Positive and Wisdom Tips from Successful Business Women

Carley Fiorina

“Recognize the power of the team; nobody triumphs alone. ”

“Look for difficult challenges: they are more fun.”

“Assume that the only limits that really matter are those that you impose on yourself, or those that a company imposes on itself. Most companies and businesses are capable of achieving much more than they think. ”

“Love what you do. Success requires passion. ”

“Never, never, never give up,” to quote Winston Churchill. Many great wins are decided in the last game. ”

“Keep a balance between trust and humility – enough confidence to know you can make a big difference, enough humility to ask for help.”

Lilian Vernon

“The success of a company is never a miracle that happens overnight. There’s a reason why you should be absolutely sure that you love your job: you’re going to have a lot of it. ”

“You must have the energy and mental concentration necessary to confront the demands that your project imposes on you. If your attention wanders, that can threaten your business. ”

“An entrepreneur must be prepared for hard work. Launching your own business demands many hours of work. To take your business to success you will have to focus all your energies on it. ”

“The life of an entrepreneur is not just ideas. Often, nobody but you will be able to take care of the details. ”

“Without having written the scenarios of” In the best case / in the worst case “to guide you through the first 5 years of your new company, you may end up finding an unpleasant surprise or two. Get ready and watch. ”

Mary Kay Ash

“Always be honest with your employees. If they ask for information that is classified, then tell them that. If they ask you something that you honestly do not know, then tell them that too. ”

“As much as possible, use” us “instead of” me “when you talk about your people with others.”

“It is imperative that each employee knows with certainty that no decision will be arbitrary.”

“Be consistent in facts and attitude. It will not only help employees understand you better, but it will also allow them to function safely. ”

“Always remember where you come from, and keep your humility. Pomposity always attracts attention, but in management, that attitude is not admirable at all. “

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