Exercise in Creativity and Innovation – The Integral and Holistic Rose: Special Study on Faith and the Enemies of Faith

Exercise in Creativity and Innovation – The Integral and Holistic Rose- Special Study on Faith and the Enemies of Faith

1.- The Root: we will study the variable the enemies of the Faith

2-. The Petals: subvariables to study




-Hardened hearts

-Demon and temptations

3.- The Stem: the positive aspects

-Freedom of action and decision of man

-Ability to reason

-Possibility to ask for help and be humble

-Fear the devil

-Grab healthy fear of God

-Possibility of asking for forgiveness

4.-Thorns: the negative aspects


-Coercive man

-It prevents man from action

-Avoid charity

-Take joy from the human being

-Return to the superb human being

5.- Pollen: the interesting aspects

-Makes the man think

-Face man the good and the


-Develops the reasoning of the human being

-Question the truth


6.- Philosophical needs- land: the necessary moral and ethical bases

-Have moral integrity

-Practice the theological virtues

-Become spiritual and universal

-Understand that the devil and temptations exist

-Pray to repel temptations and demons

-Practical spiritual exercises


7.- Temporary needs-water: temporary needs to solve the situation raised

-Increase good beliefs

-Change doubt for certainty

-Search for the truth

-Charity actions

-Exchanging fear for actions of courage and integrity

8.- Permanent needs- air: the permanent needs to solve the situation raised

-Live in the truth

-Believe in yourself

-Look for biblical examples of faith and stories of faith in the real world

-Have a cooperative spirit

-Practice works of mercy


9.- Lighting needs- sun -fire: the creative needs to solve the situation raised


-Singing you pray

-Shower ego

-Have a spirit of sacrifice

-Make small acts of sacrifice

-Teach children acts of charity

-Find antithesis of every temptation and devil


10.- internal analysis- internal environment – poppies:

-Avoid negativity and avoid that the social environment where I live is negative


11.- External analysis- environment – external environment- rainbow:

-seeking peace

-connect with external people in positive

-Search for world Peace

12.-Oceans: restructuring strategy:

-I must eliminate hatred and uncertainty

-I must increase love and charity

-I must gather my good works and beliefs

-I must separate the good deeds from the bad

-I must integrate my positive things, with the positive things of my parents and grandparents

-I must divide my fears and make them small

-I must add actions of positive action and courage for good

-I must mix good examples of life, of characters from history, stories, biblical

-I must minimize selfish and prideful actions

-Look for ideas contrary to doubt, fear, incredibility, hardened hearts, devil

-Courage, truth, certainty, charity, good, light, Enlightenment


13.- Restructuring strategy and domain combinations -Lakes- Mozart:

– doubtful, doubtful, interesting, questionable, thinking, analytical

– Certain, true, true, correct, unquestionable, understandable, clear, precise

– Fear, fear, darkness, darkness

– Courage, courage, do not waver, temperament, character, temperance, determined, serious

– Hardened heart – brave heart, kind heart, universal heart, for all

– Doubt – certainty, truth, tranquility, light, illumination, clarity


– To be the hardest man of heart – To be the softest and most kind man of heart

– Be the most fearful man in the world – be the bravest man in the world

14.- Strategy of combinations and provocation to the Chance – Rivers – influx and chance:

-Random word: efficiency

Search the truth using the land

Seeking the truth in people

Seeking the truth in money and capital

Seek the informative truth

Find the truth in data

Have and obtain and use true data

Find the true connections for good and that they do good

-Random thing: curtain

To put curtains to doubt

Draw curtains to fear

Clothe hardened hearts

Put up barriers to the devil


15.- Temporary results:

-Avoid useless fears

-Avoid worries that steal peace of mind

-Avoid worries that take away our happiness and love of God

-Charity leads to faith

-See credible faith stories

-Know how to use doubt for good – Thomas the Apostle


16.- Permanent results:

-Have courage and courage for

Good things

-Always seek the truth and the good

-Believe in yourself

-Have constant charity actions

-Know that the devil and the

Evil demand

-Repel temptations

-See each thing created by God:

Man, woman, children, animals, plants, forests, mountains, sky, clouds, stars, firmament, oceans, lakes, rivers,

-Then describe each of these things created by God in great detail

-Then think if God created all this, then why do I doubt and have fear? Why do I doubt God?


17.- Beauty-aesthetic qualities:

– I have clarity when seeing things

– I see the truth of everything clearly

– I must have purity of heart

– I seek and must be fair and equitable with everyone

– I give myself with all my love

– Be harmonious in things, in my home, in my house, at work and with others

– See and have order in priorities: good fear of God – truth – charity – Love of myself and neighbor

– Management of myself to manage others

Marcel Arellano

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