savvy tips from entreprenurs and businessmen

John D. Rockefeller

“The man who starts simply with the idea of ​​getting rich will not succeed: you must have a greater ambition than that.”

“It takes infinite patience and courage to make other people trust you. I believe that I possess both qualities, and I also believe that they are the secret of my success. ”

“There is no mystery in business success. The great industrial leaders have repeated again and again the simple and obvious fact that there is no permanent success without a fair deal that leads to widespread confidence in the man in question, and that this is the true capital that we all seek and appreciate. greatly. ”

“Look forward. They would be surprised how many brilliant businessmen undertook major ventures with little or no knowledge of the conditions that controlled the risk they were taking. ”

“Remember that many times the most difficult competition does not come from strong, intelligent and conservative rivals, but from the kind that has things barely supported by the lashes and has no idea of ​​the costs, but still because their attitude is to ‘continue or die ‘. ”

J.C. Penney

“A man must know everything about his business. He must know a little more than any man knows. The rule is that we achieve what we prepare for ”

“The only kind of luck that any man is justified in trusting is that which is based on hard work, which in turn is made up of sacrifice, persistent effort and tenacious determination. Growth does not happen by chance alone. ”

“I have found my most successful partners by giving them responsibility, by making them feel that I trusted them; what they have shown to be unworthy of it have only made others, who outnumber them, stand out more brilliantly. ”

“It is the spirit of committed people and pioneers that will solve problems, conquer difficulties, and achieve individual and collective success.”

“The entrepreneur must have not only the kind of honesty that keeps the man’s hands away from the neighbor’s wallet, but also the subtle kind of honesty that makes him count not the hours but his duties and opportunities, and that constantly inspires him to increase your efficiency. ”

David Ogilvy

“I admire people who hire subordinates who are good enough to succeed them, and who develop them and make them grow because it is the only way we can promote people we trust. I feel sorry for people who are so insecure that they feel obliged to hire inferior people as subordinates. ”

“I detest the jailers and sycophants who spend their time flattering their bosses; they are usually the same kind of people who abuse their subordinates. ”

“I have an inviolable rule against employing relatives and spouses, because they engender politics and intrigue.”

“I try to be fair and firm, to make unpopular decisions without cowardice, to create an atmosphere of stability, to listen more than what I speak. I try to recruit people of the best quality at all levels, to have the best staff in the entire business; and I try to get the best of every man and woman in my company. ”

“I admire people who work with pleasure. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, I recommend you look for another job. Remember the Scottish proverb: ‘be happy while you live, because you will be dead a long time’. ”

“I like the professionals with great self-confidence, the workers who do their work with exceptional excellence. They always seem to respect the opinion and expertise of their colleagues. They do not intrude or hinder others. ”

Andrew Carnegie

“The rising man must do something exceptional and beyond the range of his department. He should attract attention. ”

“One should never blame your men for small, trivial things. If you do, you will discourage and discourage them. If it is necessary to criticize someone, I never do it in public. ”

“Send your boss as soon as you can, try to do it early. There will be nothing you do not like if you are the right type of boss; if he is not, he is not the man you should stay with – leave him as soon as you can, even if it is a sacrifice, and look for one capable of recognizing genius. ”

“There is always a brain boom. Cultivate that harvest, in case you can grow that basic good, it’s your best market and you’ll never have too much; and the more brains you have to sell, the more money you can get for them. ”

“The main condition for success, the great secret: concentrate your energy, thoughts, and capital exclusively on the business in which you are engaged. I advise you to put all your eggs in a basket, and then watch that basket carefully. “

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