New Ways to Improve your Products and Services and Increase your Production and Sales

1.- You got to look always to have Productive Assets and productive products.See Profitability.

The Profitability of your Company or Business.

Is the profitability of my products satisfactory?

Is the Return on my Investments satisfactory?

The profitability of my investments are growing

2.- How are my Current Products in the Market, current market percentage, our growth in the market month by month.

See the percentage of my products in relation to income.

How many units of the product are sold and how many customers or consumers (see number of customers or consumers).

See if I have the data of all these clients or consumers.

Is the sale of my products currently growing?

Will my potential or future products help me increase the income and the market share?

Does the sale of a single product or a small group of products have the highest proportion of income in relation to its total?

Do I offer a single product or very few and do all my income depend on them?

Have my number of customers or consumers of my products been increasing?

Do the units of the products I offer and sell have been increasing?

Do I have the data of all my clients, and do I have it segmented?

3.- See the Potential Profitability of each product or new product:

Is each product profitable?

Is there a current product that is not being profitable?

Are my products profitable and above the competition?

Are my products profitable in compare with other currency ?

4.- See new products to come out and potential future sales and market share possibility:

Do New Products for Sale have the possibility of being profitable?

Do the new products have the potential to be sold enough in the market?

Will the new products increase my market share in these products?

5.- How are your current Customers, percentages of each one in relation to the total, See monopolies of clients, New Customers, See potential of clients.

See what customers we do not have that we can reach them.

Do I have few clients to whom I sell a lot?

Do I have a concentration of few clients?

Are my sales concentrated one or a few customers?

Do I have the possibility to reach them and sell them to new clients?

Am I looking for new clients that I do not have now and can I reach them in the near future?

6.- See the potential to reach the mass, to increase consumers or to have high income or low income consumers but mass.

Am I selling to the masses?

Can I increase my income by selling it to the masses, to many consumers?

Do I have high income consumers as clients?

Can I find new income by selling to New High Income Consumers?

7.- Check if the 5 marketing and creative tips are working in the Company or your Business:

a.- Have I New Products (Creative, unique product, that reaches the needs and desires of the people,

that it did not have before, generates monetary and non-monetary value, that has creativity in packaging and design, creativity in intangibles)

Are my new products creative and could them been accepted by the market?

Do I have new Products unique in the Market?

Do my new Products satisfy the Needs of the People of my Consumers and Clients?

Do my new products satisfy the desires of the people?

Do my new products satisfy the needs of my consumers, needs that were previously not met?

Do my new products generate monetary value?

Do my new products generate non-monetary value (intangibles, Social Value, social benefit)?

Are my new products creative in the Packaging?

Does my new products have creativity and innovation in design?

b.- I am being Creative in the Strategic Communication of the Product or New Service (Creativity ATL and BTL, Creativity in Design and Advertising)

Am I creative in communicating my new products?

Is my advertising creative, innovative, new, current, modern and adapted to the times?

Am I being creative in my conventional advertising on my products?

Am I being creative in my non-conventional advertising – BTL- in my products?

c.- How are my distribution channels, Am I being Creative in the Distribution Channels?

Do I have new Distribution Channels for my new products?

Do I want to be creative or increase my creativity in my Current Distribution Channels?

d.- Is the Organization or who makes the new products or services being creative (creative teams, individual and collective creativity, creative environments)?

Are my work teams creating new products creative?

Do I have creative work teams in the Organization?

Do I maintain creative work environments in my organization?

Are the people who make the new products and services creative?

Is my Organization as a whole Creative?

e.- Are you being creative in advanced research and consumer behavior (needs, wants, desires and what currently do not have the consumers)

Am I being creative in market research to find a new consumer?

Am I advanced in the investigation and study of the behavior of my consumers?

Am I advanced in the research and in the study of the behavior of my new and potential consumers?

Am I reaching the needs of new customers and consumers?

Am I attracting new consumers to my client portfolio?

Am I reaching the wishes and desires of consumers?

Do I meet what consumers do not currently have?

Do I meet what new generations want with my new products?

8.-Check if you are investing in productive assets, if current assets are productive, if new assets are productive,

If the potential assets are going to be productive, see if the current investments are real and are productive ?

And if the reinvestments are and will be productive ?

Is the company investing in productive assets?

Are Current Assets Productive?

Are my new assets productive?

Will my Potential Assets be productive?

Are My Current Investments Real?

Are My Current Investments Productive?

Are my reinvestments productive?

Will my reinvestments be productive?

Do I have many unproductive assets?

How is my investment portfolio?

9.-See if the investments are with solvent , guarantee or warranted and are insured

Are my investments liquid or would they cost to be sold in the short and medium term?

Do I have assets in the short term to provide me with liquidity if necessary?

Are my assets good warranty providers?

Are my fixed assets insured?

Are my movable and immovable property insured?

10.-Check if my business activities are productive or there are unproductive activities

Are my activities really productive?

Do I have unproductive activities?

Do I have assets that generate more expenses than rent?

Do I have many assets that are generating more expenses than generating income or income?

Do I have many bureaucratic and unnecessary activities and processes in my organization?

Do I feel that I can be more efficient and effective in my business activities?

11.-Do a marketing test:

a.- The company is positioned

Does the company have a high position in the market in relation to its competitors?

b.- The brands are positioned

Are the brands of the products positioned in the market?

Do I have a single brand or few positioned in the Market?

c.- The products are positioned

Are my current products positioned in the market more than those of the competition?

Do I have one or a few products positioned in the market?

d.- see the intangible assets (goodwill)

Do my Intangible Assets generate competitive advantages to sell more than others?

e.- Where are the products being sold ?

Are my products being sold widely in the national territory?

Are my products being sold in international territory?

Can I get my products internationally?

Can I get new products that compete internationally?

f.- Those who sell the products

Is it the same company that sells its own products?

Does the company have the same stores to sell its products?

Are there other companies that sell and distribute my products?

g.- Those who charge the products

Are there intermediaries in the collection of sales?

Is the collection of sales of the products made in the same company?

h.- What channels do I use to sell my products?

Do I usually use conventional channels to sell my products?

Do I have new and innovative sales channels to sell my products?

Do I use the channels of other companies to sell and distribute my products?

i.- What media do I use to sell my products?

Do I use alternative and new means to sell my products?

Do I use Television in an Innovative way?

Is the design of my print advertising creative and innovative?

Do I use the Internet and Social Networks efficiently today?

Do I use Mobile Media in the Present?

j.- I am reaching the public in a modern way

Does my message, Brands, Products and Company reach the public in a modern and current way?

k.- I am reaching young people

Are young people a large part of my target audience?

Do my message and products reach the young audience widely?

l.- I meet needs, needs and whims (ego)

Do my products and brands satisfy the needs of my clients and consumers?

Do my products and brands satisfy the wishes of current customers and consumers?

Do my products and brands satisfy the whims (egos) of current clients?

Will my potential and future products meet the needs and egos of the people?

m.- What do I need to satisfy the public?

Do I need new products to meet the needs of new or potential customers?

Do I think the company needs new products to attract customers that it does not have yet?

Do I think that the Company needs more creative and innovative products to attract new clients?

n.- How is the image of the company and my products

Does the company have a very good image in the Company?

ñ.- What promotions do I do or do not have?

Does the company spend it doing promotions of current products?

Could the company make better promotions to sell more?

o.- I have price discrimination

Does the company take advantage of price discrimination to take advantage of different market niches and sell more?

Does the price discrimination that the company has helps increase my income?

p.- I sell abroad or not yet

Is the company selling extensively abroad?

Does the company need to sell abroad to increase revenues?

Does not the company need to sell abroad, its sales in the internal territory are wide?

q.- I am using new technologies (social media, virality, web, emailing, mobile marketing)

Does the company use the new channels and technologies to market and sell?

Does the company efficiently and effectively use new technologies and the internet to market and sell?

r.- I connect the human with technology and with art

Does the area of ​​marketing and publicity of the company connect the human with the technological?

Who makes the new products and services of the company interrelate the human with the technological?

s.- who are my competitors

What is my market cake

What is my market cake by products

Do I know who my competitors are?

Do I know what my strengths are compared to my competitors?

Do I know what my weaknesses are in relation to my competitors?

Do I know the market cake of my products in relation to that of the competitors?

t.- How can I improve my products (Quality and Price) – Competitiveness

Do I know and have current knowledge of how to improve my products in terms of quality?

Do I know and have current knowledge of how to improve my competitiveness via quality and price of my products?

u.- How can I improve my marketing and advertising of my products and company?

Do I know and recognize that I must improve the marketing and advertising of my new products?

Do I know and recognize that I must improve the marketing and advertising of my company?

Do I recognize that I must bring new and innovative products to the Market?

v.- See if the client has an interesting experience with the product, or company

Does the client have a very good and interesting experience with the current products?

Is customer service the paramount in my company?

Is the customer experience in our stores and in the points of sale very good?

Has Quality and Customer Service improved in recent years?

Is the after-sales service of the company very good?

Do my products sell themselves do not need a lot of customer service?

Is the customer experience with our sales environments and products outstanding?

12.-See the capacity or potential to try to invent the future

Have I had the ability to invent the future in the past?

Do I have the ability to invent the future today?

13.-See the ability to your business stay in time

14.- Do an analysis or test of the current intangibles

a.- Relational Capital


Are my products positioned in the current market?

Is the Company currently positioned?


Are my clients loyal?


Does the company have a good image?


Does the Company have good relations with its workers, customers, suppliers and creditors?

Link with customers

Is the link with my clients very good?

Customer Loyalty

Is the fidelity of my clients with my brands and products High?

Influence on Key Actors

Does the company have an important influence in the area, industry and region where it operates?

Influence on Public Org

Does the company have an important influence in relation to public institutions, mayorships, government and governmental entities?

Links with the Communities

Does the company have very good links with the surrounding communities?

Agreements with Commercial Allies

Does the company maintain very good commercial allies?

Links with Suppliers

Is the link with my suppliers very good and important?

b.- Organizational Capital

Systems and Processes

Does the company have updated systems and processes with good quality standards?

Business Model

Do I believe that the company has a very good business model today?

Work environment

Do I believe that my company maintains very good work environments?

Information Bases

Are the information bases of my company very good?

Patents and trademarks

Does the company have new brands and patents?

Do the company’s brands and patents generate good business today?

Investigation and development

Does the research and development of the company generate new and good products and services?

Style, Culture and Values

Is the organizational culture of the company one of our best assets?

Are the values ​​of the company very good?


Does the teamwork of the company generate good performance and is very good?

Competitive advantages

Does the company have very good competitive advantages compared to its competitors?

Competitive Capacities and Resources

Are the company’s competitive capabilities an important resource?

c.- Human Capital


Do the people of the company have very good knowledge?

Are the knowledge of the people in my company very important assets?


Is the experience of those who run the company very important?


Do the people who manage the company have very good personal and management skills?


Do the people in my company keep very good energy to work and create?


Do we have very good creatives in the company, especially those who create the products?


Do the people in the company have a very good attitude?


Do the creatives of the company have very good intuition?


Do the people of the Company have very good values?

Skills and abilities

Are the skills and abilities of the people in the company important to the business?

15. What about the Human Resources, Personal and Innovation Competencies of my collaborators, directors, managers, VP, Supervisors, of all my employees.

a.- Competencies with Vision of the Future


Do the managers and supervisors of the company have very good negotiation skills?

Process improvement

Do the managers of the company have good skills in process improvements?


Are the managers and supervisors of the company good strategists and handle the strategies of the company very well?

b.- Personal Competences


Do managers and supervisors have and manage good self-knowledge?

Emotional Intelligence

Do managers and supervisors handle themselves well and have emotional intelligence?


Do the managers and supervisors of my company have values ​​and virtues of integrity?

c.- Competencies Towards the Achievement of the Goals

Orientation towards Results

Are the people in the company oriented towards results?

Customer orientation

Do the people of the company have very good customer orientation?


Are managers and supervisors good planners?


Are the people in the company organized and well organized?

d.- Social Competence


Is teamwork essential in the company?

Is there good team work in the company?


Are the managers and supervisors of the company good leaders?


Is there good communication in the company?

e.- Growth Support Competencies

Adaptation to change

Are the people of the company fair to the changes?

Are the people in the company creators of changes?

Decision making

Have managers made very good decisions in recent years?


Are the directors and managers of the company good at analyzing the environment and internal variables?


Are managers and managers always on the road to innovation?

Are managers and managers always innovating in brands, products, services?

16.-Make a test if my products match with the principles of creativity

Principle of Identity: one is identified with the created

Do my current products identify with what customers and current users want?

Principle of Simplicity: originality and is understandable to the Soul; understand things in a simple way

Are my current products handled and used in a simple way and are they understandable to people?

Principle of Giving Ideas: the ideas were achieved by experimentation or is Divine endowment

Were the current products and services achieved with our own ideas?

Principle of Originality: the entity Created is Universal, not trite, nor Daily, is not insignificant

Are my products and services original and not insignificant?

Principle of Unity: what is created is Unique, has Unity, is Indivisible

Are my current products unique and integral?

Principle of Perception: what is created connects with the perceptions of the people

Do my products like and connect with what people want?

Principle of Analogy: what has been created has a reference function, it refers to something of reality

Are my current products related to the reality of something or someone today?

Principle of Transformation: the created comes from having transformed something; is conceived or conceived of something

Do my products come from the transformation of other entities or things, come from being begotten of something?

Principle of Observation: the created determine qualities

Do current created products generate new qualities?

Principle of Experimentation: the created is viable and experienced

What I am creating in terms of new products and services are viable and have been tested in the market?

Principle of Constancy and Necessity: the idea or the created comes from the need for something or the succession of something

Do my current products connect with the need and desire of the current people?

Principle of Logic, Development or Order

Chronological: what is created comes from a chronological order of completion

What is currently created is understood as usability and use, has a logical order of understanding?

Mutationist Empirical Principle: the created thing comes in fact probabilistic or of a mutation

What created comes from a probabilistic fact?

Principle of the Integral Nature of Man: in the created, passions and emotions are generated only or left to be chosen

Will my current products generate passions and emotions?

Principle of Actuality: what is created is possessor of Powers, Inspiring, guide of the present

Are my current products and services inspiring and guiding the present?

Beginning of Modernity and Empiricism of Andrés Bello: the created entity is Modern, recent with the new with the circumstances

Are my created products modern and empirical, are they tested very well in reality?

From the Single Fixation of Attention: the created entity fixes the attention immediately, in a living way and in an instant

Do my current products attract attention immediately?

Dominant Principle of a Pattern or Idea: manages the created entity to be dominant

Do my products dominate the market, do they have dominance patterns in the market?

Principle of Conceptualization: the entity created refers to something similar to some Concept

Do my current and future products refer to some concept or conceptualization of something?

Principle of Necessity: the created entity fills a need

Do my current or future products fill needs?

Principle of Volition: the created entity drives and motivates us to something

Do my current products motivate us, drive us to something?

Principle of Aesthetics – Attributes of Beauty: the entity created has the attributes of beauty: purity, proportion, simplicity, etc.

Do my created products have beauty attributes?

Do my current products and services maintain beauty attributes?

17.- About the new digital era, internet of things and artificial intelligence

How are we selling online, by all the new platforms, systems. Applications, and all about new social media and digitally talking?

Am I improving and selling all my products online ?

Are we innovating about all the new business models on internet of things ?

Do I know all about artificial intelligence and how it is changing the world, the businesses and all about to making money and new ways of create value ?

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