How to have an Outstanding Customer Service – Customer Engagement

“People do not like to be sold, but people love to buy”

Peter Drucker


“The Product and the Networking to Sell and Keep the Client Today is Important”

Steve Jobs


“Competing does not mean going to war, it means learning, preparing, and it means being the best”

Peter Drucker


“There are thousands of types of customers and consumers, you want to sell to them, you can do it: Observe, Ask, Listen, Harmonize, Connect and Practice and if you Succeed, follow these steps again”

David Ogilvy


“You can sell them to everyone, but can you keep them all and you can sell them back to everyone?”

Bill Gates


“Probably, the only source of sustainable competitive advantage in the new economy is in the bonds of loyalty that you develop with your client.”

Frederick Richheld. Author of the Loyalty Effect


Savvy Tips for Outstanding Customer Services


1.- CRM – Customer Relationship Management. The relationship with the client, not just an application or software, is a human relationship


Good Service is not enough, an Extraordinary Service is the key. How to achieve an amazing service: the Key elements to achieve customer is loyalty; an Creation of a culture of customer service. Be careful with Sensitivity to the needs of our customers. Outstanding in Services is the goal.

Convert the existing existing monologue between brands and consumers into a dialogue, in which both parties benefit from the exchange of information by converting what was previously a transaction into a relationship


2.- Customer Service Strategy. Services. Ethics is the main value in -regarding the consumer -Customer Service (after sales service) and Excellency is the main objective. You need to design your own Service Management Model, regarding your kind of business. Structuring the tangible and intangible values ​​for the Service in the Organization.


Your strategy should be target all of this:

-Long time perspective.

-Goal: keep customers above getting new ones. Generate long-term benefits

-Development and maintenance of a continuous relationship with value for the parties

-Direct contact with the client

-True market orientation

-Custom “Mass customization”

-Development and maintenance of a continuous relationship with value for the parties

-High level of commitment towards the relationship with customers. Philosophy of relations and mutual cooperation between organizations.

-The interconnection between functions of the company has a strategic importance for the success

-Need for a complete and continuous internal marketing

-Search for each satisfied customer with a relationship

-Great emphasis on customer service.


3.- About Sales Management and Customer Service. Efficiency in Sales Management. How to improve the Sales Process to increase profitability ?. Have a main objective for your company. Prioritization of resources to achieve this objective. The importance of a good sales process and good sales management. Think how can the sales department be improved?


Always check: What’s wrong with your customer service?

-Misrepresentation of the mission of the company

-The written principles of customer service are not established

-Failure to start a relationship with the client in an unfriendly way

-Failure to say it in a way that the client does not want to hear it

-Poor example (modeling) by top management

-Companies allow employees to be “tough” with customers and tell customers “no”

-We are in an era of “guilty”

-Companies worry about customer satisfaction (not to gain their loyalty)

-Little / no priority to the training budget

-Concentrated on competitive aspects (instead of competitive advantages)

-Companies make the fatal mistake of only providing company training (policies and rules)

-Companies only train “from time to time”; instead of doing it every day.

-Failure to realize who really is in sales and service


4.- Prospecting with Clients. What is Prospect? Advanced Research about customer and clients. Where to find new clients. Winning the competition through research. Find you own Prospecting process. Call and try to look for Referred customers. Making Connections Creative methods of prospecting for sale. Making the appointment. There are great places to prospect and find new customers: clubs, networks, family, jobs network, other clients, social groups, social parties, your own social media data, do a list of family and friends connections.


5.- Communication as a Customer Service, Service and Sales Strategy. Convincing and influential language for Sales. How to influence the client. The communicational inverse metamodels. Convincing strategies: Body Communication Skills Handling objections NLP for Sale.


6.- The Emotional Intelligence of the Seller and the People of Attention and Customer Service. Psychology of Sale.


Emotional Intelligence is everything in life. When people see that you are confidence and really could help them they buy you at least get your attention.

Working and dealing with people you have to know that they all are different persons, have different necessities, have days of days, have emotions, they are human beings with feelings and emotions, have they own viewpoints, have they own way to do things, have different cultures, and the main people are in need of something to solve, to help, small or big neccesity, something to find or someone who al least talk or chat.

So you are the same.

Know how to use characterology:

There is people like Cats: like to be alone

There is people like Dogs: are social

There is people like Turtles: are slow

There is people like Cheetas: are energetics

There is people like Owls: Interesting, Nerds, Wise

There is people like Rhino: can not stop them

So there is different ways you can manage and handle all of them.

See, watch and think how the customer is in the moment to buy or service:

With what feeling:










Then when you think and see the way they are them, you can handle and manage them better.


7.- The Retail Merchandising Strategy (point of sales or self-service). The exhibition of permanent and promotional merchandising. You have to work in the Stronger areas and get better the weak areas. Fundamentals of the commercial exhibition. You have to know why sales are lost at the Sales point, if it were the case. Try to satisfying Customer Needs.


8.- Techniques and Tools for Sales and Effective Customer Service. Think about what your customers like and what do not. What and why are your customer buying you ?. Are you selling by suggestion. Try to sell associated items. Sales of joint items. Do Special sales. Do Promotion of the desire to obtain more quantity.


Attention: know and learn How to capture the attention and awaken the interest of the client. Knowing your product. Apply the principle C.A.B .. Characteristics. Advantage. Benefits.

How to answer the objections. Closing: Basic reasons for the customer to buy. The “Leverage of the sale” … and how it affects the purchase decision. How to make the client act?

The techniques to close sales.


9.- The key: Relationship Marketing and Customer Service. Direct Marketing Design of a Strategy driven by Consumer Knowledge and the Integration of Marketing. Managing the Relationship with your Client. Attract and retain the client. Mix of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Summary Reasons why the client would fire us:

-Showing a little genuine interest

-Poor answers

-No availability (people / product)

-Unfriendly people on the front-line

-Exceeding the promises

-Inadequate ability to handle problem that the client brings

-Press the client to buy

-Poverty in the professional image of the company

-Excuses absurd in relation to “why we can not help”

-Refills everywhere

-Poor product quality

-Poor service delivery

-Poor training


10.- Let’s start with ourselves. The Supreme Art of Attention and Customer Service. The first step to win people: Positive mental aptitude in our work. Everything is a matter of attitude. Excellence begins with ourselves. From internal to external- success and achievement of the sale or business.

A positive thinking can produce positive attitude and positive attitude plus positive actions leads to positive results.

It will also make things become easier and even enjoyable. Here are other tips to have benefits from positive thinking because it can help you realize things that are never thought to be possible. Thinking big and positive is a success habit.

Start by becoming aware of your thoughts, and exchanging your negative thoughts with positive ones. Substitute negativity for being positive, thoughts about poverty with thoughts about wealth, ignorance with understanding, disharmony with harmony and lack of freedom with freedom. Start saying, “I can””, “I am able” and ” it is possible””. It is our mind that creates the kind of life we live. If we think positively we will transform our life accordingly. Everything starts from within, from the most simple action to the greatest achievement. We cannot always have control over our external circumstances, but we can control our inner world of thoughts, where everything starts.

We can’t always control everything, but we can, with some effort, control our inner thoughts and actions.


11 .- Strategies in Services. Think about Pre or Prior Sales Services before the sale is done- in the moment doing the sale – and Post sales services after the sale is done. Strategies should be to attract and retain the customer and consumer: Call Center, Contact Center. Excellence in Services. Post-sales services.


12.- Business strategies for success in business and with your clients: create an action plan, how to train and train the team (in-service training). Team and excellence groups the key to continuous improvement. Service standards.


Create enthusiasm, all your team should be enthusiastic:


-Positive Psychology

-Modeling Successful people



-Good Attitude


-Succes and Motivation





13.- How Rationally and Emotionally are you to Connect the Customer for the Closing of Sales and Purchase Decision. Do Satisfaction and Emotional Connection, attraction to the client. Behavior and rationality of the decision making of the client.

You need to integrate the dimensions of: trust, integrity, pride and passion.


14.- Take actions with Innovation and creativity as Processes to Keep the Client. How to reach the Customer and Keep it. Customer Experience Management. Customer Experience.


-Create a sense of urgency to develop an impetus for change to Keep the Client

-Gather a team with enough strength to lead the process.

-Create an appropriate vision of where the company should go.

-Communicate widely that new vision.

-Create a sense of urgency to develop an impetus for change.

-Gather a team with enough strength to lead the process.

-Create an appropriate vision of where the company should go.

-Communicate widely that new vision.

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  1. This is a great list, but it’s that very first one that sticks in my head. A client relationship is a human relationship, even when that relationship uses the intermediary of a software platform/application. It’s overcoming that fundamental temptation to hide behind the distance and relative anonymity of digital communications. Succumbing to this temptation is fatal for customer engagement and relationship marketing.

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