Epiphany means manifestation, revelation or apparition, interpretation of visions beyond this world, in the Christian world it refers to the manifestation or revelation of Christ in the world.

Epiphany can also be conceptualized in the philosophical sense, as a deep sense of fulfillment in the sense of understanding the essence of things.

It is all that can be at the heart of things or people, that is, to see that from now on it feels resolved, solved, completed, which was very difficult to achieve.

Epiphany can be an enlightened thought, an inspiration that seems to be a thing of God, as only He would think of such a thing, it means that one has had an indescribable and unique thought.

In the Catholic Church it is celebrated with the arrival of the Magi of the East by the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, that is, the revelation of Jesus Christ to the World.

In the Orthodox Church the birth of Jesus is celebrated, that is, his appearance in the flesh.

It is also a Christian festival in which Jesus takes a human presence on earth, that is, where Jesus makes himself known.

The term epiphany can be understood, according to Some theologians as a translation of the concept of “glory of God”, which indicates the traces of its passage or, to simplify, its presence.

In the New Testament, in the Letters of Paul, it refers to the entrance of Christ into the world, presented as that of the emperor who comes to take possession of his kingdom-all this is derived from the word Adventus, which in Latin means time of Advent as preparation for Christmas.

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