Managing Oneself and Managing Others- New Times

Managing Oneself and Managing Others- New Times


FRIDAY 03•29•2019



  • Opportunities to learn Leadership and Strength- Courage in these new Times.
  • Fortress for the current challenges.
  • Know Proactivity and Time Management.
  • Practices and Learn Planning, Execution and Analysis. Modern and Avant-garde Tools: Personal Strategy, Approach, Prevention; Anticipatory Capacity; Resilience, Synergy, Teamwork.
  • Know about Management, Virtues and Values in these New Times.
  • Learn Financial Intelligence for these new times.
  • Learn how Managing oneself effectively.
  •  How to learn to administer oneself.
  • How to learn that if I want to improve the situation, I can work on the only thing I have control over: Myself.
  • Learn to face problems and know how to give key answers to what happens to us.
  • Know regarding Enthusiasm as Motivational Psychology.
  • Attitude. Personal Attitudes to face the present and in the face of adversity
  • Achieving a Positive Attitude in the face of current challenges and adversity. Take advantage of opportunities.
  • Conferences translated into English and Spanish according to the case.



Program and Topics:


Topic 1.- Leadership and Strength- Courage and Strength in these New Times.

– Strength for the current challenges

– Effective Personal Leadership

Topic 2.– Leadership, Proactivity and Time Management

– Activity, Proactivity and Determination

– Avoiding Reactive and Being Proactive

– How to Orient yourself in the Opportunities ?. How you can focus on finding solutions to problems. Proactively choosing the best alternatives.

Topic 3. Financial Intelligence for these new times

-Financial intelligence. Control of Finance. Management and search for financial improvement, transformation towards financial improvement; 

The learning; Transforming liabilities into assets; financial attitudes and skills for achieving objectives; generation of value.

Topic 4.– Personal Administration: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Efficiency.

– Effectively Self-Administration

Topic 5.-Self-Management and Emotional Intelligence

-Self-Control- Self-Awareness

– Why should you learn to control yourself today?

Topic 6.– Personal Growth and Self-Development in these Times.

 -Confidence in Self- Self-fulfillment in a World of Out-of-Control Environments

Topic 7.– Planning, Execution and Analysis. Modern and Avant-garde Tools: Personal Strategy, Approach, Prevention; Anticipatory Capacity; Resilience, Synergy, Teamwork.

-Focus – Learn to Focus and Execute

Topic 8 – Management, Virtues and Values in these New Times.

Topic 9.- Management Oneself and  Self Steem. Stress management. Enthusiasm as Motivational Psychology.

-Attitude. Personal Attitudes to face the present and in the face of adversity.



Abdelisse Yorro

Abdelisse Yorro

Co-Pastor of “La Primera” Christian Church-Extensive Experience Teaching and Experiencing Leadership and Change to People and Organizations.
Abdelisse Yorro exemplifies a strong woman in leadership. Her initiative and influence as a leader extends from her primary responsibility as a mother of two adult children and one adolescent. Her career as a legal assistant at an insurance defense law firm has been comprised of nothing less than leading her team to organizational and administrative success. Lastly, Abdelisse is also the co-pastor of “La Primera” Christian Church in Kissimmee where she not only is heavily involved in all aspects of ministry decision making, but also flourishes in what she is most passionate about: teaching others the Bible and the application of those principles to the daily needs of her listeners. Abdelisse is driven by a genuine desire to encourage others in finding hope in the midst of despair. In her spare time, Abdelisse loves to spend time with her family as well as diving into the artistry of craft.

Carlos Enrique Brandt Atias

Carlos E. Brandt

Director Global Wings, Florida. USA- MBA and Electrical Engineer.
CAREER HISTORY & SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS Business Development Director 06/2018 to Present Global Wings, Florida. USA. -Analyze business opportunities, market conditions and prepare sales and marketing plans to grow in USA and Latin America markets. Business Director 01/2013 to 05/2018 and 04/2004 to 12/2007 -Cvision Servicios Consulting, Venezuela -Provide Sales, Marketing and Strategic Planning consulting services for organizations in different industries in Latin America: Healthcare, Telecom, IT, Software, Industrial and Services. Country Manager 03/2008 to 10/2012 Spraying Systems, Colombia Managing daily operations of the company and leading a sales team for Latam: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE -Marketing Director Intesa IT. -Marketing and Strategic Planning Director Large Accounts (Kraft, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Polar, Colgate, Nabisco, Citibank, Phillip Morris, etc.), Cantv-Verizon, Venezuela. EDUCATION -Master of Business Administration (MBA). IESA, Venezuela. -Electrical Engineer. Metropolitana University, Venezuela.
Marcel Arellano-19

Marcel Arellano

Founder, Partner and CEO of CMPROF- MBA-Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management at Sloan School of Management – MIT.
Marcel Arellano is Founder, Partner and CEO of CMPROF Training & Development LLC; Strategy Creativity @strategycreativity and the Professional Development Studies Center- CEAPROF, Companies that develop training programs in all areas of human knowledge for National, Internationals and Multinational Organizations, Companies and Entrepreneurs. Marcel received BS degree in Economics at the Andres Bello Catholic University- UCAB- Caracas, Venezuela- 1995, also an Specialization in Business Administration- UCAB-Caracas- 1997 and Master’s Studies in Business Administration- UCAB- Caracas, Venezuela. Also Marcel Arellano received Executive Certificate of Strategy and Innovation at Sloan School of Management- MIT- 2009, Cambridge, MA, USA; and Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management at Sloan School of Management – MIT – 2011, Cambridge, MA, USA He is Lecturer in Management, Leadership, Game Theory, Creativity and Innovation. Author of the Creativity Tools Book, authorship in Spanish and English. Business Consultant and Advisor.

Eduardo Paz

Eduardo Paz

Master of Electrical Engineering – Cornell University- Engineering Degree from Cornell University.
Mr. Paz has over 30 years of experience working for large Fortune 500 companies as well as for medium and small sized companies. Mr. Paz has worked in the US and Spain, and developed businesses in the rest of Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Mr. Paz has extensive international experience in Executive Management, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Operations, Finance, and Engineering. Mr. Paz holds a Master of Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University (1983) and a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University (1982).



FEE Includes:

Coffee breaks and Certificate of completion after of Seminar


7:30 AM – 6:30 PM EDT



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