The Best of Mozart’s Quotes and Savvy Thoughts

1.- Transformation

“My head and hands are so full of the third act that I would not be surprised if I transformed myself into the third act”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2.- Idea- Creation

“While I travel, for example, in a carriage, or after a good meal, while I’m out for a walk, or at night, when I can not sleep, that’s when ideas come to me when they come up in droves. I keep in my head the ones I like and, without a doubt, I hum them to myself, at least if we believe what others say. When I have all this well in my head, the rest comes fast, one thing after the other, I think where the fragment could be used to make a complete composition following the rules of the counterpoint, the timbres of the various instruments, etc. My soul, then, is inflamed, at least when they do not interrupt me. The idea grows, the development, everything is clarified more and more, and the fragment is almost finished in my head, although it is long, so that I can immediately, at a single glance, see it in my imagination as a beautiful painting or a beautiful sculpture. I mean that, in my head, I do not hear each part one after another in the order in which they should be chained; I hear them all together at once. Delicious moments! Everything, the discovery and the implementation, occurs in me as a beautiful dream, very lucid. But the most beautiful thing is to hear everything at once. ”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

3.- Reaching the Public

“I forgot the cold, the headache, and I started playing, despite the detestable piano, as I play when I’m in a good mood. Even if they give me the best piano in Europe, if my audience does not understand anything or does not want to understand anything, and does not feel what I play with me, I lose all the pleasure ”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

4.- Soul

“Men tend to be excessively respectful of power, temporal and spiritual authority. They submit to the most unfair demands of the Gods. The beyond decides in its place, and in them they prostrate. They are asked to commit crimes, and they do it.

Women, on the other hand, are closer to reality, simply human; They have their reasons, but their value is not usually emphasized. His point of view can make the music advance, untie, change, become deeper ”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

5.- Emotionality

“All the fundamental themes of Mozart are there, as well as the outline of all their melodic movements, slow or fast: terror, fear, exhilio, nostalgia, jealousy, love, faith, courage, clemency.”

About Idomeneo by Mozart

6.- Advance and Consolidate your Positions

“Good day, dear little woman, I hope you slept well, that you did not have any trouble, that it did not cost you to get up, that you did not stop, that you did not need to bend over, get up again, get angry with the servants, or stumble on the threshold of the door. Reserve domestic concerns for my return. Above all that nothing happens to you, I return to … ”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

7.- Arduous Work

“At 6, I’m already combed, at 7, fully dressed, then I write until 9. Between 9 and 1 I teach. Then like, when I do not have an invitation, in which case I’ll have lunch at 2 or 3. I can not work before 5 or 6 and I’m often prevented by an academy (a concert). Otherwise I write until 9. Because of the academies and the eventuality of receiving a call here or there, I am never sure to compose in the afternoon, so I have taken the habit (especially when I return earlier) to write something before going to bed. I usually do it until 1, to get up again at 6. ”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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