Assembly and connection of all the algorithms, methodologies, steps and procedures of the entire system- LEVITATION AND TRANSMUTATION PROJECT

Assembly and connection of all the Algorithms, Methodologies, Steps and Procedures of the Entire System
Connection of the entire system and subsystems with the functions and their procedures and algorithms,
It is to specify that all the basic components of the brain of Houston as Houston is a gifted brain, all its basic components and its cognitive functions of thoughts, all are gifted in their activities and through the realization of these through the procedures, methodologies, methods, steps and algorithms, so as the procedures and algorithms are gifted, they lead to cognitive activities of the brain to be gifted great, and since the components of the brain are gifted that is: attention and concentration are gifted and with all its subactivities; memory and learning are gifted and with all their subactivities; language is gifted with all its activities; and the perception is also gifted (for this we will use the normal perceptions and the normal senses of the human being and more the super senses, abilities and intelligences and suprasenses seen in the 12 characters and heroes of the elevated film).
1.- Gifted brain: medullary system:

2.- Subsystems of the Houston Brain: rational logical side and creative, imaginative and intuitive side

3.- Basic cognitive components of the brain:

3.1.-Attention and concentration
3.2.- Learning

3.3.- Memory
The perfect memory
Compilation by ages and levels of awareness:

3.4.- Language
3.5.- Perception
Supersense senses
Super senses characters movie elevated

4.- Cognitive functions of thought:


4.1.- Remember
The perfect memory
Compilation by ages and levels of awareness:

4.2.- Imagine
4.3.- Plan
4.5.- Judge
4.7.- Determine
4.8.- Perceive
4.9.- Understand
4.10.- Recognize
4.11.- Interpret

The perfect memory
Compilation by ages and levels of awareness:
Connection of the entire system and subsystems with all

Methodologies and algorithms:

Houston: Complete relationships and associations between the Cognitive Building Blocks of the Brain, the Cognitive Functions of Thinking, and all of their methodologies and algorithms that execute and materialize all of Houston’s functions



Derivative, subfunction or unbundlingRational logic methodology or algorithmIntuitive, creative methodology or algorithm
Basic brain components
1Attention -concentrationTo selectCleaning and maintenance algorithm
To supportAlgorithm of how the mind recognizes something
ChangeMyo-algorithm transformation method cleanup and maintenance
DivideMine Partition Methodology
AttentionAttention direction methodology
ConcentrationApproach methodology and Cort program
Get rid of
verbal learningVisual spatial intelligence – mind maps
visual learningHigh Thinking Methodologies: Judgment and Fallacy
3MemoryAcquireMethodology Mnemonics and acrostics
Get rid of
4LanguageExpressionLogical reasoning methodology – Self-fulfilling prophecy methodology – Argumentative methodology – Judgment and fallacy
UnderstandingInference methodology -order actions method-immediate reasoning method -mediate reasoning method: induction, deduction, analogies-logic-mathematics
conceptualizationLogical methodology conceptualization – symbolic logicHeuristic methodology-creative brief methodology
ReadingMethodology and algorithms of understanding, reasoning and inference – symbolic logic
WritingWritten expression methodology – heuristic method – symbolic logic – method statements: tautology, contradiction, contingency
5PerceptionWatchMethodology of reading thoughts – emotions – da vinci methodology – perceptions
To touch
Cognitive functions of thought
1RememberMnemonics methodology- acrostics- perfect memory methodology
2To imagineda vinci method guided imagination – multiple intelligences exercise – poincare method – prosperity method elevated movie – muses methodology – creative block – freud methodology – combinations of qualities
3To planFinancial momentum methodologyCort program algorithm – roll back method – strategic planning methodologies – time management and solutions – combination of qualities
4Anticipateimmediate reasoning and inference methodologyGame theory methods -John harí window method- method 7 military strategies-methodology of reading thought
5JudgeMathematical method – legal method – logical judgment method – science culture method – natural science method – methodology fallacies: formal and non-formalBlack hat method – cort program method
6To decidedecision logic algorithmsMozart combinations method – Holistic pink integral methodology – 4 strengths methodology of Madagascar
7DecideAlgorithm cause-effect logicAlgorithm cause – effect -holistic rose integral algorithm -guide worry willie-algorithms how to determine a problem well -methodology science of order- method the prophecy fulfills itself
8PerceiveMethods direction of attention -method aesthetic qualities – beauty – method sciences of the spirit
9UnderstandFinancial moment method – brain functions learning methods – reasoning and inference methodologyMethodology to read thoughts and emotions
10RecognizeAlgorithm how the mind recognizes something – da vinci dissection methodology – 3 perspectives
11InterpretLogical algorithm inference-deduction -inductionLotto flower tools – heuristic methodology


There are many more algorithms, methodologies and methods of my own and of my father that can be included, and of many other authors but this is an example of the best algorithms and steps of mine and my father that as an example make Houston a super system- super equipped for the transmission and acquisition of knowledge in an effective, efficient and effective bidirectional way for the purposes of this levitation – transmutation project.

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