Tips for Salesmen and Businessmen

John H. Johnson

“An advice to sell something as quickly as possible: it steals the customer’s attention in the first two or three seconds with an emotional fact or phrase that reaches him where he lives or does business.”

“Selling is finding the vulnerable point and pressing the Yes button.”

“Nothing, no statistics, no nice graphics, no hundreds of calls, it’s as powerful as an unexpected and a gift for someone you love.”

“A successful sale is a matter of finding a common ground, no matter how small, in which you and your client can stay together.”

Jo Foxworth

“Never, but never under any circumstances talk when you do not know what you’re talking about. This is the most obvious maxim in the field of business, and even so it is still the most violated. ”

“Do not let people outside your organization take your brain unless it is a good friend – or be willing to pay. What you know is worth money, why then are you going to let it be taken away just to satisfy a whim of ego? ”

“Do not speak in a meeting unless you have something significant to contribute. Drawing attention to yourself can also draw her into the holes in your speech. ”

“Do not tell anyone your age, your salary, or the fascinating story of your sex life. Those are things that nobody has to know, and in more than one occasion, revealing them can get you into problems that you do not want. ”

“Do not excessively decorate your office, because you want people to pay attention to you, not your wall.”

Theodore N. Vail

“Those who feel discouraged by difficult conditions should remember that the most successful men have started under extremely adverse circumstances.”

“There has never been a successful leader who has not continued with all his precautions until the moment of success.”

“Many thoughts that seem wonderful lose their apparent value when they consult with the pillow or expose themselves to impartial criticism.”

“One of the most important habits for success is that of observation, the habit of noticing small things, the instinctive recognition of something that is wrong or out of place. This is incidental to ordered habits, or the result of them. Never make general deductions for isolated incidents. An incident can be accidental; Several similar incidents come from a common cause. ”

“Only through reciprocity is it possible to achieve permanent success. Each exchange should benefit both sides. ”

Andrew S. Grove

“Only the paranoid survive.”

“You have to accept that it does not matter where you work, you are not an employee; you are in a business with only one employee: yourself. You are in a competition with millions of identical businesses all over the world, taking over the place, able to do the same work you do, and even with more emotion. ”

“People do not always face the changes they have to face, and yet you can not be ready for the future until you face the threat of change.”

“Ask yourself constantly if you are adding new value to your company (in contrast to merely passing information), if you are connected to what is happening in your company and in your environment, if you are testing new technologies (it is not worth reading about them) – all these things make the difference to survive in a changing environment. “

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