Aesop’s Fables- The most beautiful and important tips for daily life, business and success

THE HARE AND THE TURTLE (Diligence, Execution, Action, Perseverance, Objectives, Goals)

Seeing a turtle that a hare made fun of his feet, he invited her to run together to see which of the two would arrive earlier at the designated end. They chose the fox as judge, for being very clever. But it happened that, trusting in its lightness, the hare wanted to rest a moment on the road and fell asleep, while the turtle arrived much earlier to the right place without running, but without losing perseverance, with which he won the bet.

More is achieved with care and diligence than with physical force.

THE KING LION (Lack of Intelligence, Lack of Cunning, Have Intuition, Get Out of Time)

Reigning the lion over all the animals, he wanted to ingratiate himself with them, for which purpose he promised not to harm anyone, but, on the contrary, would protect them all. He regretted, however, soon of his promises, and looking for false pretexts to devour them he began to call them and ask them one by one if he smelled his mouth badly. Both those who said yes, and those who said no, all devoured them. He called the monkey to ask the same question, and this one, who is very sly, replied that he smelled very good, with whose praise he got rid of his claws at that time. However, he wanted the lion to eat it and, feigning sickness, called the doctors. Those who advised him to eat only light meats and leave the strong ones.

-I’ll taste the meat of the monas- said the lion then. Which I suppose will be easy digestion.

And taking the poor monkey, she swallowed it.

With the one who wants to harm you, the same thing hurts you to talk about than to stop doing it. Strive to be far from those who have dominion over you.

The birdcatcher and the birds (Learning from the Experienced, Attending the Advice of those who have Knowledge, Avoiding sycophants and manipulators, Nobody Gives nothing for Nothing, Having Intuitive Intelligence)

Cheerful and quiet were the birds at the foot of a tree, jumping on the ground on a beautiful summer day, while a birdman prepared the nets and claims to hunt them. Simple and ignorant, the birds believed that the man arranged nests and houses for their comfort; but one of them, more experienced for having fallen once in the loop, told them:

– How stupid you are, simple birds, that you do not know what this man prepares for you. Run away from him and watch him, and you will see that if he catches one of you it will be to kill her.

By the advice of one, many can be fought. Good advice should never be despised.

THE LION, THE COW, THE GOAT AND THE SHEEP (Intuitive Intelligence, Away from the Powerful, Away from Predators, Exploitation and Usufruct)

They were apparently in perfect harmony through the mountains, a lion, a cow, a goat and a sheep. They hunted a deer and having divided it into four parts, each one thought to take his, when the lion said with a frown:

-The first part is mine because I am the lion; the second belongs to me because I am stronger than you; he awarded me the third because I worked more than all; and if someone disputed me the fourth will have to deal with me.

In this way he stayed with the whole deer.

It is not convenient to be accompanied by the powerful, because they keep the profit and only leave the work to the weak.

THE FLY AND THE MULE (Know who to obey, Obedience to the strongest, Know who to fear and whom not, Emotional intelligence, Social intelligence, Humility)

A fly, which was put on a car, scolded the mule that pulled him, saying:

– Go faster. Look, if not, I’ll sting you in the neck with my sting. You are very lazy!

“I do not care about your words,” replied the mule, “because I fear the highwayman who governs me, and who can kill me with a single whiplash. I already know when it is convenient to stop, and when it is convenient to slow down.

The weak sometimes throw up great bravado, but if they find a stronger one that speaks loud to them, they have to shut up at once.

The wolf and the shepherds(Compassion; Knowing Who is Friend and Who Not; Seeing the Cycles of Life and the Economic Cycles, Resilience, We are Never Always Neither Up or Down, Avoiding Revenge, Wisdom of Expectation and Compassion, Selecting Friends, Selection of Personnel; Avoid Judging and Prejudice)

They gave sticks to a wolf the shepherds and they hurt him with stones, because they had him caught in a trap; but feeling sorry, one of them begged the others not to kill him, and I throw some pieces of bread at once. When night came, they all went to their huts, believing that the wolf would die; but, recovering his strength, he jumped out of the hole and went to his lair.

He did not spend many days without wanting revenge on the shepherds, to which end he rammed the cattle and destroyed large numbers of cattle. Seeing this, the pastor who had saved his life hurried to him, begging him not to harm his.

“Do not fear,” the wolf replied, “for I only try to hurt those who insulted and mistreated me.

Do not harm anyone, because insults never go unpunished. The one we hold today can tomorrow be free and take revenge on us: let us be compassionate to everyone.

THE LABRADOR AND ITS CHILDREN (The Work Does Matter, The Power of Work and Perseverance, Not giving the children the goods but the tools to obtain them, The Power of Effort, The Result and Surprise of the Effort and Work)

Being a farmer close to death, he called his sons, and told them that whatever possessions he had left them in the vineyard of his property, and that so, when they wanted to divide them among themselves, only in the vineyard should they look for them, that there they would find After the father died, the children went to the vineyard to look for the referred goods, but no matter how much they dug with great zeal, believing they found a treasure, they found nothing. However, as the vineyard was very dug, it gave many fruits that year, and when divided among themselves, one of them said:

-Undoubtedly the treasure that our father left us, are the fruits of this vineyard.

Work is the true treasure of man.

THE ANT, THE DOVE AND THE HUNTER (Gratitude, Friendship, Love, Charity)

Having fallen an ant in the water, would have drowned if a charitable dove had not thrown, from a tree, a branch that could be saved. A hunter came in and prepared his bow to shoot the pigeon; but observing his action the poor ant, and considering the danger that his benefactress ran, he quickened his pace, came forward and gave such a sharp peck on the foot of the hunter, that he forced him to turn his face and to let the arrow fall. To the noise that this one made, the dove noticed the danger and escaped.

Even the animals are grateful to their benefactors, the more men should not be!

THE RAPE AND THE CAT (The Power of Specialization, The Power of Humility, Specialization and Utility, Efficiency and Efficiency, Utility, Execution and Action)

He praised a fox, talking to a cat, that he knew a thousand different ways to procure his life, to which the cat answered that he was not so wise, because he only relied on his lightness to climb to get out of any trouble. The dogs appeared in this, and the cat managed to escape climbing a tree; but the fox, unable to do the same, fell into the hands of his enemies.

It is better to know only one thing that is useful, rather than many that do not work.

THE OLD MAN AND HIS CHILDREN (Synergy and Teamwork, High Performance Teams, Leadership, Coaching, The Power of Demonstration, Power of the Union)

An old farmer who fears several children, all estranged from each other, used the following means to make them come to their senses and to make them happen. He gathered them all together, and, commanding a portion of sticks, he gathered them into a single beam. And he asked which of them dared to break it. In vain they tried one after another, unable to get it. Then the father, untying the beam, told them how easily each rod broke when he was alone.

“In this way,” he told them, “no one can win if you are united, my children, but if you are divided and enmity, the first one who wants to do you wrong, will lose you.

The union makes the weak strong, and the division makes the strong weak.

The swallow and the other birds (Beware of the Traps of Human Beings, Human Nature must be taken care of, Do not trust 100% in the Human Being, Hear the Advice of Others, The Power of what others say- Da Vinci – 3 perspectives – Surveys of others, Avoid only the Own Opinions)

While the farmers sowed flax, they looked at them without fear of the birds, except for the swallow who, calling them all, told them:

– Great is this for you, because this seed will produce linen, with which men will make nets and ties to catch and kill you.

The birds despised the warning, even though the swallow insisted on their distrust, and seeing that they did not pay attention to their warnings, she became a friend of men to live under the roof of their own houses. The other birds, which took no action, are always afraid of falling into nets and ties.

It is not good to be governed by your own opinions, and not want to sometimes hear the advice of the other.

THE ORACLE AND THE WRATH (Nothing is hidden from God’s sight, Intuition, Divine Power, The Power to Decide on Its Own)

Wanting an ungodly man to make fun of the oracle of Delphi, he went to his temple, carrying under his mantle a sparrow oppressed in his hand, to ask him if he was alive or dead. He came up with this deception to get the sparrow alive, if the oracle said he was dead; and take him out dead, if he said he was alive. He knew, however, the god the impish intention of that man, and answered him that he would be alive or dead as he wished, since he was the master of killing him or of leaving him alive.

Nothing can be hidden, nor can anyone deceive the deity.

THE GOAT, THE KID AND THE WOLF (The Power of Obedience, Understanding Instructions, Obeying the Sage, Not Being Afraid of Adversity, Knowing Saying No, Disobedience and A Thousand Flavors)

Leaving the goat of his stable left the kid in charge, who stayed at home, who did not open to anyone, because wild animals roamed around with the intention of entering the stables and devour the cattle. It did not take long for the wolf to appear; Faking the goat’s voice, he knocked on the door and said open it. He looked at the kid through a crack and seeing the wolf said:

-I know that you are my enemy and that, in a feigned voice, you intend to enter to devour me; but you can leave because I’m not going to open up.

Whoever follows the advice of the parents, will live quietly; but those who disobey them are exposed to a thousand troubles and dangers.

-The Greedy (Stop being Poor, but do not become Greedy, Be happy with what you have, What you earn is to enjoy it healthily, but without wasting it, The power of investment, not in burying the savings, Armadillo works for lowland paca; Enjoy Wealth and Wellbeing)

A very greedy man determined to sell everything he owned, turn everything into gold and bury it in a hidden place. The miser went daily to visit his treasure, but having observed a neighbor of his, he unearthed it and took it away. The feeling of the miser had no equal to see that he had been robbed, and began to mourn and tear his hair. When another man was aware of the cause of his pain, he said:

– What use was a hidden treasure? Place a stone in its place, imagine it is gold, and it will serve you as much as the true treasure you never used.

What is the use of owning a thing, if it is not enjoyed?

THE TREE AND THE ROD (Flexibility, Power to be Flexible, Not Inflexible and Foolish, Capacity for Self-Criticism, Reflection and Self-Reflection, Yielding to the Powerful, The Power of Change and Adapting to Change, Not Resisting to Good Changes, Knowing Give in when due, Emotional Intelligence)

Broken by the furious gale, a large tree fell into the river and, carried by the current, went to hit a weak cane, without it breaking. Admired the tree that the cane remained firm in such a terrible tempest, he heard him say:

-Natural is that I do not suffer any damage, because I bend and yield easily to all the winds; but you, who have wanted to resist them, have been overwhelmed and cut by them.

We must not resist those who can do more than we do, but yield to let go of their anger.

The cauldron and the pot

(You win more by joining with the weak than with the strong ones – given that you win the fort, the power of the synergy of the weak, if you associate with the strong this will clothe you later, in an economic or social game always there is someone who wins, usually he will win the strongest: Theory of Games and Cooperating among weak- Cooperation between weak)

A river that came out of the mother dragged two pots into the stream, one copper, the other mud. It was not the same movement of the two, because the mud was ahead for being lighter, and the copper was behind because it was heavier. She said this, however, to the other who waited a little to have the pleasure of going together, and not to fear, because it would not hurt any, but the mud replied that while he appreciated their good wishes, did not want to stop , because the movement of the waters could make them collide, and as weaker it would be a thousand pieces.

It is not convenient to have the strongest as companions, because they can harm but not receive it.

THE WOLF, THE WOMAN AND THE CHILD (Action and Execution are more important than Words, than what is said, Words are blown by the wind, action is not, The Supremacy of Love over Anger, Do not pay attention to the angry word, but to the facts, Supremacy of the Acts)

Hoping to make some good prey, a wolf approached a country house cautiously. A child cried inside and the wolf heard the mother say it:

-Look, if you do not shut up, I’ll throw you to the wolf.

Believing the wolf these words, I spend all night waiting for the mother to give her son. He slept, and when the wolf saw that the promise was not fulfilled, he tried to return to his lair; but then he was attacked by the dogs barking, and leaving the people of the house they killed him.

Maternal love is always superior to anger, so do not listen to the words of mothers against their children, when they are angry.

THE ASS AND THE WALKERS (Opportunity, Not Knowing Cooperate- Theory of Games and Non-Cooperation, both lose, Losing the Opportunity, Letting the Opportunities Pass, Not Knowing Negotiate, Not understanding the Opportunity, Not Knowing Sharing, Avarice, The Avaricious Break the Sack)

Two men were walking through a lost place and they happened to meet an ass. Both wanted to appropriate it, and began to dispute about which of them stayed with him; but, meanwhile, the ass escaped leaving them both the same.

Some losing the opportunity of things, do not know how to take advantage of luck.

THE ASS AND THE DOG (Each one with his Work, Each one with his own thing, Doing what one is entitled to, Specialization, Power of Concentration, Focal Point)

Seeing an ass that his master caressed a dog a lot, because it went out to meet him making caresses, said to each other: “If such a small animal is so dear to my master and the whole family, the more they will not thank me for my caresses , since I am worth more and I offer more services? “. Convinced of this the donkey, as soon as he saw the master come, ran and braying from the stable, and between bounces and kicks, put his hands on his shoulders, dirty his clothes and tried to lick his face. The master of such games disgusted, and calling the servants, ordered that they beat him up and had him tied up in the stable.

No one should do what does not belong. Many times fools think to please, and do nothing but cause disgust and anger.

THE WOLVES AND THE SHEEP (Power of Intuition, Art of War – not yield, or show, or make known, or give our core skills, skills, etc., to the enemy, know the own core competitive capabilities, know your own Defenses; Be Loyal to who takes care of us and defends us; Game Theory: Power of Signs and Intentions)

It was the dogs that, as usual, sentinel guarding the sheep and defending them from the voracity of the wolves. Knowing that they could not attack them, they invented the following means. They sent messengers to the sheep saying that they wanted to be at peace with them, provided, for mutual security, they gave hostages, they gave the dogs and they the wolves, their children. The sheep fell into the snare, and so the dogs passed by the wolves, and the young ones with the sheep; but instead of living these in peace, as they believed, everything happened to the contrary. Indeed, seeing the children of the wolves separated from their mothers, they began to howl; and the wolves, who had already slaughtered the dogs while they were sleeping, hearing the cries of their children, ran to help them, and on the pretext that the sheep had broken their word, mistreating the cubs, they fell on them. Not counting the sheep with the defense of the dogs, they were torn apart.

We must never put in the hands of the enemy what constitutes our own defense.

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