Self evaluation or Own evaluation

I believe that as Human Beings we can only perfect ourselves, insofar as we are coherent with the correct principles, within our nature divine gifts will be unleashed that will perfect us”

Teilhard de Chardin

“When you see a good man try to imitate him, when you see a bad man, examine yourself”


Next we ask  83  questions. Each question is worth two points.

Are you sincere? If not

If you answered Yes, answer the questionnaire immediately.

If your answer was negative, we congratulate you. You are learning to be honest.

Read the questions first, then meditate for an hour and then answer the complete questionnaire:


1. Am I punctual in the obligations of my house? 

2. Am I punctual in the obligations of my work? 

3. Do I take care of things at home and at work? 

4. Do I earn the trust of those who live with me? 

5. Do I earn the trust of those who work with me?

6. Am I independent or do I depend a lot on others?

Work habits:

7. Do I like to work? 

8. Do I consider the work worthy? 

9. Do I consider that the work was done by God as punishment? 

10. Do I know what it means “with the sweat of your forehead will you eat?”

11. Am I happy with the work I have?

Health habits:

12. Do I drink water frequently? 

13. Am I neat in the dress? 

14. Do I bathe every day? 

15. When I sit down do I do it in a crazy way?

16. Do I read frequently and have good habits for mental and physical health?

17. Do I believe that I can dedicate one (1) day to fishing or resting, one (1) day of celebration, and five (5) days to work and to become acculturated?

Personal presentation:

18. How do I introduce myself to others? 

19. What manners do I have? 

20. What should I correct? 

21. What vocabulary do I use? 

22. Am I tolerant of fellowmen? 

23. Am I tolerant with myself? Do I take care of myself and rest? 

24. Am I haughty, proud and quarrelsome? 

25. Am I a drunkard  and player gambler?


26. Am I original or am I a copycat? 

27. Do I have ingenuity or should I look for it and learn it? 

28. How does my imagination work? 

29. Have I learned that sometimes imagination kills? 

30. Am I spontaneous or do I want to be asked? 

31. Am I conservative? (keep old things, procedures and items)

32. Do I like new things?


33. Do I comply with the uniqueness (only one) of resources for action?

34. Do I like multiplicity? (multiple resources) 

35. Am I persistent or do I give in to the first exchange?


36. Do I like to participate in groups? 

37. Do I find it in bad taste to photograph myself in groups? 

38. How do I act at parties, social gatherings, politics and wakes? 

39. Am I loyal to the group or do I eat the cheese alone?


40. Do I have self-control? 

41. Am I balanced in family and social treatment? 

42. Do I accept that I be appointed for commissions? 

43. Do I shun responsibilities? 

44. Do I hesitate, doubt or tremble when executing an action? 

45. Am I an optimist or am I a pessimist? 

46. ​​Do I think before acting or acting without thinking? 

47. Do I talk nonsense or bullshit? 

48. Am I humble or am I vain? 

49. Am I able to hear, or shout to not hear the other? 

50. Do I tell the truth even though it may be harmful to me?

Charity, Goodness and Doing Good:

51. What good have I done today?

52. What good have I done in the week, in the month, in the year?

53. I have initiatives and acts of charity with my neighbor

54. Am I Courteous?

55. Is it hard for me to do good?

56. Can I correct others kindly?

57. I know when to self-correct?

58. My activities, work and profession are linked to my own good, my family, my neighbor, my society and my country?

59. I think about myself but about others too?

60. My activities are in Harmony with the Creator and Architect of the Universe?

Family, friends and society:

61. Am I a good son or daughter?

62. Am I a good husband or wife?

63. Am I a good brother or sister?

64. Am I a good father or mother?

65. Am I a good friend?

66. I think about doing good to society?

67. I think about doing some good for my company?

68. I think about doing something good to my environment, where I live?

69. I think about doing some good to my City or State?

70. I think about doing something good for my Country or Country where I live, in short something for this World where we live?

Regarding the Virtues according to Benjamin Franklin:

71. Do you practice Temperance?

72. Do you practice Silence from time to time?

73. Do you practice Order?

74. Do you practice Resolution?

75. Do you practice frugality?

76. Do you take the initiative and are you proactive?

77. Do you practice Sincerity?

78. Do you practice Justice?

79. Do you practice Moderation?

80. Do you practice Cleanliness in everything?

81. Do you practice Tranquility?

82. Do you try to practice chastity?

83. Are you humble?

We are not perfect, but by self-evaluating we can begin to correct what it costs us, what we lack and maximize the points in favor.

Put your score. You will know if it has grown or if it is necessary to start over. Remember that failures are the foundation of success. Remember also that in life those who do nothing are always willing to criticize those who do something. And to finish remember also:  hold and you will live well.

“If we do not correct ourselves, God, the Creator sooner or later will correct us and for Love”


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