“We have not made you, neither from heaven nor from earth,

neither mortal nor immortal, with free will and honor,

maker and modeler of yourself, so that you

make and adopt the figure you prefer.

You will get the power of your soul’s judgment

from being reborn to higher forms. ”


God to Adam.

Prayer on the dignity of man

Pico della Mirandola



It usually happens that most people start by doing something, in what they have thought, that they can do. They get down to work and hardly find any difficulty, however small, they abandon the project.

They start another project, which they leave again, with another difficulty. It begins like this, what has been called through the ages, a vicious circle. Few are the people who conclude what they have begun to do.

It occurs very frequently in the field of artisans or technicians, to whom we send them to do something through a work contract, which takes too long to conclude; sometimes because they receive or take care of more work than they can do and sometimes for laziness, especially if they have been paid for the work, since they have spent it and there is no illusion of receiving money.

From this problem for the victim almost no occupation escapes. Blacksmiths, carpenters, tailors, masons, painters and in general who do work on demand, suffer from the disease of retardation. They do not give clear and evident receipt of the receipt of the money and avoid compliance with the obligations.

It is necessary the intervention of the authorities, who request the contract, that when there is none, the victim becomes aware of the fraud or the scam. Exceptions there are or must be, every rule has its exception, but they are counted on the fingers of the hand and fingers are left over.

The persistence of the interested party or interested party, already with the experience of lost money, looks for another person to do the work and then requests a receipt and conditions for the delivery of money and materials. The surveillance is now constant and the claim is not long in coming. Once the pitcher goes to the water, the work is finished.

Then, the same owner makes arrangements and perfects it until the construction is good and the number, weight, size, color, beauty and usefulness are noted.

What made the work end? The persistence of the owner. It is the same perseverance and the one who perseveres wins. Or rather: Perseverance overcomes what bliss does not reach.

With persistence we stand firm in the action we execute, in the attitude we take or in the opinion we give. We cannot vary because we have acted correctly and even though we analyze or synthesize, we conclude that, having acted in good faith, we cannot vary. We continue to fight until we find the end, which must agree with what was dreamed in the initial phase.

Many people say they are going to lose weight, that on Monday they will start diet, but Monday arrives and the diet is postponed eating chocolate, grated cheese, butter, mayonnaise, soda and avocado salads, sweet potatoes and potatoes. The persistence is left behind and more may the lack of will, and in some cases must occur to specialists, who charge for their services, which we could avoid with a simple consultation in health.

Persistence is called “Willpower” in the West. Mental exercises can be done to have willpower. If the mind is commanded to obey, she will obey him. In the same sentence, by communicating with God, he is telling the mind the way forward. Hence the reflection, meditation, of much use in almost all societies. Persistence, perseverance and willpower become synonyms, which we use for the mind, give strength to the physical organism to execute what is planned, and reach a safe harbor, without regrets or overloads, that make us depose attitudes and turn back, with Lost time and many times with discouragement, and even with despair.

The lack of persistence in education in Venezuela and in general in Latin America, is due, not to the lack of schools or media that help in learning, but to pressing social factors, technical deficiencies, and the same conditions of isolation In which many children live. We note that the countryside is becoming a city, with roads, electricity, telephone and rapid communication with the authorities, that there is not much difference between the countryside and the city and education has been increasing, however school dropout for years and by stages it is present, because the number of young people who enroll in universities is not the same number of children who enrolled in elementary school twelve years ago.

There is a lack of perseverance here, in the parents first and the students in the second place. At the secondary level, attrition, repetition, and poor performance are still greater than in the primary level; The lack of perseverance in education was such that it was time to give special study to this delayed mass that hundreds of students were enrolled in the so-called missions to continue studies.

The combination of economic, political and educational aid of these missions filled the classrooms, the problem then focused on the lack of teachers and teachers with specialized androgynous, cultural and human capacity to reach the heart of these masses, but the analysis and Synthesis remains to be seen.

The times are too recent to see its results clearly, but history will tell. The lists of those enrolled, compared to the graduates at the end of a career, will say the perseverance, insistence and persistence of these Venezuelans, in the desire to grab the stars, knowledge and soon consciousness.

Constancy is the virtue by which all others bear fruit (Arturo Graf). The place of persistence in the world is unique; it’s about talent; about genius; about education; because the persistence is great and omnipotent. Persistence is key to the development of oneself, since never, never, for nothing or for anyone, can we give up.


We thought together that leaving the milk tooth stored in the shoe, the little mouse we did not see, was a sure source of getting some money, no matter how little it arrived; in the morning we were looking for and indeed there was the silver, even if it was nickel.

The gifts that the wise men brought us seemed fascinating, because they had come on camels and entered through the window. How big! When St. Nicholas entered through the kitchen fireplace, we asked our mother. Did they fill their clothes with blight? And she answered no or simply avoided the question.

There are other types of beliefs such as a) If my clothes dry on my body it is very bad for the body and it will give me the flu, cough or pneumonia; b) if I get wet with an arc breeze (rain when there is a rainbow) it is dangerous for my health; c) when I receive the year I must have money in my hand, so that the next one is prosperous. They are, then, generalizations that we make of ourselves, of other people or of the world around us.

Almost all our activities or acts are already programmed by beliefs and are governed by the mental norms that have been created strongly in our imagination, norms from which it is not easy to detach ourselves because we use them unconsciously directly, without reason and without logic.

For example, if a person believes that the pineapple drink is good for the kidneys, it will be difficult to stop taking it and look for the fruit at all trance, not because of its carnaza, but because of its shell. If a man believes that he can do something new, improve the things he has done or appear before others with greater authority, it is likely that this is the case, with minimal effort he succeeds; but if you think you can’t do it, then nothing will create, things will remain as they are (immobility) and their appearance will remain the same.

The stagnation stems from the belief of not being able to do something to improve. Beliefs are a determination to achieve everything or find nothing, since what we believe is true because we adhere to it with the greatest conformity and feeling, even if it is not proven or proven, but we believe it.

Almost all of these exemplified beliefs have changed them throughout life, when we have discovered the inconsistency of both the parties and the whole.

However, the fact of having changed them, extinguished or left behind, does not mean that we have not grabbed or grabbed; we have taken them again, strongly, firmly, with new paradigms that influence our mind, which acts on the body, ordering it to execute the factual of the modified belief, to carry it out.

Beliefs act as prophecies that are fulfilled by themselves and that is why they have a remarkable tendency to become true. When we change a belief we change part of the behavior, but it does not happen the other way around.

If we change the behavior we generally continue with the belief; something is unlikely to change, because we have not disrupted the substance of the matter. There are people who believe that watering the bushes every day can damage them and this may be true, if the water we give them is enough and it would be better to water them every day for half or every two days; But the problem is to copy the belief and say that if we bathe every day we can get sick, when the bathroom from the point of view of hygiene, it is necessary day by day as if it were an accounting.

Useful beliefs allow us to use the tools, skills and abilities to the fullest, to solve the problems that are presented to us in daily living; nevertheless the beliefs loaded with uselessness limit us unnecessarily by becoming more and more entangled in the maze of incapacity. Consequently, all beliefs have their positive or negative effects as any initial cause.

In Venezuela, the belief that we were skilled for baseball has given us great players such as Carrasquel, Aparicio, Johan Santana; the latter decorated abroad, in Miraflores and in Tovar (Mérida) recently. But the belief that we were heavy for football has delayed us in going to a World Cup, when we could follow the example of Ecuador, Costa Rica, Trinidad or Jamaica. We tell ourselves and we repeat that we have to eliminate ourselves with Brazil and that it is impossible to beat Brazil, but as long as we continue to believe it, it will be impossible; The day we stop believing, we will beat him.

That is why we have heard and it has even been written in the Venezuelan press that the preparation for the Red Wine team is being done more from the psychological point of view, than from the physical one, although the latter is also essential.

We can ask ourselves: Do planets work for anything? The general belief is the immediate, that only the planet earth serves us for something, because it is the basis of support, but that others do not work, because we know little about them. All planets serve something because they are there, otherwise they would not be, it is the universal context, the planetary system and they have to serve for the intergalactic ecosystem or at least to be able to imagine the war of the galaxies. Another question If I read, do I take advantage of something? Most people believe that it does not take advantage, because that majority does not read. Campaigns are made for people to read and yet they don’t give results.

The small libraries with books in the living room of the houses, are of ornament and very little use. But if I read something, of course it takes advantage of me spiritually, because reading and writing, have been and are a source of progress and spiritual nourishment.

The advances of the people, their customs, rhythms, routines and rituals, culture in general, we know them thanks to the maps, writings, remains that have left us. Therefore, cleaning personal belief systems is the central part of any personal growth, development or development program. “The things you desire when you believe, believe that you receive them and you will have them” (Gospel) Believing that you receive them is not an axiom but a theorem. The most entrenched in the human person, are religious and political beliefs, from which you can get a person with a lot of work of conviction and change.

The popular imaginary has constituted in all cultures a source of beliefs in which some divinities and creatures have in common their peculiar aspect and sometimes a dark or monstrous appearance. The Chimera, the phoenix, the centaur, the minotaur, Pegasus, the gorgons, the harpies, nymphs and aquatic sirens, triton, the hydra, the dragons, the cerberus, horus, apis, the sphinx, the feathered serpent, the basilisk , fairies, dwarves, giants, ogres, Himalayan yeti, Loch Ness monster, unicorns, demons, Satan, Belzebu, lucifer, beings of other races, mutants, anthropomorphic cat, ET, humanoid, vampire , satyrs, titans, the weeping woman, the silvon, the running paths and many more, are present in myths, legends, stories and visions; they invade the collective subconscious through the stories and enigmas that are wonderful for creative minds, especially cinema and television, literature, painting and sculpture and even to keep children away from danger and also keep family fantasy or communal, with its appearances and disappearances from the face of the earth and the mind.


When we try to know and understand the qualities and circumstances of an issue, through the principles and elements that form it, in its entirety, we are focusing. It is not a simple and fast work, which gives us a conclusion, because in this way it would be wrong, if not to say such a statement false.

Nor is it a quick read or above, nor give an opinion. It is to analyze the whole following part by part, is to study through knowledge and understanding the qualities and elements that form the subject matter, and then examine the principles that allowed to reach that point, looking for the cause and taking the effect for granted.

Generally in the approach we go from the complex to the simple, as in the deductive method that goes from the general to the particular. Speculations are not accepted, so it must be based on reality, separating the mythological, the speculative, the metaphysical, the heroic, the emblematic, the utopian and the legendary.

It is possible, if necessary, to follow the saying that the real exceeds the fictitious. Only then will the approach not fall with the first storm, because it will be built on evidence and solid rock. An approach of this nature can be read and shredded by specialists, experts, technicians, professionals, professors, teachers, and by any representative of human knowledge, including journalists, who are the most critical, and will not have mismatches either by default or by excess .

The approach then serves to find the disciplines we are looking for, including personal growth, through an analysis, study and examination of ourselves, of the people around us and of the environment in which we develop and perform all the acts of our existence

It will help us to develop mental models, especially imagination, which is more important than knowledge (Einstein), to have a vision of our family, of our community, of the Nation, of the State, of the Municipality and in general of the world with all its details, places and times.

It allows us to do and develop a teamwork, joint and solidarity, knowing that nobody has the totality of wisdom, but that it comes from the meeting of many people, many wills, when that meeting is to add or multiply and not to subtract or divide And also to get to specify the various integrating systems in relation to the subject and using the various means of information and communication that exist modernly, such as radio, press, television, Internet, etc.

The approach is thus a complete report of theorems and not axioms, at all, taking into account each of its parts, principles and beginners, causes and effects, to reach an exact conclusion or at least approximate to Accuracy, true, no matter how much the truth hurts.

An approach of this nature allows us to overcome any problem, it is an aid that points us to the solution, because it defines us precisely the nature of the solution and makes us move from an initial unsatisfactory state to a final satisfactory state, through the use of skills, skills and tools, overcoming obstacles and circumstances that the same approach has indicated.

The main approach, in all societies, is language, which comes to us with body biology through the chasing organs (mouth, lips, tongue, glottis, palate, larynx, lungs and stomach) and through the brain with culture, to know how to speak and to coordinate ideas. Language is the maximum in terms of focus and through its study, analysis and examination we can communicate with all the peoples of the earth.

The translation from one language to another would be a particular approach to what the general approach is. In the approach we carry the light with a flashlight and clarify what is hidden, what is not seen, what is dark. It is to place the focus on what we have not deciphered or scrutinized, to make it evident in the eyes of humanity and transmit its image to a conscious plane, where there are no cross-outs, no amendments, smears or spots.

So we can know, know and understand what we need to live together, to climb the scale of values, strengthening the fundamental purposes of life and form in our own courtyard, the destiny that will accompany us.

We can also understand that we must help our neighbor, in fulfillment of what is written “you will love your neighbor as yourself.” In these circumstances, who knows how to take an approach, taking any subject by model, if he is not a graduate, is a self-taught student, and if he is a graduate, he is a specialist.

The approach therefore requires a programming of small content, medium content and large content, with curiosity, inspiration, innovation, creativity, deduction, ability, imagination and organization, where you can point out the path followed and draw the conclusions as much Exactly possible for our and others’ knowledge, to help us elucidate pressing situations, easily taking them to a happy outcome.

The approach thus carried out can be sustained before few or many, because it is a consequence of reality, of truth and not of fiction or lies. It could be said that the approach is a critical thought that can lead to dialogue, through an exchange, known as its conclusions and achieve valid negotiations in any field of life, reaching the sum of wills, so difficult to achieve and ultimately It is called agreement, which is possible thanks to the approach taken, evident and useful.


It is the duty or obligation with himself, with others or with the environment. From the first point of view (duty or obligation with itself) consists of an adjustment of the environment, behavior and beliefs to have contact with reality, in order to gain capacity and see a continuous improvement of personal development, until the achievement of integral growth.

This is achieved through pacts, agreements or agreements with ourselves, usually through written clauses that we sign and place in a visible place in our room; without compromising or engaging in impossible goals, such as touching the sun with a finger; look for hidden treasures at the bottom of the sea (we would need a lot of technology); or bring eggs of the phoenix from the mountain tops.

We leave these adventures for specialists and for literature in any of its manifestations. But our goals must be to change the way we solve problems, interpret the world, seek our own happiness, tell stories and stories, store information that can be useful to us; stop smoking, dieting, walk one hour a day, write letters and take them to the mail, learn to cook, save money and many more, that are affordable to our thinking and acting. We say that they are simple, but sometimes they are difficult, therefore, we must make an action plan which we have to fulfill, because the will can be broken.

People exist that to stop smoking they announce to all their friendships, that the following Monday they will stop doing it. The Sunday before the execution, they prepare themselves with activities to erase adlátere habits such as having no matches in sight, throwing away the tinderbox, buying fruits and mineral water and even obtaining a pet for entertainment. Going for a walk to the countryside, where there are no warehouses or supplies that sell cigarettes, is very convenient; taking baths every five minutes and drinking water in quantity, calms the anxiety of smoking.

Whoever commits himself and fulfills, is looking to be the greatest man or woman in the world, because whoever defeats himself, to change his mentality or correct it, is the most valuable person in humanity. If it expires once, it will continue to expire until it dominates the impatience and exchanges it for patience and tolerance that consist of the fragmentation of frustration and its elimination.

Who gets patience and tolerance for himself, is about to enter the kingdom of heaven, which is a high and superior level of entertainment, which we reach by understanding and we must remember that a man or a woman is not what they seem to be, but what they understand through methodical alliances, such as analysis and synthesis, or through strategic alliances such as building trust and credibility of others towards their person. Who deserves trust from his neighbor and is credible, is a person of authority and influence. It is the person wanted with the lantern of Diogenes.

The second point of view of the commitment is the obligation or duty towards others. If the candidate for leader, is to lead people, she deserves a great entrepreneur who of the example of pundonor and courage, vision and passion for her group and above all things, who knows the way well and knows where goes.

The world departs to give way to the man who knows where he is going. Only then can the leader pressure his people, his group, to become as good as he. This requires that that leader, entrepreneur or leader, seek authority and influence, which in turn require service and sacrifice, not to feel love for others in the traditional sense of sexual love, but agape love, which is the service made the neighbor, as in the example of the good Samaritan. Have loyalty, team spirit and respect for the dignity of group members. Only in this way will the organization, the leader and its members obtain the necessary strength for progress and progress.

Everything is immersed in not wanting to change the world as every person wants and dreams, but in changing himself, to influence the change of the group and the organization, to which he belongs. Even in the example of those in love, who believe they are for a lifetime, the marriage commitment must go beyond three years, because by this date sexual love may have cooled down and it is the duty to maintain the marriage with respect, loyalty and dignity, since otherwise, the perverse remedy of divorce will be present in contradiction with the symbol of society, in which the family is the fundamental cell.

Maintaining agape love, commitment and effort for others, sounds like a lot of work, but these conditions are what we aim for when we want to be leaders. He who wants to be first must first learn to serve, says the Gospel.

If we have noted leadership as a goal, we must learn and fulfill it; join efforts with information; not leaving for tomorrow the things we can and should do today; to have faith in the exercise of that leadership in a pact or agreement with others to take them with good collection to excellent destiny.

Execute the compromising actions with nobility, humility and patience; knowing that others are the neighbor; knowing consciously that after we were elected by their leader, we cannot leave them embarked, alone and without direction, which is where the sacrifice is born and honoring the determined commitment that is the spirit itself immersed in the leader-directed, administrator-managed mutual activity , leader-group.

As for the environment, the commitment must be with nature in the first place, since in our world everyone uses it but nobody respects it, the trees are cut, garbage is produced in droves, the environment is thinned, the pollution is contaminated. air and generally negative and non-positive activities are carried out. Then, improve the personal and group environment, to work at ease without forgetting that when looking at a tree, you can not stop looking at the forest.


He who hesitates loses. He who has doubts is ambiguous. He who has specific goals is a winner. Hesitation and doubt belong to the negative side of personality. The specific goal belongs to the positive side of it. Therefore it is forbidden to hesitate or doubt when we must dare to the goals set to achieve success.

The frank, direct action, without hesitation to clear the path and arrive, is based or based on an action thought, that is, on a positive thought or idea and never in a jungle tangle full of networks, which are called snakes .

Therefore, positive thinking is clear, transparent, convenient and useful as opposed to the negative that is dark, entangled harmful and of no use.

To set attainable goals we must make the most of what we have at hand, so as not to look at impossible. Suppose we are in a war and facing the enemy. We are not going to ask permission to go look for weapons because we would be defeated and killed in advance.

We will have to use what is available, what is within our reach quickly and efficiently for the fight. Another thing is to ask for air, marine or land reinforcements. For that we have communications.

The only true and valid is what we have at hand, in front of our senses. Even in these cases we can do things out of the ordinary, because the spirit, in trouble, multiplies. We already know that we should not corner men and animals because they reveal themselves and come against us. It is not with regrets, groans and complaints that we can get a positive thought, because it is obtained without negativism and without empty leaps.

Therefore, things out of the ordinary, we will achieve them with greatness, nobility and perfectibility, but with clarity of thought and always trying to live honestly, not harming anyone and giving each one their due (TRIA PRECEPTA IURIS). Let us always look for opportunities, in failure, in defeat, in bad situations, that we will find.

In matters of positive thinking we must remember two examples. The first consists of half a glass of water. The positivists or positives will say that it is half full; but the negatives or negatives will say that it is half empty. And the second consists of a small sign that they place in some companies, mechanical workshops, warehouses, tailor shops, etc. That says “Here we work hard, don’t come to sow tares.” That is, do not come with ridiculousness that all are negative and in no way benefits.

One of the greatness of positive thinking is that it allows us to circumvent walls, fences, walls and build bridges, to pass us and everyone who says “Glory to God on high and peace on earth to men of good will.” It does not matter if we are distressed, first we overcome the anguish and then we open roads to start walking, because the poet already said: “Walker there is no road, the road is made by walking.”

When we walk we will find many people and we will tell you that beautiful day, that beautiful sun, that beautiful clouds, that splendid landscape and even when we do not have the hierarchy of the mystic and sweet Francisco de Asís, we will call the sister plants plants and the animal brothers animals.

In this way we will be adopting the activity of happiness, which although we carry it internally, we get radiant from the face and the look and with it we will be !, because he will not be! It must not exist.

If we find any discouraged, let us explain the topic of positive thinking, at least you can remember sometime and enter the search for how to obtain it and achieve happiness. Let us not address anything or anyone with bad words, for they are the reflection of our spirit, if they are not the spirit itself (Lazarus and Steindhal).

The dictionary has thousands of elegant words and very few misguided; let’s take the first ones and eliminate the second ones that portray us in the community in the eyes of others. Let’s talk and act with faith, which will give us security. We must laugh instead of crying and practice the golden rule in the sense of not doing to anyone what we do not want them to do to us.


Phrase composed of two verbal words that contain the background of power and the way of doing. Power and doing come together in a linguistic magical way to express the greatest of the person and nature. Extraordinary, large, determining symbiosis. There is nothing more counterproductive, to say I can’t do it.

We must not offer ourselves to perform those things for which we are not trained, or about which we have no experience, but refusing all the time is the maximum of laziness, neglect and neglect.

On the contrary, I can do it is a goal that takes us to the last corners of the earth, to meet our own or other people’s needs, solve problems and practice help to those who request it. It means that the mind is directed towards the realizations, productions and materialization of situations, which seem impossible, but with it I can do it, we begin its solution.

If we maintain the expectation of being able to do things, the mind will align in that thought and things will be done. We will pass the difficulties, take the opportunities, strengthen the strengths and attack the threats.

The difficulties are to overcome them and however great they may be, we will always find a way to avoid them, to avoid them and to overcome them. No difficulty is big enough to defeat a man, with the exception of death, because of all things and falls we can get up, less than the urn blow with our spoils at the bottom of the pit (Ortega y Gasset).

The opportunities must be identified by observing where no one sees, enlarging them and restoring them, because there are three things that have no turning back: the arrow shot, the word said and the missed opportunity (Confucius).

Strengths always exist at our side. Dreams, illusions, desire, will, mind, thought, feeling, aiming away, being kind, defending the weak, doing good deeds, working hard, being disciplined, patience, affection, humility and many more .

They are strengths on which we must strengthen and strengthen them in turn, so that they do not dissipate us and make us believe and have faith that if we can do whatever we want.

And the threats must be attacked with the weapons of our conscience until they are overcome.

Discouragement, fear, disappointment, discouragement, fainting and demoralization are some threats that separate us from the path of realization and lead us to the point I cannot. This is what made many Latin Americans and specifically many Venezuelans think, sow two sticks three meters away, sting a hammock and go to sleep all the time.

But fortunately we are changing and learning to eliminate threats to redeem strengths and structure yes I can do it. We already see and notice flourishing companies, typical of the innovation and creativity of these countries, where divergent thinking and critical thinking begin to be carried out in depth with the consequent movement of the population towards their own well-being.

At least the problems of drinking water, food, education, life expectancy, attention to children have been identified and they have been solved, in part, because we have understood that the proper functions are worth and not the copy of solutions from advanced Nordic countries, because we have our own characteristics, well structured and defined.

We have studied, read, written, attended, memorized and understood that the impossible standards do not exist, that we must maintain at least the expectation in ourselves so that in times not far we can maximize the satisfaction of the needs, turning well-being into everyone’s commitment.

We are already processing Latin American raw materials in some way, not in its entirety, but largely Mexican (PEMEX) and Brazilian (SECOM) companies tell us that we can do it; that if we can produce our cement, our footwear, our food.

We have had great writers; Romulo Gallegos, Arturo Uslar Pietri, García Márquez, Ciro Alegría, Borges, Jorge Amado, Monterroso and hundreds more who indicated the era of Latin American knowledge as teachers who are or were. Let us study them more, with more awareness to reaffirm that if we can do things, removing the difficulties, which in most cases are mental.


The first known civilizations were the Egyptian and Mesopotamian, but against them the Greeks and the Persians rose, because they were not in accordance with their guidelines, their culture, their language, in general with the social structure of these peoples.

Thus, new civilizations were born that, in the end, would also be changed, because man has always tried to go against the flow to create novelties, which means that from his origins to the present, he has understood what creativity and innovation are, which in turn leave divergent and critical thoughts, not following the established norms, but looking for others that are put before them to apply them differently and differently.

Thus we went from printing to gunpowder, from little ones to big trips, from the village to the metropolis., From the city-state to empires, from alchemy to chemistry, from Euclidean geometry to the modern differential, from arithmetic to the law of large numbers and infinitesimal calculus, from study to application, from analysis and synthesis to the elements, by cause – effect, and to naturifact – construct. Because man went against the tide, looking for the desired states from the existing situation.

Of course, this mobilization has not been mass, but through entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who visualized the form and found it, to change things and present them in a completely new way.

For this, he searched and stored the required information, formed teams, distributed the work, invented the physical, chemical, mathematical operations and used the greatest approach that is language, both to decipher the situations and to transmit them to the generations that succeeded him . Even on the political map it was said many times: “new men, new procedures”, as was once said in Venezuela, new actions, new methods, new molds to change the procedure and do the same things, but in a new way containing number, weight, measure, height, width and thickness.

We were transferred from the first dimension to the third and from the first wave to the fifth, from the first discipline also to the fifth discipline and to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse a fifth rider has been added that can finish the world, represented by dioxins , that polluting the environment, can eliminate the breath of the human genre.

There is even talk of the fifth paila to represent hell and the fifth essence to express the extract that contains essential elements of some plants, and even to express the elements and energies transmitted by food. In other words, man has never been happy with existing situations, he has always gone against the tide and although we have made progress on good things, bad things have also grown.

Alcoholism, drugs, prostitution have not been eliminated; Poverty despite the wealth of nations, either. Drinking water has been produced in large quantities, but is still missing. The advance of disastrous things for the spirit has in turn led man to want to talk about negotiation, agreements, to survive.

We have seen how in the last war conflagration between Israel and Lebanon, the united nations made agreements to cease fire. The eras of agriculture, industry and knowledge have joined so that man goes against the flow, seeking the consciousness that will represent a new era called that.

The human genre will transform the broad knowledge acquired, into true agreements, through effective negotiation that has now begun to be studied and practiced, but there is still time, since trust and credibility as strategic alliances are not fully developed and we believe that man can go against the current of the current wave, in search of precisely the era of consciousness.


We almost never know ourselves and this makes us act with ambiguity, for vested interests, for ignorance and even in bad faith.

To become ourselves it is necessary to know what are the ingredients of both the personality in general, and the particular. That is, to get to have knowledge and understanding of the psychic faculties of the individual. Such would be the rational or reason faculties; the perceptions that are realized through the senses and then there would be five types of perceptions; mental ideas or faculties; the scopes or bodily customs and the emotional reactions conditioned between clients and body.

All these psychic faculties interact with each other, but we can observe that they are constantly related in turn to learning and culture.

The personality has content or components and organization or forms of relationship to reach certain levels. The specific conscious ends that the individual points to himself, would be the components and the ways of acting, the forms.

That is why there are important people who are appreciated in all communities; those who have power or command power; productive people and special minorities such as minors, disgraceful, lazy, criminals and those who do not exercise citizenship by self-exclusion.

As for personality levels we would find introverts, extroverts, megalomaniacs, paranoids, etc. The personality can also be broken down into character and temperament. Character consists in the emotionality that is the degree of intensity with which the events we live or perform affect our spirit; activity, which consists in the capacity for reflection to modify things or ratify them and ultimately have an impact on the field of consciousness, which is the time that emotions last us.

If we save a short time we are primary: if for a long time secondary, in such a way that an emotional, active and primary would give a nervous character and an active and secondary emotional would give a sentimental character. If we study characterology and get to understand each other, we can act better and be ourselves. Of course it requires patience, effort and work. (Simon Bolivar).

We have to specify that our children are as they are and not as we would like them to be, because they have their own personality and also try to be themselves.

What we can do is help them in the orientation of their tendencies and not to know them or fix them numerically. And the temperament comes to be the physical aspect, the robustness, the development, the particular constitution of each one, the physiological predominance of an organic system (nervous, blood) or of a humor (bile, lymph).

Being oneself means, then, in addition to knowing ourselves, the maturation of our personality, which must contain features such as objectivity, autonomy, the ability to love, the sense of responsibility, work productively, broad vision, ethical sense of life, capacity for reflection, sense of humor, sexual harmony and deep friendships (ability to have them and keep them) emotional management, criteria, security, goals in life, freedom and frustration management.

The person can look for which of these traits he has and which he lacks for a generalized study and reach to fulfill the “being oneself”. If you can not specify and identify these features, it is convenient to seek help from the specialists who give you the prognosis and diagnosis, treatment and execution, according to the consultation, since we all know that the consultation is a method of problem solving. We must emphasize as to the objectivity that we must see ourselves internally and externally; that we are unique and unrepeatable (except with cloning); that we are unfinished and endless; that we are finite because we have limitations in knowing and having and much more in giving; and that we are contingent because we appear and disappear, like many asteroids, stars and planets (pluto for example).

As for the vision, aim objectives, join efforts, not leave for tomorrow what we can do today, have faith in ourselves, always evaluate through surveys and internal feedback to see where we are and in terms of managing frustration, have ability to wait, which is patience, one of the fundamental characteristics of leaders, entrepreneurs and managers and in general of good men. Only in this way can we get to “know yourself” and behave knowing and understanding that being oneself is the divine likeness itself.


Man and woman are endowed with all the necessary characteristics to make things happen; that is to say, to foresee the future, form destiny and visualize what will happen, materializing events for their well-being.

Normally unforeseen people, who spend everything they earn, who do not think about the future, who believe they can spend today because they earn money tomorrow, reach sixty-five years of age, without any economic stability and then are forced to ride the begging bus; their relatives keep them or we simply see them at the doors of institutions where a large number of people occur, especially banks, public squares.

They did not seek in their adulthood social insurance, private insurance or simply the means of obtaining a pension through the rental of a family home or commercial location.

There are countries where the State deals with this circumstance, but in Latin America it is still waiting.

This indicates that our population is not prepared to foresee the future, form destiny and visualize what will happen and everything is left to the good of God. But there is a popular adage that says “help me that I will help you”, and this phrase is attributed to the divine word, which means that man and woman were endowed with free will, thought, will, mind, spirit and soul , not to have them but to use them and seek their own image of achieving well-being in the coming days; If we do not do so, it is because we do not know how to do it, and therefore there is no generalization of custom in the practice of this situation. How, then, can we materialize making things happen for well-being and not for discomfort?

In the first place we must have a correct mental attitude, that makes us believe in ourselves, without fear or fear, that shows us the way to know what we want and where we are going, act intelligently, discover the essential principles or goals, convince ourselves of useful and necessary purposes and allow us to visualize future events and place ourselves in that scenario.

If the mental attitude is correct, the logic, the help will appear, people will appear to open the way, the route or the course, because the world moves away to give way to the man who knows where he is going, where he is going.

Third, help people to help people achieve the essential goals and principles. We must learn to give competences to others, explaining the assignment, the circumstances of time, mode and place, asking for information from time to time and evaluating everything with patience and affection, honesty and responsibility, without any hurry or setbacks, correcting what needs to be corrected. and in turn learning from others, because of what nobody is born learned.

This respectful mutual relationship, symbiosis of thinking between people, is a summation on the issue of helping people, so that people help us in the essential goals and principles.

Fourthly, everything that managers know to the point must come. Planning, information, organization and execution. With these four ingredients we avoid being wind vanes that carry the wind in all directions. It was what Christ pointed out when saying crooked generation because it goes in opposite directions and consequently does not get anywhere or arrives very badly and finally apply with character what we are doing and especially future things; The Liberator Simón Bolívar already said that without energy the merit does not shine.

If we follow the (maritime) course, the (terrestrial) road or the (aerial) route drawn, without changing an iota, we will make things happen as we plan them in our future well-being.

Secondly, we must cultivate skills to develop techniques that allow us to learn to solve problems, to have a divergent or critical thinking, to handle high-tech equipment, to be technical, to be occupied by those skills learned and to disregard ignorance once and for all. the ignorance, the abulia, the discouragement and all the circumstances that make us waste time.

Polish us by learning a profession or a trade that gives us security, clarity and temper. We can even learn to manage other people, applying the coaching technique used by sports team coaches to succeed in competitions, letting everyone act freely, but training them in psychological and physical aspects beforehand.

The team coach cannot force his pupils to do this or that, he simply trains him to act well and as well as possible. Freedom of action allows team synchronization, which generally leads to victory. When we have seen football World Cups, we see on the radio, on television and in the press that the importance of these coaches is crucial, but they are that, coaches and non-dictators, because in this last hypothesis the team will become rusty and immovable with the consequent defeat.


The word first comes from the Latin primarius. It is an adjective in the parts of the sentence and is used to indicate people or things that precede those of the same species in order, time, place, class or hierarchy situation.

We can also use the primary adjective that would be principal or first in order or degree and many phrases and sentences, written and speeches are also structured with the first word, which has been a first-rate apocope.

The first or first adjective has many synonyms; Thus we find initial, previous, primitive, primordial, primitive, preliminary, inaugural, nascent, outstanding, superior, initiative, germinal, elementary, firstborn. The opposite of first is secondary, later, then last.

In the matter of personal development, the first is said, first, referring not to people, but to things. The activity that we must develop in those situations that we have to do and then it is necessary to rank them, order them, to place them in time or place before the others. That is, to know and know that serious and urgent things do not wait and must be resolved, we must place them in the number one resolution, to avoid major problems.

There are things that can wait, but there are others that can’t; if we know the hierarchy and the order we can make a list of activities that we have to do and place the numbers from one to ten (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10). In number one we will place the most serious and urgent of all and so we will decrease until we reach number ten, although it is necessary to do it, it is not as serious or urgent, as the other nine.

If, for some reason, the entrance door of the house has been dropped or there are other needs or problems, the indicated one must occupy the number one, because it is so urgent and so serious that if we do not fix the door, until life runs risk and danger. Looking for the blacksmith to stick and stabilize it is a must. It is said in the Ecclesiastes that laziness falls on the roof and the lazyness of the hands rains the house.

This often happens because laziness is contraindicated with action and when there is laziness there is no gravity, no utility, no order, no hierarchy.

The consequence is that the roof falls, and when there is laziness of the hands to cover the leaks with anime and pitch, if it is zinc, or with a new tile, or with cement, or a new sheet, the consequence is that it rains more, inside than outside.

Laziness and laziness are foolishness and work fatigue fools, who only multiply words, but do not work. I do everything, that is, I am a bullfighter and so there is no ability to organize time and space and give hierarchy and class to things, so that for the bullfighters there is no first or last, but how things come . There is no planning, information, organization or execution, there is no alpha or omega, there is no “a” or “z” but that l, m, n, o, s, are equal and in the numbering 6,7,8, 4, or 3 are equal to 1 or 10. If we take into account the grades of the school or the high school or the university, that score of 20 is worth more than the one, because the traditional educational conventionalism attributes to the 20 largest sum of knowledge.

However, in philosophy the one means unity, the excellent, the outstanding, the superior, contrary to the other numbers that mean several things, several dimensions, several directions, various actions, diversity, entanglement, tangle, without determination, as it happens with unity, so it is said: “in unity is strength”; “Together we will never be defeated”, etc.

We can talk about the first cause, the creation, the original, the authentic, the beginning, the beginning, we can say the first intention is the one that is worth, we can say the first sword, which is the most trained in the art of weapons and we can Say first letters that is where everyone starts.

We also talk about our first parents Adam and Eve and we hear the “prime minister” to refer in politics to the person who rules under a certain regime of government.

The study, analysis and examination of the first things, of the first actions that we must do, will allow us to satisfactorily solve the problems and live calmly, without nerves and happy.

We must never leave for tomorrow the things we can do today. Tomorrow may be late, the resolution conditions may change and may also disappear. Today knowledge comes and passes very fast, so that we must act promptly and effectively. Remember that a small detail that we observe today, can be a big problem in the future.

This theme is also related to the popular saying that the lost time the saints cry. Time does not return and hours, minutes or seconds that were not used cannot be used; They were left in a vacuum. Then come the complaints and regrets, but there is no remedy. We must, still, in Latin America, use the maintenance and non-replacement system, as they do in advanced, industrialized or first world countries. The maintenance system allows us to repair things, but we must do them on time and without delay. The care that is put in the norms of the maintenance of the things, will help us in the saving, for the purposes of the economic security in the future.

As for education, first is the initial, then the primary, then the secondary and finally the university and specialized, since doing it the other way around would be to fail immediately. The baggage of knowledge is required to cover the various stages, but the first thing in education is initial education. In adult education it is necessary to teach them the first, without starting at the end, because in this way we will be giving logic and consistency to the knowledge taught and learned and the student will be aware of their situation and what capacity they have. Similar is the food that must be breakfast first, then lunch and finally dinner, since doing it the other way around would be to alter the order of the factors and when this happens the same procedure disrupts the result.


We have at least 20,000 visual or light energy perceptions per day; about 20,000 more auditory perceptions received through acoustic energy or sound waves; plus 10,000 perceptions by touch that are received through mechanical energy; about 10,000 perceptions for smell that we receive by means of chemical energy transported by air and about 5,000 taste perceptions by means of chemical energy likewise.

Perceptions enter through sensory devices: eyes, ears, skin, nose and mouth and are called access structures, because through them we access the world. All these received energies make their way and reach the brain through the recipient cells.

The environment provides us with all the information we require for the experimentation of information and prior knowledge (analysis, study, examination) to build reality and we would be active constructors of perception; Sometimes the information must increase proportionally in order to retain, examine, study and analyze it.

There are people who detect signals, eliminating “garbage perception” and leaving the excellent and outstanding, then the brain, analyzes the information and its meaning, through the thinking process. What then is the information? Process mental symbols or representations of world objects.

Thought consists, then, of symbols that represent information about the world, the objects in it and the manipulation of those symbols. There are systems of symbols with meaning.

Language is par excellence a summation and combination of symbols, from letters to speech. The expression “DABALE RICE AT THE FOX EL ABAD”, which can be read forward or backward, represents a string of symbols that will give the same result. There is the example “Resurrexit, non est hic” = “resurrected, not here”. “Resurrexit non, est hic” = “No resurrection, it’s here.” In this example a symbol placed distinctly in the same sentence gives opposite results. What does this reduce? First to perception; second to the understanding and representation of the matter and third to the implementation of mental operations or activities, which primarily involve problem solving and verbal reasoning.

Through this process of thinking, we obtain the thoughts that represent the images, the considerations and walk mentally through different places and parts or reflect on all these aspects, and if the thoughts are well structured on a certain subject, we can be innovative and creative. Invent something. As we see and observe, man was created in the image and likeness of God.

Image means imagination and this is the most divine quality that man possesses. Because of this Albert Einstein sentenced. “Imagination is more important than knowing.” The images are conceived solely and exclusively in the imagination. It is the center and source of creative power, it is what gives dominion over the earth.

Man usually does not realize this circumstance, because he is almost always full of sleep and is treated as dead. “Let the dead bury their dead.” But man must wake up and be aware that we are the sum of daily thoughts, that is to say more than fifty thousand thoughts a day, but we must be attentive, have sensory memory, short and long term and understanding to understand it.

We must discard the negative thoughts that will make us an unequal man and keep in the field of consciousness the positive thoughts that make us inspire, have initiative, innovation, creativity, inference, induction, deduction, ability and organization. To make the man who understands, who understands, who lives on higher levels of humanity; that does not have veils on the face that cloud his sight, nor cottons in the ears that make him deaf, earplugs that make him insensitive to aromas and smells, or burns on his hands that do not allow him to exercise touch and that you can eat as much as there is edible so that your taste works perfectly.

If we understand that at every moment we have a perception, which we understand and represent and then implement the necessary operations or necessary mental activities we will conclude that we are the sum of the daily thoughts, which are sometimes reflected in our dreams, because at that Sum is added the brain, which brain never sleeps.


Cosmetic surgery can improve the face of any person through an intervention. The intervened person looks at his face in the mirror and if the operation was done according to his instructions, he thinks that he is well and feels better.

However, there are others who, despite all these activities at the hands of the plastic surgeon, believe that they have worsened and maintain that a second intervention is necessary to insist on improvement. Our self-image also has its face.

If we alter that image, we can alter our personality and positive or negative behavior; Thus, self-image can set limits to achievement and we lag behind or move to immeasurable measures. It is possible to eliminate emotional scars, transform a crisis into opportunity, acquire the habit of happiness and make creativity in adversity.

This theme of the face of the image has to do with personal presentation, in the sense of being well groomed, neat, shaved, clean shoes, using a vocabulary in accordance with the honor of our personality, not walking or presenting ourselves with masks so as not to have to take them off and when there is bad weather to put on a good face.

We must remember the teachings of hygiene regarding health practices and the rules of courtesy regarding greeting. Knowing that we must respect others and consideration, but also ourselves, has a lot to do with self-esteem, with moods, with the situations in which we are involved, with the degree of satisfaction in terms of achievements and behaviors.

Do not act with self-centeredness, narcissism or pride. Do not miss a compass and act in the best possible way while preserving the image in a climate of peace and tranquility. Try to combat stress, disbelief, discouragement, humiliation and difficulties that are problems of self-esteem. Try to ascend and not descend; get out of the bottom and reach the top with confidence and credibility, eliminating emotional conflicts and present the face of our image as we are.

You can compare the face of our image with a good painting. Usually the painter makes hundreds of brush strokes to capture the picture and a single brush stroke is enough to make the picture disfigure. This is the face of the image, we have done it for many hours of physical and moral care, but it is enough a foolishness in our way so that the course is twisted, a violent outburst of anger, an excess in alcoholic beverages, or any act Immoral can taint a good reputation. Because if it is vital to acquire a good name, it is also to work or do something to safeguard it.

When the man twists the road and goes in several directions, having no road, route or fixed course, it becomes a tangle and most likely he falls into misfortune of his name and reputation, which costs to pick them up.

The face of our image must be seen inside, deep inside the heart. There the divinity was placed because man would not be able to find it, as if he could do it at the top of the icy mountains or at the bottom of the sea.

The sight of the man does not go inward to look at the beam in his eye, but outside to see the straw in the foreign eye. Exercising to see us in and never out to not judge is a modern matter to learn to know, namely, to be to better interpret the world and to live together to be able to live together. Know the face of the image and improve it as if we were doing plastic surgery; knowing that we can do it starting over and over again because it is never too late when happiness arrives, looking for the best devices that are the tools, skills and abilities that allow us to move from the present state to the desired state and have the will to do so.

To be to better interpret the ancient world, the old world, the new world, this world and the other world, differentiating them perfectly in each of its dimensions, so we will open the mind to the four winds; and also learn to live to be able to support each other since the population is increasing, and of so many people, they can’t think of anything else but to be inventing conditions to roll back situations from the past in which war, crime and discomfort.

We must get the face of our image without drivers such as, be perfect, please me, be strong, try more, hurry up; if not with calm, tranquility, peace, tranquility, step by step safely, cleaning the image and the name because we were created with free will and with honor; we don’t have to have the face of a heretic or a judge, or a face with two beams, or a dog’s face, or a face of few friends; It is preferable to have your face up, wash your face and get to say “Turn faces” like the llanero to defeat the enemy in battle where the return of those fleeing surprised the opponents, defeating them on the boundaries of the contest, so we can adopt the figure we want, because the soul allows us to reach higher forms.


We can do or not do a thing, by appropriate means to achieve a specific purpose, at any place or time and in all the activities that life gives us. Sometimes these are simple matters, but at other times it can be arduous and difficult and in terms of the media, they also change with the matter treated, discussed or manipulated.

If we want to take elements directly from nature, it will be done naturally and we will call the products obtained naturifacts, sand, stone, wood are naturifacts. If we make a piece for a machine it will already be a construct product. The engine of a vehicle is a constructive product, but if we join several constructed parts, we will get a technema; A plane, a TV, a fridge, a computer are technets.

We have already seen three possibilities that are open to today’s man to develop his activity and understanding, nature, construction, technology; however the possibilities are endless and it depends a lot on the mentality of the person. We could see the possibilities from the point of view of the realization (planting-fishing-factory) of control and functionality.

If everything we get or do, works and allows control, the result is good, even if it is not perfect. Thus we continue with the areas of possibility at work, in study, in art, in communities that can be civil, military, cooperative, political, religious, mercantile (companies) and even the marriage community, through which It constitutes a family.

The person who states that he does not find work, who has nothing to do, does not analyze the possibilities he has in any of the areas of operation, of the things themselves or of the procedures.

There came a time in Venezuela, that the empanada route was established because all unemployed people sold empanadas at the door of their house, which was not bad, but since the occupation was so repetitive, supply exceeded demand and business It was for very few people.

It is good to start by going up from the empanada route; such would be to use the possibility of learning to cook to set up a restaurant; make Chinese, Mexican, Creole food etc., refine the thought in a lucrative activity, buy the utensils and save them for when the time comes to open the business.

Open a business of any kind, it is necessary to exchange concepts, parts and components, purchases, supplies, procedures, hygiene, safety, ergonomics (set with the machines) order, schedules and in order to put the diligence that every good parent has, For things to go well.

Another aspect of possibility is to use the mechanisms to select the national technologies to be formed, which will enable us to know the latest and greatest advances in science and technology and will allow us to save space and time with speed.

Provide us with the necessary instruments to achieve better quality control; technically orient the auxiliaries (employees and workers) in terms of procedural and quality levels; protect consumers and take care of them, taking care of them as well as possible because of them we will live; meet with colleagues of the same trade in order to know some aspects that we do not see, without releasing industry secrets and without asking them either.

We have risen from the area of ​​possibility of empanada to a profitable business made with effort and mentality. Thus we could say the same of all human activity.

As for the study, it makes it easy for many to enter the university, get a career and specialize or attend professional refresher courses, because whoever does not study constantly every day will be less professional, less technical, less trained and can pass over the car of history and put it to the tail of the other professionals.

In addition, the university is one of the mental devices invented by man that offers multiple areas of possibility (doctor, lawyer, engineer, dentist, pharmacist, architect, political scientist, internationalist, journalist, etc, etc.).

Sport is an area of ​​possibility that has given great figures (baseball, football, boxing, fencing, athletics, swimming and even synchronized swimming etc.).

The association with other people, helps us to do the job more accurately, since the time is coming when alone, we can not execute actions, at least in some fields. The difficult thing is to get people who are fit and aware of it, for example the mercantile companies that earn dividends, distribute them to the partners; cooperatives that are labor and non-capital companies and so with all associations of any type and size.


When we participate in social gatherings, which are to our liking, we are sharing with friends and notice that time passes quickly; when we fix the leaks of the house so that it does not rain more inside than outside; when we clean the garden by thinning the brush and removing the damage to the crops; when we write a letter telling a relative or friend our hardships or joys; when we read a book of novel, essay, story, science fiction and remember Cervantes, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Gallegos, García Márquez, Puskin, Rubén Darío, Andrés Eloy Blanco, Lin Yu Tan, Azorin, Marcel Proust, Homero Virgil, Fiodor Dostoyesky, William Faulkner, Thomas Mann, Ernesto Hemingway, Rabindranath Tagore, Vargas Llosa, Beloved Nervo, Jorge Amado and many who have written small, medium and large things; when we read, interpret and scrutinize the old and the new testament; when we practice sport playing baseball or football, athletics, swimming etc.

When we move from one place to another by any means of locomotion for the purpose of distraction or for mental hygiene; when we walk an hour in the park; when we talk on the phone to hear about loved ones; when we go to a marriage, christening, birthday party, when we are on vacation or free; when we sleep normally with how wide the blanket gives us; when we play cards, dominoes, basket, Chinese ladies, triquecho, fox and chickens; When we sing with joy or play an instrument, we are entertaining ourselves to make things less annoying and make them bearable.

It is what is called recreating the mood so as not to be discouraged. Discouragement is the worst of man’s feelings, because through him all vices enter the human mind, placidly placing himself in his way of thinking and then in the social conglomerate since it is highly contagious. Entertainment becomes an effective dose to recreate the mood and lift the person from any discomfort, fatigue, boredom or simply from existential emptiness.

The entertainment, the fun, the relief, the recreation, the show, the circus, the cinema, the theater, the feast, the sarao, the evening, the banquet, the bullfighting, the verbena and in general, all kinds of recreation, They are necessary antidotes to help the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness. To feel safe and comfortable with our life.

They also fight despair, disbelief, humiliation, difficulties and allow us to get ourselves. They prepare us, on the other hand, to perform good works and hard work and so we will be oxygenated and strong, with an effective and light thinking for any activity.

Healthy recreation positively inspires us not to fall into modern evils, especially four that seem to be the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, but since they are not at least they look alike. Prostitution that has been called the oldest trade in the world; alcoholism, which is an incurable but retainable disease; the drug addiction that seems to be a beast and not a rider; and vandalism with all its long branches as tentacles and that does not choose a place, place or terrain, because it is on the whole earth, as a threat and great difficulty for the human race.

That is why there are amusement parks, sweets, chocolates, colors, clowns, trains, magic mountains, roller coasters that are sometimes also American, Spanish, French etc., the Cirque Du Soleil; mountaineering, the conquest of the Himalayas, the race of horses, dogs and even worms.

Only when we are entertained, do we rest at rest, in calm, laziness, tranquility and peace, can we launch the net to catch inspiration, curiosity, initiative, innovation and creativity. The gospel points out that no one in trouble and in fatigue can add an elbow to their height.

The great inspired like Rama, Krishna, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus, Zoroaster and Buddha passed from inspiration to initiation because they clearly and perfectly perceived the gift of the word and interplanetary order and were exceptional beings fulfilling exactly with the stanzas that the Vedic poet sang many centuries ago, in front of an altar, where dry leaves were burned: “Heaven is my Father, he has begotten me; I have all this celestial accompaniment as a family. My Mother is the great earth, the highest part of its surface is its matrix; there the Father fertilizes his bosom, which is his wife and daughter. ”


Cunning and servitude are part of the simulation, therefore the cunning and the servile are simulators.

The cunning are able to deceive and avoid deception and artificially achieve any purpose they set; and servitude is the scouting that works with servitude, that is, with blind and low adherence to another person. The fumistas that are pure smoke, pure louder, are bullarangueros; refractories refuse to keep promises or obligations; Some psychopaths who suffer from mental illnesses and the suggested ones (succubus) that are allowed to dominate at will by another person (incubo) constitute the militancy in a large part of the simulation.

It was Homer who described Ulysses, as the archetype of the simulators; then Shakespare superimposed the alienated criminal on Hamlet; Bacon dedicated several pages in his essays to declare the usefulness of the simulation; Darwin and Malthus presented the concepts of “struggle for life” and “struggle for existence” to justify simulation or rather simulated activity. If we read these authors carefully, we find that the means to achieve things, through the ages, have been in the first place the violent means and secondly the fraudulent means.

When man cannot face the situations given in life, then he carries out fraudulent activities, that is, he simulates to continue living. A survey of a newspaper many years ago, found that the Venezuelan has as its main characteristic “to be alive” what it means to be a great simulator.

However, superior individuals dominate the environment (other people and environment), without submitting to simulation, fraud, deceit, dissimulation, ploy or any of the varieties of the fold. When you pretend to imply what is not true; imitating things and pretending to imply what does not exist, or does not exist, you are entering the simulation, because you want to make it appear as real, something that is not.

It can simulate a disease and even wealth. There was a company that taught that when a person went to buy something, they should always carry a high denomination ticket to confuse. But this enters the fumistas, because at the first of change, the truth appears. As part or strategic divisions of the simulation are falsehood, fiction, hypocrisy, comedy, farce, costume of Little Red Riding Hood or Granny and many more. The story of the little red riding hood is made up of simulatory elements, until the main phrase that is “to eat you better” arrives.

In the seven woes of the gospel against the Pharisees, opinions are established by the Pharisaic simulation; in the thousand and one nights fabulous stories are made based on simulatory activities and the cold war between the USSR and the US was a sequence of simulated acts. Who dragged the hides in the Venezuelan plains, to note that there was a lot of troops, was a great simulator and the chameleon, changes color, representing one of the aces of simulation in the animal kingdom.

We have nothing to say about the two-legged chameleons that were white or green and are now red, because this activity is the queen of the simulation through the characters we named at the beginning, since they had a first intention, a second and even a third; but this comes by the art of the possible and not by the art of certainty, neither by ignorance, nor by mistake, nor by doubt, nor possibility.

Against the simulative activities it has been legislated in the different countries, applying laws against vague and thugs, extending the penalties against fraud, fraud and simulated quality. Institutions evolve and as the peoples have civilized, the investigations are modified and accelerated to discover all kinds of dissimulation, caution or fold and the means used in these investigations are transformed.

The fourteen carbon allows to determine the time of things and the Gospel of Judas, apparently it did not pass the test. The same happened when through DNA it was possible to establish that whoever was posing as a princess daughter of the Russian Tsar, killed by the revolutionaries, was not such, since he had taken advantage of the legend that one of them had escaped death. Hackers appeared to get on the net, especially ATMs and banks, surveys and other people’s money, but they have been discovered, because if they use technology to commit their misdeeds, monitoring the same technology has helped to point them out, with results not contradictory, by the method of tracking their activities.

On the other hand, the economic organization has increased the productive capacity of the towns and their businesses are backed by the saving of space and time with the speed of information technology, which has led to globalization and it takes only one minute to be connected with Japan and Canada from any city, as long as Internet networks are installed.

The war itself has been replaced little by little by the market war, the economic one, which has been called the gold war, the oil war or the drug war. Already the current population thinks that the existing fratricidal struggles are contradictory to the same civilization and as we have said on another occasion, the negotiations and the truth are beginning to be a first-rate device, since they were born to live and live together This helps, as we have pointed out the DNA, globalization, Internet, carbon 14, cellular, Usb, pendrive and computer, systemic, robotic and genetic techniques that knock on the door revolutionizing the thinking and consciousness of humanity.

Thus the truth will be a truth of conscience and the prophetic word can be fulfilled: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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