Exercise of Creativity and Innovation -The Integral 🌹and Holistic Rose – Regarding Virtue and Value 4: Learning to have fun in a family group and friends

Creativity exercise The Integral 🌹and Holistic Rose – Regarding Virtue and Value 4: Learning to have fun in a family group and friends; together and maintain family cohesion – Healthy fun:

1.- The root: let’s analyze the virtue and value 4; How to learn to have fun in a family group, together and maintain family cohesion and healthily

2.- The petals: we disgregate the root in sub-variables:

   -Get fun in group

– family cohesion

– Share

– Joy – emotions

– Emotional development

– Happiness

3.- The Stem: we analyze the positive aspects:

– Synergy of joy

– Synergy of enjoyment

– Shared emotionality

– Mental health

– Learning

– Happy heart

4.- The thorns: we analyze the negative aspects:

-There is no individuality

– difficult to please everyone at once

– Different points of view to agree

– Some want something else other things

– There may be dispersion and little focus

5.- Pollen: we will analyze the interesting aspects:

– Do not see people as dead in life

– Know how to use multiple points of view to learn and tolerate

– See the different colors and perspectives

– Understanding of each personality

– There where there is joy is God- there is presence of God

6.- Water 💦: Temporary Needs:

-All you want at the same time

-Need for disposition of all

– Everyone have time

– Search Cooperation and commitment of all

– Tolerance and patience of all with all

7.- Air: Permanent needs:

– We need everyone to be together to have fun


– Understanding the fun plan

– Achieve harmony among all group members

8.- The earth: Philosophical needs:

– We need shared virtues and values

– Management by values

– We need detachment for the other to enjoy

– Humility and knowing how to recognize mistakes

9.- The Sun 🌞: Lighting Needs:

– I have to see the Alternatives- the alternatives, look for them, recognize them, have them and know how to use them is one of the secret tools of creativity

– Evaluate the possibilities, different possibilities

– Put emotion and emotionality

– Creative team work and high impact

– Look for mental, physical, physiognomy and spiritual movement. This is key because here is the engine, the driving movement of everything

10.- 🌈 Rainbow: external analysis of the Environment and external environment:

– See costs and external prices of fun and enjoyment of all

– See places of fun and external natural environments

– External alternatives

– Threats to family enjoyment and family joy via external

– See the competition you are doing regarding enjoyment, good and bad things

11.- the poppies: analysis of the internal environment. Internal environment:

– places of family fun

– Natural environments

– Threats and opportunities

– Those who do and who do not go to the dance

– See Internal emotional environment

– Opportunities to achieve inner joy and of all

12.- The River: analysis of structure-combination of domains- Mozart’s exercise:

– Achieve emotional enjoyment of equal fields and equal domains

-synergy of joy: combination of different forms of enjoyment: enjoy nature with enjoyment of studies, with managerial enjoyment and enjoyment of science, art and spirituality.

– mental health: combinations of science-art-info- new times

– Example: combination of mathematics-sports-games-dynamics-nature-field-physics – learning to think and create – the arts

– I can make my own personal, family history, of enjoyment together, healthily and look for family cohesion: the complete story with characters, costumes, clothing, places, dates, spaces, times, music, Logistics, themes and dialogues.

– the highest and most splendid family synergy – The least intense and softest family synergy

13.- The Lake: restructuring of the subject:

– what should I remove: I must remove the bitterness

– What should I include: New forms of fun, books, places

– What should I add: spirit of joy and enjoyment

– What should I multiply: psychology of enthusiasm, integrate everyone

– That diminished: I must diminish the things that take away our joy and inner peace.

– What I divide: the fear of healthy enjoyment, excessive and unhealthy enjoyment

– That summ: the desire to make everyone happy (overall vision)

– The reverse – The paradox: do not rejoice to always give joy to everyone seeing that everyone is wrong – this must be changed

14.- The Oceans: chance – analysis of restructuring via provocation:

-word safety: I must give security to the whole family – I must give security in the

Enjoy everyone in the family

– word- statement:

I have to make a statement so that everyone commits to achieve the synergy of joy

– thing -luggage: always carry the joy in the suitcase of the heart, mind, to always carry it wherever I go, distribute gifts of joy

15.- temporary results:

– Learn to share and in groups

– Learn to know all the members, to help the most needy

– Family reunion

– Rest of all

– See what I am failing in achieving happiness, mine, group and everyone

– Relax

– Desire to do and work more

– Nobody is left alone

– Come back moved by joy

– Become mobile by seeing them all – by sharing co. Everyone- for giving us all

– Do not see sad people

– Avoid the end of love

– See the party world

– Do not see people with hate

16.- Permanent results:

– Collective happiness

– collective mental health

– grateful people

– Clearer commitment

– Sense of belonging

– Have hope of living

– Worry about the other

– Have a broad sense of life and beyond transcendent

– That none of us have pain in our hearts 💔

– Rescue of family enjoyment – all together

– Healthy family reunion

– Integral family reunion-family cohesion holistically

17.- Finally the perfection and attributes of beauty – aesthetics

– Harmony leads and contributes – builds joy

– Be clear in the activities and tactics that we will return and be happy to all

– Maintain and carry an Order in the enjoyment and with the family, as well as having to have order in the work must have also Order in the enjoyment, that does not go out of hand

– Achieve symmetry: that everyone enjoys equally

– If God says that we are image and likeness of Him, and God wants to see us happy, then what cheers Him up makes me happy and what makes me happy makes Him happy – where there is joy He is there and where He there is joy

– God wants you and I to be happy in family, with the family we have that he gave us, to make others happy, to try not to have pain in our hearts, as much as possible, because life is short and enjoy it to the fullest and where we are, with what we have and all together holding hands.

Once an old lady was asked how long she was married, she said 50 years and they asked her how she does it, she answered because she always accompanied her husband to see baseball, when the husband died, he was asked the same question in a television program by chance and she answered the same thing, we were always together because I accompanied him to the baseball games, always and then the announcer also asked her, then you liked baseball a lot, and she answered no, I never liked it and everyone was shocked and why she did it, they asked her again and she said for LOVE 💗

Point and end

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