Maxims for Life to be not just a productive person but also a great person

Al Neuharth

“Executives who take pride in their hard work but ignore fun and health are great candidates for job burn.”

“Someone wants something that you have. Protect it Someone has something that you want. Go for it.”

“Be as pleasant as possible, just as unpleasant as necessary.”

“Think big. Big dreams. Big risks Big rewards. ”

“The life is a game. Play to win, and to enjoy. ”

Kemmons Wilson

“He works only half the day; there is no difference in which half – it may be the first 12, or the last 12 hours. ”

“You can not procrastinate. In two days, tomorrow may be yesterday. ”

“Sell your wristwatch and buy an alarm clock.”

“Do not worry. You can not change the past, but you can surely ruin the present by worrying about the future. Remember that half of the things that worry you will never happen, and the other half will happen anyway. Why worry then? ”

“Remove the words” I do not believe I can “from your vocabulary, and substitute” I know I can “.”

“The opportunity comes often. As often as your ear is trained to listen to it, your eyes trained to see it, your hands trained to take it, and your head ready to take advantage of it.

Henry J. Kaiser

“Know yourself and decide what you want to achieve in life. Then write your goals and a plan to achieve them. ”

“Before you decide clearly and concretely what you want to obtain from life, also analyze what it is that you have to offer.”

“Call it the subconscious mind or the soul, each human possesses a reserve of inspiration and intuition, the source from which the emotion and the force that drives to act come out.”

“A persistent and fundamental love for people – for all of them – is the unmistakable mark of good character. An attitude of “What can I get out to others?” Leads to a dead end to failure. ”

“You do not have to have an IQ outside the tables or be the descendant of a genius to succeed. You do not need to be the first of your class to surpass those who are at the top of the ratings but they are somewhat flawed in fundamental aspects of character and personality. ”

“Work! Put your life plan into action and go after what you want with everything you have. ”

B. C. Forbes

“You were born alone, and you will go to the grave alone. You are alone with your thoughts during the entire period between both moments. You have to live with your own consciousness. You must make your own decisions, and stick to the consequences of your actions. ”

“Your success and your happiness depend on you – that’s why you must guide your own way, educate yourself, to form your own fortune.”

“Do not be afraid to put your feet on the desk, close your eyes, and take a moment to reflect seriously. At least you should spend two nights a week thinking intensely about your business and your life. In all the commotion of the day to day, there are not many people that aside time to reflect without distractions. ”

“You can not fight your son’s battles; he must do it by himself. ”

“It is up to you to build your own monument or dig your own grave. Which of the two are you doing? “

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