SELF MOTIVATION – How to motivate yourself

a) Intrinsic motivation. it consists in obtaining pleasure and satisfaction in the accomplishment of a task and it is based on the desire to see ourselves controlling our behavior and see ourselves capable and competent. In these circumstances we do not expect any reward.

b) Self-realization is the activity for which people strive to learn, create and work to achieve its greatest potential.

c) Self-esteem is the consideration we have of ourselves. The People with high self-esteem are willing to accept major challenges and, in the face of failure, react by increasing their efforts. People with low self-esteem expect to perform tasks poorly and in the face of failure they reduce their efforts in future tasks.

d) Self-protection that is to free ourselves from evils and dangers.

We must examine our body and our mind and take concepts of strengths and weaknesses and then know, accept and value ourselves in a fair dimension without excesses or defects.

e) The person who has intrinsic motivation that self-realizes, that has self-esteem and is capable of self-protection can easily reach self-motivation.

f) There are people who are always happy, who work to be perfect, who are encouraged, who agree with their neighbors (family, neighbors, peers) and who live in peace, living and letting others live. These people are self-motivated. The fact of being encouraged better and constantly more than the others, they show that their motivation does not decline, on the contrary, they work for the better and achieve excellence, even if they do not achieve perfection.

g) What starts well, ends well.

The first hours of the day influence our emotions, so we must let those hours pass without major complications in order to keep our self-motivation in peace and tranquility. You can make breakfast (biologically necessary) a time to share with the family in peace and love.

h) Do not let yourself be influenced by the weather.

Do not let the weather spoil your day. No event or activity can ruin a day because it can not be done due to the weather. “Rain, thunder or flashing “is the commitment of many people to meet some activity and if there is commitment there has to be sacrifice. Let’s take out the umbrella, the cap and the overcoat, as well as long boots and go to fulfillment.

i) Listen to positive things in the morning.

Most news presented by the media are negative. That sells. But let us not be filled with negativities, for that of The law of attraction. Leave for the night the knowledge of those questions if they are necessary. Well, hearing negative things can make unconsciously we program ourselves negatively for the rest of the day and can suffer our self-motivation.

j) Try to smile and laugh before any event. This technique is scientifically proven, by laughing the brain produces the endorphins that act on the whole organism as if they were analgesics and energizers. Laughter infallible remedy preaches a magazine of many years. After laughing the body has feeling of well-being for many hours. So keep your self-motivation smiling or laughing out loud. You have to be careful to laugh at someone, it would be an unforgivable offense, therefore we will laugh without any risk of offending.

k) Positivize your inner dialogue

All human beings spend long hours of the day talking with ourselves. We have pre-recorded tapes that we play one and again. If those films talk about positive things they help us; but if by negative they take away energy. We have the power to point out the dialogue that we will have if the tape accidentally tells us that we are worthless, that we are ugly or that nothing is going well for us, stop that tape and remove it from the mental cassette and introduce another with positive characters. And not we must focus only on the weaknesses. Let’s focus on our strengths and the world will change.

The best psychologists in the world positivize the internal dialogue and it works.

l) Involve in extracurricular activities.

To blur us at least from times of tense situations that sometimes We experiment with one or several extracurricular activities. They are tasks unrelated to work. Beautify the neighborhood; participate in a sports team; help in a nursing home; ball championships; a literary workshop or learn a foreign language. They are very timely and recommendable exhaust valves to burn tensions and defocus at will of situations that cause tension and demotivation, destroying self-motivation so persecuted and desired.

m) Do not waste time. It is foolish to waste time because “time lost until the saints mourn it,” there are alternatives for a better use of time:

1) Determine objectives and priorities.

2) Make decisions. What to do and what not to do.

3) Determine blocks of productive time and leisure time.

4) Be realistic when calculating the times of all activities.

5) Leave unforeseen time margins.

6) Take advantage of “useless” scattered times.

7) Schedule time for non-essential but necessary activities.

8) Anticipate tasks to avoid later agglomerations.

9) Filter the demands to say “no”

10) Know and improve one’s work capacity.

11) Be able to delegate.

12) Use planning, in all activities (family, work, social, religious, political, professional, sports, rest.)

13) Rest enough, it is not a waste of time because it eliminates stress and worries.

n) Meet with positive people.

“Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are” Being positive is contagious. There are people who see the glass half a glass of water”. Half Empty “but there are others who see it” Half Full “.

Who is negative has limitations, who is positive has possibilities.

There is a positive communication process.

Negative people that we can not avoid, if we can neutralize them in our mind. Every negative insinuation we hear block it in our internal forum. No one can discourage us if we do notWe allow, people with limitations abound and there are few star people. Usually in an organization, ten percent of the staff goes forward, they are the star workers who solve problems, who they make decisions and ninety percent that stagnates or goes backwards; therefore it is necessary to supervise activity. Remember that people who cry make us cry; but people who laugh make us laugh. The possibility has made leaders, managers, entrepreneurs who study for themselves and apply what they have learned even at the cost of sacrifices without looking back.

ñ) Take or have the failures as experience. It has always been said that failures are the key to success. This is a condition of the winning leaders.

They know that once in a while life, which is a game, sends us to the ground and this hurts. But they do not stay crying and get up every time they fall. They look forward and continue. Of the failures they learn and many say that there are no failures, only learnings that feed them. They are rungs to reach the higher heights; for true failures are problems and they do not save them for what they are for years, the discouragement, the laziness, the laziness the indolence dominates them. The first ones see opportunities, challenges and animate and fly to get to the top, from where they see down and laugh. Bolivar, Gandi, Mother Teresa were examples of positivity and there were no barriers for them. The world remembers them for their effectiveness in all actions and are an example of compliance for the sacrifice and service they rendered.

o) Just as faith moves mountains, self-motivation also. The man of faith Believe in what is not seen and self-motivated as well. If you find your reasons to be and be self-motivated that is the most important thing; But those reasons go through intrinsic motivation, self-realization, self-esteem, self-protection, self realization and self transcendence.

Self-motivated people are consulted and followed by many others as they become a spiritual guide, are creative and are never tired.

Let’s be self-motivated and we will do wonders.

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