Exercise of creativity and innovation – the Holistic Integral Rose – How to eliminate and debase the enemies of the faith

Exercise of creativity and innovation – the Holistic Integral Rose – How to eliminate and debase the enemies of the faith

The Integral Rose 🌹-Creativity Exercise:


1.- The Root: we will study

-the Enemies of the Faith


2.-The petals: disgregation of the main variable – enemies of the faith




-Charged Hearts

-Demon and temptations


3.- The Stem: the positive

-Freedom of action and decision of man


-Possibility of asking for help and being humble

-Catch fear of the devil

-Grab healthy fear of God

-Possibility of asking for forgiveness


4.-Thorns: the negative

-Coerces man

-It makes man impossible to action

-Avoid charity

-It takes joy away from the human being

-Go back to the superb human being


5.- Pollen: the interesting thing

-It makes man think

-Faces man the good and the


-Develop the reasoning of the human being

-Question the truth


6.- Philosophical needs- earth:

-Have moral integrity

-Practice the theological virtues

-Become spiritual and universal

-Understand that the devil and the temptations exist

-Pray to repel temptations and demons

-Practical spiritual exercises


7.- Temporary needs-water:

-Increase good beliefs

-Change doubt for certainty

-Search the truth

-Charity actions

-Change fear for actions of courage and integrity


8.- Permanent needs – air:

-Live in the truth

-Believe in yourself

-Look for biblical examples of faith and stories of faith in the real world

-Have a cooperating spirit

-Practice the works of mercy


9.- Lighting needs- sun -fire:

-To sing

-Singing prays

-Delastrate ego

-Have a spirit of sacrifice

-Make small sacrificial acts

-Teach children acts of charity

-Find antithesis of each temptation and demon


10.- Internal analysis- internal environment – poppies:

-to avoid negativity and social environment where I live is negative


11.- External analysis- environment – external environment- rainbow 🌈 :

-look for peace

-connect with external people in positive

-look for world peace


12.-Oceans: restructuring strategy:

-I must eliminate hatred and uncertainty

-I must increase love and charity

-I must gather my good works and beliefs

-I must separate good works from bad ones

-I must integrate my positive things, with the positive things of my parents and grandparents

-I must divide my fears and make them small

-I must add actions of positive action and courage for good

-I must mix good examples of life, of characters in the story, stories, biblical

-I must minimize selfish and proud actions

-Ideas contrary to doubt, fear, disbelief, hardened hearts, demon- Courage, truth, certainty, charity, good, light


13.- Strategy of restructuring and combinations of domains -Lakes- Mozart exercise:

– doubt, doubtful, interesting, questionable, thinking, analytical

– True, correct, unquestionable, understandable, clear, precise

– Fear, darkness

– Courage, not hesitate, temper, character, temperance, determined, serious

– Hardened heart – brave heart, kind heart, universal heart, for all

– Doubt – certainty, truth, tranquility, light, illumination, clarity


– Being the hardest man of heart – Being the softest and heartiest man

– Being the most fearful man in the world – being the bravest man in the world


14.- Strategy of combinations and provocation to the

Chance – Rivers – influx and chance:

Random word: efficiency

-Search the truth using the earth

-Search the truth in people

-Search the truth in money and capital

-Search for the informative truth

-Search the truth in data

-Have and obtain and use true data

-Find the true connections for good and to do well

Random thing: curtain

-Put curtains on the doubt

-Put curtains on fear

-Coat hardened hearts

-Put barriers to the devil


15.- Temporal results:

-Avoid useless fears

-Avoid worries that steal tranquility

-Avoid worries that take away our happiness and Love of God

-Charity leads to faith

-See credible faith stories

-Knowing how to use doubt for good – Thomas the apostle


16.- Permanent results:

-Have courage and courage for

Good things

-Always seek the truth and good

-Believe in yourself

-Have constant charity actions

-Know that the devil and the

Evil demands

-Repel the temptations

-See every thing created by God:

Man, woman, children, animals, plants, forests, mountains, sky, clouds, stars, oceans, lakes, rivers,

Then describe each of these things created by God in great detail:

Then think if God created all this, then why do I doubt and What am I afraid for? Why do I doubt God?



17.- Beauty-aesthetic qualities:

– I have clarity when I see things

– I see the truth of everything clearly

– I must have purity of heart

– I am looking for and I must be fair and equitable with everyone

– I give myself with all my love

– Being harmonious in things, in my home, work and with others

– See and have order in the priorities: good fear of God – truth – charity – Love of myself and my neighbor

– Management of oneself to manage others

Marcel Arellano

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