The Allies of the Human Being for Personal Growth


Excerpt from the book of my father Dr. Ramon Arellano Sánchez – Personal Growth – Non Nova Sed Nove – in memory of my father one year after his departure

“The torrents of heaven descended like a pestilence that only left the rude and illiterate among you and so you began again as children.”

Plato (Tímeo)

“We will bind the sun to the stars dear earth, so that there is no revolt in space or time and so, every day that dawns, we can start again.”

The Incas

The intuition

The great discoveries of science have been the product of intuition, this knowledge has not been produced by the intellect, the advances of humanity have emerged from beyond. Recall Archimedes that he had problems to determine the amount of gold in a crown and could not find the solution no matter how he went round and round, one day while in the bathtub he noticed that his weight displaced an equal amount in water and the solution appeared : The water that travels is related to the weight. Eureka, eureka! He said, and ran out eureka, eureka! I screamed, and so I was finding the solution not to a problem but to a multiplicity of problems.

Intuition is the clear, intimate, instantaneous perspective of an idea or a truth, as if it were in view, that is, it is perceived, grasped, obtained, received an idea or a truth as if we were seeing.

It looks like a mirror that reflects everything there is.

What does man create in intuition? the man in the intuition does not create anything, the intuition is something existential, that is to say, that participates in the idea of ​​existing by itself and consequently it has always existed. Man does not create intuition, nor does he create things; he simply perceives them, takes them, notes them and sees them, but what happens if he sees them is because there are those things expressed in matter? No, they do not exist, man simply imagines them and sees them with the eyes of the mind that we have said so many times. This is how intuition gives meaning, splendor, blessing to things and discovers the secrets of existence.

Intuition provides great silence, serenity, and how it will not provide us if it is presenting something that already existed, but that we did not see it. The example is the mirror itself that placed on the ground reflects the stars and the moon, is something amazing. Intuition makes man wise and constitutes what can be called enlightenment or awakening, these are the names of one’s own wisdom. Let’s think about what we have achieved with intuition: Discoveries, advances, existential perception, meaning, splendor, blessing, silence, serenity, enlightenment, awakening, wisdom.

The instinct, the intellect and intuition are forming elements of consciousness, instinct and intuition must work together to have ends, if they do not work together there will only be means but not ends, then intuition is something that arises within your being, that is why it is called intuition, tuition in: Teaching in, internal teaching. Consciousness has been compared to a three-step ladder, the first being instinct, the second the intellect, and the third and highest would be intuition.

Both the instinct and the intellect and intuition use the prefix in, which means that they are innate qualities. Why is it said that we improve the intellect? We can not improve it, what we can is to use it in greater quantity, if it already exists, we can not create it and if it is already created by nature, we can not improve it, we can only learn to use it in the most productive way, using skills, tools , knowledge and general thinking skills, such as verbal reasoning and constant practice of problem solving.

Most people use only ten percent of the brain. The man to be aware of their actions, activities, thoughts and search, has to relax and relaxation is the basis of meditation, when the man meditates is looking for the differences and similarities of things, their definition, their characteristics, its colors, its weights, its measurements.

Let us not forget what the Scriptures say, that with perplexity, instability, haste and eagerness, who can add an elbow to his stature? This is why relaxation, the basis of meditation, is necessary in everything we do. If we are relaxed this leads us to meditation, as if by magic we will be presented with intuition and will show us what already exists, but we had not seen either with the natural eyes or with the eyes of the mind.

They say that the mind dominates the body, this is true but we can not become only in mind because, also, we could reach madness, not all body, not all mind, be ourselves, for that is the personal growth, to learn that we should not become anything, but be ourselves seeking the spiritual rebirth that enlarges the inner being to the higher knowledge. The instinct, the intellect and the intuition are to the conscience what the understanding, the will and the memory are to the potentiality of the human being.

Suppose a person lives always guided by his intuition, in a high degree of probability will always be happy to succeed or not, in this case the triumph is not the true criterion to follow, because it depends on many things. The criterion to follow should be happiness since it depends on ourselves. In those very materialistic people who live only to eat success is an idol, and if they do not achieve it they would fall into despair, for them this desire must be achieved even if it is passing over the corpse of others and this must constitute in itself an unhappiness, for which the purposes of life would be being obviated to seek personal satisfaction of a selfish and diabolical nature.

On the other hand if we try to request through personal growth a rebirth, an awakening, an illumination of our inner being until we acquire wisdom, we will be fulfilling the purposes of our life and among those purposes is happiness, that if it knocks on the doors of our house you have to open them wide and let her enter without hindrances of any kind.

Another difference that we must clarify between intuition and destiny is that fate is limited and we can predict it, it is often said: Fate is known, but it is not felt, instead, intuition is not known, but it is felt. It is like a direction given to us to get somewhere, but not any direction, but a superior one, which exists and we felt it at a given moment, allowing us to see what we did not see.

If we were drowning in a glass of water, through the relaxation that leads us to meditation, we will easily reach the intuition that will show us what seems impossible, but as it exists it was revealed to us.

Scientific and philosophical opinion is not taken into account. In philosophy or science, everything must be demonstrated with the rigor of a scientific method or a philosophical system, the opinion is respectable in politics or social relations, but not in philosophy or science.

When opinion can be used in philosophy, it becomes a postulate and we reduce to postulates what we can not demonstrate with reason. Pascal said that “the heart has reasons that reason does not know” is what we could call magical or intuitive knowledge of man, this type of knowledge is a seemingly mysterious world, but is written in the heart of man as in the glare of the stars or in the germination of life.

The illusions, dreams and desires

The senses can deceive us in what we perceive favorably or unfavorably. The imagination can suggest things that have a true reality in relation to concepts, images or representations. In both cases, when they are favorable, there is hope cherished without a rational foundation, but this happens without the need of disappointment, despair or distrust.

We say that we have a dream when those things that lack reality or foundation are related to projects and hopes that are unlikely to be realized. The golden dream comes to constitute a longing, a flattering, a desideratum.

When we say that the dream has been turned upside down or we talk about the dog’s dream, we are implying that the achievement of a pretense or utility that was already considered safe was decomposed, this kind of dreams is very similar to the expression of desire.

The illusion is a concept, image or representation without true reality, suggested by the imagination or caused by deception of the senses, for some people it is very easy to make false apprehension or make judgments of something that does not exist in reality or has no basis, based on only in their illusions, thus constructing images formed by fantasy.

Desire leads us to the vulgar, technical or scientific knowledge of things, to possession, whether as material possession, effective ownership or enjoyment of anything in itself, but it does not mean that these characters are already fulfilled, but that it is a movement strong, energetic, solid will towards the achievement of this ends.

The desire comes from yearning to happen or stop happening some event, it also means to be anxious to get something. For example: yearning for employment, honors, dignities, in these cases we do not act with disinterest, resignation, or lack of appetite; we would rather be faced with the burning desire to get power, riches, dignities and fame, becoming ambition.

If we lack dreams, illusions and desires we will have a blank mind, or rather in black, it is when we can be filled with cockroaches, is what our humble and simple people call having a chicken mind, but if we have these elements in our mind , we will have cherished hopes, even without a rational foundation. They are the chimeras, the dreams, the fantasies, the imaginations that move us in life and push us forward and never backwards.

We think for example of having a house and we imagine the house with garden, garage, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, we see it and even feel it, it is not in reality, but it is in our mind and we are going to put the whole resolution In doing it as we imagine it, that is the desideratum.

We have some savings in the bank, come on, we take them out and pay the land and the document that guarantees us the property. We already have the land, we have advanced fifty percent of our goal now comes to buy the rebar, the roof, the cement, the moorings, and other construction elements by then, and only then, look for the mason that makes us the construction or guide us in the first steps. Do we know how many visits an owner makes that has advanced the purchase of the land and the materials to build his house, to the place where it will be carried out? One visit a day? One visit a week? We can say without fear of error that your visit is daily and sometimes up to two or three times a day. Why so much visit? The answer is very easy: the illusions, the dreams and the desires are being fulfilled and the construction goes on.

The day of the inauguration arrives, all the relatives are invited, which appear with flowers, perfumes, liquors and meals. Congratulations, they say one after another. And the proud owner states: Wish fulfilled!

Now, what led this happy owner to make his house and have it ready and to make the invitations to inaugurate it? We believe that it was the interest you placed in the fulfillment and realization of your dreams, dreams and desires. One of the values ​​that we should seek to achieve and maintain is the family, without family comes solitude and loneliness, lack of illusions.

When we finish the fifth year of high school and still do not have a secure quota in any university, but we insist because we want to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Economist, Journalist, Psychologist, Dentist, Pharmacist, Bachelor of Arts, Philosopher, etc., and Finally we get the quota What happiness! We start a career and even give us help to study, the days, the weeks, the months and the years go by, the day of the cap and gown arrives and we receive the long-awaited title, and it is signed together with the rector by the two professors most loved, or most respected of the faculty and we send it to register. We are what we wanted.

It is possible that now dreams, illusions and desires are of a higher character, if we were able to meet the first, the second will be like drinking a glass of water. Without these chimerical elements we would be a nobody, a person whose self-esteem was to be sought, but now we have it ad nauseam.

Fundamental purposes of life

The purpose is the spirit or intention to do things, as well as there are nice things that we would love to do, there are other unpleasant things that we would not like, certain actions are vital and necessary, spiritual, aesthetic, legal, cognitive or knowledge, that we may or may not do them, according to our convenience or according to the circumstances, religious matters that we must do for the welfare of our faith and ethical actions that place us in communication with others.

There is no kindness alone but in relation to a man or a woman who practice it, the alms do not surrender alone, it requires someone to ask and someone to give it “that your left hand does not know what the right”. This situation of pleasantness, displeasure, vitality, spirituality, religiosity and ethics, has much to do with the new man, referred to the one who does, because in the measure that man does new things he is a new man, it is the law of creativity, of action, the antithesis of laziness, laziness, decay and discouragement.

Understanding is the door that allows us to enter the field of creation, through it we open our minds to the new things we can and must develop to improve our current situation and become authentic new men.

People are what they understand and the greatest understanding is raised in the theory of values; In the Western Hemisphere, with some variations, we find the Faith, the Creator, the Family, Work, Freedom, Education, Life, Truth, Love and Happiness.

Faith is the effort to achieve what we expect, the conviction regarding what we do not see. It is a light and supernatural knowledge that allows us to believe even without seeing, this conviction can also consist in the trust we have in some person or that they have us, also, in the credibility that is given to the word of a person who He has authority.

To act in good faith, is to act with rectitude and honesty, while those who act in bad faith do so with treachery and duplicity. In all things of life, good faith is always presumed, that is why they lend us money, help us, ask us for favors, we have friends and in general they facilitate what would not otherwise be possible. On the other hand, if we consider that someone acted in bad faith, it is necessary to prove it, to bring to the conviction of the listener the facts and circumstances on which the bad faith was based. Classic example is the lie and the gossip, these acts constitute the faith to the maximum pejoratively, because they make us believe false or erroneous things awakening in us the hatred towards the others.

The Creator is the Absolute, the last, the greatest and the most beautiful of the concentric circles that form the whole universal structure, is God. He made the heavens, the earth, the animals, the waters and created man in his image and likeness, slept him and made one of his ribs to the woman, called woman.

The family is the most sacred property, the most intimate relationship and the expression of incomparable solidarity, is the group of people related to each other, who live together and are under the authority of one of them, includes ascendants, descendants, collaterals and related of a person, in addition, forms the kinship, within which is the common trunk and the consanguineous or collateral branches, structuring the genealogical tree. They meet to eat, chat, tell each other what has happened in the day and on the street, celebrate a party or a birthday, pray, pray … in short for many things that are not done with strangers, consequently, the common is that the family meets alone, without auditions or consideration by people outside of family privacy.

On freedom we can say that it is the obverse of a medal whose reverse is power. There are several directions we find when talking about freedom, among them the conception of public freedoms, these are fundamental human rights and are classified into civil, political, economic and social rights. The constitution of the States generally regulates them, indicating them as the right to the free development of the personality, with no limitations other than those derived from the rights of others and public and social order. It is the free exercise of rights and obligations that correspond to individuals as individuals.

Freedom is the greatest of rights, there are others with some inaccuracy, such as the right of expression, religious freedom, dissemination of thought, assembly, association and civil liberties guaranteed by criminal and civil law, among others.

As for education, it is the teaching and doctrine that is given to children and young people. Today there is adult education to which thousands and thousands of citizens have come with the hope of learning to read, write and continue with their studies of primary, baccalaureate and university specialization. “Today I am a domestic worker, a social worker tomorrow,” we read on the placards. With education come learning, the ability to develop thinking skills, courtesy and civility.

These abilities are usually found naturally in the human being, although their level of study is basic, because they are generally acquired by culture and custom. However, academic instruction forces us to be polite and to manage the rules of urbanity with greater precision .

As the Liberator Simón Bolívar said “moral and lights are our first needs”.

Life is the essence of existence, the union of the soul and the body. It is the greatest thing we have, to be able to breathe, speak, see, smell, feel, hear, think, exist, feel, bleed and do everything that the body and the mind create possible, constitutes the vital expression or part of it. I say part because if we see life, death and immortality, we form a whole that never ends.

The truth is one, there are not several categories, it is not about error, doubt, opinion, probability, or ignorance, but about the certainty of the existence of things. It is the central theme of the theory of knowledge, around it all the other elements of scientific and humanistic thought are realized.

“Love is patient, helpful and without envy, does not want to pretend or become important, does not act with baseness or seek self-interest, does not allow himself to be carried away by anger but forgets offenses and forgives, never rejoices unfair and always likes the truth, love excuses everything, believes everything, waits for everything and endures everything. ” With these words of St. Paul in First Corinthians 13, 48, we have nothing to add.

We have happiness as the fundamental commitment of life. I will begin by remembering Mafalda, the Quino doll. Her mother went shopping and left her taking care of the house, she said “Mafalda takes care of the house and do not open the door to anyone” and left. When he had walked a block, the girl came running and asked her mother, “Mama, if happiness strikes by knocking on the door, can I open it?” The mother was perplexed.

Happiness consists then of satisfaction, taste, contentment and that is why we speak of the happiness of the world. If we are satisfied, we are happy, and happy, what else can we demand of life?

Happiness is a life purpose that we should look for as a value to advance our personal growth and that of our family.

Form the destination

Many people believe that luck influences the destiny of each one of us, others think that the future is subject to the whims of fortune, it seems that the wise were born wise, without any effort or work, but really that is not true.

In the presentation that was made of a professor in a university, whose curriculum had about fifty sections and when it was finished reading, the teacher asked permission to say that they would forgive the extension of the curriculum, but, that happens when you work. Obviously this teacher was not born wise, nor teacher, was done through work as he himself said.

Many times we do not do the necessary things to forge our destiny, having the opportunity we let go, and what our humble and simple people say and repeat happens: “The opportunity is painted bald”.

If we take a look at the situation of the great majority of the elderly, we see them living on the charity of their family or begging on the street, the percentage of people who reach a mature age and can satisfy their needs is very low , this is due primarily to a lack of personal development and secondly to a lack of social programs.

The lack of personal development is a cause of worry and anxiety in old age, as we believe that this time will never come, we spend what we earn and more, for which we are left and so we drag a debt that we can never pay and we arrived in the bus of those who request mercy.

We have to understand that we must ensure old age and the satisfaction of that need must be fulfilled by all means at our disposal: a social security pension, retirement, grace pension, savings, or any form of social security.

It is necessary that we begin to view old age and not wait for it without having taken the necessary precautions for such a case, but a vision not of the eyes but of the mind, to see with mental clarity the birth, growth development, adolescence, youth, adulthood and old age We must understand, desire and know what we want in each of these stages so as not to fall on the cliff or go to the precipice of unhappiness.

What happens with education? We want the letter to enter without any effort and thus get the elementary, high school and university, but, without hard work this is impossible, hence the great school defections, just the teacher or teacher demand the completion of school work, comes the stampede. The Liberator, Simón Bolívar, already said, “to have a country you need work and more work” and if what we want is easy, we are falling into laziness, laziness and misfortune.

It is good to remember that now the world is wonderful thanks to scientific and technological advances, past generations did not know libraries like those that exist today, bookstores that have all the materials, the Internet, color television and many other related technologies with communication; We have to take advantage of the opportunities that come with these advances.

Today almost everything is in sight, if we use agriculture, livestock, stones, quarries and wood, which are part of the primary sector of production, we can forge a good destination, since these activities are the primary cause of food and construction in a country. The sustainable food is studied in all the academies and in all institute where education is taught, well Aristotle said that the profit chrematistic, that is to say, to give money in loan is not a regular factor of the production, the true production is present in the agriculture , livestock, exploitation of stones and quarries, fishing and wood.

Of course, in those cases of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, it is necessary to collaborate with the institutions that ensure that the feathered serpent does not come yet, because when there is a great erosion in these countries of the new world, the feathered serpent will come with his harpoons to put law and enforce it, it is a promise but it can be fulfilled. In Brazil there have been glimpses of knocking down ancient trees in the middle of the jungle, if we finish with the vegetation the water will decrease and the destination that we must forge will also be diminished.

Forging the destination is easy if we follow the rules of logic and economic reasoning that have followed the countries, businesses, modern and prosperous economic models, modern entrepreneurs who achieved their economic, social and human development.

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