Order, Harmony, Discipline and Integrity

“Let everything be done with Order and Decorum

Corinthians 1, 14, 40

“I wish to be observed: the painter must observe the appropriate decorum: that is, the appropriateness of the act, costumes, place and spectators, on the dignity or evil of the represented, so that a king has a beard, a gesture and clothing appropriate, it should be decorated and the spectators with reverence and admiration, and with appropriate suits for the seriousness of a royal court.On the contrary, the lower class people should be without any adornment, as well as the spectators, whose actions should also be consequently, losses and for all members of that composition.The attitude of an elder should not be like a young man, not even a woman equal to a man, nor of this to a child. “

Leonardo da Vinci

“Effective Leadership comes first. Effective management is discipline first, and accomplishing things “

Stephen Covey

“With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, and you will not have any fault “

Zig Ziglar

“Get out of disorder and find simplicity”

Albert Einstein

“Always point to the complete harmony of thought, word and action, always aim to purify your thoughts and everything will be fine”

Mahatma Gandhi

Order and Harmony 

The Order and the Harmony from the point of view of values ​​are two of the principles of aesthetics and attributes of Beauty; Order refers to placing things with respective logic and Harmony refers to those things between them must have balance of proportions.

The word order has several meanings. In the first place order can refer to placing each thing in its place, according to a logical structure. It presupposes the existence of more than one thing because always something will be ordered with respect to something else. But not any relation between things constitutes an order, it must be able to explain why a thing is in that place. So we can explain it by saying that it is ahead of another by its size, or by the letter of its name, which precedes the other in the alphabet or by its importance or its aesthetic, or because we use it more regularly.

When studying the Creativity, Innovation and Creation of any entity, art or thing we find the Principles of Aesthetics and Attributes of beauty that refers to any work or entity that is going to be done or is going to be created, they must have all, or some of them attributes of Beauty: purity, proportion, simplicity, clarity, symmetry and perfection, regularity, uniformity, measure, harmony and order. In order that the work done or created meets the objectives of Quality and Excellence, be appreciated by a niche market or by society.

These Beauty Qualities are:

-Pureness (Quality that refers to being pure, Right, Exact);

-Proportion (refers to equality of two reasons, correspondence due to the parties with the whole);

– Simplicity (referred to as having no artifice or composition, lacks ostentation and adornment);

-Clarity (it is intelligible, easy to understand, transparent and fluid, obvious, distinction with which we perceive ideas);

-Symmetry (refers to the exact correspondence of all parties with respect to its core);

-Perfection (Great Ideal or Final Success, Major Achievement);

-Regularity (constant variations with respect to its average);

-Uniformity (refers to only one form, Defined, Same, Similar);

-Measure (Standardization of a physical magnitude);

-Harmony (refers to having Balance of proportions: of the parts as a whole);

-Order (refers to placing everything in its place, according to a logical structure)

The term harmony derives from the Greek ἁρμονία harmony, which means: union, agreement, concord, which fit and unite.

In the past, harmony often referred to the whole field of music, while music referred to the arts in general. In Ancient Greece, the term defined the combination of contrasted elements: a higher and lower note. However, it is not clear if the simultaneous sound of notes was part of the ancient Greek musical practice; Harmony may have simply provided a system for classifying the relationships between different tones. In the Middle Ages the term was used to describe two tones that sound in combination, and in the Renaissance the concept was extended to denote three tones that sound together.

In music, harmony considers the process by which the composition of individual sounds, or superimpositions of sounds, is analyzed by the ear. In general, this means frequencies, tones (tones, notes) or chords that occur simultaneously.

The study of harmony implies chords and their construction and progressions of chords and the connecting principles that govern them.

Counterpoint, which refers to the relationship between melodic lines, and polyphony, which refers to the simultaneous sound of separate independent voices, are sometimes distinguished from harmony.

The discipline

Suppose we know what personal growth is, imagine that we have grown personally because we have learned to change the way we solve our problems, store information, we can tell stories, we can interpret the world and think more about ourselves and our fellow human beings; Is it enough to know these things that constitute the background of one’s own growth, or at least some of the ways to do so, or will it be necessary to know the procedure to get there? If we have not arrived yet. Well, the first of the techniques to achieve any issue in life including personal growth is discipline.

Self-control is required to have discipline, that is, to add strength to faith, knowledge, moderation, moderation, constancy, piety, piety, brotherly love, and brotherly love charity; if all these riches are found and increase in you, in addition to not being useless and sterile, they will attain the knowledge of Christ (2 Peter 1:69). We all like this passage because it concludes with the Science of God, which is charity.

The discipline is not a fable or an invented theory, it is the instruction or moral teaching that we must practice, use, have and apply to all the things of our life, to reach the inner peace that is personal growth. If we speak of order as an integrating element of the discipline, by an interpretation to the contrary, disorder would be the antithesis of discipline.

Let’s see: The bed without tender, we do not shave, we do not fix the house, we are late or we do not reach the fulfillment of our commitments.

About the discipline we have known the story of a disciplined man who was hired as a worker in a certain factory, this guy came before opening the factory and patiently waited for the door to enter to work, in the afternoon he stayed a few minutes more arranging questions of the company, when he left the factory everything was alone, because his companions had left. After some time the company management ordered the worker to follow up in order to determine why he arrived so early and left so late, which was unusual, unless the worker was a spy and was looking for industrial secrets and selling them to a third party. The managers of the company were intrigued by this behavior. The worker was followed religiously for two months and all his activities were within normal, there was no evidence or evidence of any espionage, so he was called to the presidency and asked why his behavior. The direct question was this: why do you come first to this company and go last? The answer was the following: I arrive early because in the first place I want to keep the job, and secondly I consider that if the company supports me with the salary I earn I have no reason to be late, and I leave last because I learned discipline and I want leave everything fixed because the disorder bothers me and if I order some things that are messy the company can grow and improve someday the salary. The second question was: Do you think we have been following you for the past few months? To which the employee responded with disbelief. The third question was: Do you want to be the head of personnel of this company with a salary five times higher than you currently receive? The employee was surprised and very pleased he accepted the position offered.

This man we are talking about was seventeen years as chief of staff, during which the company worked perfectly in the management of human capital, which exceeded one hundred workers and a large number of employees, the payrolls were always on time and there were no complaints against the department under his charge in that conglomerate.

The miracle of the discipline had paid off, they say that when he was seventeen years old in the company he was called by the company’s management and they told him he was fired, that he had to go through Caja to find his settlement check, but surprisingly he was offered the opportunity to withdraw or deliver the money to the company to be a member of it. He did the latter and formed part of the company for a long time, as a shareholder and manager.

The integrity

One of the meanings of the word integrity is to have the quality of integrity, and this word means straight, probo, blameless. In the popular and religious classes we speak of rectitude and rectitude, in the scientific and philosophical we speak of probity and probity.

Students in schools are told that they must walk with righteousness, equally in our homes we are reminded at every moment that we must be upright. When a person performs scientific or speculative activities in thought, he is said to act with probity.

Consequently, rectitude, probity and blamelessness compose or form wholeness in a whole, thus the integrity of the whole, the sum, the fullness of thoughts, words and deeds. Have we not heard, on occasion, when they refer to a person as a “full letter individual”? However there is always the possibility that this subject makes some mistake, for this reason it is so difficult to act with integrity, as this attitude is very similar to the growth of children and adolescents, who walk three steps forward and one side or backward.

To act with purity, integrity and incorruptibility we need a qualified and comprehensive mental preparation, act without lies, divisions, biases and non-compliance, first with respect to ourselves and then in front of others.

Homicide, robbery, disrespect, fraud and infidelity are acts that lack rectitude, as indicated by the Divine and human laws. A lack of integrity is the gossip, this activity makes us loose the language and lose control over the words fired; Let’s take special care to comment or pay attention to the gossip, because in this way we will be leading to mental corruption and hatred, envy, revenge and whatever passions may arise. Let’s practice faith, hope and charity to get rid of gossip and thus avoid being indisposed against someone or falling into gossip.

Being a good son, good husband, good citizen is a teaching that mothers preach to their children ad nauseam. Two virtues coupled that give us integrity are strength and patience, the first is the ability to tolerate frustration.

Theft, robbery, robbery is accompanied by the absence of strength, it is required to meet the needs of life and passions with the goods of others, often falls into these activities to be unable to tolerate the frustrations that usually cause poverty, lack of work or discomfort, coupled with these circumstances to the fact that you can not expect a better opportunity, you act immediately and unfair and illegal behavior appears. This is the route of drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and vandalism, expressions very typical of the lack of integrity, not only of individuals in particular but of nations themselves in general.

As for vandalism, it is the expression of many things together, such as the gathering, the criminal gangs, the white-collar organizations and all the secret forms of the mafia. A separate chapter is terrorism, which is a form of revenge for reasons of a political nature, of which many countries have been victims.

You and I are free to act as we see fit, we are bearers of free will and we can enter the path of disintegration, or stay on the path of integrity, growing with the peace that gives inner peace and getting this way the harmony around us.

Integrity is an orderly way of life, of respect towards our own person and respect equally towards others, is not letting ourselves be carried away by passions or falling into provocations and temptations of personal or social chaos, to be able to say of ourselves that we are a person a letter, we are acting in solidum, we do things completely and completely, we go from the cross to date, and we are not despicable in the eyes and ears of the community where we live.

Let us practice Order, Harmony, Discipline and Integrity in everything we do, we will not be perfect but the practice of all this will help us to praise what we do, our task, work and profession.

“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including order, balance, harmony, logic and abstract beauty.”

Deepak Chopra

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