How to attract wealth and prosperity

1.-Change your way of thinking about having and looking for only needs to have an open mind towards possibilities and improvements.

Look for opportunities and set high goals.


2. Take actions to create new wealth possibilities and write down the specific type of wealth you want in your life.

Commit yourself completely to this personal Wealth Attraction Plan. Realize that wealth comes in many forms. Wealth can be financial, but it can also be good relationships, opportunities, good friends and many great things in your life. You may want a lot of new friendships or new professional possibilities.

Write the type of wealth you want. Be specific. And look for a high standard in everything.


3. Be aware of the opportunities that exist around you to attract abundance, prosperity and money.


Be open to ideas and suggestions for new types of jobs, activities, professions, techniques, procedures, creative ideas of wealth that are offered. It is necessary to realize that there are opportunities around us, but if we do not allow ourselves to see them, we can not take advantage of them. See new opportunities in your life, new trips, new things, new relationships, new friendships, new ways of learning, learn new and dynamic things, to awaken that giant that is inside you.

4. Have gratitude.


Make a list each morning of at least 10 things you should be grateful for. The list will grow as you begin to recognize everything you already have. Be grateful for what you have now as you work to realize how to attract wealth and more prosperity to your life. Many people feel that they do not have wealth in their lives because they do not recognize what they already have.

Having an “attitude of gratitude” is an essential component in knowing how to attract wealth.


5. Draw a timeline for your – Plan to attract wealth and prosperity. Write a goal of how much money you want to earn in 6 months and then in 9 months. Be specific As we write these specific objectives, we should work gratitude on the statement. For example, write Thank you what I have won this year and what I am going to win. And if as time passes, you are not achieving as much as you set out on your goal, be grateful anyway and keep setting high and positive goals.


6. Commit to your wealth attraction plan and establish financial goals in the short, medium and long term.


Begin each day with a thought and meditation of abundance and gratitude and with the knowledge that wealth and prosperity of all kinds will enter your life immediately.


7.- Pass from strategy and commitment to tactics and action.


Establish activities and concrete actions related to improving always, with learning, with smiling, with looking for the best and good things, with looking for the positive in everything, with looking for prosperity and gratitude, with looking for the best in others, with making new and better ones activities, with undertaking new things, business, with learning how to move from savings to investment and how to have financial intelligence, how to help others and how to have a better world with your help, whether small or large, take measurable, tangible actions, concrete and real, whether they are small and big, but with a broad, harmonious, holistic horizon and a mission and vision of the future projected.


8.- Once your concrete actions have been carried out, check them, ask questions, measure the results and see what you should improve, what you should rethink, what should change, what should start again, what should be removed, what should be added or what should you follow doing, with the ultimate goal of doing good for you, yours and society.


Finally, wealth and prosperity are a state of mind and a way of thinking, which can be achieved by training the subconscious and taking actions to attract and welcome wealth with positive thinking and constant learning instead of driving it away with negative messages and actions .

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