Houston’s Perfect Memory:

The cognitive component, the greatest capacity, function, functionality, the greatest and best tool, so to speak, the greatest potential, the greatest and best connection between body, mind, heart and spirit; the greatest and best tool, ability and competence for everything, for absolutely everything, to think, to analyze, to create, to reason, for any cognitive process is memory,

Because that is where all data, information, knowledge, learning, everything, absolutely everything, is accumulated and stored since the human being is born, it is more even before the human being is born, from the womb, he accumulates sensations, experiences, emotions, data, information and learning, since from its conception the human being is body, mind, heart and soul-spirit, then from its conception the human being has a memory, it even comes with a certain memory incorporated in its DNA, and as we all know, each one of us comes both from DNA of father and mother, and from his grandparents and ancestors;

In short, memory is linked to the soul and spirit of the human being, and since then it has been accumulating information, knowledge, and everything, and more and more and better if the information and knowledge that is acquired and accumulated is good, and as how time passes, people are growing, they are studying, they are having experiences, they are working, then they are accumulating more experiences, evidence and knowledge;

And when the human being dies, only his body dies, his soul does not die, then that soul, that spirit that never dies, that soul has memory and reasoning, the soul has the functions and capacity of memory, then what is accumulated is stored , the soul remains always and forever, it does not die,

Thus the great connection heaven, earth, universe,

And if this memory works well and better, and/or has better and greater capacity, potential, functioning; it has accumulated good data, information, good experiences and knowledge, because it will serve better and much better, it will be more useful in all other functions and cognitive abilities of thought and in all and for all components of the brain; It will be more useful for the realization of the human being, for all his potentiality, for all his personal, professional, work, human and spiritual purposes, for all his integral success,

The Greeks and Greek mythology attributed to the muses, to the Nine Muses, who were daughters of a god and a goddess of memory – of mnemonics; the inspiration for the creation of everything, of many arts; For a long time, memory or good memory had been attributed the power to create, the power of creation, and this is logical and logical, because a good memory and a person with an excellent memory will have infinite possibilities, potentialities and capacities; you will be able to retract, remember, bring back to the here and now, you will be able to combine, associate and connect, many things from the past, experiences, lived and accumulated, bring them to the present and give them a unique, new touch, a new way, rarely seen, as my dad used to say a Non Nova Sed Nove,

He will be able to acquire and will have a very broad capacity to accumulate and save and know the usefulness of multiple uses, of a lot of information and knowledge, and in many areas and topics; just as he had it, it was it and Da Vinci did it, and how Mozart had it, it was it and Mozart did it in music; and many more geniuses, and like the great memory that some people have, like my father had and to a lesser extent, but quite a lot of memory that I have by inheritance from my father, and because of the amount of knowledge and good knowledge that I have acquired,

So what is great, what is exquisite, what is lofty about The Sistem of the Levitation and Transmutation project that I call Houston will be a great memory of a genius, with all his capacities, functions and potentialities in extreme, with all his usefulness in extreme; so we’ll give Houston a touch of spirit, or a lot of spirit not so much like a flesh and blood human being created by God, but a pretty real approximation to the prodigious memory of a human genius, and we’ll also give him by many functions and given its large memory, enough intuitive capacity, and creation,

Therefore, Houston and due to his great memory capacity together with all his other functions and cognitive components and potentialities, he will have a great power not only of reasoning, a great intuitive power, of thought, but also a great power of creation, a great creative power, and all these powers can be transferred to each of its users,

In all this the elevation, the elevation and transmutation power of this entire project, all the infinite power to achieve the objectives of this project, the power not only to be able to use 10 percent of the brain but beyond the power and potentiality to use it until much much more until its 100 💯, rise to the Maximum, until reaching a maximum level,

Good news!!!!

So Houston is the perfect emulation of the brain of a human genius and beyond, with all of its cognitive capabilities, components, and functions of both the cognitive components of the brain and its thinking functions, and we’re going to raise them to the Max, way beyond, The basic cognitive components of the brain of Houston is like the hardware and the cognitive functions of thinking the Softwares, The algorithms, procedures and steps are programs and softwares,

If Houston is the intelligent design and Design Intelligence of a gifted brain, it can make many gifted users too, Making the impossible possible!!!

Better said than it seemed impossible to make it possible!!!


Visual and verbal memory:

Short- medium and long-term memory:

Collection of historical data:

Classification by spaces – places and times:

Collection classification by ages and times – 7 levels of consciousness:

Compilation by ages and levels of awareness:

So Houston is collecting, accumulating, saving as time goes by, as the user increases his level of knowledge, his age, his education, he increases his Level of knowledge of consciousness, he goes from level, he keeps everything learned, all the knowledge, data, information by level, with everything learned, everything experienced, all the experiences, all the methodologies and processes learned level by level, to bring it back to the present when necessary, to remember it and bring it to the present when needed, to solve a problem or to resolve a situation of the user or person with their Houston, or to interconnect it, with the possibility as we saw or have seen previously, share it interconnection with other Houston of other users, through the central memory ;to help other users to solve problems or situations or any learning to help others through the saved, learned or e Experienced by a person User through his Houston, for his own good and for the good of the whole World.

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