Tips to Think like Successful People – How to Think in a Creative Way

The Good Thinkers

People who know how they will always have work, but people who know why will always be their own bosses

Good thinkers solve problems, they are never lacking in ideas, and they always have positive expectations about the future.

Attributed to Adolf Hitler: “What luck for the rulers that men do not think”.

After studying successful people for forty years, I have found that they all have one thing in common: the way they think. That is what separates the winners from those who are not.

Thinking well can do many things for you: generate profits, solve problems and create opportunities.

If you want to find a good idea, you should look for it. If you want to be a better thinker, you need to work on it. Just be a better thinker, good ideas will keep coming.

The only people who believe that thinking is easy are those who usually do not deal with it. (Marcel: That’s why the creativity courses people do not see them necessary)

Albert Einstein: “Thinking is hard work; for that reason very few do it “.

Napoleon Hill: “More gold has been extracted from the human mind than has been extracted from the earth.”

When you take the time to learn how to change your way of thinking and become a better thinker, you are investing in yourself. The gold mines are exhausted. Stock exchanges fall. Real estate investments can go wrong. But a human mind with the ability to think well is like a diamond mine that never runs out. Priceless.

Good thinkers always prioritize their source of ideas. They always look for things that allow them to start the thought process, because what you introduce will always have an impact on what comes out.

Read books, review magazines about your industry, listen to tapes and spend time with good thinkers.

Spend time with the right people. As the writer of the biblical book of Proverbs observed, sharp people sharpen each other, in the same way that iron sharpens iron. If you want to be an insightful and keen thinker, surround yourself with keen and insightful people.

Ideas have a short life. You must act on them before they expire.

To start with the thought process, you can not trust your emotions. However, I have found that once you are involved in the process of good thinking, you can use your emotions to fuel the process and create a mental impetus.

After going through the disciplined process of thinking and enjoying some success, repeat the process. To be someone capable of digging a gold mine, you need to maintain the process of good thinking.

Becoming a good thinker is not too complicated. It is a discipline.

What is the best place to think? Everyone is different in this aspect. Some think better in the shower. Others, like my friend Dick Briggs, like to go to a park. For me, the best places to think are my car, an airplane seat, and a spa. Ideas come to me in other places too, like when I’m in bed.

One of the best ways to refine ideas is to write your thoughts.

As you match your thoughts, sooner or later you will discover when an idea has powers. You will learn what you have. You will also learn some things about yourself.

You can shape your thoughts almost anywhere. Focus your attention without interruptions, and ask yourself questions about your ideas.

I want to take an idea from the seed to the solution before sharing it with anyone, not even the people to whom it could have the greatest impact.

I have found a formula that can help you work your thoughts. It says: The right thinking plus the right people, in the right environment and at the right time for the right reason = correct results.

Any idea that remains only as an idea does not make a big impact. The true power of an idea comes when it moves from abstraction to application.

Making your ideas land on yourself will give you integrity.

Those close to the changes that may occur as a result of a new idea can give you a “reality reading”. And that’s important, because sometimes even when you have diligently completed the process of creating an idea, giving it shape and working it with other good thinkers, you can still lose the signal.

Henri-Louis Bergson: “One must think as a man of action, and act as a man of reflection.”

Thought divorced from actions can not be productive. Learning how to master the thought process will lead you to productive thoughts.

Once you have created, shaped, worked, and grounded your thoughts, then making them fly will be easy and fun.

It does not matter if you were born rich or poor. It does not matter if you do not have a full elementary school or if you have a PhD. It does not matter if you suffer from multiple disabilities or if you are the living image of health. No matter what your circumstances, you can learn to be a good thinker.

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras say: “A visionary company is like a great work of art.”

To create effective thinking and great ideas, you need the following skills:

See the wisdom of Total Vision Thought.

Unleash the potential of Focused Thinking

Discover the joy of Creative Thinking.

Recognize the importance of Realistic Thinking.

Unleash the power of Strategic Thinking.

Feel the energy of Thought Possibilities.

Embrace the lessons of Reflective Thought.

Question the acceptance of Popular Thought.

Stimulate the participation of Shared Thought.

Experience the satisfaction of Selfless Thinking.

Enjoy the reward of Thought Results.

When explaining each type of thought, you will see that it is not about telling you what to think, but about teaching you how to think.

Cultivate the Vision Total Thinker way

When someone like Jack Welch teaches a General Electric employee that constant relationships with the consumer are more important than selling a single product, he is reminding him of the total vision of the matter.

Great thinkers learn continuously. Thinkers who focus on the total picture are never satisfied with what they already know. They are always visiting new places, reading new books, meeting new people, learning new skills. And thanks to that practice, they are able to connect what is not connected.

Listen carefully. An excellent way to expand your experience is to listen to someone who is an expert in an area where you are not.

If you want to become a total vision thinker, then become a good listener.

Henry David Thoreau: “More than one object is not seen, although it is in the range of our visual field, because it does not reach within the range of our intellectual field.”

Look expansively. Human beings usually see their own world first. For example, when people arrive at a leadership conference given by my company, they want to know where they are going to park, if they are going to have a good seat, if the speaker will be good, and so on.

The total vision thinkers realize that there is a world out there besides their own, and they make an effort to get out of themselves and see the worlds of others through their eyes.

Michel de Montaigne: “the value of life lies not in the number of days but in the use we make of them; A man may have lived for a long time and still have lived very little. ”

Live to the max. People who have a total vision thinking expand their experience because they expand their world.

Total vision thinkers experience fewer unexpected surprises, because they are more likely to see the components involved in any situation: the issue, the people, the relationships, the moment and the values.

David Schwartz: “When it comes to success, people are not measured in inches, pounds, university degrees or family prestige; you are measured by the size of your thinking. ”

Leaders must be able to do many important things for their people:

See the vision before your people do it.

Observe the situations, taking into account the variables.

Create a portrait of where the team is going.

Show how the future connects with the past to give more meaning to the trip.

Find the right moment to act

To have things done, you need focus. However, to have the right things done, you also need to see the whole picture.

One of the most important skills you can develop in terms of human relationships is the ability to see from the other’s point of view.

Total vision thinking promotes teamwork.

Let’s face it: some aspects of daily life are absolutely necessary but completely uninteresting. The thinkers of total vision do not let the routine bother them, because they do not lose sight of the important vision of the whole.

The only way to enter new territories or move in unexplored lands is to see beyond the immediate and see the whole as a whole.

Do not strive to achieve certainty. Thinkers of total vision are comfortable with ambiguity. (Marcel: the ambiguity of Da Vinci).

If you want to cultivate the ability to think about the great set of things, then you must get used to adopting and dealing with complex and diverse ideas.

The total vision thinkers learn from each experience. They do not sleep on the laurels of success, but learn from it. Moreover, they learn from their failures. (Marcel: it is the power of error, according to Da Vinci).

Varied experiences, both positive and negative, will help you see the total set.

Total vision thinkers learn from their experiences, but they also learn from experiences they have not had. They learn by receiving input from others: clients, employees, colleagues and leaders. (Marcel: Market research)

Learning from the contributions and insight of a wide variety of people does not mean that you go to people in the street or in the supermarket to ask their opinion. Be selective

Many people are mentally married to the status quo. They want what was already, not what it can be.

Give yourself permission to expand your world. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep looking at the whole picture!

Ask yourself: am I thinking beyond my person and my world in such a way that I process the ideas from a holistic way?

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