The Five (5) Mistakes People Should Avoid to have a Strong Mind:

1.-Error of Giving Mental and Emotional Status

These people complain all the time, for everything and for a few reasons; they take criticism always as something personal; they pay attention to all criticism without differentiating constructive criticisms from destructive ones; they waste time on things they can not control; they turn their backs on other people who can with their emotions and actions; throw in the towel at the first failure; envy the personal success of others; they always believe that the world owes them something.

2.- Living in the Past

It is one thing to learn from the past, to remember the good things of the past, to learn to avoid mistakes and other things is to always live in the past. Live in the past as if all past were better.

The environments of change and uncertainty can motivate a strong-minded person to get the best out of them at those times and for the future.

3.- Being afraid of calculated risk

A strong mind measures the potential risks and benefits of their actions. They think of the best and worst scenario. A strong-minded person is not irresponsibly negative or irresponsibly optimistic. A strong-minded person knows that uncertainty exists and always puts it in the equation.

You have to learn to risk but in a calculated way.

4.- They always make the same mistakes

A crucial mistake in many people is to always do the same and expect different results.

Definition of Demented = to do the same thing always and in the same way and obtain the same results.

You have to have the ability to be aware of the mistakes and detect the strengths you have to achieve success in everything.

Successful executives learn from successes and failures. They change what does not work, they reflect and they keep what works.

5.- Expect immediate results

You have to learn to have perseverance.

Strong minds have the power of perseverance.

They know that it is for a Marathon and not only for a Race of 100 meters.

They know that changes take time.

Enjoy the small victories.

Strong minds are linked to spiritual strength, they know that life is beyond this earth and they put many things out of their own control into the hands of the Creator, they have or try to have spiritual peace and the human and earthly events are overwhelmed with the Divine love.

The strong minds in the end make their own decisions but based on all this analysis.

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