Algorithms to define and solve a problem in a properly way

Logic steps to define and get a solution to a problem:

1.- First at all:

Transform the problem and define the goal or the target, What Can I want with this problem ? Which are My goals with this problem ?

Broke the problem in parts and try to see it in a different spacial way.

Then Define the problem properly.

2.- Secondly

Define the problem: What is the problem, How is.., Why is …, to whom is…, Where is…, what for is…, when is…?


See, find and define some possibles solutions.

3.- Thirdly

See what tools can I apply to get the solutions.

And apply Those tools:

4.- Fourthly

See if those solutions are technically and financially possibles :

If it is not define the problem again.

5.- finally: measure the possible solution effect.

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