Be Happy- Save People- Save their Souls

All of us who are in this world 🌎 more or less to date a number of 7,671,213,352 people 😃

regardless of our religion, beliefs, race, social status, how and where we are or be, we must and must love God 🙏🏻 over all things, love ❤️ ourselves and our neighbor,

each of us must and we have the right to be happy 😃 , to live a full life and enjoy what God gave us, bequeathed us, because we are part of this World 🌍 we are part of the Universe 🌈 and because we are children in the image and likeness of God 🙏🏻

and that is why we must and have the right to care for and save our Soul 👻and that of each other in this World 🌍

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