How to unleash your unconscious process and create ideas, noblest ideas, illogical, abstract, useful and analog

We can apply these tools and ways:

1 – Use tools to unleash the Ego such as: The Integral Rose- Marcel Arellano and Qualities Combinations

2- Learn to use provocation: For example words or random photos

3- Using random combinations (Produce changing permutations, free elements input to the combination, produce instability, for example knowing how to use combinations of physical and chemical qualities)

4- Know how to use combinations prior unrelated domains

5-Using guided imagination (Da Vinci)

Prior we must have knowledge of what we want to study, and think a lot about what we want to solve and have knowledge of the field of study

6- Use of the tension and distention (Allow time for the unconscious to do its work) rest for incubation and grab the Idea

7- Learn to use the bisociation (Freud)

8- Free ideas

9- Know how to use efficiently and effectively, maps, mind maps, sketches, drawing, design.

10- Be unpredictable (use of cunning and unpredictability)

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