Wisdom tips from businessmen

Lee Iacocca

“Keep your priorities clear and have a short list of what you are doing. No matter how complicated a business is, I think you should be able to write your top priorities on a letter-size sheet. ”

“Speak clearly and say it briefly. Write the way you speak. If you do not speak that way, do not write that way. ”

“The best management rule: choose a style where you feel comfortable and stick to it. You can have guides and mentors, but do not try to be someone else. Be yourself, be natural, and smile from time to time, damn! ”

“There is a big risk in telling the CEO only what he wants to hear and never having disagreements in his presence. To counteract it, I keep close some people who are very smart but who are against me, people who will not accept anything at first and are not impressed by the reasoning that things are done that way because they have always been done that way. ”

Bill Gates

“Insist that the flow of communication through the organization is done via email, so you can react to the news at the speed of reflection.”

“It uses digital tools to convert paper-to-digital processes and eliminate single-task jobs, to unlock administrative bottlenecks and free knowledge workers for more important tasks that require their skills.”

“Use digital systems to direct customer complaints immediately to people who can improve a product or service”

“Disgruntled consumers are a big concern. They are also your greatest opportunity ”

“Use digital tools to help consumers solve problems on their own, and reserve personal contact to respond to consumers with complex, high-level needs.”

Michael S. Dell

“Hitting hits, not home runs. Businesses are like baseball: it’s better to have a high batting average instead of just trying to hit homers. This means that you should focus on being the best possible as often as possible. ”

“Think of your client, not your competition. The competitors are the past of your industry; Customers are the future, they represent new ideas and opportunities for growth. ”

“It works to maintain a healthy sense of urgency and crisis. This does not mean that you should have constant deadlines, or keep people so stressed that they burn you in a tris. Keep the goal somewhat higher than it would normally be, so that your people achieve aggressive goals through smart work. ”

“Be opportunistic, but also be quick: look carefully for opportunities when they are not immediately visible.”

“Encourage your people to think ‘This is good and it worked. Now, how do we take what we have already tried and learned to get new business? There is a big difference between asking that, and asking ‘How do we do to defend our current accounts?’. ”

Charles B, Wang.

“Wave the laurels, but do not sit on them.”

“Start with the most difficult. It distinguishes what needs to be done from how hard it is to do it. The most difficult steps are often the most important. ”

“Create the attitude that if something really needs to be done first, its difficulty is irrelevant.”

“Some company has to be the best, why not yours?”

“Let’s do and look. You can not do it alone, so relax and enjoy. “

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