The Benjamin Franklin’s Scheme of Employment for the Twenty – Four hours of a natural day 

The precept of Order requiring that every part of your  business should have its allotted time, the following is a Scheme of Employment for the Twenty – Four hours of a natural day according to Benjamin Franklin:

1.- The Morning :  Question ?  What good shall I do This day ?


5    Rise, wash and address Powerful Goodness ¡

6    Contrive day’s business, and take the resolution of the day; 

7    prosecute the present study and breakfast.

8    Work

9    Work

10   Work

11   Work

2.- Noon


12    read, overlook accounts 

1      Lunch

2      Work

3      Work

4      Work

5      Work

3.- Evening- Question: What good have I done Today?


6    Put things in their places

7    Supper. Music or diversion

8    or conversation.

9    Examination of the day.

4.- Night


10   Sleep

11   Sleep

12   Sleep

1     Sleep

2     Sleep

3     Sleep

4     Sleep

Benjamin Franklin sometimes used a little prayer which he took from Thompson’s Poems:

“Father of light and life, thou Good Supreme¡

O teach me what is good; teach me Thyself¡

Save me from folly; vanity, and vice,

From every low pursuit; and fill my soul

With Knowledge, conscious peace and virtue put;

Sacred, Substancial, never- fading Bliss¡”

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