Creative Block Tool- from my book Creativity Tools

Performing exercises with block in order to find the best ideas.

Possibility One (1): The exercise consists of the analysis of a problem or a situation to be solved. To search for an idea that will give us solutions. There are two possible ways to the solution, that we wish to propose. We find that these ideas could be effective, then, we purposely block these two ideas. We temporarily dismiss them and we continue searching for other ones useful until we find them. Once we have these new ideas, we prove their effectiveness and applicability.

Then find out if they are useful; if so, we block and dismiss them one more time and block them again and keep searching for the idea to solve our problem until we have a new useful idea or other possible ideas, and having found the applicable and possibly useful idea or ideas, we test and prove them. If they are not very effective, then we go back to the first and second previously generated ideas that we had temporarily blocked. We test and prove them in order to choose only the one that could be the most useful.

This could generate or get to another different point, perspective or idea than the one we achieved, but maybe much more useful than the rest.

– Possibility Two (2): the exercise consists of temporarily blocking a tool, skill, or object, that we currently got and is used by us in a comfortable way in order to work, to build, to create, to design something, etc. The point is to block the comfort of the person in his activity, in order that the person generates, creates, designs, think in new possibilities or alternatives, maybe even better. A new and more effective and useful idea, tool or thing is achieved.

And, finally, what we do with the best idea or the ideas with the possibility to be effective:

Once the ideas have been generated and the most interesting, brilliant, ideal and innovative ones have been chosen, especially ideas for the good of humanity, we must test them, in the markets or niches in order to put them into practice and materialize them. In each particular case product, service or entity derived from this idea, it will be adapted or generated, and it must be tested or proven in the market. It is necessary to take advantage of time, and minimize trial and error by putting it into practice, in order that our product, service or whatever entity is created be accepted, admired or bought by the market, market niche and/or by society. In such a way that it fulfills the objective of every creative or creator, which is that, the created entity is accepted in any form.

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