Wise tips from enterprise’s leaders and Businessmen

John Eric Jonsson

“Being in the right moment is the essence of everything we undertake”

“The performance of our company will be limited only by the quality of our people.”

“Because we have faith and confidence in the capabilities of our people, we have set our goals very high. And those difficult challenges have always awakened their creativity and their will to succeed. ”

“Stay flexible and updated. Change your plans as circumstances require. Plans are not axiomatic in themselves, and planning whose original premises are wrong or obsolete can be worse than having no plan. ”

“We must organize ourselves to implement our plans in full. The focus of the organizational work must be broad enough to include an adequate management and combination of all the functions essential for the execution of the plans. ”

Harold S. Geneen

“Avoid pretensions. Doing things for pure ‘show’ will backfire and give your company a musty aroma. Avoid the egolatrías, the office politics, and act a role that is not really yours. ”

“You must play by the rules, without taking shortcuts, but you do not have to think by the rules. It would be a big mistake to confine your imagination to the traditional ways in which things have always been done. ”

“You should review your actions in case you are showing biased and vain attitudes; For example, if you start worrying about the view of your office or who sits next to you at meetings, it’s time to evaluate your ego. ”

“Only simulators get scared when you confront them with questions that go straight to the heart of the matter. Good subjects expect that from you. ”

“The facts on paper are not the same as the facts of the people. The reliability of the person who is giving you the facts is as important as the facts themselves. Always keep in mind that the facts are rarely just facts, but what people believe are facts, strongly impregnated with assumptions. ”

T. Boone Pickens

“A very wise woman, the retired General of the US Navy Grace Hooper expressed my philosophy succinctly when she said ‘You do not manage people. You manage things. You lead the people. ‘ She was right. The most important part of being a leader is what is in your own mind – what you do with yourself, not what you do to others. Part of leadership is taking risks and building confidence in yourself. ”

“Keep things informal. Speaking is the natural way to do business. Writing is good for keeping records and establishing details, but speaking generates ideas. ”

“Keep the lines of communication open. Communication is crucial – not formal meetings, but frequent conversation among decision makers. ”

“Follow the rules. This applies not only within the company, but outside of it as well. ”

“Never put psychological limits. Do not impose a specific charge, a specific salary or a market value as a definitive goal in your career. Even if you change your mind later, that original goal, even if it’s only in your mind, can become a big obstacle, as insurmountable as if it were a real brick wall. ”

“Enjoy your work. We can work hard, but we do not have ulcers. We laugh a lot. If we ruin it, then we all go bankrupt. We move fast, which often gives us an advantage. ”

John F. Welch, Jr.

“The three most important things you need to measure in a business are customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and cash flow.”

“You must prepare yourself for a massive resistance. If your change is not big or revolutionary enough, the bureaucracy will defeat you. ”

“You have to be strong to be soft. You have to demonstrate the ability to make difficult decisions if you want to have enough credibility when promoting soft values ​​”

“It’s going to touch you to be in front of crowds, repeating yourself over and over and over again, never changing the message despite how much you get bored at that point.”

Robert Townsend

“Except in poker, bridge, and other table games, you never fool anyone. Neither your wife, nor your children, nor your employees, nor your bosses, nor your clients, nor your shareholders, nor your associates, nor your suppliers, nor the regulatory authorities, nor even your competitors. And since we are, do not cheat yourself or cheat yourself. ”

“No to parking spots reserved for senior officials. If you’re so fucking important, be the first to get to the office. In addition, you will meet the most pleasant people in the employee parking lot. ”

“Do not make social relationships within the company. Maybe with your colleagues, but not with the people who report to you. ”

“Do not hire to hire. To keep a young and fit organization, do not hire anyone until everyone is so overloaded that they will happily welcome the new employee no matter where they feel. ”

“Things you do not need: special stationery for senior officials, piped music, bells and bells (even phones can be warned with lights), airline company, and monthly reports from management.”

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