how to save the planet and save people

What is the relationship between the Earth (atmosphere, earth, seas, oceans, rivers), the Sun, the Moon, the people, the Health of people, the other Astros, the Universe.

In the connection of all the variables I say, that everything is related to everything and a movement or behavior in a variable or person affects a whole system.

Personal behavior for good or bad in the chain of other variables of a system, in the end affects the entire ecosystem and the Universe.

Let’s explain a little:

In physics Energy is related to the Mass by the Speed ​​of Light; The Speed ​​of Light is a number, it is a constant, then the Mass remains, variables that can be more affected or affected to a greater or lesser extent.

E = m.c ^ 2

Energy is a function of quantifiable dimensions: distance, mass, time and speed.

Therefore the equation E = m.c ^ 2 – is a conversion between mass and energy, which result in a related conversion between time and distance.

Movement is energy, Electricity is energy, Heat is energy, Light is energy and all these things can be converted into each other.

In physics we have the principle that total energy is conserved, maintained.

So if E = mc ^ 2 we say that the amount of energy that remains in something depends only on the mass, because the speed of the Light is constant, then the energy that remains in all forms equally depend on: the air, the rocks (earth), water, fire, trees, people.

If the speed (movement) affect the measurements of time and space; then the frequency (number of times x Second that something, a cycle repeats) affects the energy of the total System considerably, if the phase of doing the same cycle becomes more frequent, or more frequent.

We also have to analyze the measures of Position and Moment of things in physics, these are not numbers but called Operators, the Moment operates in the Mass and the Speed ​​of Light; and the Position also operates in the Mass and but more in the Speed ​​of Light.

Then Time, Distance and Speed ​​describe special relativity.

Therefore, more Speed ​​and Moment is needed to create energy.

All this reminds us of the Dilation of Time in special relativity. As time goes slower when you are moving, as you move faster, time will mostly slow down. And when the speed of Light is reached, time stands still.

The faster you move, the less time passes, the time is won. It’s like doing many more things in less time.

But when going less fast, less energy is created, more energy is conserved, the mass is preserved, let us remember that the Mass is the relation of Earth (rocks), water, air, fire, trees, people.

In conclusion, those who want to go faster, of course, yes they beat time in a relative and temporary way; but they will not diminish personal aging or stop it; they will create more energy by negatively impacting the Mass.

On the contrary, by decreasing the speed, the frequency, and the moment, energy and mass will be conserved for one, for all and for future generations.

Basically, tranquility, reassurance, calm down, avoid so much agitation from day to day, is not so bad, it will help you from every point of view, your children and future generations.

As our grandparents said: “of the trouble and hurry up nonsense the only thing that is left is fatigue”

Point and end.

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