How strong I am like entreprenur ? What are my Competencies, Knowledge and Intelectual Capital ?

Analysis or test of the current intelectual assets of your company

a.- Relational Capital


Are my products positioned in the current market?

Is my Company currently positioned?


Are my clients loyal?


Does the company have a good image?


Does the Company have good relations with its workers, customers, suppliers and creditors?

Link with customers

Is the link with my clients very good?

Customer Loyalty

Is the fidelity of my clients with my brands and products High?

Influence on Key Actors

Does the company have an important influence in the area, industry and region where it operates?

Influence on Public Organization

Does the company have an important influence in relation to public institutions, mayorships, government and governmental entities?

Links with the Communities

Does the company have very good links with the surrounding communities?

Agreements with Commercial Allies

Does the company maintain very good commercial allies?

Links with Suppliers

Is the link with my suppliers very good and important?

b.- Organizational Capital

Systems and Processes

Does the company have updated systems and processes with good quality standards?

Business Model

Do I believe that the company has a very good business model today?

Work environment

Do I believe that my company maintains very good work environments?

Information Data

Are the information Data of my company very good?

Patents and trademarks

Does the company have new brands and patents?

Do the company’s brands and patents generate good business today?

Investigation and development

Does the research and development of the company generate new and good products and services?

Style, Culture and Values

Is the organizational culture of the company one of our best assets?

Are the values ​​of the company very good?


Does the teamwork of the company generate good performance and is very good?

Competitive advantages

Does the company have very good competitive advantages compared to its competitors?

Competitive Capacities and Resources

Are the company’s competitive capabilities an important resource?

c.- Human Capital


Do the people of the company have very good knowledge?

Are the knowledge of the people in my company very important assets?


Is the experience of those who run the company very important?


Do the people who manage the company have very good personal and management skills?


Do the people in my company keep very good energy to work and create?


Do we have very good creatives in the company, especially those who create the products?


Do the people in the company have a very good attitude?


Do the creatives of the company have very good intuition?


Do the people of the Company have very good values?

Skills and abilities

Are the skills and abilities of the people in the company important to the business?

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