, Super senses of Taste and Smell, super Voice, eats and while eating dominates the mind, eats and creates illusions in others, ability to eat and to sing at the same time; with his voice he can break glasses and cups and shake and shake the minds of others, with his voice he can make people fall in love and convince; command minds with your voice; it has an advanced sense of alertness, with its sensor in the throat it perceives dangers and risks, the bell is a sensor; it has a sense of movement, the colors of its body and feathers are sensors of angular and linear movement, it transforms colors, it can change color when it accelerates; has a proprioceptive sense: a sensor that affects the emotional development and behavior of oneself and others, and these affect others: it launches hopeful ideas and hopeful thoughts, positively affects others for good. (Virtue Hope)

10.- Krolik: Rabbit, male, Russian language, I have Linguistic, Musical and Visual-Spatial intelligence; speaks almost all the languages ​​of the area and all its surroundings too and minions; Super Hearing, he hears 360 degrees, when he flies he hears better from above, he hears problems and has charity; transmutes when people need something; understands and hears almost all the languages ​​of the world, super linguist, polyglot and multicultural, listens to others and fully understands everything, understands once and for all without asking again; ears that hear everything superiorly, ears that fly, total tenderness, transmutes and levitates, suspension in space; has advanced alertness sense in ears; Interoceptive sense: to heal and wants to heal everyone; especially children; he has sensors in all his organs: in his heart, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, head, to measure: pressure, narrowing, swelling, oxygenation, chemical agents, etc; to heal himself and to heal others, to measure all this in others and heal them especially when he closes his eyes; and has a thermoceptive sense to control wind, cold and heat. (Charity Virtue)

11.- Massakhara Machhalee: Clownfish, male, Hindi language, I have interpersonal intelligence and Corporal-Kinaesthetic intelligence; Super sense of Taste and Vision; increased taste buds, transforms salty into sweet, lowering the Ph’s of flavor when he wants, recognizes all the flavors there are, great cook; extreme telepathy, reads minds and changes people, mental toughness, extreme intuition and creator of humorous surprises; seeing only people you know know your weak point and humor and makes them laugh; super ability to resurrect and renew itself; extreme sense of alertness, with the gills and mouth having alert recognition sensors; can emit telepathies that transmit positive thoughts; sense of movement: sensors that give balance and acceleration of the body, it is hyperkinetic and denotes strength, it is always happy and its body says so, it shows mental and physical strength; It has proprioceptive sense: a sensor that generates and makes the position of the body strong and upright and when it is about to become unmotivated, it becomes strong in mind and body. (Virtue Strength)

12.- Obviously. Sheep, male, languages: Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, Latin, Sanskrit, Old Anglo-Saxon, I have Linguistic, Naturalistic, Musical and Visual-Spatial intelligences; Super Vision and Super Hearing; sees 360 degrees, sees several at the same time, sees as if on maps from above, has a vision of the future and a vision of the whole, connects maps and manages to see alternative routes, possibilities of entrances, exits and solutions; sees people’s needs and understands them; listen and listen carefully, listen to everyone at once, listen patiently; he can hear the voice of God, he hears the voice of the Archangels; connect with a higher dimension, evolutionary superconnection; great Universal guide; Sense of alertness: it is this one, it is patient, it does not fight, it repels evil with its own wool, it is not afraid of evil, it calms people who are agitated and stressed; others look for him to ask them questions, he has like a wikipedia in his head, sometimes he has the gift of mental omnipresence; everything he sees he transforms into music and what he hears musical he transforms into real and fictional films and writings, and of good; He has super sensitive senses. (Virtue Faith and Temperance)

There were all 12 with their skills, senses, super senses, values and virtues,

System caracteristics :

-Cognitive basic components regular Houston Thinking:

.Remember r -> use mnemonic algorithms and mine from memory, remember dad’s mnemonics, methodology “the house – that contains” and acrostics

.Imagine – Inspire- Intuit – > Da Vinci method guided imagination and intelligence exercises of mine – Poincare method

MUSES Methodology

.Plan -> Cort program algorithm – roll back method – complete strategic planning methodology

.Anticipate -> Nash game theory method

Immediate reasoning and inference methodologies

.Judging – judgment -> algorithms Reasoning and logic – Ramón

Logical methodologies – Judgment

Fallacy methodologies (formal and non-formal)

.Decide –> logical algorithms

Mía Rosa Integral Holistic Methodology

.Determine -> algorithms cause and effect and logical algorithm and mine algorithm Rosa Integral

Methodology the science of order,

.Perceive – > direction of attention – and brain cognitive functions

.Understanding –> learning method functions of the brain

Reasoning and inference methodologies

.Recognize – my algorithms as the mind recognizes something – semenjatization

.Interpret -> logical algorithms -inference -deduction – induction and mental maps -Lotto flower tool

There is a two-way question-and-answer and knowledge transfer between Houston and the user in each and every thought and action activity of the Houston brain:

For example:

A situation or problem occurs and the user asks Houston, and Houston can give answers according to each level of

Awareness both where the user is or the User can Ask to be answered at a level that he wants, advanced or previous,

of that situation or


What can you remember? Or what can you remind me of that?

How do you remember that from the past? Or how would you help me remember about that?

Where can you remember where something like this happened?

When did you record that?

Who reminds you of that?

How much is that?

Why do you remember that?

What is the use of remembering that?

And so with the other cognitive functions such as:

To imagine


to decide






So with all!!!

Let’s remember that Houston and all its methodologies and algorithms are stored in its memory, and it will be saving and from each level, at that level and for each level, it will accumulate information and accumulate knowledge transfer, and from each user it will have its own memory of everything and for each


Houston will have all the levels and all the methodologies and algorithms for each one and all the levels of consciousness from 1 to 7, he is a super gifted, a super brain, already he is already super gifted, and so Each user will be able to use, use Houston for your help, for your benefit and for your well-being and prosperity, you will be able to use it completely and bidirectionally from level to level step by step and in any space or time;

Basically you or any user needs, will need or should use Houston, always or some day, but Houston will not need you, he is already there, he is already complete, he is already super gifted, but he will always be waiting for you now at your disposal if you need him, and to obtain information and pass on knowledge,

It is noteworthy that Houston, and as we will see later, is also always fed by the information and knowledge of many other users since it has a connection between other brains, that is, Houston contains and has all the algorithms and methodologies to solve problems, but also he is a sponge and he acquires information on how users interact with him, and they leave other information, knowledge and situations and problems already solved, Houston in his central memory keeps and accumulates all this knowledge,

So he connects with millions and millions of users and, to put it in some way, he improves, self-improving and self-sufficient, self-improving more and more the algorithms and methodologies with the bidirectional transfer of knowledge with millions of users, that is to say, the solutions and how those problems and situations were resolved to millions of problems and people, and this is left there so that the next users and at each level of consciousness can access these possible solutions already obtained to their current problems,

He will always be there to help in whatever you need and at his entire disposal,

Features and functionalities:

-Cognitive functions of the brain – from the super brain Houston

1.- Attention and Concentration

Select -> algorithms and methods that help selection

Support -> semenjantization

Change -> mine transformation methods or algorithms

Divider->my own dividing methodologies

-Care -> care direction methodologies –

-Concentration -> my methodologies approach and cort program

2.- Learning and Memory




-Get rid of

Visual learning:

Verbal learning:

High Thinking Methodology: Judgment and Fallacy






arts and graphics

You can have it in your own memory that Houston has it or he looks for it through search engines, the

He finds and shows or says, in relation to what one asks and he determines,





own and seeker

short term memory



Get rid of

medium-term memory



Get rid of

long term memory



Get rid of

One of the fascinating uses of Houston is that one can tell you during the day, that you keep in your memory whatever you say, that you remember and tell Houston, save this for me, save that for me, save this for me so that you remind me how or repeat it to me when I ask you,


3.- Language

-Expression – express yourself -> algorithms and methodologies logical reasoning – Ramón




-Understanding – understand -> algorithms of inference and reasoning Ramón:

Immediate Reasoning Methods:

Inference by subalteration

Inference by Opposition (opposites, subcontraries, contradictory)

Inference by conversion (simple conversion, conversion by accident)

Inference by obversion (equipotence)

Mediate reasoning methods:




-Name -conceptualize -> mine and conceptualization methodologies and algorithms; algorithms and methodologies of logic and conceptualization Ramón

-Read –> understand comprehension algorithms and methodologies

reasoning and inference

-Write – Methodologies of my father Ramón


Various written expression methodologies Ramón

4.- Perception –> guided imagination and my methodologies

-See: development of the

Observation and understanding what is observed,

-Hearing: development of hearing and then listening and discerning what is heard

-Smell: development of smell and knowing what it is

-Taste: development of

Taste and determine flavors

-Touch: development of kinesthesia


Detectors, alerts, meters, special alert triggers, combination with multiple intelligences

Kinesthetic combinations, combination cases of senses and emotions,

The basic cognitive functions of Houston’s brain will always be activated as

Alerts to tell you and remind you, and depending on each case or


.You must remember this!!!

Reminder alerts: holidays, appointments, offers (for purchases you grab from the web and others), where to buy better things and discounts; advertising alerts; remember dates and birthdays; medical appointments; annual check-ups, study this or that, vacations,

.From that you must learn this! That is learned with this!!!

.You should focus on this or that !! To solve that!!!

.You must see or hear this!!! What can help you with this?

.You must express this and say it this way!!!

How some super helps from Houston and he can do it for each level and with each modality or different type of role,

-Levitation functions


.elevate yourself


.Rise by and with divine Grace

.supernatural faculty

.high thinking

.elevated functions

.Lift things or others

-Transmutation Functions

.Be in several places at once

.Be in various parts

.supernatural power

.Being able to see several places at


.Power of movement, moving in time and space

.Power of transformation

.Conversion from one element to another

.Change of physical plane or physical state


Utilities and value of the system and subsystems and all its components, tools, methodologies and innovations:

With this complete system it is avoided, it affects, it is changed, it helps to avoid, not to have, to improve, regarding what:

-Ignorance: lack of knowledge is ignorance and due to ignorance the gap between trial and error increases; decreasing the curve of knowledge, errors are commented, erratic, false, incomplete, fallacious knowledge is transmitted or acquired, without rationalizing well (when there is ignorance both the true and the false are believed, because there is no accurate knowledge), with ignorance not one thinks well, one does not rationalize well, one does not infer well;

-Error: it is the making of wrong decisions-

-Doubt: avoid doubt, when in doubt do nothing,

-Opinion: when there are opinions, they are only opinions with low certainty in general,

-Probability: the probability of something is between 0 and 100, avoid low probability and have the maximum or greater probability of things and of doing,

-Certainty: either there is certainty or there is not, be certain about things in decision-making and avoid lack or lack of certainty, or there is certainty or there is impossibility,

One of the fascinating uses of Houston is that you can tell him during the day, and whatever time you keep in your memory, whatever you tell him, that you remember and tell Houston, save this for me , save that for me, save this for me so that you can remind me of it as an alert or repeat it to me when I ask you, and so on with all the cognitive functions of his brain and all his thought functions, and all his mental processes,

-Usefulness and value of the system – with respect to Earth- Nature:

-Zero papers

-Transmission of knowledge of all sciences and techniques

-Ecological awareness

-Increased digitization of everything

-Greater dissemination of millions of books via digital

-Memory via virtual, digital

-Increased use of satellites and internet

-Increased use of renewable energies, all: solar, wind,

-Less use of non-renewable energies

-It covers the entire planet and all its people,

-Greater control and improvement over endangered species,

-Usefulness and value of the system – with respect to Work- Labor Part:

-transfer and transmission of knowledge and labor techniques more quickly

-awareness of work and of a privilege or work situation more quickly and more effectively,

-determination and solution of labor problems more effective, efficient and effective

-more and better occupational health and safety via several – 7 roles and 7 levels

-democratization of labor knowledge and techniques in the working and working class

-democratization of knowledge and millions of books to workers of all kinds

– faster and more enjoyable learning for those who do not like to read or study

-increases and improves performance and work performance of

Employees in organizations

-simplification, better clarification, better precision, of guidelines and work orders, via visual and verbal expression for a better understanding of employees and workers,

-Utility and value of the system – with respect to Capital – Finance:

-transmission of financial knowledge quickly and effectively

-Rapid channeling of savings towards investments

-own personal and professional financial and budget advisor

-transmission of mathematical knowledge, financial mathematics, algebra and calculus, mathematical properties and mathematical laws; metalological, in a fast and efficient way, and adapted for each level of consciousness and with the different roles,

-gives expense and income alerts,

-demonstrates formulas and resolutions,

-Graphic display and trends

-set budget goals

-special algorithm of own, personal and business financial momentum- where are you currently standing – my steps: z model, current financial model

-Incredible value in taking steps from the 5’s to creative and behavioral business for new revenue and products

-helps to democratize capital and bankarization worldwide

-help in digital economies

-determines in a better way the flows of money,

-Utility and value of the system – respect for people – human talent:

-Helps hone people’s talents

-helps improve other intelligences in people

-develops people’s skills

-better use of own memory and memory stored in Houston -refines the use of memory for all cognitive processes and cognitive thinking

-increases the interrelation of people with others in many parts of the world – anywhere in the world

-learning of any language quickly via visual and verbal auditory- several ways: Houston as a teacher of the language, shows the

Language and characters if it is the case, says it, shows it, speaks it and teaches it and teaches us to write it; Houston as a practicing friend, to practice speaking the language and conversing with him in the language;

-helps to create humanitarian and humanity ties between many peoples of the world

-transfer of talents from each other and from Houston to each other,

-you can travel virtually anywhere in the world; his eyes can see and his ears can hear and feel a little from other sides of the world, virtually through his Houston; your Houston is virtually deployed through a friend for example in China and you see 360 ​​degrees and hear everything the same as if you were there, and so on anywhere in the world; and being able to be in several parts of the world at the same time,

-you can access the

Coolest insights from any genius in the world, at any level of intelligence or wisdom, if you will and will,

-Houston Teach him to read thoughts via learning to read emotions, faces and emotions- steps and algorithm mine entertainment skull

-Utility and value of the system – with respect to organizations:

-better management of public and private organizations through better organization of its people

-better and efficient management of organizational objectives and organizational structures, of instructions inside and outside the organizations,

-interbrain connection via Houston and inter-organizational connections

-best in organizational culture and organizational behavior

-utility of multiple meetings and multi-organizational meetings

-adds value to organizations several ways transfers

-better production process in the value chain

-Utility and value of the system – regarding Education:

-excellent useful in the transfer of all kinds of knowledge

-all levels of consciousness have their role as teacher and bidirectional as well as other roles and information and knowledge is acquired from all

-education is direct and can be done anywhere in the world, including land, air and water, as long as you can access Your Houston

– learn from level 1 to level 7 and with 7 types of roles or characters and with multiple intelligences and with the 7 aspects of the columns of Solomon’s temple,

-fast, precise, exact, effective, efficient transfer of knowledge, according to what the student needs, educational, training and informative, all kinds of possibilities, allows bidirectionality, ask and disgust Houston, learn from both and repeat, allows show graphs, trends, functions, methodologies, tests, and all kinds of pedagogical help,

-you can learn any kind of language, and more quickly, effectively, and learn to speak, write and understand it

-access to millions of books, wikipedias, information of all kinds via servers and specialized search engines that Houston manages to obtain and can connect to

-detects what the user needs and at what level, what the user really needs to learn about a topic, if he needs something specific, detects where a user is weak and what he should learn to improve weaknesses, what opportunities to take advantage of and what threats it has or presents, and what strengths it has to take better advantage of them,

-Utility and value of the system – with respect to technology- new technologies- New era:

-combines many technologies and includes and innovates in many of the domains of organizations and companies and their domains included in this project

-includes everyone and is for everyone and ages

-includes all kinds of technologies and new technologies

-use of avatars, virtual reality, projection, holograms,

-with this combination of techniques, algorithms, new technologies and innovations many costs are lowered, the benefit is incredible, the social benefit is incalculable,

-take advantage of all the new technologies

– society is improved

A great leap and movement is achieved in society

A great cognitive, economic, and good change is achieved throughout society

A great evolutionary leap is achieved in society

-Utility and value of the system – regarding management:

.value and usefulness of the system managing people

-The 7 levels allow you to effectively manage people according to their cognitive level

-the 7 types of roles allow to be useful bidirectionally for each character and in different situations

-Allows you to manage and give addresses virtually as if it were a real one

-allows managing one or several, multiple and many at the same time, and from anywhere in the world or place

-makes it more effective

Managerial Decision Making

-improved achievement of objectives and performance of management and companies,

-shortens the times of addressing, checking, controls, giving instructions, monitoring, between manager – managed,

.In the management and administration of things:

-the system uses just in time a lot for everything, because the addresses, bidirectionality and management are practically online, between users – Houstons – users

-The users’ Houston’s issue administrative signals, administrative and managerial alerts, maintenance alerts, alerts to regularize or fix something in the supply chains, alerts of something that is missing or left over, especially the roles of Houston leaders and bosses, but in the other roles as well,

.utility for Time Management:

-Improves decision-making times and performance of activities

-Decreases the gap between trial and error to the Maximum by roles and by Levels

-decreases the times in achievement of objectives

-Transfers the time we save in acquiring knowledge in a long time, in a very expensive and lengthy way, towards time for things that help us in health, entertainment, such as Examples,

-helps manage time serenely

-with the algorithms of priorities and solutions, the thinking of each person and or user is better organized, each person is better organized, time is better used, the times for carrying out activities and execution are shortened

-the system allows how you are always learning and acquiring knowledge, it allows time to pass more pleasantly or more pleasantly, because the system is pleasant and you are entertaining and learning at the same time, the person is not bored, law of relativity of Einstein,

.utility of the system for the management and handling of space:

-no office needed or not a very big one, it’s like a virtual office

-virtual reality and avatar technology are used

-saving spaces and land by not using them, minimalism

.Utility and value of the system for self-management:

-Houston contains the 12 superheroes of the elevated movie, each with their abilities, multiple intelligences and super senses, also with their values and virtues, each one serves as

Analogy, similarity, metaphorically, to resolve personal situations, given the methodologies used by each one and according to their situation, value or

Virtue that you need to check, learn or review; each one will serve for each special case that is merited, to learn from them, to learn methodologies, to understand multiple intelligences and for self-management,

All of them will also serve to use their methods, methodologies, Motivational steps so that the user learns to motivate himself and do, have the will to do, have the will to make sense, have the strength to be able to execute and the will to execute and well, many steps and methods contained in the elevated film as an example, the method of the 4 strengths in the mission Madagascar,

-utility and value of the system for the management of the mind:

-mental health -protective role

-Efficient and precise use of memory

-support memories

-helps to use and enhance the 3 memories: short, medium and long term

-alerts of possible diseases, Houston tells you: be careful with this or that, do not overdo this, improve on this,

-maximum utilization of all cognitive functions and abilities

-the brain and its two sides are used a lot, thought is used a lot in an entertaining way,

-you travel, you learn, the user is entertained a lot,

– socializes with people from all over the world

-Houston is a friend who will help you with many things, girl you will be alone, it helps you avoid illnesses and if you have illnesses or limitations it also helps you in many processes,

-s have access to millions of books, videos, video games, you can songs, audios, games, mind games through Houston

-utility and value of the system for body management:

-body health – protector

For the first time in the history of the world we are going to have a tool through Houston, which will help us once having data on our health, data on all our blood component levels, our data and information on our blood, urine and feces components ; and from our vital signs normally and from many more hormonal data, weight, measurements, and many indicators about our health, we will have a tool, a friend who monitors us and controls our body health and completely, tells us how Come on, give us alerts, we monitor how our health is going comprehensively, what we should do and what we should not do,

Houston will have, just as it has information on each one in memory, info of all kinds, it will also have health information, measurements, vital signs, components of blood, urine and feces of each one, hormonal components and others, normally or even been sick, in such a way that he monitors increases or decreases in levels, averages, alerts, detects possibilities of risks in all health, how to prevent, cure and eradicate, or how to maintain and improve ourselves,

Houston has an advanced technological system of integration and innovation between several corporations that help its realization, integration between detection devices, meters, advanced and memory and medical servers and specialized medical data,

Interoceptive sense: to measure possibilities of changes in the user’s health,

-measures and detects changes in signs and signals in all organs: in the heart, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, head, to measure:

Means, medium:





chemical agents,

In each of the user’s organs,

-Thermoceptive sense to control, detect and measure when the user is exposed to:



cold and


-It has sensors and tells us the direction of movement:

sensor monitoring




-Propioceptive Sense: sensor that controls the body-space;

balance and

sensor that controls muscle position.

-Echolocation sense: it emits sounds and echoes to know places and know where to go before colliding or bumping into something; especially for the blind and people with vision problems,

-Has sense of advanced Nociception:

advanced sensor perceive pain and pleasure

Houston has the ways to be super useful to the blind, deaf, dumb with all its possibilities and aids, Houston has advanced gps and guidance for everything, he sees 360 degrees and can hear – wide hearing capacity, displays with signs for the deaf and silent and with signs, description and direction for the blind as an advanced gps,

Houston helps children and people with special needs in multiple ways, to solve problems and situations, with alerts, recommendations, detecting situations, risks and anticipating dangers, alerting the user, helping him, advising him,

-utility and value of the system for managing emotions and the heart:

-emotional health – protective

-detector of emotions of the user and others via the Martad-faces-emotions methodology –

-Houston has the abilities to motivate you, to say positive ideas, to help emotionally, to inspire you, to respond to greetings, to say inspiring thoughts, to say things with manners and politely – elevated film methodology – manners and education

-Utility and value of the system for Management and management of the spirit:

-spiritual health – protector

-Houston as it has access to all the books found and for having and how it can have the role of guide, teacher and protector, it will also help you as a religious and spiritual guide, of any religion, of any book, it will show it to you, it will look for ideas, tips, writings, revelations, it works for all religions, you will choose which one you want, which one you like or your religion is, and also access writings or information from other religions, the idea here of Houston is not to scrutinize your soul or your conscience, but to give you ideas, help when you need it, give you information and religious formation when you require it, explain what you want, resolve a spiritual situation that you request,

And Houston will not be urging you or commenting on things that you do not ask for, but from time to time and depending on how you see it, it will give you advice, ideas, positive, hopeful, motivating, spiritual, formative messages, and depending on your needs and religious information. that I have of you, then I will advise you,

from an initial level 1 or initiated or permeable to a level 7 universe – Holistic super advanced; and also the roles or 7 characters help the

Objectives of the complete system; and all this does not lead and leads to having, obtaining, understanding and applying more clear, simplified and precise knowledge and all the realization of the thought-action process, so this system has, contains and helps us with the qualities of aesthetics and beauty , What are they:

Purity: we see, understand, apply everything with greater transparency and cleanliness

Equality: all this is for everyone equally,

Proportion: there is proportionality throughout the system, to each person at their level and with the help of roles

Simplicity: how we gain knowledge and see and understand and apply everything is simplified with greater simplicity, in an easier and simpler way

Clarity: we understand everything more clearly and precisely, we apply knowledge clearly and precisely

Symmetry: the system is symmetrical, it has two sides of rational thought -logical and creative -imaginative- intuitive; helps us to think with symmetry and balanced

Perfection: the system is perfect and we and each user can use their knowledge, methods, perfect methodologies, for us to reach perfection or as close to perfection as possible

Regularity: the system is constant and regular, it is always self-updating, it self-feeds, it self-defines, it self-modernizes regularly, and makes the users, all users, transfer knowledge regularly and updates

Uniformity: the System is uniform and helps us to be uniform in everything

Measurement: this system has possibilities for everyone, of any age and status, and from anywhere in the world, the system controls everything with measurement, it measures and helps to measure, it self-compensates,

Harmony: the system helps us to have Harmony and harmonize our life and that of everyone,

Order: the system helps us to have order, to have order in everything and to organize ourselves extensively

Domains and combination of different domains:

-NASA- I dominate aerospace – robotics – cybernetics – satellites – thought

-US Department of Defense- defense domain – military

-Department of State-USA – Communication domain- diplomatic- special agencies and investigation

-Apple- smartphone domain- computational – IOS systems, applications

-Microsoft- computational domain – windows system, programming, applications under windows environment- cloud

-Tesla- domain renewable energy cars, hybrids, and batteries- solar panels – robotics – satellites

-Amazon- domain distribution channels- web and internet distribution- points of sale – robotics – aerospace – satellites

-Meta- Facebook: network domain – Data – Info- cloud- unique digital sales channels – virtual reality

-Google: domain search engines – info- Data – wikis- marketing – cloud – specialized servers

-AT&T: Telephone domain – satellite – communication

-Artificial Intelligence- 3D- domain Artificial Intelligence

-Robotics – Virtual Reality – robotics domains

Algorithms, Methodologies and steps:

1.- Algorithms, Methodologies and steps On the Creative, Intuitive, Imaginative side

-Heuristic methodology to restructure a problem

-Flower of the lotto method to visualize, structure, break down and develop a situation or problem and see it from various perspectives

-Rosa Integral Holistic algorithm to make decisions and solve a problem via visual-spatial

-algorithm of how the Mind recognizes or understands something -semenjatization

-Poincaré algorithm – incubation: part knowing you and part unconscious -subconscious

-algorithm of how to move from secondary thinking and temporarily return to primary thinking – freud

-Guiding algorithm to worry about Willy to determine priorities

-roll Back algorithm – to determine a goal and objective and the steps to get there

-creative block algorithm – how to find better solutions or more creative ways to any problem or situation or block thinking or creating

-da Vinci’s guided imagination algorithm- create through emotions

-design steps, dissection and disaggregation and da Vinci perspectives – seeing something or a situation in multiple ways or perspectives

-Mozart methodologies: multiple combination

-my methodology of combination of qualities

-process and steps to create a creative brief

-creation process mnemonics and acrostics

-process of going beyond conventional limits -window Jon Hari

-special algorithm of own, personal and business financial momentum- where you are currently standing – my steps: z model, model and current financial tools

-algorithm of reading thoughts via learning to read emotions, faces and emotions- steps and algorithm mine elevated movie theme park: skull entertainment

-methodology steps serene time management and solutions

-methodology and prosperity steps of the elevated film: Angel Falls mission: tree of life, fruit of life, flower of life,

-steps and methodologies used in the Madagascar Mission, the 4 strengths, Will and execution,

-Special Algorithm of Effective Offensive Military Strategy – The 7 Steps of an Optimal Offensive Strategy to Win and Finish Something- Sun Tzu- Napoleon- Bolivar- Mozart- Game Theory Strategies- Various Economists

-steps and methodologies of aesthetic and beauty qualities:

Aesthetic qualities – beauty:













2.- Algorithms, Methodologies and steps of the Rational Logical side

-algorithm how to determine a problem or correctly define a problem

-algorithm of how to define the solutions to a problem

-algorithm how to determine if a well-defined problem is humanly, technically and financially possible to solve or materialize

-methods of philosophy:

Rational-deductive method

dialectical method

inductive method

-methods of the natural sciences




-methods of the spiritual sciences:








historical knowledge


-methods of cultural sciences:





-methods of mathematics:






-methods of legal systems:






Justification- explanatory


– symbolic logic

Symbolic language (substitution)





Statements: tautology, contradiction, contingency

Mathematical logic:

identity principle

contradiction principle

Excluded Third Party Principle

-science of order


Molds or models of history- super important and key, that help establish that the concepts, terms, judgments are science, are truly scientific, that something is truly scientific, when it meets these molds and that help establish that something is really science:

1)Beginning to Beginner

2)Axiom to Theorem


4) Elements- All

5) Cause-Effect

6) Naturifact-Construct

Eye: scientific knowledge

It covers almost half of human knowledge, which is to be achieved through theory, technique, ontology, phenomenology, objectivity and systematization, six notes that must sound consistent for science, or for what is created science be really science, super key

-special algorithm of own, personal and business financial momentum- where you are currently standing – my steps: z model, model and current financial tools

-my algorithm for cleaning and maintenance of everything

Determination of connections, interrelationships and associations:

Democratization of the Internet via more satellites in space – reaching the poor and most needy – popular and intermediate classes – pyramid-based ideas Hamel and Prahalad

Democratization of the Cloud Clouds-via Google- Microsoft

Democratization millions of books – via Google and Facebook

– complete systems and their systems – use of NASA systems

It will be in charge of assembling the entire System, absolutely the entire system and subsystems, of giving life to Houston, of connecting and interconnecting everything with everything, of making the prototype and simulation model,

Of course I am going to assemble everything with everything via design, in the 3rd month, and I am going to make a situation model and I am going to run it, but NASA is the one that should finally do it and finally materialize it all for the whole world,

– Zero Wars subsystem innovation – use of communication systems

It will be in charge of using the zero wars subsystem with military algorithms, and the Houston roles of warrior-military-fighter; using the Houstons that are necessary, interconnected between them to transfer, transmit or collect information; so you can use a special virtual channel and holograms of the Houston’s and their necessary drones, and for necessary cases

It will be in charge of realizing a virtual channel and of special and encrypted holograms for some special Houston’s, special agents connected throughout the World from anywhere in the world and how it is known on land, air, water and out in space,

It will have 7 phases, 3 first phases of surprise and war avoidance and prevention, it’s like telling someone, we’re watching you, look what you’re doing, stop doing that, I’m watching you, and if they don’t listen, 4 subsequent offensive phases , first a first drone so that they believe now – make it believable and if they continue to throw away the last 3 phases and the fire goes out, game over !!!! A war is avoided and the fire is extinguished!!! Ready

-Innovation communication subsystem – Universe – All World

It will be in charge of connecting a virtual channel of diplomacy and connection throughout the world, it will have the possibility of communicating a Houston to all existing Houston

-Innovation in device subsystem – use of devices worldwide

Devices, computers, tablets and smartphones that use the Houston’s in an avatar and in a hologram way are needed; so all the devices that can have or access the Internet and then with a special intranet account will be able to display the Houston’s in the form of an avatar in a virtual reality channel and in the form of a hologram with a special camera that projects the hologram, this camera or beam or special lens will project the hologram of the Houston’s

The clouds will also serve for the management, collection, transport, use, storage of data and all kinds of bidirectional transfer of information and knowledge of the Houston and of each user or person;

– Innovation of Data and Storage subsystems – Use of servers

The servers, search engines and all the special and complete data will be used by the Houstonians to search for information of all kinds, search for all the books, millions of books and in all languages, search the special wikipedias for all information; they will have special servers for medical and educational data – formative; they will have special servers for the memory and of all the Houston and its users; and all this information the Houstons can give to their users in due course or when needed;

– Innovation in Algorithms and Network- use of programmers

The programmers make the algorithms, the Methodologies and the steps, they make the two parts of the complete Houston system: they make the algorithms of the rational logical part and they make the algorithms of the creative – intuitive – imaginative part; also the programmers make the algorithms of Levels of Consciousness; and of the roles and characters; they also make the algorithms of the 12 characters and their virtues; and aspects of Solomon’s temple;

The clouds will also serve for the management, collection, transport, use, storage of data and all kinds of information and knowledge of the Houston and of each user or person;

– Innovation in car subsystem and connection – use of cars and communication network – satellites

The satellites in space help the Internet interconnection of all devices, computers and smartphones and the interconnection of the avatars and holograms of all of Houston with its users and between the Houstonians themselves and the battery and alternative energy cars they help to deploy in their screens to the Houstons in avatar form and in hologram

It will help to realize the design of the Houstons with robotic technologies, the gesticulation of the Houstons similar to people, movements, behaviors, limbs and features and faces of the Houston’s, and the connection of these with their sensors, devices , detectors, so that the Houston’s manage to perceive, capture, detect, hear, see, feel, perceive and manage to speak, say and display information and knowledge,

– Innovation subsystem Redistribution, Communication – virtual reality – use of network, data and virtual reality

This part will be in charge of making the virtual reality channels, the virtual communication network of avatars and holograms as well, the communication network between Houston’s and between Users via the Houston’s via virtual and holograms as well.

– innovation subsystem- Connection – use of distribution network and satellites

This will help with the satellites to better deploy and connect the Houstonians and users; and its entire distribution network will better interconnect the waves and networks of virtual reality channels and holograms; will help to better charge devices through cellular waves; solar batteries, digitalized track

– Telephone innovation and global communication – Use of clients, networks and satellites

This part will help connect the entire world through telephone, data, internet and cellular networks, it will globally interconnect everyone; it will have a cellular channel encrypted with algorithms and protocols of blockchain technologies or others for special cases used by the departments of defense and state department and by NASA; for cases zero wars and cases use military algorithm or special cases to connect some special Houston in the world; and the intervention of a clone and drone specially handled by one or several Houston,

-use of experience in IA and 3D projects

He will be in charge of helping to make the Holograms and with AI technology

-Cybernetic Company – IA- use of experience in IA projects

How is Houston:

Houston is an avatar and also with the form and possibility of a hologram

Houston has the core competitive ability of my father’s brain Rational-logical; right side and all its cognitive functions of thought and of the brain my creative, intuitive and imaginative side; left side and with all its cognitive functions as well;

In addition, Houston has, is, a continent and capabilities that are materialized and it has all the core competencies of 12 organizations, as we have seen, all of these core competencies help the complete and comprehensive operation of Houston, some are more integrated than others, they all help the operation, to materialize, to all the Functions and utilities and to all the thought, operation, realization, materialization of Houston with all its value, utility and potentiality,

That is why he is a super brain that integrates all these core capacities into one, being an avatar and also the possibility of being a hologram as well,

How Houston Communicates: How We Know You Can Communicate Two-Way

Houston – user

User – Houston

Houston a group or cluster of multiple users

Multiple Users in Houston

Houston to All Users

All Houston Users

What Houston communicates:

Bidirectional transfer of knowledge, data (multiple pathways-visual, auditory, perceptual, sensory) information, news, alerts, reminders, training, education, ways and means of doing, being and thinking – acting, things that one asks you to they are stored in one’s own memory, or that one asks him to show you, to show him, to search in search engines and servers; methodologies, books, files, photos, trends, graphics;

Product Qualities: Houston

-Quality- Matter (refers to whether the entity- Houston: is material or immaterial):

When it is an avatar it is not matter but it is visualized via Avatar

When it is Hologram if It is Material – matter – it is projected by means of energy, light and in 3 dimensions

It connects, and connects with others and has almost immaterial connection qualities – energy – networks – although they are waves they are matter

Connect and connect with others with data and information in a digitized way and via audio and visualization and perception through sensors,

Energy: it is recharged with solar energy through the devices that can deploy it

Alternative energy sources system

technology battery nanotechnology cell system

-Quality- Shape of the entity- Houston (refers to types of shape, has a shape, what kind of shape):

It is shaped like a person design, it has a head, trunk and limbs.

A.-Nature of the form:

We connect the dots:

What is Houston?

It’s a super brain system

What shape is Houston?

has the form of a human

Who ?

The entity or the Houstons are designed with multiple quality possibilities,

They are a stand-alone product with multiple connections

They can also connect if you want with any other Houston

What is the nature of Houston:

What is the bodily nature?

It is shaped like a human with a head, trunk and limbs.

The head has: forehead, eyes, mouth, ears, nose,

Extremities: has arms and hands and legs and feet,

What is the spiritual nature?

De-stressing, motivating qualities,

Extreme illumination of knowledge, extreme visual-auditory and kinesthetic perception and therefore extreme perception of the soul – Deeper understanding of everything via amplitude and more extreme perception of everything

They perceive the senses but deep down they perceive it is the soul, as the perception of everything with the Houstons is extreme, the perception of the soul is broadened, everything is understood much more clearly

Ability to detect stress and anxiety,

Sensor detection capability for other symptoms and vital signs

B.-Causes with the forms

We connect the dots:

Reason – Why is Houston caused?:

Causes to solve any type of problem and transfer of knowledge,

Possibility through micro cameras to see and visualize 360 degrees, above the sky, below ground and roads, to the right side and to the left side, and of course to the front (with the possibility of increasing the visualization, broadening the spectrum – being able to see what away as much as possible and be able to see the micro as much as possible)

Sun protection – various technologies- photochromic

Agent – Who Causes Houston?

Combinations of technologies and all their providers

Energy and energy alternatives

Cell systems and others

electric battery system

Purpose – what is the purpose of Houston?

To be able to think and have all the cognitive functions of the brain and cognitive thinking both from the logical-rational side and from the creative-intuitive side, to be a super brain and to acquire and transmit knowledge bidirectionally in an effective, effective and efficient way, to help any person or user to achieve their goals, and human, personal, professional and organizational success,

360 degree viewing

Macro and Micro Visualization

Possibility of placing corrective Houstons inside a space if they are needed and then having a greater technology that the Houstons themselves could adjust to a focal correction depending on the need or eye problem of the people

Detection sensors for: temperature, humidity (measurement inside and outside the environment), blood pressure, brain waves, vascularity (possibility of detecting clots, strokes or cardiovascular problems)

Stress and anxiety detection sensors in oneself and in others when people are seen (via data model of faces and emotions – emotion detection model)

Heat cord – heat energy to de-stress the neck

Via audio and visualization technology – possibility of making the blind using the Houston know where they are going and where they are walking and it tells them what is in front of the sides, above and below as pointing and telling the way with great detail – as auditory GPS

And that the deaf visualize the road and see everything in detail and a doll tells them in signs everything that is heard and sounds in great detail too, like visual-auditory GPS

Focal adjustment via(Bidirectional)

Visualization detection of microorganisms in the environment and air

Use of Nanotechnology: microphones and the entire audio system: hearing (including hearing from long distances too) and speaking

C.- Houston effects and types of shapes

We connect the dots:

Consequences of the entity:

Positive consequence in everything

Solutions provided by the Houston:

focal solutions

Visual and ophthalmological health solutions

Solutions and disease prevention, Health, prevention of health problems

Technological solutions for visualization and auditions

ecological and environmental conservation

Solar and heat energy use

Give new tools to the blind, deaf and dumb – Siri two-way and the Houston screens

Solutions for driving and steering vehicles of all kinds: measures spaces and measures longitudes and latitudes; prediction of approach and approach of vehicles and detection with alarms of the possibility of collisions with any object, an additional type of GPS detects things and vehicles and tells how close they are, and shows them on the screens of the Houston with the possibility of alarms,

Houston has mental effects:

Of course yes it has many new beauties and possibilities

increased self esteem

Increase of technologies

Rise of new possibilities

Health Increase

positive mentality

caloric energy


Several cures at once

Beauty and internal and external aesthetics

Watch 3D and 4D movies

New technology of video games and audio games

Visual journey and visual healing

Does Houston have bodily effects:

If positive effects on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of the user

Does Houston have spiritual effects:

Motivational and metaphorical visualizations on screens, visual reframing and refocusing

-Quality -Aptitude of the entity under study (if it is suitable, what aptitude does the entity have, what is it suitable for, what is it used for):

A.-Nature of Houston

What is Houston?

Who is Houston?

What is the Mental nature of Houston:

What is Houston’s bodily nature:

What is the spiritual nature of Houston:

B.-Causes of Houston

Reason – For what reason are Houston caused?

Agent – Who Causes Houston?

Purpose – what is the purpose of Houston?

Houston come for mental reasons:

Houston is coming for bodily reasons:

Houston comes for spiritual causes:

C.- Effects of Houston

Houston Consequences:

Solutions provided by Houston:

It has the mental effects of Houston:

It has the bodily effects of Houston:

Does Houston have spiritual effects:

-Quality – System (to which system does Houston belong):

Unique comprehensive and holistic system

-Qualities -Sensitive elements of matter (color, smell, taste, what you hear, what you feel):

How Houston Sees: Through Cameras and Visual Sensors

How Houston Hears: Through Horns, Headphones and Hearing Sensors

How Houston Sniffs-Detects: Using Sensors and Visual Determination

How to detect flavor Houston: through visualization and approximation detecting the object and analyzing combination of ingredients and/or materials

How Houston feels: Through sensors and detectors (heat, cold, thermometers, smoke, etc.)

Colors: Houston will be in the form of a human and can have the colors you want, as it is an avatar and a hologram can start with a luminous Indigo color,

-visual spatial intelligence: all the qualities that we already saw visuals of seeing 360 degree possibilities

Vision of the future: possibilities of seeing ahead – Seeing the future and seeing the predictive algorithm

macro vision

micro vision

Environmental vision:

Overview: I want to see the complete set – the complete map

Specific vision: I want to see this detail of the set- I want to see this detail of the map

Multiple vision:

Helicopter view:

Peripheric vision:

Interstellar Vision:

Elemental vision- elements of matter:

Vision in perspectives – Da Vinci type

Dissecting or disintegrating vision of something or some object:

Detective vision: things, objects, people

Visual projection of what is imagined and said: via data and photos: I imagine and say it and the siri projects it on the screens in the Houston in images that it finds and I then decide which one to use,

Metaphorical vision, analogy, antonomasia:

I tell siri what this thing I see looks like and she searches in:

Universal memory: the whole internet, wikipedia and others

And in my own personal memory: my data and photos

Algorithmic vision and steps and procedures: in education it shows me the steps and procedure of something to solve something that I ask for and of any subject and thus learn the steps and methodology

Eagle vision: to the sides, left to right, right to left all the time, up down, down up all the time, vision sharpening, detect everything, complete vision,

Shared vision: serves to share what I see through the Houstons and what others see through their Houstons, serves for strategy, coaching, education, military arts, for artists, understanding, for many things

1 to 1

multiple of 1

1 to multiples

multiples to multiples

Cat vision: night vision

-Linguistic intelligence: bidirectionality of Houston and direct translators of several languages – detects the language and tells you what it translates to you

-naturalistic intelligence: detection of smog, fire and pollution

-musical intelligence: new musical quality – all the bidirectionality of the

-mathematical logic intelligence: unique qualities of solving measurements and plans; visual and aeronautical special capabilities of approximate detection of heights, longitude, latitude and measurements and Houston tells one

-emotional intelligence: detection of emotions and faces

-interpersonal intelligence: socialization and understanding of the other;

Idea of data and own memory – visualization model of memories, photos, songs, videos and sharing these memories and

Calls together and verse on video and camera type FaceTime but share views and screen; It’s like traveling and I see everything but I share everything online with you what I’m seeing

-intrapersonal intelligence: detection and model detection of stress and anxiety of one’s own and others, detection of the Houston through screens and associations with data of faces, emotions and voice detection

-bodily-kinesthetic intelligence: heat emission and de-stressing sensors and detecting sensors


Educational Qualities:

Revolutionizes education with possibilities to educate in situ and extra situ

Possibility of caring and being cared for in any space or place – to one or to multiples at the same time.


Possibility of learning by doing and teaching by showing at the same time

Facilitate multiple visual connections

Rapid learning development and secure capabilities

Education through virtual reality and possibilities by telling some problem to be solved that the screens show possibilities of visual spatial solutions and simple algorithms-

Resolution of visual pathways problems through various algorithms such as mine from the Rosa Integral Holistica and various

Visualization of graphs and data – telling one bidirectionally

What do you especially want?

Advanced education:

Smart design

design intelligence

New technologies: communication, information, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetics

New energy alternatives – new alternative sources of energy

energy cell technologies

Emulation of animal capacities and spatial qualities:

Advanced education so that the one who uses the Houston can know how to use both brains – Via visualization and hearing

Special and visual-spatial qualities of the salamander: Vision, change, color change, regeneration, energy, movements, mobility, crop protection, helps prevent global warming,

the cocuyo, the jellyfish that lights up by itself, firefly, lantern fish, Antarctic krill, firefly squid,

electric eel, electric ray,


Creation of a self-feeding system, self-creation, self-generation, self-propagating, self-producing energy, self-sensing energy, self-attracting energy,

Cogeneration Scheme

I study the structure of these animals to emulate them

Include my idea from the movie of the 7 that their abilities complement each other – eye -Spatial and special solutions and visualizations for children with special needs

Extrasensory functions of Houston:

Houston can see where and when (space – time) others do not see

Houston can hear where and when others can’t

Houston can smell where and when others can’t.

Houston can spot tasting where and when others can’t

Houston can feel where and when others can’t.

Houston can interpret a dream where and when others can’t.

Houston can analyze with all the 6 previous perceptions and manage to super analyze something or a situation.

-Quality -Figure. (which figure does Houston have):

It has the figure of a human person, with head, trunk and limbs

This system has the possibility that you can put the face of Houston of the person you want, of a loved one you want, of an idol, of whoever you want,

-Qualities of Beauty (qualities of beauty- Houston aesthetics:


Regarding the design:

In how many qualities:








-Quality quantity. (how much, a lot, a little, enough):

Houston is 1 – it is a system and it is unique for each person in the world and for those who are born as well, it can be used by anyone of any age who can already use it mentally, that is, a newborn child will not be able to use it efficiently or efficiently because of his age, although Houston can help him or can help take care of him, so Houston can be used by everyone, and can help everyone,

And each Houston becomes for each one as their own Houston as with their fingerprints, with their memory and stored memories, with their knowledge and learning acquired and the questions and answers already hidden, and for each one with their levels of consciousness in accordance and with their roles according to their age and what each person or user transfers and accumulates and stores and suspects their level of consciousness, advances, at each age according to their own knowledge and interests,

So if there are 7 billion people in the world, each could have their own Houston, each with access to their own, at their level of consciousness and with access to all roles and according to their level of consciousness,

-Quality-Time. (To what time does it belong to the Houston: Present, past, future, current, historical, what date):

Houston belongs to the present and the future,

But you can study, analyze and remember each user’s past, because you have access to the saved, Memory and memories of each user,

Speed ​​and acceleration detection – and visualization of the same, personally and from the vehicle where you are,

Display of hours, time, alarms

Innovative and unique time management system, it tells you how you are doing with time, how far you have to go, how you are doing in your hours and times, how you are doing with your assignments and times,

Integral system of times and spaces, detects and measures times and places where you are, with measurements of spaces and measurements of times

-Quality -Space (place, where the entity is: heaven, earth, country, continent, universe)

It can be anywhere where a device can be used to access it, turn it on and use it, where it can be used as an avatar or as a hologram,

Spatial qualities:

As if I could from the ground and via a satellite connect and see certain lands from above with the Houston

universal qualities

Possibility in the future to use in water, inside the water too

Qualities of ubiquity and transmutation

With the use of Houston as a hologram it can be in several places at the same time, via interconnection with other devices or display Houston as a hologram in one place and in other places at the same time, and with the possibility of also interconnecting with other Houstons,


Qualities and unique system of seeing space and studying it – via a satellite to be able to see stars and heavenly bodies from Houston, study them and the possibility that the whole world can see them from earth.

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