“Intihuatana Pachamama Pachacuti

Machab Naira




Ama Sipinquichu ”




“We will bind the Sun to the Stars

Dear Earth,

so there is no revolving

in space or in time

And so we can start AGAIN.

Do not lie

Do not steal

No Leisurer

Do not kill the man who walks like You ”




My Father began many of his Conferences especially on Personal Growth issues with this Poem or Inca dissertation, invoking Nature, his strength and

to start again without looking back, which start more spectacular to Motivate or Automotivation than to invoke creatively the relationships between space and time, the main Stars like the Sun, which is related to Lighting and the Stars also with the search for Brilliance, emotionality and mental clarity, as well as the Earth that comes to be the base, the Rock, the basement of the Human being, the place and Planet where we inhabit and have inhabited human beings. Let us note that the Gods of the Incas before their evangelization were the Astros, tried to take a natural law and invoked a natural good necessary for their existence and coexistence. Deep down and unknowingly so, they were paying tribute to the Creator of everything, of all things, of the entire Universe, of all created nature and the entire Solar and Universal system. Without knowing it, the Incas creatively praised the Creator to Almighty God, who created absolutely everything: human life and the natural, the material and the immaterial. They loved God and everything God had created.


Let us also note that this poem encourages us to start over again, it seems that every time that there were times of change and strong seasons, the Incas encouraged change to start all over again and to reflect on existential life.


In other words, a new beginning for the good, invoking the good and invoking activities and attitudes for the preservation of both the human being, all living beings and the entire natural world.


Do not lie, do not steal, do not hate, do not kill the man who walks like you; in short Natural Law and commandments of the Law of God – two in one. The Truth ahead; Honesty ahead; Work and proactivity ahead; and Life ahead.


What better start to Teach the Value of Nature that this, which tells us two things Love all that God has given you, everything natural, human and spiritual; everything material and immaterial, Love your natural and human existence and that of yours, and also do not be afraid to start again any activity, any action, a new life, without regard, without looking back, looking North and Up – to Heaven, so that there is no revolt, that is to say, so as not to disturb the natural relations of space and time, perfect relations that God the Creator is the only one who can influence in a perfect, concise, precise and at its best moment devised by The same. In the background that beautiful poem invoking the Illumination and Clarity of the things and the elevated thought to Begin again.


From the Earth we will bind the Sun to the Stars, that we will not go away, that we will continue to be enlightened, that we will not allow a revolt, that we will be mentally and spiritually clear. Let us see clearly, that there is no darkness, that in the nights and in the days we have Enlightenment. May we have Brilliance day and night. May I never abandon your enlightenment, Lord, and that of always learning to start again, Lord my Creator.


One of my most beautiful and interesting trips that I have had in my life has been the opportunity to see El Machu Picchu, in Peru, near the City of Cuzco in Peru, South America, to see this beautiful creation of the hand of the Inca-man, of his Inca empire, of course with the help and supernatural illumination of God our Creator, one of the most marvelous works of antiquity and the Inca Empire that the human creation has seen and left, where the hand of man is conjugated with the natural balance, of all nature in general, where a detail between the integration and the beauty of the natural perfection of what God made and the use of all this natural environment and the hand, intelligence and invention of man. Respecting the natural limits and their ecosystems, even more simply and simply integrating man to nature and nature to the creation of man. Uniting inclusive and themselves the sciences to nature, and experimentation, science and nature, all in favor of man to preserve himself, the natural environment and to preserve the human essence and the natural human essence.

By the way and very interesting those of us who have studied the European Renaissance, the Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo times, incredibly but surely the Sciences and the Arts came together and the rebirth between these two, and the integration of these two areas at the same time, what many called in the past and present: “The Medici Effect”, at that same time and I later learned it when I visited the Machu Pichu, in parallel that was Reborning the World in Europe, was Reborning the American World with the Empire Incaico, Maya and Azteca; much more for the Incas, in order in parallel they converged in South America, in the Inca Empire, the Sciences and the Arts as well, with incredible and impressive techniques, architectural and medical techniques, studies of the Astros and Time, innovative techniques in construction and agriculture, incredible techniques that integrated and took advantage of nature in everything, its energy, its physical and chemical qualities, incredible hydrological techniques, innovative study techniques and mathematics for the time, of course these Inca civilizations would come to be the beginning of the new civilizations, never compared with the Europe of the time, but what I want to say is that while in Europe the Renaissance of Sciences and Arts and its Conjugation was happening, in America it was in parallel and if they know them, neither the one or the other, arising another Reborn to its more Natural Mode but also in Sciences and Arts, including in all the nature and especially The Stars and their Studios.

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