how is it that good will triumph in Venezuela





There is no doubt that the Venezuelan government during all this time has strategically planned its permanence in power, it has been and has been maintained through a combination of unhealthy ideologies and many other things such as: outdated ideologies, planned politics towards the control of everything, economic ignorance, ill-conceived ideas, badly channeled expenses, generalized corruption, delinquency, opportunists, populism everywhere and stop counting.

All this has been done to stay in power, to impose its hegemonic ideological model, within all, the model has been induced with and for evil, with premeditation and treachery, without any moral or ethical, so some think that the objective was and is social redemption and social justice, that never happened, it was never achieved here or anywhere, that does not exist today, much less in Venezuela, that will never be in Venezuela under this model of authoritarianism.

Letters from the devil to his nephew- book by C. S. Lewis:


The strategy was and is unusual, to inculcate, incite, tempt and induce people to what sin, bad and unhealthy things there are through many stages, deceptive, evil, devilish and tactical facets: those of us who have studied demonology understand a little this, how the devil incites sin, through temptations, lies and passions- Asmodeus, Incubus and Sucubu demons of lust, robbery, sodomia, Mammon demon of greed, greed, Leviathan of envy, Belfegor of laziness, Amon demon of anger, Beelzebub demon of gluttony (the gluttony was at the beginning and now with the Venezuelan famine only those who steal can commit greed) and of the arrogance the devil is Lucifer, and any other sin similar to that is named here, all induced by outdated ideologies, induced by money, conscience buying, lying, consumerism, death, false stories, false patriotism, evil worship, witchcraft, apology to the dark, to death and evil, fraud, ignorance, manipulation, farce and the absurd.

Temptations that as human beings often we can not avoid, but we have the duty to do it for personal and collective good, and thus avoid greater evils.

And all this with that end, with the ultimate goal of maintaining a corrupt power good for nothing, only good for some and bad for the majority, manipulated majorities, led by a psychological behaviorism to stay in power and enrich a few, a psychology Machiavellian of the masses.


Machiavellus was stupid

Said Machiavelli: the government that does not enjoy popularity should impoverish the vulgar-the people, to stay in power, impoverish the vulgar and therefore enrich the principality.


Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Both the good and the bad will be equated with time, the excesses and defects will be adjusted and equated with time. Nothing or nobody escapes from that.

In short an evil to achieve nothing or very little, as they say of the errors and the bad thing is only the learning, this is also going to talk about what we learned, learn and our learning curve. But as a writer said, wisdom comes when you do not need it, despite everything we will see that, from all this, something good will come out that will materialize in the future and that will last over time.



Countless resources and human talent were wasted, financial resources were lost in the order of 1 trillion dollars in all these years.

That is equivalent to more than 4 Marshall Plans that were given for the reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War.


The lost time:

It was not necessary so much suffering and destruction at the whims of a few, to impose an absurd ideology without any foundation, only to enrich some and by power.

In this land it is preferable to lose money and not time, money is replenished, time almost not. Whoever knows how to take advantage of time will gain many things, in the end it will double because at the end of each person only the Soul will remain and the Soul will be: understanding, memory and will; and only that will remain forever in some place for eternity.



In search of lost time (original title: À la recherche du temps perdu), composed of seven parts published between 1913 and 1927, is one of the peaks of twentieth century literature, enormously influential in both the field of literature and in that of philosophy and art theory.

From the disaster are the rubble and learning, as in the wars here is finished with everything, both good and bad, it was devastated with everything like a tsunami that destroys what is seen and can not be seen, a point in favor, those of us who are in favor of the truth, Venezuelan idolatry was mitigated enough to laziness and poorly conceived comfort, I explain: the vices also suffered with this crisis and this disaster, horse games, drunkenness, consumerism, bad spending, waste , social drugs, incessant pleasure trips, games everywhere, even when all this still exists, hyperinflation in very difficult to maintain vices, some whims or all this at the same time. Total many vices and whims also paid for the dishes.

The little quality of life that we Venezuelans had vanished with the dictatorship, the outdated ideology, the waste and all its absurd policies.

You have to see the whole film from the beginning, the intermediate, the climax and the end – the results, to understand what happened here, it will never be understood as a whole – just seeing a few chapters, the beginning or the end of the movie, you have to see the complete history to understand the whole and the whole and its parts; and also see it in several perspectives as if we saw the whole from above, seeing the map and the islands from a helicopter and not only from the ship, from above to understand the complete map with helicopter vision.




For better or for worse more than 5,000,000 Venezuelans have left the country, sooner or later they will reach the learning curve that with this economic model they would never acquire; for some reason or other, for malice, madness, foolishness and all its implications, and a little for philosophical and theological reasons have taken us all out of the comfort zone. A country would never progress without Education and Management, things that we had in the past but that we did not know how to maximize, deepen and take advantage of, otherwise we would not have reached the current situation, the Chávez government and the current one, and even before the Chavez they achieved many things, there was still much to be done; We have had difficult times but I think we will know how to recover them, because we are going to recover and grow the country from many facets, since many of us will have grown as individuals and internally more than proportional to what we were before.


The Enchanted Fable – Pictor’s Metamorphosis:

Those of us who have studied innovation and how economists understand that taking us out of the comfort zone and oil comfort, which served us well but never to be developed in the first world, forced us to push our limits far beyond our normal possibilities , and thus achieve what we could not have done every day – we are already achieving it and we will see it clearer in the medium term, the 5,000,000 people abroad plus the 25,000,000 people who are in the country for some or the other reason, they have learned to survive, create and seek the best of themselves, and mainly those from outside acquired and acquire Education and Management (Gary Becker) is as if they had sent us to do a super doctorate coupled with super practices – learning and evidence Empirical in multiple areas: personal skills, finance, financial intelligence, entrepreneurship, computing, computing and social networks, innovation and creativity, sales, languages ​​and culture; and above all discipline, work, social skills, strength, persistence, perseverance, responsibility, emotional intelligence and stop counting; Imagine if all these people returned to the country with all these intangibles as well as money, the learning curve in all this, the empirical evidence would be impressive, it was possible to acquire Education and Management at the same time – (Gary Becker Nobel Prize in Economics, no country will have economic growth if it does not have these two things) and to apply it in the country, logically with other governments, and another managerial, political and economic model, would generate a growth without limits and without precedents.

It would be an economic multiplier never seen in our country and in any other.

God we hope that here people can and can return.

On the other hand, we will have to learn to redistribute the skills, techniques, knowledge and human talents to all Venezuelans, we must once and for all learn to sow oil and other resources, instead of redistributing the few riches provided by Providence .

“If you take away all those who know how to produce their means of production and give them to those who know nothing of this, eventually they will eat and break all resources, and eventually those who did know how to produce will return with better techniques, skills and acquire their means of production again and with more, they will produce much more than before and with greater benefit and wealth “Luis Alberto Machado- The Revolution of Intelligence

When people acquire knowledge, skills, information and learning, people reduce the gap between trial and error, understand situations in a better way, learn to solve problems more skillfully and tend to avoid error, more in line with objectives and high impact achievements.

“We want people to be educated, to acquire knowledge, to emerge and grow, to be better people, to be honest professionals, who have human virtues, techniques and abilities, for the progress of themselves and the Society, otherwise we will have done nothing, I am here to educate them, if you have learned something, I will leave with the satisfaction of having been a good teacher and you good students “Ramón Arellano Sánchez – multiple conferences with the Ceaprof @ceaprof and book The Personal Growth.




“If you do not yet believe in the Power of God, observe the Hippopotamus and the Crocodile two of the strongest animals created by God, can walk on the earth and swim in the water” – God said to Job: in one of his contradictions before the test, lack of faith and disbelief; why do you doubt me ?, why do not you trust me yet, why do not you believe in me, what are you afraid of ?; observe the Hippopotamus and the Crocodile two of the strongest animals created by me, can walk on the earth and swim in the water “book of Job in the Old Testament.


The struggle between good and evil

There is no doubt that we are facing an unprecedented struggle between good and evil. To the Archangels, Angels and souls, the fight comes from another world, to those of us who are alive, we have to fight from this land. God begging but with the mallet giving.

There is no alternative but to continue working for the early recovery of Venezuela and our children.

You can not fight only without help among us, in Union and in Union with God the Creator, with the help of our Mother, Our Lady and with the help of those destined to repel the Demons.

“Nothing will trouble you, nothing will scare you, everything will happen, God will not move. The patience reach everything; Who God has Nothing is missing: Only God is enough “

Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus

San Miguel Arcángel and its usefulness:

The veneration of the archangel Michael in Christianity – Catholicism – is based mostly on readings of the New Testament and adopting those that refer to him in the Old. Precisely in the Apocalypse it reads:

“There was a great fight in the heavens. Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon. Also the Dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail and there was no longer any place in Heaven for them. And the Dragon was thrown, the ancient Serpent, the so-called Devil and Satan, the seducer of the whole world; he was thrown to the earth and his angels with him. “(Revelation 12, 7-9)

And in the Epistle of St. Jude (verse 9), the cult of Michael is linked to Jewish traditions:

“When the archangel Michael disputed with the devil, the possession of the body of Moses, he did not dare to say curse but said:” The Lord rebuke you. “

It is believed that he appeared in Fatima (Portugal) in 1916, before the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, where, prostrating, he carried the message of praying to three children shepherds (Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco) inviting them to pray as follows: “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you. I ask your forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not worship, do not wait and do not love You. ”

It is said that on October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII experienced, during the celebration of the mass, a vision in which he saw Satan and his demons challenging God, saying that he could destroy his Church if he wanted to. However, the pontiff thought that if the devil did not achieve his mission, he would suffer a humiliating defeat. He then saw Michael appear and throw Satan and his legions into the abyss of Hell. Then he called his secretary for the Congregation of Rites. He handed him a sheet of paper and sent it to be sent to all the bishops of the world, indicating that the prayer he had written had to be recited after each Mass (and this was done, until the Second Vatican Council


Crown to San Miguel Arcángel.

This prayer is:

«San Miguel Arcángel, defend us in the fight.

Be our protection against the perversity and the snares of the devil.

May God manifest his power over him, that is our humble request;

and you, Prince of the Celestial Militia, with the strength that God has conferred on you,

throws Satan and other evil spirits into hell

who roam the world for the destruction of souls.





Just as in Armageddon, in all struggles between evil and archangels, between good and evil, good has always triumphed, it has not been like this a priori in wars created by man, but a posteriori the good triumphs over the evil, the evil is dispelled and the truth reappears, in Venezuela the same thing is happening, some disaster-makers will regret and others will not. The truth is that times in history will always change, business cycles will never be the same, neither above nor below will be perennial, everything will adjust and be equated to the truth. We have more than 2000 years in the same history and fight, and this has always been and always will be.

The cycle of the 7 fat cows and the 7 thin cows will be fulfilled. And God is and will always be the owner of perceptions.

Finally we must understand, if the devil urges man to cause and be the cause of evil on earth, even more man has intellectual, material and spiritual tools to avoid it and repel that evil by his own decision and with the Divine help, otherwise sooner or later God will impose his Power through his mercy and justice.


I finish with what Pope Francis says: “You can not believe in God and be a gangsters”


Marcel Arellano

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