The only way to try to avoid some mistakes in life and discover the sources of our strengths is through self-analysis and feedback . When you make an important decision or take an action, you should write what you expect will happen. Months later, you must compare the true results with your expectations. The feedback analysis can show you, as an example and for your understanding, the gaps or differences between what you are comparing with what you have to fill or improve in the future.

Let’s work on acquiring the skills and knowledge that we lack, what we have realized is missing and can fill the gaps, and everything that contributes and improves our strengths.

It is essential that we remedy bad habits, realize the things we do wrong or stop doing, and what prevents us from improving our efficiency and performance.

In addition, the Feedback Method, when comparing expectations with results, will indicate what we should not do.

All human beings have talents and skills that do not fit in many work areas, areas where we would really have very little opportunity.

There are areas where a person and especially a skilled worker should not ultimately take on work, assignments or assignments.

Efforts should not be wasted to improve areas and skills where we have few strengths and few skills. Much more energy and work is spent on improving incompetence than improving the performance of existing strengths.

With all this, many of us and in our organizations – we strive to make people, executors in areas of scarce competition. On the contrary, we should concentrate energy, resources and time, both we and our people, on existing strengths, talents, skills and competencies; talents given by someone Superior to us, that we must polish throughout our lives to find what really makes us great executors, men and women of action and good, as many characters in history have achieved.

Extract taken from my book Creativity Tools- Second Edition 2018

Marcel Arellano

Executive Certificate of Innovation and Strategy – MIT, Cambridge, Mass, USA

Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership- MIT, Cambridge, Mass, USA

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