The Power of the Illogical

Alice in Wonderland

The illogical

Chapter I

Down the Rabbit Hole

The hollow of the rabbit was direct and long like a tunnel, and Alicia fell in Him directly, so that she did not have time to think about stopping so as not to fall in Him, in such a way that she saw herself already inside and falling deeply, while I was going down, I saw things that were going up and up.

Chapter II

The Pool of tears

Chapter III

A Caucus Race

They started running (Alicia, Dodo, the mouse, the duck, the eaglet and Lory) when They wanted, and stopped when everyone wanted, so you never knew when the race was over, however, when they had half an hour running, and they were a little tired, Dodo suddenly shouted “The Race is over” and then all of them came together, tired and wondering, but Who Won ?, at the end Dodo says We Win Everyone and everyone must have prizes.

Chapter IV

The Rabbit sends in a little Bill

Oh your fool Alice, Alicia answered herself: have not you learned the lesson? Why? there is little space for you, and no space for, for a lesson in a book-

“Talking to herself, talking to her Ego, to her Herself”

Chapter VI

Pig And Pepper

Alice was going by a road and suddenly got two ways, a fork, And suddenly Alicia saw a fat cat that appeared and disappeared and Alicia asked him:

“Could you please tell me which way I should grab to get out of here?” The Cat answered: that depends on where you want to arrive I do not care much where Alicia answered So it does not matter which way you grab, said the Cat Alicia added so far as I leave here

Chapter VIII

The Queen’s Croquet Ground

All the players played at the same time without waiting turn, all disordered at the same time and peeling the ball that was a porcupine, and suddenly the Queen became furious, and he said shouting that they cut off his head, and outside his heads

Chapter XII

Alicia’ s Evidence

Alicia showed a jury trial and everything, and where the King always said “Let the jury consider your verdict”, he said it 20 times and then the Queen said No, no Sentence first and verdict later, Alice said this does not make sense, the idea of ​​the sentence first, Silence said the Queen in a serious voice.

I will not, said Alicia, then Corténle la Cabeza, said the Queen, shouting to the top of her voice, nobody moved.

What does it matter, Alicia said, Alicia had grown to its original state, you are only a handful of letters, all of them (as letters flew through the air and fell next to her, she gave a great cry, half of anger half of fear, and tried to hit them all, and suddenly found herself lying in a bench with the head on the legs of his sister, who was removing from his head some leaves that fell Alicia, and her sister Alicia told her, Alicia wakes up, what a terrible dream you gave yourself, Oh what a strange dream that I had said Alice.

Her sister was to Alice’s left, holding her head in her hand, watching the sunset, and thinking of her little sister Alicia and what she had told him about her adventure in Wonderland, plus she too He began to dream and that was his dream.

First she dreamed of her own sister, she could hear her sister’s tone of voice, the whole place around her became alive, it came alive with strange creatures from her little sister’s dream.

The grass ran on her feet, just as the white rabbit ran around, the frightened mouse fell in the water of the neighbors’ pool, she could hear the sound of the plates and cups of tea, as well as hear the hare and her friends sharing the meal without any end, and heard the shrill voice of the Queen ordering the head to be taken from everyone, likewise he heard the pig and its screams on the knee of the Duchess, also the Griphon and the lizard, and the blows the Pig Pig gave, all They filled the scene, mingling with the miserable sounds of the lying turtle.

She sat with her eyes closed, half believing herself in wonderland, even though she knew that only by looking back would the harsh reality come true – the boiling would be only blowing with the wind and the pool sounding with the wind, the sound of tea cups would be the sound of the bells of the oars, and the shrieks of the Queen it would be the voice of the shepherd of the ova, and the sound of a baby, of the griphon and all the other sounds would change (she I knew) because of the confused glamor of the whole farm and its busy surroundings, while the cattle coming down on the distance took the place of the lying Turtle and its heavy sounds.

Finally, she imagined how her little sister, after time, would be herself a big woman, would grow up to be a woman, how she would keep all these memories through the years, the simple and kind heart of her childhood, and how she could reunite her own sons and daughters and make his eyes shine and eager with many of his strange and fantastic stories, perhaps with the dream in the wonderland he had dreamed a long time ago; and how she would feel with her feelings and memories and find pleasure in all her simple enjoyments, remembering her own life as a girl – her childhood, and those happy summer days.

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