Exercise in Creativity and Innovation – The Integral and Holistic Rose- How to Prevent, Care for, Cure and Eradicate Cancer:

Exercise in Creativity and Innovation – The Integral and Holistic Rose- How to Prevent, Care for, Cure and Eradicate Cancer:


1.- The Root: variable to study and analyze: How to Prevent, Care for, Cure and Eradicate Cancer

Questions to ask ourselves, connecting 19 circles and 36 arcs:

Nature: what is it? Or who is it?

Cause- The reason: why is it what it is?

Cause- The agent: who did it? What produced it?

Cause-the purpose: for the existence of the entity?

Effect – Consequence: what is derived from the fact?

Effect – Solutions: the goals needed to achieve them?

Effect- The means: what are the means to achieve it?

-Why ?: philosophical question given by the others. What gives and generates the how and what?

-What ?: what exactly needs to be resolved

-How? – How do I do it

-When? – time

-How much? – quantity

-Where ? Place – Space

-To who ? Who is the solution addressed to, Aimed at: patients, patients, relatives, friends, doctors

-for what?: expand the why? To solve what

-who is involved?: characters that interact

-By and for whom? Who is the solution aimed at

-what are the causes ?: wide the what?

-what are the exceptions?: atypical cases, types and exceptionalities

2.- The Petals: the subvariables:

  – Early detection – screening – systematic identification – screening – screening

– Prevent- Prevention

– Watch out

– Cure

– Avoid

– Eradicate

3.- The Stem: The positive aspects:

  – Detection in time

– Eradicate the disease

– More current and future life

– Family integration

– avoid the expenses and costs of the disease – of the entire disease process, from the beginning to the end

– Global awareness

4.- The Thorns: the negative aspects:

– Touch the financial and political interests of Laboratories, Pharmacies, Clinics and Doctors

– It touches economic interests of governments and power groups

– Eliminate certain foundations and organizations, decrease oncology careers

5.- Nectar: ​​The interesting thing:

– Increase in life years

– Oncology careers transformation

– Various solutions to world problems

– Advancement in deep thinking

– More Life and years of Life for the people

– More happiness

6.- Earth: Philosophical Needs- Morals and Virtues:

– Need to get to the Truth

– We work more for the human and world good

– Need to practice the virtues more

– Avoid sadness of sick people, family and friends and everyone, avoid moral and heart sadness.

Application of my principles of creativity and derivatives:

a.- Principle of Identity: I identify myself with the problem and disease of cancer

b.- Principle of Simplicity: how to simplify my life- how to simplify myself to avoid Cancer in me and my family

c.- Principle of Giving Ideas: what God wants to tell me with everything, messages from God

d.- Principle of Originality: I must look for something original against cancer or how to avoid it

e.- Principle of Unity: how to prevent – how do I take care of myself and heal at the same time

f.- Principle of Perception: conduct a survey of people’s perception to combat cancer

g.- Analogy principle: how to incubate or stop something that mutates, to make medical and physical and chemical analogies; screen for detection before you leave or in groups of people and groups in certain latitudes

h.- Principle of transformation: how to transform people’s perception

i.- Observation Principle: observe processes and cures in other diseases

j.- Principle of Experimentation: what is new in current experimentation; in the detection there are the screening or test screening in groups of potential people or who could have the disease in the future: that is, detection of bad cells in blood

k.- Principle of constancy and necessity: that is needed with constancy to avoid Cancer

l.- Principle of Logic: what can I say and induce regarding the disease today, third party excluded

m.-Empirical-mutationist principle: see empirical evidence of the new varieties and variations of cancer and its mutations

n.- Principle of the integral nature of man: the man the human being is generally basic mentally, as I do to advance mentally and persuade him against cancer and other diseases

ñ.- Principle of Present Tense: that there is in the present tense advanced against the disease, as far as we have come; Regarding breast cancer: cycline inhibition treatment in cells, decreases percentage of disease in breast cancer

o.- Principle of Modernity: the technology that has provided us today and via the future

p.- Principle of Unique Fixation of Attention: how to fix the idea in people: for example with fat people I must fix the idea that fatty and carcinogenic foods are bad; With the skinny I must fix the idea that with exercise helps and prevents cancer; with the egocentric the idea that they use natural shampoo and natural deodorants to avoid cancer is fixed; with the anxious, the idea is fixed that stress affects cancer cells and creates cancer; with the athletes fixed the idea of ​​antioxidants help against cancer; With misers fixed the idea that mindless overwork kills him first and then what? Stress creates cancer like the ancestors. And so on.

q.- Dominant Principle of the Idea: what is the dominant idea regarding and against cancer- how to generate Life

r.- Principle of Necessity: change something useful for something useless or old; fix to people the need that it is something useful and beneficial to go against cancer and that I obtain and will obtain benefits from this

s.- Volition Principle: encourage the will of the human being to go against Cancer, be willing to avoid stress and take antioxidants, walk, change my consumption habits and certain habits and behaviors and do daily exercise, for example.

t.- Principle of Aesthetics-Beauty: the natural is equal to beauty, fix beauty qualities in people with respect to the natural and ecological, and all its benefits

7.- Water: Needs – temporary nutrients:

– I need to raise awareness

– Water equals Life

– Food Awareness

– Good work-home-life relationship

– Giving value to foods and fruits such as pomegranate – I encourage people to take these antioxidant fruits and in various ways.

– Seek to take antioxidants

– Seek to take anti-aging foods

8.- AIR (Force): Permanent needs:

– I need to Eliminate certain behaviors of people; persuade people to change certain unhealthy behaviors

– Eliminate artificial foods

– Avoid unhealthy stress at all costs

– Avoid malignant radiation

– Pass and transform: from what produces Death to what produces LIFE

9.- Sun (Mercy)

Lighting – Creativity:

– I need to combine nutritious food

– Combine antioxidants in a way: simple, complex, multiple and extreme

– Create innovative ways and means to avoid stress

– Innovate more in preventive research and early detection

– Creative change in human behavior: my 13 virtues and practice them with the creative exercises in my book

10.- Space – Sky:

– change spaces of the present

– Improve places and environments

– Avoid harmful and carcinogenic environments; avoid stressors and borderline stressful places, do not go from Dr. Marin’s point of creative stress to destructive stress

– Avoid environmental and nature pollution

– Travel for everyone 🌎

– Travel = Life

11.- Time- Universe:

– slow down

– Avoid stress, correct time management

– Do things calmly

– Use time wisely

– Decrease acceleration and speed

– More frequency of happy life

12.- Poppies – Internal environment:

a.- internal variables to take into account: environment and internal environment of the country

b.- Power groups: those who do not want change and Life

c.- internal competitors: who are working in favor of life and how they do it

d.- internal providers: which providers can help me – laboratories and pharmacies and others

e.- internal clients: see data: patients, by classification, cases, clinics, oncology hospitals

f.- internal allies: researchers and foundations

g.- environment: what is there in my country that produces Cancer, the case of Táchira, for example food, gastric cancer

Analyze 7 columns of the temple of Jerusalem:

– Intelligence: intelligence analysis to improve

– Knowledge – Education: people are educating themselves in all this, how can I educate them, raise awareness, train them.

– Prudence: they are prudent people and take prudent actions

– Reason – logic: inductive processes – deductive processes; third party excluded

– Wisdom: internal enlightenment – Internal Force – Internal beauty

– Humility: people listen to go against cancer, against disease and avoid it

– Discipline: People have preventive discipline

13.- Rainbow: Environment – external:

a.- external variables to take into account: influence of external countries

b.- Power groups: those outside in other countries and governments have financial interests

c.- external competitors: those who are working in other countries for life and against Cancer

d.- external providers: which companies and groups are helping and can provide me to help counteract Cancer

e.- external clients: data: patients, external clinics, external hospitals; there is a lot of cancer in other countries and where else, statistics

f.- external allies: governments and companies of other countries

g.- external environments: what is external in other countries that produces cancer, carcinogens in other countries and other world areas

7 colors of the rainbow:

.Red: what emotions help against Cancer

.Orange: I have to be positive and look for my positive emotions that help me and against Cancer

Yellow: I must put positivism in life, the negative is not good, it stresses me

Green: I must put all the arts in favor of the campaign and awareness against Cancer, eradicate Cancer:

Creative Reading Against Cancer

Creative writing

Creative orality

Creative painting

Creative Videos

Creative cinema

Creative caricatures

All Heroes Against Cancer:

By air we fight Cancer with superman

For the water we fight with aquaman

For light and sun we fight with a green lantern

On the ground we fight with Batman and Robin

Fantastic twins transform into whatever, they also mutate like the monster, to fight Cancer- Transformation Principle

Wonder Woman fights Cancer with her whip and shield

On the Speed: flash against Cancer

In the Spaces: man who becomes giant

.Cían: inform well directed to the young Milleniums and Youtubers

They are the ones who will save us

And they will inform their peers and other people worldwide

They create youtubers videos to avoid, prevent, raise awareness and help people who are already sick and their family and friends

Indigo: organize and lead all this with joy and enthusiasm and total motivation

Violet: plan and implement an advertising campaign with strategy and make a complete strategy against Cancer.

The strategy will contain and will be carried out in all the physical planes of the matter:

1.- Earth

2-. Water

3.- Air

4.- Fire- Sun (Light) first day

5.- Ether (space -place- sky)

6.- Self-existent matter (God)

7.- Primordial or supreme matter (Universe)

14.- Oceans – Strategies (Depth and Amplitude) Restructure information to Innovate:

– that eliminated: eliminate tobacco, super stress jobs, eliminate anxieties, eliminate carcinogens; Low self-esteem; handle recent personal losses properly; Inadequate handling of emotions. Prevent tumor cells from expanding,

What to add: access to antioxidants, anti-aging food combinations, Millennial advertising and Millennial advertising, such as Pinterest

– What I divide: housework – home

– What separated: Life – Worked making a list of stressors and making a list of carcinogens

– That together: all things anti-stress, all things anti-aging, all antioxidants

– What do I mix: pleasant and good environments

– That I have to decrease: make the mutations of bad cells decrease; inhibitors (suppress, prevent, deprive, prohibit, abstain, restrain,) of cyclins in bad cells.

– What increased: funds for prevention and fund to eradicate, I must increase the inhibitors of Cyclines in bad cells and in all types of Cancer. Activate the autoimmune system

– Opposite idea: see and let the mutations increase, in order to see what the opposite behavior is like and make opposite analogies, how to say the one who makes the law knows how to counteract it

15.- Lakes  (Height) – Mozart Combinations: strategy to restructure and innovate:

A.- simple combinations of the same domain:

Cancer – similar diseases- How bad cells incubated- How bad cells incubated; how I inhibit bad cells

B.- Complex combinations – same domain:

Cancer – diseases – mental diseases – other diseases – analogies

C.- Multiple combinations – same domain:

Physical illnesses

Mental diseases

Psychological illnesses

Heart disease

Spiritual diseases

D.- Combinations of different domains:

Medicine – astronomy – natural sciences – informatics – new technologies – new times

E.- Extreme combinations:

Major Cancer – Minor Cancer

Most carcinogenic country – least carcinogenic country – Cancer minor zone – Cancer major zone

And because ?


16.- Rivers (Fluidity) – Length:

Restructuring strategy of chance and provocation:

A. Random word: scan

Convert Disease to Digital:

Youtubers and Milleniums have, can and should become educational work and transform it in an entertaining way towards awareness

– Build and play a minecraft game against Cancer for example

B. Random photo: subway

One meter more of race one meter less of Cancer

C.- drew randomly: avocado

With anti-aging and antioxidant foods Cancer is prevented as well as how to prevent an avocado from ripening too quickly

D.- random phrase: you are a good egg

Eggs to prevent

A good egg to cure

A better egg to eradicate – avoid artificial eggs and eat the most natural ones – organic

E. Random animal: camel

Water like a camel

And two humps to carry water

Water equals Life.

F. Random flower: pink

Pink perfume against Cancer

G.- random color: purple

Look for everything purple in nature and the campaign will have a purple color

17.- Temporary Results- Pollen:

– Solutions found: Millenium and Youtubers in charge of getting the messages to them and that they send the messages worldwide and in an entertaining way

– Effects: it is necessary to touch financial interests that do not allow progress against Cancer, that is what innovative disruptions are for.

– Ideas: do a global campaign – called Holistic Advertising – do you want life or don’t you want life? Do you want to go against Cancer or don’t you want to go against Cancer? Do you want to help us or not? Do you want to help or not? Do you want to change or not? How much do you love current and future generations?

In education

In Cartoons – Cartoon

In jokes and other programs

In videos

In movies Cinema

Insight “make a justice league movie with all the super friends – the heroes them and the bad monsters and Cancer – total awareness

In entertainment

With suppliers and customers

Make virality and chains

18.- Permanent Results:

Solutions: we must go back to the whole society to other years ago where there was less incidence of Cancer, for example the 80’s

Effects: carcinogens must be eliminated

Ideas: antioxidant combinations in everything

Look for bad cell inhibitors, cyclin inhibitors and application in all cases and types of cancer

Healthy eating book type Dr Jorge Cato- Eating like the Kings

Eradicate stress

Eradicate anxiety

That people have a sense of transcendence – several things are solved here

19.- Aesthetic qualities – beauty:


Back to the purity of years ago


Change everyone’s behavior – egalitarian


Have proportionality in the following: Home and Work


Simplify life not complicate it


Game dynamics: of the 6 hats and see how I am

Do a Holistic Integral Rose exercise for myself


Group dynamics of avoiding stress symmetrically to motivate and self-motivate


Perfecting sets of antioxidant qualities and benefits and how to perfect my life without stress or the least stressful


Prevent regularly

Checkups while we end the disease

What regularity and integrity of behavior I have in favor of my physical, mental and spiritual health


Have uniformity of criteria

All against Cancer !!!

One for all and

All for one


Always measure and measure, have measure of what I do with my health.

Insight: use tools to measure stress, measure stressors, if a person is stressed how to measure it, that can be done,

Measure stress and measure the level of antioxidants or deficiencies in a person -Key.


Mental and spiritual Harmony lead people to Integral Health


Order of Life – Order for everything

Harmony and Order for everything in Life

and by order of God.

Here we have found 19 ideas and concepts to solve the same thing, avoid and eradicate cancer disease in the world starting now and for the future, many things have already been done,

Some things have been done well, others have not been done well, nor have they been perfected, all this can be done and perfected, and in this way several diseases are solved at the same time, and several world things are solved at the same time, It is difficult, it takes time and patience but if you can, just as Newton found the Number G- gravitational force, Cavendish valued it and understood it, and Einstein improved it and understood it from another point of view, the number G being the gravitational force and so tiny, something so tiny and that generates Life, we can instill these 19 Ideas and Concepts, put them into practice and encourage them in people as a way of life, as a way of life- modus vivendi- in a tiny way, as tiny as the number G , but 19 things at the same time, at the same time, little by little, little changes little by little, but All at the same time and on a world scale, and many people in all parts of the world at the same time, all in unison and in the spaces that we occupy will make a better World faster than what we believe and think and sooner or later we will eradicate Cancer and many bad things in the World,

Good news ¡¡¡

Point and End

Marcel Arellano

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